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V It N it F It i; V T A J
Ivillltir nuil I'dt.M-utT
!lutP ts- Kdllorl!
Per Ymr l.Ol
Ai'VfrtUIt.j Itules on Applicant.!!
Address At! Communications to
811 Kamond Ot. St. Joseph. Mo-
Knterd nt tuo Postotflce in St
Joscuh. Missouri, n Second Cmao
Ma.: Matter.
For throe ears America krpt out of
the great war, on ai count of holding
to uur traditional policy of keeping
out of foil Ik n entanglement, ami it
waa only when dark clouds of battle
hung low over the allied armies that
Anieilea throw herself Into the strug.
gle to save tt normal Europe aril a
normal world. HeTriforced by Ameri
can troopa and harked by the vat
leeources of America the allies ground
down tho enemy am lies and fmcvd
their capltul itlon.
Amentia stake In that decision is
represented l.y her thousands and tens
of thousands of dead aoldlera; la rep
resented ! an army of 221,000 crip
pled and wounded soldiors; la repre
sented by an original outlay of thirty,
five, bllllo.is of dollars', which trill
amount to a hundred billions ot dol
lars befoie tho last cent of war debt
:ind war expeuso la piid.
It has boon four yoara alncn the wnr
ended, nnd oil tho while tho after wnr
conditions xhave been getting worse.
Tho bungling of the Versailles treaty
has characterized tho handling of
things generally by tho allies.
With four years of tinkering at
readjustment slnro tho armistice the
alllet have failed to measure up to
their responsibilities. The reason for
this Is that they are too eloso to tho
situation and are still too strongly
under tho prejudice of the war, and
are dominated by' their divergent na
tional Intorests.
Considered as a whole, tho general
i ondltlon of Europe today Is scarcely
! ss deplorable than it was ut the end
ot ir ned hostilities. In many respects
J in much worse
This Is p (illy tine of Oermany
J id Auatrli. with their money ays
Ann" whnll hroken down, with povor
Cj i-mvwing nt the soul of the people,
"lth the spirit of holnhevlsm and
olV.red Ims Insinuating Itself Into the
re ills of ire people and with no light
rnftrattnp the somber gray of life,
1,'th Its eold nnd hunger and deprlva
1 ion"
Austria's epilation la hopeless:
'.rmnny Is now a world menace.
The. Au-trlins are gentle people,
ruling out. There are only six mil
lions of them, while the Hermans
number seventy to eighty millions
a forceful, determined people, stag
serin? undi-r an Indemnity which In
their demoralisation nnd poverty they
couldn't lift In a thousand years.
It la hopelessly Impractical to In
riot on onsHving a rar down through
tho conturlfH A big race, rapidly ex
panding, a race with courage and
spirit and genius for rgnnlsatlnn. will
not be so enslaved
The purpose kep 'lermany
"1on, to keep her n pnerty, to keep
hr In mibjugatl u no that she an
nrver again be ;! a military men.
at . Is a eolossa". fiPa-y. The pursuit
of this policy Ii Minis i term any an
economic meni'- to nil Ki.mpe and
to the world '1 N maV
other world o'flan.tlm
ionn nothl , 'e
The reoH' i it lnV r
the . We- i ' i il y psj i
jt i led 1 . " i'1'ci and I1
a tltude .1 1 il 'ch on ei '
eo ' il 'h In reap",
f lm ' i i 1 i i h i on '
for an-
It can
nltlr-s by
its ile.
mlc and
of the
?red a a
V ole, a, ii,. ill I
nU'iide, iiimv i
i i f tl American
ilttT? of the Amerl-
n spirit.
The truth la tli .'I1b are now no
i uer to a all'! amy solution of
tlo- after war cnn) luns In Rurops
t i hi they wore to a uliimph at arm
l;on Amsrlev answered their urgent
r.i'l for help, America furnished the
i . .tn then; America ean furnish
1 1 eolation now and should da ao.
.. n.rloa's aUk la the triumph of
ilid armKj America's stake In a nor
t .'il H'jropej Antei lea's alaka In world
i ; e make thla aotion Imperative.
nit--.' 'i.i'-mf wcp of !i ipv ..
i !'t J .' it : 1 1 id t'i li.i . i ini-
o'ljer i i other m id i n op-
11.1 J fust hit
i ill v on the public and
i ,i
il II.
who Is p il 1 a sal ii y
, u y n tiiin a. large an the I'usl-il-
ili to ilia i lip tbo movlue, bus
i ii, ( tluncil t:-.o mote -nnd his t (plan
ttfon 1 1 on that Were It not on a
subject in which every father And
mother who value their sons' nnd
daughter' futures Is vitally Interested,
would be laughable. In explaining
which doe not explain motion
cleaner Hays aaid:
"I hope wo can start the new year
w-.th no yesterdays. Live and let live
Is not enough. Wo will try to llva and
help live."
"Then, too," added Mr. Hays, 'tho
action waa taken In tho spirit of
Christmas and It waa believed that
fullest co-nptrallon tn all bronchus
of the motion picture Industry vould
be beet advanced by clearing the statu
at fr as pomlblo."
Of course the moral ruin of your
daughter or mm la all subversive to
"the spirit of Christmas," so you
xhnuld not let that little fact Intel -fire.
And it Is likewise true that
Arbuckln's pictures brought lots of
laughter to millions and that he used
to hate no difficulty getting by the
if ensor. Just his mlxun in a 'wild
paity" brought public disfavor upon
There Is a Chinese adage that ' the
gods cannot help a tnon who loses
opportunity." If "Fatty" has oppor
tunity to go hack to work In his pro
fession, he cannot be blamed for tak
ing it. And what but the mm tea could
help him? There will doubtless be
man) waiting to see this "come-back."
It was nice of Mr. Hays to think of
helping "Fnttv" to live and In the
'.pirlt or Christmas," too. Uut one
ro ask whether tho uppermost
thought was to help the public or to
help the box office receipts of the mo
tion picture Industry "by clearing the
slate as far am possible?"
Mr. Hays wants to have the motion
picture industry start tho new year
"with no yesterdaya." It might bo
grand tf all of us could erabe some
)esterdays. But there cjnnot bo any
todsy without yesterday. So Roscoo
Is today the sum of what he has been.
He la lust as rotten morally today aa
ho wan on that day when Virginia
ltaupp met her death In his rooms In
an orgy so vile and Indecent that even
the lowoat brothel In the most do
waded quarters in the world would
have blushed to have sueh an exhibi
tion of laaclvioua Indecency glvon In
ltu putrid confines.
Lot Fatty stay In dlegraco and do
gradation where ho belongs.
wis .snoriin KnurATE ixm
A sinister propaganda floods a na
tlon when It Is at war as witnoss
the .ase of our last in which nearly
all of ua participate schools, news
papers, speakers nnd God eavo the
mark Christian pulpits. The enemy
is painted all bkuk; it Is treason to
say that ho has a redeeming quality
Our nation and cause aro painted all
In purer L white, It Is treason to say
that there can possibly be a fault tn
us or our attitude. War U painted all
glory and righteousness; It Is treason.
Ir. time of war, to be nppoped to war
or to dare refuse, even on grounds of
Christianity, to take part in it. That
impact of a nation at war any nation.
Including our own Is In somo re
spect the ugliest phase of war. Talso
liood reigns, and truth la mobbed.
Justice U drivon to cover, and Injus
tice rules unchecked. Men aro pent
tn prison or mobbed for daring to be
Christian enough to refuse to 1:111
iheir fellow men. Liberty In throt
tledliberty of speech, prep, and
jtrson. Men aro persecuted for Hay
ing things and meaning them that
In time of peace tre all bold to bo
It la conceivable that a nation
rulstht enter a war with eight out of
ten people opposed to war. Indeed,
It Is doubtful whether, under modern
conditions, any people would vote for
ar tn a secret ballot. Tot becauto
or tho pressure of an artificial public
o)laiou, terror would be so great that
none of these majority opponents of
W3r wouia aar to conriao in eacn
I "u-cr- If they did date, the gecret
vould be out, and the rulers who pro-
Iued the war would be told to go out
tnJ fight il themselves.
I .. .. . ...a ..
Thure hs been enough education
of pubiio opinion for war In thU
vmm Id. There 1 need of grtatcr edu
ath.n of public opinion for poaoo. If
8 unkind la not utterly hopelesH and
untoaohable, the world war and Its
I'easelea aftermath should bo enough
to set that education going in the
light diieuUnn, That direction Ho
toward the goul of peace on earth,
good will lowsxd men, .whtsh will
name any time Immunity clearly
i hat war and tho monsea of rallanco
upon force are cursei that It nuod not
boor a moment longer than It wants
Ev.ry Ut. Joseph eltlien felt this
u It Ilk giving three yella and u
1 1 wlim detectives Bads and KulU
i i ii' i ie4 tho two highwaymen
. in an ho : after thoy had perpe.
.. l t i.oiiiun. Attar they we
'i 'i i ,1 .no cf them explained that
tl'i ti jp i'i lie win engaged In banditry
itti that it is "nn cany way to make
Tills (Tplnnatlnn I" decidedly IP
freshing, for It Is doubtless what most
of the bandits are thinking these day.
And If they have to kill someone, to
gain a few dullani, that seemt a sinnll
Highway robbery does not seem to
bo considered tho helnoun crime that
It one was, either by courts, robber"
or by pa rote and pardons board". Tho
frequency with which thla class of
criminal escapes Hrreet and the rela
lively light punishment they receive.
If arrested, together ulth. tho "easy
money" they enjoy. If they escape.
encourages thow with criminal ten-
donclet to enter tho game of highway
Somo dny tho screws of Justice will
bf put down hard upon theso fellow"
who have no respect for private prop
erty and little more respect for human
life. They nro a menace to society.
They have no right lo ho at large. And
the fact that there are ro many set
ting nway with murder and with mmi
ranging from a few dollars to hun
dreds of thousands of dollars encour
ages Indolent fellows to join the ban
dit gangs.
Pevero punishment Is tho only
mean" of tea' hlng criminal" ot thla
cl.irs how to behave Ilka clyllltod mor
tals. Tin: nn.'.'.nssr.D sai:i;ch
Most unsatisfactory and dlsatluslon-
Ing must he tho life of tho canned sar
dine. To be forcibly jammed up
against other sardines for long periods
of time must be tr)lng In the extrenu.
Clote proximity to be enjoyable must
be voluntary and we must he free lo
eserelso rour own selective power" n
to whom we shall be jammed up
Consider tho effect of audi close
confinement on the ogo urgo of tho
sardine. The enforred Inhibitions
must causo no end of Injurious otn
plexcs. Imagine tluj psychoIoBlcnl
etato of nn attractive young sanllno
who cravc! to express herseli In mo
tion In dancing for Instance Pup
pose she had Inherited her lonplns for
motion from her father who Is nn en
gineer of a submarine expresn train,
or a conductor on the hlg. speed culf
stream belt line Tho effect of tho
repression of her urgoa upon her must
bo frightful. Her uniatlsfled crailnK
for self-osjiresslon, through displace
ment, might develop an aruto pain In
her caudal fin. No doubt thoro aro
oven sadder eases than this.
The enforced passivity must grad
ually break down tho self-confidence
and aggressiveness of tho nvoraso
sardine. Perhaps this accounts for tho
surprising softness of their backbones
A lowly editorial writer's Interest In
the sardlno and his passionate sympa
thy with It In Its cruel dcstlnv, vvero
aroused this morning tn a south bound
tCrug Park streot ear. He was jammed
In between several garllc-lovlng people
whose dorsal fins perhaps wo should
say elbows raised considerable havoc
with his costal processes.
Tins is itF.u.iA snirmsi.w.
Senator Drookhart, tho new sop
member from Iowa, Is just nn ex
soldler with no very substantial rea
sons why ho should not ho a radical
of tho' farm-bloc order nnd a leader
In milking troublo for President Ilard
Ins and tho old puard on their prec
ious ship subsidy hill. It was ex
poctod. Hut tho new republican senator,
James Coureni from Michigan, 1j tell
ing thorn Another and extremely, novel
story. Ho Is known to bo a very rich
man ond !.) stld to be worth $30,000,
000. and tho old Kuard hnvo Croat
reipoet for $30,000,000. Heretoforo
tho old guard havo hnown where to
place a man with so much us that and
they believed they knew where to
rlace this man. If anything ought to
tun truo to form It Is 830,000,000.
Vet Senator Couzens ii found shar
ing loadcrs'ilp with Urookhait In
pushing tho (ihlp subsidy bill n.sldo
and bringing up farm credits legUla.
tlon across Its way. He evon declares
that ho Ii onposcd to consideration
of the nubsldy bill In n rongrvns which
has been repudiated at tho polls. This
Is doubly nttontshlnjr. Tho reaction
of the Whlto Houso and tho old guard
to It cannot bo Ices than shocking.
When was a multi-mllllonalro sonator
ovor known heforo cither to look cold
ly on r public subsidy scheme or to
bo very meticulous In tho use of los'"
lattvo power vvhon being withdrawn
by popular voto?
The president will be more than
over convinced that the return to nor
malcy Is hopeless,
Vry fow days thiro U a oaso In our
courts In which handwriting or other
"exports" lire usfifl, onil ixvoat streM !
laid on tlioao experW testimony, The
fact U that none ut these so pilled
"experts'1 liiiow any moro than '1 'nB
ordinary person, who make? no pro
tense and oolleots no bxhorbltant
As to Hi value of tllrsa "exports'1
a oabe In point )n" which they were
tried out, over l,t Nebraska this weok
where the question ot tho validity of
tho signature to a 41,000 nolo was In
question und s) of theso so called--
and high prtcod "experts" wcro call,
od In, nnd wete shown eight slgna
lines of the alleged maker of tho note,
Four ot theee, It later turned out, were
genuine nnd four had bnen written by
a sophomore In the stato university for
tmj In this trial. Tho expert" studied
t'ho eight signatures with care. They
wero urged to look thorn over "to tholr
satisfaction." Home of them used
heavy glasses. All of them omptoyed
every hit of skill and Ineenulty at their
command to loeato tho cenulno nnd
the spurious signatures.
Ono of tho spurloui notes was pro
nounced good by all of tho six experts.
Ono of the cenulno notes wa.s called
Rood h)' mo of the six, spurious: by
thiee nnd left undecided by two. One
of the spurious signatures was called
pood by five of the men nnd bad by
one. Another genuine, name was call
ed Rood by one, spurious by four, and
doubtful by one. So II went through
the list. These expeit", by tho way,
are men ot the lilijlirat character nnd
teputatlon In the local banking field.
Thero was no question ns to Ihe hon
esty or the Intelligence of their eforts.
The result was that when the Jury
men went to their room they did' not
consider the testimony of the expetts
woithy of discussion, if was waved
aIJo ps of no consequence." The ver
dict was made up wholly on the cir
cumstances surrounding the nole.
wori.nx'T i:t.n hi: missf.d
Theie ato a "whole pastel" ns the
Rifted nd ubiquitous Doc Snyder
would Hjy, of people here In St. Jos
eph who etrut about with the Idea
thai they nro of vast Importance, and
that they really amount to somctlilnK
and would bo missed It they wore
taken away. The real fact la that
their aliwnre would not even bo no
ticed, nnd this Rlolm would ro on Just
ns though they had never existed.
Just rupposo for nn Instant that
all of tho turmoil and hustle of tho
world stopped. Suppose every human
being on tho planet, nt the sirao tlmo
Inhaled n deadly gas, and dropped In
his or her track". For a low minutes,
more or lets, somo great machines
would tush on, through the seas, on
tho rail, down tho country roads. Tho
clocks would tick and stilkc, for
twelve hours more, Or perhaps (or
eight dass.
Then tho tnan-m'ido
noises vvnuld ceai-e-
forever. For a
while, n vast hush would seem to havo
fallen about' tho places whero man
had been.
And then, slowly, thiouRh the days
tho weeks, the months, tho other
toainlng life upon tho planet would
come Into its own. Presently, In city
Btrcets, the nnlmals of field and for
est would appear. In tho farm lands,
the weeds and Brasses would pread
themcelvcs as cover for a multitude
of busy denizens.
In tho forest Blades and along tho
country lanes, In orchards nnd about
plantntlon homesteads, tho chorus of
bird voices would ring undisturbed.
And In tho measureless flepth3 of
space, this old earth, with Its filmy
envelope of llvo-glvlng nlr, under
which man had gone his way for an
Instant out of eternity would whirl
on Its path, untroubled and the samo.
An empty wotltl If wo aro Rono7
Wo wouldn't be missed.
The Caruso candlo has been com
pleted nnd tho Intontlon la thot It
shall last for olghteen centuries, so
that, In or about the yoar 3723 on All
Soul's day the priest at tho Church of
Our Lady at Pompolt will light Its
moiser titub for tho last time,
That dato Is almost an far ahoad of
us as tho birth of Chrtstlahlty Is bo
lilnd un. It la a date far beyond any
tho prophets havo carod to meddle
with beyond vory vagus and general
terms. Most of our troubles it is
pretty sure, will not thon bo found on
tho records nt nil und all these mo
montotw yeais and thrilling dayj of
adventure whli h niHko up our life may
bo comprossed Into a spiritless para
graph. Hvon so, ono U tumptod to ipegulaW
on tho pllgtim who will visit tho Cari-
ro I'uiiuie, eny, in anuu A, JJ. VVO snail
havo boen dCAd thtrtoen centuries,
which puis us in tho samo olass rols,.
lively, as DlooMlnn and Constantino,
Theo visitors will come by a moans u
transport probably unknown to us tua
serutlulze. thu dwindling flame mr
mounting the naiiio of the grout tenor
of the dawn ot tho Industrial ago,
Doubtless books. wH be written t
books are used thon and legend will
grow up; ohlldren wllj bo taught tho
story of this dy with a much nstpn
Uhment, doubtless, w we, should fee
could we have a glimpse forward to
Eighteen eenUirleal
i - 'fj'
Heglnntnp next Monday 111? wajffl
soulo pf the St, Louis platererg will fee
ralsod from H7ll to H.BO per QW,
whloh means. a for p,gt)t lipura
dally for nix days lih) vcoVa wages
wilt amount to $73, no mattor whotlier
he Is a grammarian 0? possesses a
collcgo diploma. A spokesman for
tho men Justifies the now wage rate
by the fact of a shortaRo of plasterers
lo meet tho demand and failure of tho
ttado lo nttract young men for ap
prenticeship. A Is tho demand for
service so shall bo tho reward. This
Is n rulo which should work out In
labor as well an In business.
What Is to bo tho rosult? Tho ten
dency to skilled labor scarcity la uni
versal. Thero Is no reason to suppose
that the upward trend will bo confined
to plasterers' wages alone. This means
that, In tho end. the ront of tho white,
collar man, vvIiobs salary Is even now
much less than tho wage of tho plas
teier, will bo further ralsod, living
will become Impossible, and. If his
salary Is not raised, ho will becomo a
plasterer or other skilled manual
The half or more of the people of
Pt. Joseph suffering with bad colds
should be awaro of tho fact that curing
it cold Is really a very simple matter
ono might Bay it was elemental.
In tho first placo go homo and go
to bed. Cover yourself up warmly,
nnd bo suto thnt theie Is proper ven
tlljtlon, US-.UI Ing.plenty of fresh nlr.
Then call In all your friends nnd
nsk them to j;lvo their advice as to tho
next step to be taken. Also invlle
them to send their fi lends to give fur
ther advice.
Before they have concluded ou will
not bo bothered by the cold.
The people of the Fulled States
will never agree that the war debt
tho Alllca owe us shall bo cancelled
no matter how long It takes them over
there to pay It, and Incidentally are
paying no attention to Otto Kahn who
represents the banks und would have
our loans cancelled In order that his
bank und the other Kawtcrn money
sharks who mado loans to the Allies
may be able to collect their accounts
Prohlbltlon which wan Rolng to
eloso off all sin In St. Joseph' is sue
ceedliiR finely. There were only fifty-
eight Christmas drunks who paid a
fino or went to jail, from the police
court Tuesday. Suro It prohibits and
"we need no vvorkhouso or Jails" so
tho prohibitionists who toll anything
to gain nn end will say, no matter
how- far tho truth Is removed from
their statements.
Tho various educational and state
Institutions hero and over the state
nro running at a mad gallop and each
nnd every one of thorn havo asked
for enough money from the legisla
ture that convenes Monday to tldo
them over for a dozen years Instead
of two. Tho appropriations will bo
carefully pruned and tho raid on the
otato treasury' halted.
Old Mrs. Almon Honslcy of Eng
land, whose mouth Is marred from a
diarrhoea of words, In tolling us that
In a fow years we need have no more
marrlago ceremonies, but men and
women will Just contract with each
other. We are near enough to the pale
of prostitution now, without following
her ldlotlo doctrine.
Old Fatty, tho male bawd, must
have hod "somo Influence" with Willie
Hays to get him to rocommend that
hs be again taken back to the arms of
the people. A chambermaid's Job In
a livery stablo la tho proper placo for
fellows 'such as Fatty and NO.
If Mrs, May Hunt Nolan of Cali
fornia, who Is trying to succeed her
h'usband In oongrcss, looks nnythlng
like the picture that Is printed In the
Gazette, It to be hoped that she Is
left at the post, for that face would
stampede the House In a Jiff)-.
Oronezah, the speexl craxrd motor
car driver who was killed on Lake
Avenue Sunday when his par struck a
post, got Just what waa pomtng to
htm. Had he let the stuff alone ho
would not have exceeded the speed
limit and would ha nllvo,
Jildge John Hi MeCldhnJian is cer
tainly entitled, to the nympnthy of the
community Qyer ,e )nSB of his noble
Christian wife, That she was taken
away op their weddtnc nnntvergnry
roiiflered It particularly hard for her
husband and ohlldren,
':is ' " 1 'v ti
OJA Bohupp (wid. sovrjo of lite paid.
Halelletea plrould 1qc no time In gets
Una to Pi, JCKrh. anil beginning ops
orations. Fifty-eight drunVa before
the jpolloe oourt tn jjme. morning this
YWl thouVrt ellct h!a hearty dlsap;
proval una! b.otlliy.
On? of the goefl tea'tupc, pf the
oqmljiff IvaMalure, wHlph convenes
Nwiflay, u uiftt th,a gap iievienam
ffovernnr Woyrt will ha a hojienttty
In U)i fiCMlon tho domoorato havo a.
I jj--tf--- is
Wo Jippa a, ypu, ntwPtefl y9W
self onoujjh (n ttie poor kiddies pf tho
city p help mal;o Christmas a happy
day for llmm, If not you havo Now
Year right here on which to tr.ako
The stato unlvoralty nlono Is grab
bing for over nix million dollars for
thnt Institution. For tho amount ot
Rood that It does, a corresponding
ratio would glvo that Institution aboutj
If prohibition Is being enforced so
woll, why docs tho President yant all
of tho covornors to cdnio back again
In February "to talk It over?"
Tho Democrata will bo In tho saddle
at Jefferson City this session and tho
Hydo robber taxes will havo to stand
a paring nnd trlmmln?.
If Otto Kahn la so anxious tn cancel
tho war debt of the allies, suppose ho
stait out by cancelling whnt la owod
by tho allies to his bank.
It Is a pity that tho drys should
hnvo n big lobby at tho stato capital
lo tell tho people not tho truth about
the movement.
Christmas did things for tho poor
children of tho city who under the
system ndopted fared exceedingly
There are nn resolutions for tho St.
Joseph man to make this year since
Volstead has mado It unlawful.
Now start In and writo It 1923.
A Happy New Tear.
What the Missouri
Editors Are Saying
Heed Will Attend lo It
The ship subsidy bill has pased tho
house, but It won't pass the senate,
for Senator James A. Heed will attend
to that. Howell County Gazette.
Uceauso Horn Tliat Way
Most people net that way becauso
they wero raised that way, and tho
remainder because they vvero born
that wny. Clarksdale Journal.
Isn't That Sufficient Iljsmon?
Probably a large part of tho unrest
and distrust of government in this
country dates from the tlmo the treas
ury' fixed an incomo tax payment ten
days before Christmas. Kansas City
Want Plenty Unfinished Huslness
If the scnato displaces the ship sub
sidy bill in favor of another, it may
mean only that tho senate wants to
make- sure of having plenty of unfin
ished business on hand. Kansas City
Post. ' ,
Sounded IJko One, Anylwvv
Warsaw, started a riot when tho
new Polish president was Inaugurat
ed, At least tt sounded llko a riot but
perhaps tho patriotic crowd wan only
acclaiming tho president, whoso name
Is Narutowiiz. St. Louis Times.
All I'tfTH Knocked Out
Now that final roturus ot tho olec
tlon show that Senator " Heed was
elected without tho vote of St, Louis
and Kansas City, this fact scarcely
leaves tho kickers with a leg to kick
with or ground to stand on. Moberly
It KiwcLrtl litem IlotJi
No one has et heald Senator New
berry nnonunco that he Is going to
s-eok ro-olectlon to tho sanate tn order
to fcet "vindication." Senator Town
sond undertook to have his voto for
Newbeiry "vindicated" und now they
aro both down and out. Worth
t;ounty Times,
JuM sttoiitlnr; Willi joy
Our farmer friends are simply yell
ing themselves hoarse with Joy when
they get tholr tax receipt and by
tho way not very many aro now gottfng
receipts for tho rwson they havo
nothing, to pay with, Washington
oonttnuca to wnd out Minted stuff
each wee Ir about ''business betng on
tho up Grt." Dunk, puro nnd elm-,
pip, Ah any farmer or pnwll town
merchant. Milan Standard,
Vor tho Cjood pf tl;i stato
It It strongly dented that Demo,
oratto utate senators aro planning to
blQck. the governor tn nny ir.evo he
may piake, Th,e Uuth Is tho Demo
prtlq benators pro contemplating
economies In taxation im pther lines
which will conserve tho state's fund
nn,d. lay the foundation for a com.
pleto return to power of the deiuoo
ravy in Missouri tn tha furthcoming
ole0tlp.li, This program Is not meant
for tho downfall of Governor Hydo
hut fop tho' glory of tho Demooratla
party, alasgow MiaaodWan,
Jl, plemencpau, tho grand c.M
Fr-inolt patriot, wmod perfootly In.
npeent of any knowledge uf the fact
that (ho mlaelrn o hi iccc.nl vit to
AmcriM, hail It uh r-4f.neta.T11 1,
would Rvo caused ut la Wo.ni lt-
wived In a fir mote "entangling al-
jllsme" tiian could have reasonably
been dreamed of In count ctlan with
our becoming a member of the League
of Nations, Lltineus Ilullvtln.
And Still Pays Therii
Fnclo Sam has fired S 3.000 oni-
plovnjs, but the old Rout has 360,000.
ot them left, so he lma nothing to
brag about Missouri Stato Journal.
.Iiit Think or tle Waste
Jus! think of the Rood t,tiaw that
was wasted this fall when the farm
ers burned their straw stacks. They
Could "have made big money by Just
grinding It, rollln? It In paper and
railing It Camel", Polo, or something
llko that. Platto County Landmark.
nitty DM filii'li Clus(Iai,-Ll!.c Work
Mr. Arbticklc's product r says It 'a
not Chrlstlan-llko for the ministers
to opposo tho actor's re-entry lntCtho
films. In contrast, wo suppose, to
Mr. Arbucklo's Chrlstlan-llko conduct
whon he was In tho pictures before.
Kansas City P03L
Wliore Do You rind 'Em?
The roeson a lot of cars nro parked
by tho side of the road Is becauso a
fellow can't havo his arms full of
girl, his mouth full of hair nnd com
plexion cieam, his head full ot wild
Ideas and. Mill drive tho darned ma
chine Clarksdalo Journal.
Old Scliupp Got Hie Itaoon
Hcv. Schupp, head of tho Missouri
Anti-Saloon League, recently put a
forco of men nt work dismantling a
number of large vats In a mponshlno
booe plont tho government agents
raided. As no ono claimed tho lum
ber, Schupp said ho had It hauled to
his homo in the suburbs of St. Louis
to build ii parage. Just llko the old
man, he got It. Hnwoll County' Oa
zctte. Got llrcel of Pnjlng Salaries
Lack of general support in tho an
nual Red Cross Call has caused the
Worth county chapter to discontinue
tho services of tho Hed Cross county
nurso effective January 1. Miss Gar
rett, who has held that position mow
than a year, has been very efficient II
her work and has met In the mall,
with tho approval of tho public "in he .
work. Tho work Just now is, llko s.l
other measures that require time, at a
point whore results In a greater meas
ure would become apparent. Yet tho
board had no money lo continue and
tho public has failed to provide ad
dltlonal funds co tho above notion had
to be taken. Worth County Tribune.
Farmer IWjs Havo Enonsli riffhtinvl
If this country were not rich and
contained tho most effoctlve fighting
men on top of the globe, do you sup
poso the foreign countries would bo so
persistently Insistent on this country
taking n hand In their affairs? The
talk of giving them advice Is all very
well, but 'they will never accept II
unless we follow It up with men and
money. The last ploa of Clemeneeatt
was to the farmers wherein ho held"
out the Idea, that tho farmers could
get a better price for their grain bj"
giving tho;e fotelgn countries mllllor.l
of dollars and furnish fighting mcit
wherever called upon. The farmer Doyl
of thla country have had all the fight
ing on foreign soil they want, evea
though they could ralfe the pries el
wheat thoroby. Moberly Democrat,
Will 1 tho Samo Here
In the light of tho overwhelming
defeat of tho new constitution of Illi
nois, voted on jeoontly. It (a no dif
ficult task to predict what will hap
pen tn Missouri, If the constitutional
convention ever finishes Its duties and
IfcUbmlts tho Instrument to the voters.
Wo doubt tf thore U a power on earth,
ond scarcely in hoavtti, thnt couli
draft u constitution that would be ap.
proved by the voterj In tho dUordcrcd
and uncertain state of the public mind
at this tlmo, Missouri. like Illinois,
will go ahead and waste hundred ef
thoAisttm'a of dollars in drafting and
submitting- tv new constitution and
nothlngvvtll oome ot It, It is uele
to try until tho people havo again bo
oome settled and ever the iffecta of
the lain war and its consequent ox
travt'Sanco and unrest. Moberly
lls ltcurtfsl Tom lViulvraafct
It ti tho general tmproaslon n the t
rural- pommunltles that Ton Venders
gast, Democratlo "jc-it" pom of Ks
Mm Oil', has horru and that his heart
U hard'as a concroto pavent, Puoh
la not tho fact, Tom, Pendcigast is
ono of the finest fellows, personally,
that u person over plot, Ho hae Q
heart In him as ;',g oa an. px, nnfl
man are the ,tnd favors that lie ha
aliown )inuonlty., Tlio pU Pemocrat
bosq pf Kansas City U gotting ready
to pervo Ills aiuuia) fre Christniis
tpristy ,V.nvis Fwn 15 years, this
Ci.ilatrroui dinner hae bero an Institu
tion of tha-fgi2t" buss, lUoro than
1,60 ro,.nibj of turVfy.hns loen pur
ehad tor the fsrmi and at least 2.560
p-vop vrlll hn rv-1. it I ,to wun-'
, der tbal thsmnta nf p, -mi 1 j 'iwwr"
h "j-am Pndrgaat. V.'. san Clirtai.
' . ''V

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