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Paragraphs Which Tell cf She Happenings
Local Moment in Greater St. Joseph
Anything Which Han Occurred Deserving of Local
Notice Can be Found in These C ilumns
Miss Helen Onrvoy and JHsa Maudo
Slceluff weie hold up by two nun
men In front of 715 South Slxteuntli
street Vvodnendoy night, und i ebbed
of $4 GO.
Clarence Sollajs Jerked away from
pollco officer Cat mtn In front of thu
, Jail Thursday to whlt.li he was lielng
taken, and made his escape.
Tho Hctiw Building Material Co, M
now the Heee-l?,l-5Co , II. (I. Illx
.having been made a member of the
Judgo T. U. AJlon and Supt. J- W.
Wilson of th Di tonrlon Home Inspect
ed tho McCuno Home nt KatiMU City
Thursday where delinquent ehlldi en
of that county are Kept
Kock UnaT'fi'ctng C Lady at
tondnnt. Plfi ."redcrlclc avonae. -Ad.
Irwin Dodd, n nero, wns arretted
at his home, fifteenth and ISoattle.
Wednesday for retting drunk and taking-n
pot shot at his wife.
pointitt choffeurs, and John P.elchon
wax recommlwloned a detective for
one j ear.
The Metropolitan Paving Co hfl
completed a splendid job of work on
IMmond fwm Second to Eighth, and
moved Its eperatlons to Fifth Avenue.
Fome sneak stole Mr. W. A. Iiej'J
vi.iit irMeli from hrer hoine, 302 1M
mond, Thursday.
James Glenn Hdwird I'.irnons, the
IS-J ear-old boy Mho wns wounded by
the accidental iHsclMirffe of a shot jcun
near th" waterworks Nov. 28, died
T ii), I iur t j
inarrb d to his s.u thejit,
an nlnciliur.
llliI!Illil.l1n.l1lll,llll.11.ll,.'llllHlltI,l1l.lllllIllilllllll.' II. ,11111. Ill llllll.. tl.uillllli. III!. 111! ".I.l'l. .. I
First of Ai ReliabUily
I w I w
iiiininiiu :
Morris lllrseh's and A. .1. August
mi collided at Twentieth and l'nyii Im
Wednesday, and were liudly damaged
Simon lllnswrtnger, who with his
wife hew Just returned Trom on ex
tended tour of Rurope, w the spoak.
er at tho annual dinner of the li'nril
ti'rlth nt the St. Charles Wednesday ,
night. I.o'Jto KrnnlU was tiMUtnnster. j
Tim Hammond paeklng pluiit here
on Stand j v will P-ixi hito the hnmls oC .
Aimour ,Vi Co of Delaware, the now.
holding cmpoiatlon whleh ban tnk" i
mer the Fowler, Itnmiuond and Ar-i
liiour pi opertles. It to a $60 000, ODD
I Our Annual- Pre-Inventory Sale
An occasion quite unrivalled for outstanding values. Prices have been significantly lowered on apparel
of the finest types for the Pre-Inventory Sale. The season's most authentic modes, desirable alike for high
quality, distinctive styles, attractive coloiings and trimmings. It is an event deserving prompt response a
icmurc unmistakably smart v inter apparel at dcciueu reductions.
genuine opportunity for eerj woman f
r T
Elmer Colestoek ami Waldo Wert's
were nucted Wedncwdnj, chirgtHt
with stetllnR men hind He from tho
ITopklna Htme where they were om
plojcd Coleitoek w t flnd $25, and
AVerts was held for a. preliminary Jan.
A. C. (Hover of Kuimia City wai ar
rested here on Thursiliy, clnrged with
passlnB a bad cheek.
Dr. r.enrse M Ilotiler wns on
Thmsdny -Tlht oleeted tommander of
Jack Schneider l'ot, Vtteraiid of l'or-
Isn Wars.
. , y
Jlelerhctfer tJndertaSlns Co pre
sents: character, srvlco ana consider
ation. Mnth cril TcIIt. Pho io M.
SOe. (Atnerth.ment.)
Thles bloke Into the offices of
II. II Claik on St. Joseph Aienue
Tuesdaj nUht but did not "teal any
of his blaek diamonds.
Wllllnm Stone has bteu chosfn as
peimanent chairman of the St. Jnneph
I'aluntlno focd committee, Samuel
Ilambiiaelt, honorary chhnnn:
Dai Id reltcns.tclii. treasurer, and
Louis KianltA campaign mmasor.
Mist Kat-5 1'irrM, SI. de)ndnt
uvrr family tioubles, mvallowetl three H
oiincH of eieollti Mon;ly nluht, butj
una pumped out. 2
Patrlek CuniiluKhairf. n oteler from .
Fort I.ftinwotth, wm rr'ed here , S
as n di.serter TuefKlny and sent baek.
Thomas I,, llltehey of the park
board has purchnwd th Wahburn
pioperty at :0'J-111 SJwilh Seienth,
now occupied by a. ten cent itore.
City assessor Thomas ha completei
the field work of the personal proper
ty assessment, and' is now' compiling
tho Information.
" i
Willie Zook of Maltland, a 15-je.ir-old
runaway boy, was at rested here
nnd sent homo Thuiadny.
Jnmloaon Mvshino Cc ,
and machinists' nuppllrs.
hangers, pulleys. Sib No.
2nd. Ad-
Trank Andrews, 72 years of a;c, for
?many years emplojed by tho Van
Katto- Drusr Co , fell dead in tho com
pany bulWJne. Third and Clmles,
Thursday r.fternoon. Death resulted
from heart trouble.
The total amount of occupitlon tax
collected this year was slightly In ex
cess of $11,000 Tho ostlmited
amount to he collected for the jrar of
1523 will be about the same as last
It. J. Fritz hit Edward Cook, a ne
gio, with his car Wednesday ,ncHe-
eiolj Injured him.
John Morley of Dunton, Kas, was
stabbed In the de In a morning houne
at M'J South Eighth Tuesday nlslit
and huicieli cut. A row oci a wom
Tho street cai men will be-Iicii an"
tlaboiato New War'a reception at the
car haniH hall New Year's afternoon
and uUht.
Everything yon
cf Palr.tins. Wall
Paint & Class Co..
A dvcrtlernent.
peed tci any kind
ptuT. Chui d'ee's
417 E'dmond otreat.
The children of the HhelturinR
rms were amply prniided for during
Chrlrtmas, and lmt a Joyous time.
That piohlbltlon piohlblu and that
It does so strongly Is -shown by the
ftict that theie were flfty-elh'ht Christ
mas drunkn m police court Tuesday
all of whom were fined $ oach.
A itas leik .at thft restaurant oC H.
I. Ciaupp, IOOj JHUhell Avenue.
Monday nk'ht sent R tupti oiereome
by th fumes te the honpltal wheio a
pnlmotor saied hi life.
Ollllnm Co. a contracting painter,
died at his home, 3S85 Pacific, Tues
day. The Tlrst National IVinlc will liustall
three meehanlonl book keepers on
rt rfwes
a fv
st-Ti m& ya,
l ml VT
3 : i
i ;i f
A f, ' i
3aisii vvinier uiis
Coats emphasizing Every
Smart Feature of.
the Season
Considerable damage was done to
tho tailor shop of Alex Itcwe, 32S
Francli, Tuesday, whn a clgai stub
stt fho to some goods
John W. t.rlbben and Wlllaul II
Harris own 23 'i shares eah of the
stock 'of the Grlbben-Harrls Adiertls
lny Co and Ken Phillip, H L Kauf
man and I?. (1. Voorbcei own one
share of tho same company. Incorpo
rated for ?3,000 Tuesday.
While scaldlnK hoja on his faim
near IaUe Contrary Tuesday, Peter
Ceherin, a farmer, was badly scalded
when a birrel of hot water was upset
on him.
Tlie Schrclber Manufacturing and
Cereal Co. of Kansas City, a subsidiary
of the Schrelbcr plant here, was
wrecked by an explosion Wednesday.
Thirty of tho employes woie hurt, and
the property loss Is estimated at
Ira Gunsclman was brought hack
from Marjvlllo Thuisday to answer to
a charge of pixslnt; a bad check for
J59. He went to Maryilllo In a Ford
coupe, which was also brought back.
and was found
from Hd Prlnz
to hae been stolen
The Douglas Candy Co gavo a din
ner at the St Charles Thursday to
' 'thlrty-flvc of Its ti aiding men.
M. j. Downey for best Pluirolng
and Gat Fitting-. 09 McBCile.
Phono 0-0113. Advertisement.
Tho American Electric Co. gave a
dinner to seventeen of Its traiollng
salesmen at tho I21ks Club Thursday.
J. K Kerner. general car foi email
of the Burlington shops, has been pro.
moted to assistant superintendent of
the shops at Aurora, 111.
The pol'co were askeO Wednesday
to search for Loren Derossett, n thir
teen yeajj old boy who disappeaied
from his home, 2207 Voiles street.
It Is estimated tint the city will
recelio $20,00,0 intetest on dally cash
balance? from tho various depositaries
this ear.
A total of J1.10S was raised fortho
municipal Chilstnns tree. All bills
are paid and there Is a balance In tho
treasury of $73 for next yoar.
Tho annual ru.di to pay county tax
es beforo penalty is now on.
If. K. Dobendo. I). W. Tady and
George Kiatt gaie bond before Com
mtesloner Duncan Tuesday on Uauor
These ue coats to make one Kind nt iblnied pun haslng ConU rx'3
eisn an air of ililc lndtildualltl and cd Cncn I f ihi le cnt'W
and stile tiend of the dav Is pi-s nted Hvtrv woman ran choose
tho typo of toot she has beei waitinit for with oi without fur
trims, or sporta model at these lers I. pi Ires
i.imxv iiri. M IVIt.M'S P.eeular v IT! uii to sn n
for tho Pre-lnnntoiy Sale
at . .
s pours covts
S20.00 S92.50
S10aQ0 ,. $25.00
The ulttma" m nine ii -i--tir illv n ulu-il
in tUis Pic luvcutniy Sale uf smart Winter
Suits. Suits that fully Inc. up ti our
established standard of qual
ity, that flelrghtiully putitre
the most desirable muile i :
models cleverly fashioned of
the season's favored fabrics,
i all the wanted color.
Coming, as it doc-., at this
time when there are so
many vrcks of splendid ser
vice still ahead .for wearing
a smart winter suit, this sate
is primed with importance.
Kegular price range up to
?1 10.00 Priced at HALF
their regular prwes; they
rprcsei t aluis too extra
ordinar; to be overlooked.
Lovely Blouses
They find so manv different
ways to be cunimlng, these ltttlo
Illouaea fashioned of beautiful
cotton and silk materials not
th Uaat in thlr iiresiattble luw
prices, telllns a stotv of valuer
found only on the raret of ih -raaloaa.
This spei lal showiiiK in
etudes all the wuann s must
fB.vorei! mjles and wanted i ol-rs.
Priced foi thv Pre-lm -ntiny
noguUr $2 18 to $3 98 Q-t flA
Cotton Blouses at tDJLsiis
Regular $4S0 to $T "5 Cotton
X"u S1.98a,. S3.98
P. x hr $1 r0 t.. 5-i i . &,
sin. rinii-- -s y:.'
4BSi I J
25 to $32.50
Winter Suits $15
A xpnial lot of Mi dish Suit-.
In ml4 and ind 1 Ins ki up
In. hides only one of a I ind ami
si r-RU' i. J . i) i to $3J '.D
Values pil.d to i losi nut
siar Aa.oiftf M,s
JlfUOU, u WlfOft u3
Remarkable Values In
These lnel l'tttl outs ire luil
maiieluus values at this diasil
eally rudueed piiie The die
fashioned of Jeit-ej silk und ra
dium, und are shown In the sea-t-on
s popular i olors A Rood as
woitment of stles to select fiom.
Our rcKUlar $4 DO to $5,911 val
ue's, speelally prleed for the pro-
Inventory SuKi
at . . .
S3.S8 I
riHiiiiiiuiiiniiiiiiitimiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiimniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiuiHHimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiimiuiiuiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiimiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiMir:
day. His two bons. W I. and II. II
Henmnn. and ono slater, Mary lien
man, nil of Halls, survive him.
The St Joseph Structural Steer Co.
ha supplied all of the steel for tho
new Methodist Hospital work on
whleh Is now In progress.
n. N. HulIMirfs car was stripped of
all worth while on Sunday night, while
parked back of Hulburt's house, 132S
1'iedeilck Avenue.
Chester Correll gavo hmrd In tho
sum of $300 Monday In feeleral court
on a liquor charge.
Don niley's Motor Inn. Storage and
best repair department In city. La
dles' rest room and free check room
In connection. Seventh and Jule.
Oscar King of Uethany Is In a hos
pital here suffering from a fiacture of
tho splno caused by a motor spill near
Avonuo City Tuesday,
Miss Atmlo M. Street, a former
teacher here, died In Bonner Spiings,
Kas", Tuesday,
David JJroivn, a well known farmer
living soven miles south of this cltyf
died Thuraday.
The car which killed Frank Deculoz
on Tuesday has not jet been found,
Tho hearing of Joe Wagner, arrest--ed
here for robbing tho bank at Piper,
JSlas., and held on a fugltlvo warrant.
?wl!l take place this morning.
At a mcetlns of tho pollco board
Thursday the chief was lnstiucted to
arrange with Kansas City for an os
chanve of platurcs and finger prints
for the Identification department;
traffic officer Puett was dismissed,
Hay'Pnvvsll and Ora Bird were np-
Trafflc Officer Puett, stationed at
Sixth and Trancls, was cusponded by
chief of pollco Ilaphde! Saturday,
charged with neglect of duty.
Willie Turner, Clifford Blbblns and
Theodore Schumacher, the three ne
groes who tried to hold up John Ilatta.
baugh Saturday night, will have n pre
liminary Jan, 5. Tlioy aro In jail.
Sam Adsit, now traffic manager of
the Virginia railroad with hcudauar
teis at Norfolk, Va Is visiting Mr. and
Mrs. W, A. Evans. -
Tiro damaged the home of afro. M.
B. Castlo, 223D Francis, Wednesday,
to tho extont of $1,200.
Luther Foot, 31, stopped Into a rear
room of his home, 410 Hast Kansas
Avenue, Tuesday forenoon, and: after
wilting a note to his wife showing
ho was despondent, placed n pistol to
la head and killed hlmsolf the first
Joe BalsM was fined $200 Tuesday
for bolus drunk and shooting hU gun
off In the confines of the packing
houbo district.
Dr. Bon Reynolds, tho leadlnz phy
sician of Great Falls, Montana, and
tho son of Dr. J. B. Royuolds, arrlvod
SuuJay to visit his parents for a few
A campaign against the pigeons
which loost In tho oavos of tho busi
ness houscs.vvlirbe inaugurated by the
police who will shoot the filendly and
harmless birds.
Two sharpers vvorkod tho chango
racket on a clerk at the Quality Trunk
Co Wednesday, and beat her out of
Four llttlo children of Mr and Mrs.
Millard Bond of Colorado and Pryor
Avenues, havo been taken over by the
Humane society, they having been de
serted by tholr parents.
Many Wajs lit Uileh TcleplKmo Users
5 fay Promote Its
commonly lecognUei are the p-o-nlon
of an adequate plant carefully plan
ned by competent telephone engineers
and properly maintained, the work ot
the traffic depattment which operates
the plant and purforms the actions
neoessarj to connect one subscriber
with another and tho important work
uf the commercial department which
handles the business relations with
subscribers and which aids them In
providing themselves with proper fa
cilities to handle their tolephone bus
iness. It must aUo provide adequtte
dlrectoiies so that tho subscriber may
know with whom he can tal'c Tele
phone IVese Service.
l!l!il!llllllllllllli:ili:nilllllllllll!l!l!llt!i!llll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilll!. i:
You will rejjprct it nct December
Giristinas Savings Club.
if you fail to join our
Eleven classes, lc to $5.00 Increasing, decreasing and fixed.
4 Interest paid-
Mom.y In tlw letter Mails Wlilcli
IlelitZ Sent to
Christmas day vva so warm that
many pooplo Imagined that It was
Eaiitor, '
E. A. Bddlns' and L. B. Antrim's
cars collldod at Tonth and Ollvo Sun
day, and both cars wero badly bunged
u"' . 4 j
W, P, Fulkerson to recovering from
an attack of rheumatism, at a (local
Albert E. Pulman, 32 years of .age,
a worker at the St. Joseph Structural
Steel works, who had his back broken
some weeks ago, died at a hospital
Bishop Quayle, who hies been dan
gerously 111, to reported recovering.
Mrs. Ebtcll Mario Wehrman, 31
years of ago, died at the family home.
2608 Ollvo street, Wednesday morning
after A prolonged Illness,
Michael Ilenman, one of the well
known farmers of tho Halls neighbor
hood, died at his homo Monday and
was burloU In Klrllii cemotery Tues-
Trom tho vtowpolnt of the person I
desiring to talk, good telephone ser
vice consists In belnc able to reach
promptly and without confusion any
person desired and to talk satisfactor
ily and without interruption. It U
3oldom appreciated how Important a
part the subserlbers themselves play
In the giving of telephone service.
The porson desired should answer a
call promptly and eourtooualy Ho
should have sufficient telephone fa
cilities so that his lines will not bo
busy an undue portion of the time.
If ho has a private branch exohango,
ho should provide himself with com
petent operators, and If he does no
answer the telsphbne himself, he
should 'make provision for someone
else to answer It property.
" Tho calling subscriber should know
how to make his dalts, he should give
the call accurately and clearly to tho
operator, and he should pay attention
to her repetition. r Ho should know
how to lias the transmitter and re
ceiver so oa to ob'taln the maximum
efficiency from those Instruments. He
should know tho significance of suoli
signals as the nudlblo ringing signal,
and he should know how to signal tho
operator. Subscribers on party lines
should refrain from Interference with
othor persons on their lines who may
bo talking. If there Is failure In any
of these ways, the subscriber cannot
reuelve satisfactory service although
the telephone , company does every
thing In Its power.
The function of the telephone com
pany In giving service whleh are most
Notwithstanding tho prohibition
against tho sending of monoy, either .
ill uie luiin u. yiie-i ui .um, tvnu.tiui
In ordinary or registered lottors. to
Rumania, It Is agparent that letters
with money continue to be mailed to
Rumania. Tho fact of receipt of let
ters with money Inclosed Is Indicated
because provision has been mado at
the Rumania post otftco of receipt
that the addresses present themselves
In order that tho contents of tho let
tern may be examined by the authori
ties In tho preseneo of tho addressees.
Should currency be found In tha let
ters tho addressees are required to pay
a tax equal to the amount charged by
the postal administration for the ac
ceptance and delivery In Rumania of
an equal amount of monoy In the so
eaded '"value letter." The rato on
these letters varies from VI to 2 cents
of the value of tho contents.
Addresses) on Pnrccl-pont for Poland
Refrrlng to the department's an
nouncement of September 23, 1922,
relating among other matters to the
Inadequate addresses on mall matter
for Poland, attention Is Invited to the
following extract (translation) from
a lettor which has Just beon received
from tho postal administration of
rotund respecting the mattert
"The Polish parcol-poat exohange
offlco at Denzlg, as wall aa all tho de
livering post offices, complain against
the circumstance that all parcels
mailed In the United States of Amor!,
ci und Intended for addresses living
in PoUnd bear Illegible and Indistinct
"It otton happens that the names
of the places are ho Inoorreet t'hat
parcels addressed to places of the
Join at once before it is too late and get a check just before -
next Xmas.
The I
echanics State Bank i
Francis Street at Fifth. St. Joseph, Mo. 2
same name must be sent from office
to office, covering a period of per
haps sevoral weeks, in order to be
finally delivered to the addressees.
' It therefore results that a large
number of parcel remain undelivered
at the respective office on account
of completely illegible addresses and
that parcels bearing Incorrect name
of places. In view of the Ion convey
ance, very often arrive In the hands
of the addressees In damaged condi
tion, or else with serious delay; per
haps they aro lost track of, whloh
causes continual Inquiry and com
plaint on tha part of the tepectlve
Already there Is in sight over a
million and a half In new building
for next J ear. and this to according to
contractors, but a starter While the
totals aro not yt In for 1982, there is
now over a million and a halt ahow
up for the progress of 1922, which to
generally conceded to have been the
worst building jear MKce tho sir
broke out.
State of Mlssouil, Cuuuty of
In the
matter of applIcaUon
Claude Chaoce for parol.
. 3tlce Is hereby given that t, ClauJ
Clianee, convicted of the crime
grand lsreen in the County of P
thauan, Stite of Missouri, on the 21
day of May. 1921. and sentenced i
two years' Impi isunment in the pen
lentiary at Jefferson City, Mtaeoun
whore I am now confined have m.e.
application for Parole and will t a
flven a publle hearing before n
tate PrUon Board at the hearing o
ftce in Mid penitentiary on the secc . I
Monday In February. 1323. same bolt
the ljtli elay uf said month, when i. -ona
in favor of ev against the grtti.
in If of Mid paroln will he heard I
seld State PrlMH Board. AH per'
who favor or oppose said appilcatl n
aro Invited to communicate with i i
Hoard on or before said date givlns i
writing such facts aa they would havo
considered in thU matter
(1230 Applicant
Have you ever otcs that If jwt
plek up a starving dog out of th gut
ter, feed Mm & vKow Mn ta Ma
8rnial state of beta? Its will net bite
you? put it to different with men
Nodaway Democrat-Forum.
If men wr realty made of ihjJiiij
It M uuthtat psrtioutotrlr twang i
women make mok)s of mqp. An '
tHey & 4a. starting who K
saaeVs a nioky nt "iWii

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