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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, January 07, 1921, Image 6

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r 'jr.
1 will sell at public auction in Forest City, at the old Hoover
place on Commerciol street, beginning at 1:30 p. m., on
Saturday, Jan. 15, 1921
the following property, to-wit:
3 Head of Horses 3
2 Dapple Grey Horses, 5 and 6 years old.
1 Brown Horse, 8 years old.
2 Good Milk Cows
1 Jersey, 5 years old, and 1 Jersey and
Short-Horn, 4 years old, good milkers,
one will be fresh about April 1st, and other
about May 1st.
9 Head of Hogs 9
2 tlioroutfli-brcd Poland-China Sows, one bred and will farrow
about February 1.
4 Spring Shoats, weight about 185 lbs.
'A July Harrows.
1 set good Work Harness: 1 Buster Brown
Hiding Lister, with new share; 1 new New
Departure Cultivator, 1 Hay Ladder, 2
with box.
1 iron-wheeled Wagon,
Some Alfalfa.
About 23 shocks of Fodder with Corn
1 Bridge Beach Range, a good one, wood
or coal; 1 Kitchen Cabinet, a good one; 1
Round Oak Dining Table and 6 chairs, 1
Tapestry Brussels Rug, 9 x 12; 1 Grass
Rug, 10 x 10; 1 Dresser, with big oval
glass; 1 Iron Bed, Springs and Mattress; 2
good Rocking Chairs, 2 Ironing Boards, 7
Win-dow Shades, 36 inches wide; Kitchen
Utensils anu other articles too numerous
to mention.
All sums of $10.00 and under, cash; over that amount a credit of six
months will be given on bankable note, bearing 8 per cent interest from
No property to be removed until terms are complied with.
COL. P. M. BABB, Auctioneer J. A. LEASE, Clerk
Doth Phones
Osteopathic Physician
Treats Both Acute and
Chronic Diseases
Office in Martin Theatre
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice In rcroliy given that tho un
dersigned, William Kuhler, Jr., execu
tor of tho estate of Win. Kuhler,' tie
conned, will make final scttclmcnt of
hlsnccounts with snld estato ns such
executor nt tl.o next trim of tho Pro
bate Court ot Holt County, Mlsmmri,
to lie iiolilen at Oregon, in suit! county,
on the Hth Jay of February, A. U.,
Vlni publication, December 10, 1020.
Notice of Stockholder' Meeting.
Notice Is hereby given that there
will be a meeting of Uie stockholders
of tho St. Joseph Transmission Com
pany at the office of the Company in
uie Aiarun uiock in mo uuy of Ore
gon, Missouri, the 10th day of Janu
ary, 1121, for the purporo of electing
n board of directors -and to consider
any other business which may properly
come before the said meeting. Polls
will bo opened at two o'clock and clou
cd at four o'clock of that day.
Judgj D. W. Porter, of Mound
City, vraa fcere Monday, interviewing
Jdge Harry M.'Dongan. t "
111 I. Ii. ut 11.14 ntiuucWy
!-... mitd with hium KiLU..
T-Sa H- ...... V
llrmaal-t. Aihfnv
Mnkh.ii.ftiii.g.faa Aiwmkttuu.
Trustee' Sale.
Whereas, Martin Thompson and
Avn Thompson, hi wife, by their deed
of tuiMt dnteil the !ind day of October,
l'.iln, nun or icconi in tl.n office of tho
ICocoiiler ot Deed of Holt County
.Missouri, in hook uu ut page lino, con
vcyed to the undersigned in trust t(
secure tho payment of the nute in said
deed of trust described, anil of the In
terost thereon, tho following described
leal ei-tutn situate in Holt County
.Missouri, to-wit:
I Ails nineteen (19) ami twenty (20)
In Illock Number nlnteen (10), in the
wuy oi rorest wy, .
And Whereas, default has been made
In the payment of said note, and of
tho interest thereon, according to- the
true tenor, date and effect of said
note; and whereas the owner of said
noto has requested me to execute the
fowcr vested in me by said deed of
rust to sell said real estate, and out
of tho proceeds of said salo pay the
inncDieaness secured inereuy;
Now therefore, in compliance with
said request, and under the power vest
ed in mo by 'said deed of trust. I will
Monday, the 17th day of January, 1921
sell said real estate at the court house
door In the city or Oregon. Holt Coun
ty, Missouri,, at public vendue to. the
ntgnest mailer ror cash in hand.
Message Bearer
1920. tv..l-.ii N.tiitir union I
"They tell me oil n H- going down,
to lcetllle. I'm le,"
'Vliy,')iK, 1 expect to tMt the old
folks fur u wcik or two."
"Would Jnu deliver n mcuge for
me to a frlrml llierol" '
"(."ertnlnly," icHjiidetl I.ytin Dacre,
frank, ilenrcjetl. uccommoilntlng,
oinethlng of n contrast to Mnrvlii llrllt
on this i'si-lut occasion who. whllu a
thoroughly good fellow, win Just now
chuckling secretly over a trlik, or
rather ii double trlek be was playing.
Innocently rimiiKli, however, lie tend
ered D.icre ii soiled envelope. The
latter lulled, llien lie reddened, tlicn
lie otucrtcil confusedly!
"I It Juki Hie right thing fur me to
do) It Ik for Jllit WiiihI.i Itcrlrmi, 1
ce. mid )uii know"
".liil how inullerK plaint, I 'ai re.
See lure, wean good ft lends nml don't
bate to iiilml mutlri. Vou mid I
apls-un-d In tho run fur her fator Mini
I won nut because jmi were possessed
of tin? modest opinion Hint )nil wen'
nut ki rmnigli for her. In my liiiui-I1.-
eiiliiiiilloii you nr' wmiliy of the
ntlentluii nml colilMeiin- of the lie't
woinaii III tlio world. Ilelween Jon
and I, Wamlii nml I nre liuvlng coine
nerlu correniHiiiileiice. Why khuiildii'l
you bo my inesmge lienrerl You
would like o see Wiunln iikiiIii,
wouldn't you''
"1 can't deny It. but strained rela
tions, you nee," floundered Iiicro.
"Nonsense! No eiiiliiirrHMinMit Is
neiewary. Klip values you its n friend
and something more, perhaps. You
ntwr obtrude our silent deotlon
upon her. She vittl lie slod to see
jou. I inn sure."
Mnrvlii llrltt I in .1 Indeed onlilli
tnneed I.ynn I lucre In the race for Hie
I'xrlunUe rwiril of Wandn lterleun
Tlmt youns Inily luul enme tn I'rnmlon
In enrliaini' I In ndorutloii of Imlli,
llrllt niii'lo fiirlinn Ion. Iiaeio
iliopi'iil out of I lie race feeling Hint
he was no mutch for the niii lirll
Hunt, If Highly, jiiiiiis mini In the dis
trict. When Wmida returned to her
home tnwir It wnn riirrent go-nlp that
lm anil llrltt were eligngeil,
I in ere left bin friend illvhtly "
tered. MU-t llertcnu lhi-1 at the town
where ho wni going, and he had liop(i
to catch lit leu-it J Heeling iillinp'-o of
the only woman ho bail ever Invi-il dur
ing his visit, but would never hnvo veil-
tureil to obtrude himself upon her
Dncre made liU Jniirney mid nbout
all he had In his mind wui the prot-
pectivi' cull Uin Miss llerteiiit. He
did not put UiN Into elTect until the
second day lifter till nrnval. Willi
some misgiving us to how' the young
lady might reei-ltn lilm lie rung tin-
iMi.lioll of tin, lleiteau home, wnndn
wiih at home nloiio nml eame to Uie
liNir. 1'i'rliaiiH f-lie rrauil any coin-
imiiliiuthlp to nllevliiti- lln moiiotiiny
f her IiiIk-IIiii'os IViliapi i-lio was
nrllly clad to mi smut, one from
be town where It iii (iin-dili-riil she
had lost her heart. At nil etents i-lie
greeied Daiic like nil old mid deiir
fi'leml. She hulled lilm In mid ucted
as If this was n de-drnMc- pn faee to
a lelilirt'ly It-It,
I come at tin- reiii.t of .Mr. llrltt,
li!.e I lucre, but at this Wanda s
l.l.nf met In wtial M-eineil lube lirelly
linllffirenvi-. mid ln said
Tell me alionl my girl frlcml-, nml
tin- town generally
Ho tliey -hutted, ti ml when Dacro
arose in leavtc lin siginii gently, tor
It hud Indeed been tn lilm a raidurou
Imlli'. Wuinln did not nien thu letter
he bud liroiiuhl during lils stay. In
fact Dnrre was M'liii'wtmt siirtirlsed to
mile Iniw ait'les-ly sln towed It
aside. She did not mk Mill to CO
ngalii but the next day he met her on
the street.
Wmida xlionk Ii.iimN ulth Mm gen
ally. "I hope jou will not forget u
lining )our brief stay," she remnrkisl.
'Mr Klslers will lie Lome from a visit
ilar after tomorrow, and If jou nrehe
exiellent tennis iilnver you went I am
sine- j on will mid to tint pleasure of
tint afternoon
There win ii ehuuge In Wanda Hint
Purre eonld not help lint noUeo. There
nit moil tn lie a latent excitement or
emotion underlying all t-he mtlil, as
though her Inlnil was eonstraliinl ye
flllisl wllh a sentiment of greater
klnillluct-t towards him, lTiii day
affer Hint she tlrew eloser mid dearer
to lilm. The olio upon which he hade
her farewell slut asked lilm a que-ttlon.
It was:
"Would ou object to innveylng
noto to Mr. llrltt for mel" .
"Perlulnly not," reiilled I Mere, and
lin tlld not t-ona forget I ho probing,
vivid look she bestowed upon lilm
when he left her.
"Iteail I lint,' said llrltt, In a care
less, off handed way when Dacre
handed blru Wanda's letter tho next
day. It rend;
"You are -entirely right In Judging
that our brief eompanlouvhlp was tint
to me an episode ot love. As you avow
the same ;omlrtlnn ns to your own
state of fuvllng, let us forget all
about It."
And then llrltt showed Dacro a copy
of the letter he had sent to Miss
Wandn Iterlenu. It told of his slm
pie friendly feeling towards her and
"My message .hearer loved you be
fore I ever snw you. Ho loves you
now a worthy, loyal fellow who will
deserve the reclprocnL devollonjou
may experience."
, And, putting tho lonso ends of
disjointed romance together, Lynn
Dacre believed that there vss great
Hop ror toe future.
Heart-Breaking Smiles
"- "-
Vmhi vf?lwiH 1 '-MjV-B
ti... un. iliousiiml-t of kinds of smiles, but It would lie mighty hard to
pletuit- en lii Hi" mind's smiles more poignantly trnglc than those her
seen. Two eals of life linte held little save tnlts'ry fur these Vienna young
sters, yet. even though the result Is uilnful, they smile. They nre victims of
rickets, the itTtirlnt: of licar-stnrtallon, and Hint, routines others in stricsen
Kurope may not hate to share tlmlr fale eight American relief organisations,
under (he nume of Hie Hurvpt-nii Itellef Council. nr! making a Joint appeal for
the conscience of America to complete relief work which this winter faces Its
crisis. Tbetm agencies are the American Itellef Administration, the American
Ited Cross, the American Friends' Service Committee (quavers), me j-in
lolnl Distribution t'ommlttee. Hie Federal Council of Cluirclies of cnnsi in
Amerlcu, I be Knights of Columbus, the V, M. O. A. and Hie Y. W. C. A.
It 's an Uphill Pull for Polish Boys
Hare feel mid lultered elotbes, little to eat and less to wear, such is the
fate of thoiiMinils of children In tvntrul ali i eastern llumpe. These lioys In
I'oland ure nly n sample of the ;,." . KJO iletdltule youngsters that the Euro
pean Itellef Council tuns tn help through the cold duys of Hie coming winter.
To that end eight great oi guiiUiitlons lu Amerlcu huv'e merged to form the
Council, the clitilrruiiu of which Is HeiU-rt Hoover. Under his leadership Hi
American Itellef Administration, Hie American t,-d Cross, the American
Friends' Service Couimjlteit (Quakers), the Federal Council of the Churches of
t'hrlol In America, Hie .tculnli Joint Distribution Committee, the Knights of
Columbus, the Y. M. C A. nod Hut Y. W. C. A. have decided lu co-operate Jointly
to.rulne tXI,U,lMK) to help the European children otcr the hill.
LLVaV -J law
k i eijljljt
Worth Saving.
Before this five-year-old Vienna girl
was operated upon In the Amtrlcan
Convalescent Horn her leg was even
more horribly deformed from rickets
and she was In constant Instead of In
termittent pain. Now at least her leg
Is straight strain, and by degrees she Is.
relearulng to walk. Itlcktls Is the
aftermath of undtr-nutrttlon, and It Is
to cut down the harrowing prevalence
of such dsease as this among the chil
dren of Europe that eight American re
lief, organisations are making a Joint
appeal under the name of the European
Relief Council for funds to succor the
millions that face a winter of horror.
They are the American Relief Adminis
tration, the American Red Cross, the
American Frlsndc' Service, Commutes
(Quakers), the Jewish Joint Distribu
tion committee, the Federal Council of
Churches of Christ In America, the
KnigMt ot Columbus, the X. H. 0. K
and the t. W, 0. A.
The features ot this girl portray toe
tlnetit type of Polish childhood that
now lies engulfed ta hunger and dis
ease and all their attendant miseries.
Relief already administered by Amer
ica haa preserved her beauty and
freshness, albeit her eyes betray the
suffering she has seen, but literally
millions In her own and adjacent coun
trlta'illtl have no one to look to bat
America as another winter of horror
closes In upon them. To the end Hist
their prayer may not go unanswered
eight leading American relief organise
Hons have banded together In a Joint
appeal In behalf ot Europe's suffering
children. They are the American Re
lief Administration, the American Red
Cross, the American Friends' Relief
Committee (Quakers), the Jewish Joint
Distribution -Committee, the Federal
Churches of' Christ la America, tho
Knights of Columbus, the IlLdi.
and the I. W. 0,' A.
J ! . m I

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