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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, January 07, 1921, Image 4

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Calendar. 1
January 10 Jesse Pugh Company.
January 14 uetiate, urccon vh.
Savannah at Savannah.
January 21 Lyceum Singers.
Jnnuary 28 llasket hall, double
header with Forest City.
.We are prouil of tho showing our
school made; In llic lied Ctos Chi Ul
tima Sent nle. The total amount sold
van $fi5.B8, distributed among the
grade an follow: 1st and 2d, $l.7(1j
3d, 13.118; 4th, $7.00; 5th, $6.76; 6th,
6.44; 7th. $3.14; 8th. $r..&7s Mil, $3.(18;
10th, $1.71.; 11th, $1.C0; 12th, $2.02;
colored school, $1.78.
The pupil nnd patron should ho
proud of having helped the work of the
Missouri Tuberculosis Aoclatlun to
this extent.
Tho teaching force, with the excep
tion of .Ml Murkt, unci most of the
pupil were back ready for worR, Mon
day morning. So far u I known the
next five month will not be Interrupt.
il hy any holiday.
We hone our patron will uvall llitm
selves of the opportunity to nttend a
real entertainment and come nut to the
Je Puh Company' program. Mon
day evening, at 8:li.
Arrangements have been made with
the MlnliU'ilal Alliance, whereby the
revival meeting service will bo dl
mled In time for every one to attend
tho lectin i' Course. The nubile should
reullic thi e are paying log pi Ice,
inr ft'"1 .uieiii Mir mi muisr, nun
Lecture Course
Third Number, Monday Fue
lling, January 10, at 8:15.
The Je I'ugh Company
will give the piugrnm at that
It will consist of leadings
dramatic Interpretation', nnd
chninctcr delineation, piano
nnd vocal nolo. Thi I it
high class entertainment of u
vuried and unuual character.
Student of the high school
will make n pcci:i1 drive for
lngle udmlsslon ticket for
thi number at .'lac and liUc,
which I low for nn entertain
ment of thi character.
Ticket for the remaining
three number me available
at $l.f() nnd $1.00.
The lecture Cnurc com
mittee Mill needs about $120
to pay out vn tho come. I,ct
everybody pull together for
their own good and that of
the community, hy rivalling
themselves of the trer.t the
romilllltee Is offellng. lie.
member any uii!u goes to
the school and will be und
for the best Intel est of
It patrons.
I'likr Charge.
P. Quliin. of Sioux Full, South
cive It their unuiialif led suniioit. We i
nave secured exemption iroin war tux i. i i i,., ...t...
for the remaining number and ate Mitn t the Taylor gurrige mid Jitney
able to offer ticket ut reduced piicei ,nM w,,fl ,. nwnly ,,Cj1Jlfi,r
u follow: I from Charles Taylor. He scorns to lie
Je I ugh. .l.K- and i.0c. u Vl,r. p,.n,aIll mil ngrrenlile gentle
l.vceum Singer. XV and Me. In,n ,., .. i .. ..
Orchestral Entertuiner f,0c nnd 75e. ti,.lt lM iusn(. ha, p.,,,,,.,. llt r
All thue number, $1.0(1 and $l..;0. cxcc,.nl im nto ,,,' han,h f m,
J. 1- Andlcr nnd family spent
Christinas with ),i sister, Mr. Emma
Guthrie, of Lincoln neighborhood. Mr.
and Mis. Wm. Wischurt, of llorton,
Knnsa, and Gcoige Horr anil family
were also prccsnt.
Mr. nnd Mis. Wlsohutt lctumcd
to their home on Sunday, Noel and
Norma Andlcr going with thtm for a
week' visit.
Mr. Waggoner, our teael.er, had
a nice program and Christina tice on
Thursday, before Chilstinu. (Juitc it
ni'mbcr of patents Were pteent. Ev
er) one seem well pleased with Mr.
Waggoner n teacher.
Our Sunday schr.ot al their annual
election of officer.-, elected Paul Em
erson, piesident; Lcc Field, assistant;
I'nullno Wilght, secretin y; prance
Emerson, organist; Mr. Ilessic Slaley,
itsistant; Cora Wilght, Vent Nowle
nnil Wayne Staley, librarian".
Thelck, Mr. Annie Field, Madge
Wright and Mis Ethel Field, have re
lovercd. Mr. Ira Smith, daughter, lintel,
rind nn, Enil, Hay ami Lloyd and
wife, and Itulph Emerson, wife and
baby son spent Chrltmn tit the Itob
ert Emerson home.
Newell Staley pent Christmas
with his grandmother and other rela
tive in Kansas City, returning home
on Thursday. His grandmother, Mr.
Out King, returned witli him for n
visit with her daughtei and many
frii lids.
- dale Emriron nnd fumlly spont
i nristmu ni tne inarne miiiui nnme
in Nlcliell's (iioVe. Ijtndon I'ield nnil
wins. Lee ami Willliim, also spent the
liny there.
.Mr. Annie Held and family spent
Personal and Otherwise
Scott C. Harr, of Cross Plains,
Ieat, sntnt tne weeK-cmi nt tnc Home
of Andiew hreek.
I'mnk I'etree turned Ed Carrol
looe recently In Dr. Vood office,
nml the lefult Is that the Doctor now
ha n completely enameled and one
of the most completely ttccnratcil mcil
leal shops in thi county, (lie, but the
Doctoi feel stuck up.
-I."vl Opel and wife, of High
liltcr, Canada, uic here enjoying a
vlrlt with hi mother, Mr. Catherine
lor Sale A Shoit-Hom Hull,
coming yearling. K h. MAIIKT,
Oregon, Mo.
Vlfflt Sl-e will faint the .Mr,
Charles Thompson form in the Culp
district the coming year.
Mr. Carrie Itolton and sons. Har
vey and Itohcrt, of Finnkfort. Kansas,
and .Matt hller, wil! and son. Louis, of
Silver City, Iowa, spent tho New Year
season with their mother, .Mr. .Minnie
Eiler; brother, John, and aunt, (iiistu
Itnlnh Stlth, the good nnturcd col
oi vi I janitor of our school, rpent his
Chlistmas day at Weston, Mo., by tak
ing unto himself a wife nn that day in
the person of r.liza Lorhin, and they
are at home in Itnlph own home.
-School began Monday after
week' holiday for the Christmas sen
son. - (iood Evaporated Soighum, by the
gallon or Panel. Call on
Forbes. Mo.
-Tom Ueir and family and (icorge
Huy your -tickets now nnd see the
liest three of the five program.
Max Patterson, who dropped hi nll( ,; rmy um()nK Ul((
work In high school in Murch of Inst -.. " ..
year, ha rc-emolled since the l,o. 'Z; I,,'
. Our regular assembly Is postponed '"." i W .r,."n'
tintil Wednesday of ne,t week. Tho
1 lei r and family stalled 1021 by com
t'l.rl.tmiis at the John I'elguson home, "' 1,1 ,uWn '"klftf their ration
ne.tr Purest Cltv. , with thjir paient. Mr. nml Ml. W .A.
..-Donald Kmnr-nn i.o.l ulf,. .witi S. IMTT Will say hi commissary
riirUtmim will. Mi. t'i,i,.r,,n,J h,ah -loie utv not vet totally depleted.
Thomas Mil-, of Mound Cltv. 'l -Ml. Heinnnl Weaver, of Tllff,
who will do hi nart n well a Mr. -MIsh Leht Mitruiv vl.lted her !.. ol..vame home for the holiday sea-
Taylor ha done and we welcome him tor, Mr. Clnre Wat-on, at Forest son lo vllt her father, Iloone I'nncher;
d In family among u. iCItv, they romlng with her Sunday for sister, .mi. I'erry uec ami .Mr. Jesse
Mr. OuinnV futhor wit bout M visit with Mrs. W.'-paient. Mr. und Mclntyre; biother, 1'ied, and other icl-
i TIpiH'rary so ',rs. im. .Murray. mm.. m-i inuiiiiii-.,.- mv .ir.
'rililil.mi'l. nml ' Ml. Viola Trimmer, of Slilloli. ' i:tt-l I'nncher.
we hone his highest extiectallon. mnv visited several da last week with! ...:'.: fy.r' .T"! .Auni
1 ... . I. t . ' II.... !..!.. I. I
us. Ilo ha rented the John ('.la.
pioperty in Foiet.('lly, and is being
nicely "fixed" up by Jim Itlley for the
.Meeting of American Legion
iv veiy loieresnog ineeiing oi toe .(, ,
Harris E. Pctree Post, No. 1011, Amcr. r "VJ L1 x."r,1
lean legion, wn lem .Mon.iay evening , ; . , , i , ..; .P', . with well
. . V ' . , IMt t ( . , .
Highland Item.
l!oy (tiimes rearhed hi .T!d mile
stone Sunday, nnd hi friends and r the Yuletldo season, have
of' the of '' family wife and six
Amcr- tiM .r....r ,.i i . . . oeli.hliiit m c:itli(.i iu frnm Cn-ftti.t mm. In tlieh etnnl wnik. nml will ktne nn
Maryville, Mo.
Call, writs' or phone ti for tcint. tf
-All our hoy and gill who are at
tending trhiiol nhinnd, who came home
Start the Year Right-Pay
Cash. Accounts Due
Every 30 Days.
Just a Few Specials
For Saturday
Maple Syrup, per gallon '. . $1.00
Pancake Flour, per box 15c
12 pounds Navy Beans $1.00
Whole Mead Rice, per pound 10c
Moore Grocery Co,
Satisfaction Guaranteed
filled Iukptii nnd mum U 11 joli Cot tho rcmuinil'r of tho
. . . . ' I ....!.. I - . n.( ...I.. I 1 1 .... .
I he I'o-X I iH'KlnnlnK to take on new ,, ,.,1.1 . ,". .. mi hous.. wo, full ti. ,,-i.fl..wlnis. m.l ... have the bo,t of henllh un.l attain a
iro. and with their new officer for -fa-r '' u.c0 ,h( ,.lUo w " t r , ,mmn
wTnk Mr.(i,ln.ehasbeenlMoorl,eaWfor - W. E. Terney write us fro,,,
' os l limit!. H" llll-Mnri. Il ll. ,S k.l,i tlnw, on, I tinru, I., .n.. 1.1... Slifiu-n,.,,. IlL'I'i . thfit III, iintl ulf.t i,M,
TuVc ii rjde with ()iiinn. ."' K;""1 health aaln. well ami irciifi uik linvp Iwl u nice
I i in- i.-iieiiei ami (lurin oi inc "uin i mi hit. iis-ii, ni-il- im iioen
Highland school and any other who and wile, and wli-h them happiness
i'rir'"n' w""ni' '" '"''l'. will meet at the and prosperity there ate none liettei.
" school house and organize it Cominu- -I'he many ftiend of Ml Ella
nity (.enter meeting. It will bo. some- astle, who has tHen In u hoipital ut
UHiiK lllie tlie old time "literury." Ev. lloiyoKe ,Uulo., will lie clail to leain
of thi week in the I. O. O. I', hall.
The followimr are the officer eh ct
..I for the ensuliiK year: Itay It. Stev- J 1 " wl,h
enson, commander; Itoy Stewaid, vice- .. . J'
r.lliininn,l.,r. II. A. l) ,L-..r. ,l lt,.nl , ' "1111 .Ml I IIIL 1 ril'llll
John It. lluicer, finance officer; Hiu : St. Anthony. Idaho, Dee.
inn iiosiocK, s'iKcnni-ui-iiim j, i . . nltv (.nie m,.iln,.
Viri. -1 II !' J. ...... I WHIP til f ill Hum mi. i,i,.,,n, I.. "'' l-J.P" r. '"eel HR.
, vi,.i.,i,ii, , ... ,. ,,..i, ill-, nui ' - -- ...... ....( ...
risk Insurance officer; E. W. Hendley, l'aif soiim time to visit you nil once
in en t
merit for thn use of the, Odd I'ellow' '1 election by a pluialily of lltSD
nail, tho first and thlid Monday nlulil " " "' i.-punucin ticket
eriooiU welcome. I'.vei'ehiMle rutin, tn that niter confinement fnmi an ontr
n. '"n oeioi- t i um late, mil eacn . ,. ,:, .,,-, , ; ' ,. - ,W ,.ti., t . .. w r, V .- ...V: "i... i ' ....
they enpeet to complete niianuc- ,' or oU come West I sine and , ,," ' Jli,-,, !,,, ,.,.,
' l S'ST Hfl.,,f "" ,cl"1' ,i;;,"h(;Ta'ft'ernan, w Ui I M"' " ' ' '"" ."tlicol n,
While these rifle urn not as "" n niter .lununi) 1st, then hero'.. .111. ,.. .n,.,!,,.,. -.. i-..,", vim u'u m.-wi-'i
miHlel a the Uiy were Issued in ''"; i"inl.ene )ear lust .luin,ui ' ,," ' , jmi. r.,i.n,i. .',.1 ir.. r.'r, 1,
TOltlVS. Sunday vsTieTofChini tAft
to bo lit many icspucta better than "'', "' " onie o'.er iiK.Un. Kimdae wltli Ml.. t'.t., 1 n.. .!, In Ada. OWI.i.. ..v 1,7,
t hev had. and we oxnert to see i;epect!UH , ,;. -"7' : . " , . -.
dolnc a little hontln If a suit-! .. .. V. C. MOOIiK. ' . . , .....,..,.. L "J" "iu,y ul ,nnr
rnnco can be loentW. Moon- wn el.cted I.ieuU nutit ; ' ..',f,"T '.. ',.' . '. " " W,:. I
!.. dim Ml-, ,,., '( nvernor of Idaho at the Xnvembori V"' "' " r vm.sin, ..i. - . hm .u leusuni, niur sev
1 .Mice naiinx eiu wee ; V i u h tier aue iter.
Sidney Kad shinned a ear ofhoifs. I Mr, lien Haves, bin. ictuined to her
.ooniiay. 11011111 in M. Joeph.
n.nle'er.'nJ; ""n,, nn' l -aJrVA h,M Vtt'.MMj-'j'ahnson. of Mound uT "Wnr 'IX'Ji
present at.the .nectlnKs. . I YjrXuv V"' ? h."e vMtln Mw-'Clty Star. lleclnnInK January Ut.tho
loll I'lmniTKrlivlT'i v 10, 1 ' "" 'nn Meek, and friend. jiewspa-er will pay tKIOn ton for Itn
rlA ..n L ?i , C T . o -Clifford Nonl and family and white paper, malklnK un added co.t of
ilrnm mVi lUiTATsLl lime Mh" Nnrri" "' ". vlltl WOflOO a month, th announcement
I ... j . 1,1 . .- ,111.1111.01011111'. IIHUIIiiin.il llil
and slckneni. riant weie completed nJoyed at the (ieoi(je Swope. home,
for the efficiency coiifeienre at jVn est '-hristnuis tlay. An excellent dinner
City, January i!8. Mis Lena' Law. wn served at noon, after which fK
ivnce, of Cruiis, wa elected Aclinic lowed a shoil pioKiam hy the children.
Younir I'eoplo' Supeiintcnilent for the 'rhfn Hi,nt "t""' n,l helped dlstrih
county, Blnrn home duties prevent Mr. uatl' over a hundred invent fiom a
llirh Wilson from dnlmr the work ut lic.iutlful tiee.
present. I Those precnt were; Alts. Delilah I
TV...!. ,.ttl . ..t I.I I I Vnlnn.l OA ,. lju',.,w. n.t iflf.. t.u '
tmiiivh iiuu'i'ii. niiiiuiii im- iriinniiii; . .."," ...... ...r.
tor meir insinci executive cominu
either the second or third Sunday
January. Call your nearest eountv
fleer for plan. These district me
IIKTTY III.t T.. I'ntll January 8, IH2I, we villi
o - 1 send you the Sentinel mid St. Joseph
New Point. (Daily Gazette '(without Sunday) for
-Mr. and Mr. Fred Davis nnsl 3.fi0. The Sentinel and Daily and
ilaiiu'litec. Dorothy, and Mr. and Miv. I Sunday Cnelle, one year, for tj..'u.
Claude rtendsr Tind dauuhter, Doris, 1 Thin offer I for cash In advance, ah.
spent Saturday nt thn K.I D.wU home, mlulrly.
-Ml Mario William soenl several I Mr! Out Klnir. of Kun.a Cltv.
inKR count five on the dUtrirt stun.
dunl. They are. Important leadlnu tip
' U:tV last Vi: U III 11Uu ,lir. n. . .I.finntf. ho. l,..n ..nn.I in. Hi., tvf.,.1.
land wife and wn L5 arece ' fl'lenn" 1 , -r Knealo returned to Lex. ' vWtin5 hr daughter, Mm. Walter
,,.1. and daughtei, , Doiis, Vein, l.ynne. j ' " 1.. ..!r. .1. i. . ' . "V '.. ..'. . ' .7 '." t" '
V'.ll..u n:i fl,.ul.. ..jn iiviv ...vn jiia oiuiot'r anil oilier aruuiai (ins M-ction. one iciut oh nei
Four Kencrutlons weie tnvnU the
now .Airs. Stillwairon, U
residua lit Kunsn City,
Begins Saturday, Jan. 8th, 1921
Last 2 Weeks-Two Weeks
All Corsets and Bust Confincrs tind Brnssiercs
will lie sold nt20 percent discount, which means
onc-iifth off rcfittlnr price.
Don't fall to buy your eoract for your nprlny dreascn. An
abnoluys rrduction when prlcea haw been cut.
Rumcmbcr the Date Sale begins Saturday.
Jnnuary 8th, nnd lasts two weeks.
Mrs. E. A. Netherland
tu IV I ..r..i ....II
C tv JanuVrv"VlTu,h est. 11 months. a. X. ? w'"? ' ' nn"'.unl S nml Kun;.. ... Kymtt i In a bank
i7 't. ... . '., , .i noiien noKweii aim lamny, ,ij r, ui KivciTon, nyo, nonier is m too
!V ",y,,IMr,c,off,c!,.r vZZ. " and Mrs. K.M.Ilender un.l fninlfy.. Mr. nuto business at Kldorudo, Kunsa,
S2 Zi Ti nere t .ey win - nnil .Mm. Chaillo I'ield and son, Mr, and lleniy Ik with "he Ainali?amalcd A
learn the work an. n an for .theyenr. ) 1 c'"21' - Vivian Seat and Miss Suar Company at 0Kden Utah, Y
S'A lY ''If.N. I li,S i v jMlldied Kills. j -I'red MoiBU.n and duiiRliter. of V
hecietarylreasuiei. ". M "'., "1"' In in.l,-;r,.e' l'rl,t "'"' Quinc),lKfflnKham, KutUa., spent the holiday
,.,..l.rh,7" irrtTTT: v , . dla " h""ullnB lll, l'ul " 111., MondayHo continue hi studh's xe.won heie with (Jrurldpa and Crand- X
Ania.ul.1 ( hare.. McthodM Kii..opal "":,.. ,,. ... .'"fter spendliiK several .lay here with Inu II. K MoW,n. and other .elative. ?
I3. 3Nt. BABB I
Oregon, Mo. K
Sales culled anywhere and everywhere that my Ik
services may be solicited. m
Same old terms and satisfaction guaranteed. Wi
Sec inrf for dates as early as possible, as evcrj day
is being taken fasl'for ihc future.
Yours for business,
P. M. BABB, Auctioneer
Kilfnv (i. w.iiiu iiniai.,i. I Itamscv.
The outstnndlnc feature of the ser- !!!'""'"'.. V," ''oudspc.!
vice ut Amazonia lust Sunday wa
the dedication of the two youngest
children of Mr. Jessie Kuennel to
God, in tho holy ordinance of baptism.
It wa a sight to bo lona; remembeied
by all who witnessed it, and all per-
nun navinr oaoe or youni; chlldien
Villace kchoes.
Iteiylini;, Mr. Anna l''orter.
Select leading, Mis, Tochterman.
X. X.
le Know There' A Santa Now.
C iiiirw on i' . "lunirani'r wuwit or tlio tM'.st commcir u nnnles. A nr I.I Charev Iluhsv anil wife have is.
eature of pur Holy Com-, for bantu Uau. They stayed awoke, yute rallroa.l truck and npplo packlnc; turne.1 from Kansas City, whore they
at tho mornlntr hour. ...Is a lonir timo and flnallv one of the ik r... ......... i' i il.! .. . u. k,i.i.... ....,.; ...m. .i......
will be administered to nil . youngster aked his brother: the nirhni.l Pi-i.' .! ,it. riv.u ir it.i,nnt. it
rfSiiZ Pi..a !.''sn.f('fr,w1,el th, i;lji,l..y.0.u- Santa Cluus ?" h.'or articular, a.klres . 'iHulay Is now In hi 82d year ,ho seems
..' 1 f.m"ch V'iM !,pt',?,1,- ..v0' .,the other "Plied., "did you?" CHAS. C. I1KLI,, to be in most excellent health, and ha
lloonvlllc. Mlssouil. been a resident of Ureiton and vicinity
Crvtul Snrtnirs. Mi... Wt. !7A
Would do well tn follow t in ovntmiln ttue storv I told here of tun Iwivu: (tin
of this tlioytrlitr.il mother. The ser- youiiK fons of a prominent citlaen of
vices for Sunday. January nth. will ho tho town.
held at Korbo, at the hour of tl a. I Christum Kve the boy after boinir
in. ami ;ou p. m.
"aonic i
who il
-ti. t
. .... Mv ,,v i-aiii PVIYIH" will) . "i minnvivii vnc mm. uiiu, I
tin firnt on a seiie on "nulhllng.saw him go over theio by tho fireplace
thn House Splrltuul," entitled "A to urn! find with our stocking a lttle bit
- me rounuuuon. ine oitering ror the unu men no went und got tn tied with
relief of" tho. starving children of mamma."
Europe will bo, received, nnd ft I the o
desire of your pastor that' the people . (lets A Itaise.
of Forbes make it as large or larger K. 0. Fmith. of Mound, City, a vet
than that at Amazonia. I?t lis begin eiun of tho Civil War, who ha fie
on time at ull of these services. (juentJy visited lieie, dia been placed
o . . on mo pension i-on tor total Disability
Anna Markt visited Maude Hat- at $72 per month. He. served In the
man at her homo In Grant City, Mo., n.ld Illinois Infantry, .and will reach
the latter jiart of last week. his 70t)i.mlepost on February 25, He
Until January 8. l21.twc will , caino to Holt county In 1871, from An
aend you the Sentinel and St. .Joseph drew county,' und, located in Oregon,
Dally Gazette (without . Sunday) for ami occupied' a' house on the lot where
SU lUt Thm aallnl n.l ' (lull V mnA V ft VnelivV ,nib tlvn tin 'u'na nn
Randar Giselle. '.' one vyer"far Mjio. early day naintcr "and decorator hare
' YU.'fSX. I. IV...L I. .J.i.u P-L'l hnJ u,a ' Jn.i... .1...ir ll. .1 Hi Un
Heibeit llninecker snent Sunil .vl -John 11. K'eevej und ulfn liavn re.
with Clarence Ctln. turned from Kuina City, whero they
Thomas Cnln and son, Clarence,1 visited with hU father, It, S. Keeves,
and Dewey Lent weie St. Joseph vls-iwho hi been ipilte poorly for u few
Jtors, Tuesday. weeks, and while he I able to he
There wa an attendance of 7fl at around, he ay ho Isn't Just ready fe
the Christian Sunday school. Sundav a foot race, Stewart Is now 72 nnd
On account of he I'nlmi
inornlni?, und un offering of $3.22.
1 o
Hell' Annlo Farm. IM) nere front.
Ing-on the Mlssoutl lllver. 7,i acre
realize that he I looking down on th
other side of life' hill. '
Iluned Kock Cockerel for sale.'
MltS. J, A. MI1.NK,
Oregon, Mo., Itoute U,
! armor rlnmc, No. 440,
for 05 year. Coming here from llock
Attention. Comrade. . ridge county, Yu.
Mover Post. fi. A. II.. .will lw.l.l u. 1 Application blank for persons
next rctrulnr meeting at its hetdnuart. wh w'?h to takp out state licenses for
era on Saturday afternoon, Jnnuary 22 motor car, or chauffeurs' license,
1921, at 2 o'clock. ihnve been received by Ben I Am-
JAC011 KINO. . holt, of tho registration office in St
D. P. DOHYJiS, Commam!T. I Joseph. I lie license plate have not
.Adjutant. ' ,yet been received. Tho state license
lis not duo until February 1, but Arn-
. i hi
L.U l.V I., a- i 1
vi.ir iiivt ir,,n.. r.. i. 1 ""'K !V " ,sa"r inuw
t, . -r 'i r,"v. ny, January 10,
?.M)each. . - l llobert Hatch, our barber, has
MltS. hAIHi WILSON, Atoved to the room fornierlv oectinled
Itoute I, Oregon, Mo. by KtlJteown In the .front basement
j Helul Meetings, there will
J he no Weiln-sdn) night how.
t Martin Theatre )p
-fcrnest. I.unsford. a former Fon 1 room of the post office building a,an
City boy, now of Maryville, who Is. Insurance and real estate, office. ;Mv
aged ian,cvimirellRtre singer, was, KpawTtsmoypg Intp tfco, offica room
Those J. 0. C.'h Again.
Their New Yettr'' Evo jollities he.
gnn witli it th'eutiD party at tho Martin
theatre, after which the dcpaited to
tho home of Alethu Thompson, whero
the remainder of the year was spent
with game and taffy pulling. Just
after tho New Year, 1U21, was ushered
Jn li business nicctingjvns held and the
following officer weio eU.t..,l,
Alclha Thompson, pien'ilent; Pearl
er. senreant-at-a
Bacher, reporter. Tho meeting finally
adjourned to "Room -Nn. in n.i
ull were tlreil the house wa soon quiet.
Tlio. girl were uwnkened at u Into
hour and prepared their own bieak
fast in the basement Just after break
lost the invitation committee, compos,
rd of Floronco Schulte, Kffie Carroll
and Lctha Hicks, got bi'sy, and tho
result wns the Initiation of a new
memticr. asic Mildred Klopp, of
Cralg,..how de enjoyed drinking from
the fountaltVof youth ! L AA Y. v.
Ui- -'ii"0-i Mi"' y
Ored of Publication in Term Time.
In the Circuit Court of Holt County,
W. K. Itichardson, Plaintiff,
A. O. Danker, Defendant.
October Term, 1020, December 6th,
Now at this day comes the plaintiff
by Ids' attorney, and It appearing t
thn satisfaction of tho court that tin
defendant, A. 0. Dankets, cannot, be
summoned in tills uction, It Is ordered
hy the court that publication barnacle,
notifying him that an action has been
commenced against him, by pciltlon
nnd attachment, In the Circuit Court
of Holt County, Missouri, In tho Stute
of Missouri, founded on a note for the
sum of six bundled thirty-six dollars
nnd nn cents; that his property has
been attached ;nud unlcs he bo and
appear nt the next tonn of this court,
tn bo hnlden nt the court house In .
Oregon, in the County of Holt, on the
28th day of February, 1021, -judgment
will be rendered against him, and his
property sold to satisfy the same. It
Is further ordered that a copy hereof
least thirty days before, the commence
ment of-the next term of this court.
I hereby certify that the ubove and
orcgolng Is a truo copy oT the Order,
of Publication In the cause therein
mentlone'd as the' same appears of rec
prd In my office.
Witness my hand nnd the soil or
said Court, this 3rd dav- of Jnnunrv.
A. D., 1021.
E..A. niTNll&M
Csnl'l' " ! nt i. m't.
' Circuit CJcik.,

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