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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, February 27, 1890, Image 1

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v u r -'.mm
KlifOwCoatf and Clothing of 'nit kinds., Men's overcoats from S1.735
Mil Man'a atttita foAm ci fin n
I nm determined to reduce my stock regardless of cost. Persons
"wishing to buy any goods in my lino will save money by calling tit my
storo boforo purchasing elsewhere. Dont forget tho placo.
Friday's i Missouri Clothing i House.
StaDle til
men GroGenes
Glassware, Quccnswarc, Tea and Dinner Scls, Chamber
Sets, Library Lamps, Toilet Articles, Tobacco,
Cigars, Woodcnwarc, lec Chests, Refrigerat
ors, Grass and Garden Seed, Oyr
tcrs, Fish and Game in
Cash Paid for all Kinds of Country Produce.
-StOYes wmmjfc
The Most Complete Slock in Central Missouri of Hie Best and Cheapest
Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Cutlery, Etc. Exclusive agent for
The Celebrated Wire-Gauze Charter Oak Stoves
Door Frames, Window Frames, Wire Screen, Weather Strips, Spring
Hinges, Wru Cages, Water Coolers, Etc., a Specialty. lin liooiing
Spouting and Jobbing of nil kinds given prompt attention.
Epitome of the Week.
HILL ere reported In the Senate on tho 19th
For nn Inspection of meats for exportation and
prohibiting the Importation ot adulterated artt
closot food and drink; tor the relief of womon
enrollod a army nursoa; to restore to post
masters losses from tiro or burglary. HUM
irero passed appropriating $100,000 torn publlo
building at Fort Dodge, In., and f 100,000 tor one
nt Lansing, Mich',. In the House tho bill pro
viding tor nn Assistant Boerotary ot -War
was favorably reported. Dins were passoa
Dividing tho Judicial district ot N6rth Dakota
lr.tofour divisions, courts to bo hold at Bis
tnnrrk, Grand Forks, Fargo and Devil's Lake)
dividing South Dakota Into three divisions,
courts to be held at 81out Falls, Pierre and
Deailwoodi authorizing tho President to con
fer brevet rank upon army officers for gallant
lerrlces in Indian campaigns since ISfiT.
Tim resolution catling for information regard
ing the killing of Deputy Marshal Saunders In
Florida wai adopted in the United States Sen-
ato on the SOth. A bill was introduced to pro
vide a Ann of lion to Is.GOO and lmmisonment for
not less than six youths ftfr mailing a lotter td
a lottery company, ana giving tne l'osimasier
Ocncroi power to atop all registered letters
coming to lottory companies or their agents.
Tho debato on the Ulalr educational bill was
closed,. ..In tho House, the conference report on
tho Scnnto but to Increaso the pension or help
less soldiers was adopted. Most of the session
was given to discussion on tho world's fair bills.
IN the Senate on tho lst the conferenco ro
port on the bill to increase the pensions of
totally disabled pensioners from M to 172
per monta was agreed to. mils wero Intro
duced for tho establishment of a pure food
division in the Department of Agriculture, and
to provide fortttlcillons and other seacoast de
Ienes. A Mil was introduced to pumsn
crimes against officers of tho United States
whllo In discharge of their duties. Adjourned
to tho 2ltk In tho Houso the entire day
was devoted to discussing tho world's fair bills.
At tho evening session forty private pension
bills wero passed. Adjourned to the Slth.
IN the Senate oh tho IMth bills were introduced
to amend tho lntcr-Stnto commerce act nnd to
establish in every county of each of tho sev
eral States a United States ngrlcultural do.
pository, to bo under tho control, of the
Treasury Department, ...In tho Houso the
tlmo was occuptod In balloting for a site for
the world's fair, Chicago being chosen as the
nluco on tho clehth ballot, tho vote standing:
Chicago, l.'.Ti Now York, 107; St. Louis, !;
Washington, IS.
Secretary & Treasurer.
2. a
e. 5.
Si g.
n a
C. C
& 4
Carriages,Surreys,Buggies,Road Carts
Second-Hand Rigs Bought and Sold.
Mules nod Horses Bought and Sold.
Tho best af!il Finest Livery Rigs In the Slate.
Tin: formal dedication of Uio Carnegie
froo'llbrary at Alloghony City, l'a., took
placo on tho evening ot tho 20th, and
tho Institution was declared open by
President Harrison.
William Seei.ev Hopkins was hanged
on tho 20th at Bollofontc, l'a., for tho
murder of Ills wife and mothcr-ln-law
last September. Jacob Schoop and
Thomas J. Colo wpro hanged at Phlla-
dolphin, tho formor for tho murder ol
Anton Schilling and tho latter lor that
of Walter McAllister.
It was said on tho 20th that Jay
(lould had acquired nearly all tho coal
fields In tho Southwest.
The Farmers' Co-oporatlvo Brother
hood of the United Statos was Incor-
poratcd at Springfield, 111., on tho 20th
with a capital stock of SoO.OOO.OOO. Its
object, as stated, is to do a general farm
ing business, buy and storo grain, and
protect tho farmers against trusts of all
A rusK on tho 20th in Wolgoltown, an
Krlo (l'a.) surburb, destroyed tho
Weicol House, tho oldest and most
noted hotel between Iluffalo and Cleve
land. Tho landlord, J. (i. Rhoadcs, lost
1,000 in money In tho flames.
.T. II. Kki.i.y, tho man arrested In St.
Louis on suspicion of bolng Implicated
In tho murder of Dr. Cronin, was dis
charged In Chicago on the 20th.
The two-hoaded baby which had boon
on exhibition in various museums
throughout the country dlod at lluifalo,
N. Y., on tho 20th, one-half oxplrlng
forty-flvo minutes beforo the wholo
body becamo Inanimate.
Uuiii.no a storm on tho 20th at Car
lisle, O., accompanied by thunder and
lightning, II. II. (Jentry, a telegraph op
erator, hud his mubtacho nnd the hair
on his head burned oft by a flash of
lightning, but was not otherwise In
jured. Tiiiii:k-1'oui!TIIs of tho village of
lllack Itlvor, N. Y,, was destroyed by
flro on tho 20th.
Mits. Maiiv A. Kkklkii obtained a
judgment ot SoO.OOO on tho 21st In a
Mow York court against iirs. saran j.
Hassott. a widow, for tho alienation of
her husband's aifcctlons.
II. I. I'riifv'H storo at Donaldsonvllle,
La., was burned on tho 20th, nnd a clerk
named ltolsao and a young colored boy
perished in tho flames.
DiruiNd a thunder-storm on tno sist
Saunders Iluckloy, ot Jackson, O., and
his cousin, Miss Lotllla lluclcloy, wero
struck by lightning and fatally burned.
Tiieiii; wero 2S3 business failures In
tho United Statos during tho seven days
ended on tho 21st, against 213 tho pro-
vious sovon days. Tho total of failuros
in tho United Statos January t to date
is 2,353, against 2,43-t In 18S9.
Euwaiii) KnoHTT, aged 50 years, was
burned to death on tho 21st in his bouse
at Danbury, Conn.
Rei'oiitm of tho21st indicated that the
wheat crop in Missouri, Kansas and
Ohio was not injured by tho recent cold
A kiiie on tho 21st destroyed three
buildings, occuptod by as many firms,
at Toledo, O., at a total loss ot 3150,000.
Ox tho 21st Stato Treasurer W. L.
Ilnmlngivay, of Mississippi, was found to
bo over S250,000 short in bis accounts.
I'oisoNr.n coffee on tho 21st rendered
Mrs. J. II. Mcintosh and her daughter.
ot Pino Orovo, ()., violently ilb It was
a caso of attempted murder.
A t un: on tho 21st at Holona, Mont,
destroyed tho Granite block and all the
records and journals ot tno Legislature,
John Ki.no (colored) was hanged on
tho 21st at Osceola, Ark,, for the murder
of Mrs. Warronton (a widow) and her
twochildron, a boy of 14 and a girl of 10
vears, in May, 1BS8. Kov. Uonry uun-
can, a white minister, was executed at
Ozark, Ala., for the murder ot his wife.
A TEiuiiFlo wind and hall-storm
passed over Parkersbnrg, W. Va,, on
the 21st, doing thousands ot dollars'
worth of damage, and Sandus Buckley
was killed and several other persons
wore badly Injurod.
A statistician at Boston announced
on tho 21st that 1,000,000 gallons of rum
were shipped from that city to Africa
every year.
In an accldont on the Slst near
tiuisan, Cal., a large number of railroad
employes were killed and threo wr
seriously injured,
In an accldont on the Slst near Co
lumbus, Ind., causod by 7cav getting
on the track, Soott Honry,;co'lductor of
ft graVol train, was killed, litijl Wlllard
Mltcholl was fatally injured!,-
Tin: roof ot the Philadelphia Grand
Opora-Ilonso, which was betiig raised,
.foil on the Slst, and eight ofi' tho fifty
workmon received sorlous Injuries.
Fon "cutting'' tho Latltt$h;cltatlon
twnlvo students of tho Washington and
Jofferson Collegn at Washington, Pa.,
wore expelled on the 21st 2RI
The barn of Mrs. a. y,pay, near
Kay wick, Ky., was bumod-un the 21st,
and twenty-nine head otfhjirses and
mules and a 1,000 race-bone perished
in tho flames. 'P
On the 21st a non-partisan-, Woman's
Christian Tomporanco Union fras organ
ized in Cnlcago.
Tub exohanges attholoadlBg clearing
housoa in the United 8tatosf8urtng tho
week endod on tho ssdAaggregatod
S9501S0.,l0t, against 81,081,p,0iq the
.prqvipvj jveplt, - A" comjMta ;ith the
corresponding wcoic or issn tno in
crease amountod to 5.6.
It was roported on tho !2d that un
known pactlcs had offered SI, 000,000 tor
tho franchlso of tho National Isasc-Ilall
League Association.
Mtss Rkoina ItoTiisnm.D, of Port
Townsend, Wash., will start on March
17 to raco around the world against
Ooorgo Francis Train, In an endeavor
to mako tho circle In sixty days.
11 V an explosion on tho 22d at tho
South Omaha (Nob.) packing houso of
Armour & Cudahy three persons wero
killed outright, sevon sorlously or fatal
ly lnurcd and a number wero hurt.
Tin: sixteen women on trial for de
stroying a saloon at Splckardsvllle, Mo.,
wero found guilty on tho 22d and fined
fivo dollars each.
Foitxv persons wero drowned at Pres-
cott, A. T on tho 224 by tho giving
way of tho largo storage dam built
across Hassayampa rlvor two years ago
at a cost of hundreds of thousands ot
The tobacco factories nt Richmond,
Va., of Alexander Cameron i Co. and
C. Cameron & Slzor, and the Durham
stcamery and tobacco factory wero do
stroyod by flro on the 22d. Total los3,
Catti.k and horses In tho vicinity of
Wood River, Ore., wero dying of starva
tion on tho 22d by tho hundreds, nnd
unless thoro was a thaw soon many
herds would bo exterminated.
(Ieoiiok nowEM, of Spring Hill, Mo.,
sot a spring gun In his barn for a thief.
Mrs. Dowell, unawaro of what hor hus
band had done, opened tho barn door on
tho 22d and was shot dead. Sho had
beon married but two months.
JniiEMlAU O'Donni'.i.i. was convicted
In Chicago on tho 22d of conspiracy to
brlbo jurors In tho Cronin trial and his
punishment fixed at threo years In tho
It was said on the 22d that thirty
deaths had occurred at Zancsvlllo, O
tho result of taking a child who died of
a contagious disease from Chicago to
A I'UTiTlo.v to tho Czar of Russia ask
lng him to rnltlgato tho Bufferings of
tho Slborlan oxlles Is to bo circulated
throughout tho United States for signa
tures. Indictments against twonty-ono "reg
ulators" wero returned on the 22d by
the grand jury sitting at Lafayette, La,
Tun llrltlsh schooner Glen was
wrecknd on ITto 22d on Little Duck Is-
Tint vlslblo supply of whoat and corn
In tho Unltod States on tho 24th was,
respectively, 29,018,681 and 18,738,607
The streams wero swollen at Howling
Orcen, Ivy., on tho 21th by heavy rains,
and tho flood from Orcen rlvor had
driven many families from their homes.
At Hopklnsvlllo about 1,000,000 pounds
of tobacco had been destroyed.
PiiESHiENT llAmusoN, accompanied by
Congressman Dalzull, Andrew Carncglo
and J. II. Scott, of Johnstown, l'a., ar
rived at Pittsburgh, l'a., on tho 10th to
attend tho opening of the Carneglo froo
John R. Lett, said to bo tho oldest
resident of Southern Indiana, expired,
ot Columbus on tho SOth at tho ago of
08 years.
Samuel IlAvi.Kss, who went twenty
one days without food or liquids owing
to his Inability to swallow because of
consumption of tho throat, died at Fort
Wayne, Ind., on tho 20th.
Tim Montana Legislature adjourned
on tho 20th, having been In session
ninety days without passing a bill.
TilK Prohibitionists of Indiana mot In
Stato convention at Indianapolis on the
20th and nominated a tickot headed by
IL M, Itlount, of Marlon County, for
Secretary of State.
John Jacou Astou died suddenly at
his resldenco In New York on tho morn
ing of tho 22d of heart failure, aged 07
years, ltoleltan estato vaiucuatstiau,.
000,000, which goes to his son and threo
daughters, his wlfo having died two
yoars ago.
An extra session ot tno lennosseo
Legislature opened on the 24th to con
sider taxation and conflicting election
WitlLHcloanlnga sidewalk atSt. Louis
the other morning Henry Dozlcr, a col
ored man, was shot and Instantly killed
by Oeorgo Cruse, a youngnegrohoodlum.
Threo negro youths, George Cruse,
Oeorgo Tandy nnd Edward Green, worn
reprimanded by Dozler for somd petty
misdemeanor, when they retired and de
cided to "do up" Dealer. Cruso, who Is
only fifteen years old, was solcctod for
the work, who returned and picking a
quarrel with Dozler shot him dead. Tho
threo wero arrested.
The women of Sptekatdsvlllo recently
raided tho "club room" (or saloon) of
Henry Davis, and destroyed all tho
liquors found In tho place. Davis, It
was claimed, was running his place in
violation of tho law, being just outside
the corporate limits of tho town, nnd
the town authorities could not reach
Thomas Fee was recently arrested In
tho Ozark mountains, charged with tho'
murder of William Thorpe, In Holt
County, some tlmo ago.
Tin: prizes for a plan for a new city
hall to be built at St. Louis wero
awarded after critical and thorough ex
amlnnllon of tho thirty-seven designs
which had been submitted for compeii
i tlon. The first pr!ze, &,00l). was
i awaided to Kckel A Mann, of St. .Io-
t seph, and the M. 000 prize went to l'a
' sett .t Husvell, of Knnsis City.
At Old Monroe, Lincoln County, tho
! other day, Mrs. l'nnnle Nail was nexi
I dentally shot by the discharge ot a pis
I tol In the overcoat pocket of her bus-
band while ho was assisting her Into a
i vehicle. She died In a few hours.
Vail had taken out several policies of
I insurance upon his wife's life, aggro
rti-,, : eating over P20.000, nnd other actions of
rwnuun. '..,..'i . -t..i .... .. ...if,.
of John Loston lost ols ' 1' "TU" ";
, ' l exonerated hor husband from all blame
Uvea on tno 20th in too burning or ... .... , . . . .
V i-it rw n,i m- i before Mm died. ail Is thirty-two
donco at Kingston, Ont, and Mr. .
n ?? Pu.S'Jl'Sir&.i,- i divorced from him. The dead wife was
and. off the coast of Maine, and threo
of hor crew wero drowned.
Uiliieiit Lowk (colored) was hanged
on tho 21st at Birmingham, Ala., for
tho murder of J. W. Meadows (white)
Tiiiiek persons wero killed and six In
lured bv tho explosion of a boiler In a
sawmill at Rutlier Glen, Va., on tho 22d
Tiiiiei: sisters. Mary, Carrlo and
Ella Tyler, wero thrown from a car
riage by a runaway on the 22d near
Newark, N. J., tho two former lieing
killed and tho latter badly Injured.
Ture total collections of Internal
revenuo for tho first seven months of
tho fiscal year ending Juno 30, 1890,
wero 379,513,02 , being an Increaso of
S5.252.028 as compared with tho collec
tions during tho corresponding perioa
of last vear.
William Sti'.waiit was killed ana nis
wlfo and two children and two men
wero probably fatally injured on the
id bv an explosion of dynamite at
Adamsburg, l'a.
The hoavlost snow-storm of the winter
provalled throughout Montana on tho
24th, with tho thermometer marking
ten degrees below zero.
It was roported on tho 24 th tbat an
organization ot negroes known as tho
Grand Independent Brotherhood, witn
a largo membership, was planning
movement to securo control of tho gov
ernment ot Oklahoma.
The houso of Hunt Bead at Augusta,
Oa., was burned on tho 24th, and his
threo little children perished In the
The first Slavish convention over hold
in tho United States mot on the 24th In
Allegheny City, Pa., to form a National
organization for tho purpose of looking
after tho Intorosts of tho Hungarians in
all carts of tho country.
Seciietaiiv PitooTOit lssuod an order
on tho 24th directing that the field or
union of tho National flag in use In tho
army and navy consist, after July 4,
1690. of forty-two white stars in six
rows of sevan stars each in a blue field.
The Issue of standard silver dollars
from tho mints during tho wook ended
on the 22d was 8305,095. The issue dur
ing tho corrosnondlng porlod of last
vear was $323,190.
Mils. Samantha Bakeii; and her
8-yoar-old son wero burned to doath In
their barn at Sallna, Kan., on tno aim
The business portion ot Chancy,
Wash., was nearly wiped out by Are on
the 24th.
The convontlon ot the Clan-ua-Gaol In
session in Philadelphia on, tho 24th ex
celled the triangle and uamp.20 of Uhl
cago in a body for alleged .unfavorable
action In" connection with the" murder of
Dr. Cronin. r-
The tug-boat Flora D. blow up on' the
24th in tho river near MoblloAla., kill
ing tho engineer, William Qrlmboy, hla
aon and the colored cook. AS
It; Chicago on the 24lh Michael Bourke
was sent to prison for thlrty yoar for
orlmlmilly asuaol'.iDg ivjBvyyoapojo.
Iflrls. 1 f:
Tin: four children
a rcsldo
An order was Issued at Berlin on the
20th prohibiting tho circulation In Ger- ,
many of tho VolKsanwalt, a paper puo
llshed In Cincinnati, O.
In tho elections In Germany on tho t
20th the Socialists mado heavy gains,
tho Government losing fifteen mombers
of tho Reichstag.
Advices of th6 21st say that during -
tho recent storm which swept along tho
Boshu coast In Japan about 1,000 fishing
boats with between 2,600 and 3,000 fish- ,
crmen drifted out to sea, and 900 of
these boats with all the men on board
wore lost. On tho Toukomo coast over
300 boats wero wrecked and about (100
fishermen wero drowned.
Tin: schooner Galrcmham, which left
Halifax January 8 for tho Kast Indies,
was glvon up for lost on tho 22d with
her crow ot ilvo men.
RunoLrii lluiiois, of St. Alban, CJuo.,
In a quarrel on tho 23d with his mother-in-law,
Mrs. O. Thibeault, killed her
with an axe, and then killed bis wlfo
and two llttlo children In tho samo
At the meeting In Toronto, Ont., on
tho 24th of tho National Law and Order
League C. C. Bonney. of Chicago, was
ro-cieeted president.
Aviri:s of tho 24th say that suj ot
tho King of Dahomoy's troops attacked
tho French posts at Kotonon, Senegal,
and tho French repulsed them and killed
sixty of their number.
The tobacco warehouses ol iienry
Izurrlcta at Cardenas, Cuba, wero burned
by Incendiaries on tho 24th. Loss, S200,-
By the will of tho lato M. Chanto-
loupe, an extonslvo Canadian brass
founder, mado public on tne 24tn, al
most his ontiro fortune, estimated at
$500,000, was left to his employes.
In tho Sonato, on tho 25th, another
animated discussion occurrod on tho
charge that Mr. .Call had interpolated
romarks In the oillclal report or tne pro
ceedings of tho Seivito; aftor which con
sideration of tho ivlucatlonal bill was
rosumcd. A number of unimportant
measures wero passed. In tho Houso
tho Oklahoma Town-Sito bill was lur
thor considered without being disposed
of. Tho 1)111 to permit tho Director of
tho Mint to mako changes In thodesigns
on curront coins of tho Unltod States
and several less important bills were i ounce of lan'.anum at Kansas City
I'HINCE BISMAIICK, on the 'J.'iin, uau u
long conferenco with Kmporor William i WiU tho cause.
twenty-three years old and they had
been married seven months on the day
of tho accident.
Ix reply to Interrogatories of the city
attorney of Jefferson L'lty, Attorney
General Wood recently submitted an
opinion In which he held that .cities of
the third class, with a population of
5,000 Inhabitants and over, but without
registration of voters, must bold their
spring elections for city officers under
tho Australian system adopted by tho
last General Assembly. He holds that
it Is tho duty of tho county clerk to pro
vide the necessary machinery at tho ex
pense of the city.
Mils. Kim.ui Ucr.n, a widow, who re
sided in Morgan County, was recently
sitting by the stove when her clothes
took lire, and before the flames could bo
extinguished sho was so badly burned
that sho died tho same evening.
Mils. Collins, widow of tho murdered
man, K. A. Collins, of Mexico, who was
killed last November, has offered S500
for tho arrest and conviction of tho pep
petrators of tho crime. Tho county has
added S100 to this.
Itonniir Biiow.n, aged thlrty-ihe, fell
asleep on the railroad track nt Camden
tho other night and uas run over and
kfed bv a train.
Tin: other day as Robert Heckordltu
was nutting a heavy drill into a well
near Fair Grove, Greene County, tho
windlass slipped and tho handlo struck
him under the chin, breaking ins necit.
llAN.Nin.L is to have an lee machine
with a capacity of fifty tons daily. Tho
cost of the factory will lie Sr.0,000.
Some weeks ago an old lady named
- Loyd died at her homo near Orrick, and
when her body was being prepared for
' burial there was found in her clothing
"M.SOO in Government bonds, notes sho
held against various parties to tho value
ot M.000, and aboulS700 in money. Her
son-in-law was convinced that sho had
more money hidden about tho premises,
and after a diligent search was rewarded
by finding SI, 900 in gold and a small
amount of silver under the sills ot an
outhouse. The money was In a self
sealing fruit jar, and had been carefully
j burled.
Tin: depot of the Hock Island road at
' Splckardsvllle was destroyed by ilro tho
' other night with the contents.
Miss r.i.MiKA IiimiN took half an
other night with suicidal intent, but
timely aid sacd her life. Despondency
rful ItcMiltn of thn HuratlriB of tlit
llHurnirutnim Ham nt Walnut ClroTO-.
Ornplilc Drnrrlptlon of tlm IlUastrr lij
Hliirinr O'Ni-IU-i:mrmoui Lois of 1. 1 fa
and Dent met loo nf 1'roprrtr
Pkescott, Ariz., Fob. 83. A messen
ger arrived hero lato last night from tho
scene of tho rocent dlsastor at tho Wal
nut Grovo dam with a list of tho lost as
fas as known, comprising thlriy-olglit
names, and a partial list of tho surviv
ors. Sheriff O Weill in a letter y tnu
mcssongor writes as follows:
Itol'ARK'B RANCH, Sloililny, Feb. 21.
Tho scene of desolation ulunij llusnyunip.i
below tho sites ot tho dams Is coiupli'le.
A tornado could not Imvo niutlu surli a com
ntctu wreck. For miles waters turnuil frco
by tho breaking of tho dams have Illlt-d tho
uod ol tno crecK witn uouies. ana witu enor
mous bowlders, trees, and every other kind
of debris. v
When all the casualties aro ucertnlned,
tlm entire lns will probably lii between
fifty anil sixty lives. The bridles thus fur
discovered nnmlicr lout a dozen, many of
which woro found twenty nnd thlity inllos
from tho plnco where tho flood overtook
them nil. The jcmi'lns are more or less
mutilated, while In several eases only frag
ments Imvc been iccoverctl, a- the force of
the Hood was so tcrillle that many botlles
have doubtless been burled In the suml,
others torn to pieces utnl otheis cauled far
The impetus of the sticani of water when
turned loose can hardly be uppleelated
without Kolntf over the Ki-ound covered by
It. Those who saw It say that it eame down
In almost it perpendicular wall, ninety or
one hundred feet IiIkIi mid niinieiitly
eiusheil down Instead of snieplng nwuy
every thing bifuic It. Immense liov.-Mi is
wete thrown mound as a hlh! inlKht los. a
hall. I'nornmus tiees welo broken In two
ortoin Intiisliie'ls. Iron bars were twisted
out of shape, mid an ordinary Hat-iron was
picked up and carried live miles and then
luibediled in tin) walls of tbeeanou e!)-hty
feet above the pre-ent level ot the stream.
A larj-e safe, bclon-rlng 1 1 K-ibcil brow n
t.ilnlnif In the iivlKliboihond ot tT.Oin, wa
swept away, and no trace has been Iitunil of
it. Whatever thu water struck went down.
None of the victims wero wounded, all wero
The llood struck the lower dam at 11-V) p.
ni. Five minutes later the he oltuallers.
live miles below, wero swept away. Several
por-ams w-ere at both points w-atchhi'.r, bat
notw Ithstamlluir this piec.iution tin- num
ber of men drowned nt the llrst point was
oer thirty, an-l tbo-e w !io e-e-ip -d did -o
with only what they had on tli-lr hacks,
inauv only In their n lull t clothes, i: uly on
the evening of the Xlst a cornier, William
Akaxl, was sent from tho lipner to thu
lower dam to warn iho residents at tho
latter point that the, former stincturo
was In danKer if breaking but owtnjr to tho
stoim and ilarknes-t tic could not keep ahead
of tho flood, and lost his life in tryln-i to i r.iss
the llas-aynmpa w itlilu view of the suivlv
ors of the camp ho had tried to save, t'barles
Thompson, a courier, w ho al rived this after
neon from below Wickenbun:. and w bo lost
his lunch above the lower (lain, icports that
nine bodies bao been discovered at Wickcll-
buraud til r ibov.l ill addition to those
already dl-covcred. Tho old hltovlc Drill
ranch w 1 1 It all other ranelius alons thu licr
have been entirely swept away."
on tho elections, and In going over tho
situation mado for tho government by
tho new relations ot parties.
REAit-Ai-MntAi, James F. JouETTwas
placod on tho rotlrod list on tho 27th.
Tm: King of Corea Is about sending
another envoy to England, despite tho
vigorous protests ol tho umnoso uoyorn-tnent.
It is officially announced that tho
labor conforonco which it was proposed
to hold in Borne has beon abandonod by
the Swiss Government.
The Duke of Orleans was romovoa to
the prison at Clalrvaux on tno uitn.
Tho nrison is tho building of tho an-
oiont abbey foundod by St. Bernard In
The illness of King Alfonzo ot Spain
Is attended with many of tho symptoms
which characterized his recent serious
attack, and his condition is such as to
jxcito alarm.
The Russian Qovornmonthaslnstruct
ed M. do Struovo, Russian Minister at
Washington, to take part in tho negoti
ations already in progress botweon En
gland and America with rogard to tho
Bohrlngs Sea seal fisheries, to the end
of establishing a closo season for soals
satisfactory to all parties concerned.
The funoral sorvicosover tho remains
of tho lato John Jacob Astor, of Now
York, took placo on the 25th, and wore
of tho most unostentatious character.
The Law and Ordor League of the
United States has decldod to change its
name to tho International Law and Or
dor Loaguo, and It may now include
loaguos of the different provincos in
Canada as woll as tho lcaguoa of the
several States of the Union.
Euin Pasha has wrltted to a friond in
Berlin that ho deollned tho Khedive's
offor of tho Governorship ot Eastorn
Soudan, with his rosldence at Suaklm,
and that ho is rosolved to return to
Waddolat and reconquer that country
ijor Oernjnv.
I-'ou fortrlnir a chock for W-bB Waller
Wallace was recently convicted at Kan
sas City and ghen two y -nrs in the pen
itentiary. Chahlkh V.ui. was i-. -untly arrested
at St Louis upon th" alllavit of Mrs.
Slattcrly, charging li.m with tho murder
of his wife, Fnnnlo Vail, who was recent
ly killed at Old Monroe by the discharge
of a pistol Irr-hls overcoat pocket whiio
ho was asssistlng her Into a wagon, and
which was reported at tho tlmo to bo ac
cidental. Mrs. Vall's mother charges
tho husband with conduct that no good
husband should bo guilty of, and his se
curing such heavy insurance upon his
wife's life, and his record In other Insur
ance matters looked strangely suspl
clous. Seventy-five girls employod In tho
overall factory of Tootle, Hosea .t Co.,
at St. Joseph, rocontly struck for higher
wages. They were receiving 55 cents
and 80 cents per dozen for two grades ot
overalls and demanded 05 and 90 cents.
After a two hours' consultation thclrde
mand was compiled with and they ro
turned work.
The orphan's home, located two miles
south of Springfield, caught fire tho
other night from somo unknown causo
and was totally destroyed, Loss, ?5,000.
A few nights since Miss Ltdn Coons
was assaulted on Eighth streot, Kansas
City, by two Tomen and sandbagged
until she was unconscious. Her assail
ants were cutting oil her hair when her ,
screams broughtnelghbor3 to tho rescue
Tho young lady was badly hurt and
fallod to recognlzo her assailants.
GovKitNon Fhancis Issued last year
63 pardons to penitentiary convicts, of
which 14 were upon recommendation of
tho warden and inspectors and coinmun
ly known as sick pardons; four wcru hol
iday purdons, granted at the instigation
of tho warden, and fivo wero of insano
prisoners whoso removal from tho i'H
tentlATY yas a matter Ol necessity -
The Dinner Olven nt Washington to the
l'resldeut and Cabinet and Deles-ites
Bud OHlccrs of the r.in-.Viiierlcan t'nn-Crcss-Tho
Most Superb AlValr of the
Kind Ever (Slvnn In the Culled Slates.
Washington, Feb. 2U. Tho dinner
given last night by Mr. Andrew Carne
glo to tho President and Cabinet and
tho delegates and officer) of tho Inter
national American Congress was prob
ably tho most superb alfair of tho kind
ever given in tho 1'nited States. Tho
novel and unique arrangements planned
by him were carried out by Mr. William
L. Curtis, the executive officer of tho
International Conferenco. The effects
in floral decoration and tabln service
were superb. Tho walls of the new
square dining room at tho Arlington
Hotel wero literally banked with flow
ers until it looked liko a scene from
fairy land. The table was an exact
circle, thirty-six feet in diameter.
Covers were laid for forty-eight gentle
men. The center of tho table was a
mammoth four-leaved clover of maiden
hair ferns, over which was suspended
a monstrous silver lamp, the brilliancy
of which was softened by fostoons of
sea-weed that drooped into the ferns.
The angles between the leaves of thn
clover were filled with solid masses ol
orchids, tulips and crocuses; there be
ing thousands of blossoms which wero
collected in New Orleans. Mobile, Sa
vannah. I'ensacola, Jacksonville and
other cities of the South, as well as In
tho greenhouses ot Philadelphia, New
York, Newport and Boston.
Tho menu was an unusually slmplo
one. Among thn wines nndchamp.ign"s
served wero "Twehn Apostles," sherry
and some rare old Madeira. Thu menu
was engraved in fine script upon heavy
beveled ldccks of papier-mache. No
French terms wero used. In tho upper
lr ft -band corner of tho block wero thu
inll'als of Mr. Carneglo in two shades
or green, whllo tho uamo ot the guest
wa, by a now and peculiar process,
blown In glass at the bottom. During
tho dinner a .vocal and instrumental
concert was given, instead of tho ordi
nary orchestral music. Mile. Marceda,
tho famous cantatilce; Miss Elizabeth
Johnson, Mr. Herldou Morooll and tho
Schubert quartet'" gavo tho vocal
numbers; Miss Alice Raymond rendered
with great eltect a cornet bolu; Mr.
Ernest Lont played, a solo on the violin
cello, and Messrs. Elksteln and An
drews a duet on zithers and Mr. Alexan
der presiSed at tho piano. Thoro woro
no formal speeches.
Fishermen Drowned.
Gloucestkh, Mass., Feb. 25. -Tho
nchoonor Marlau Grimes, from Georges
Banks to-day, reports that on February
21, while at'nncbor during a heavy gale,
Timothy O'Connell, of Sholburn. X. S.;
Abram Eraser and Abram Gerrior, of
Arichat, C. it., whllo furling tho jib,
wero washed ovorboatd by a heavy ea
and drowned.
The Needs of (he New Navy.
Washington, Fob. 20.-Charles B.
Cranio, of tho woll-known firm ot l'hlla-
Ldelphla ship builders, was Interrogated
by the members ot vno iiouso coiiium,
too on naval affairs yesterday concern
ing tho needs of tho new navy. Mr.
Cramp expressed his belief that tho
prlvato shlp-bulldlng firms ot tho coun
try could do all tho work Congress
would bo willing to provldo for. Ilo
thought thoro would ho no difficulty in
building tho hoavlor armored vossels
contemplated. If Congress would appro,
prlato enough monoy t,o rjieet the tn
P,ulre4 oxpenilituro:

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