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The bank statements, its published
In the various county paper;) last
week, show ii big decline as compared
with those published In August last,
when they were $3,4G.1,391, and $3,
il64,60D in .May. This decline can be
attributed principally to the decline
that has been going on in the farm
market product. The total deposit
ns published Inst week amount to $2,
090,878. The largest amount ever on deposit
.in our local banks was In Match, 1919,
und wax $1,130,738; now they tiro n
little lew than one-half this amount.
The statements us published show
the following banks of our county had
on deposit December 7, 1920, the fol
lowing nmunti:
7-ook & llocckcr, Oregon... J2W,.20
Citizen,' Oregon 152,171
Hank of Forot cn ... . isr,,o.-o
Homo, Foivt City I03,9.:3
Kxchungo, Mound City 189.100
Itank or Mound City 28.,53
llolt Count), Mound Ctly. . 174,7.18
Farmer,' Multlnnil !143,502
People's, Malthuiil 2.T.i,fi0a
lleaton, Crnlg 358,T20
Fann. & Morehnnls,' Craig. . 1U.VM0
Hank of Corning 101,291
Peoples,' Corning 70,925
Hank of Illgclow 104,825
Hank of Forbes 0l,'iK7
Hank of Fortescue 08,7 1!
Total, December 7. 1920. . . .$2,990,878
Total, August. lf20 3,40.1,191
ToUil, Mny, 1920 3,054.009
Total, March. l!Ui 4.I30.73S
The following taken frnn n Kan
on oxxchnnge will 1 Interesting Just
at this time:
"Two banker were discussing Ihc
tightness of the money tpnrkct. One
of them conducted n country bank
:ind deals largely with farmers, who
are on a wheat strike; hoMlnjc their
uraln for hlRhor prices. Many of
ihcsc fanners owe hi bank, but can't
pay until they veil their clops. The
country banker borrows fnm n city
bank to mnkn loans to tbo farmers.
The Greatest Kenl.
Christmas is jul nutsido the door:
a lew more hours and the nnnuul
event, wldch for over 1000 jears has
somewhere, somehow hrcn celebrated
will once ana In nttrart the attention
of the major portion of the civilized
world. Unlike nil other holidays, it is
the one day of the year, which In im
possible to overlook or completely for
Ret. Mnny so-called Christians, half
pagan at heart, do not reverence the
event, nor rejoice at the anniversary
of the birth of Christ, hut even the
most skeptical cannot escape some soft
or a ecleli.atloii. They ciinnot entirely
forget 1U significance. No other holl.
ilay receives as much attention from
tin- religious or conutietcial woiid. In
fact, (ompaieil with Christmas, all
other holiday are insignificant. It i
the one holiday.
Nor is this to be wondered ul. No
otiier event, not ov n the cclcbinllon
of the birth of a flee nation, is of even
Mit.'dl fr.-uliuti of tlr i'iiportan.0 to
this old woiid as is the releblauoil of
the blith of tho Prince of 1'eace.
Uesiltc the sneer of the skeptic and
the thoughtlessness of those who nro
lately ;ivcn to meditation, Imperfect
as is th Chlistlanlty practired liy im
pel feet humanil, it is the gtentcst gift
wHh which u nation, a race or n world
colli! be endowed. It Is u spiritual
gift and tike most things spiritual is
not easy of definition In concrete form.
For many, far too many, Chiislinus
means hut little, but for even the poor
est, the towllt, the nm who bine
uundeled or been dllien fuithest Irom
the llglit, it still meant something a
little more tlfan must days menn--whlch
in Itself is much.
Kucli in his own way must celebrate
Christmas. It brings to each it spir
itual gift and blowing If they sick it.
Iturket 'IhleWN Caught.
Sunday morning, II. Hay 'Cull, tno
prletor of The liacket store, lereivid
u telephone message from St. Joseph,
iiMiing nun to come down nni Idcntlf;
nun 10 muse mans m un: """ U.,.,.- '-....!. .i,.,. ,i,,.i,, ;,
The city bank wanted lie money, so," 'I ,c " ' -ife ' , '
the country bank began urging futm- ft,? u'hr en h!t, l.nd nd l.ed
rs to -oil lit lcnt p.ut of their chip!"! , icnon l.i i. .1 i.
.it present pilces. and make payments
n their loans The fanners didn't fall
'n line nl nil. They wanted to con
tinue their Mrikc, and want the banks
to enrrv them. One farmer, who
owed $(1,000, was wnith $100,000 at
Vut. lie came to the bank and said
he couldn't nay, and wanted to i-enew
his note. The banker insisted nn part
payment, ul least. The farmer left
and returned shortly with one of his
neighbors, who sold Ills wheat early,
and who hud SI 0100 on deposit in the
bank. 'I'll take up Hills note or
$8.1)00.' he snld to the banker, nnd he
lid. Then he dtcw n check for his
12.000 balance, and closed his nc
.1 ..r
nents "l,"l,t ?,i'000 W(,,lh "f lr- KOod, Oc-
loner Ii, lliW.
Mr. Tull went down and looketl over
the goods, lie found seveial pieces
that bore his trude-maik, but most of
the goods were identified as having
been stolen fiom a stole at llethany,
Jii., about a week ago. It hoh that
there weie sevenil thieves In an orga
nised gang and Ihu.- tuv fn- now
under arrest. The ling-leador, Jco
Vesper, is an ex-convict and u well
known St. Jofeph police character.
.Mr. lull also was called to St. Joseph
Wednesday, when tho police found
three of the ladies' coats that had been
taken from his store. They were being
wom b) the wives of the thleven. lie
Death of Kldcr Jeremiah Kelly,
Kliler Jeremiah Kelly was born In
Northumberland county, Pennsylvania,
Septcmlier 12. 18.10, nnd departed this
life on December 13, 1020, nt the home
of his son, Dr. I. D. Kelly, In Ne
maha, Nebraska, at the ngc of 00
At the age of 10 years lie united
with tho llaptist church in his native
atato, nnd was one of the origlnat class
in organizing the Woodbury llaptist
ihurch in i'ennsylvanla, und shortly
lifter movi.l to Johnsville, Ohio, whrru
he wa.i elected and ordained n deacon,
and In 1807 he was HcrH'cd to preach.
In the spring of I8"!l he enmc to
llolt county, and located about four
mid one-half miles north of Oregon in
Mo L'nion district, and an mere was
no llaptist church near there, ho Iden
tified hlmrelf with the Christian
(Lurch, und was cno.'-eti elder und
looked Jealously afier tho welfare of
tile eonglegatliin, mei for eleven years
he w.-u the Sunday school superin
tendent. He united with tho Ilnptitt
church at l orest ( it. Mo., in 1HH0,
and preaclnil locall) for seveial years,
being llcrnsed to pleach In 181(3.
In 18'.i8 he located on a farm north
of I on t City, and b H iiron of u 1
vanclng nge. rrtlied flom active life.
'and for the last few )car has been
living wun nil riniiiieii, lielng wltn Ills
son, A. W. Kelly, for tho Inst three
years, until tho death of A. W on
August !!, 1!)20, and since then he has
made his home wll'i Dr 1". D. Kelly,
of Nemaha, Nebraska, until hi" death
n December 13, 1P20.
In the fall of 1818. he n:. mainrd
to h'nnih (ieirinirer. wlm iluil In Octo
ber, ISti.'i. Seven children were liorn
to this union, six suivmng C. V..
Kelly, or Caledonia, Ohio: II. U. i:., of
Maltland, Mo.: II. M., Middlcton,
Mich.: A. J.. Hoeky I'onl. Colo.: Mis.
Sarah Kshenour, Anadaikii, Okln.;
Mrs, Chnrles Cowan, Mnitlnnd, Mo.
In Ibl'li he mairieil Martha Hani-
man, who died December 2tl, 1U08.
Hevt n e'llldien were born to them, five
me Mill living -Dr. I', !., Nunuhu,
,eli.: .Mrs. S. . t orrmun, run:
school notiis.
.r had lot two good customers. ' the
banking business.' he walled, 'Is no
lied of nise these days.' Hoth the
bankers nic understiHid to be fiom
v'!nl; . ? .r.' i ' 'V. :,. .I .tI"" found several shirts in ttieir
homes, several dre.-s patterns and
other articles that I lentiried. It
C ty. Mo; A. I)., I'Mson, Knn.n; M.
1'., Mountain View, Mo., nnd O. It., at
Nemaha. Neb. Ill' has 35 crnnilchll-
dion and 31 grent-gnindchlldriii.
"We shull sleep, but not forever,
There will bo n glorlout dawn,
Wo shall meet, In part, no never.
On that KeMirrcetlon Mom."
The i cumins were brought to Forest
'"'ty, on Thursday of last week, Dec.
in, wiii-ip runornl services were con
duct il from the home of the late A
W. Kelly, and the Imdy was laid to
rest in the :seiv I'olnt cemeter).
Another Veteran Called.
The Sentinel, together with tho e.
gion of friends of Judge Awl Turpln,
will leain with deep sorrow of his
death, which occurred at the home of
his daughter Mrs. Oenilda l inon, at
Tnrklo, on Sunday of this week, Die.
i . i . " , , . . t inrKio. on nuni
is i iiougni ino inieves uisposeit i.i inosi i. j.yo. nt the nge of 7(i vears,
V. t. . ii .i K ' i i i ii '" '"" y''. Mr. Turpln was
l. CSultJ.lim T'. ,' KC'1 m "'IconsplcuouK'in tho affairs of Holt
. Catrndnr
Pecember 2.1-Jnnunr'
January JO, Jess I'ugh Company.
Jnnuaty 14, Debate. Oregon vs.
January 21, Lyceum Singers.
"Mrs. Wiggs of the Cahlvigo I'ntch,"
given uniler the auspices of tho Senior
Class. December 10. was well attended.
The class realized nUiut $2."i. They ap
preciate the support of the towns
people lloth of our biifket ball teams met
defeat again Friday night. 'I he bo
lost to .Mound City's strong team,
while the glils weie defeated by
Totkio The Imijs were greatly
handicapped In size and experience,
but fought gamely util the last whi-lle
blew. The work of Kunkel nt fniwa'il,
and n . 'i nt guiiiil was
The e'r'- got n poor stall In the
first hall' and seemed to have little
chance. However, they unie back
strong and lacked only two points of
tying the fcniv In the second half. A
great deal of credit is due I'eail l'ar
sons for the teams showing in the lat
half. All of the L'Irls nlavcd well.
Neither team luis ot Its "Den unit
b.itli expect to win some games after
Ihc holidays.
Khnul.l iinv one i oulit thai the play
pcriisl l of value to the grade pupils,
let them drop Into our gymnasium liny
day. They are getting real truinlng
during till" ix-iled, and our gmnaslum
Is forung a gieat purpo-e in our
school. . .
The pupiU of the grades are looking
forward to Thursday for n very pleas-
ant time, when thej, will gie piogiams
and have their Christmas trees.
Saturday night, the bopnoniorc
gathered at Hay llibbard's, where
group II of the class were giving a
pnrtv. The fnt loom enteied was
decorated in purple and white, the
rlass ivois, the in M III leu nun green;
but the l!lt Wll-. Im-I, III heio was llnl
Chritnia- lri'. Some spent the
nlng in playing games, while others
worked Torr.niee Calhouii and Iji
vona r.vain built a chicken eoop, while
other. picVe.1 rln irie-. Uefie hinents
were . rviil at a late hour, 'liie'i
c li.ti-ll.iiti-,1 the mailt list fill
presents, which coli'lst.d of nibber
dolls, dollies, pop guns, jumping Jacks
nnd nafetv Pins. I lie via" ii co
- if-
height, having, honor, heavily, hnrntt,
heart, hymn, horizontal, horizon,
heroism, hemorrhage, lottle, bought.
County Supetintendent.
1 -o
Community Notes.
We regret to announce that the
leader or our Community Sings, Mrs.
Alltcitti tlroen-Murphy, Is leaving us.
.Mrs. Murphy leaves Thursday to visit
her sons in St. I-ouIs over the holidays,
alter which she leaves for Isiuislana
for the benefit of her health. Mrs.
.Mutphy, howeier. cannot ic-t by do
ing nothing, so whllj there Oic will
letirh In the P'inia.) 'diool-..
It wa plaiihid In t Monday evening
to hold fa leu ell party In her honor,
nfter the Community Sing. Hut short.
Iv liefoie the hour for the Sing, Mi-.
Muiph) called the chairman of the mu
sic committee nnd told her she woul.l
poclully I ""1 ''o able to lead the Sing thnt eve
ning. When tlie ciowd gathered itrt'l
I'sp.i Took lltr Home,
Tlmmi MrCnll nnd Hachael Woten,
of I'hclps City, Mo., were heie l riday
last, Dec. 17, and Justice Ceininliis lied
the kjiot that made them husband and
The knot had Ixen tied only u lew
hour., when our sheriff received wold
rrom the sheriff of Atchison county to
arrest tho parties, as the bride was
rot of age. Sheriff Crnuser was out
serving papers for Monday's court, and
Deputy Seemnn got busy nnd located
tho couple north of town, ut the home
of Arch Cni son. He look chat go of the
groom and brought him to town, and
put him in Jail, where he passed tho
night, und the bride remained at the
home of Mr. Carson.
The following day, Satuulay, the
.hciiff of Atchison county, ncemnpa--..-i
i.v tlw. lii-hlo's father, came nnd
look lil girl homo with him. while tho
sheriff took the groom tn ISocU 1'oit,
whore it Is thought the charge of kid
napping will bo filed against him.
The father claims tho gill U under
nge, notwithstanding the lad that she
and his trial will he held there.
Tliu rest of the gang is being held
in St. Joseph. It Is thought this will
bleak up the gang, and II is ntsn
thought thai Mr. Tull will be able to
mover his stolen property ns soon as
the fence can be lecovercd where the
goods weie undoubtedly taken to be
disposed of. -Cinlg Lender, Dec. 17.
and' McCall both ii.ualllil as to herlMmel Crider.
being 18 years or age ucioro uecoiun
Home for the llolliliijs.
The Holt County University Club, of
Columbia, nru all home for the yulctlde
season, and each comes back proud of
their wink at tho old Missouri Univer
sity, and each nnd every one Is brim
ming full of tho Christmas soil it.
Those, who are home for the holidays
season air. ,
I'm est City, Herbert ltirhnrdson;
Craig. Denia (iaffne.: Oregon, Itow-
ena 1'icrre. I'aul llragg. Oeorge I'olley,
(iioiL'e klnir. Lester Ha ley. Hichald
Hrlilk'cman: Mound City, Ciaudo Cnr-
mlrhael. Micahel N'. hr, Doris Donan,
Dttlght Donan, Kills Long. Sallie Hog
bv: Coiiilnir. Ilernico Chrl.-t' n: Malt
hind, Fled Connor, Vem llnnlln,
county, and especially of lligelow
township, where ho resided for many
years, ami win in a citizen or tin. town-
Circuit Court.
Our circuit court wag in session the
foro part of the week, and seemed to
have dono somu buslnesJ.
Tho first case called Monday was
that of John lden vs. Ceorgo Mlnton,
an ejectment suit, and was ii Wey
fought case. Wm. K. lllsnett, of this
county, and Chas. II. Mayer, of St. , Jo
eph, icprebcnted lden, and O rallon,
Tlubels unit uoueri hoh .vt...
sentcd tho defendant. It was given to
Ihc Jury Tuesday afternoon, und hav
ing tho case until about 10 p .m the.
Jury was discharged because it could
""rhoaso of W. It. Grows vs. The
fircat Kastcrn Casualty Company, a
mit on contract, was also heard. Tho
case went to tho Jury Wednesday foro
noon, nnd found for the plaintiff in tho
sum of! policy, $825j Interest, W0..;
)cnalty, $M.'.ao; auornuy uc,
Mr. Grove. wns Injured In nn uuto ac
cident In October, 1914, and had to
have Ida foot amputated. Tho com
pany at a former trial lost, but was
granted u new trial. Frunk l'ctieo
represented tho plaintiff.
TheyGave Bond.
County Treasurer-elect Solb Carson
nuallficd by filing hls'bond lnBt,week
In tho sum of $1D0,000 $80,000 school
fund and $50,000 county revenue.
Miss Mina Wright, public administrator-elect,
filed her bond last week
In tho sum of $25,000 with Probate
Judge H. M. Dungan.
From Lincoln. Nebraska University
Mario Hodgln, Inoz Alklre, Chas. and
Leo rotten.
Howard Payne, Fayette, Mo. Ksth
or Kelly.
From linker University nt lliildwln,
Kansas Morgan und F.thcl Kreek.
Kun.sas University, Lawrence Kan
sas Kilo Pierce. ,
Goes to House.
The bill of the senate agricultural
committee, directing revival of tho
Wur Finance Corporation, and favor
ing extension of more liberal credits
by tho Federal Hescrvo System us a
measure of relief for farmers has been
referred to tho banking nnd currency
committee on its nrrival in tho house,
on Tuesday of last week, by the senate.
The committee Immediately began
hearings nt which representatives of
various producers appeared In support
of tho bill. At least ?iuu,uuu,uuu, tno
committee was told, should bo modo
nvallublo for tho relief of farmers, llvo
stock growers and business interests,
Count V Schnul Notes,
The supcilnlcndent spent li very tn
Joyable day In the Marlon school on
Monday, the I3th. Although It wn
storming and snowing outside, eveiy
thlng was pleasant and sunluny with
in. The teacher. Miss Maude Stadlcr,
was one of Oregon last year ingn
-rhool graduates. Sheianked among
the very best of Iter class, ha u plea
in.r ,.,-,iiMlilv. and with the lieutty
.upport and co-operation of her nat
rons to urn ner, me rai
Marlon should be a successful one.
ii. ,.i..n,.n nt l tin rr t.'itv last Sat
uulay resulted in the dereiil of Ihu
...uui.llilntlon of the three ilMrlcts In-
ship he was chosen presiding Judge of Uolved. The vote wu IS fm 20 against
our county conn, linn seiviil iluung ronsolldation. 1 imi i a "leeioeu nv
the years of 1 89.1-1)11. ihackwnid in that i:nt or tho county.'
lie was u sterling citizen, and none m a uniting these three districts, two
knew him but to have the highest le- teachers could do the wink, and do It
Kurd nnd esteem for hhn. much littler that it now takes three
Mr. Turpln was born in Fountain , teachers to do. 'I lo re are 21 pupils
c unty, Indiana, Sentember 20, iKII.ji moiled in the Hlutf City nhool, 21
nnd In his young manhood, came tojin the ('hambeis schools, ami 12 in the
Iowa, and on the coming en of the i Srhtieffer school, making 00 in nil.
Wi.r.'Siww '.TjrrCrVIUttTiJIt'UT 1 W lib these chllilnn all In one schoo
us a member of the 2d lown Artlllerj,hulldlng, the first four giutle taught
nnd served throughout the war. In . by one teacher, and tho other four
Ihe fall of IK7.1 ho nnd his fainl I iriades by u si eond teacher, a really
came to llolt county, locating In Hlge-lcoud school might bu maintained at n
nlw township. In 1908. the Judge re lower cost. It seemed l the superin
mnviil to the llri'slt College school ills tendent un opportunity toi xeiclso teal
trlct, In Union township, and time hi 'conservation of money and energy,
und his dear companion remained until iTho plan would have necessitated the
a few months ago, when they reouicd i erection of a new building, but tho old
to Tnrklo, owing to the poor health of 1 hulldings are among the very poorest
Mr. Turpln and that they might be ' ,,f tho county, and should In justice to
with their daughter to help mother; tho children of the comiiiiinity give
cure for him In tho hours of lib affile- place to sbmethuig better. Well, here's
Hon and suffering. 'wishing for better luck next time.
Mr. Turpln was inanied in Madison Practically nil of the schools of tho
county, Iowa, October 25, lBOli, to Mls county lire preparing something the
Sarah K. Wolf, who wus born in av of Christinas escrc ses for the
Ill-own county. Indiana, In Anril. J8t: hi dren. What would life be without
On October 25, 1910, they celehiated Christmas? Not Just that Christmas
their With wedding anniversary. jn which tho happy holiday niorry-
liesliles the widow, .nr. Ttirpin i-, making spirit Is ut its best wncn we
rvlved by four children: Mrs.' bestowing gift and ex-
Kunlco A. Ilogcrs. of llrush Colli ce imllnir nne best wishes to those wo
district, Union township: Mrs. Ceiulila nvc, but the snlritual Christmns that
H. Lemon, Tnrklo: Mrs. Frances llngol,1 awakens In our heaits a deeper and
St. Joseph, and Hruco, of St. Louis. ; higher sense of the teal and tiue slg
There ore nlr.o six grandchildren nnd . m.,..n ,,r i-irlstmns as tho birthday
lour preai-gianiiciiiiiircn. ,,f tho Christ Chihl. wnni woiini uu-
Mr. Turpin had been u member of lm without the litllcf in Christianity?
Craig Udge No. 211. I. O. O. F.. fun Whnt mold it bo without ul lent somo
many years, and his funeral was con- J nttlo hopo In tho history that for us
ducted f'-nm tho Craig I. O. O. F. hall hei'an witli the nativity In llethlehcm
on Tuesday of this week, tho Inteime'it 'nnd ended in the Great Tiagedy on the
nelng in me 1. 1) .u. !. cemetery, wllli.hlll called Golgotha,
I ou nd that Mi-s. Murphy would not b
piesent. It wus Mited to ili-nilss the
Sing an I go to her home and there bid
her good-bye. A very pleasant hour
was spent at her honi. and .Mrs. C. V.
Hunker, our preid'tit, with ti few
graceful woiil of iiiipnciation in be
half of the league, presented Mrs. Mur.
ihy w-Hli n lovely bended velvet hand
ag. Mrs. Mnndiy asked the commit
tee to I'MHcss. through these notus.
Iiei appreciation of the gift, and esec-
laity or the thought wti.ch prompli-il It,
nnd wished to say that she would a!
wnvs treasure It.
The new lender ha. not let licen "of.
ficlally" chosen. We bone the com
mittee wilt have a definite announce
ment to make next week. The date of
the noil Sing i' Monday. January
Tin rhildrens ston houi was not
held this Miik on iiciount of the chil
dren being busy practicing for Christ
ina piograius. ;ot Miinesii.iy nt
l"tnion, Drroinlici 29, it the regular
hour, Mr. Foul will i induct the stiry
hour. COM.
Holt Count) Club.
11. e excellent wulk of the llolt Coun
ty students at the University of Mis
souii, in the oigiiiuzatlon, known n
tlie Mi 't Countv Club. Ma- atlractcii
the favi'l.iiile notice nf a lumilxT of
fimiier t dents, alumni nnd rrlenils of
tlie school in this county, wlm haw
launched n movement in support of
tie Clo'.i' Aiiithy puiposo.
Ilesnh i- supplying a -ort ot commu
nity of lutrre t wheieiu all llolt coun
ty itudents tit the University may exs
change news of home und brighten the
routine of their dally woik, this club
bus kept Holt county well to the front
as counties ale Known In Columbia.
They have gained hunoinble recogni
tion in phares of University life.
They have also undertaken to curry
back lioine lo high school students la
llolt county a message of Inspiration
revealing the oppoitunlties piovldd
by the great stale of MIsm.uiI for Us
nmbltlous young men and woiiun. For
this purpose they have planned speak
ing Hips und various method of ex
tending to otheis a shale of theil ptiv-
ilege ami expericnc
Soae 1920 Deaths,
(iuthrlc. Joshua, Feb. 3, age 54.
Gnihatn, Kthcl, Feb. 5, age 7.
Grooms, Geo., March 11, ago M.
Glass, Mrs. W. J., March 10, ngs ii.
Grant, Geo., March 10, ago M.
Griffin. Alex. Falls City. Nab..
March 20, age CI, killed crossing rail
road track or .Missouri l'ocllic in auln.
Garrett, James, Nov. 3, age 80.
Gutlu . Jus,, veteran, Apr! 15, aco
Gladden, Mary Klizabcth. Mar 6.
ugc 07,
droeshcrk. l-'irl, Hurnell. Colo., Aug.
25, age 23.
Hoover, .Mrs. Dan, l-eb. U, age 70.
Ilollcnhcck, Charlrne, Feb. 12, ago 4.
Hardmnn, .Sirs. W. II., In St. Joseph,
I'eb. 20, ago 78.
Holloway, Dr. C. I-, in St. Joseph,
Feb. 22, age 63.
Hendricks, John, in St, .Ioeph, Feb.
15, nge 28.
Hawkins, Mis. Norman, Hastings,
Neli., April 3, uge f.2.
llaynes, Mrs. W. K., In St. Joseph,
April 22, ago 41 .
Harrison, James Win., May 1, ago 71.
Hart, James. June 16. age 51.
Hart, Mrs. James S., June 22, a to
They Liquidate.
Holt county'H Incomo tax payers, of
which thero were 21 corporations nnd
427 individuals, havo seen Collector Al
klre and lidnuldatod their stae income
taxes. A contest ns to tho question
of the law being cxpo-facto wus de
cided in favor or the tax-payer, and
the result was the courts ordered a
reduction of some forty per cent, nnd
instead of the payment of $9,982 being
collected, the -collector could only tuko
rrom them the sum or $t),uou.
the honors nf tho order.
Left A. Will.
The will of Mallnda Coffin, who
died June 4, 1918, was finally filed for
probate last week, Tho will was ere
cutcd October 14, 1009, nnd wns wit
nessed by Itobeit S. Meyer und W. K.
Stubbs, and her son, Alf. Mikcsell, Is I without reason, without cause,
wttlmot ilmt. what would bo tho
mraning nf life, and what could be tho
reason of death? From what sourco
could wo receive our Inspiration for
growth, or origin or kindness, toiei
finrn. f-iimloess. truth and love?
Without Christmas und Christianity
.mi- Ufa u-nolrl bn on Inexplicable riddle
made executor. I with it, wo understand lifo ns the Great
After making email bequeaths to her plan In which we nro n part, for bet
thrco other children, two of whom have ter pr for worse, as wo in our under
dlcd slnco tho making of tho will, Anna ' standing uro timid or courgeous, weak
iiriiKc ami aiircua r.xics; nuuon is, or strong
n fanner near Clarlnda, iowaj she
leaves tho residue of her estate to her
son, Alf., residing at LcCompton, Kan
sas, Tho estate consists of, u small
residence In Mound City.
Don Wellor, the hustling . real
estate man of Maltland, was hero Fri
day of last week, looking un somo real
estate matters you never know, how.
ever until it's all over.
Christnias Is n nart of our lives. It
is a tlmo for great happiness. It was
given to us as a day of rejoicing, and
wo should put Into It all tho fun, nil
tho happiness, all tho sunshine that we
"A Mevrv Christmas."
Spelling: experience, establish,
croup, guess, generous, gnat, gradU'
atcs, graduation, guarantee, govern
ment, gingham, grocery, hoeing,
Hunt, Mrs. Susan, June 17, ngc U7.
Hogrefe. Joseph. Taciima. Wwfc..
July I, ngu C9,
null urlund, July Zi, ugc 71.
lleaton, Win., 11., In St. Joseph, July
25, nge 80.
Heine. Freda, In St. Joseph, Sept.
24, ugc 21.
Hurst, Grace, at Cleveland, OW,
Oct. 12, ago 39.
Harper, Mrs. Jn Octolwr 20, ago
Hood, Zella, Nov. 2, age 12.
Iluglock, Sarah, Nov. 2, age 46.
Hoffmann, Herman, in St. Joseph,
Nov. 28, nge 4, from kick of n home.
Ideker, Mrs. Conrad, Feb: U, ugo C4.
Jones, Mrs. Khna, in Florida, Feb. 6,
age 69.
Judd. Mrs. Clarence .March 28, ago
Kelley. Siimlra, In St. Jon-pli, Nor,
21, ago 70.
Klnzle, Anne, Muysville, Mo., Jan.
27, uge 20.
King, I). Wurd, In St. 1mis, Feb. 9,
age Ii'.'.
King, S. ti., Skidmore. Mo.. Feb. 19,
age ?x.
Kinder, Mis. Mary, July 13, ugc 75.
Kell. Web., St. JoM'ph, Aug. 3, ago
Km ale, Mrs. James, in St. Jocph,
Oct. 20, age 80.
Kunkel, Harrison, Kansas City, Nov.
30, uge 31.
Isuicks. Mm. C. F... Feb. 0, age .18.
l.lpps, Win., veterun, Feb. 18, ago 94.
Lytic, Arthur, July 31, age i. shot
to death by son-in-law, Lee Mcreno,
near Fortescue.
Uish, Mrs. A. J., Itnscndale, March
Lynch, U-vi, teteiun, March 31, ago
l.uk, Grant, June 20, ago 21.
bmu, Maty I.., Sept 16, age 1.
- o
.Mrs. Kllen Fitzmaurlce, widow of
Tliomu Fitzmaurlce. n Civil War vet-
ltul all this take. money u well as eian. died at her home In Foret town-
time commodities which student sel. 1 ship, l riday. Pccniilier in, ivm, ani
iloin posM'sh in gnat ahuiwnu.c
tnnu'im. Un. ii number of friend.
alumni and runner stud nts ar- taking
nisocinte iiieiillu isliips III Hie l.iuo ill
SI eacli. llolt county ha- been well
represented nl the I'nlveislty In fotm
er years, and their me many alumni
und former student now living In the
county. A huge and permanent nso
dale iiionibctt.hlp should lie built up,
so Hint all these may roiain ue-ir too
i..i uiili i in' old school and aid in the
win thy motives of the jo'itig folks now
lepieselltillg tlie eolllliy so cieinuuii).
Shrinkage in Crop Values.
sHirtnldico of values ill fill in Clops
has placed their total woith this ear
at almost five billion dollais less than
last year, although the iimi nam-si
was one of tho most abundant In the
nation's history, with half a dozen
crop breuklng leconls.
The important farm nop which
comprise about 90 per cent of tho value
of nil fiinn crops weie valued this your
at $9,M8.519.000 by tho Depnrtmotnof
Agriculture iui wcck.
Last year these crop were valued ut
$14,087,995,000. Acreage devoted to
Hie Important crops also decreased, tho
total being 351,002,409 this year in
compared with 350,102,112 lakt year.
Whlln the corn crop Is n record one,
its value this year Is 1,002 million lo
than last year s crop, which was small,
er by 374 million bushels. The prlcn
being paid to farmers for corn Decem
ber 1 wus unnounced by tho depart
ment at 07.7 cents a bushel, as com
pared with $1,349.9 n year ago.
Tho cstimato of production and value
Corn, 3,232,",r.7,000 and $2,189,721,-
Winter wheat, 580,513,000 nnd $80r
Spring wheat, 209.305,000 and $273,-105.000.
Outs, 1,621,055,000 and $719,782,000.
Hay, li)8,-ja3,uuo and i,Buy,io.-,wu,
Samuel Davidson, ono of Andrew
county's prominent farmers, filed pe
tition In bankruptcy Inst week.
Wednesday of this week was tho
shortest day of the year December
22. "When the days begin to lengthen,
tho cold begins to strcngllicn." waicn
nnd sed If tho old saw comes true.
Miss Iila Fuhrmnn, who has been
bight-seeing and visiting for tho past
eighteen months In Livingston, Mont,
nnd Yellowstono National' Tark, stop
ped for a week's visit with her cousins,
In and around Oregon, and left for her
home In Decatur, Ind., Friday last.
was belled fimii St. Pntnck'i. chuivu,
nt Forest City, Mondo. December 13.
She wu bom in New Albany, Ind.,
on Cliilstnias Day, 18.1'.', being iilmo.it
M year of iige. She was married to
Thomas Fitriiiaiirlco in St. Josipb,
Apnl 16, I w2, by Itev. J. C. Ileum-.!:'.
To tl.i union clevin children vvcio
luin, five of whom are living: P. II.,
of lleiitmi townsnij ; Owen and Philip,
of Fffingluim. Kansas; Mrs. Muggin
Chambers, Visalia, Calif.: and W, F.,
of Forest township. Five younger
brother and sisters died ut one time in
St. Joseph in her early yeais. A sis
ter, Mr. Kate Corby, died ubout three
years ago, and there Is left ono broth
er, Owen Soden. X.X.
Our Sympathy.
The Sintinel xlends it deep sym
pathy to the three Spencer brothers.
J. v John S. und G. J., at the los.i of
the best and tmest friend they ever
iimlilieli- ili'.n- old mother. Mrs. Har
riet It. Spencer, win) pnssiil awuy In
St. Joseph, Friday last, Dec. 17, at the
home of her son, J. W at tho ugo ot
91 years.
Sho was the widow of Henry Spen
cer, many years ago a prominent fann
Graham, and in August, 1879, Gilbert
The Snencer boys were raised ut
Graham, an din August, 1879, Gilbert
J. und J. W. established tho Mound
City News, which they conducted until
Tlie body was taken to Graham for
A mil- Patterson, colored, who ha
been in tho employ of Henry Cook Tor
many years, died from pneumonia,
early Wednesday momlng, Dec. 22.
aged 05 years, lie leaves a wire ana
several step-children.
Adolph Gcll returned homo Thurs
day evening of last week from York,
Neb., where ho has been confined in a
hospital for n number ot weeks. Ho
was accompanied home by his mother,
Mrs. Minnie Gcll, who hnd been with
Idm for about a week. He is still in
very poor condition, but his many
friends sincerely trust he will soon
linprovo and be back In tip-top shape.
Kd Williams, of Kansas City, is
back to tho -old home on n visit. Ho
Is looking fine. Wo understand ho la
on tho police force of that city.
Haskct Hall Oregon vs. "Craig,
Thursday night, Dec. 23, 8 p. m. ,
We ore sorry to I cam of Ut'
sorloua Illness of Mrs. John C. Hlnkle,
of Fortescue, but glad to learn that sha
la slightly, better at this uzne.

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