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abPlptlon, $1.00 Per Year,
T. G. Fblmrsok, Business Manager.
Thursday, February 20, 1890.
IUn for the G. A. R.
The Jays of the democracy In Mis
souri arc numbered.
The world's fair is in a fair way to
1)0 side-tracked Indefinitely.
Rosskll Harrison has been mak
ing speech at Atlanta, Gn.
It is said that Mr. Mustek lias en
dorsed Mr. Conrulh forlhopostofllcc.
The air is getting blue.
We bclievo the good of the party
requires the recognition of those that
Lave helped to bear the burden.
One by one the democratic post
masters arc being retired to private
life, lhe republicans don't object
Tub President and Secretary Blaini
attended the dedicatory exercises o
me Carnegie library at Pittsburg o:
the 19th inst.
TlIP, vnilnrr L-inrr nf Q,i.,t lino lin
come better known through the world
than anybody of the same age now
Tnr, politician of Kuropc is still
undecided as to whether or not Em
porcr William is sincere in his labor
Tiik legislature this year and a re
publican governor next, is tlio re
publican program. Let the news, go
The public is given the gratifying
information that the enumerators arc
directed to follow "tho dejuro rather
than tho defacto system." Thanks,
Missonm is rapidly paying off her
bonded debts, county and state. In
100 years Missouri will be the great
est state in the American union with
n population of 20,000,000.
Tub Catholic fair was a grand suc
cess, and great credit is due the
ladies for tho excellent meals fur
nished and served during the entire
Wn would like to sec the solid
south broken, but doubt the advisa
bility of a federal election law be
cause the solid south can be broken
in a much more effective manner.
Aix booms bring their sorrows.
The collapse of flr Passell, Kansas,
u..nu is attributed to the depreciation
of farm lands in Kansas that cot
clear out of reach in prices during
tho prosperous boom of tho coun
try. Mr. T. Houston Goodwik, who Las
been an untiring worker iu tho Dem
ocratic party for years doesn't seem
to be good enough when it comes to
distributing the offices. Tip is good
enough when election time comes
along, and then ho is forgotten until
the next election.
How beautifully the democratic
bulldozer has subsided since Mr.
Reed took charge of him. Such a
complete collapse in such a short
space of time is one of the results of
taking a democrat by the scat of Ins
pants and pitching him out of the.
back window.
Tub Dlair educational bill is in
danger. Strong opposition has been
developed among republicans on con
Btitutional grounds. If the bill is un
constitutional it of course, should not
pass, but some provision should bo
made, it is possible, to nlpc out tho
illiteracy of the South.
President Haiirison no doubt finds
it a very trying task to determine
trhom to appoint to olllcc, when it is
considered that for every small office
there is from six to a dozen appli
cants. Tho Jefferson City postolllce
contest' is a fair illustration of the
general scramble for office. Under the
circumstances the wonder is how the
president can avoid making mistakes
The evident disposition to make
further inroads upon the Indian tor
rilory sineo tho opening of Oklahoma
is now opparent to everybody, and it
is only a question of time when the
whole territory will bo opened up for
settlement. Tho white man is not
supposed to let bucli n small matter
as an Indian treaty stand in hi way
when bis avaricion mnwgets ready to
maslicatc the territory, and Oklahoma
Just sharpened his teeth for the wholo
morsel, and ho will have It. When
ever it takes placo Ft. Smith will bo
Hie Kansa3 City of the southwest, as
it is a'ready the wholesale distribu
ting i enter for that country.
Republican succcg3 would be worth
n great deal to Missouri. livery In
telligent republican knows this, and
knowing it ought lo do everything
pobslble for the success of the party.
A republican victory would placo the
affairs of the stato in the hands of
progressive, public-spirited citizens,
and would give old Missouri a boom
that would soon place her far in ad
vaueo uf surrounding slates. A re
publican victory would invl'e immi
gration and capital, encourage enter
prise nod industry, and give notice
to tho world that the people of Mis
souri wcro in favor of progress and
improvement In every possible direc
tion, of promoting every legitimate
interest, and of building up and ex
tending tho industries of the slate.
A republican victory would bo worth
millions to the state. It would bene
fit every business, every industry,
every occupation, except, that of the
politician, and every man, woman
and child in the statu. A republican
victory would attract more attention
to the state, and advertise it more ex
tensively and in a more beneficial
way than anything else that could bo
done. A republican victory is needed
in Missouri. It is needed in order
that the state may bo properly gov
erned and its interests properly
served. A republican victory can be
won if the right kind of work is done.
The right kind of work to bo done
now is organization. Clubs ought to
be organized in every part of the
state. And, after thorough organi
zation is effected, then the right kind
of a ticket should bo nominated and
the right kind of men should bo
placed in charge of the management
of Ithc parly and Of the campaign.
With organization and tho right
kind of leadership and management
the lepubliean party can win a vic
tory in Missouri. Without this very
little can be done. . Now is the time
to go to work. Uoonvillc Republican.
L. Ilounot Is vUllliiK her daugh
ter, JIi5. KoEoiihan, In Marshall, Jto.
Mr. lvil Rwlng, oui'liamUoniu young
friend of Lwlng Station, tit tended tliu
bid mac-u.no hero on Tuesday, tholltli
Miss Ocnnlo Miller of Clarkfbnrg.Jto.,
pawd th"nti;h licio lat Saturday on her
way to l.i-ui, to visit her sister, Mrs. I..
U Dallas.
Slow?. Henry Vopo and Louis Goff of
Osage C'lly were In our town last Sun
day. Mr. J. C. fiiibioulllct, oho of our en
terprising merchants, Is In St. Louis this
Mr. John D. Chambers lost a little
child Monday. Tlio funeral tool; place
Mrs. .lohusou Olcuu, wo understand,
is very sick.
Mr. John Murray, conductor on the '
pusher, attended the funeral of his sU-
ter at Moniteau last Thursday. j
Mif. M. Handle, who ling been very
sick, Is rapidly convalescing.
Mr. llohert Townscml had an attack
recently of thegilppo.
Several members of tho.famlly of Mr.
S. II. Frcshoitr have been sick, and his
sou, Thomas, is yet very HI.
Mr. Michael Handler thinks of loca
ting iu Ncljivka soon.
Wn observe that Hon. Wallet
Young is a candidate for senator in
the .St. Joseph district. While we
would like lo see a republican elected
in that district and hope that such
will bo the ca-se, wc can say to the
democrats nf St. Joseph that Waller
Voting is one of the best friends St.
Joseph has ever had at tho capital, a
mistake will be made If they do not
renominate htm.
Wiiks one reads of the fiendish
treatment suffered by the Siberian
exiles, male and female, it is easy to
understand why Russia is full of
nihilists. It ought to be full of devils
with red hot irons, with which to
lirnn'l in everii3;Iiig a '.he ::;c;i
that are guilty of such inhumanity.
If i'. l i the Czar lie should not com
plain when he lluiU dynamite on every
side of him, for it is in that case a
power in the hands of the hclplecs
and innocent, and will be used in
their defence against him in such
Tin; democratic family organ on
Madison street is great ly distressed
about Archie Drake's candidacy for
the Jefferson City pojlofllcc. Archie
feels very comfortable, and does not
have to depend on public pap fur an
honest liv'u.g in which repect he
differs from the proprietors of the
faintly organ. Resides, Archie is no
fool. The efforts of that paper to
make him out such to the conliary,
notwithstanding. Tho colored peo
ple sec very plainly that the only u&e
a democrat has for them is to use
them, and when they fail in that the
"Mississippi" idea Is put in practice
Pxn.siDr.N'T Ci.i:vi:i.axi is quite a
humorist. Y hue attending a dinner
Iu New Vorl; many jokes had been
listened to at tho expense of both the
leal and medical profession. Mr
Cleveland said "that he had observed
that when the jokers were sick oi
mcskod by the law they grew very
When, however, tho patient re
covers, lhe old hardihood and im
pendence return. Tho patient insist?
that his strong constitution tarried
him through, and the client declares
that he always knew theio was noth
ing in the case of his adversary. The
defeatcil clknt, however, is left ill a
vigorous and aellvo condition, not
only In the complete enjoyment of his
ancient privilege of tweaiiug at lhe
couit, but uWo with full capacity to
swear at hts lawyer. The defeated
patient, on tlio contrary, ia very
quiet, indeed, but could swear at hts
doctor tf ho had left his profanity iu
a phonograph, lo bo ground out by
his executor."
Washington, I). C, February 1,
1890. Proposals will bo received at
the Contract Olllco of this Depart
ment untlfijp. m. of April 10, 1(100,
for carrylugftlic mails of the United
Slates uponHho routes, r.nd according
to the schedule of arrival nud depart
ure specified, by tho department, iu
the State of Missouri, from July 1,
18H0, lo Juno 30, 1891. Lists of
routes, witliTsehodulcs of arrivals and
departures, 'instructions to bidders
with forms for contracts and bonds,
and nil other ncctfsary information
will bu furnished upon application to
the Second Assistant Postmaster
General. John Wasamakku.
Postmaster General.
Baptist, First Sunday.
Methodist, Second Sunday.
Presbyterian, Fourth Sunday!
Dr. 13. K. UlwkncU of Iiounetbor-
wiRh, Mo., paid a tfiort v!i' to his
bi'iUVr, Dr. Z. i Hiauweu , or mi
place last Monday, Hud returned Thurs
Mud and l.i grippe still hold on at
this place
Mrs. Johnson Glenn, at this place, Is
verv sick wlih pneumonia. It 13 very
doubtful whether the will recover.
Wo are cony to learn that Mrs. Henry
Ilaiisliaiu-en Is very sick with l igrippc.
Mr. Thomas Sterns of Itoono county,
was in tcisvn Tuesday and bought a lino
?pau of nudes fiom Malhow Williams of
near Marlon. Mr. Williams got a round
pi lee.
Mr. John .Gather, drummer for Oml
aid & Peek, Grocery Co., was In town
Wednesday anil sold Mos-u'S. Tagart &
Klllott a bill of groceries.
Mr. Marlon Klllott was mado happy
Sunday; It is a boy.
Mr. It. A. Llncy, one of our young
men, went to see Ills girl Sunday. 13d.
means bu-lness.
Mr. Auglls Murphy of this place wont
to KMon Tlmrsilay to buy furniture.
Mr. Fred Ilunsnekcr, one of our best
formers, went to California Thursdiy on
H Pclaca ninim Cera V
PdasEliECllnh.jr.hsirCarc fes $
j Kansas City. jh"C WS '
S. M. KLSTON & Co.,
General Merchandise and Jobbers In
Farm Machinery, Hinders Twine,
&c. &e. &c.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Tinwurl;, Furniture, Collins, lite.
Drugs arid Groceries,
Kxprcss and Hail-Road Agent.
Watchmaker and Jeweler. Repairing
Promptly Done und AVurranted.
citur.cn Muumus.
Presbyterian, Third Sunday.
Baptist, Fourth Sunday.
Lutheran, Second Sunday.
T. A. GRKKN'Ul',
Post Ma3tcr nnd Justice of the Peace.
Prop'r Commercial Hotel.
Dr. M. A. DUNLAI',
General Merchandise.
General Merchandise.
Gem rat Merchandise.
Prop'r llolil and Dealer In
Fine WliUkio.v, Wines and Cigars.
Miller and Dealer iu Mill Stuff.
Omnibus leaves .Teffcrcon City, 7:.!0
a. m. every day except Sunday, con
necting with the train leaving Coder
City .iis.i. m. nud which maki'i prompt
connection at Mexico with all trains
going cast, west or north.
Jonathan Grimshaw, Ticket Agent.
General McretmnriNc and
Country Produce.
Mr. G. W. Scruggs attended church iu
Klstini Sunday. I
Prof. Adams was the recipient of scv. !
oral veiy comical valentines.
Htvd. Thompson and Tlnton arrived
hcic Saturday; tho protracted meeting U !
progressing. Jtcvs. Gynn and SI.elton
aie expected In a day two or to assist Iu
the meetings.
Mr. 1). Chambers, who has been em
pkned several years at tlio Missouri
peiilicnlliiry, w.i.4 out at his old homo hit
week'sh.iklng haiuh with his old friends
J. .1. Shrike left hero Saturday fur Su
ilsilta, where ho will engage In huslnes.
We aie mad because v.o got no valen
tine. We feel slighted.
Prof. McCammct of Lohmaii, wa In
Klstou Saturday ou bii&Inc.
Mr. Thomas' Utile boy seems lo think
that Prof. Adams coulil ca-lly get away
Willi all tho "onions" in "lit dinner
basket if It was full.
Tho trial for a'sauit between 1). 1'.
WaHer and F. Welley came off Saturday
hefnre Jnstieo J. A. Klstou. Tho case
was prop.euted by County Attorney
Davison. The jury was composed of
L. A. Wade, T. Leaeh, Jos. Uiirliam,
I). Kdwards, ,J. Stone and A. Klngery .
Tho jury returned a verdict of guilty nr.d
as-csscd the penalty at 01 and costs.
Mr. .1. M. Tin pin was In UMon iSat
urdiiy. Mr. S.un AVIiite ha', rented Judge Kl
ptou's f.irm.
The Klslou school term will expire
next Friday, and will close with an en
tei'taliuueut. It now lool.s as if iho demorr.ioy has
made a great change of ba-n, politically,
that in legislative bodies tho minority
should rn'.c, especially if the minority are
dotiioernlH; that a democnitlo legislature
can ho ahseut ami present at the sauio
tlmo. That Is, he can bo dead or alive,
but not speechless; that they linvo a
right to bloel; uecestary legislation by
not voting and declaring themselves
absent. Iu Older to correct this fuolUli
nonsense we understand that a Prof.
Reed iu Washington has undertaken to
give frco Instruction on constitution law
and paillamenliii v rule, and that he al
ready has a huge clns of democratic
congressmen who, we hope, will bo much
benefitted. Somo very eminent demo
crats havo joined Iho elaf,)riokcmhlgc
of Kentucky, Springer of Illinois and
Gimlet Hole island of Mlssouil. Hut If
this new Idea should bo adopted In MIs
soml, wo feel coutldciit Mr. Dl.ind will
damngc his own chances for getting back
to congress on tho minority plan. It
does seem to us that democracy Is get
ting very s-hnkey when tho great men of
lis party are afraid of majority ruin and
a frco ballot. Tho hand willing on tho
wall Is very plain to somo of thcm,hetico
tho minority must rule.
If the orchurd Is cropped continuously
earn fniiH bottakeu to keep It well inau
u: od.
Ilaspberiles should bo sot out very
eaily In lhe sprlui and need a rlch,looe
Graft.iy can lie done any lime hi Feb
mary that the weather U wild enough,
5,00(1 (, t..l rr'ilvi- ,i;ciit? wai.U'U vl o. t , citker
PL-., to mtr.j Itif-o Ihls irrenl work, ilo'e Is u
cli.on'i: fi.r .),. Any ouo cm m-U tin. InmT., :is
tlio luIo Morl'l U IhUtp.-h-'I. 'i'min l.will
,'U1H1 .1 fllll n.TOUlll Of. ".II OT -'I 'U'l'. I'''1U
r.liuiis In Arrif, uxul cfi-ivi.tlij .r Iup L!iU'5t
r:tciitlou for tlic Holli'E of Kfiiln Ucy. About
r..)3 pnj;pa nlul 100 entirely now Illustration.,
iiinps, tic. Coiui'lcto eanvRSsini? outfit vltii ull
ir.ftrueUon, willl'te1(t-illp(toii roeoli'loflOpcntf.'
l).i not delay Injwrltinit; orJcr oJtllt timl t;et
lerrilory nt once;, 'i'Ju'onl genuine new Ht:in
1 l,r.ol. out. AdJ.'allol.l.OWA'i I'lail.lSlI.
1m. Ci).,SI0OllroRlrt'i'l,st. I.o,;U, Mo.
H. Clay Eing, W. Q. Dallmeyer,
UrciiJcnt, ci' hl r,
W. A. DALLMi.Yr.ri, As'i-t.nit c.i.hu r
I'ut'A a frewi'r.il lmiMit((luliief. Jl-n and
n'llt ihiiictts ami Koruirn ifw.z:' l't r
Iviti'tH of Intrti'luuliiin tvM i-rntit o iU
;irioijpi torrei mifn!. Alnvjai lnn ui'i'icx lit
ln:wi l( rustoiiuTM, Alluui iuti'iit in xhnu
dfK.siti, hy uKrceiiU'iilj ;mi dcaN in tncni
u!( r-ntti', Chtmty, .Muniriiuil lIoi.tN twl UiaU
t-r.nte u unlk-e.- collet Hons mailt: un Kurort.'
an va'.c- direct.
First latioiial Bank
C.-.pital, $50,000. - Surplus, $37,750.
w. c. yoijko, j. s. ri.r.-.iiNc,
.!. It. HCIIOTT, .IiaKt: V. lIllNUV,
lAri.I! TANNKU, .1. It. Lll'.VAIlDM,
Uuouuk Waunki:.
Un n i'oncrnl hanliin;' In-.li-.L-Hx. Uuv noil sell
Kort-ign iiii't Domestic KxvU in.', I'lut-.'JHt.-itcs
iioii.N mot other (Jecuritu-s; .ico-ium i-.tcUo 1,
lonio- unU iliM-ounU ni.nU' on i',ivor iljle lc..iu).
1'ronoi nitiMitloa given to all tiutlous ir.truet
cd to lit, euro.
D. H. Mc'ntro,
M. R. SinK3,
VU'u X'rutlilcnt.
J. H. DiercUs,
John T. Cbrka,
Afitfl'tniU i'lisljtcr.
The Merchants' Bank,
CAPITAL,, 5 5 0,0 00.
1). II. MCfh'TVllUi" ' V. II. IllNDHU,
L. I). l.OIIMAV, , O. A. H'Alir,.
M. Iv. SINKS, -. J. It. KliW AUD3,
L. l. OOIIDOH. ' .1. 11. DlKlit'KH,
Call Special Attcullunto Our
liny ami jrll I',,,, lynand l)onifilo 1:1.5iiki'
nn'lilo n (,'WM'ml n.ii.klut'JlusiooiS. Imhh ,nnl
OUconnl, MuJi ou Hie ruot ravoraUo ti-rois.
R W. 10ER
SPriitf pej:twf;iifr.dn ex
ton I ontftmn tntk iur cf
jji, theM'rlt. Ut.rt.Uiueitr
BBitJW IKM" wim fur ft
tWilitEi Q.if. AH) on liiTtiod'tln
OSAGU CITV, Cole Co., 5Io.
Dealer in
General Jlcrchaniliso and
Counlry l'roducu,
Dealer Iu
1'inu AVhijkics, Wines and Cigars.
HONNOT'K, Osago Co., Mo.
L. 11. HOILLOT, Vropr,
Uoni.ol's Mill Hotel,
nnd njjeut for
W. J, Lciup's Kc ami Ilotllo lieer
N'o 1 ,l)ay IJi)ix3... Arrives 1 :0D p.m.
Leaves 1 :0;. in.
N'o. 3, Through Ksiircsa. Aulves 12:.
2' a. m. Lc:ne 12:23 a. in
Xo. 5, Local rasscnger. Arrives 12:i;i
p. nr. Leaes 12:!3 p.m
No. 0, Texas Lxprcca Auivoa 2:10 a.m
Leaves 2 :1IJ n. in
t'reibt, carries p.sencrs. Leaves 9;2i
n. in.
N'o. 2,luy Lxpi ts irives 2:1(1 p.in
Leaves 2:")5 n.m
N'o. J, Through Ikipies?. Anivo 2:10
a. in. Leave. 2:10 u.
No. 0, Local Passenger. An Ives 1:20
Leaves 1 :10 i), m
Krelftht, carries passengers. I.eaes 1:10
p. m.
Local passenger trains .1 and 0 run be
iween St. LonU and Kansas Oily. Tlneo
ice'.lnns of nlybt train cast. Texas i.
press, No. 0, lui through ihalr ear Ia
Lexington lininch. Kieo leellnln' elnii
cars on airtlironb trains.
Trains leave .lefferton City at GiltOa
iu., arilvlnfrat Aurora 1): ;'0 n. m.
Iteturiilna. will loavt: Ain.,.a at 11. -:i
p. in., arriving at.Toffown f'liy at 2:30
p. m. joiih J . CjirjJiCn.Aot
: j)UAi.r.i! -;. r:i :
wni'A fofa Rnnfi
St. Clair and Bollvillc
Cooking Btoves,
AND Til 15
ParlorQneen o Healing o Stoves,
The very latest and best tloves man.
ufaetuied, fully warranted, cull and
see thoji.
Guttering, Lightning Hod, Klo., at
the lowest prices nrd warranlvd.
S&"A rcpaliin neatly done.
103 West Main Street,
Opposite Gas Voiks
nnAi.rn iv
S wuB2, liquor, imnm.,
221 i:si iiKi.t vnir-CT,
,i,.MUiif (im-(iiMMiifH.i.uia,ii,trnJ,d,.on.iinni. a Jiiie Lunch counter run iu counrc
ou..ka.aiaioW'j"''.'n'1',rti'' Hon with thenulooli, wheto lunch can
t,ii...k-.or,iJloaiOJ,JiM".InMl.l.r1,H., J Willi UlUUlOOll,
u,u.Hiir(v9iiwNXw. ue had at oil 4tou,
am "It IT "W IT" Tr TT"
1 Ht QRtAlipUAL
Has i Already i Commenced at
lTfoe Spot Cashf
would bo an appropriate nnmo for tlio penurious, grasping merchant whoso
aim seems to bo to sell no few goods at as high a price as possible and who
is continually growling about dull times nnd wonders why pcoplo do not
buy his dirty, shelf-worn moth-ealeii stack. Wo feel proud to know we
do not come in this class, and that our goods are fresh, seasonable, hand
some and desirable. That, instead of trying to seo how much wo can-get
for an nrticlc, wc study how low lhe article can be sold. IJuylng goods on
long time and et-lllnc; on longer lime is what makes men poor, lluying for
cash nnd selling for cash is what makgp men rich. We trust no man, take
no chattel mortgages, eell good, honest goods, ask
strive to become fiieuls of thq people and do not add ten per cent, for
freight. llao a char conscience, sleep well nights and give away, frco
to all, iu appreciation of tho liberal patronage we have enjoyed, n cotnpleto
Bradbury's Encyclopedia Practical Information and Universal Formulary,
a book of ready reference, ini'ructor, counselor and friend for every
(ici'iipnlioii, trade -or profession. A woik absnluteiy indlspcnsiblo to all
civilized people, no m.itter hat their station in life, occupation, sex or
age may be. This great wo.'k is dived into cierht departments, and broad
ly and plainly treats on f,evon distinct and different subjects, viz: Medi
cal, Trades, Agriciiltiual, Household, Business, Mineral and Kdticational,
then comes a Misce'laneou) Department, which gives information iu hlrh.
cr mathematics, statisiics of the United States and the world, facts about
r ulroads and hundreds of other interesting toplos. The bi.o is enormous
.or one book, being eleven and one-fourth Inches long, nine inches wide
and three m.d nne-lidf inches thick, the Rlyb' attractive, handsome and
ehhornto, and is bound ia b (, Kils!isli cloth, morocco color, with largo
go d si'le and bad: stamp?, beveled lids and mat bled edges, iiiukinr prob
ably the. moat do-irablc, beuausa the most useful as well as tho finest
printed and bound book ever produced and eold for SO. In o'rder that
these beautiful and valuable gift, may go only lo those who deserve them,
we issue frco of cliargo a ticket, and pun'.-h the amount of your purchaso
every tune yo a buy. When (.11 the figures on the ticket are punched, wo
t, ;Vu- ''i Mw.V.i:! iMwi'V"? VK1 ",is vlal'o work, and invite you to
Miipr Era
Ills I
11 5
XT ctioisti
" A
We will Commence to sell bur entire
stock at auction, and will continue J
every day until the entire stock is
disposed of.
Sale commences at I 0 o'clock fjjM
a. m. and 8 o'clock p. m. '
M Witt mW PLAWTffi I
6fi" WW fiUdKdier8Egb87
ua,iwx unt nnVrnr'.': i
liew.Jioiirtwi.irirlllc-.trM.rf iA Xizt:hii ?.,;SU?. .Our

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