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i-x- Ifcw i Mim i I'iNiit
MS ' W WWi A. VrT JL 1 A X X
, , TX-,. 4l itAAtt IftflA TT-rt will nnftM rt iiniiKtinl IrmrfA tirnl!.
& . .V-. " Gold Pens, Chains,
kvf v' Sleovo Buttons,
I' .V Collar Buttons,- Cnrving-
?. - . Sntfl. Finn. Itino-R.
4 , j 0-
Charms, Watches, Clocks,
Cos tors,
Card Receivers, Butter
Dishes, Thimbles,
Borry Spoons, Sugar
Bowls, Crenmors, Opera
0 lassos,
Knives, Forks, Spoons
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Imported Delicacies!
202 East High Street, Jefferson City.
Fresh Goods and Low Prices!
All Onr Teas Are Guaranteed to Pleases-
Sole Agent for Royal Java Coffee.
ggf-Jolm T. Craven's ti
I tit
SXlovJlevs, Reaper's and Sittder-s,
' 0.Q Q 0
Steam Machinery.
- V pHMBMHHHmUUa.il 1
litSffWo only handle hc very best material and at the very lowest
lAtftiyiVVAtr. 11 fSll'n 'lia A rm nmi Va ivlll niinvitnlAn nnllm en 1 1 J t nn Irtu Irt tWurXf
oayUoulsr. It not convcnleat to call, address us a card,.
,v TANNER & DARKER. jefferaon City, Mo.
ruDj.:snED every Thursday evehino.
P, G. Fulkersojj, Business Manager.
7fttcreZ i We i'oZojnc at Jeffevton City,
ito. an icconrt clats matter.
Now 8ctlc,'JD. 7, 1800.
Thursday, January '23, 1800.
Charlolto Thompson at Lohman's
opera house Saturday night.
Mr. Clinrlcs Locsch,ono of Colo comi
ty's best citizens, wa9 lu tho city Tues
day. Call and examine samples and
prices of Job work.
Mr. John W. Sommercr, an 'enter
prising young farmer of tho vicinity of
Brazlto,was In the city Tuesday.
Buy a non-magnetic watch and secure
a perfect tlmo peace at Macaulcy's.
The Knights of Pjthlas' now hall was
opened to tlio public last Saturday even.
Ing, uud was visited by a, great many
A line lino of ladles' and gents' Gold
watches at Macaulcy's jewelry etoro,
next to Exchange Bank.
Chief of the ftro department Gcrston
korn Is organizing ward fire companies.
A marriage license uas Issued to Mr.
llenj, F. McKcnucy of KUton, and Miss
Maggie Muhan of near Si'otts.
fiend in your subscrlptloH at once for
Tun Rui'L'iilicam. Only ouo dollar per
.vcar In advance.
Mr. John Waldo, formerly of this city,
died at his home lu Washington, 1). 0.,
on the 3rd lust. , of cancer of the throat.
Get your watch, clock and jewelry re
pairing douo at II. A. Macauli-y'g
jewelry store, No. 201 Kast High street.
Mr. F. M. Tagartof the firm of Tag.ti t
& Klllott,of Marlon, was lu the city thi
week. Thesu gentlemen arc, we arc glad
to learn, doing a lino bushier.
F bii Sam:!
Closing th m nut. Lot of I)aU sew
ing machines at cost, at George 1'orlhV
jewelry stoiu. '
U.ri. Hall, state lecturer of F.inuprs'
and Lnborcik' union, will lecture lu
house of representative Tuesday, Jan
uary 23, at 2 p. m. All uro Invited.
Mr. Albert Urucnimerol Liberty town
ship, was aceldcntly shot last Sunday,
while attc'idinga tuikey-shootlngmateh,
near Taos, the wound produolngdcalh.
A flue lino or ladles' and gents' Chains
Charms, Tins, Cuff buttons and all kinds
of jewelry at Macaulcy's.
Mr. Henry Hoiurlebs, the popular
young jeweler of Scdalla, was in the city
this week vUltlng his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph lkhirlcut, i
Scud us your orders for jub printing If
yjil want ne.it and clean u oik at low
llgures. Call and seo samples and as
certain prices.
Mr. Dante Barton ha3 been elected
secretary of the Colo County Building
and Loan association to 1111 the vacancy
ot Mr. K. A. Krauthoff.ioslgued.
Herman Benulng, railroad section
foicman, committed mleldc Thursday
night of last week, at his homo In Osage
City. Family trouble teems to have been
the cause.
young man named Joseph Schedul,
in the ciMployc of Franz Bros., fell
somo live or six feet from n stairway at
ihe brewery hut Fililay,caiulnglujuiles
ihoiit the head, which proved f ital.
Manl.igo lleeuso were Issued Tucs-
div to Mr. Charles M. Yowes and Miss
Anna Weaver of Centti'town, and Chas.
A. Miller of Kansas City ami Miss Julia
Huffman of this city.
Tho young pcoplo of tho Evangelical
church will give a suppcrTlunsday even
ing, January 30, at the hall of thejYoung
Men'!) Christian association, on Wash
ington street, for the benefit of the
Tho river route surveying coip, with
Engineer I'lielln lu charge, finished the
survey to Graj 's point Saturday. It Is
said tho routo surveyed Is an elegant
one, easy cum-,!""! the maximum grade
not over fifteen feet to the mile.
This ofllce has just turned out a lot of
lino four-pago circulars for Messrs.
Schhmer & Hurler's annual clearing
sale. Tills clicnlar Is Indicative of en
terpi lso not sui pns.'-ed by houses lu our
irgest cUles. These gentlemen are lo
cated at Hold, In Call.tway county, and
they carry a fine stock of goods mid do a
thriving business.
Mr. Will Hutchinson ot Mm ion town
ship, was In the city Monday. Ho In
formed us that tho mad-dog scale had
taken plnco In his vicinity, and that
about one dozen canines had been put
beyond tho possibility of hydrophobia,
and many others were destined to fol
low. Some stock have recently been
bitten by a mad dog at and near Ccutrc
t)wn,hciico tli? alarm.
At a meeting of tho stockholders of
the Merchants' bank It was decided to
reduco the number of dhcetois from
eleven to nine, and elected the following
boatd ot directors: 1), I(. Mclntyrc, 0.
A. WaroJi.'O. Lohnian,J. It. Edwards,
M. It. Sinks, Ij. 1). Goidon, V. II.
Binder, J. II. Deircks and I'lilllp Ott.
Gen. D. II. Mclntyro president and M.
It. Sinks' vice-president. Tho resigna
tion ot Cashier 0. G. Brooks was ac
cepted. Notice! Notice!
Parties Indebted to me are hereby no
tilled to settle up at once, All accounts
not paid by February 1, will bo given In
tho hands of tho authorities for collec
tion, l'ay up at once and you will save
trouble and expense.
Tho annual meeting of the Jefferson
City Water-Works Co was held at Its
olllcft At 0 o'clock Monday, tho 1.1th Inst.
Tho stockholders proceeded to tho elec
tion of seven directors for tho ensuing
year, resulting as follows: W. W. Wag
ner, Win. S. l)avUon,F. II. Blndcr.W.
A. Dallmcyor. It. V. Walker, J. 0.
Fisher and J. It. Edwards. Mr. Binder
was re-elected president; Mr, J. It.
Edwaids, vice-president; W. W. Wag
lier,trcasiirer,and W. A. Dallmcyer sec
retary. Mr. Lorcnz F-anz,a native of Bavaria,
and a resident of this city for twenty-four
years, died at his homo on Bolivar
street, on last Saturday night, aged 72
years, Mr. Franz has been In tho mer
cantile and hrowpry business In this city
with his brother, Mr. Andrew Franz, for
a number of years, and thoy Invo gained
the acquaintance and filculshtp of an
cxteuslvo circle. Tho funeral services
were had at tho Catholic churchMonday
Tho folluwlng are the newly elected
ofllccrs of tho Odd fellows lodge of this
Henry Grimm, P. O. j.Indgo J. S.
I)lcrck3,-N. O.; A. J. Hjcfer, V. G. ;
Enill Stulbr,rccordlHgs'!erctary5 Gcorgo
Sehutz,P. secretary; Joseph Obennayer,
treasurer; W. J. Carew, wanton ( I.onls
Deeilug, conductor; John Schmidt, K.
S. N. O. ; Henry Schmidt,!.. S.N. G. ;
Capt. J. Stelnluger.lt. S. V. G.;3W. J.
Dnemiug,!,. S. V. O.; Geo. Porth, It.
S., S.; II. J. Gortenkorn,L. S. S.( 0.
.' Maus, I. G.; 11.-1,. MuCormlck,
O. 0.
The publisher of "Southern So
ciety and Drama," No. CO Main
street, Norfolk ,Va., desire a corres
pondent in this section to attend
theatres mid society incitiiigs and
forward reports of same. Credential:)
for admittance furnished, Address
with stamped envelope for reply.
In the opinion of Mr. Erastus Wtman,
a man woll qualified to speak upon the
subject, tho present year Is likely to bo
(he most prosperous one that thU country
has over known, Jn all his buslne's ex
perience,! says, be has never scon a
more favornblo outlook for every form of
tr.ido and Industry. This view Is In
dorsed by all tho leading business men of
New Yoik. Only a serUs of unforseen
great calamities can pivvent the realiza
tion of an unprecedented degrco of suc
cess lu all sections and for all c'a'sc.
0. U.
Miss Charlotte Thompson is of
charming presence and gifted by na
ture with nirj talent. She is most
undoubtedly in the foicinost ranks of
the artistic world. There arc few, if
any, who have all the advantages
which Miss Thompson possesses. At
times she has also vivacity and arch
ness, and all tho buoyant and electric
spit it of glowing genius. "N. Y.
Herald, February 10.
At JLohir.an's opera house next
Saturday evening, January 25.
Tho State Convention of tho Itepnb
llcan Club League of Missouri will meet
at Kansas City on February 19. for the
purposo of electing ofllcors for tho com
ing year and to elect delegates to the
National League convention which meets
o i March 1. The president' of several
clubs In the county aro rcqiie'ted to call
a meeting of their clubs at mich tlmo as
they may select, (Saturday. January 23,
at 2 p. in. suggested) to clret delegates
to tho state convention. One delegate
for each club and one for eaeli additional
50 members Islhchaslsof representation,
and a full attendance at the club meet
ing, and the selection of delegates Who
will attend tho convention, Is hoped for.
Missouri 111.1st fall Into the republican
column next year. Thirty-one demo
cratic members of ihe lower linuss were
elected last year by less tli.tti 200 major
ity. Had tho advice of Climmccy I.
I'illey been heeded those changes would
have Inl.on place In 'SS. Hut It is never
too late to mend, and the republicans
having soen their error v 111 correct It In
'00. Thoy arc resting on thrlr oars now,
but their vlgllanco at the proper tlmo
will attest the wisdom of tlielr couifo.
Tho demociacy will have exhausted
themselves beforo tho bittle begins,
while tlio republicans will bo full of
vigor and enthusiasm. Euterpilsc.
Nitrate of Soda.
Over 500,000 tons of Chili Snll-Pelrc
or Nitrate of Soda was used In Europe
last year xor manure, as yet it is
llttlo known In this country. It is' ad
mitted to be the most powerful of nil
fertilizers and the cheapest mid best
sourva of Nitrogen. In Harris' Rural
Annual for 181)0, full and reliable di
rcctions uro given for its iu c on farm
and garden crops, sjinall fruits, green
house plants, roso3, etc.- It will bo
sent frco to tiny of ourtibscriticrs
who soud their names to Joseph Har
ris Seed Co., Morutou Farm, Monroe
Co., N. Y.
llliov.-siiAU!,MiKN. , January 1800. A
party of tlxty persona gathered nt the
homo of Henry Brustclij last night and
sat down to a supper' at (1:30. Among
the meats served was sausage. Tho ef
fect was awful. Forty of tho guest), all
who p'irtook of sausage, were taken with
violent tits of vomiting and fell upon one
auo'.hor. Mrs. Henry Shick died this
morning and twenty of tho other victims
of trichina aro so low that but slight
hope of their recovery Is ontertalnod.
City Ordinance.
. Sec. 7. No person shall set up or
uso a stove gr furnace, the top or any shlo
of which shall bo within two feet of any
part of tho wood work ot tho wall or par
tition of any building, without protecting
such woodwork with a ihctslio or other
Incombustible- covering, so as to effect
ually ptoveut the same from taking tire
from euoU stove or (onco; and every
stove or furnace so set up shall be placed
on a platform ot brick or sheet Iron or
other tncombiistlblo substance extending
at least four Inches In every direction
beyond tho part of tho lower plato which
fronts tho door of tho stovo or furnaco.
Six'. S. In no caso shall a stove pipe
project or puss through the roof, walls or
window of any building, and no person
owning or occupying a houso in the City
of Jefferson i-hall permit a stove pipe to
ruu through any wooden wall or parti
tion unless tho samo enter a brick or
stone lluo and Is at least tour Inches dis
tant from any woodwork. All stove
piped shall enter Into stono or brlck
clihmicys or flues, and all chimneys or
flues shall be built of brick, stono or other
lire-proof material, and shall be smoothly
plastered Inside with mortar from top to
Forty Years of Farming,
Wo pre in receipt of a copy of liar
ris'Rural Annual for 18'JO. It is fort
years this spring since Mr. Ilarrh
moved on to ids present farm of '2ul
acres near Rochester, N. Y. For tei
years he was editor and proprietor of
the Gencsse Farmer. IIU "Walks and
Talks on the Farm," commenced in
tlio Ocncseo tanner, and continued
for many years in the American Ag
riculturist have made Ids farm known
to tens of thousands of readers, who
will be glad to get a copy of the Rural
Annual. It will be sent fiec to any
readers who will send his or her name
lo tho publishers. Addrcs3 Joseph
Tf t 1 l1 , r I T . .. Hf
roe Co., N. Y.
Vick's Floral Guide
Is better than ever this year, bring
ing into midwinter visions of the fra
grance and beauty of the spring.
Send for it, and for some of the good
things it offers. Start your own can
nas and castor oil beans and nastur
tium?. Oct a few bulbs of Oxalis,
Rous and Lilies. Study then habits,
and gel them up and nwnkc in good
-cason that you may ill 1 your own
beds and window boxo3 with little
further ai-1. Stat t them in hot bed, or
coll fiamc, or tho bright window of
a warm laundry, and you will get
(.Vice the results lu oeauty for your
money and twenty times your reward
in delight from the enjoyment of
watching their early growth.
Vick's Floral Guide really costs
nothing, for the 10 cents you send
for it can be deducted from Ijrst
order. Write at onco fqr it. Address
James Viclc, Seedsman, Rochester,
N. Y.
Wo aie sorry to learn that Mr. John
Eggers Is suffering from neuralgia.
We would like to hear of the next
postmaster being appointed.
Mr. Johu Hobn lost a Hue horse last
Mr. John Kautmann, the cntcrpilsing
saw. miller, is sawing thnb.ir for a new
house, to bo built next sprh g.
Mr. Audy Ncighorn is progressing
nicely with the foundation for his new
house, to be built lu the spring.
Scruggs, Mis-.ourl, news aro scarce this
Mr. J. Pelt has quite a conflict with
the neuralgia.
Jeff. Blo-se was quite sick several
days last week.
Mr. Corners' and Mr. Goodall's folks
have all been tick.
Mr. C. Scrui-'Es returned from Jeff
City Wednesday of last week.
Mr. Sid ltobcrts and famllv. who have
been stoiinln! In SonnrirV for hcvcr.il
weeks, we hear are about to depart for
Texas, where lliey expect to make tlicir
future homo.
The attendance at school was rather
few last week, owing to so much sick
Daniel Coffolt made a business ti In to
Jeff City one day last week.
Ow Ing to sickness your correspondent
failed to appear last week.
Mr. James Illckam was in town last
week. Ho Is buying all the bogs be can
Ibid for sale.
A dog owned by John Kerr started tho
nud dog rage. The dog was killed after
having bitten a great many dogs iu
Mrs. Berry I.ano of Scotts, spout Sat
urday and Sunday at Uncle Billy Paces.
Mr. Ituser, of faw mill fame, has be
come a citizen of our town.
Mr. A. It. Fuller, our agent and oper
ator, has embarked hi the chicken busi
ness. Hh has just received a lot ol line
Mr. Noah Hoover of near Tuscuiubla,
was hero last week greeting old friends.
Mis3 Z.ettle Bellow of Scdalla, Is stop
ping at the City hotel with her sLt;r,
Mrs. Kobcrt Towusend,thls week.
Capt. Johnson Glenn of Marion, was
In town Monday.
Mr. James N. Elliott aud Miss Dley
Ann Mcdlock of Elston, were mauled
hero Wednesday, Justice Greenup oAl'J
lallng. May lh:lr pathway through life
be one of joy and peace.
Mr. Joseph Kaufman of tho county
farm, was In town Mou l.iy.
Mr. Erod Schubert, our saw mill man,
has been doing a splendid badness tills
whiter He has bought a largo lot of
walnut logs, which ho will put Into lum
ber for the St. Louis market.
Mr. Simons ot Scotts, Is f. regular
hoarder nt tho City hotel.
A certain young man of our town, who
wo shall call George, wo understand has
bceonio enamored with tho beauty ot a
certain v oung lady oi Scdalla. We ad
vise .Geore to be' careful. If that Jeff
City ghl gets hold ot this hU name will
Mrs. Abo Wnlscr went up to Califor
nia Saturday evening to visit her sister.
In-law, Mrs. Lapsley ,who Is dangerously
111. Her'slstcr, Miss Ella Walser, came
down on the east-bound train and stated
she was still very sick.
Mr. John Mcdlock who, soma time ago
sold his farm to Mr. Hoffman, Is now
ncgotlntlug with John T. MeKlnney to
purchase tho Tex Kobtson farm near tho
Tower Rock on the Missouri liver.
Married At the rcsldcnco of tho bride's
mother, three miles north of Elston, on
last Tuesday evening, Mr. James W.
Elliott to Miss Dicta A. Mcdlock, nil of
New Strlngtown,Mo.
Miss Etta Murray, who taught; tho
King's Chapcll school, closed her term
last week.
Wo learn that Mr. J. J. Chamber?,
who Is prospecting for lend on J. W.
HcKlnncy's farm struck some tlno min
eral last week, and hisprospcctatprcscnt
Is very favorable for paying lead mines
who hope Jim has struck It rich nt last.
Mr. 'Pqnlre Lister was In town Satur
day, and reports that tho foxes are play.
Ing havoc with young pigs aud poultry
In his neighborhood.
Mad dogs arc numerous over In tho
Wnlscr neighborhood. There were four
feared ninny other dogs nmf"stoel7havo
been bitten. It would bo well for the
people to exterminate the dogs In tho
Mr. Simon Bondallcr bought a flue lot
of welj-fiittcd cattle and hogs of Mr.
Ell Slcelo.y last Friday, and will ship
them to the St. Louis uuukct tills week.
Mr. Geo. Brook was in El-ton Satur
day, and reports La Grippe gol the grip
on him hnt vceK and used lilm pretty
Mr. Chas. LInscy attended the meeting
and Installation of tbonlllccrs of Waillold
G. A. It. Post lu Jeff City last Tuesday
ul'jlit and returned home Wednesday
morning. Twenty-thiec new recruits
wore mustered in on the occasion.
David C. I'aync is not only a good
constable, but also a first-class horse
jockey, and very seldom ever lets
anyone get the bestof him in any ex
change for liorso flesh. A few days
ago we learn he made an exceptional
good trade, and brought home what
ho called a "spanking good boss."
The next day Dave concluded he
would tcfjf, the working qualities of
his new horse. He took him to the
field, and when there the nnimnl pos
itively declined lo pcifoim and finally
made a vicious plunge at David, so
tint he let the horse go and ran for
the nearest fence, the spanking horse
after him. lie reached a ten-rail
fence which lie cleared nt one leap
out of the horse's reach. His son,
Clarence, a young man came to the
rescue: he entered the field and the
boss dashed for him and another race
took place, the young man to the
front for the nearest point to the
fence. In the mean time, Frank liar
man, a near neigiibor, came along.
He proposed to bring that boss to
time, and into the field he goes. A
minute later Frank was scon running
like a blue streak on a bee line to
wards tlio house, and tlio boss, with
head and tail erect, clo3o in his rear.
Frank cleared the fence and so did
the boss, a few hounds moro and
Frank landed in the house jiiat in
time to close the door on the boss.
In the meanwhile Dave and Clarence
were cut off from the house, so they
cacli took to a tree in tho yard. The
boss viewed matters a moment, and
looking somewhat disgusted, went to
bis st?.ll in the stable as gentle and
docile as a lamb as if nothing had oc
curred. Dave now talks like adver
tising for a scientific horse trainer.
Tlio Klston correspondent of the
Tribune speaks of a bung llylug out
of a cider barrel while 'being drove
into town, creating unite a sensation,
and which raised Adam instead of
Cain. The curious part of the sen
sation seems to be committed with
th j loss of the bung, which was very
aged, haviiu been In use over fl,000
years, and was ina.le lo.bung old
Adams' firs', barrel of cider, and hav
ing been so long in constant use, had
become so perforated with cidero
meddica as to contain not less ban
1,000 power, electro magnetic. So
that when the Tribune's quill driver' a
probossis came in contact with it his
system gave way aud lie at once en
tered the lan. I of Nod, the house of
C.v.in, whore he sojourned until last
week, when Rip Van Winkle like, he
returned to furnish items on matter
that had transpired over a month ago.
It is now thought by old Adam that
he swallowed his bung.
For Sale or Exchange for Jef
ferson City Property or
No. ICO, uorlhwest quarter, section 30,
township 40,rango 1.1; No. 40, southwest
of northeast, section 4, township 10,
range II; No. 3S0, A. In section 21 and
22, township 40, raugo 13; No. 112 A.
section 11, township 10, rango 14; No.
100 A. section 14, township 41, rango
12; Nos. 752, and 20 townlots In Aurora
Spring, all In Miller county. The above
land warranty deeds. Address this of-
Ducks should begin to lay this
month. Give llicm n warm, dry place
nt night, well littered with leaves or
cut straw.
Keep the barnyard well supplied
with material for absorbing tho
liquids, thereby rendering the yards
dry and comfortable.
Chop up the corn stalks and put
them in the manure heap. If cut and
crushed tiicy may be used as nbsorb-
cnts in the plg-pcns.
It is not the full-fed cow or horso
that kills itself by ovcrcntirjg when it
happens to break looso and get at tho
meal or oat bin.
Early in the spring a top-dressing
of 100 pounds of nitrate of soda per
acre on wheat will make it grow rap
idly and yield bettor grain.
Spinach that came up from seed
last fall will mako some growth du
ring the mild weather, which may bo
prevented by mulching the bed.
Dniry salt stored in the vicinity of
cod-fish or kerosene, or turpentine is
apt to contract flavors which injure
the butter in which it is used.',
The garden, the truck patch and
the orchard should furnish the farmer
with fully one-half of his living, if
proper care is taken with each to se
cure the best products in good season.
If rye has grown more than usual
graze it down with the stock. It
serves as a chonge of green food,
and, ns it is .not advisable to have
rye make moro growth than the cattle
can prevent, the rye will bo bene
If n hoisc intends to be vicious,
tho tail Is carried low and tiic cars
arc laid back. If in good humor and
eager to go, the tail is carried high.
If nervous or inclined to kick, bile
or s nkc, the tail is switched from
side to bide.
It may save labor to allow Ihe
catllc to have frco access to the straw
stack, but it may he more profitable
to cut the slraw and feed it with Hits
hay. If you have more buy than you
can use procure more stock, so as to
feed the hay on the farm.
"Buy thcIBcst and Breed Rctler,"
is the heading lo an editorial in the
Jersey Bulletin. It is cxiomatic and
good enough for a motto, without
comment. The man who obeys tho
injunction is on the great highway of
progress and cannot fail to succeed.
Every animal needs plenty of
water. ater flushes out the organs
through which it passes, thus aiding
tho effete matter. Water, then,
when given to the cow, betides atdiog
her in milk production, performs the
other office. Western Rural.
Put white butter and yellow butter
side by tidc and telljthe consumer
that one is artificially colored, and he
will take the colored article 099,900
times in the 1,000,000. Let nobody
worry about the consumer being de
ceived. He is after the "yallcr."
Western Rural.
Tho mild weather is of advantage
to the farmer in reducing the amount
of food necessary for stock. Young
stock should thrive and grow and
ndult animals should fatten very
readily. The regularity of fcading
and care of tho stock should not,
however, be in any manner neglect
ed. It i'i more important to mulch the
strawberry bed in a mild winter sea
son than during the seyerc cold
weather, as the ground is subject to
more frequent freezing than thawing.
A mulch docs not keep plants warm,
but assists in keeping them tit an even
temperature, rendering them less
liable to changes.
Lime has the advantage of being
beneficial nt all seasons, thonjjh il
effects in tho soil may not be imme
diate. It never injures land if prop
erly npplicd, and though its results
may bo unsatisfactory at first, yet tho
effects are lasting, Ihe lime supplied
this year proving beneficial in the fu
ture . Lime is cheap and should be
used freely.
The saving of the various substan
ces Hint are supposed to possess no
value, by adding them to the manure
heap, amounts to a large item in the
course of a year. There is nothing
grown on the farm, cither by seeding
for the crop or voluntary growth of
weeds, that will not contribute some
thing to tho fertility of the soil if the
materials are appropriated to the pur
poses for whicli they are adapted.
Even weeds can be made useful iu
enriching the soil.
From a log, two feet or more. In
diameter, saw a block two and a half
or thrco feet long. Stand it on end
and bore, gouge or burn out of the
top a hollow space into which salt or
grain can be put for stock lo lick.
The advantages of tills arrangement
aro that horses and cattle cannot up
set it, hogs and poultry cannot reach
It, and it will not bo used for other
purposes and loft out of place. Fara
ind Fireside,

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