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On account of ruin the Tractor
Content to have been held on the lllgc.
,?lw road, near Mound City, Friday
saad Saturday. Oct, 17 and IB. has been
a,' jVOatponrd until Thursday and Friday,
v'jOclobcr 23 and 21, at thr same place.
; itht official context will be held on thr
V second day, Friday, Oct. 21, from 9 to
o clock in the morning.
Sunday School Workers,
The Nodaway Township Sunday
'a&'achool convention held an interesting
'gtsncctinK at the Itlchvllle M. K. church,
kjlunuay last, uct. r.', luw.
i ' Tho exercises were onencd bv slnir
- -'Ing "Count Your Messing," and the
, devotional exercises were conducted
"-''"'by Mr. Weaver reading from Acta 12,
-with prayer. After a font;, reputta
('-rcro called for.
- Nlckcll's Grove reported the nvcr-
jj0 attendance at 4-', rnrollment 51
Tunrteily collection 121.81.
Woodvllle average uttvndancc 51,
enrollment 1)2. collection S2.CU.
.t Itlchvllle average attendance C3,
'nioiimcnt u, colectlon Jl.GU.
i!Murion average attendance 31, en
" ftrollinent 42, collection $1.35.
3 Dorotha Schulcr favored the conven
Ion with u recitation.
' I Matthew Fclchtor wan chosen dele
gate to the convention.
- song, children.
Their Initial Sale.
A. J. Krhart & Sons' sale of Hlg Type
Poland-China hops was held on his
fnrm, near tills city, the former Joe II.
Murray place, on Tuesday of this week,
Oct. 14.
The Krharta have but recently come
among us. and they brine wun them
a top notch reputation an growers of
Poland-China stock, and this sale was
their initial one in this section. It
was not only well attended, but there
was a disposition to got possession of
some of their splendid offerings.
Tho sale included 43 head, which
brought n total of $4,516, of an aver
age of 105 per head. The top price
was 475 and the lowest was $50.
Kvery head was sold, and tho crowd
was a irood one and a irood natured
one, and considering tho conditions of
the markets, the vale we rcgunl as a
very successful one, und wo believe
the Krharta will so regard it.
We give a list of the purchasers
us follows
2 Hoar M. llnssctt, llunfonl,
California, $475.00.
3 Sow Kennlsh & Claypool, Mound
City, $200.00,
lloatock, Oregon,
Fisher, King City,
8 Sow W. M.
10 Sow K. G.
Mo., $105.00.
20 Sow Forest Hose, llcmple, Mo.,
1)2 Sow It. II. Walters, F.fflng.
ham, Kansas, $155.00.
It Sow K. G. Fisher, King City,
Mo., $105.00.
&Sctii Members fir
Volunteer Now AfVbur
Chapter Headquarters
Third Red CrocsRollCall
November 2-11
:i Sow Hugh
City, $110.00.
24 Sow Hugh
20 Sow J. I).
43 Sow E. (5.
Mo., $200.00.
39 Sow F. J.
' The first subject discussed was "The
' .Present Needs of the Sunday Schooj,"
. rwtilcli was led by Itev. T. U. Kobcrts.
sit ftong' Kaymomi .Mclntyre.
"The Purpose of the Sunday School,"
' Jby Itev. Fcliltnann.
JXBt Piunologuc, Fiances llnhler.
w .'lemon oi lomiucung ounuay ......i n..nn
IJkliml. C v nir II life.'' ,v ll.u
I Song.
(Collection. S4.80.
I "Mntoiial and Method of Teachinir.".
in, Jones.
W Hound table talks. W. M. Kllnenotcr.
fJ. C. Monis, J. 1'. Ijiccy, Mrs. Prnls-
Cottier, Mound
Fennel, Oregon,
Ott, Helena, Mo.,
Fisher, King City,
Murthall, Green
'f Takes Half Interest.
James Kennlsh and wife, of Mound
'Clty, accompanied by his brothcr-ln-Jaw,
J. K. Claypool and wife, of Mon
tana, wero hero Friday of last week,
making a visit to tho A. J. F.rhurt &
.Sons' Poland-China herd on the form
'''. r J oo II. Murray placo near Oregon.
They thought it was a great herd, und
-s Mr. Kcnnisli is on cxpcit In this
JUne, his good opinion is worth some
."tiling. ( Mr. Kennlsh has but recently ad
mitted Mr. Clnvpool to full half part
. -Jcrslilp In his Poland-China und other
..atock business.
Our Assessable Wealth.
! The total value of all taxable prop-
s-arty in Missouri for 1910 taxes has
Sfccen fixed ut $2,4'.I3,527.046. This is
5yn increase over the 1018 assessment
11 $300,845,053. The incrcaso on real
Ustnte und personal propelty Is s.1,3,-
1ZU.4UI, ami on public corporations o
40 How Ezra Warren, Clcnrwiiler,
Knnsus. $150.00.
41 Sow Joe II. Murray, Oregon,
44 Sow Kennlsh & Claypool,
Mound City, $105.00.
35 Sow K. Mcllarry, Tolono, III.,
23 Sow Will llnrdin, New Point,
17 Sow Will Ilanlln, New I'olnt,
10 Sow Hugh l'cnncl, Oregon,
4 Hoar II. II. Qulmby, Craig, Mo.,
6 Hoar Will Stevenson, Oregon,
12 Hoar curls. Jamison, l'orest
City, $100.00.
ss lloar Joo Murray, urcgon.
10 Hoar w. A. a. IJcrr, Oregon,
la Hour w. a. a. uerr. Oregon.
2r llonr Ijiro Kunkcl, Now I'olnt,
2( lloar W. O. l'cnncl, Oregon,
11 lloar Floyil Coffman, Oregon,
28 lloar u. A. hcKcr. Oregon.
m Tho t
total valuation nlaced upon real
tstate and personal piupcrty is
,71,205,004, anil tho total pluced upon
corporations uniicr connoi oi inc siaic
RSoaril is 2,:i23,ua'.'.
22 The valuation of the railroads la In
5rcnscd S13.C28.273. and the street
Kxallways la increased $3,295,807. Tho
Axcmainucr or tho increase on corpor
rjatlon property falls on tho telephone,
Sisrtcicgraph una bridge companies.
Ills Last Settlement.
Actlnir Tostmnstcr T. K. Wilson
closed un his affairs with tho nostal
"authorities at Washington, by sending
jn nis report ior mc iuancr cnuing
ticax, au, luiu. i no report snows mo
allowing data:
rostal receipts 7 u,4'ji.hu
lonev order business 0,839.00
W. S. S. revenue 18,907.82
Total $31,168.77
fl lloar Jacob
21 Hoar John
gon, $77.50.
7 Hoar Curtis
13 Hoar Will Hurdln, New I'olnt,
33 Hoar Ilobcrt Kncale, New;
I'olnt. S75.00.
18 Hoar L. M. Dcrr,
34 Hoar Kd lleckmun,
11 Hour James Cain,
14 Hoar Dan Markt,
30 Hoar Edward Huntr,
31 Hoar Kd ward Fitzmaurice,
roicfti uiy, ziiu.uu.
36 Hoar Claude Markt, Oregon,
37 Hoar Leonard Lundrcth, Ore.
gon, $85.00.
Kurtz, Oregon,
F. NoclUch, Ore-
Knealc, Oregon,
-4 2KsAR
In Belgium.
llnd You Forgotten?
Oct. 7, 1910. O. M. Gilmer bought
the Maitland Heruld from Fred Wil
Oct. C, 1010, the Oregon Farmers'
Mutual telephone company occupied
their new utilcc.
Work began in October, 11)14, on tho
new business block In Cmig ileslioycd
by riro April it, ism.
Oct. 0, 1900, I.. 1'. Sentney and fam
ily, of Forest City, rcmowd to Hut-
annum, Kansas.
Oct. 28. 1909. Finnk l'etite. of Ore'
gon, fell from the south bound Omaha
llyer, at t'oii'st Llty, and wus uaiiiy
Oct. 28. 1909. Dave Gelvin. of Mult
land, shipped 22 cars of special export
beeves to .New oik.
October. 1908. Geo. W. l'ovnler be
came u incichant by buying the T. K,
Henlght stock ut lligelow; now lie Is
cashier oi the llanK ot lligelow.
A heavy wet snow fell Oct. 23, 1908
Oct. 7. 1908. I.ittlo Tarklo bridge.
near tho Geo. (iaskl rami, collapsed
I)ac Utmbvit, team nml wagon went
own. ami uimiiurl was haiiiy nun.
Uct. 31. 1907. the .New rolnt-uregon
star route wus discontinued. The rural
rurrler rumu.
Oct. 30. 1907. the new Catholic
cliuieh at Forest City was dedicated
by lllshop Hurke, of St. Joseph.
uct. -ju, iyui, tnariey iiraves, oi
Mulllund, completes the first silo in
Holt countv.
Oct. 10, 1907, Dennis Uwer bought
tho Yous lumber stock in .Mound city.
Oct. 22. 1907. Wm. M. .Mori Is tiegan
the survey or the Mill uii'K iiriunago
It was on Oct. 19. 1907. that Will,
C. Andes fell under cars ut Mound
City, und un mm wus so badly injuied
mat iiiniiuiui on io Mowed.
Iliu ilouuie irucK ueiwcen ruresi
Citv ami Napier was completed Oct
II. 19U7. unit trains went over wiu
eeoiul irackairc tnu same nay.
Oct. 18. 1907. tho Finest City News
suhnended! beiran Juno 14. 1907: re
vived liy J. M. ami u, m. uecser, wnu
sold to O. M. Gilmer, Sept. 21, 1909.
Oct. 16, 1907. W. J. Scliati bought
interest In the McKcc Mercantile com
nnnu fit llk'tdiiw.
-: : 7... ......
un uci. an, lyoo, nun iiriiiK"io
bought the Schwuld hurdwuru stock at
Mound Citv. nml moved it to lligelow.
1 lie 1). II. I' razer store in iraig wu
lobbed Oct. 22, 1906.
After servim; as denot aircnt at l or
est City for 20 yearn, Vine llovcy re
tired on uci. i, i'juj.
Juko Ounlium was Held up norm n
Mound City, Uct. 13, 19U4, anil re
iii.vo.1 of s:ir. no.
Oct. 23, 1903, Conant & Heading, of
St. Joseph, bouglit tne iraig nuns anu
light plant.
un mo nisiii oi uci. -o, i-juj, mo
F. TownscnU store at Mound City was
Oct. 8. 1902. Union township was
divided Into two voting precincts.
Kcvlvalist McConncll closed his rc
v val at Oregon, Oct. 22, 1901: 3U
I'rosncctors ceased boring for oil on
tho Davis place, south of rorcst City,
Oct. 21, 1901. They bored down 20
Tho Forest C ty Star by J. W. and
J. O. Morris made Its appearance Oct
11. 1UU1.
On Oct. 1. 1901. the first rural routes
out of Oregon, Mound City and Mult
land were estub Mailed.
A. W. Chunlng was chosen president
of tho Hank or lligelow, uct. 3, iuui
und Geo. W. I'oynter caslilcr.
Hanger, disease and expoaura war not all that Belgian children wera
subjected to, for anemy snens consianuy oroppu into wnai nine or tneir
country tha lavadtr did not hold. In thla picture Had Cross nurses are aea
-taking hhu at th flftv babies from tha American Red Cross nursery at
1 Puna Into i bomb-proof atructura as tha Qarmans opened Ore from tha1 aea.
W. C. Swarner, County Agent.
Corning Fires,
On May 14, 1885, four buildings
wero destroyed tho acnultz drug
store, Karl harness shop, and tho Dr.
Noel and Mrs. Scliatla'a residences.
The loss was estimated at $7,000.
May 16, 1890. tho business low
starting in tho Anderson meat shop.
Dankerg Urns, business housa and
slock, post office, F. W. Walter, Swan
& son, o. J. scnuuz, cugeno iiucKiiun
Ister, John W. Smith, Wm. lteynolds,
I'oter Christen, and tho depot. Loss
On Feb. 14, 1905, tho Corning Mir
ror building and plant; plant owned
by C. N. Dobyns, loss $2600; building
owned by Peter Christen, loss $1500.
Juno 16. 1914. tha A. O. Dankers
Ice and warehouse, Schultz enrpenter
shop, Corning & Fairfax Telephone
oxenango buildings; loss $5,000.
Conrad Grabb had 6000 pounds of
meat to Dum in warehouse on juurcn
10, 1806.
The section house was totally de
stroyed tec. zu, iwu.
. The railroad pump house December
4 I 10AD
New I'olnt Community Fair. Wed
nesday Oct. 22, Premium List Only
pupus oi inc scnool in tne community
may enter exhibits In Divisions A and
B. Any icrson living within the com
munity mny enter exhibits in Divisions
C and D and make special displays.
Hlbbons only will be nunrded In
each class as follows: 1st, blue; 2d,
red, 3d, while; 4th, yellow.
Class 1 Host ten ears Hold's Yel
low Dent Corn.
Class 2 Host ten ears lloonc Coun
ty White Corn.
Class 3 Itcst ten ears any other
Class 4 Host rive stalks of corn,
bearing ears, any variety.
uiass o nest peck of hard wheat.
un i nest peck or solt wheal.
Clas 7 Host peck of oats.
Class 8 Host gallon clover seed,
Class 9 Host gallon timothy seed
Clans 10 Host irallon blue uruss
Class 1! Host trallon alfalfa seed
Class 1 Host plate of Jonathan ap
ples (SIX).
Class J Host plate or vincsap np
pies (six).
Class . Host plato of Hen Davis
apples (six).
Class I -Host Plate of Hlack Twls
riipples (six).
Class ..Host plate or Grimes Gold
en apples (six).
Class ii -nest plalo or Huntsman
ruvurite iipple.i (six).
Class V- Host plate of Gann ntt
pies (six).
Class p nesi piaic or rears (six)
Class 9 Host half peck liish pota
Class 10 Hest half peck Sweet po
Class 11 Hest half peek Onions.
Class 12 Host Hubbard Squash.
Class 13 Host crooked neek SiUush,
Class 14 Hlggest I'umpkin,
Class 1 Hest Short-Hum Hull, any
class 2 Host Miort-iioin Cow, any
(.'lass 3 Hest Short-Horn Calf,
cither sex.
Class 1 Host Aberdeen-Angus Hull,
any age.
Class b nesi Aucrdccn-Angus cow,
any iiro.
Class 0 Hest Aberdeen-Angus calf,
clthur sex.
Class 7 nest iicrcliird bun, any
Class 8 Hest Hereford cow, any
Class l nesi llcreroni can, either
Cluss 10 Hest Holstein cow or
Class 11 Hest Jersey cow or heller.
Class 12 Hest I'uland-Chiiia sow.
Class 13 Hest I'ulaml-China hoar.
Class 14 Hest I'olnncl-Clilna pig.
Class 15 Hest Diiioc-JeiM'y sow.
Class 10 Hest Dutoc-Jersey bnur.
C ass 17 Hest Duioc-Jcisey pig tin-
dor niio year, eltlier sex.
Class in nest Chester wiiiio sow.
Class 19 Hest Chester White boar.
Class 20 Hest Chester White pig,
under one year, either hex.
Clnss 21 Hest Hampshire sow.
Class 22 Hest Hampshire boar.
Class 23 Hest Hampshire pig, clth
or sex.
Class 24 Host buck, any breed.
Class 25 Hest owe. unv breed.
Class 26 Hest lamb, under one year,
any breed, either sex.
Class 27 Host mare, any breed or
Class 28 Hest gelding, any bleed
or age.
Class 29 Hest Individual mule, any
Class 1 Hest pen (cockerel and 2
hens) of Harred Itocks.
Class 2 Hest pen (cockerel and 2
hens) Whlto Itocks.
Class 3 Hest pen (cockerel and 2
hens) It. I. It.
Class 4 Hest pen (cockerel and 2
hens) Drown Leghorn.
Class 5 Hest pen (cockerel and 2
hens) wiillo cegnorns.
Class C Host pen (cockerel and 2
liens) Any oilier standard urccus,
Only pupils of the schools in tho
community may exhibit In this division.
Class 1 Hest bread.
Class 2 Hest cookies.
Class 3 Hest jelly.
Class 4 Hest cunned goods.
Class 5 Host sandwiches and sand
wlch filling.
Class G licst rntch woik.
Clnss 7 Hest sample of dnmlng.
Class 8 Hest decoratlvo stitches.
Class 9 Host button holes.
Class 10 Hest plackets.
Persons In' tho community having
arotlclcs or special interest uru urgc
to nut them on display.
The following special displays will
be made by pupils of Consolidated
No. 6:
Good and bad school 'lunches and
anrons. bv Domestic Science class.
Manual training work, by Manual
Irulnlnff class.
Agricultural collections, by Agrlcul
tural class.
Disnlav. by trrades.
Exhibits must be entered by 10
o'clock the moraine of the Fair. For
further mformatloojcall Supt. Skelton
or u. u. uoisin.
Enacts Dry Law.
Enactment of the Prohibition En
forcement Hill was comptetutl Friday
last, October 10, by congress; with the
House udopting the confenitice report
already agreed to by the ftnnto, and
sending the measure to tl President
for approval, lhe vote (ood 321 to
Complete congressional approval of
tho bill means the dot of 2 3-4 nor
cent beer are numbered, The bill be
comes effective as soAi ns signed by
President Wilson or ijlthin ten days
should his illness pftient him from
acting un it. Simultaneous with the
Presidents signature,! the wur-tlme
enforcement section' becomes effective.
This section, ns wcll'ns the constitu
tional enforcement portion, prohibits
manuinciurv or sine ot any linuor con
taining more than one-half of 1 tier
cent oi uiconoi
Now Nincly.tnn.
J. J. Sims, of Wnvertv. III., who has
hocii out In Malm, spending tho sum
pier with his two suns, stopped on his
return home ior n visit with ins moth
er, Grandma Mary Nevins, now 92
years of age, who makes her home
with Mrs, Clara Kncale, of New Point.
After his lenving-taklng, Mrs. Nevins
and Mrs. Knealo will go to Hut
bpiings, Atk., for the winter.
The Methodist I'. .V. S. met Filday.
uci. iu, at the rluinli. I ho p log ram
was ns follows: 1
Hymn 053.
Scripture lending and prayer, Mrs.
Coll call. Music.
Talk Is Kiilln n King on what tho
imlui.lt iul wotk of the Y. W. C. A.
is doing.
Solo, Ml Malx-l Lukens.
Heading, Mrs. Gnodspccd.
War-time Slurv.
Election of iitllrers for the comlnir
yenr was in rollows: President, Mis,
Small Hainsay; vice-president, Mrs. II.
G. Pierce; tecoidlng secretary, .Mis.
Howard Ten re; corresponding secre
tary, Mrs. Ora Hunt; treasurer, Mis.
Goodspced; flower committee, Mis.
.Morris and II. c. cook. I wo new
members were added to the society.
iieneilirllon. l
The society was Invitnl bv Mrs.
Hunker nml Mrs. Hunt lu'Hcmiini:ciV.
where refreshments were served.
SIHI-ri'A It Y.
Real Estate Mimeograph.
rVllta4 W.olr Ur K. K. Ulekards, Orttsa,
Offlr UsiUln. I tka Uiin Ulxk.
Abstracter and Negotiator of Loans.
Red Croos Election.
Members of the Ited Cross nro re
quested to meet at the court house,
Tuesday, October 21, at eight o'clock,
fur the purpose of electing officers
ror tho coming year.
LOIS It. KNSOH, Secretary',
II. C. I. Hill Passes,
The House, bv a vote of 207 to 8.
sent to President Wilson for his sig
nature on Saturday last, Oct. 11, tho
untl-profitccring amendment to tho
rood control Ad.
Tho amendment gives the Depart
ment of Justice power to prosecute
profiteering retailers und to bring
clothing and several minor articles un
der government regulation.
The legislation makes it certain that
a fine of $5,000 or Imprisonment for
two years hangs over the head of tho
violator of any section of tlx Fooil
Control Act, wliereus pennl prViJnns
were lacking for some sections ofrUy
original luw,
Death of Willsrd Penny.
The many former friends of Willnnl
Penny In Holt county will keenly re
gret to hear of his death, which oc
curred at Jacksonville, III., September
29, 1919. aged 61 years, the intelmcnt
being at Jacksonville.
Wlllnrd wns bom in White Cloud,
Kansas, April 0, lhiiH, and lived In
Oregon for n number of yours, being
engaged in the manufacture of cigar,
and was alto married to Mls Maggin
Halley, of this city. He left this
county in the rally 'IKI's.
He is survived by his widow and
laughter, Edith; eight brothers and
sisters, George L. and William I. Pen
ny, of Livingston, Mont.; John I).,
Dalla.'. Oregon; Howard, Maitland,
Mo.; Mrs. Marv Atkire and Mrs. liru
Shiinkwller, Mound City, Mo.; Mrs.
Etta Woulsry, Tarkiu, Mo., and Mrs.
Ollle Picrson, of liohinsmi, Kansas.
Mrs. Alkliv und Mrs. Shunkwiler, of
Mound City, and Howard, of Mnltland,
attended the funeral.
Transfers for the week ending Octo
ber 11, 1919:
Warranty Deed:
Emll Wilier to Chns. J, llrunt-
mover, sundry blocks In l'orest
Citv ami tract in 29. (Hi. 38..&f',000
Hen Sisk, et nl, to Timothy K.
msk, und, .1-7 or 1-7 or lands
in 16, 00, 37 $300
Wm. vt. Ilayliiirn to Emory I..
Moore und wife, tiart lb u, 61,
38 S6000
John S. Iliifkman to P. L. Unhurt,
et III, lots 5 to 8, inc., Hlock 6,
Maitland $650
Wm, Hiirknuin to Clara A. Kncnlo,
tiuct in 33, 01, 37 $600
J. W. Patterson to W. J. Hariied,
h oc I; 3. except north 75
feet, Maitland $4600
The Why.
Housewives who huvo only been
able to get u pound or two of sugar
ul a time will be Interested in loam
Ing that tho War Department has ar
ranged to send 27,000,000 pounds of
sugur to l-'runco to bo sold at bargain
They wil ulso bo Interested to loam
that the War Department has contract
ed to sell l,iri),(ou.uiK) worm or sup
plies to the French government for
If these stories Imj true, tho sugar
shortage in tho United States will
likely continue until thu crop of 1921
Is manufactured.
Garth Hatch hns returned from
Hiawatha. Kansas, where he was wink
ing In a barber shop, und Is now back
at work in his rather a shop hern.
Death's Messenger.
Fawn, daughter of Claib. Willis,
died at her home In this city, on Sat
urday, Oct, II, aged 20 years, after u
long struggle with tuberculosis. She
wns born In Maryvillc, and when only
tun weeks old was brought hole, be
ing left motherles-. As she grew, she
Infiimo her father's constant com
panion and help until the Inroads of
the disease greatly weakened her, and
she lingered for several weeks before
tlu death messenger came. Shu was
among the most uUuuujk-iit thu col
ored girls of our city, and highly re
spected by nil who knew her.
The funeral services were held Sun
day, Oct. 12, romluctiil by Itev. O. T.
Heed, of the Kansas City Colored Hap
tlst church. She is survived by her
father ami many other relatives,
Making Good.
Piof. Lloyd Thatcher was In the
city, Friday of last week, for a few
hours' visit with his parents, Dr. and
Mrs. J. T. Thatcher, lie was on his
way to Ann Arbor, Midi., where he
has accepteil an instructnrshlp In
xoologv in the University of Michigan.
1'iof, Thatcher was born here und
graduated from our high school, class
of 1906, and graduated fiom our Statu
University, where ho taught fourycurs
In the department of zoology. He also
taught mathematics and zoology In
one of St. Joseph's high schools and
junior college.
Durinir tho world war. ho was In tho
navy, stationed at tho Great Lukes, in
(ho pyschiatic unit, aiub has sinco
been doing government work In
Nebraska ns field agent in cereal in
vestigation. He Is a member of tho
Ameilcan Association for the Advance
ment of Scionce.
In thai class of 1906, who graduated
from our high school, were the fol
lowing young men who have mado
good in their rcspectivo chosen fields:
Eldon C. Evans, educator, now dead.
Don M. Hunt, lawyer und privata
secretary to Senator J as, II. Heed.
Sherman H, Hihbard, now promi
nent physician and specialist, Kansas)
Harold II, Kohn, prominent farmer,
lligelow township,
Lowell Petrcc, now in Canada,
Public Health Nursing.
In tho midst of Its multifarious war duties tho American lied Cross did
not negloet Ita obligations to the clvtllnn population at home. Throughout:
the conflict It maintained Its nureau of Public Health .Nursing, Instruction lot
Brit aid, horns nursing and sanitation, and disaster relief. Particularly In
their work for tba bablea waa effort by public health nurses Important. Tna
accompanying photograph anows a lied Cross public, bealtb nuraa, Iqatfyctlng j
mother In tba proper preparation ot tha baby's ,lUt. A j

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