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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, February 06, 1890, Image 1

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State mepublioan.
,Or Over CodU and Crotblnfr of all kinds. Mcn'a overcoats from 81.75
Up. Men's suite from $3.00 up.
I nra determined to reduce my stock regardless of cost, l'crsons
wishing to buy nay goods In my lino wilt savo money by catling at my
storo boforn purchasing elsewhere Dont forget the place.
Friday's t Missouri t Clothing i House.
Epitome of the Week.
FmiPir HrnporiDO
luJluU UlUuUilUO
Anti.uwaslntroducudlti tho Senate, on Ihs
Mlh tor the erection ot a monument to Abraham
Lincoln on tho Octtysburg battlo-flcld, Mr.
Mitchell sBoko In favor ot tho bill tor tho litio
rolmtgo ot silver, Thtt Houso bill granting
honorable tiischnfga to tho sailors and marines
who knvo lost their certificate! ot dlschargo
Wat passed. ...In tho Houso tho election caso
of Smith Yersus Jackson from tho Fourth West
Virginia district was taken up, The Demo
crats genorally rctused to voto and mado tho
point ot no quorum. Tho speaker, nowovcr,
counted tho members refusing to vote and do
ctored a quorum present. This ruling caused a
long dobala.
Tim bill Instructing tho succrlntendent of
census to gather Information regarding mort
gages on homes and farms wns passed In tho
Bcnato on tho 30th tilt. Mr. Vance (N. 0.)
spoke on tho negro emigration bill In answor to
Mr. Ingnlls....Inlho House tho ttmo was oc
cupied In wrangling over tho ruling ot Speaker
Reed that 'members present but not voting
hill bo counted In or&r to tnako dp a quorum.
Tho Republicans sustained the ruling and the
Democrats denounced It.
The Bcnato tn executive, session on tho 31st
ult. confirmed the nomination of John M.
Clark as collector of the port of Chicago. ...In
the House another wrangle took place over the
ruling of Speaker Kccd, but ho was sustained
at all point, and finally quiet was restored und
tho commtttco report of the Smith-Jackson
contested case was llstcnoa to.
TitKlir. was nqsosslon of tho Sennto on the
1st,.,, In the Ifouso tho stormy scenes of the
past few days were repeated, but Speaker
Reed firmly maintained his position, and Hnally
several arguments In tho contestod election
caso ot Smith vs. Jackson, of West Vlrclnlo,
were mado.
Mil. Cambron announced In the Sonata on
tho Rd tho recent afflictions In tho families ot
two members ot tho Cabinet und moved an
adjournment, which was agreed to unanimous'
ly.,..In tho House the Republicans had n
quorum present, and In the contested election
cos from West Virginia Smith (Hep.) was
riven tho scat occupied by Jackson (Dem.l,
! No other business was transacted.
I Glasswnrc, Qnccnswaic, Tea and Dinner Sets, Chamber
Sets, Library Lumps, Toilet Articles, Tobacco,
Cigars, Wootlcnwarc, lco Chests, Kef i igerat-
ors, Grass and Garden Seed, Oyr
tcrs, Fish und Game in
Cash "Paid for all Kinds of Country Produce.
t ETC.
The Most Complete Stotlc in Central
Hardware, Tinware, Stov
The Celebrated Wi;
Cutlery, Rlc
Ganze -6h
of the Best and Cheapest
Exclusive agent for
artereOak Stoves
Door Frames, Window Frames, Wire Screen, Weather Strips, Spring
Hinges, Bird Cages, i.'atcr Coolers, Etc., a Specially. Tin Hoofing
Spouting and Jobbing of nil kinds given piompl attention.
i 3STo. 123 HIGH STREET,
President. Vice-President. Secretary & Treasurer.
S3 -
o a.
o o
Second-Hand Rigs Bought and Sold.
Mules and Horse Bought and Sold.
The beet and Finest Livery Rigs. In tho State.
A sAli.-noAT crossed tho straits on tho
SOtli ult. from Chohoygan, Mich., to Uols
Mane. A wlntor had nover boon known
beforo whon tho straits wcro so froo
of lco.
Kostox olllclala decided on tho SOtb
ult. not to grant any raoro licenses for
sparring exhibitions.
Tin: trains which had been snow
bound for soirontocn days In tho Sierras
began moving on tho 30th ult., resulting
In popular demonstrations at ltcno and
other places.
At Covington, Neb., a fire on tho "Oth
ult. destroyed most of tho business part
of the town.
Tun steamer liothnla, with Miss Ills-
land, tho competitor of Nelllo Illy In
tlio raco around tho world, reached Xew
York on the :10th tilt.
Tin: Lenox Hill and tho Sixth Na
tional banks of Now York Suspended
payment on tho 30lh ult. owing to tho
operations of President Claasson of tho
latter concern, who tried to dlsposo of
CU0O.000 worth ot bonds belonging to tho
Tnu Chicago k Northwestern Ilallroad
Company on tho 80th ult paid llllam
Do Lorenzo, of Chicago, tho uncle of
little draco Payne, 87,500 for tho loss o
her mother and step-fathor In tho recent
Koso Hill railroad accident.
TintLi: wholosalo business houses and
eight saloons woro dostroyed by an In
cendlary lire at Stanton, Neb., on tho
JOtl. ult
lhuitr prominent farmers of Urals-
bjry, Ind. T., wcro arrested on tho KOth
ult. and taken to Oalnesvlllo, Tex.,
charged with being members of a moj
; which lynched an old man last Novom-
! ber.
' At Seymour, La., a Texas I'aclllo
train was derailed on the "0th ult., and
I tho conductor and engineer wcro both
, Instantly killed and tho flroman andono
brakeman wcro fatally Injured.
!i:oii:i: Tonmt was hanged on tho
SOtli ult. at Tort Smith, Ark., for tho
murder last Soptombcr of Irwin ltlch-
, ardson. Jloth men wcro eolorod.
Tin: Altorney-Clencralof Kansas stated
' on tho Mth ult. that It was a criminal of
j fenSQ to advertlso lotterlca or oiler
I tlckots for salo In that Stato.
' Tin: houso ot Hoy. Father Flrcklnger
I at Chartleraborough, Pa., was blown up
by dynamite on tho 30th ult, but no
onn was Injurod. Anarchists wcro
charged with tho crime.
Dt'uiNO a quarrol on tho :10th ult at
Ecle. Pa between Italians, four porsons
wero fatally cut with stilettos.
Ox tho 31st ult Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Scully wero arrested at Oneida, N. Y.,
chatged with the murder of William
I'.hicnhart tho father ot Mrs. Scully.
TiiEitK wcro '291 business failures la
tho United Statos during tho sovon days
ended on tho 31st ult, against 338 tho pre
vious sovon days. The total of failures
in tho Unltod Statos January 1 to date
is 1,028, against 1,303 in 18SD.
At Sioux City, la., on t'je 30th ult
Hans Loander shot and Jellied Annlo
Carlson, who had refused his attentions,
and then shot hlmsolf fatally.
An.n IlnviNB, aged 103 years, was In a
Newark (N. J.) court on tho 30th ult to
complain that she had boon robbed of
FSOO hor all.
llnxuv A. Schmidt, a merchant tailor
of St Louis, was on tho 31st ult fined
fj,000 for violating tho alien contract
labor law.
Tin: Mississippi Legislature on tho
31st ult decided to 'momoriallzo Con
gress asking for tho repeal of tho Fif
teenth Constitutional Amondment.
I'r.TTit J. Ci.aasseX, who as tho al
leged president of tho Sixth National
llanlc of Now York was accused of wreck
ing that Institution, was arrested on the
31st ult
A cAVK-in occurred on tho 31st ult at
Plains, Pa., throo houses and a doublo
block being wrecked, causing conster
nation among tho people
English buyers wero on the Slat ult
making an effort to purobaso tho sash
and door factorlos ot this country, and
several mills throughout Missouri and
Kansas had been negotiated for.
Tub Capitol wagon works at Lansing,
Mich., assigned to Frank E. Kobson on
tho 31st ult Nominal assets, $120,000;
liabilities, ssi.oiw.
A rmu.iMiNAiiv report was made on
tho 31st ult. by tho committee auditing
tho account ) of Dr, O'Rollly, ot tho Irish
National League, at Detroit It showed
receipts since tho. Chicago convention of
18b0, to January 1 last, of $257,033; re
mitted to Iroland, 8237,38; exponeos,
ufliuiioe, xuuuury j, $,999,
A nAruivn.nnnnp.at lanJsCltv. Mo.. 1
Owned by lloston capitalists, was burned
on tho 31st ult Loss, SaOOfOOO.
Tin: Mississippi LeglSlajtUro on tho
eist ult passed a bill doWg away with
tho convict lcaso system:' a1
Tub statement ol the public uciit is
sued on tho 1st Bhowcd'tho total debt
to bo 81,011,281,183; cash)l tho Treas
ury, f31, 894,200; debt lcsa-ubsh In Treas
ury, Sl.040,707,010. Decreasj) during Jan
uary, $12,245,895. Dooroastf since Juno
80, 1889, $35,939,005.
Tins exchanges attholcsAlng clearing
houses In the Unltod Statos during tho
week endod on tho lit' aggregated
11,170,204,394, against $1,101,027,943, the
previous woo It. as compared wun tno
corresponding weok of4l889 tho in
oreaso amountod to 14.9.
FIVE blocks of buildings at Danbury,
Conn., wcro burned onthe 2d. Loss,
$300,000. -Trf
Tub three sons of Jues Ilright of
Kirkland. township, Tnrr wero found
doad In tholr bods on the 3dP Thoy had
been 111 with Influenza, but whon thoy
retired tho provlous night tholr con
dition was not thought to bo dangerous.
At Kenosha, Wis., two largo build.-
lngs, tho water euro and the Gorman
church Wore burned on tho 2d. Total
loss, $125,000.
Nhah Alligator bay, in Arkansas,
man named Kelloy shot and killed his
wife and a young man on the 1st In a
lit of joalousy.
llcuii .MccoitMiCK, oi iNowurunswicK,
defeated Axtol Paulsen In a ten-mllo
raco at Eau Clalro, Wis., on the 2d, and
took tho tltlo of the champion skater ot
tho world, which Paulsen had held for
eight years. Time, 40K minutes.
The Sears building, one of tno nncst
tn lloston, was burned on tho 2d! Loss,
Six men wero killed, two faully in
jured and sovoral others hurt, on tho
1st by an exploston of gas in a coal
shaft at Wllkesbarrc, Pa. 1
A TliAl.N on tho Chicago b Alton rail
road left the track at Alma, Mo.) on tho
1st, ditching stxteon cars, and five ol
the trainmen wcro fatally Injurod.
Tub infant son of Mr. and,Mrs Na
thaniel Rcoves, living In a basement in
Kansas City, Mo., died on tho 1st from
wounds inflicted upon It by rats some
timo during tho night.
At Louisiana, Mo., on tho 1st Joseph
Bacon, a negro boy 12 years old, killed
his sister, G years old, and his bother, 3
years old.
At Wlnnsboro, La., Alien Ituyo and
Duncan Thompson, boys of 15, quarreled
on tho 1st, and young lluyo stabbed
and killed Thompson and then killed
A TitAiN with ono thousand negro cm
Igrants en routo from South Carolina to
Louisiana and Toxas passed through
Birmingham, Ala., on tho 2d.
Eajii.y on tho morning of tho 2d a firo
in a tenement houso in lloston caused
tho loss of ten lives, and .(.oven .other
porsons wcro badly Injured.
Ax incondlary firo on tho 1st at El
wood, Ind., destroyed olght stores.
Ix Washington on tho Ed the superin
tendent of tho consus appolntod'John
Hydo, of Nehraska,and Mortimer v lilte-
head, of Now Jersoy,chlcf special agents
for tho collection of tho ctatistics ot
Tub Now York Presbytery on tho 3d
dcclarod itself In favor of a revision of
tho Westminster Confession of l'alth by
a vote of 93 to 43.
In Chicago on tho Sd a motion for a
now trial for James J. West, ex-prcsl-
dent of tho Times Company, wasdonlod
by Judge urlnnoll, and West was sen
tenced to fivo years in tho penitentiary
and to nay a flno of S1.000.
The schoonor Annlo M. Strople, of
the Gloucester (Mass.) fishing fleet, was
on tho 3d given up as lost with her crow
of fourteen men.
Thk visible supply of grain In this
country on tho 3d was: Wheat, .1,469,193
bushels, a decrease of 4.14,411 bushels;
corn, 11,918,447 bushels, an Increase of
288,535 bushels.
Tun brldgo across tho Illinois river
near Poorla, 111., gave way on the 3d 1 e-
ncath tho weight of a freight train, ana
Englneor Novlllo, Fireman O'llrlen and
llrakoman Lewis wero killed.
Ix tho Metropolitan Orora-Houso at
New York on the ltd Hon. Seth Low wbb
lstalled as tho olovonth president of
Columbia College In tho presence of a
vast audience.
The convention of Knights of Labor
of Now York Stato, held in Troy on the
8d, adopted resolutions In favor of tho
Australian ballot systom,
Ox tho 3d Dirootor of tho Mint Lcijch
ostlmated that on February 1 there was
81,132,185,174 worth of gold and silver
coin and bullion In tho United htatos
dlvldod as follows: Hold coin, $024,(100,-
433; gold bullion, SCO.080,937; silver
coin, $429,040,045; silver, bullion, 811,
The residence of Secretary of tho
Navy Tracy In Washington was burned
early on tho morning of the Sd. Tho
Secretary's youngest daughtor and Mrs.
Tracy's Fronch maid, Josephine Mor
roll, wero burnod to death, und Mrs.
Traev recolved injuries from which sho
died shortly attor bolug romovod to a
place of safety. Tho Socrctary was
rescued In a partially-asphyxiated con
dition, whllo his youngest daughtor,
Mrs.Wllraerdlng, and hor llltlodaughter
Allco saved themselves by jumping
from tho second-story window.
It was slated on the 3d that fully
fifteen thousand porsons near Pottsvllle,
Pa., woro in a starving condition owing
to lack of work in the coat mines.
Nixe ballots wore taken In tho low
Houso on tho 31st ult for spoakor with
out breaking tho dead-lock, and settle
ment scorned to bo far oil.
Natiiax C. lUnitETT, Secretary of
Stato ot Georgia, died on the 2d at At
lanta In tho 90th year of his ago.
Alivicns of tho 1st announco the
death of Miss Chloo Lankton In Now
Hartford, Conn., In her 77th year. At
the ago of 10 sho was attacked by a mal
ady which had kept her In bod for sixty-
two years.
Mns. Amci: lli.Alxr.-CorpiNoi:!!, eldost
daughtor of tho Secretary of State, died
of congestion ot tho brain early on the
morning of tho 2d at her father's resi
dence in Washington. Sho was about
30 years of age, and leaves a husband
and two llttlo children.
Phestox Waiie, Jit., tho famous chess
playor, died In lloston on tho 1st, agod
09 years.
KiciiAitn Stocui-.tt Matthews, ono
of tho most prominent lawyers In tho
South, dropped dead from heart disease
in a horse-car In Baltimore, Md., on
tho 1st '
Tun Supremo Court of tho United
States on the 3d rendered an opinion j
confirming the constitutionality of tho
Edmunds-Tucker Idaho test oath which
prevents Mormons from voting.
IlEV. Dii. Tai.maok arrived at his
homo In Brooklyn on tho 3d from his
pllgrlmago to tho Holy Land.
UEM'.iiAr, 1 nil. uook was on tno ;iu ap
pointed Sccrotary of Stato of Georgia to
succeed i. u. Barrett, recently ucceaseu.
Cook was a Brigadier In tho Confed
erate army and twelvo years In Con
Tun fourth week of tho ueau-lock In
tho Iowa Houso began on tho 3d with
no signs that tho end of tho contest wa
News of tho 29th from Colombia says
that tho trlbo of Indians (30,000 in num
ber) on tho San Bias reservation had
raised tho American nag ana ucclarea
themselves American citizens.
Tin: houso of John Oorloy at St.
Johns, N. F., was burned on tho 29th,
and ho and his thrco children two boys
and a girl perished In tho flames.
Tub Canadian l'arllamont on the HOtli
ult announced that tho estimated ex
penses for the noxt fiscal year wero 30,-
Tm: Manitoba Legislature convened
at Winnipeg on tho 30th ult.
TELEmtAM" of tho 31st ult from Crete
say thero had been lately many mur
ders of both Turks and Christians, and
tho Christians, fearing tho effects ot
Turkish revenge, were taking refuge in i
tho hills.
Tin: Italian East African Company on
tho 31st ult. decidod to organizo exten
slvo factories and whatever establish
ments might bo necessary to work great
plantations In Africa.
Enoi.isii mlno-ownors wero on tho
SIstult preparing to forna foderatlon
to protect their Intcre'sts against tho
organizations of cmployos.
PoitTUfii'ESE nowspapers wero on the
1st advising their countrymen to mur
der members of tho English colony at
Lisbon In tho event of a war with Groat
Mexico on tho 1st officially recognized
tho United Statos of Brazil.
Thk car shod of tho Canadian Pacific
Railway Company at Ottawa, Ont, with
bIx cars, was destroyed by firo on tho 3d.
Loss, 5100,000.
It was announced on tho 3d that
Henry M. Stanley, tho oxploror, would
remain at Cairo, Egypt, until March.
The trial of tho suit for libel brought
by Mr. Parnell against tho London
Times was compromised on the 3d, tho
Tlmos paying Mr. Parnoll $25,000 damages.
Aftrr Twenty Yphm.
Dr W". C. Hatlcr, a prominent phy
sician of Colo County, was recently ar
rested at his homo by a deputy unitea
States marshal on a warrant charging
him with a murder committed twenty
years ago in McDonald County. Tho ar
restcreatedagreatsensatlon, as Dr. Hat
lcr was prominent In business, profes
sional and political circles, and had had
an unblemished reputation all his llfo.
In tho earlypart of 1870 Dr. Hatlcr went
with his family from Colo to McDonald
County, located just on tho lino of tho
Indian Territory and proceeded to erect
a house. AVhllo It was in course of
construction ho oecunled rooms In
houso In a village half a mllo from tho i
lino In tho Indian Territory, owned'by a !
half breed Cherokeo Indian, William j
Sloan. Tho Indian becaino abusive to j
tho doctor's family and finally threat- i
encd to kill him, supplementing his
threats with & shotgun. The doctor In
defending himself killed Sloan with a
hatchet Every ono recognized tho fact r
that tho killing was In sell-defenso and ,
I nothing was dono until fifteen years f
after (in 1885) when tho federal grand ,
jury at Fort Smith, Ark., Indicted hlra,
1 and now, fivo years after Indictment, ho i
has been arrested although his Identity
, and residence have all the tlmo been 1
I known. '
a late match at Chicago between '
Kansas City and Chicago sportsmen
Kansas City boro oil all the honors as '
well as prizes. ;
The other night at asylum No. 2, In
St. Joseph, Adol pints Mm,ser, who at
tempted to kill himself In Kansas City
foiu-aionths ago by throwing himself
under a cahlo car, tried to sever his jug
ular vein with a pieco of steel spring
but did not succeed. He is sixty-four
years of age, and a brother of the lato
Colonel Musser.of the Confederate army.
For some tlmo past he has been addicted
to tho use of morphine and this Is tho
cause of his presence in the luylutu.
Tin: other morning a Government de
tective went to the post-olllee at l'artiow
and arrested Mrs. llenv.T Boganz, post
mistress, and her son Charles upon tho
charge of rilling the mails.
C. E. liniMis lias tiled in the Supreme
Court a
to com
AnnunI Iteport of Hupcrlntonilr nt Coleman
Tempi-rnnco und ltollfrlon In tlio Hchnoli
IMllcntlnn of Colored Clilldren--Tll0
KOort toSecurn Mlxctl School.
Stato Superintendent of Schools Colo
man has completed tho fortieth report
of tho public schools of tho Stato, and
tho manuscript Is now In tho ban Is of
tho prlntor, and will bo ready for dis
tribution shortly. Tho report Is for tho
school year commencing July 1, 1888,
and ending Juno 30, 1889. Under tho
head of "General Suggestions" Mr.
Coleman says:
A caroful comparison of tlio statistics and
general condition of tliu rchnnls of the State
for tbn school year herein reported with uny
previous yt-ar will show dtcldt-d Improve-
H j inent. Mure teachers vero employed, and
in oeiter salaries; more unes wcro conccicu
and plucecl to tlio credit of the permanent
school fund; lnoro good Institutes were
helil, mid moro bystematto and thorough
work dona than In any previous year.
Discussing tho needs of tho School
law, Mr. Coleman says that it should
fully set out tho subjects to bo taught
In all tho public schools of tho Mate.
Higher branches, ho says, should be ad
mitted only by order of tho board or by
a vote of the people. Concerning tlio
teaching ot temperance ideas in tho
public schools, Mr. Coleman says:
Tlio law on tcuchliiK' tlio evil efficts of
alcoholic .ithNulanH and narcotics upon tlio
liuinau sdteui Is a farco nnrl ti Ir.itHl.
The luw, as It taml, Is worthies', nndliouU
he lcpcaled or amended.
In regard to teaching foreign lan
guages In tlio public schools, ho says:
The law should specify definitely In what
laiiKuaK the instruction In our public
schools Is to he given. It Is u shnnie and
dlsglneo to Atncilc.iu institutions to liavo
the i:uKlish liinKuauu ruled out of our public
school and German substitute'!, as It Is
done w holly or in part In many districts In
this State. The ner.ira IcgWator appears
to quake when this matter Is blought up for
coiiHldelallou. lilfeht and Justice aru for
gotten or smothered for the sake of the Ger
man vote.
The teaching of church creeds Is most
severely condemned. H" believes that
tho Legislature mado a most serious
mistake by not establishing county su
pervision. In the matter ot the education of col
ored children he says:
While fifteen colon d hlldren cm lie Hindi)
tho bae of a dMrlct school, yet It takes
thirty w bite chlldicn to secure the same: so
that In plac" ot the law dKcrlinlnatln:!
against the negio rue, it actually dlserhnl.
nates against the white race.
Discussing this matter at length, ho
t petition for a writ of mandamus Discussing this matter at length, no
pel Secretary of State Lesneur to j says, among other things:
incorporate the "Laniyetto 1 ark Uuli m M(,tat(ll.4 waMt , ,,', ,ilu ,.', t.,n.
of St Louis. T.ho suit is of a friendly ( j,,.n i tin uliltescliooW, 'IhenMiia
character to determine tho powers and , some negro tenehers who have little Judg
ditties of tho circuit courts and tho I inent enough to think that they can foreo
i . , c f e,iri tn n-l'i. I theiiegro and white ehlldlen Into tho sauio
rights ot the Secretary of State in "-'-J- M.llo; , ,Mmlrl. ,.,,,, lw eoia bo
tion to tho incorporation of benevolent, . (nltM , ,.torC(.d, It would Immediately
religious, scientific, educational and mis- j .j abuut six hundred able-bodied negro
cellancous associations. i ehool tenehess adrift to llnd employment
7 ..... ,. n, ,.t mnml. 1 lilimln'ii', I'T lit one ot them could then
Dll. J. O. Day, one of the most promt-, ,,,,, ,.lp(,v,,,i iir public schools
hent physicians ot Kansas City, died re- ,lny move than they can to bo employed to
contly after sullcrlng several months teuch a public school In Iowa', llllnals or
from stomach disorder. He was fifty- Ohio. After twentyUvo years' exi-runeu
r.-.L Am - - ...... .trying to educate tlio negro chlldreuT.f tho
twoycarsoia. State, vejyliltln has been accomplished out-
Tin: flouring mill at Ccntrall.1, ownou g((, ot t,ci.ites and larger towns.
by C. W. I'elsuo & Co., was burned tho Tll0 yjioi funds are given as fol-
othcr morning. Loss, tlO.OOO; insur- lows.
ance, 84,000. It was the only mill in tho Rhllp f(.lMCI tun,i fi,iin.Kii oo
nil,,,, , Unlveisltyfund HtyrniH
1 . . ,. . , n ,, i,n rounty school fund S.O.'l.iSG w
GovKiiXoit 1 itANCis, acting upon tlio T)lXl uMy ;cw,tl fmi 3,si;,mm til
advice of Attorney-General Wood, has special seliool fund 4S.JJJ 8!
commenced suit against tho St. Louis A:
Ilv a party voto on tho '30th ulttho
Democrats of tho Ohio oonato
Lampson, tho Republican "Lieutenant
Governor oleot and doclded'.to soat Mar-
quIs, tho contestant Mho' case would
bo carried to tho Sunronio Court
PitEsmiiXT IlAiiMsoxoa'tnoSOth ult
appointed William H. Tat of Ohio,
Mns, Juliana Miotka, a Prussian by
birth, died In Chlogo on 'tho 80th ult,
aged 90 years. W
At Indlananolls on tho 30th ult. tho
now Republican Stato Central Commit-
too oreanltod. wltn u i. juiononer as
chairman. Vt '
oA.thn Slat ult
appointed Major Wllltam;fiims Stato
Treasurer of Kansas, yKodames. v.
TIaffil,lili resigned,
In tho senate, on tho 4th, tho taamoan
treaty was ratified, and a resolution
looking to an investigation of the Wash
ington fire department was passed. Tho
Dlalr Educational bill came up as un
finished business, but went over for ono
Jay In tho Houso tho blind chap
lain in his prayer ieenngiy auuaeu iu
the bereavement of Secretaries Blaino
and Tracy. After tho reading and ap
proval of tho journal (with tho usual
dilatory tactics 01 tno minority; mo
8p"aker laid beforo tho Houso various
Senate bills for reference, furnishing
niw grounds for filibustering which con
tinued until adjournment at 4:25 p. m.
The National convention ol coioroa
en in session In Washington, on tho
ith perfected a permanent organization
by tho olectlon of Rev. J. C. Prico, of
North Carolina, as prosldont, and W. C.
Chase, of Washington, sccrotary. Alist
of honorary vlcc-prosidonts, ono from
each State roproscniou in tno convuu
tlon, was also selected.
Ql'Eex VicToitiA sont a message of
condolence to Secretary Tracy, on tho
4th, Inquiring: kindly alter hlmsolf ana
tho othor survivors of tho torrlblo
calamity which had overtaken his fam
ily. The Hamburg-American Steamship
Company's stoamor Gollort, which ar
rived at New YorK on tno 4in, coumuu
with an icoborg on January 30, and two
boles, each about a foot squaro, woro
stovo in her sldo threo feet from tho
stern. Tho Gollort passed twenty Ice
bergs on her passago and encountered
vory stormy weatner.
I The resignation of Hiram Smith, Jr.,
tho First Deputy Commissioner of Pen
sions, ono of tho Pension Offlco em
ployes whoso pension was ro-ratod under
Corporal Tanner, was accepted, on tho
4th, to tako effect March 6 noxt. Mr.
Smith's ponsion was Incrensod last
spring from $37 to 872 per month, and
ho received ovor $0,000 arrears of pon
sion. Tire report of Adjutant-Qoneral Kol
ton upon tho militia forco of tho Unit
ed Statos sent to tho Senato, on tho 4th,
shows a total strength of 8,052 officers,
103,290 mon, and 7,352,171 avallablos.
I The funeral of Mrs. and Miss Tracy
took place from tho rrosldont's Man
sion at olevon o'clock on the morning of
tho 5th. Thoir romalns woro placod
temporarily In vaults in Rock Creek
1 The funeral ot Mrs. Copplngor, old
est daughtor ot Socrotary Blaine, took
,.ieo nn tho 4th. Tho remains were
interred at Oak Hill Ccmetory, bosld.0 kill.
San Francisco railroad for the recovery
ot 8300,000 with Interest from 1875.
Miss Piiikiik Cufsixs of St. Louis, has
been appointed special agent for tlio
collection of statistics of recorded In
debtedness for tho city of St. Louis for
tho census report
A XDTAiir.E wedding occurreu at ivan- i
sas City tho other evening, Joseph II.
Acklen, ex-Congressman of Tennessee,
being married to Miss Jeannctto Tillot-',
son, a voting lady of wealth. j
C. W. F. Heatox, -the young confi-1
denco man and forger who recently .
pleaded guilty to passing two forged
checks upon tho Midland National Bank i
at Kansas Cjty, was sentenced to ten '
years in tho penitentiary. I
The report of Labor Commissioner
Meriwether gives special attention t ,
tho subject of mining, and to statistics,
showing tho average wages, cost of llv- 1
ing and tho manner in which tho miners
receivo their pay from tho companies, i
Tho report shows that tho general prae
tlco among employers is only to pay tho 1
miners about onco a month, and In this
manner tho miner is kept constantly in
debt Careful estimates show that
thirteen per cent, of tho miners of tho
State receive for their work less than 7.1
cents a day. Seventy-four per cent, of
them receive less than 81. Ml a day, and
only six men received muro than S3 a
A t.ah: firo destroyed th plant ot the
Kansas City Packing Company. Loss,
8100,000. Tho property had only boon
sold the week provlous to Boston capi
talists. E. 0. RieiiAltns, ot Louisiana, Mo.,
died suddenly tho other morning whllo
sitting In a chair in a barber shop, at St.
Louis. He had reached tlio city only a
few hours beforo and stopped in tho
shop to bo shaved. The barber had just
applied tho lather and was strapping the
razor wnen no saw mu nuiuiui-i
drop on his breast Ho was carried ottt-
sido for air ana a piiysician summum u,
but Richards was dead when ho arrived.
Tho deceased was fifty years of ago.
A uvrB llro at Chllllcothe partially de
Rtroved tho Browning Hotel. The build
ing was valued at 810,1100 and wan in
tan re d for half that amount. Landlord
Blackburn's loss on furniture und fix
tures is 84,000; insurance, 82,500. R. L.
Seay's hardwaro stock was damaged by
water about 84,000; insured for 83,500.
Hlrsh & Sherman, grocers, had their
stock ruined by water; loss, 810,000; In
surance, $0,000. Tho firo was clearly
tho work of an incendiary.
OoVEttxoit Fhaxcis recently pardoned
It. M. Chadwlck, who was sentenced at
tho September term, 18S5, of tho Barton
County circuit court to twcnty-ilvo years
in tho penitentiary for murder In tho
second degreo. The only ground of
pardon Is that Chadwlck 1& dying with
consumption, and bis roleaso was rec
ommended by tho prison physician and
Fiiank Sullivan, ngod fifteen years,
fatally shot Thomas Jonnor, aged ten
voars. at St. Joseph tho other afternoon.
Jonnor claimed that Sullivan did tho
shooting deliberately and with Intent to
bulllvan saia it was an
i Total $ia,iK"i,K.I7 11
Under the head ot "statistlcs,"reportcd
by county commissioners, tho number of
children enrolled in tlie public schools
Is given as follows:
Hoys. Olrls. Total.
White :;i;.o"i zsj.m rauTt
I Colored I'ViW VI.1W .g.l 'S
I Grand total 011,111
' Thero tiro 12,918 whito teachers eiu
I ployed In tho Stato and Oss) colored
i teachers. Tho average salary paid
teachers Is 812.31 per month. Thero
1 ate now In operation 9,178 white schools
' and 509 colored schoals, making in all
9,Hs7. The cost per day ot teaching
each pupil is .07.4c. School property of
tho State is valued at $10,972,101. Aver
ago tax levy for school purposes on 8100
valuation is 43. 4e.
those ot her brother Walker RU(ae. Tho coronw s Jury exonerated Sullivan,
The Male Mues the St, l.ouls ft Mm frail,
risen IMIInuy t'onipiny for Throe. Hun
dred Thousand Hollars History oi tlio
Sr. Lori, Jan. 31. Tho State of Mis
souri yesterday brought a suit against
tho St. Louis & San Francisco Railway
Company for 8300,000 on notes, and it
further ask3 for accumulated in
terest Thero is a story connected
with the petition. In March,
IMS, tho South Pacific Railway
Company held possession of a road-bed
from Pacific to Holla. A contract was
tli.-n undo by John C. Freomont and his
i.s-neiates. Tho act of the Legislature
nf Mle-ourl, approved February 11, 1SH9,
entitled "An Act to Provide for the Salo
of Certain Railroads by tho Govern
ment," was approved, and by tho terms
of .hn grant tho South 1'uclllq Railroad
Company was competed to spend 8500,
000 in extension, and It was au
thorized to rc-lssue luusds to tho extent
of 8750,000. By tlie ct of lhfitl it was
provided that tho South Pacific pay tlio
State 8300,0008100,000 by June, 1874;
3100,000 by June, 1875, and 8100,
000 in June, 1870. Tho South Pa
cific Ilallroad Company gavo a bond
for 8300,000 to secure the debts It
had made, with William 11. M. Kcan
and V. Norman Jottrotto as sureties.
The bond was worthless, as tho princl-
Landlord I ,,aj, wt,r0 insolvent Tho claim of tho
. n.l llv. I ' . . .i.v.l, 1- .1.1... MM.n Atlnntln
ritale in a numnou is tuia. j o .'u
A, Pad Ho w as tho succossor of tho
Southern Pacific. Tho Frisco Is a cor
poration, that succeedod tho Atlantlo it
Pacific. It Is claimed by tho Stato
that tho St Louis & San Francisco Is
respomlblo for tho debt, and honco tho
Biiit Is brought
A l ire, nt Jfoiada.
Novnda was visited by a bad nro a
few nights since, which brolto out in
tho Nlpp nlock. Loss, nbout 815,000,
mostly covered by Insurance.
The 1'ntnl Target Itltle.
At St Joseph Thomas Jonnlors, aged
ton yours, was accldcntly shot and in
stantly killed by Frank Sullivan, u
playmate, with n targot rlfio. Tho
boy's body was lmmodlatoly takon to
his homo, and whon Mrs. J)nnlers bo
hold It- sho became violently, insano.
Tho coroner held, an inquost and IjflM
young SulUyan iTlamolosg.

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