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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, January 16, 1890, Image 1

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Tite Democratic caucus at Annapolis,
Md., on tho Stb, re-nomlnatcd United
States Senator E. K. Wilson to succoed
Of Ovor Coats and Clothing of all kinds. Men's overcoats from $1.75
up. Men's suits from $3 .00 up.
I am determined to reduce my stock regardless of. cost. Persons
wishing to buy any goods In ray line will save money by calling at my
store before purchasing elsewhere. Dont forget tho place.
Friday's i Missouri Clothing t House.
Staple iff
m Groceries
i iiMimii.imtiiitituiiiiHtiMiiiM
Glassware, Quecnswarc, Tea and Dinner Sets, Chamber
Sets, Library Lamps, Toilet Articles, Tobacco,
Cigars, Woodenware, lco Chests, Refrigerat
ors, Grass and Garden Seed, Oyr
tcrs, Fish and Game in
Cash Paid for all Kinds of Country Produce.
dardiareftiliii Tinware
Stoves s
Tho Most Complete Stock in Central Missouri of the Best and Cheapest
Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Cutlery, Etc. Exclusive agent for
.The Celebrated Wire-Gauze Charter Oak StoYes&
Door Frames, Window Frames, Wire Screen, Weather Strips, Spring
Hinges, Bird Cages, Water Coolers, Etc., a Specialty. Tin Hooling
Spouting and jobbing of all kinds given prompt attention.
President. Vice-President. Secretary & Treasurer.
E s.
& "
TO c
. c
to 3
2. 2.
0. A. WARE'S
eylN XU W JUJ. V Jhtt X 0 -a.JDJLjJliO
IS 1
aisswfisil. . 'sS
M1 Bg
iarmages,Surreys5Buggies,Road Carts
VWl. "ft -
Seoond-Hand Riga Bought and Soldi
Mules and Horses Bought and Sold.
Syt,;iThe best and rineiV'Ltyery'RIgs In. the Slate.
PonTCOAL will disavow Sorpa Plnto'a
conduot In Africa, thus satisfying En
gland rogardlng tho huullng down ol
British flags.
FrVB ot tho coal and iron mastors ol
Clackmannan, Scotland, havo advanced
the wages of tho minors twelve and a
hall por cent.
Tins engagement of Ocorgo Vandor
bllt to Miss Mary Johnston, daugbterof
Colonel William Johnston, of Annan
doio, S. C, is announced.
Tit Supromo Court ot Alabama, on
tho lath, deniod tho appeal of tho mur
derer Uawos and flxod February 23 at
tho data .of his execution.
Tiir French Government is about tc
nogotlato a loan ot 100,000,000 francf
for tho purpose of constructing railway
in Xonquln and other French colonies.
Dr. Josr.pn Eoxatz DoKU.i.var. the
emlnont Gorman divine and leader ol
tho Catholic movement, dlod at Munich,
on tho 10th, in tho nlnoty-flrst year ol
his ago.
Elections wero hold in Franco, on
the ISth, to fill racancies in tho Cham
ber of Doputlos caused by tho invalida
tion of tho oloctlon of a number of Bou
langists. A noDv of maskod men took Ilonry
"Ward, tho boy murderer, from tho JalHt
Bayou Sara, La., on the night of tho 7th,
and hanged him to a trco in tho court
house square.
Iliciti winds provatlod in tho North,
Northwest und Northeast on tho 12th,
in many places developing into regular
oyolones and proving vory destructive to
lifo and property.
The Senate commlttoo on tho quadrl
eontonnlal, of which Senator Uiscock is
chairman, began Its hearings on the
claims of Washington, Now York, St
Louis and Chicago to tho World's Fair
of 1892 on tho 0th.
This steamship Stag, which arrived at
Now York, on tho 10th, from Bromon
and Sbiolds, brought all tho crew ol tho
wrookod ship Shakospoaro with the ox
tion of tho captain, who dlod boforo bo
ing rescued, and was buried at soa.
Two MEMDKiis of tho Southorn Socloty
of New York City quarrolcd in tho club
rooms, on the ovenlng of the 10th, over a
gamo ot cards. Thoy went out on the
street and ono of tho disputants shot
twice at tho other, who fled unhurt
TjiK.two housos of tho Ohio Legislat
ure, in joint session, on tho 8th, can
vassed tho vote for Stato officers and tho
acting president of the Senate, and de
clared' Hon. E. L. Lampson, Ropuhltcan,
elected Lloutonant-Oovernor by 243 plu
rality. JoiU Dolax and Mary Oasoy, who
clopod to this country from Iroland
three months ago and woro marrlod,
having $1,000 with which to start lifo
togotber, have applied to the Castle
Gardon authorities for work, their monoy
being all gone.
Influenza Is making fearful ravagos
among tho striking coal minors in tho
Charlerol district of Belgium. Tho mon
arc destitute and their families aro un
ablo to obtain sufficient food. Under
such circumstances tho porcontage of
doaths among those attacked by the
diseaso is vory largo.
YucLDrxo to Buporlor force the Portu
guese Government has compiled with
England's ultimatum demanding tho re
call of 1'ortuguose forces, officials, and
expeditions of every kind from the
banks of tho Shlro, toward tho conSu
enco of tho Rus and south of Zambesi,
and from Mashonaland, Africa.
EnoLisii syndicates will shortly issuo
proposals for subscriptions to stocks and
bonds of tho following American com
panies: Soventecn whisky distilleries
In Kentucky, and tho business of Yarr
& Scott at Richmond, Va.; all tho brow
erics of Vance, Bloo fc Schnolder Bros.,
and the Port Royal Phosphato Company,
of South Carolina.
Tite editor, business manager, local
editor and news foreman ot tho Mllford
(Mass.) Dally Journal aro suffering
from "la grippe," and two-thirds of the
composing force are Just recovering
from the samo malady. Tho wives of
tho editors and foreman are seriously
111. Out of thlrtoen suburban corre
spondents eloven aro ill with influenza.
The court has refused the appeal ot
tbe London Times against answering
tho interrogatory regarding tho circula
tion of tho Times during tho publica
tion of the articles entitled "Parnolllsm
and Crime," but allows tho appeal
against disclosing the names of the par
ties from whom tho paper got tho in
formation on which the articles were
Mn. Hetourv, solicitor ot tho trcas
ary, mado his report, on the 13th, on
Immigration matters at the port of New
York, recommending that' the oontract
with tho board of Immigration should be
terminated and that tho 'wholo super
vision ot tho Contract Labor law and ot
the Immigration laws Bhould bo placed
under the direction of the collector ot
the port
TnK annual meeting of tho board ot
trustees ot the Chautauoua Assembly
was' held at Rochester, ,N. Y., on tho
8th. Secretary Duncan read his annual
report, whloh showed a prosperous con
dition .of affairs. The reoeipta of tbe
year wero 8124,638.62, and expenditures,
3121,MT.S1. The debt was reduced
93,000 last year. Tho present Indebted
ness Is $30,000. A few years ago it was
805,000, '
The Holland Socloty dinner at the
Cafe Savarln ln Now York City, on the
evening of tho 10th, was attended by
Theodora Roossvelt, W. W.- Astor, J,
Plerropbnt Morgan, O. M. Depew,
Thomas A. Edison, John -Jay and many
well-known descendants of early settlers,
IN tho Senate, on tno 8th, Mr. Voorhcos
tolled up his resolution fortlio Investigation
of tho "lllocks-of-Flvo" scandul, and pro
ceeded to debate the samo at cons.derabU
lenKtli. Mr. Kdtuundi offoicd u substitute
for the resolution, and controcr!c'd tho ar
gumonts of Mr. Voorhees. At the close ot
the discussion, Mr. Kdinundt' ninendment
was agreed to by a party vote ot.'.l tojl, and
after disposing of soino routine mutters the
Senato went Into secret session.... In tho
House Iho day was almost wholly devoted to
consideration of the District ot Columbia Ap
propriation bill, which was passed, and the
Uouso adjourned until the loth.
In the senate, on theSth, the Vloe-i resi
dent prcscntod a communication from the
Attornoy-Uoneral In response to the Senato
resolution-. In whtch'lie sta'cd tbtt no In
structions, oral or written, hud been sent by
tho Department of Justleo to District-Attorney
Chambers, ot Indiana, In reference to
the arrest of W.W. Dudley, und tliut no com
munication upon the subjoct had been ro
celvod from District-Attorney Chambers.
Tho communication was ordered printed
and referred to tho oammlttee on the Judl
clary. A Joint resolution was passed np
proprlating $210,000 tor the removal of ob
structlous from tho Missouri river be
tween St. Joseph, Mo., and its mouth.
A resolution was adopted directing the coin
mltteo on the Dlstiict of Columbia to In
quire Into tho expediency ot purchasing tho
works and property of the Washington Gas
Light Company, etc. After a short executive
session tho Sonnte adjourned until tho 13th.
Tho llouao was not In session on tho 9th.
Tuu Senato was not In session on the 10th.
....Intho Housotho chaplain In his prayer
mado a feeling allusion to tho death ot
the "Father of tho House," und Immediately
niter tho reading of the Journal, Mr. 0'r.cll
addressed tho Chair In a voice trcm.
bllnir with emotion, reciting tho tact ot tho
death ol Judge Kelley, his long and Intimato
friendship with tho accessed, and his uis
tlngulshed services to his district and
ana tho country at large for bo many
years. Mr. O'Nell offered a series ot resolu
tions (which were adopted) cxprcsslvo of
the grief of tho House oer the sad event;
appointing the 11th, at noon, as the time, und
tho House of Kepresontutlvca as tho placo
for holding an appropriate Bervlec In honor
ol the deceased; that a committee ot tno
House and Senate be unpointed to attend
the tuuer.il In rhlladclphli, and that the
House adlourn as a further mark of respect
to tho memory of Its oldest member. Tho
House then, ut. 12:11 p. in., adjourned.
The Sciiutu wus not In M-silon on tbe 11th.
...In the House tho session was devoted to
the funeral obsoquies over the remains of
Hon. 'William D. Kelley. Those weroslmplo
anil Imnrosslvc. and W9ro witnessed by
largo crowds both on the floor and In tho
galleries, Mrs. Harrison, Mr. Ilalford and
rostmastcr - General Wnnamakor being
among thoso present At the conclusion of
the Bervlces tho Houso adjourned until the
in the Senate, on the 13th. n number of pe
ttilon. wero nrcsentcd and referred, among
them ono praying tor female representation
on tne board of managers of the Exposition
of 1KB A bill was passed authorising a ran
road hrlduo across the Missouri ilvex be
tweeu the county ot Douglass or Sarpy,
NMintaim. and tho county of 1'uttawu-
tomlo In Iowa. Mr. l'lumb addressed
tl. G.nnt. nn hid resolution tlOrtitOfOft
offered lepcctlng the lease of . theOslandg,
Of St. l'UUl UnU St. UCOrgO I" U IHBIfcW WW
murctal Company.. ..In the House uniajorlty
nmi two minority renortson the Sllcott do
fulcutlon wero submitted, all of which were
nrdxrad printed and recommitted. At the
closo of tho call ot States, the House wcnl
Into committee ot the wholo for thu consid
eration of tho bill to provide for towu-slte
entry ut lauds In ukiunouia.
Calvix S. Biiici: was unanimously
ihosen, on tho seoond ballot in tho
Democratic caucus at Cleveland, O., on
tho 0th, for United States Senator.
The yearly report of Captain Mooro,
landing agent at tho port ot sew iorK,
published, on tho 9tb, shows that thero
woro landed from Europe during l5'J,
U0,S0 cabin and 313,227 steerage passon
gors, in a total number of 891 trips.
Lady Douolass, of Victoria, B. C,
widow of Sir James Douglass, died, on
tho night of tho 8th, agod seveuty-olght
Her husband was tho first -Governor of
tho province
The Iowa Stato Prohibition convoy
tion mot otDesMolnos, on the Sth, with
between six and seven hundred dele
gates prosent, ropresontlng ovcry part
of tho hUto.
A iu:roitT is in circulation In Berlin
that Qucon Victoria will spend a month
in Ilomburg.
A mki'.tino ot tbo holders of Load
Trust certificates lias been called for
February 5. It Is soml-ofllcJally stated
that a good statement will bo made, but
no dividends will bo declared.
The members of tbo Pennsylvania
delegation in the Hoiuo of Itoprcsonta
Uvea met immediately after adjourn
ment on tho 10th, to take action cn tho
doatb of Judge Kelley. Appropriate
resolutions wero passed, a copy ot which
was sent to tho family of tho deceased,
It is stated that of tor tho Czar's roturn
from his lato visit to Berlin, whero ho
woro Gorman uniforms, his physicians
discovered in tho oondltlon of his por
son symptoms of cutaneous poisoning.
DuitiNQ a tiro at tho waste faotory of
the Riverside mills at Augusta, Ua., on
tho 10th, part ot tho wall and root foil
upon a number of men who woro throw
lng bales of stock out of the windows,
Two whlto mon and eight negroes woro
burled In tho wreck, but woro rescued
alive, though all sustained mora or less
The Marauls Conyrlgham has volun
tarlly reduced the rents on his Donegal
(Iroland) estates twenty por cont
SritfATOits SiiEitsfAN, Cameron, Man
derson, Butlor and Colquitt woro ap
pointed a commlttoo to represent tho
Sonate at tho funeral of Representative
Skveiiai. mombors of tbo Homo Mar
ket Club of Boston bad a conference
with Sonator Aldrich, on tho ,10th, dlS'
cussing at noma length a number of now
features of minor importance wnicn mo
club is urging upon Congress.
TnK Shah of Persia has conforrod
upon Emln Pasha tho order of the Sun
and Lion, tho highest order in that
monarch's Rift
FoitiY heolors at W. Spalding's shoo
faotory ot Havorhlll, Mass., leftwork.on
tho 11th, beoauso Mr. Spalding refusod
to pay on. his usual practtco being to
nav off .on Monday.
Cornelius Vandemiilt has bought
Turner's famous ploturo "On tho Grand
Canal, Venice," from Lord Dudley for
It Is reported that tho liquidator of
tne Panama Canal Company has re
ceived encouraging reports from the
commission sent to I'anama.-
Tmk Spanish authorities on tho fron
tier aro exercising tho most stringent
precautions to guard against tho entry
into Spain of any oxllos from that coun
try who have boon sojourning In Franco.
Regular passonger traffic in being sub
jected to lnconvonlcnco and dolay by
reason ot tho measuros adopted.
Tiir boom in pig iron at Glasgow has
oollapscd, owing to tho placing of large
ordors to sell In tho hands ot tho brok
ers. On the 10th Scotch warrants had
declined one shilling, and Cleveland
warrants ono shilling and six pence.
ConaitKsssiAN Flowed and Mr. Hoi-
don, of Now York, gavo a rccoptlon to
tho World s Fair commlttoo from Now
brk City at tho Arlington Hotel in
Washington, on tho night ot tho 11th,
which filled tho largo dining hall ot the
Arlington from eight o'clock until mid
night with a crowd of World's Fair poo
plo not only from Now York, but from
St. Louis, Washington and Chicago.
The woathor In Borlln, on tho 11th,
was brlllant and groat orowds of poopo
ero out to witness the funeral of tho
dowager Empress Augusta. Tho
Schloas chapel was filled with tho dig
nitaries of tho empire. Court Chaplain
Ivoegol uollvored an oration worthy of
tbo occasion, tho dlscourso being based
pon Augusta's motto: "Bo ioyful In
hope, patient in adversity, steadfast In
ExTHAonDiNAnY vlgllanco is being
displayed In Antwerp, Belgium, whero
another conflagration among the petro
leum docks and warehouses is greatly
dreaded, and merchants aro complain
ing loudly of tho extra outlay to which
thoy aro subjected by tho moasures of
precaution adopted by tho authorities.
TnK firm of Jennings, Friedman &
Stevens havo decided to remove to
Ephlng, N. II,, whence tho firm wont to
Havorhlll, Mass., last July. Thoy em
ploy four hundred people.
The commlttoo having charge of tho
arrangements for tho National encamp
ment of the OTand Army of tho Repub
lic, to bo hold at Boston next August,
havo issued an addross to tho people,
ppeallng for tho cordial co-operation of
all patriotlo men and womon in extend
ing to tho visitors n gonuino Massachu
setts wolcomo in tho work of securing
accommodations for them. Tho com
mlttoo expect ono hundred thousand
Grand Army mon to bo in tho city dur
ing tho encampmont.
A coMMN'ATioN Is being made botwoon
somo of tho principal oil producors of
Pennsylvania and foreign capitalists
looking to tho construction of a system
of pipo lines rivaling thatof tho Stand
ard Oil Trust. It is staled that tho
foreigners aro purchasing 810,000,000
worm of wens outright anu mamng
friondly alllancos with tho owners of
all tho others.
The Boston Board of Health had re
ceived, up to noon ot tho 11th, reports ot
430 deaths tho largost number ever re
corded in sovon days. No less than 113
of the deaths aro ascribed to pneumonia.
Influenza is attributed as tho cause of
fourteen deaths.
The chlof of thosecrot police of Mos
cow, Russia, was shot and instantly
killed while raiding n Nihilist club, on
tho night of the lOth.by a woman named
Olga Cbarenko, ono of its members.
Tho woman then committed suicide
The Pope and eight of tho cardinals
of his housohold aro suffering with In
Ex-GovKraou Charles Foitei: ol
Ohio was unanimously nominatod.on tho
lllth, by tho Republican caucus for
United States Sonator,
Mits. FiTznnoiim:, wife of tho Duke
of Cambridge, died on thu 12th.
Ox tho lath tbo Khedive sent a spe
cial train to moot Stanley at Suez.
Ix tho Senate, on tho 14th, a number
of bills wero roported from commltteoi
and placed on tho calendar, iho bnn-
ato then proceoded with tho considera
tion of the resolution, previously of
fered bv Mr. Call. In relation to the
claims of Florida under tho swamp-land
grant, which occupied tho time until
four o clock, when the senate wont into
executive session In tho House,
aftor a number of bills had boon intro
duced and referred, an elfort was mado
by Mr. Perkins (lias.) to have the House
o into commlttoo of tho whole on tbe
Oklahoma Town-Site Entry bill. This
was defeated, and tho report on the
Sllcott defalcation, with a bill to reim
burse members, was takon up.
Tbe Amorlean Socloty for l'sychlcal
Resoarch held its annual mcotlng In
Boston on tho night of tho 14th. Prof.
Wm. James, of Harvard, presided, and
stated that, owing to a lack of funds, It
would bo impossible to successfully
prosecute tho work of tho socloty in Its
present form any longor. It was ac
cordingly voted to disband the socloty
immediately and reorganize as an Amer
ican branoh of tho English Society ot
Psyohlcal Research.
John Buiixs, tho London labor load-
or, has written to tho omcers oi tns
American Fodoration of Labor saying
that ho cannot come to tho United
States to locture asrequested.
Newspai-eks rooolvod from Urazll
stato that on November 16, when nows
of tho revolution reached Manahoa,
thero was a collision botwoon citizens
and troops, four ot tho former being
killed and a number wounded. When
the President appointed by tho Provi
sional Government arrivod another out
break occurred, but thoro was no blood.
Tub Mississippi Stato Sonnte, on the
14th, passed tho bill requiring a voter
to either own 3300 worth of taxable
property or to bo ablo to read and
write boforo ho can vote for mayor.
The following Is a list of the new
Portuguese Cabinet officers: Premier
and Minister ot tho Intorlor and ad In
terim Minister ot War, Pimentalt Min
ister ot Justleo, Loyronas; .Minister of
Finance, Blanco; Minister ot Marine,
Arroyo; Minister ot Foreign Affairs,
Rlbiero; Minister of Publlo Worka,
The third annual dinner of the Bos
ton Chamber ot Commerce was held on
the night ot tbe 11th at' the Tromonl
House, President Alden Spearo presid
ing. Nearly two hundred guests wero
in attendance, inoludlng many ot th
solid, business men of tbo city.
Effects nf "Smutty" Corn.
Cattle andhorsosaro dying near Platte
City and Parkvlllo attributed to eating
"smutty" corn.
Dcnth of n 111c Man.
Deacon Hall, tho largest man In North
west Missouri, died at tho Ensworth
Hospital, in St. Joseph. Ho was con
nected with tho St Joseph & Grand
Island railroad, and wolghod 350 pounds.
Sale of L. V. lteavls' Library.
A curious crowd gathered at a St
Louis auction houso, recently, In at
tendance upon the salo of tho library ot
the lato L. U. Rcavls. Tho salo realized
about $300.
Dcnth of "Judge" J. M. Young
John M. Young, aconsplcuous charac
ter In' St. Louis for nearly a halt cent
ury, died a fow days ago. "Judge"
Young, as bo was always callod, was
born in St. Louis in 1831, and his career
was an eventful ono. For at least twen
ty years "Judgo" Young servodas a Jus
tice of tbo peace. Fifteen years ago ho
had tho cream ot tho business In that
line. In the days before tho passage of
tho Marrlagc-LUcnso law, ho did an ex
tensive business In tying tho nuptial
knot It was ho that quietly united x
Senator Tabor, of Colorado, to Miss Mc
Corinlck, the "Belle of Oshkosh," tho
fact not developing for several years.
A Remarkable Acildeut
Charles F. Baxter, tho night agent for
tho Pacific Expross Company at tho St
Joseph Union depot, shot himself acci
dentally recently, and it was expected
that his injuries would provo fatal. Ho
was returning to bod, and, in adjusting
his bed-covoring, knocked his revolver
off a chair. As it struck tbe floor a
cartridge exploded and tbo bullet struck
Baxter in tho region of tbo heart Bax
ter is twenty-seven years of age, and has
a wifo and two small children.
An niopcment Itevealed.
It was learnod a fow nights ago that
Hal D. Tracy, assistant business man
ager of tho St. Joseph Herald, was mar
ried to Miss Maud Benedict, of that city,
at Leavenworth, Kas., on New Year's
Day. It was an elopement Both parties
aro prominent in social circles, but after
tho marrlago each went to their parents'
homos, aftor deciding not to say any
thing about tho marrlago to any body
until next spring. Mr. Tracy was com
peted to go to his bed on account of sick
ness. Tho doctor told him ho was very
ill, and ho. sent for his wife, when their
marriage was muCLc known.
A Careless Mother's Lesson.
While Mrs. W. J. Burns, tho wlfo ot
a laborer residing in Kansas City, was
absent from her home a moment sho
hoard screams from her kitchon, and on
reaching there found her fivo-yoar-old
child with its clothing on fire. Bofore
tho flames could be extinguished tbe
child was fatally burned.
Lived nn One Farm Sixty-Two Yenrs.
Joel E. Hudspeth, ono of tho oldest
settlers of Jackson County, dlod recent
ly at his rosidonco near Lake City, at
tho ago of soventy-two years, ne was
born in Simpson County, Ky., and moved
with his family to tho farm on which
ho spent his last days in 1828, having
resided on tho samo farm sixty-two
years. The deceased was quite wealthy,
'and a bachelor,
Missouri Itlver Improvement.
Sonator Vest has introduced a joint
resolution In tho Senato appropriating
250,000 t clear the Missouri river of
snags and obstructions between Kan
sas City and its mouth, to be immediate
ly available. A prcamblo to the resolu
tion recites that tho amount appro
priated for that work Is exhausted; that
certain citizens of Kansas City havo be
gun tho construction c a number of
steamers 'or tho navigation of said river,
and by reason ot snags and obstructions
in said, river aro refusod Insuranco upon
their boats and cargoes.
Sudden Dentil.
John Marlow, ono of tho best-known
citlzons ot St Joseph, who had been in
business thero for twonty years, died
very suddenly a fow days ago.
A Costly Iluir.
It cost Mac L. Campbell, a St Louis
telegraph oporator, twonty-flvo dollars
for hugging a young lady on the street
without her consent.
Prohibition Convention.
Tho Prohibition party has issuod u
call for a convention, to bo hold at Se
dalla, February 3 to 5 next
Damaged by Floods.
Thousands of dollars' worth ot prop
erty has been damaged In tho southeast
ern part ot tho Stato by floods.
What a Servant Girl Did.
A servant girl let robbers Into a St.
Louis residence, and they stole three
mndred dollars' worth of valuablos.
Later she betrayed them, and thoy woro
Too Many Wives.
E. Riley Cooper was convicted at St
Josoph of having too many wives, and
sentenced to tho ponitontiary for font
years and six months. Ho has threat
ened to kill every newspaper reportei
in tho city.
A lld Fire.
The large building occupied by tbo
Western Union Telegraph Company in
St. Louis was gutted by lire a few morn
ings ago. The loss aggrcgatedlOO.OOO.
It was sovoral days bofore tbo company
was ablo to promptly handle business
Counterfeiters Arrested.
At Sturgeon, a taw days since, the
sheriff and posse arrested John R. Smith
and a man named Conkjing, charged
with counterfeiting. Smith had molds
In his hfUBO for making silver dollars
and coins of smaller denominations, and
Conkl made It his business to put the
coin into circulation.
A Drlnst that Killed.
Wood Dickson, of Montevellp, near
Nevada, drank ohloral and brnmldo ot
potassium, to steady his nerves after a
carouse. Ho swallowed an overdoso'
and died.-- ne was under lndlotmont fat
tbduotimr ft (Ifteon-veaiJ-old'Hfl,
.Senator Sliermr.n's Anti-Trust 1)111 ns
Amended by the Senate Finance Com
mittee and Iteported Favorably.
. Washington, Jan. 15. Senator Mor
rill, from the commltteo on finance, yes
terday roported favorably Senator Slier
man's Anti-Trust hill, amended by tho
commltteo to read as follows:
That all arrangements, contracts, agree
ments, trusts or combinations between cor
porations or persons mudo with the intent Inn
toproTcntfull and trco action In the Importa
tion or transportation or salo of goods Into
the United States or manufacture of articles
ot domestic growth or production, domestic
raw material that competes with any Blinllnr
article upon which a duty Is levied by tha
United States, and which shall bo transport
ed from one "tatu or Territory to another for
sale, and all arrangements, contracts, ugreo.
ments, trusts or combinations between per
sons or corporations Intended to advance
the cost to tho consumer ot any such
article, are hereby declared to bo
against publlo policy, dntuwful and
void. That any person or corporation injured
or damaged by such arrangement, contract
or agreement, trust or comblnutlon.liiny sue
for and recover. In any court of thu United
States of competent Jurisdlct!un,of any per
son or corporation a puity to a cotnbln.ition
described In this act, to the amount of tin,
damages sustained, and the cost of suit. All
persons entering into any such arrange
ment, contract, agreement, trust or colubi
nation described In this net other than on
Ills own account or us agent or attorney for
another, or as an ofllcer. agent or stock
holder of a corporation, or as a trustee, or In
any capacity whatever, shall be guilty of a
nigh misdemeanor, and on . conviction
Ihs-'iof In any district or civil court of tho
United States, shall bo subject ton linn of
not more than ten thousand dollars, or im
prisonment In the penitentiary for a term of
not more than flvo years, or to both such
line and Imprisonment In tho discretion of
the court. And It shall bo the duty nf tho
district attorney of the United States of thu
of the district In which such persons rcsidi,
to Institute the proper proceedings to on
force the provisions of this act.
The Mutlon for a New Trlul of the Cronln
Murderers Denied, lxrept in the C.lsi, of
Kunze, and the Prisoners Coiighl1ii,0'Mil
tlvnii anil llurko Taken to Juliet Ktino
May Yet ty, l'ree.
CuiCAfio, Jan. 15. Judgo McConnolI,
yesterday afternoon rendered his de
cision on tbo motion of tho attorneys
for the dofensc for a now trial of tho
Cronln case. Ho decided that .lolm
Kunzo was entltlod to a now trial. In
tho other cases tho Judge decided that
tbo verdict must stand. Tho prisoners
were then formally sentenced.
Tho prisoners' attorneys gavo notlco
that an appeal to tho Supremo Court
would bo taken, and tho court allowed
them tlmo in which to file a bill of ex
ceptions. The prisoners wero taken back to jail,
but a minute later Kunzo was brought
back at tho request of his counsel, Mr.
Donahoc, who wanted to make a motion
to admit htm to ball. Judgo Longo
necker opposed It, and then wanted tho
ball put at 20,000, but Judge McCon
nell fixed it at 85,000. Ho would havo
discharged him. bo said, if there wero
no now cvidonco against him, but tho
State's attorney had informed him thero
was borne. Judge Longenecker intim
ated that if they lot Kunzo stay in jail
a few days ho might concludo not to
bring him to trial at all, but let him go.
Ho promised to let the court and coun
sel know this week, and accordingly no
ellort will bo mado to get Kunzo out
on ball in tho meantime.
Coughlln, llurko and O'SuUlvan worn
taken to .Toilet last night on the nino
o'clock train on tho Chicago & -Alton
road, and at eleven o'clock wero admit
ted to tho penitentiary to begin their
life terms of penal service to the Stato.
Mutiny Among the Soldiers nt III" tie
Janeiro which Cost n Hundred Lives tt
yuell Instigator Arrested.
New Yohk, Jan. 15. Ono of tho cor
respondents of Mr. C. 1). Flint writes
from Itio do Janeiro under date ot De
cember 23, 1880, as follows:
The outlook here Is not reassuring. Lnt
evening parts of tno regiments of cavalry.
Infantry and artillery mutinied. They torn
up the republican flag and hoisted' tho old
Imperial ll.ig and it required nil the other
regiments and artillery to subdue them.
They fought nt tho San Chrlslovas artillery
quarter until after twelve o'clock last night,
and ono hundred of tho rebels u ero killed.
Tho cause ot tho mutiny was dissutisructlon.
Tho police are paid two mllrols a day. and
tho soldiers clulm they were promised thu
same, but it wus raised to not quite that
amount It Is said that quite ll number ot
tho old Conservatives und Liberals havo been
tampering with the soldiers und uru at tho
bottom otj.ust night's row. This moruln
early Mlvelra Maitlns, Assls Martins, Ilurr.i
do Lagoe, Dr. Lima Fnrate, Dr, Ferrelra
Vlannu, lute Minister, and Cominencndaro
Dorigaonoot tho leading merchants ot Itio,
were arrested
llnrr Engineer Kerln Escaped a Horrible
- Death uu Hoard a lluriilug Steamship.
Baltimore, Md., Jan. 15. Chlof En
gineer Kerlns, ono of tho men supposed
to havo perished in Monday's steamship
fire, reported at the olfioa of tho Fur
noss Line, allvo and well, ypstorday
afternoon. Ho was thought to bo dead.
His cscapo was most remarkable. When
tho fire broke out on tho vessol ho
rushed from placo to place seeking to
escape. Everywhere his progress was
barred by tho llamcs, which chased btm
at every step and, finally, to oscapo bo-''
ing burned for tho tlmo being, ho took
rofugo in a shaft tunnol, where thero
was a draft ot air. Ho soon lost con
sciousness in this refuge, and kno'w
nothing more until yesterday afternoon,
when ho awoko and managed to get
ashoro. from tho still burning ship
which was beached on the river bank.
Tho bodies of John Whlto, a flremiiri,
and Charles Johnson, a scamap, pt tho
Bteamship- Sacrobosco was found last
evening in tbo hull of the bilrnod "voi
sel. Thoy had been suffocated to death
but were not disfigured much by fire.
The Death Itute of London,
Loxtlox, Jan. 15. The returns of tho
registrar of births and deaths for tho
last wcok show that tho morality dur
ing that period was1 i!;747, which U 'lllO
above tho average. Of theso doaths
' sixty-seven, wqrei primarily duo to influ
enza and 189 to diseases ot tho respira
tory 'organs. The" lattor;flguru8 hrt 723
above the weekly avoragos of. ,d,fath
from tbe causes indicated. The Princess
of Wales is amongst tho latest victims
iif the Influenza. -
Lord tfapler,- whq jdlod yjjplorJlay,
was .first ataoked with, lnfliionza whloh
developed Into tnflaroawon oftno'luuga

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