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Ite Suit
The New Ones. ,
Tomoirow, the new year, 1021, will
W ushered In and with it coming, new
officials of our county come Into their
Judgn Sam 1'. O'Kntlnn becomes tha
representative of our county, having
been re-elected.
Win. E. Illssctt will be our prosecut
ing attorney, succeeding A. M. Tlbbcls,
who has held the office for four con
secutive terms.
Sebourn Carson is the rounty t rcuw
urcr for hi third term.
Albert Seemnn will become the
sheriff, succeeding llcnl. II. Ciouscr.
Mr. Socman has nnmeil Jcse Hick
a Jall"i-, who lun moved In, und Mr.
Grouser bus moved to hi faim adjoin
ing the city on the south.
Minn Mlna Wright becomes our pub
lic administrator, succeeding George
Sam Loucks becomes the county sur
veyor, taking the place of John II.
One new face will Ik- wen on the
county court bench, that of V. J.
Glass, of Fgiost township, who will
represent the Hist district, succeeding
Curtis Whltmcr, who bus served tho
district for two consecutive terms.
Judge I'alntor takes his seat in Judge
of the Second district, succeeding him
During Mr. Ciouser's excellent four
un-ir' trrm n sheriff hp took the fol
lowing parties to Jefferson City to
serve terms in the penitentiary:
Ilobcrt King, of Hlgclow. for rape,
IB years. Novrmber. I U 1 .
George Lundy, of Fortoscue, for
horse stealing, - year;. December,
Henry Wntslring, Corning, -tenting
iiuto. 12 venra. Muv. 11)18.
Georgo !)oIko, Forest City, 2 years,
stealing auto, November, l!Ut.
Frank Smith, Mound City, r. enrs
fir forcerv. October, III I!).
l.oonard .Mitchell, St. Jo., ph, 2
years for robbing cars at Napier, Oc-
Important 1920 Ktrnts,
She Lenten Her Work
All friends of education In ourcoun.
IMgur Leach and wife, of Forest I tv will regret most keenly to lenrn of
celebrated their Golden Wedding, July i the resignation of Mrs. Alberta Gri.cn
26 , I Murphy, as county superintendent of
On Saturday. July ill. Arthur LvtleJ schools of our county, her rcslrmatlon
soutbwrst tit I'firtPMMin. tvn, .lint it hclni? made necessary nn nrcnunt of
death by his son-in-law, lo Mcreno. Iter health, nnd being compelled to ro
Tried nnd nciiiittel of runnier, Deo- to n southern climate, ami will iro to
ember 3. ISIidell, l.n., for the winter.
Hcavs' rn ns. nlcht of Julv 4 Sun. I During her six years as county sup-
day, ami showers on tho filli mnrretl erlntendent, she has done so much for
thn celebrations of the 4th, which were our schools, that today Holt county Is
held In Oregon nnd Mound City on the regarded as one of the progressive
."tli. leilurntlonal counties of our state. She
. W. Dawson. Orciron. sells hWiha been nn Indefatigable wolkcr. co-
stock of clothing to a Kansas Cityllng In the sunhlne or storm, when:
linn, d-ity called, ilia l Hie might hrlp'tne
The survey und levels of tho Situnw cause of education, und nld the teach-
fr.Al I tnrt .... .1 i-1 ... .... ......I ! It, fl.nl,. cl.t ..
...n iiiiutiHi lllllll ntll' 1I1L1,IV tvll - ," ........
on the IMth
The l.eo-tivenwuhl Vinegar Co., of
St. Joseph, files died of trust nn nil
their lirnnertlrs in N'ebrnska. Kansas
and Missouri.
Irmly of George W. Koter, of Com
lany L, who died in France, was
,ii ought to Crale. and burled Satur
day, July IT. First soldier who gnvc
his lire Tor hi country in I'rnnce, to ho
returned to Holt county.
Governor Cox notified of hl pros
dentlnl nomination at Dayton, Ohio, on
the 7th.
Survey of Holt County Slate High
way completed by J. 11. Leslie en
gineer. Work liegan on Mound City new
depot, first wrek In Augut
On Scniiiei, or ( .int. solo his
s'ock of goods to J. I) Till' A: Son, of
Itldgcwny, Mo.
Tennessee ratified suffiuge amend
ment on the 18thi the ilflth state to
latlfy, completing tlir lwo-thiid ma
jority of tho states. Secretary of
State Issued proclamation August 2(5.
Clifford iicnry or l-ortescue, won
had but
Happy Affslr.
Just licfore the noon hour on Tues
day last, Decemlier 28, 1920, In tho
presence of a few of the more intimate
trlcnds of the family. Kev. W. T. Wnlk
cr, of the Presbyterian church, of .our
city, united In marriage Miss Mildred,
the only child of Mr. and Mrs, C. J.
Knock, at their home In the Glen Echo
addition, and Mr. Oliver M. Wntklns,
of Mound City.
It unt a prett), n well us nn im
pressive wedding, Mrs. Walker singing
"llecatise,' Just preceding the cere
mony. The bride: bus ever been u popular
young woman In our midst, and Is so
splendidly equipped for the obligation
th.it route to her nnd will do her part
to Its fullest to make their lives just
what it should lie a happy one. Shu
ui. .
m ii'i"i iik"i oni iii-uiii, lutu L'u.t. . . . V, , . ,' ,
three high sch.mN on the first class finished her high school work In Ore
niipmwil list; one on the second class ' years course m w.
nniloneonthethinlclnstlUt -live np-1 IcKc w '"' nl M",c Unl"
proveii high schools, Now them oru
revi n on tin nrst-cla . list, two on the
,hoi..Si,n,i"i!r.,a r J ' T: . ... Ul.ools: the numlH-r ha. Just been
Juilgn John Kennlsh accepted lii
polntment by Gov. Gardner, as mem
Into public service com
toher. 1112(1,
Dick Monioe, of St. Joseph, 2 rnr,bor of the
for robbing cai al .Nupier, Uetoiicr, liiHslun
J. ;. ltuselle, Mound City. - yealM Cook & Foster garage at Oregon to
f.it- omlinzTlnlilpnt.
He turns over to his uicossor, Al
bert Sceman, the following Jail In
mates, who arc awaiting action of the
coming February term of our circuit
George Carmlchticl, of Mound Lily,
charged with rape.
Frank l.'-we, or .Mourw in, cniirgen
with robbing Dr. Tracy's office of $HKj.
Ieroy K. Clare has U-en relenseil.
Ho was charged with Issuing bogus
checks on Hairy Moore and Moore &
. . 1 . - ll .. n,,.n.lir.t- nf ii tpli.
oprwiKei lie .i.vm.... ...
phono gang working In this section
I Trere eie no umil high "chools,
vhin sl,e t(ik lo i office- us county
tf ....... r. . . n ii. !.. ' mi i-n lli'l'li-l i n'e- iiu-n- nn- ix chii-
Henry Crsjk sells his Inteicst in the . ,,.,., ,.. llf ..,,lrll
,very fine ldgh school fucllltles to the
pupils. Une M-iiooi proM-ies nee
The groom Is n son of Mr, nnd Mrs.
John Watkins, of Mound City, nnd is
a graduate of the Mound City high
school ami took a two ycai' course at
tho Maiville Slalo Normal, following
which he entered the teacher's field.
He wa.' nier-seas with the K'.'th Divi
sion for i:t months, serving In u ma
chine gun hatnllion. He took part In
the St. Mlhlel and Meuse-Argonnc of-fi-nstu-i,
and In the defensive sector
at the signing of the nnnlslice, and
wii.1 Willi (he A liny of Occupation for
fire month In Germany, nnd for six
weeks wti'i n a tour over the battle
field' find principle cities, making
photop aph- for divisional history. At
prci-n he is enjoying u profitable In
suratiie Imones" nt Mound City, and
enJo an excellent reputation in u
buaine man.
The couple took the noon train for
u brli-t wedding trip to Kansas City.
nnd after January 1 they will ue at
home lo friends in Mound City.
Tlir Sentinel wishes this couple not
only n long life, but that each day of c,,vniJr company and paroled; violated
A Christmas Party. I
' That lively bunch of girls, the J. O.
G, Club, wan delightfully entertained
by Effle May Carroll, December is.t,l
with n "kid party," at her home In
the Ijighland Addition. The rooms
were charmingly decorated In tho
Chrltma colors. F.ach memlier came
as a little girl and was prepared with
n tiny speech or song. After the "pro
grain," the guest wcra led to the nar-
lor, where they were delighted with tho
unrisimas ttee. tsanta Claus distrib
uted the gifts, nnd the rcmnindcr of
the evening was spent in games and
music. At n late hour delicious re
freshments, consisting of fruit eak",
Ico fleam, wufcH and candles weie
The guests weie: I'ouil Kuits., Flor
ence and l.l'Iian Schulte, l.thel nnd I
Muud Kiilhryn Feuerbachcr, Orrha
Steivnit, Letlm Hicks, Alctha Thomp
son, Charlenr Hermann and the hos
tess. -o
The l'liiluers.
The "1'iulge" Cinwd held tneir reg
ular Christmas patty and tice at the
Tom Curry homo In Oregon, on Mon
day afternoon or this week, with .Mis.
J. J. Havhill as hostess. Six of tho
ten members weie piesertt, with s. cou.
"le of giundmothers In the hack
giound to look after tho second gener
ation of "Fudgcrs." A grncrnl good
time was had, and when the gifts were
distributed, the buble.-r came In for
their shnie. Those present weie: Mrs.
Charlie Glenn and son, Charles Hub
ert: Mrs. l-eimuiil llotkln and daugh
ter, Klliubcth Trotwoodj Mrs. Fred
Cook, Dale Zeller, Mary Moore, Mrs.
J. J. Itayhlll and daughters, IMna und
Alice and Grnmtniothrrs Julia King
and Minn Curry.
Sent to I 'en. VJU)
J. (.. HusM'lle, given two years at
February term lor embezzlement of
enr load of wheat from Forest City
Sterling Logan for Slb.000.
in ...,. i....
riHIOnit' IINIK MH I" OVVIM1IU ,i-..,, ,,.,...,
electric lighted by thn St. Joseph!11'. " 1 "l M :
three Icaeliei
in the
"r.'"11 yi,i ....lt- n f'.,liK. I IllKil
rem -? '. 0 J nil'll K nd I '"'trict No. 1. gets lo building, there
h.5 Zr-tL $'HJhffiiM$lM dnoblles. he the f.Ul.th. It was
fot- eirction of 1! :l Mhmd lrjH.liij Im.lc.sh.p. tint Consolldat-
was W8JKMI. i ,. .,, ltl.IH .. r,r,i i,..-lier-
On the 20th. .:on.mlsslon...rN,la.,ipi, . ,)lU ,,,,,
way lirainairn ir sir cts os. I iitui s.! .." : ......
i t-7'i in roe iuic.
met ut Fillmim to take uction looking
to tho roiiipletlon of district No. 2.,
from the upper end due east of New
mint, soutn tn tiie ritpius, a insiance
Daring her activities. h Inaumn til
ed un annnuul rounty IMurutional Fete
Day, al which lime the 8th grade
- i ...hi. ,t..i.
hrSlilva m " CSi: I T K , 1 11 K I ! . S
Sheriff Crouser bud., tin.- loeulo, j,. a. 1Vnl0, f 0.w. was imulo , " ( w I. rtraTpu
him. but finally found him in the nriny, mvmXr of Chamber of Commeice for ; n n ,V; 1 , ' fltix
stationed ut Camp flke. Aik. lie wenti jcii.()0.(K'I road bond rampal;rn. ) of tl i d y tl ei" is a e. mn y
I.U I III' riimmilllder IC- 'l-l.n nillmnu. f f In, lie, I Stllll'S ' Vl '"J1 ."'' 1111 " " . . '
z:. T..:.tnv r rhu: ,v. i "-t... nnn .i.T'ain..io.y.vmxosi.
iciwi-u linn i. .v.li " "I"" . ..""V An iiiinim i-ounli w i e AC I eve
L,r " V'l'ioV 'no, Vty Day has .Iso heel, esUbll.hed;
- n - iiiiue.i ninr,' in 1110 inn.
Tuesday of this
the vounir mans granilfiuncr
came and made tho Vheiks gwd, unl
Clare was released, and will have to
go back and lepoit for duty al Camp
Leg llroken Hy TrurU.
Tuesday of this week, Dec. 2S, Ken
neth Ullll r.all uppeillliom-i, r'.ni. -.
John Opptnlnnder, e.nt of Oregon,
were hauling hogs tn their truck to
the sta'lon n. I'mest City for ship
ment. Karl wirs diivlng the truck, un I
at they weie near the llrodbeck place,
iidwuy between Oi'gon and lorcst
City. Kenneth iyt out lo look afl"r ' tl.o
hogs In tho ie.i of the truck, an I Larl
was diivlng ultnsT "liwly und us Uen
i.eih went to jump buck onto tho ttuiK
ho slipped and fell under tho truck,
which p-iswd over his right leg, break
ing It, between the knee und ankle,
and bruising him u consl. eiubly. IU
wus taken to Dr. F. 11. ltullock'it office,
that life may be as hllful as their
wedding da.
Mis. Katharine King, of Detioit,
Mich., and Ml. J. Hawk, of Alton.
III., Imth of whom were pivsml tit the
weddinr, thought it an oppoilune time
to announce their eng:igemnt.
An e'ega it lur.eheoti vn seivnl at
hlgli niioti.
Miveil IU2D Accidents.
Honald Ansclwent. ageit 1 1, f"H
fl-om li s bicycle In Denver. Co'oindo,
Octol" i 10, und wa kllleil by being
run oM-r by n pasdng auto truck.
t'ee.l Crlffln. Oiecon. aire 12. bloko
his jinn, November i:l, hy n fall, while
Ilnrnl.l Kicks, of Oii L-on. while in n
blcyclo race, Ortnber !, fell and luoke
ins arm.
Thoma' Hughes, of the Mayflower
district, was thrown fioni his busrgy,
November 18, and had hlit leg biokcn.
Frlla Idiker nnd daughter. MM
Frieda, of Coining. In a runuwuy, No-
veiniier --i; mo lontn-r us iNmr
the latter lui'l iter arm
ACIllCMWIH , , Li ,,
ii, u
broken. .
, ...... ....!.. 1..... I..U ti .. I, m.IK.
'.., . . , . i.,' i.... I.- ..I iniii .muni ii.i" -'"
et thin asking for removal of coun. ! . ',"' . V "J", " ..'"r , " ? lacerated NoveinlH-r 2l. while operal
to operate the line,
signed by I.IHI men and !S1 women I
seal fioni Og.... to Mound City,,"" I ZJV"" XI . " ' '
was f ill will) lite couni eoun.
iKIectlon wns held November 2; for re
movnl ,U'.T; against removal, a.i.iu.
K'eeves-riragg, Oregon, had a Ford
touring car stolen In Kansas City on
the 2d.
Haznid Thoma. sells Ids Mound City
garage to Harold Wurd und Claud
Oregon electric lines rehubllinled;
began September 111.
Airplane fllrlits weie made fioni tin)
A. 11. llalley field September III, 1 1, U.
Levi Orcn nnd wife, of Mnltlnnd,
celebrated their COth wi-dding anni
versary. "
Hogs went to S17.MI In St. Joseph,
highest sine Sentemboi, uil'.i.
Mrs. Susie FiUmmiriu' named for
representative on Democratic ticket;
first woman nominated for such officii
in county.
Miss Mina Wright was nomiated by
Itenubllcans nt August prlmnry; first
woman nomlmateil for such office In
the county.
Omer Williams, oi r oresi L iiy, nays
an airplane. ,
The) Cnme Home.
Sven children and that
giandchlldren, camo to sit around the intendont uf scl
family hoard, nnd enjoy tho day wllhll'coplc of our co
In Forest City, who rendered the nec
essaiy suigicai nld, and thai evening
he was lemovcd to a hospital in -it.
Joseph. W.) trust that he may mn
rocover fully from his accident.
ir.-utnu l'.lilenie.
Attorney II. II. Williams was heie,
Tuesday, working up cvhlenco on be
half of the defense, to show to the
state utilities boaul why tho p,rn uf
the Mound City Light Company should
not bo granted-an Increase ol Cti per
cent on wholesale and Ul per cent on
Mr. wminms represents Craig and
Multlund. who buy ulco from tho
Mound City plant, a Denver corpo a-
t on. Skhtmuie, .moui.u v.,, ; ""
l-'ortcscuo and Uulo buy hy retail direct
from tho plant, , ,
Tho wholesale price nt present U
f. 1-2 cents per kilowatt, nnd they ak
that It bo advanced to B 1-t cents.
Tho Present retail price U 16 p us cents
per kilowatt, which they ask to be In
creased at per cent. ,
After Mr. Williams has completed
his evidence, ho will prepare his brief
and submit It to tho state board.
1920 Horse Accidents,
. . , i.'...,Ai.i,n
ii LiiJ T October 30th. by coming in I Charley Taylor, the nccomauating Jit
adit, tho business end of n.ney man surrenders, ana turns oyc
forward step has nUo been taken
inking nfter tho chlldicn's. physical
In Ion'
Muiiy eniiimunlly meetings have
Ik'i-ii, ami ate being held, thus Intonat
ing the patent s m the woili of the
School fall have also been held in
sulting In much Intuesl. Club woik
has been carefully und poil.trnly
SK years ago, canning by the cold
pack method had hardly been heard of.
Mrs. Muiphv look her little gasoline
stuvo and helped tho girls in many
communities, until nuw very ncnily
every womun in the county dm' at
lenst pint of her canning by this ineth
nd, nnd hundeids of quarts of beans,
peas, corn mid otlu r garden vegetables
nio put up curb year by our louse
Kepein; not only ve 'etnhles and fiults,
but uiso ineuis.
Mrs. Muiphy also purchased u small
Vntio'a. and carried It alorg with herl
In her car. and with Its assistance
I nvi't-iiK s'niiiiii. of Oiei'oii. fell I rout
hv wagon, Match Ml, and Inoko Ills
neik: he illid in a St. .lo-epli hosp tal,
Anrll II. , . , ,
John Gomel, age I.'. lost !n- thumb
hi a ditching machine, July 2H.
Leo (iii.ine, Olegon, fell from a
ladder, July 2'.). and broke two ribs und
his shoulder. ... ,
Mrs. Tiesley Hicks, of lllgelow, fell
from n bos. July H. amUuoke her aim,
tuorge Handy, while loading tiling
at Forest City, August Hi. fell and
luoko two lib.
Thumas Miller, aged 8'J. of 1 otot
City, fmcttned his aim, September !,
by a fall. . ,, ,
Kugcne Nuellsch, age It), fell fium a
swing, August 2, and bloke Ills niin.
Velum Stioud, of Forest ( Ity, brolsc
her collar bone, AugUsl li, ny laning
from u buggy.
Coniimiaity Notes.
On account of the union evangelistic
lieetlnL's. which beg n In our city on
bis naiote and was taken to pen to
servo bis term, in September, 1020,
Dk-k Monioe. of Mound City, was
given two years at OcIoIht term, for
lotgliig checks,
rivd.. Vounir. iif St. Joseiili. irlien
two yeain at Octolt r term, for robbing
cai-H at Napier. August 27.
Ij.ntoi.il Mllrhel I. 01 Ml. J i won. kiv-
en two . .irs ui uciouer wim, nn
rohhliig nils at Napier, August li
To Itcform School. 1 9211.
Willie .tdanis. of Mound City, age
lit; sent July lit. by Juveiillle com I, by
Judge Humes,
. -n . o I 1 -.
ldlMI l.luhtnlai: Freaks.
Fred Kurtz, of the Nlckvll'n Glove
district, had his liain xirucK ny ngni
nlng, a total los, May I. Iss $:i,O00.
Jas, A. Duke, of Foitescue, bud two
cows killed hy lightning, June (I.
Len Walter, of Corning, had a valu
able maie killed July 1.
George Kurtz had u maie nnd colt
killed, September 20.
Murder, 1920
Arthur Lytle. nged tU, wus shot to
death by his son-in-law, Lei- Mcreno,
near l oirescue, .liny :ii. hum nem
December I-!!, nnd win aciiuittcd.
who married heie, Detenther 17, "nil trilM.( nt the meeting that the stock
daddy came and took ln-i home from ((0 ,1(I((,n ln mu munts by a great
her hubby of a few bouts, liuve Im- ' num(,cr 0f gubscrlbcm.
come reconciled, and Ibuy un-now at j r, import says In part: "oif
home in I'ltelps, .Mo., a very nap ny C1)l, ,,. totlo - that n a maltor
pair. They wen united in niariiage by of investigating stock in this corpora
tion, guunleil as ii is uy our iiuuuoo.
gave short music Ic,.ions in it lie i.uo ; , , s" ', t,cnn,. ,1C Community
oi iii"i i -...i .. ,! r.., n-.i
' n, nt.t.iltuli- I, II n, ,11 11 -ei 1
.Monuuv eveiiiiiK oo-s
for next
schools; ns a result, many
schools of the county now
iMctroln, i We not only do not wish any of our
n closiiv.' her sei-vices to the , . . fn..i ..-id, n.ll,rlus Mr-
many I people of out- county, as county super-, we a"w wish our people to
"-"un., """' . i.fc Kvn.v effort to attend the meei-
ir llinldo. of Kortescuc, liuU lil
Hermann Hoffmann. Oregon, age J,
had his skull fractured, October D, by
being kickeil by n horse; ho died in bt.
Joseph from the injuries, November
28itobcrt Hester, Mound City, was
thrown from his horse, July li. and
arm broken. ... , ,Jui
. Everett Wright, Hickory townsh p,
age 15, thrrwn from horse, August t,
nnd shoulder dislocated. . .
Alberta Wright, Hickory township,
had collar bono broken, September -a,
by falling from a horse.
-.1 1A.l,n.. r-hnrna In,,,
1 rUlllCI Will .'IUUIV,, w,,M.,sr,
I .... ... .1.. L.. ...... .. l.At.. , ,nt,.hlai
meni, ut me nin" "i .u.-n
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Hnsslc, on ClirlJt
mas Day. Thoio were present on this
happy home-coming, In addition to"
thoso abiding here; J. C. Hagby, wife
and daughter, Sally; Mrs. I-red M.
llurke, Mrs. John Kddy and Miss Muiy,
of Mound City; Dr. und Mm. A. A.
Disquo and daughter; It. H. Frye, wife
und son; Miss Vlrglna nnd John,
Nctherlnnd, of St. Joeph; Mm. Emma
Netheiland, Mrs. Arch Crews nnd Ml
May Long, of Oirgon.
lluslness Change,
(in tho first of January, tomorrow,
Saturday, If things don't fly the coop,
npv man surrcnucrs unu vuion otlt
Ills garage und equipment to L. T,
Oulnn, of Sioux Falls, South Dakotu.
We welcome Mr. Qulnn and family,
hut urn sorrv to loso Mr. Taylor from
this business, but hope his successor
may prove as congenial and nccomo
dating as his predecessor. Mr. Taylor
will remain in Forest City until spring
that lfls children may rinisn me scnooi
year there.
Miss Allie Gulnn, of Falrbury,
Neb., spent several days tho past week
with her sister. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. W.
unty, say: Well dune, I'"''"
Ihfnl uervunt." '"?.
thy good iirul faithful servant,
Ills Last Trip.
The Sentinel, ns well as the many
waVm personal friends of Virgil W.I
Kecnc, will learn with keen sorrow
of his death, which occurred ut
Rochester, .Minn,, following an opera
ton on December 21,
Funcrul services weie noiii irom ms
hnmn hi Marvvd e. Mo., on I riday,
last, December 2-1, and was laid away
will; Masonic Honors uy ins local
lodgo; ho was u immbcr of the York
rito of Masonry'.
For forty-five yoar& lie had been
with the Geo. D. llamaid l'rlntlng Co.,
of St. LouU, and represented them a
their traveling salesman, all tneso
Ho was ono of tho most congenial
anil companionable fellows ono of
those men you arc ever glad to meet,
mrl one vuu firo loth to nart eomnanv
with, lie Is survived by his widow unit"
many rolatlvrs.
Virgil: "The will of God Is ac
complished, so mote It be."
Mrs. M. E. Crowcll left last week
for Harvard, Neb., whero sho spent
Chrlftmas with her daughter, Mrs. It,
N. Kunkel and family, and from' there
she will go to Hastings, Neb,, to visit
hor son, F. A. Crowell, who is In tho
carpenter Business,
The room Is open every afternoon
and evening, except Sunday evening,
'lhe Prlscllln Club Is In charge this
Any one wishing to use mo room
for social or other purpose will please
rail on tho president, Mrs. C. K. Hunk
rr, and make your arrangements as to
dates. -v. a,
. ,-n '
Hull f'minlv S II ml. IV School NlltCS.
All district officers me especially
invite,! in nltxnri the executive board
meeting nt the M. E. church. Mound
f!Uv. i':in n. m.. Jnnuaiv 2. The pro
gram for tho year, the county budget,
and mo efficiency conicrencu prugrnni
aio to be considered.
Wn urn fortunate hi hav nir Mr. Wil.
Hams with us during our efficiency
conference nt I'm cut Cltv. January 28,
Alt iltulilrt officers nre exnected at
this conference to learn the work of
the ycur. Tlcaso reserve the date.
The Hiawatha, Kansas, papers of
lust week announce tho issuance of u
marriago llcenso to William Tntterson
unit Miiui Mnrv Hnstettcr. both of Ore.
gon. Tho many friends of the couple,
through The Sentinel, send hearty con
gratulations, wishing them a long,
happy life. -
- .. . . ... . .luw",-,"' - I
puirilt" of .Miss Itaeliel yttrll.uni Individuals.
( W. C. Swarncr, County Agent.)
Annual Meeting uf Missouri Farm
llurcsu Federation.
Colrmbla, Mo.. Dec. 23, The an
nual meeting 'of the Missouri Farm
llurcuu I PdcraUon, which will lie held
In Columbia, January 111, 20 and 21,
will not be a speaking convention, but
a working conference, according to
state officials of the organization. The
main task of the meeting will center
around the developing of a year's, pro
gram of work. County Farm Ilurcaiu
have been Instructed to send delegates
prepared with definite suggestions for
this piogram,
One of the imnortant matters that
will come up for action at the unnuul
meeting will be the consideration and
decision regarding scvrral prnposisl
changes lo tho slate federation consti
tution, The mo.'t important of these
levlslons Is one that proposes to In-
ci'ae the state memliership dues.
Methods of conducting membership
hives: will be dlscussid. It Is expect
ed to cryslnlllzc the experience of the
sixty-four organized counties Into a
ilerinile piun for roniiucung luiure
inembeishlp campaigns.
The state fedcrut on has mini' far
enough to hnvn establishes! itself and
the mcmlnis can now see me prou
lems that it faces nnd the ohitaclos
that must be iivcicome. Hacked by a
year's experience, It Is expected that
the delegates to the second unnual
meeting will work out a positive pro
gram for the year of 1021.
Satisfactory progress has liecn made
by the Federation In the ostnblMimcnt
of its co-operative marketing project.
It is expected that during the yenr of
1921 the marketing .program can bo
pushed rapidly. The stale organiza
tion will take whatever action Is ncc
essaty lo usiist in putting Into effect
lh plans that nru now being worked
out by tho various marketing commit
tc.M of tho national organization.
The stnnd of the Farm llurcuu, on
both state nnd national legislation, will
come up for final at lion at tho annual
meeting. County legislative commit
tees weru nppiilnti-d scnoiiiI weeks ugo
to ronshlel needed farm legislation.
While the nni.ual meeting will be
essentially a working conference, yet
nl ttu siiinn time. It is cxnectisl to
' have a few good speakers of national
note upon tha program, the program
has not yet been definitely settled, but
will protiaiiiy uc announcen nc.M ween.
A. F. II. P. Committee Paces Foreign
Trade Corporation.
Chicago, ill.. Dee. 2:1 The commit
tee appointed by President t inward, of
the A. V. II. P.. to investlgntu the pro
posed fotelgn Undo finance env-oru-tlon
bus Issued a report ipilte I'nvuiiibln
to the project.
The committee altelideil the confer
ence of the American business men at
Chicago, where it was decided to form
this coipointlon under the authoriza
tion of the Edge law. The organiza
tion will be a bank'looking after export
patnmagc only. This corporation will
finance -our export sales to nil PurtM
of the world on such teims as will bo
consistent with good business prac
tices. , ,
According l" the repot of the eom-
. , . ., ,. i .,' rin-l ''I'.-it'nn rf
$100,1100,1X10 is to In' issued to hanks
l lie nope wus in
justice Cummins, Decemhcr li litu
course of true love noes nm iunas
inn smoothly.
Christmas in Jail.
Flunk Lowe, of Mound City, was
lodged In jnll, Thursday lat,. Decem
ber 2:i, charged with grand larcency on
Information filed by Prosecuting At
torney A. M. Tihbels, charging him
with stealing ?10.'l from thn officii of
Dr. J. C. Tracey. Deputy Sheriff Sec
man went after him, and Lowe ate
his Clulstmai dinner In Jnll.
To Close for Iteiival Sen Ices,
uv tlw, Ministerial Alliance, are
tlm n-ouest by u number
of our business men that a unlfoim
closing hour bo observed during the
nni.,n inulvnl meet loirs, which will be
gin Junuary 2, luai. wo tcreny sug
gest that " :00 o'clock be the hour for
closing all evenings, except Saturday
We, the undersigned, cheerfully con
cur: Tcaio & Kuiey, J. n. u","'u"'
Mooi-o & Springer, rosier 01 uisiic,
Gerald A. King, 0. E. llunker, l ilts-
Hunker Merc. Co., A. w. uoucn, 11. r..
Kreek & Son, Lester PcttlJohnHurrier
& Ensoi", Schulto & Kunkel, K h.
llrislbeck, Moore Grocery Co., H. A.
Evans. . . ,
We ure glad that the above signers
huve so cheerfully agreed to tho ubovo
suggested closing hour.
May we urge, one and all members
of the various churches nnd those
whether momberp or not, to take on
active part In tho revival. It will do us
good, we neeit you. ituuiivi, muj
count on you!
THE MINISl EJllAii aiji.iait..
: 1
EvanKcllcol Church,
Wo will not have the usual service
ut NIckell'a Grove next Sunday morn
Inir. hut will havoi service ut our, St.
Pnul's church In town. Let us have ft
iron,! attendance, und then Sunday eve
ning wo wilt bo In the union meeting,
which begins In tho Prosbyterlan
church. We want a good meeting, and
that requires tho faithful attendance
of all our numbers. Wo are counting
on you. E. A. FAU14,
laws, would he well protected us na
tional bank stock. We have nn means
of ascertaining dividend earnings. No
man w,i m iitioned in connection with
the oigaiilration who Is not 11 man of
well-known ability and uniu?stlonnble
Integrity." . 4 .
The it-port goes on to say that In
tho committeo's opinion this l edcrnl
Trade Corporation will be exteromely
valuable In quickly opening up the
world markets. Mr. Howard has been
retained as u member of the perma
nent organization committee.
Cheap Trip to Farmers' Week.
Special reduced railroad rates on thn
basis of a fan- and one-half from all
points In Missouri to Columbia, will
lis made diirin" Farmers' Week. Ticks
els will lx sold from January iu m
21 with final return limit January SI.
All purchasers of reduced rato tickets
must tako receipts from their homo
iii'cnts and present theso for certifica
tion when they enroll for Farmers
Week. These receipts properly coun;
tnr.!irneil must lie nrescnted to thn
ticket agent nt Columbia to enablo tho
holder lo buy u halt faro raie iicnei.
Don't Forget! What:
Cottage Meeting.
Southeast Fred Markt's. '
Southwest James Noland's.
Northwest Mrs. Sophia smitns.
Northeast John Lukens
Union watch-nlcht servlco at the ,".
Presbyterian church, beginning at 1) p.
ro. ....
Sunday night, the union revival ser
vice will begin. All nre welcome.
A. A. A.
G. M. E. Church.
Preaching next Sunday morning ut 1
tho Oregon church. On account of the-i,
union revival meeting, which will bo
gin Sunday night, -we will not have,
meeting at the Nodaway church.
Union watch-night service at the
Presvyterian church Fri(loATQj,
Mrs. Sterling P. Perkins, of Me
Allcn, Texos, has our sincere thank .
for o liberal supply ofwlsthjte: for the,,,
holiday season. It was ewUiBly fun. .
and wo aw very grateful. . " svv

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