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Subscription, $1.00 Pop Year,
F. Q. FcruitsoR, Business Mnnngor.
Thursday, January 16, 1890.
A raging blizzard In Kansas and a
destructive cyclone In St. Louis ap
peared unannounced on Sunday last.
. The world's fair committee sent to
Washington from St. Louis, was
composed of the very best citizens of
What an Improvement Gen.Raum
is on Tanner! Raura is doing threo
times as much work, and a hundred
times less talking.
Tms county should be well repre.
sented next month at the meeting of
tho Republican League clubs, to be
held in Kansas City.
Jetikrson Citt will accept K con-
nressional appropriation for tho lm
Movement of the great "Osage
lrr" rnlhpr than holding the
World's fair.
Wb shall cease to dally in humor
ous tones Kith our late acquaintance,
Col. LaGrippe. Indeed, we now feel
n profound awe for that venerable
Russian. We are unlike the American
hog, we know when we have enough.
Gkh. Siieldt siaes Vest up without
any difficulty. He says Vest will be a
candidate for the senate as long as ne
lives. As the next legislature will be
republican, Mr. Vest being a candl
data Is the nearest he will Eet to the
Some effort is being made to ascer
tain how the Egyptian mummy was
: mad. The old way was by embalm
ing, but the recent method that had
the same effect on Cleveland, was to
hide his encyclopedia.
Tue territories are fa9t disappear
ing. . Like the buffalo, the wild west
will soon be'a thing of the past unless
Gov. Hill can be induced to move
out there. He and Altba might re'
store it to its past glory.
Ir there i3 any sincerity in tho op
position to . the ''Trusts," why don't
some one offer a short amendment to
the Inter-State Commerce law. Con
gressmcn and senators arc waiting
for Brice to make that move, prob
Up to the last report the Hill and
Cleveland factions were still at it.
While we don't especially care about
it, yet, if Cleveland is to be the next
democratic candidate we would like
to see him go into the canvass with
his eyes, nose and ears left. If the
light goes on he will have neither, and
the next picture will be all neck.
We are unlik'e some of our friends
throughout tho state, in respect to
our second choice for the world's
fair. If St. Louis can't get it let it
go to Chicago. We want it held
where Missouri will at least get an
indirect benefit. Chicago being near
cr to Missouri than New York, it will
be better for Missouri to have it
there than in New York.
Thr howling country editor who
has fed his constituency with bom
bastic expletives on tho dangers of
decay of the republic, owing to the
election of a few republican pluto
crats to tho senate, Is holding his
breath for a brief moment, whllci the
democrats of Ohio are electing that
mushroom millionaire and political
rainbow-chaser, Calvin stock Jobber
Brlce, to the senate of tho United
States. The wuolo democratic pro
cession stops when a democrat is
found who possesses a quarter In his
own right.
His Grace, tho archbishop of Phil
adelphia, the Most Rev. P. G. Ryan,
D. D.. delivered a lecture at tlio ex
position music hall in St. Louis on
Sunday evening last to an audience
of -1000 people. The lecture was one
of those eloquent cfi'orts which has
long since caused him to be rccog'
nlzed as one of the most brilliant men
of this ago. His touching words on
meeting his old friends in St. Louis
were beautiful and heartfelt. The
subject of tho leetuto tvas "Christ
ianity tho Preserver ot Civilization."
Benj. F. Butlek has lost none of
his accustomed tartness in the use of
the Knglish language. Bishop Potter
and Ex-Prcsldcnt Cleveland would
probably call It his accustomed
roasting" ability. Some time ago
Bishop Potter characterised Andrew
Jackson as a "ruffian" which old
Ben resents by saying it docs not be
come a man who voted for an indi
vidual that made the spectacle of a
mother in a mad house, a son in a
poor house and a father in the White
house, possible, to criticise old Hickory.
Senator Geo. G. Vest will cer
tainly introduce a bill in the U. S.
senate for an appropriation of at
least five hundred thousand dollars
for the Improvement of the "Osage
River," a stream reported navigable
for boats by U. S. engineers tho most
of the year for over three hundred
miles, and iuto the State of Kansas,
this creat river running through the
central portion of the state and
emptying into the Missouri liver
eight miles east of Jefferson City
The senator, wo understand, has in
troduccd a bill appropriating 8250,-
000 for tho improvement of tho Mis.
souri river between St. Joseph and
its mouth. Senator Vest knows that
Hon. Waller Young Is a power in
Missouri as well as in the Osage vol
The Torrey bankrupt bill was In
troduced in toe house of representa
tives on December 20th, by the Hon
Ezra B. Taylor, of Ohio, chairman of
the judiciary committee, and In the
senate on the 21st, by the Hon. Geo.
F. Hoar, of Massachusetts. The
author of this bill is Mr. Jay L.
Torrcy, an attorney of St. Louis
whose large mercantile practice
peculiarly fitted him for the prepara
lion of a measure fraugut witli so
much importance to tho mercantile
interests of this country. A perusal of
the measure shows that the task for
it was a task U well done.
The necessity of a uniform bank
rupt law is now conceded by the
whole country ond the Torry bill
should receive the prompt attention
of congress and pass.
ings have increased enormously, and
I consider railroad earnings tho best
business barometer. I bolleve the
new year will bo marked by a contin
uance of this prosperity and a further
development of tho resources of the
The beginning of tho now year
finds Uncle Sam's cash account in
pretty good shape. His Indebted
ness has been cut down over 880,
000,000 In a year, and instead of
being $2,500,000,000 as it was 25
years ago, is now a round billion.
Better than this, the Interest bearing
debt, which, in 18G5, was 52,381,
630,294, Is now below $850,000,000.
Still better than that, the interest
charge which, in 1AC5, was $150,
000,000 a year, Is now only $30,000,
000 annually. The debt reduction
of the year has been a little over
$81,000,000. This amount has been
used in purchase of bonds, and, al
though a high figure has been paid
on these bonds by reason of the fact
that they have several years yet to
rup, n very largo amount of prospect
ive Interest have been saved by this
transaction. There now remain but
$124,000,000 of the 4J per cent,
bonds outstanding. These are not
redeemable at par until September 1,
1891. When these arc out of the
way the only interest oearmg tleut
worth mentioning will be one lot of 4
per cent, bonds, redeemable in 1907.
These amount to $640,000,000. Ex.
The Montana republicans
democrats have each elected United
States senators. We hope the senate
of the United States will send the
whole outfit back to Montana with
notice that they are expected to settle
their own difficulties, and not inflict
the whole government of the United
States, with their petty quarrel.
The New York Sun asks : "Who
is responsible for the gradual wasting
aww of Missouri's fair and reliable
democratic majority?" The Kansas
C-.ty News, an Independent paper re
plies: "As near as we can make it
out It is either mildew or dry rot that
caused the calamity, and what's more
tho process shows few signs of abate
ment." '
Tne democratic press claims that
Congressman Neidringhaus is in
training for the governorship In 1892.
We elsewhore print a sensational
article regarding his intentions as
given out by a democratic orgin, the
Republic. The republicans will carry
Missouri in 1892 without tho aid of
boodle In fact the boodle business
is an exclusively democratic Institu
tion. The president, it is said, likes to
look at a man before he appoints him
M an important office. That Is no
' doubt n great help to a good judge of
human nature and Harrison's profes
sional experience should have made
' him somewhat of an expert in. sizing
up a fellow. At least he has shown
i t$A judgment up to date In his se
It'bilont. The knowing ones say
Sbhuarte would have fared better If
Abe president bad not seen him.
an alllanop between NoldcringhatiB j
and Kernes, on the basis of tho senj
ntor for.ono and the governorship for
the other, is the most proper and !
natural thing Imaginable.
That Neidringhaus wants to bo
governor thcro Is no doubt; that lie
is willing to "put up'' for It Is equally i
certain.' It is understood that lie has '
already signified to Filley his Intcn- I
tion of putting 8250,000 In the jack-1
pot if assurances can be extended to
him that tho cards aro all right. If
Farmer Wadorhas a senatorial run
ning mato the fact has not yet been
developed, but that Warner ond
KTI.1 ...111 M. . .1 1 t.t- 1. t
iiuuiu mil mu vugubuur, uuu luiiu tuu
scheme is to put Kernes and Neid
ringhaus in the'same cart, Is becoming
more evident dally. It is almost cer
tain that there will bo somo fun in
tho next Missouri campaign, and that
tho statesman, and patriot Neidring
haus is booked for an important part
is beyond. question.
p CUunoll tiEETlNOS.
Baptist,' Firs Sunday.
Methodist, Second Sunday.
Presbyterian, Fourth Sunday:
S. M. ELSTON & Co.,
General Merchandise and Jobbers In
Farm Maoh'incry, Binders Twine,
&c. &c. &c.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Tlnwaru, Furnlturo, Coffins, Etc.
Drugs and Groceries,
Express and Ruil-Road Agent.
uo Boreau, 1
LND Vkns. Av. ,
3., Jan. 1, '90. J
no. 221 east riaii smxet.
A fine Lunch counter run In connec
tion with the saloon, where lunch can
be had. at all hours.
Watchmaker and Jeweler. Repairing
Promptly Dono and warranted.
Presbyterian, Third Sunday.
Baptist, Fourth Sunday.
Lutheran, Second Sunday.
Post Master and Justice of the Peace
Piop'r Commercial Hotel.
The fact that there aro three (lib
tinct divisions of the democratic
party on the tariff question, and the
fact that there arc free traders in th
republican party shows the necessity
of a readjustment of either of th
parties, arc the main principals that
each arc contending for. In tin
democratic party they have the Mill
and Waterson free trade faction ; the
Randall tariff faction and the "tariff
for revenue only" faction. It would
seem to be impossible to concilia!
and keep these factions in the old
parties, and it is beginning to look as
if the democrat that cannot swallow
the "free trade" plank will hayo t
seek congenial company In some
other party. As for the free trad
republican we will reduce the tariff
and make it as comfortablo for him
as possible under existing circum
Mn. S. II. II. Clauk general man
ager of tho Missouri Paciflo railway,
soys In the New York Star: "In all
my railroad expeilence I've never
seen, anything to compare with the
traffic strain under which the rail
roads aro now staggering. The crops
in the agricultural states are unus
ually bountiful, so heavy, in fact,
that all the railroad facilities have
proved inadequate. We have begged,
borrowed ond leased from eastern
lines all the cars that could be ob
tained, and still we are'ehort several
thousand. Groinerles are overflow
ing, and for hundreds of miles along
the tracks of tho Missouri Pacific toys
tern corn and other cerials arc
stacked unsheltered wotting for cars.
In the past six months railroad earn-
The Rkvoblio Boreau,
Cou. 14tii St. and
Washington, D. C
It will probably interest Missour
iaus to know that the statesman and
patriot Neidringhaus is full of the
belief that he is ordained by Provi
dence and tho grace of his fellow
countrymen to succeed David R.
Francis as governor of Missouri.
Neidringhaus, according to the re
ports that have reached hero during
the past three or four da3's, is now
squarely in the field. It Is under
stood that Filley hat promised him
tj)e next republican nomiualion for
governor and that ho is going into
the fight with his purso open and his ,
sleeves rolled up. Neidiinghaus
believes that money can perform any
thing in politics. He boasts with a
goad deal of pride that for the mod
erate expenditure of $08,000 he car
ried the city of St. Louis and elected
three republican congressmen in the
fall of 1888. He is rich ami ambitious.
He has plenty of money to spend,
and ho believes that the honor of
being governor of Missouri is worth
$250,000. He is willing to invest that
amount in tho enterprise. No matter
whether Filley gets tho postmaster-
ship or not, it is his intention to keep
his giip on the republican machine.
With his grip on the machine he can
name the next republican candidate
for governor, and it is understood
that Neidringhaus and himself have
already made an arrangement to the
effect that Neidringhaus is to be the
It is argued that Neidringhaus is
enough of a prohibitionist to satisfy
the truly good brethren iii the coun
try, and that tho German brewers and
saloon-keepers in the cities as a
matter of national pride will support
him solidly. A member of his family
telegraphed here within a few days
past that h-3 was already dubbed the
Bismarck of Missouri, and that this
indicated much. Of course, if Mr.
Filley is made postmaster the ma
chine will be strengthened, but in any
contingency Neidringhaus expects
that ho can capture tho nomination.
Farmer Wade will he a candidate
on a truly pious platform, and it is
understood that Maj. Warner has en
tered Into an offensive and defensive
alliance with Noble, the basis of
which is that Warner is to bo the
candidate for governor and Noblo is
to make the race for senator against
Mr. Vest.
Hints have been received hero of
an alliance between tho Clan-uo-Gacl
and Der tyga Pcrsonlichcn Frcihcit.
This means, of .course, a aorabjno be
tween Neideringhaus and Kernes. The
star-route statesman may be expected
to swing the Cian-na-Gacl all right,
while Neidringhaus will take care of
the German Personal Liberty League.
The basis fot' t'lls arrangement has
not yet been announced hc-rc, aii;'.
the faithful are anxious as to Its de
tails, Kernes and Filley being now
engaged in tho apparently agrceahlo
pastime of throttling each other. Of
course, Neidringhaus Is completely
under Fllley's wing, and Is faithful
to Filley's interests ; consequently the
report that Der LIga and the CI an
na-Gael had pooled Issues created
surprise, and some people doubt" tlio
poBslolllly of Its consummation.
There Is no knowing, however, how
deals can be arranged and trades con
summated, and in consequence' nearly
all the practical politicians from Mis
souri now in Washington beliove that
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