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It V K V It V Y T A (J
Editor anil Publisher
8ti edmonp stueiit
TCUil'llONE MAIN 695
ltusltics or Editorial
Trusts, or siiwcitu'iiox
Tor Year J1.00
Advertising Hate on Application
Addrcm All Communications to
811 Edmund St St Joseph, Mo.
Entered at tho
foseph, Missouri,
Mid Matter.
Fostofftco In St.
as fceeond ClOSS
Tin: presidents rallying
To the Democracy of Oregon has
been Issued the rallying call oC Dtm
ocracy for tho coming campaign
and that cull la issued by Democra
cy a gieat loader, President Wilson.
Nixt month at San Francisco will
meet the convention which will de
termine the future of the party. It
will enter the battle under an untar
nished banner held proudly aloft by
loal hand. It will by such a re
spond prove Itself worthy a great
trust, fit to bo the champion of tho
n 'blest Ideal that lias been embodied
int. i a political principle in all tho
ci iituries of human history. Whether,
tin n it shall move forward to victory
or defeat. It will deserve victory And
if li feat bo Incurred it will only bo
vii tory deferred, for the gront princi
ple that Is embodied in tho covenant
of the league of nations Is one that
win not born to die, but to live and
glv- enduring life to tho best aspira
tions and fondest hopes of human
J. mil
However It the great Democratic
parij through cither lack of courago
ii-d devotion reject this Htlrrlng call
thit its leader hit. sounded, by Its
rvjei lion repudiating hltu und the
supremo achievement of his admlnls
tritiun, It will ilehly merit the defeat
tint will be its portion. There can
be no placo In tlila year's campaign
t r two republican parties. The nat
ural und proper place for those whose
e- an blind to tho vision of the
fjro.it Peace, whoso minds reject the
Ideal of a loague of nations to co
oper ito under International law In
amity and harmon), who cling to the
old and discredited order of ententes
und alliances and armaments and In
ternational hatreds, Is with tho party
of Johnson and fridge, and to that
party they will flock, whatever tho
decision at Sin I'ranclseo.
The supremo opportunit and su-
jneme duty of the democratic party
U now before it, and it 1 to provide
at once a homo and a workshop for
to meet tho nation's vital and press
ing needs.
Among tho suggestions made by
the president were the following:
1 hope thnt congress will bring to
n conclusion nt this session legislation
looking to tho establishment of a
budget S)tem."
Theie 1 jet no budget system.
"Another and no lew Important as
pect of the problem Is the ascertain
ment of the economy and efficiency
with which moneys appropriated arc
Stoney Is still appropriated nnd
spent In the name old way, only with
n wilder liberality than ever before.
"No one Is authorized or equipped
to ascertain whether the money has
been spent wisely, economically and
effectively. The auditors should bo
highly trained officials with perma
nent tenure In tho treasury depart
ment, free of obligations to or motives
of consideration for this or any sub
sequent administrations."
Kir months liter, with congress
looking hopefully toward an early
adjournment for a season of polltlcil
campaigning, this unhappy fact Is
still true.
"I trust that congtess will glvo Its
Immediate consideration to the prob
lem of future taxation. Simplifica
tion of tho Income and profits taxes
has becomo an Immediate necessity."
Though that necessity is vastly
greater now than It was then, no
step whatever his been madir to meet
It Instead, congress Is debating new
complications In the tax sjstem to
lalee money for a soldiers' bonus.
"Tho congress might well consider
whether the higher rates of Incomo
md profits taxes can In poaco times
be effective!) productivo of revenue,
nnd whether they may not, on tho
contrary, bo destructive of business
activity and productive of waste and
nvents have fully answered that
question; but no moderation of war
time taxation has been even attempt
ed, or Is now promised for the Im
mediate future.
"Whatever may hive been our
views during tho period of growth of
American business concerning tariff
legislation, wo must now adjust our
own economic life to a changed con
dition growing out of tho fact that
America Is the greatest capitalist In
the world."
Congress has taken and proposed
no step which shows its realization
of this vital fact.
"Other Items, such as Improve
ments In marketing, studies of farm
management, better forestry methods,
ftderal aid to good roads, the mark
ing of all goods In Interstate com
merce with the price at which they
left the hands of tho producer, and
laws requiring federal licenses of cor
porations engaged In interstate com
merce so as to prevent unconscionable
profits In the method of marketing.
ns well as a stranger! Make her glad
you've come home Instead of worried
nbout It. Mako her feel that you
sympathise with her. Make her feel
that )ourc a filend she can alvwijs
(Upend upon to cheer her up. Instead
of feeling you're Just a husband who
Is pretty handy with tho harsh words.
(In further than this not only
treat your wife as a stranger, but try
to be ns entertaining In your own
home as you would when visiting a
fltr.uige household. Try out your
new Jokes on )our own family you'll
find your family the most critical
audience In tho world. You'll bo
kidded when you try to be entertain
ing, your Jokes will be laughed at In
tho wrong places, you'll be made fun
of and all that, but believe mo if you
can cntcrtln your own family you
can make good anywhere as an agree
ablo fellow a "good scout." A story
that tho family will laugh nt has got
to be a real bang-up story.
Try this out and then after tho
trial, It )ou arc not able to get out of
the house, write and tell thb paper
)our conclusions.
and all who oted with him to pro
long tho conditions of which he com
plains. Wd nro -still In a state of war
because- a partisan senate refuses to
accept the) peace negotiated by tho
president and ratified by all tho other
belligerents, and .Mr. Knox, llko all
the lesser lights In the ranks of tho
obstructionist Is talking politics
rather than 'CtVstItutlon.il law or
common sense when ho argues to tho
those American citizens who believe In
the leaguo of nation, who pray fur arn ,, ,lnacte,j unon
Us su. i ess, who aro anxious that their. To,iay. six months later, these and
wn country should exert Its might rnilny othpr measures arc still unact
ed upon. Tho republican congress.
to mako It a succumb, nnd who are
i.ut willing that tho United States
sii mid becoma an Ishmaollto among
i mons recreant to ltn trust, for
s v aring IU pledges, faithless to Its
s, elates in the war, and ignobly
f aring to strivo In peace, as it did
i it fear to fight In war, for tho cs
t iblixhmont of democracy. Justice and
law as tho Joint rulers of civilization.
Woodrow Wllbuit summons his
n.untry to continue in tho service of
humanity, to apply moral and Chris
tian principles to the problems of the
world; to be tho leader in the defonso
' Uborty and ordered peace: to re
deem tho promises with which it en
tered the war. And since it U onl to
the democratic party that the coun
trj can hope to turn for thl service.
ho truly declares that "tho honor of
tho nation Is in Its hands."
A democratic party that rejected
this inspiring call of a president it
hail twice elected would be a party
left wandering discredited, without
tompass or guldu or an excuse fur
living, in the political wilderness.
Great crlseu call for high courage and
unfaltering resolution. Tho party,
llko man, that can show neither, Is fit
only for tho Umbo of discarded, use
less things.
A trust, priceless beyond compare
too busy killing tho hope of organiz
ed world peace and laying in Inac
tion tho foundations for a campaign
to perpetuate Its control, has stamped
all over its record of fifteen months
the word "failure."
Tint will never stand
A resident of New Jersey, and the
father of a family refuses to have his
sick daughter treated except by
flti-lallnn 3lnnr.ft rirnr.tlMnnnra HPHrt
child dies. The father Is brought to
trial for "gross negligence," and the
Jury brings In a verdict of man
slaughter. The charge of "negligence" is ridic
ulous, Tho father was not, on tho
face of the facts, negligent. He fol
lowed out his belief that tho best
treatment for his daughter was by
Christian Science. The issue is wheth
ct such a belief Is criminal.
There Is not a chance In tho world
for such a verdict to stand. When a
state or community passes a law or
an ordinance requiring vaccination,
or quarantine, or other specific scien
tific action, dlsobedlcnco Is Illegal,
nnd may be criminal, and this despite
the fact that disobedience -of the law
may seem to the Individual morally
necessary. In such a cose, the Chris
tian Scientist may become, in tho
tiuo and honorable senso of the
phrase, a "conscientious objector."
But the New Jersey Jury sets up
the group Judgment of one set of
men against the group Judgment of
another and declares tho difference
of opinion a crime. It Is as vicious
an attack on freedom of opinion, as
vicious an attempt to Interfere with
religious thought, as has been seen
In America.
Suppose tho father had consulfod
a homoeopath and a Jury of allopaths
had declared him a criminal? Sup
pose, Instead of consulting the health
officer of Newark, he had gone to
his own family physician? Suppose
he had yielded to odvico and put the
case In the hands of a regular phy
sician, and the child had died? In
any of these cases his Judgment would
have conflicted with the Judgment of
some one else but what of it?
The right of a nation, a state, a
community, to make laws to govern
all the Inhabitants thereof Is not in
question. The effort to declare that
opinion Is law Is fundamentally op
posed to every principle of tho mod
ern state.
of tho striking yardmen who nre
striking for an Increaso in pay, un
less tho men rcturnod to work first.
This sort of treatment will do much
to break organizations of men from
striking when their demands aro not
acceded to nt once
1'or once Senator Knox was forced
to sustain President Wilson for the
simple yet ample reason that he could
not get away from so doing. Not
that ho did not want to get away,
but he could not that's all.
When ho opened tho debate In tho
Senate over tho peace resolution his
speech was mysterious owing to the
position he took contrary to bo many
of tho other senators, for part of his
speech were destructive of the very
resolution that ho had drafted. Ho
even denounced as falso ono of Sena
tor Lodge's favorite characterizations
of his own work on the covenant of
leaguo of nations.
Tho highest praise the Lodge reser
vations have received from the Mas
sachusetts senator's admirers ha
been that he "Americanized" tho
leaguo of nations. Mr. Lodge himself
Invariably rejoices In public speech
over tho miracle of "Americanization"
he has performed. Now comes Sena
tor Knox rudoly declaring:
"It has been said that reservations
proposed In tho senate Americanize
the league. This, of courso, is not
true They tend to make It safer for
America to enter the leaguo by re
fusing to be bound In many Important
particulars by Its action. But this
especially insured relation created an
inequality which was dangerous."
Despite all his fury at Mr. Wilson,
tho Pennsylvania senator In that pas
sage has upheld the president as
against Mr. Lodge Regarding tho
Lodge reservations, Mr. Knox nnd
Mr. Wilson are In substantial agree
ment. Whon Mr. Knox says that by
tho reservations America would "re
fuso to be bound in many Important
matters" by tho league's action, ho
says in effect what the president said
In denouncing reservations that wcro
nothing but nullifications. Mr. Knox
b quito as scornful as Mr. Wilson In
denying the yirtuo of tho "American
ization" flubdub. Ho furnishes Mr.
Wilson with ammunition against Mr.
Lodgo In declaring that tho reserva
tions "created an Inequality that was
dangerous." That Is what the presi
dent has believed all along. Tho
president Is Justified out of the Penn
sylvania senator's own mouth In re
fusing to accept the Lodge reservations.
One cannot help but feel a great
pity for tho unfortunate mother of
young Waltonwwiio first lost her son
through his unlawful and outrageous
act, and then her husband as a result
of that unlawful action of their boy.
Grief in full measure was hers and
through no act or deed of her own
nnd to her goes out the pity of a cold
Tho fact that tho street railway
people aro going to abandon oil as
fuel, nnd return to coal, should bo
called to tho attention of Undo Jawn
D., who without doubt would prompt
ly discontinue his present parctlco of
giving big church donations and
then the next day possibly the same
aftornoon raising tho price of oil.
There is a man in this town who is
tho pioneer of a n(w method and a
daring pioneer is he too for there
aro but mighty few men who will
dare that much with his wife and
This man wanted to bo happy in
his homo and gtt away from the nag
ging, quarreling and fretting that
marred his homo life. He tried a
number of plans which failed, and
finally hit upon the Idea of treating
his wife llko a Htranger. And it
I.et's see.
It's been a busy day. You're pretty
well worn out in fact. It's hard to
drag yourself homo. When you en
ter the house your wife looks cross
and tired. It's been a hard day for
her, too, Sho looks at you tragically.
"Tho groceries didn't come," she an
nounced In a the-end-of-tho-world-
And now "Col" Samuel Harden
Church of Pittsburg, Pa., who was
reared In BUI Spratt's town Hamil
ton, Mo. has blossomed out as a gop
candidate for tho presidency. It sure
will bo hard on tho party as well as
tho church should ho persist In stay
ing in the race.
pull tho string? It will not havo the
old convention flavor, that's sure!
This paper Is not particular as to
who brings down the prices of things
Just so that they aro brought down
from their present high attitude
Keep away from that gop national
convention In Chicago, If you don't
want to get your feet scorched, for It
It going to be a hot affair.
bottom as fast as they can go. Milan',
Itobt. I. Young's lecturo on cat
whiskers In this Issue Is respectfully
commended to the consideration of
tho warring gop factions.
The Maycr-for-governor boom still
expands and expands and St. Jos
eph will havo the honor of furnishing
the next governor.
In two more weeks the gop candi
date will bo harnessed and ready for
slaughter by tho democrats of this
great union.
McAdoo stock now seems to bo on
tho rise. McAdoo is acceptable to
both capital and labor and that
Mayor Marshall's weekly show was
called off this week and gave way for
the public utilities commission seances.
There does not seem to be much
chance for the outside merchant who
now advertises a 'MO per cent reduc
tion" In prices of his goods, to mako ;
pcoplo bellevo that ho Is honest or . I
elso, his profits must have been lm
menso before ho started to cut down
his prices.
What the Missouri
Editors Are Saying
Tho drowning season Is now on in
full swing and tho weekly death or
two from that cause In the waters of
tho Big Muddy north of Francis street
will continue as long ns small boys
are allowed to bathe In that treach
erous stream.
It Is now settled that It was tho
Ilcpubllcan vote of Nebraska that
made It posslblo for W. J. Bryan to
secure a place on the Nebraska dele
gation to the San Francisco conven
tion. Not much party regularity In
is-here voice, "and tho baby sullied
sacred that with tho profounde ,he mk M(, lnorQ.fl a,most notnlng
reverence It may bo said to nave , le ,louso ,0 eaU
come fiom the pitying, helping hands na(hor ft wMy mng fof you tQ
01 i.ou minscii. u w um ..- bump lnlo afu.r yur btmiuoua day.s
ago of all Humanity, nas ueen piacea work ch, JJut a
in the hands of the democratic party
While Senator Knox' sophistry sup
ported by that of other Republicans,
carried the day In the Senate Satur
day, when the gop plan to declare
peace by resolution went through by
a hare majority, his entire argument
mado before that body was but a plea
of evasion, for with all of his artifices,
ho had at last to rest his argument
upon assertions having no basis of
law or fact.
' Tha war Is at an end," ho ex
claimed many times, which Is true
as regards tho western allies and
Germany and positively untruo as
concerns ourselves. The only way we
can end the war Is by treaty, and the
only treaty In oxlstcnco Is tho one
that tho United States senate has re
jected. Under that agreement we aro
assured tho fruits of victory in addi
tion to the blessings of peace. Tho
senate resolution contemplates noth
ing better than a separate negotia
tion with Germany and a separate
Knowing that tho resolution, it
passed over the president's veto, will
come under tho eyo of the supreme
court, Mr. Knox professes confidence
Every day the Gazette and tho
News-Press give tho list of those au
tcmoblllsts who have been yankod up
beforo Police Judge Gray, by Tom
Moore's minions of the law but thero
never Is a motorcyclist among tho
number of speed regulation violators,
and It has caused this organ of pub
licity to wonder why?
Is a man driving a motorcyclo Im
muno from prosecution? One would
think so from the manner In which
tho two-whcoled devils behave.
Tho driver of an automobilo today
Is In far greater danger of bclnr; call
ed to account for law violation than
Is tho manipulator of the motorcyclo,
ablo to do a great deal more speed
on any sort of road. Motorcycles
run around, about and over us at
tremendous clips without a word bo
Ing said by tho police. The automo
bilo that "snitches" a meager mile or
two Is likely to bo harpooned by tho
Our advice tq Chief Tom is to
watch the motorc)clist as well as the
Llttlo Wllllo Hays and his cotorle
of 171, who have mado suggestions
for tho gop national platform, are
now busy In Chlcaso, going over, tho
different ideas, which promlso to
mako a document equal to Joseph's
St. Joseph now has but forty-six
police officers and It Is not the ro
sult of tho "dry" wave either that
has brought this about but the fact
that tho city has not the money with
which to pay for more as It needs.
Giro Cnrrnnzn n Slinvo
Ono of tho first things tho now gov
ernment in Mexico hopes to do Is un
cover some of tho secrets that havo
clouded the last few months of tho
old regime. And of courso tho first
step In this direction is a shavo for
Carranza. St. Louis Times.
It Distresses the Star
Missouri's Republican bosses ap
pear to bo strongly opposed to Gener
al Wood, a fact which must have
groatly distressed the Star, which has
been a steadfast champion of Gen,
Wood. That Is probably one of tho
ways tho bosses havo of getting back
at tho Star for Its fight on them.
Glasgow MIssourlan.
Never Suspected It
"A shortage of camels now," says
a headline vwo never suspected such
a condition In theso days of prohibi
tion. To the contrary wo thought
thcro was a growing supply of cam
els, but suppose In their efforts to go
a long tlmo without a drink, they aro
only Imitations. Platte County Laud-mark.
For Tiiat H Per Cent
Tho bankers deserve credit for giv
ing credit to others. Clinton County
Ills Ntunc Is O'Brien
It is said that tho real namo of
.General Obrcgon of Mexico is
O'Brien, If so, thcro will be somc-
one hit with a shtllolah if he does not
I obey orders In that turbulent coun
try. Wo hope it Is true nnd that ho
J may bo able to show England that ho
knows how to rulo a country when
they havo a chance Mobcrly Democrat.
Just a Llttlo Differenco
A tourist without money Is a tramp,
and a tramp with money Is a tourist.
St. Louis Times.
And Hand It Out lTccly
For ono person willing to take hold
and work for tho good of the com
munity, thoro generally aro nbout
fifty willing to give their valuable
advice. DcKalb Tribune.
And Plenty or tlio littler
Somo men aro born great, some
achieve greatness, and others have
their photos taken with their china
resting on their hands. Kansas City
The Missouri is now on Its annual
rampage, and the rich bottom lands
north of this city which should this
year more than any, produce full
crops, aro now submerged and the
growing crops ruined.
What Senator Lodgo said twenty
one years ago relative to tho Paris
peace treaty promulgated then, does
not square with his utterance now
relatlvo to the Versailles treaty not
by a Jugful.
If weather sharp Belden docs not
soon make his peace with Jupo Pluv-
tus, ho will not get the chance to
make his peace with the water soaked
citizens of this Infuriated burg.
And Motlx.T Should Start Nov
And If hair cuts remain high, re
member that Mother can do great
execution with a pair of shears and a
bread and milk bowl. Worth County
Yob Tlioy Hare, Dc&oou
How times havo changed! Llttlo
Johnny used U have to hide his cig
arettes from mother. Now mother
has to hide her cigarettes from Llttlo
Johnny. Hopkljis Journal.
Threw tlw Monkey Wrench
It Is regrettable that Sir. Bryan
has seen fit to attack the position
taken by President Wilson on tho
League of Nations, but It wouldn't be
Mr. Bryan If he didn't throw a mon
key wrench Into tho wheels of tho
political machine. Sir. Bryan would
be a great man If there was less ego
in his make-up. Glasgow Sllssourlan.
Drow Blisters Down Thcro
The Democrats had a hot time at
the Joplin convention, but not nearly
so hot as tho Republicans had in
Kansas City. Tho Democrats drew
a sweat whon they pitched Hay, and
tho Republicans raised blisters when
they threw mustard gas. Milan
And Ilooicr Hustled
Sir. Hoover hurried to swear ho
was a Republican when tho Now York
World came out for him for president.
Ho had sense enough to know a fel
low was Judged by the company ho
kept. DoonvIHe Advertiser.
Tliat Element Will be Lacking
Anyway, the element of novelty, if
not of surprise, will bo quite lacking
when Sir, Debs receives notice of his
fifth nomination for the presidency.
Kansas City Times.
Tell Uh About it. Neighbor!
What has tho republican Congress)
IntendM to Ilovcrtto Sirs. Loumo
The Hon. Francisco Villa, Mexico's
well known political brainstorm, has
announcod that, with the success of
tho new revolution ho will retiro from
tho business of professional revolu
tionist and "settle down" on a planta
tion, Tho Hon. Villa intends evident
ly to reverse the advice once given by
Mrs. Lcaso to tho people of Kansas,
and "raise more corn and less hell."
Kansas City Times.
Tlioy Can't Scaro Cowjrlll
Mayor Cowgill, of Kansas City, has
taken the wind out of tho republican
control of the lato city election by
asking immediate trial and Insisting
that It be completed before the Aug
ust primary. The republicans had
no thought of having to make good on
their charges but expected to howl
from tho housetops about tho frauds
In the city eloction until the primary
was past and then forget. Moberly
It would be necessary for us to seel . . , ,. ..,,.
r done to reduce tho cost of living?
U IHVUiVCB uc.mo wo V.OUIU u. nil, T, . ,. . .. .
..Miivitiuv, tut; jji v-uivtWUIl lirUIUUSCil
ourselves to bellevo that thoso Eastern
nnd Western dealers were selling
goods "at cost."
While Slayor Marshall's board of
Investigators are at work on the city
finances, why not have them to In
quire Into thoso lato "hearings" of
For a long time past but especial
ly since tho world war began tho
American people have been suffering
with what is now a national disease,
"nerves." They are produced by thoso
three old friends. Hurry, Tlurry and
Hurry, Tlurry and Worry never go
on strike. If they get you, yours Is
a short life and a quickly burled one.
Hurry always believes today Is the
last day In the calendar. Flurry Is
always falling upstairs, tripping over
Suppose you had beon taken home in the Judgment of that tribunal
its superb leader. who. vision and b. a bualncM frlond ,or dlnner anj wllCll wc hardly beleve that he hls reet. Woryy , a 'duease of the
muiiu e.....-,o ,. ,..., '""' I this frlend'rt wlfo had met him at tho fiels. Upholding the war prohlb!
ran dim or su.tKe. summons it 10 1110
discharge of Its obligation.
"To your tents, O Inrael!"
It was bank on Dec. 2, 1913, that
door with a similar announcement.
You. as a stranger to the wife, would
naturally feel sorry for her. You'd
do your level best to cheer her up,
make her feel that perhaps It wasn't
suoh a terrible tragody after all.
President Wilson sent to the prewnt You'd do your utmost, for your own
Republican congress a message, sake and for the sake of the stranger,
which aforesaid gop congress had ' to obviate the family quart el, and
then been in office nine months tho fretting and harsh words bo fre
wlthnut distinguishing itself other- ' qucntly arising from such a situation,
wise than by the fact tint It hid its I If you'd do as much as this for a
eves glued en tho 1910 campaign and stranger, why not do as much, and
couldn't tako them off long eneugh more, for your own wife? Treat her
Hon law. tho court last December
said that "In the absence of specific
piovislons to the tontrary, the peilod
of war has been held to extend to
the ratification of the treaty of peace
or the proclamation of peace." Tho
senate has failed to ratify the treaty
Imagination, He forgets that tomor
row Is merely yesterday that hasn't
arrived yet, and that yesterday noth
ing much happened.
Hurry, Flurry and Worry if you
can lick those three roughnecks you
will begin to yell "Kurekal" and "Ex
celsior!" in one breath. The knuckles
It seems passing strange that In
this decided "scarcity" of sugar that
we could export 45,000,000 pounds
last month. Something rotten in
Somo ono is certainly high enough
up to seo that the coal famine of last
winter Ls not repeated or at least to
mako the miners and railroads get
busy now.
of the republicans? How havo they
kept them? Ask your republican
neighbor. Gallatin Democrat.
Till Ho Wears a nigh Hat
Earnest advocates of overalls will
not be satisfied with tho report that
a member of tho house of commons
has appeared in them until they learn
whether he wore them with a high
hat. Kansas City Post.
It Is to be regretted that such a
splendid road proposition as the
Raston-Saxton project should bejied.
up by tho stubborn actions of two
of peace, and there can be no lawful j ln your 8Dln8 wm tUrn to steel, and
proclamation of peace until It docs,
Tho senator's recital of the evils
of war powers exercised in time of
poaea is tho one part of his address
which will stand examination. In
that, however, ho convicts himself
tho fear In your eyes will be beaton
into gleaming swords of will.
The federal railway labor board
did a service for the public Wednes
day, when It refused to hear petitions
If you should bo unfortunate
enough to be obliged to be in Chi
cago"gop convention week, be certain
and take your sword and plviol with
)OU. You'll need them.
The Indications are that state taxes
will be a trifle higher this year. In
order to take care of the teacher's
salaries to which nono will object.
What will a national gop conven
Hon do without Senator Pcnroso to
Nor Silly Enotujh, Eitlier
In referring to one of the first citi
zens of Nodaway county as W. Cal
Pierce, tho Kansas City Star pulled a
bono If It was seeking to curry favor
with the Maryvllle banker and poli
tician. "Cal" Is not feminine enough
to part his name In the middle "not
)IL" Hopkins Journal.
Should Have Been Defeated
That was a very Hilly resolution
passed at the Joplin convention cop
gratulatlng Bryan over his election
a3 a delegate to the National Demo
cratic convention. Nobody particu
larly cared whether ho was or was
not a delegate, but for Missouri Dem
ocrats to pass a special resolution on
the subject Just after President Wil
son's policies were Indorsed was In
consistent to say tho least as Mr.
Bryan was not in sympathy with tho
president. The resolution was an af
front to President Wilson and to Sir.
Clark, whom ho (Bryan) robbed out
of the presidency. It should havo
been promptly tabled or defeated.
Boonvllle Advertiser.
And tlio Rent of tlie Ftxljvs'
U lsSlld that the 'hand that rocks
the cradle rules and a logical deduc
tion therefrom was that women con
sequently would not havo time for
politics or other masculine pursuits.
In answer to this It Is announced
that a self-rocking cradle has been
invented. Probably tho next thing
will be an Incubator to furnish the
cradle Its occupants. Sloberly Democrat.
And Uk Boys Dun Do It
Fathers who began t the bottom
and worked their way up by slow do
grees usually have sons that begin at
the top and toboggan their way to tlio Henry County Democrat.
At tle Kaunas City Gop "Feast"
During a caucus of women dele
gates which squabbled noisily, and
passed the lie in a ladylike fashion,
a negro delegatcss from St. Louis ob
tained the floor and by dint of mar
velous lung power finally secured a
hearing. And what she said was,
"Let every one be heard, but Just ono
talk at a time." Any mere man who
has been In hearing when two or
three or many women aro gathered
together and has given up trying to
separate out tho words of any Indi
vidual women, will appreciate the ad
vice tho negress bestowed upon her
white sistahs. Howover, it was bald
ly necessary; for we believe that the
female ear and mind are attuned to
such a marvelous team work that If
fifty women are talking at tho same
time, each of tho fifty knows what
the other forty-nine are saying.
( -

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