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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, February 20, 1890, Image 3

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I SM'!; , - ,
r. nsfafit i : ,- . .I, i - - r.ra
For the year 800 wc will carry an unusual largo (stock
Gold Pens, Chains,
Clocks, Slcovo ButlonH,
Collar Buttons, Carving-
Sots, Pins, Kings,
Charms, Wutchos, Clocks,
Card Receivers, Butter
Dishes, Thimbles,
Ecrry Spoons, Sugar
Bovls, Creamers, Opera
Knives, Forks, Spoons
Etc., Etc., Etc.
-jjrjD -
pi . n K3Sk.
202 East High Street, Jefferson City.
PTfflt? ,r.. I? a ram
I1 inn I'M hi
Fresh Goods and Low Prices I
All Our Teas Arc Guaranteed io Pleases
bSo1c Agent for Royal Java Coffee.
-run plac-j. von
t.S BIZ ?4 . 5
.0 J can vj Cliil
S3 .3
, rfoVWt"i
LmL9l- ' -
?eapet-s and
lslSl AND ALL KDros 0F
MfT We Only handle tho vory best jnatcriol and nt tuo very lowest
figures. " Give us n call and wo will puara'ntco cntiro satigfactbn in every
particular. If not convenient to cull, address us a card,
ruDLiancn nvent thursd.vv cvenino.
F. G. Fui.kkiisos, Business Manager.
Enteral at Urn VoHnffica at Jefferson City,
Mo., an Mfttntl clrun r.Mter.
Xew Svclo.'Jnn. 7, )?M
Thursday, FebrusryO, 1800.
Call and examino samples and
prices of Job work.
liny a non-iiingiictlc watoli ami scemo
a pci feet time pcaro at Macnnlcy's.
Send in your milimlplloH nt'nnec fur
Tun 1ti:i'Uiii,tcAN. Only ono dollar per
year In advance.
A lluo lino of Indies' anil gents' (JoM
watches at Jtncaiiley's jewelry Flore,
next to xchango Hank.
Oct yottr watch, clock and Jewelry ro
patilng dono nt II. A. Miicauley'g
Jewelry store, No. 2D1 i:ust IIIrIi street.
Oloflns thoin out. Lot of IMvI fow
Inc nincldnci nt cost, at Georco 1'orth's
jewelry store.
A tine lino of Indli.' and gents' Chains,
Olinrnio, Phis, Cuff buttons and all kinds
of jewelry at llacauloy's.
Semi 3 your orders for job printing If
von want neat and clean wnikatlow
tlfjurei. Call and soo samples and as
certain priced.
Nolico! Wotlco!
Parties Indebted to mo are herein no-
tilled In Fettlo up nt once. AM aeennnts
not paid by Tebiuary 1, will hn given In
the. liamh of the anthoiltles for eollec-
lon. Pay un at once and von will save
trouble and expense.
On the nrst 0f Jiarch I will open
my gallery over jr.,OoUlmaii's s-tore,
width will ho the best cmilnpid In
the state, hnviiin' the latest improvul
nili'innciits. and will lie phased to
have all my friends call on inc. Those
"aving nietiiies due tlid", irom nm,
canjiave same by calling on M. Guld-man
Fo 5ale or Exchange for Jef
ferson City Propeiiy.
No. 1 C :i of green house,
ive!';ng m. ! rrouuda the size of lot
:).j-.';o, d. i-ably Incated, and the
on!;. ;:r!t:i oii;u in valine cotir tv or
w..M 10 miles of Marshall in any
di.L.'tion. Aline opinitunity for a
man, who understand the biitiness;
his water-works on it and gas also,
really worth S-',000; will put it in at
No. 2 Tlirco btninesi lots near
outlieast coiner of the public nqu.ire
20xlJ0 feet each. These lots adjoin
the "New Yoik Slore" one of the
ngo-t i.istitutioin of its kind in our
low n or in Missouri out'ido of the
.itics; will p it thin ground in !.t 5.jO
per front foot.
No. ii A dwcllii'2 house and riii;-
ililc cut-house) on the miucinal
treet leading mm Public Square to
oth the C. & A. and Missoun Pacific
Irp'.M in Col. Sam Hoy.h addition,
about three blocks fir.m the business
enter. Price. 01,000.
N'o. -1 Our of the most desirable
lots 100x100 feet, best resident pait
of our city, and when wo say this wo
in just what Is claimed ; the houti)
is a plain j-n-otu, with two basemtnt
mom3, slimmer kitchen and buggy
house; ga3 and water in ft out of
premises, in fact the principal main?.
rice, -ju.ijuu. Apply to ii. V. CUx.
The Catholic fair was a sjiccess
The tie train on the branch is in
operation again.
Mr. Henry J. Gcrstcnkorn has sold
his "city meat market."
"Littlo Lord Fountlcroy" at toll
man's next Monday night.
Mr. John Friday will soon open
his new stock of spring wear.
Sorao very fine ice is being received
In this city from points In Iowa. .
The public school bell has been
'ailing" in lone for the past week.
Mr. W. A. Jacobs lias been ap
pointed postmaster at Osago Bluff.
Mr. A. C. Scruggs h still on
crutches from tho effect of tbcuma-
Tho ladies of tile Iliplist church
scivcd an elegant Btipp'.-v la9t Tues
day evening.
Mr. J. Ashloy of Springfield, has
been appointed deputy U. S. marshal
for this place.
Tho new thoroughbred horse re
cently imported by King Ilelnriehs is
n high stepper.
Judge Dicrcks will lender his res
ignation as judge of the probate
court next month.
Dr. A. C. Davison had his pet bear
slaughtered Tuesday and put on mar
kct by the Asel Bros.
This city will adopt the Australian
system of voting, beginning with the
utty .election In April.
Col. Traccy, U. S. marshal for the
Western district of Missoml, was in
the city last Thursday.
It is said the proceeds of the Calif
olic fair during tlitjfivo days last
week amounted (o 81,000.
The steamer .Hugo arilved from
the Osage Monday with a cargo of
wheat and-saddle lice forks.
Mr. Kilwln W. Cautwell.a resident of THE
Aurora Springs during his boyhood daw. I
now uaveiing sidesman for the firm of
Techy & Co., gold and silversmiths of
i'roviutice, Ilbode fslanJ, was at An
rora and In this city this week.
Mr. Levi Dosa of Chicago and
Miss Anna G. Maddox of ScotU ; and
Mr. Isaac Taiilmau of Indiana and
Mi3s Mary A. Raskins of Hickory
Hill, woro granted marrlago license
Selling Books by Sskriotion.
The Method of tvlhuj,' books by FuWcrij tlou
iiiattv n.lv.iut.ici'x over tuiv olln-r. ami U
1 i-h irrn Ititf ininnirUiH'oa:iU iu:ttil.ti-in'. lu
Hi if hit'tlioU tin nttciilion ui tin juii:!ijit?r ta
vAiUiil to .iliiul.lf boitks rtfuliit b ho nn'lit rt-w-iin
hi (.'litiri f't'orai.co if thry wcr eoM in
Any ollur u.iy. Jt I Ihe mofit direct un 1 alio
'iIIkt tho iu 06 1 1c-oiHt1.KC.il i'ay to bu Uvole,
lUjiAi latrclittbU't i:t n rt-tail byok start) huve
;cuurnlly 1 asMi-tl thruaj;h tliuhunu-t or irom'iwo
u four mkldlf i.ii-n, each of whom iiiiut ti:;vo ft
;iroU. Tin; Kivorf.ulc rulilmtiiMK Co., fit. Iki's
slit , offers proiUablu cnipluyment lo till Uu
wibli to enK'iu f 1,10 b'lincw. i;i)crci!(c is
.mt lu'ccssary, but any laHy or K-Jntltjraan with
ItitL'lllKuucc ai.il lu tuttry can nul.e a biutcoh ( f
the, work. TJicr iiiiUJicat ouu aru tti lUn,
Jut-t fcucti booki. uh otir oun rprorilo and rr
older i-eoplo tiliuithl reaU bt-oku tii it tend to
m:tko iiilclliKciit mod and uotuun; bnoLb that
li'utb pe-jplo thliij; that they ouuht to know;
iicn liouk un a i iciHim ruuiiir iui)it, Uiieli
is iu Itnelt a lierfectocloneillaorbibiicilkiiov-,.
ledro itldpiitirn Jlmtory ot the I'mtt-d btati'a
U another sidcudld Look; a sale or mer 200,003
('plee ejieakb loudly lu t:torof ttnre it umtii,
The Teople's Urlupvilin 01 I'nvL'falKnol
fUjfd U uhutlivr work that lias curved lit. way to
a wondiTiul fufccsn: imflw vohvh of tbla Biden
did fjp!iilla, made and edited e8iccinlly tor
the ma-sties, h.iubeeu eolJ.m.U tho tale Ubtlll
very large, Tliwy also handle tlio liyd Letter
I.Uu ot tho i;t!-ullli Mauley liploraiioiis in
Africa. The 1'iOLcer Iliittorj' of Auer.ca. IVo
jdo's Farm and Mock Uciojctlu 'lhol'ityfil
c.tl IAUi of llolb he.ei. t'onrtshtn, Love a.id
Wedlock, and History of b$ t.'r.md Ann or the
l.ejuililic. AiiotlM-r 6Mlemlid book, avrraxlu u
il tl-cn bundrcd sets amonth,lsitlUalli'ti t'x lo
cdla of UuivciMle llittory, a 1,1, uU Vim 1
bouud to be read by tens ot ttionmimU of schol
ars, aid by thosci who lay no claim to fcholar
klilit, ami who? et lou' a clear, fitijrittforuard,
uiibrot u'.dahl, record or tho jrrcat cventx or
tho world's hUtory. The poitularitr of thh book
Is io.nethlng o:idvrful.
Tor further rnrtlcuUrs, circulars, terms to
age tits, etc., addrcs?,
Tin: mvhsuii: ruiiLismxo co.
7tw oiivo sr. hr. louis, Mo.
IVOIID V1U0.UU, ileal
nttcta In lb world. F.rlaei
tun.aif W.rranltlh,,
v.iv uuv.il nuiuiutr rna.i,
Oolb Udia, tn'lK.lita ,U.
With Wotk, .nil caiaa of
aaual aalua. Di iLmotu
.acta lotallir tan Hcura ona
rr, loriilitr wiili cur lorta
and aaliaabla Una of llauatliolil
.MBDlft. ThrH ranrlei.aj Mull
u tha wahn. ara aVvr- All ilia worW ,011
U.I da la la ahotr at nat wa rnl routaa.a notall-yuiir
frltnii and nairhtwiiand llmaa noutyouthatahiari.iuli,
la aaluatilalfauafur aa.ilnrlitioM, ftif y,nir MU.n auail,riril,
aiKlthua waaraifpakt. Wa p.j all t.pniai, fi.l.tit, ne. An.r
roif .now all. if you wnald lika ratowurK for u. you can
nrj irVm u wau gi w-ta tjw.Hi. id im..
rlnlra-ai v. fww a) wy m B lajai a
"Blind Tom" gave 0:10 of his in
tercftting entertainments ntLohman's
opera house Tuesday cvjning.
Mr. Scott Freslinur of Ccntretown,
was in the city Tuesday, and gave
Tin: 15r.rrur.icAX oliico a pleasant
Mr. Tlip'odorc Mcrtcns of Ojage
Bluff, entered his name on Tun It::-ruijuc.w-'s
subscription list tlii
Mrs. P. T. Bowman of Atiiora
Sifngs paivcd through the city AVed-
net-day on a pleasure trip to Kansas
Mr. IL A. Gass, edi'm and pro
prietor of the Missouri S. bool Jour
nal, is suffering from a third attack
of the Giippe.
Notwithstanding the unfavorable
weather, M. Golilraan Ins sold an
immense stock of goo.U during tho
past fuw weeks.
When in the city call on J. A. Hurt
for bargains in groceries. IIo pays
tho highest prices in cash or grocer
ies for country produce.
A great many rcouu are already
rngagod at our hotels by persons in
.teudiog coming here to attend the G.
A. IS. Kncarapment. "
Messrs. John W. Gordon and It.
D. Wilker'son, who purchucd Mr. II.
J. Gealenkorn's "city meat market"
will continue the business.
The display of M'Giniy In the
window of the Dallmeytr dry gooib
stoic was an attraction to tho oldest
as well as the youngest inhabitant.
Maj. William Carter and Mr. Mc
Millan of near Hickory Hill, report
i-cvei.d lead discoveries recently, near
Ii" tie Tavern Creek, Cjle county,
Mr. Adam Ohnsmlllcr of O.a"o
City, Colo county, Is now 7;) years
old and in good health. Camo from
the old country in 183'J, direct to
Missoml, whero he has cverslnco re
sided. Has bsen-married -10 years.
Tho waters of Sand Bock Spring,
In section 28, township 12, range 10,
this county, and owned by Hon. L.
C. Krauthoff, attorney at lav. Kansas
City, Mo., have great curative quail-
lies for many diseases. The spiings
are situate near the location of the
St. Louis, Kansas City and-Colorado
Mr. Louis Bachmanof Osage Bluff,
was in the city Tuesday. Mr. Iiaeh
man is one of our most enterprising
and energetic citizens. He has been
a resident of tins county since 07.
Last July he returned to the old
country lo visit the scenes of his
younger days, and remained until
Col. S. O. Ilcmenway, who, a few
years ago made a fortune in mining
lead, zinc and baryta in Missouti, is
now residing at No. 110 West l!!rd
street, New York City ; and owns a
steamboat line and several news pa
pers. He is seen occasionally around
tho halls of congress, where he ap
pears intctcstcd. Kx.
Tiie republican club meeting last
Saturday evening of this city and
township, elected delegates to the j
Stite league meeting as foilows:
Albert Zuendt, II. J. Gcrstcnkorn,
W. J. Deeming, II. T. Hulmcs, Jos. .
Stamplli. K. P. Dallnieyer and A. P. 1
Giiuishaw. ;
The Union Ltaguo elubi T. C. ,
Caplelon, Ge W. Dupce, G. W. '
C'asa-ly and Atehie Drake. The young
Men's Tippecanoe club: It. II. Dall
mcjer and J. II. Kolkmeycr.
Wo aic In receipt of a letter from a
gentleman at Washington, 1). C. , ?ay
lns: I loam, through "Tin: Sr.vn: I!i:
itumcan'' a jniiraal, (not an organ)
puLlWlied at tho Male capital of Missoml,
that llio people are alive to the !'iic,aiul
havu lesolvcd that this rcat waterway,
the Ootgu ilver, t-liaU lie open lo tho
world before Canada I, annexed to the
U. S. Locks and dams fiom the mouth
of tho O.ug. river Into tin state of ICiu
p.i Is what Is agltatlns the people of tho
O-iige Valley at this date,
Foreseeing the importance of U12
carrying trade t'j be develoiied by
the rojpeiiiii.; of tho navigation on
the Osage river wed, beyond Ojccola,
Cul. II. 1). Hlair is making arrange
ments fvr the c.Jitslruc'.ion of another
boat to draw not 11101 e than six in
ches of water and vet of cuisidoiable .
freightage capacity a This boat is in
tended to ply between St. L111U and
the faithest point beyond U-:ceo!a
that em be readied by river touage. '
Osceola Sun. 1
CotT.manclcrCIt.rko of Garfield
Post Issues a Special
Order Appointing the
Necessary Com
instructions for the Guidance
of Those In Chargo Re
ceiving and Enter
taining the Visitors.
The Special Order.
Subjoined will be found in full tha
special order issued yesterday by
Maj, John T. Clarke, commander of
Garfield post No. 0, G. A. 15.
Headquarters James A. Garfield
Post, No. 0, Grand Army of the Re
public, City ok Jr.mmsox, Mo.
reliruary 8, 181)0. (Special Order
N'o. 1.) 1, Tho ninth annual en
campmont of the Grand Army of the
Iicpublic, for the department of Mis
souri, will bo held in this city on
April 10, 11 and 12, 18!K). It is the
puip03c of Grand Army men through
out the slate to make the next state
encampment not only an ollieinl rep
resentation of Grand Army posts,
but a groat reunion of all ex-union
soldiers of Mi-souii, whether mem
bers of the Grand Army or not.
To the end that invitations may be
extended, and that our comrades and
their friends may be properly re
ceived and cntci tamed during their
stay at the state capital, committees
from the post are announced, and
comrades are detailed to serve there
on, a3 follows;
Committee 011 Invitation. W. II.
Link, George W. Tutliill, John
Committee on Kntcrtainiuent and
Music II. T. Holmes, Theodore K.
Committee on Quarters. S. 0
Tenny, John Zimmerman, 1. A.
Committee on headquarters and
Decorations. Charles Staats, S. B.
Dwiglil, Andrew Gtindelfingcr, G.
M. Mans, Krncst Kicselbach Herman
Ncef, II. C. Rich, Victor Zuber John
Committee 011 Street Decoration.
Adam Opel, J. T. Ilaynu., John
Mcrkel, Itiluy V. Uice, John Hart-
man, Fred Nuclide, John Opel, John
Cramhdl, II. W. Kolkmeycr, Morita
Committee on Camp fires. Wil
liam Biac'cburn, Chas. B. Mans, C.
F. burger, William A. Lockwood,
Henry Fall:, I). W. Morris, John
Peasner. Win. Carter, Francis Henry,
D. Wulfeit, John Popp.
Committee 011 Parade. Jacob
Scliiimer, Adam Baitliel, John T.
Committee on Purchases.
An Old Silver Coin.
Mr. George W. Walthen railed
last Saturday. IIo ltas a 0110 d jll.ir
silver coin, coined by the I'liiUd
States, dated 17'Jj. It i, 0110 Mr.
Albert Wal'.ber received from CoidoU
storo in Ibis city about, fi r:y yeaw
Silver -Statistics.
Yi'AsuiNnro.v, 1). C, IVbuury 17.
The Din etur of the Mint to-dny sent a
letter to Mmatur Coekrell with a state
ment showing tho mi'iiber of ounces of
silver of standard llueiieis and the cot
iof it, ued In the coinage ot silver dol-
Great fear was cxpre-spd last week ' ha"; the number of silver dollars coined
of the daiiKcr of the first Gray's
creek railroad bridge. Workmen were
put lo work to save it from going
Col. and Mis. Abram Fulkcrson of
Aurcra Springs, came in Tuesday for
a few days visit. They are enjoying
fine health and srom just as young as
they used to be.
Mr. Clem A. Waro "Is doing the
most extensive livery business of any
establishment in Central Missouri.
His sales of light vehicles aro rapidly
Messrs. Herman aiid Gus. Tobl
liavo gone to Waterloo, Va., near
Washington, D. C, to operato an ex
tensive hydraulic dry press biick
manufactory. "
Mr. A. J. Davis of the Sehumatc
Chapel Republican club, atteudid
the i-tato meeting atKansas City.
Mr. George Spnrr, theothcrilelegate,
was loo sick lo attend; .
Mr'. A. B. Porch of ' the Pleasant
Mount, Miller county,- republican
club came in Mondayon his way to
Kansas City, as a (jc)egalo lo the
state league. Mr. Poreiuvas, for many
years one of the leaiiug-sehopt teach
ers niul cuturpriaiug eitlivns of tlil-i
count y. We were gla),fo,jro lum en
joying duo hoalth and, wish him con-
and llio prufits thereon each yearfiom
Jlarehl, 1S7S, to December til, 1SS:i.
The number of ounce'' nod during this
pet led was o0fl,"i7,!Klu, and the co-t
27, 003,107. The number of dollars
coined was " I'J.IKiS.UOl , and the telgn
loiago !j01f!)I2,SPl. filobe Democrat.
$0t,i)42 i0) Is a icry large film of
money. Supposing tho demands of the
silver men bad been complied . lth and
tho fciim had passed into their pocket,
how or in what manner would llio fann
er or average citizen been beiud red, or
what polble benellt can the people de
ilve if tbo prollls on tho coinage of silver
is pocketed by the silver men.
Hero's a Pointer for You.
"To our rcadci-3 we say be sine
that you see Mrs. Burnett's great
play, "Littlo Lord Faimtloroy."
Then If you do not agree with mo
that the play is a masterpiece of its
kind; the company capablo to a do
grco approaching perfection ; and un
usually well balanced, that an even
ing at the thratro was never better
nnr mote profi'ablo spent, scud the
bill to us and wo will pay it every
time." Thus writes a soul hern critic
of Mrs. Burnett's famous play, which
is lo be presented at Lohman's Mon
day, February 21, and judging from
the success tho picco has mot with
wherever produced, It Is probable
the pcop 0 of lids city accept the
"noluter" at lt Ml value.
K. Suhuliz, W. II. Lusk, N
Auditing Committee.
Stamplli, Oscar G. Iiurch, C. W.
Them 1 3,
Committee on Reception. C. W.
Thomas, L. V. Dix, Frank G. Schoc
nen, Win. II. Plumuu'r, John Meagher
Oscar G. .lurch, Frederick Dcitrick,
Peler Vogul, S. O. Tenny, Tiioma3
A. Thome, John Tweedie, Peter
Ham, Philip, Schmidt, Lawrence
Schirmcr, Joseph Ilcntgcs, Sainlar-s
Luttivll, Wm. L. Iluber, W. II.
Liuk, loseph Stamplli, Win. Crcdie,
j John II. Moas, Austin Malgraw, F.
A. Divight.
I 2. The duties devolving upon
committees, as herein designated, at e
outlined !ii follows:
1 First It shall lie the duly of the
committee on Invitation to invite all
Grand Army pasts and ix-uiiion
soldiers and their fiionds to attend
1 the next state encampment, and par
( ticipate in the great reunion of old
, soldiers who will be hero at that
. time.
I Second The committee on enter
! tainment and music will be entrusted
I with the responsibility of engaging
I bands of musif for the occasion, and
! of arranging for pyrotcchanlc dls
I plays, military drills and such other
amusements as will contribute to the
entertainment of our guests.
Third. Tho commltteo on quart
ers are expected to ascertain tho
hotel, boarding and lodging house
capacity of the city.
They will next endeavor to secure
all public buildings, halls mid other
places that may bo utilized for sleep
ing quarters and learn the capacity
of each. They will also make a can
vass of the city and ascertain from
each head of a family how many per
sons can bo accommodated by him or
her and tho piieo per day for-board
and lodging. ' The commltteo will
then confer with the proper parties
and ni'.iko arrangements to havo ali
the spare room III publlo buildings
and halls filled, with C03t3. Having
done this, mid finding that sufficient
room cannot bo found to accommo
date Uiq anticipated turn out. thoy
will tako immediate steps to procuro
such n number of tents as will afford
comfortable quarters to nil visitors
not otherwise provided for. A cora
plcle statement of whero quarters
may bo lind, from whom and the prico
charged per day, for lodging and
meals, shall bo furnished by this
committee lo tho chairman of tho
committee on reception.
1 if th. The committee on head
quarters and decoration aro charged
with tho proper decoration of tho
house of representatives wherein tho
official representation of the depart
went will assemble, and with tho
decoration of tho senate chamber, in
which will meet the Women's Relief
They will also decorate tho recep
tion rooms of tho Women's Relief
corps, and tho headquurters of James
A. Garfield post, No. C.
Sixth. The committee on street
decoration arc expected to construct
arches and other appropriate decora
tions at the intersection of tho prin
cipal streets along and across which
the parade will pass, and elsewhere
in the city, if, in their judgment, the
same may be necessary.
Seventh. The committee on camp
fires will bo necessarily governed by
the condition of the weather imme
diately preceding and during the en
campment. If the weather is favor
able they are expected to prepare a
great open air camp fire, but should
it be otherwise they will arrange for
entertainments of liko character indoors.
Kightli. The committee on parado
will report to the post commander tho
route which, in their judgment, will
be the most appropriate and best line
of march for the parade. The report
so made will bo submitted to the de
partment commander for bis consideration.
Ninth, The committee on pur
chases are expected to purchase Hags,
buntingand other supplies necessary
to be used by Ihe decoratinc com
mittee. They will also purchase such
lumber and other materials as arc re
quired for the erection of platforms
for the encampment and speakers,
and all other articles required to bo
Tenth. The auditing committee
ill exain'ne into and certify lo the
correctness of all accounts aaainst
the "Slate Kneampmcnt Fund" be
fore the same aro nrcsented lo the
post or quartermaster for payment.
Khvcntli. The reception com
mittee will attend all trains bringing
comrades to the encampment,
whether the same arrive in day or
night time. They will escort all visit
ors to proper quarters and see that
their baggage is safely delivered
wherover ordered. Upon the aTril'jji151- -of
each day train bringing cemrades
to tho encampment they will cause i
salute of ton guns lo be fired. They
will also cause a salute of thirteen
guns to be fired on arrival of the
commaiidcr-in-cliief, and a like num
ber of guns when tho department
commander anives. Sunrise and sun
set guns will be fired during cacii
day of the encampment. To carry
into effect this provision of the order,
I hereby detail as artillerymen, tho
following named comrades: Thomas
II. McKinna, C. Staats, John Scliaer,
S. L.McCormick, Xieh.Vocll.ill, John
Kiesclbacli, Wendell Iluchrle Frank
M. Gray. In addition to the duties
above enumerated, the con..nittce Is
expected to have carriages in waiting
to receive tho commander in chief
and staff, and also the department
and his staff. They will keep car
riages and horses in wailing at do.
partmcut headquarters for use of the
commander-in-chief and department
officers. The commit co on reception
will supply themselves with appro
prlale badges to indicate their duties.
y. Through tho kindness and
liberality of the Gcrmania club of
this city, lam authorized to announce
that j-our headquarters during tho
week of the encampment will bo in
Music hall, No. 230 Fast High street.
1, Kvery member of tho post,
whether detailed on 11 committee or
not, 13 expected to show the utmost
courtesy to visiting comrades and do
all in their power for their nroncr
5, Members of the post having
homes and business houses arc re
quested to havo the saino decorated
during tho encampment and illumin
ated on tho night of tho parade.
0. Comrades will wear their uni.
forms and badges durintr tho en
campmont. By order of
Joun T. CtAnicc,
John Ora., l'ost Commander.
Rapid -growing trees should be pruned
Set all small fruit lu straight rows so
as to eultlvato with a horse and cultiva
lu many cases It will bo Lost to paint
tho wounds made lo pruultrr with lead.
tvad QiU

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