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' ( -A.W-
The State IRepttblican.
Of Over Coats and Clothing of nil kinds. Men's overcoats from $1.78
up. Men's auita from $3.00 up.
I nm determined to reduce my stock regardless of cost. Persons
wishing to buy nny goods in my line will save money by calling at my
store beforo purchasing elsewhere. Dont forget tho place.
Friday's t Missouri Clothing House.
Shi ami Bmtii GrocBries
It Is stated seml-ofllolaUy that Princo
Bismarck Intends to resign all of tho
Prussian ministerial offices held by him,
retaining only tho Chancolorshlp.
Feaiis are entertained that tho tot
tery hill recently dofoatod In North Da
kota may yet bo revived and passed by
tho present or somo futuro Legislature
Tin! Morecr CoUhty (N, J.) grand urj,
on tho 13th, reported that they had
found no bill against Dr. KnlfTon and
Miss Fursoll In tho mysterious KnlfTon
murder caso.
A great strike ot llrltlsh ooal minors
Is probable, four hundred thousand ot
tho operatives having dotormlned to in
sist upon tholr demand for a ten per
cent, incroaso of wagos.
Tim Investigation' Into the Jersdy
City (N. J.) oloctlon frauds has dovoh
oped tho fact that ono-thlrd ot tho Votos
In six election precincts cast for Sonator
McDonald, were fraudulent
Ai.i. tho clubs and organizations In
Great llrltaln Interested In tho olght
hour quostlon havo called mootlngs In
ordor to "make tho Slay demonstration
In Groat Britain unlvorsal and successful."
Tim: Now York City grand jury, on
tho 17th, began an investigation on Its
own account Into tho wrocklng of tho
Lonox Hill and Equltablo banks. Ilank
Exaralncr Hepburn and Conrad N. Jor
dan wero oxamlncd.
nil imnini mini i in in mi M nm i,.
Glassware, Quecnswaro, Ten and Dinner Sets, Chamber
Sets, Lihrary Lamps, Toilet Articles, Tobacco,
Cignrs, Woodenwaro, Ice Chests, Hcfrigcrat
ors, Grass and Garden Seed, Oyr
tors, Fish and Game in
Cash Paid for all Kinds of Country Produce.
The Most Completo Stock in Central Missouri of tho nest and Cheapest
Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Cutlery, Etc. Exclusive agent for
&Te Celebrated Wire-Gauze Charter Oak StOYes-s
Door Frames, Window Frames, Wire Screen, Weather Strips, SprniL'
Hinges, ISird Cages, Water Coolers, Etc., a Specially. Tin Hoofing
Spouting and Jobbing of nil kinds given prompt attention.
No. 123 HI&H STREET,
President. Vicc-lro3ident.
Secretary & Treasurer.
Justice Deak. of the llrltlsh Colum
bian Supremo Court, has rendered a de
cision which dcolaros that tho Govern
ment of tho United States has no juris
diction over Bohrlngs Sea outsldo of tho
marlno loaguo limit.
J. S. IlAttmsiAN, tho pedestrian, has
signed an agreemont, on a wager ot
83,000, to walk from some city In In
diana to San Francisco, and then back
asufUcicntdistanco to inako 3,000 miles,
within slxty-flvo days.
The German Socialists havo aban
doned their idea of organizing an uni
versal lahor strike In May, owing to tho
favorable utterances contained In tho
recent rescripts Issued by Emperor Will
iam with regard to tho working classes.
i declared, on tho 12th, a final dlvldond
j ot ten per cont. In favor of tho crodttors
of tho Lowell National Hank, ot Lowell,
, Mich., upon claims proved amounting to
' f b9,9M. Tho bank failed In Soptembor,
I 1888'
It Is estimated that thcro Is In tho
hands of Kings without thrones, Prlncos
without principalities, and Dukes with
out duchies, many o them, Indeed,
without countries, woalbh sufficient to.
pay tho public debt of ovory power In
Miss. Mauy Sheiiman, houso-koepor
ot tho lato Amos E. Ilcckwlth, president
of the Dyervlllo Manufacturing Com
pany of Providence, K. I., now claims to
bo his widow, and says sho Intonds to
assert her rights. Tho matter causos a
Eoclal sensation.
Km John MacDonalii discredits tho
report that tho United States Govern
ment has decided to strengthon tho lloot
of cruisers In Rohrlng Sea and to use
moro stringent measures during tho
coming season to keep Canadian sealers
out of thoso waters.
.59 d
a -a
B. -
r p
3 3
s a
sr B
o S
0. A. WARE'S
Carriages,Surreys,Buggies,Road Carts
Second-Hand Riga Bought and Sold.
Mules and Horses Bought and Sold.
The beat and Finest Livery Rigs in tho State
At a largoly-attondcd mooting of Phil
adelphia business men, on tho 18th,
resolutions wero adopted protesting
against tho McKlnley bill relatlvo to
tho administration of tho Customs laws,
and urging tho Pennsylvania Repro
sentatlvcs to opposo Its passage
Piiince Alexanheii of Rattenburg,
tho ox-ruler of Bulgaria, who is known
as the Count of Ilarlenati, has boon ap
pointed commandant of tho Soventh
rr-.gimont of Austrian dragoons, sta
tioned In Vienna. It Is understood that
ho will bo mado a General within a
Mfiit. Doane, of Nowark, N. J., who
was lately given tho tltlo of Protbono
tary Apostollo by the l'opo, notified tho
parishioners of St.I'a trick's Cathedral, on
tho 10th, that they must take tholr
children from tho public schools and
Rend thorn to tho parochial Bohools, on
penalty of ox-conimunlcation and denial
of absolution.
The National convention of colorod
men In session in Washington, on tho
4th porfected a permanent organlxatlon
by tho election of Hov. ,T. C. Price, of
North Carolina, as president, and W. C
Cbaso, of Washington, socrotary. A list
ot honorary, vice-presidents, ono from
each Stato represented in the conven
tion, was also sowectcd.
At a special meeting ot tho freight
commltteo ot tho Trunk linos, In Now
York City, on tho 17th-, to take action in
tho matter of through ratos to tho
Northwest, which had sufforod of lato
by reason of tho cutting of the St, Paul
and other roads, it was doclded to with
draw all quotations to tho Northwest
and quote only to Chicago.
Heavy rain, on tho night of tho 13th,
did considerable damago In tho eastern
part of Cloveland, O. Several sowers
becamo clogged and tho water backed
Into collars and filled tho streots to a
depth ot threo and four feet. Houses
woro undormlnod and two or threo
streets woro badly washod out. Tho
tiro dopartmont had to be called upon
to assist In reducing tho flood.
Attoiinby-Geneiiai, Milleh has re
versed tho decision of Attorney-General
Garland and decldod that tho Union
Paciflo Hallroad Company, under the
Thurman act as amended by tho act of
March 3, 18S7, can soli tho five per cent,
bonds now in tho sinking fund and re
invest the proceeds in tho first mortgago
bonds ot any of the railroads that have
recolved aid from tho Government.
Alt. tho Republican Journals ot France
appravo the sentence of two years' im
prisonment imposed upon tBo Duke oi
Orleans. Thoydcclaro that tho possl
blllty of a pardon is precluded by the
demonstrations Indulged in by tho Or.
leanlsta, and assert that even a reduc
tion of the sf ntoftoe is improbable.
the yEffa.fe nar,
Is the. Senate, oil Ihelllh tho taint rcso.
lutlon touffrntututlhir the ttnltcti State of
llruzll on tho adoption Of u Kciiulillr.in form
of got eminent; a Joint" resolution request
ingtno rrcsiacnt 10 invito tiioKiutrcf tno
Ituwllan Inlands to intact Otlegnti'd to the
Pan.Amerle.tn Ctfturtuftitamt Sthmtt! bill nu.
thullthlK Hi" ronntructlon of n brldu over
me Arxnrjius river in me intnun Territory,
were pacd, after which the Sonato upoiit
five liuuri In secret session In cunslderutlon
of the nppolntmeuf snathe confirmation ui
Indlnn Ooiunilvsloner SforKnn..,.ln tlt
House nn adjourned session of tile ilthi the
regular day una qiguisession were nil de
Voted ton discussion oftlio cuUe ot ruled
lk tlm Rntlafn. r thr t1li. a rtii.iiftt.r nf
bills Were fcpotteit' front lommlttees and
placed on the oalendar, after which consld
eratlonof the bill to provide a tcmpoiary
government for Oklahoma was resumed, the
pending question beln'MclMumb's mnend
niont to Include No.Mun'e. Land within the
Territory, which was rejected. Some formiit
amendments were tnen QRreou co anu 1110
bill was p.iisod.. .. In the House tho Joint
resolution nf congratulations to llrnr.ll was
passed unanimously. Consideration of the
code of rules was then proceeded with, and
several amendments were adopted.
IN tho Senate, on the Kth, among the bills
reported from committees and placed on
the calendar Was one to transfer the rcve
line marine to the nuvul establishment. The
Eenatu then proceeded to the consideration
nf bills on tho calendar, a number ot which
wcro paMcd...,t.In the House the coue oi
rules occupied the wliolo ot the adjourned
BCflsioh, and soon after tho opening ot tho
rcKUtar ecsslon were again taken up. a
number of amendments were offered, most
of which wero voted down. At flvo o'clock
tho Speaker stated that tho previous qucs
tlon was ordered on tho adoption of tho
rules, which were then adopted by a strict
party vote of 1C1 to ltf.
THE Senate was not lu session on the 19th
.i..tu tho ltouso the first application of
the new rules was mude against several
Hcpubllcan members, who, coming In late,
were refused permission to record tholr
votes In Hpproval of the Jopirnal of the pre
vious day. Tho Senate amendments to House
bill fixing duty oh ribbons wero concurred
In. Senate bill providing for the ascertain
Incut of tho mortgage Indebtedness of the
country was amended and adopted. Public
business was then suspended, and the
House listened to eulogies of the lato ltcpre
scntatlve Itlchard Vi. Townshend, of Illi
nois, after which, as a mark of respect to
the memory of deceased, the Houso ad
journed. IM the senate, on the I7th, Mr. Oawos pre
sented several hundred petitions ag.ilntt
tho export of Intoxicating liquors to Africa.
Petitions ugalnst the suppression of tho Kc
publican voto In Mississippi wero also pro
tented. An original l'acitlo Railroad Fund
ing bill was reported. A number of hills of
minor importance wcro passed, and Mr.
Illalr continued his nOdrcBs on the Educa
tlnnal bill In the Hnnse Mr. Carllslo led
a protest against the approval of the Journal
on tho ground that It contained nn cutiy
made by dictation of the Sn-nkor.'lndIcat
Ing that tho question would be appealed to
another forum. The old question ot a quo
rum present but not voting soon camo up
and consumed most of the remainder of the
ftAslnn. The hill for thn rnllnr nf Urn In.
A PAJtTY of Europeans, consisting of
Mossrs. Roquo, two merchants of llal-
uhong, Captain I . Koao, and tho -Messrs.
Itoquo s compradoro, wero captured by
a band of pirates In lonquln, last
month, and Captain Rose was murdorod.
Mil Roiieut Gaiuii:tt, tho ex-prost
dont of tho lialtlmore ,t Ohio railroad,
has boon removed from his country seat,
"I'plands, near Baltimore, Md., but to
what place Is not known.
Luihs Rciienstxix, tho champion
fancy skatorof America, won tho cham
plonshlp of the world In St, Petersburg
on the mil.
The modlcal examination proved that
tho Sultan of Zanzibar died from sunstroke.
The nomination of Danlol Dorchester
to bo Superintendent of Indian schools
was conllrmod on tho 13th.
TilK Sultan of Zanzibar died suddenly
Dn tho tilth.
Miss Amy Fowi.r.i:, the young Kn
gllsh woman who Is going to devote hor
life to tho care of tho lepers at Molokal,
was tendered a reception at tho resi
dence of Itlchard V. Downing, in Brook
lyn, on the 13th.
TimiiK contostod election casos woro
decldod by tho olectlon commltteo of
tho Houso on tho 14th. Strict party
votes woro developed on two of thorn,
and In tho other tho caso of Thrett
against Starke, from tho First dis
trict of Alabama, a pra ctlcally unani
mous vote .In favor of tho sitting mem
ber was cast.
A iiaxqvet was tonderod to tho ofll
cors of tho American squadron of ovo
lutlon by Vlco-Admlral Uorgasso du
Potlt-Thouars, Commander of tho Fifth
maritime arrondlssement. on tho night
of tho 13th, on board of his flagship at
Villa Francho. Tho civil and military
authorities of Villa Franche and Nice
wcro present.
An International regatta, to which all
loading amateur and professional oars
men of tho world will bo invited, will be
hold at Port Huron, Ont, In August,
following tho proposed big regatta at
At tho request of Mr. Hlrsch, United
States Minister at Constantinople, who
has undortakon to right tho wrongs of
two Amorlcan missionaries, the Sultan
has had Moussa confined, not In a damp
and loathsomo dungeon, but In bis own
palace, tho abodo ot the Commander of
tho Faithful.
"Is Talmaoe a Humbug?" Is the sub
ject of a five-column articlo in tho Now
York Sun of tho lOtU.
SwiTZEitLASli has accepted the lnvl
tatlon ot Spain to take part in tho con
ference to bo held In Madrid to dovlso
measures for the protection of Industrial
The Edison Illuminating uompany s
stock has boon lneroasod from $J,500,000
to 4.500,000.
Caiidinai. JIassino, writing in the
Deutsche Revue, of London, on Em-
noror William's labor rescripts, says:
think this Imporlal aot the wisest and
worthiest that has proceeded from any
sovereign in our times, "xaa conditions
ot tho wage-earners in every European
country is such aa to form a grave dan
ger to ovory European stato."
The Supreme -Court of Montana do
elded, on the 15th, that the Stato offi
cers may draw their salaries without
any appropriation being mado by the
legislature, as tho Constitution fixes
tho rate of thelr'eomponsatlon. Tho
Stato treasury ceutlua Jto.ooo,
Repeateii attompts havo been mado
to burglarlao tho oflleo of the Utah Com
htlssloti, ut Salt Iako City, supposed to
be by Mormons anxious to procuro tho
registration book.
Foil the first tlmo In tho history of
Denver, Col., all tho liquor saloons woro
closed on Sunday, tho loth. This was
in accordanco with a recent decision of
tho Supremo Court Ono or two restau
rants dispensed liquors to their patrons,
lilt tho law relating td tho saloons was
strictly enforoed.
TnB Homo of Representatives, on tho
13th, passed unanimously tho Senato
joint resolution recognizing tho United
States ot Brazil.
llKPimts from MllloLaclake.Mlnn..ln
advance ot tho report of tho visiting com
mission headed by Dr. Howes, aro of a
Yery alarming character as to destitution
and disease, tho latter largely "la
grippe," but singularly fatal, and equal
to an epidemic of small-pox. Jn some
cases wholo encampments havo been
down, with not enough well Indians to
feed the sick, oven If they had food,
which thoy havo not.
Tin: next brongcrfost will bo hold at
Cleveland, O., In 1893.
MiH. Wlt.MAM h. DltAllt.EY, WHO of
ono of tho leading capitalists and roal
ostato ownors of Dubuque, la., died very
suddenly, on tho 15tli, whllo under tho
Influence of chloroform, administered
by her family physician.
It Is how calculated that tho Siberian
railroad will bo completod within this
decado. It will bo 4,500 mills long and
Is expected to cost 250,000,000 roubles.
Juikie A. C. IIitAliFonn, Kegister of
tho United States Land Oflleo In San
Francisco, died suddonly, on tho loth.
on a train at Irvlngton, Col.
Tim Senato bill granting public land
for reservoir ptirposos to tho city of Col
orado Springs, Col., was, on tho 17th,
ordered to bo favorably reported by tho
Houso committee on public lands.
Tun first shlpmont of Iron from Ala
bama to Pittsburgh was sont from Shef
field, on tho 17th. It consisted of 5,000
tons. A contract for another shipment
of 12,000 tons has been made. A ban
quet was held on the night of tho day
of shlpmont at which prominent bus
iness men celebrated tho event.
A movement Is on foot by tho North
ern Paclflo Railroad Company to securo
control of tho llaltlmoro & Ohio, thus
making, with tho Wisconsin Central, a
complete line from ocean to ocean.
The Louisiana Stato Lottery Com
pany, which Is making $3,700,000 per
annum not, will propose to pay tho Stato
debt of over 810,000,000 for a renewal of
Its charter, which cxplros two year3
Tin: Paris edition of tho New York
Herald, ot tho 17th, states that Presi
dent Carnot has decided to pardon tho
TO!sFi'BKV.lKltWA.Y,.Jcaptatn of the
fishing schooner Midnight, of Glouces
ter, Mass., has been missing since tho
15th. Ho had with him S550, part of
which ho owed his men.
Kffohts aro bolng mado in England
to organize an international demonstra
tion in favor of an eight-hour working
The National Assombly of tho League
of American Wheelman began their an
nual meeting at the Grand Union Hotel,
Now York City, on tho 17th. About
sixty members woro present.
Senatois l!i.Alii,on the 17th, presontod
in tho Senato a petition signed by 30,000
citizens praying for the pensioning of
army nurses.
Captain Liki.aiiuoi'f, of tho Russian
army, was found, on the 17th, severely
wounded In tho dwolllng of a brothorof
flcor, Captain ltezobrazolf. Tho cause of
his Injuries is being Investigated.
In tho Sonato, on tho 18th, tho Brit
ish Extradition troaty was ratified
in executlvo session, after which the
doors woro opened and Mr. Illalr re
Bumod his speech on tho Educational
bill. Tho Houso bill for tho rollof o(
the Indians of tho Dovll's Lake Agency
In North Dakota was passed In
tho Houso a quantity of mis
cellaneous buslnoss was transacted
and the Oklahoma bill was considered
at length. Tho journal was approved
without objection. Tho Pension Ap
propriation bill was roportcd from tho
appropriations commltteo and referred
td commltteo of tho wholo.
Ai.BEitT . Johnson, Invontor of tho
Johnson switch and other usoful rail
way appliances, dropped doad In tho
Equitable building, New York City, on
on tho 18th, of heart dlsoaso.
Tnn Sonato In socrot session, on the
18tn, ratified tho llrltlsh Extradition
treaty with unimportantamendmonte.
At tho Cabinet mooting, on tho 18th,
tho report ot Marshal Mlzoll on tho
killing. In Florida, of Deputy-Marshal
Saunders, was road by Attornoy-Gen-eral
Miller, and tho Bubjoct was vory
generally dlscussod.
Heniiy Fanz, tho tinner of Abordeon
(Miss.) fame, has been rccoinmonded for
appointment as a special agent ot tho
Census Oflleo to collect statistics ot re
corded indebtedness.
It is said that if tho.World's Fair bill
Is passed by tho Now York Legislature
as drawn up, giving tho commission
power to condemn roal estato, tho mat
ter will bo taken to tho courts, and tho
litigation will probably last until after
18W. Emlnont counsol has already
boon engaged by certain property-hold-ors
for the purpose
Tub Sonato committee on library, on
iho 18th, mado a favorable report on
tho bill appropriating 814,007 to pur
chase tho Capron collection ot Japanoso
works ot art now in tho National
Tub President, on tho 18th. awarded
certificates for bravory in a fight with
robbors in Arizona in Slay, 1889, to
Privates Thornton Hams and James
Whooler, of tho Tenth Infantry.
lit tho rowing regatta at Port Tampa,
Fla., on tho 18tn, Gaudaur won tho first
race in 14:32. Ham won tho second raco
In 10:20. There was an immense crowd
REYnunN, the Republican candidate
for Congress in the Fourth Pennsylva
nia dlstrlot, made vacant by tho death
of Roprosentatlvo Wm. D. Kolloy, was
eleoted.on no 18th, over Ayres by more
than W.OOO malority,
WATKnwonics and an oloctrlo light
plant will bo constructed at Neesho by
outsldo capitalists It the pcoplo vote
for it.
Aiiout flvo o'clock on tho afternoon of
the 8th Ed. Flnley, a well-known gam
bler of Kansas City, saw his wife walk
ing on tho streots with Joseph Carr, a
man of unsavory reputation. Flnloy
followed them up and upon overtaking
them drew a pistol and shot Carr flvo
times, killing him almost Instantly.
Flnley was promptly arrested. Tho cor
oner's jury exonerated Flnley, the tes
timony showing that Carr had frequent
ly mado threats upon Flnley's life, and
that ho had also sustained criminal rela
tions with his wife. After tho Inquest
Flnloy was takon boforo Justlco
Worthcn and admitted to ball In the
sum of SI, 000.
Thihty-five conductors and drivers
on tho electric road In St. Joseph struck
recently for shorter hours and against a
box with a slot In It for collecting
In tho court of criminal correction at
St. Louis tho other day Mrs. Agnes
O'Brien drew a cowhldo from under her
cloak and struck her husband, Charles
O'llrlcn, a dozen times, cutting ono ugly
gash In his cheek. Tho trouble aroso
over charges of Infidelity preferred by
tbo husband. Mrs. O'Brien was fined
SoO for contempt.
The other evening n man named
Thomas Summers was arrested at Jeffer
son City who is wanted at Sacramento,
Cal., for extensive forgeries. Summers
admitted that he Is tho man wanted.
Miss Edna Birscn, tho elghteen-ycar-old
daughter of Adolphus Busch, tho
famous St. Louis Acr, recently left
for Now York to mcot and marry her
cousin, Hugo Rclslnger. Tho parents
of tho young lady objected to tho match
solely becauso.of tho closo relationship
of tho couple.
D. Y. Panuev has been appointed col
lector of Dunklin County.
Tin: family of C. Johnson, of Mexico,
recently left home, leaving tho baby In
his cradlo near tho flro. Tho clothing
caught flro and tho baby was badly
burned and was not expected to live.
CltAKt.KS M. Mei.vin, formerly a prom
inent young man of high standing at
Kansas Cltyi but who about a year ago
removed to Seattle, Wash,, recently dis
appeared from tho latter place some
what under a cloud in business trans
actions. A FiiEimiT train on tho Chicago, Santa
Fo & California railroad recently broko
In two about a mllo east of Carrollton
! and tho engineer stopped the front sec-
1 tlon to wait for tho rest to come on, but
It being down grade it traveled at
greater speed than ho had calculated
upon and six cars, four refrigerators and
two" oil tanks, wero thrown from the
track and badly wrecked.
Ei.kanah W. Keith died recently at
tho Insano asylum at St. Joseph. It has
not been many years slnco Mr. Keith
was considered ono of tho brightest
young literary men in Missouri.
P. II. McNl'l.TY, of Boonville, has
neon appointed to a clerkship in the
Census Bureau.
John M. Bin iiix, ex-markettnaster
and brother-in-law of Alderman Martin
Regan, of Kansas City, was shot at an
early hour tho other morning by Ben
Jeter, an ex-pollceman and keeper of a
saloon at Fifth and Walnut streets.
Bethel will recover but had an almost
miraculous escapo from Instant death.
The shooting was tho result of a dispute
over a small account.
The Macon Conservatory of Music was
recently destroyed by fire. Tho loss on
musical Instruments and sheet music
belonging to Miss Eggleston, Miss Mcr
rlhow and others was $2,200; Insurance,
$100. Loss on building and stock oi
paints and wall paper, owned by T. L.
Thompson, was 84,800; Insurance, S'.ViOO.
In recently giving her young child
medicine tho wife of Stato School Super
intendent Coleman picked up a bottle of
tincture of lodlno and gave it ten drops.
Tho mistake was quickly discovered and
antidotes administered and In a few
hours tho child was out of danger.
Joseph Lewis, who Is mining on
Sucker Flat, Webb City, recently mado
his first turn In, which was 128,250
pounds of lead ore. It brought over
Heniiy Knrno, Sit,, lias presented th;i
city of St. Joseph with Krug Park. It
contains twenty acres of beautiful land
and Is covered with Improvements that
cost tho Union Railway $20,000. Tho
gift is valued at $00,000.
Thomas II. Swope, a wealthy citizen
of Kansas City, recontly purchased a
piece of land at that place, for which
ho paid $49,000. Tbo purpose of his pur
chase is to locate an Immense publlo
building, to bo mado intoa grand library
or a polytechnic institute, whoso pro
portions will not bo equalled by any In
stitution of tho kind in tho West
A citizen of St Louis died recently,
leaving an estato of $140,000, and his
will provides that his step-daughter
shall havo equal share with his own flvo
children. "In consideration of her docil
ity and tho filial affection sho has over
shown me," reads tho will, "I wish her
to bo regarded as my own child." A
great Inducement for other girls with
rich step-fathers to bo good.
Collins IIooan, colored, died at St.
Louis tho other day at tho age ot 110
yoars. Ho was born in North Carolina
in 1780.
MicitAEr. Claus was recently arrested
at St Joseph upon tho charge ot having
stolen 85,000 worth of rovenuo stamps
from tho oflleo of tho deputy collootorln
Maroh, 16SJ.
Though the First Hatch of Conspirators
Have lleen Disposed of, the lollce Are
Htlll Engaged In Hunnlng lloivn Others
Concerned In tho Crime Iteported Ar
rests lu St. I.ouls, Hancock, Midi., ant
Little ltock, Ark.
Chicago, Feb. 18. It was rumofod
about police headquarters lato last night
that Cooncy, "tho Fox." tho man who Is
so badly wanted as ono of Dr. Cronln's
murderers, had at last been captured.
All tho pollco officials on duty retained
a stolid silence, howover, and no admis
sions of any kind could bo gained from
them. Tho basis for the story that
Coonoy has been arrested Is a dispatch
recolved by Chief Marsh. Tho dispatch
was recolved at pollco headquarters and
transmitted to the chief. It read:
"Wo havo our man sure. Send man for
identification." On recolvlng tho dis
patch Chief Marsh sent an order back
to headquarters Immediately as follows:
"Send Collins; ho knows him, and don't
lot this story got out" A lato call was
mado at Officer Collins' homo and It
was ascertained ho had been called out
suddenly about 11:30 p. m.
A morning paper says Coonoy was at
rested last night at Hancock, Mich.
It Is Not Cooliev. tlie Vox.
Chicago, Fob. 18. A new and mosl
Important link has been picked up In
tho Cronln murder caso, and, from all
appearances, It Is now reasonably cer
tain that tho great murder conspiracy
will bo thoroughly oxposed. This link
consists In the arrest of ono of the prin
cipal actors In tho terrible tragedy of
May 4. Tho man who Is tinder arrest,
howover, Is not Cooney, "thn Fox,"
as was reported, and ho was
not arrested in Michigan. Tho
man who Is said to have played a more
Important part than Cooney In tho
bloody drama of tho Cronln conspiracy
and butchery was arrested In St. Louts
last evening by Olllcer Thomas, of tho
Central station. Tho man has been
sought long and vainly, and tho au
thorities bad almost glwn up all hopes
of being able to capture hiin. Chief
Marsh was very reticent this morning,
and refused to confirm tho reports.
There Is no doubt, however, that an im
portant arrest has been made.
The I'ollre Itctleent.
St. Lons, Feb. 18. Chief Huebler
says that tho man arrested last night Is
not a resident of St. Louis, but has fre
quently visited the city slnco the mur
der. Dotcctivo Thomas, of Chicago,
and Detectives Freso and Zlegler havo
been on tho lookout for hlra for some
time, and succeeded In capturing him
last night
He denies that ho is tho man wanted
and witnesses aro on their way from
Chicago to Identify him.
Chief Huebler Bays that In caso ho Is
not tho man wanted, tho publication of
the name of the man whom thoy arc
looking for would put him on his guard
and prevent his arrest
The dispatch from Chicago may havo
been based on tho nows of the St Louis
arrest, a thing never dreamed of in
Chicago newspaper circles, and it is jus
posslblo that Cooney, "tho Fox," Is t
man under arrest, hero.
Later. "' at-
St. Lon, Feb. 18. It is now said
that tho man arrested here Is Thomas
W. Smith, who led Dr. Cronln to tho
Carlson cottage.
It is also reported that J. B. Simons
has been captured in Littlo Rock, Ark.,
and that Coonoy, "Tho Fox," has cer
tainly been captured at Hancock, Mich.
$tnratlnn Among the rnrmcrs of Smith
Dakota, uhlch Interested l'nrties Have
lleeu Mrliing to Conceal,
Buffalo, N. Y Feb. 19. Tho Cour
ier yesterday morning published an ox
tract from a prlvato letter written by a
armor In Edmunds County, S. D., to a
friend in this city, inclosing a circular
appeal sent out by tho central relief
;ommitteo calling attention to tho dis
tress of South Dakota farmers and
asking for help. Tho letter says:
Despite the facts s'.ited In the circular,
and 1 know them to bo true, all tho Inftu.
ence nnd power of w ealth aro emplojcd to
lllilo thoso facts from the knowledge of tho
States generally. The reason tor the adop
tion of this course by tho bankers, land
sharks and others ot that ilk of South I)jUu
ta is that they fear that If tho true stato ot
tho farmers Is known tho result will bo
disastrous to tlicui. These men havo even
gone to tho extent of sending emissaries In
advance of our representatives w ho aro ap.
pe.ulng for atd for u., denouncing them as
lni,ioslers collecting on their own account.
Cir loads of food hivu been detained lu
nviny depots owing to their representa
tions and wo are deprUcl of the food,
chillies and fuel we are so much In need of.
Tho letter also says that Governor
Mclletto did not cxaggerato whon ho
said that thousands wero on tho vergo
of starvation In Miner County alone,
and that nlnoteon counties wero sadly
In need of aid, and that South Dakota
could not possibly rollovo hor noedy
Amono tho Crco Indians of Canada
tho husband lives In tho wife's house,
but novor speaks to his paronts-ln-law
till hl3 first child If born. This alters
tbo wholo situation, for, though tho
father Is not a member of tho family,
his child Is, and so confers on him the
status of "father of so-and-so," which
becomes, his name, tho wholo alfalr
being th'on brought to a logical conclu
sion by tho family ceasing to ot him.
Tun youngC.it millionaire in New
York, if not In tho world, Is Marshall
Roberts, son of tho lato Marshall O. Rob
erts, who Is worth 85,000,000, and only
(op years old,
The Legislature Admits It
Minneapolis, Minn., Fob. 18. Tho
Journal's Pierro (S. D.) special says:
Tho Houso has passed a joint resolution
admitting that destitution exists In
many parts of tho State, and that the
farmers must bo furnished with seed
wheat by public and prlvato subscription.-
Tho resolution declares thai
under tho Stato Constitution State
and county aro powerless to render aid,
and that nil assistance must cotnn from
outsldo sources. Tho wholo matter in
placed in tho hands of Govornor Mob
lotto, who will appeal to tho East foi
New Youk, Feb. 19. Tho semi-annual
meeting of tho department ol
superintendents ot tho National Educa
tional Association began yesterdaj
morning, for tho training of tcachor6, al
No. 0 University Place. A. S. Draper,
ot Albany, prestdont of tho dopartmont,
occupied tho chair. L. W. Day, ol
Cloveland, O., actod as socrotary. Or
tho platform woro many of tho mosl
prominent educators, roDresontlng tin
various States of tbo Union. A numbci
r9 (nlopnuHnr, nnnni-n nn 1 fidncatlrinn!
matters wero read at tho afternoon and
I evening sessions,
t '1

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