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'iir. Itecil Ally Uphiild. III l'atrlnllo nml
U'llo IttlllllSTK.
Tho phrase "precedents of a hundred
years'1 Is simply rhetoric Our fathers
know nothing of this modorn systom of
metaphysics whereby a man could he
present and absent at tho sanja moment;
could bo vlslhlo to domand his yeas and
nays and lnvlslhlo whon they ero
called. It did not occur to tholr slmplo
minds to glorify themselves for holiifr
silent, while, they folt It an Insult to
havo that sllenco potntod out. Thoy
thought that opposition meant voting
against a hill. Ilonco filibustering is of
modern origin. It had Its beginning as
a business In tho ltouso of llopresenta
lives at Washington. Thence It spread
all over tho country, until from ono end
of tho United States to tho other mere
Inertia had got to bo a match for both
ballots and brains. When filibustering
began, It took a wholo political party to
block business. In tho last Congress It
had ripened to such a degree, of Impos
sible perfection that ono man held tho
country at bay. The dootrlno of tho
' rights of tho minority ' .seemed to havo
culminated at that moment.
Hut tho trying time for all 111-dolng
Is the summit of prosperity. When Mr.
Tweed wanted to know "what you were
going to do about It," ho had challenged
both 'ho Ingenuity and the courage of
mankind; and from that tlmo it was
Tweed against tho world, and tho result
not doublfiil. Had filibustering con
fined Itself to tho House of Itepresenta
tlves or held Itself within hounds ol
leason It might havo flourished long and
had many defonders. It was a con
venient method of demanding debate,
of calling tho attention of tho country
to violent political measures, and do
served many of tho commendations It
then received. Hut when In lSS'J It
commonccd to bo the common method of
preventing a decision of election cases,
and finally In 1SS!) re-established tho
llborum veto of tho old Polish Diet,
whereby a slnglo mcmbor became tho
arbiter of destiny, every man of senso
recognized tho fact that tho practice
was doomed.
Moreover, filibustering went on grow
ing in tho direction of another disaster.
It reached tho State Legislatures, where
the people could seo It face to faco, it
camo down to municipalities and school
boards. It invaded oven tho assemblies
of tho churches, and rule 35 among tho
rules for judicatories adopted by tho
Presbyterian General Assembly of Penn
sylvania hoars witness alike of tho ovll
and its suppression when it declares
that "silent members'' "must bo consid
ered as acquiescing with tho majority,"
It is no wonder that the scheme of op
position by not voting spread so rapid
Iv. It Is so much easier to sit still than
to i' gue, so much more restful to uso
tti" utractlon of gravitation than to ex
1. i .t nervous energy, that It was not in
1, . r,-iii nature to rofraln from tho uso of
th s power, which had tho high sanc
tion of Congress and "tho precedents of
of a hundred years." liu't men never
r.-'-nain reasonably bad; they almost al
ways carry badness to excess, and there
fore to correction. And thus this schemo
of silence, which worked bo well in tho
distant atmosphere of tho National cap
ital, soon met its death when it got
down to tho regions of business. Wash
ington Is far away and only Httlo under
stood; but a man whose contract may bo
adjudged void and his business career
ruined by this doctrlno of corporeal
prcsenco and parliamentary absence
soon begins to understand ono placo
whero tho rights of minorities ought to
leavo off. Ilonco when municipal
ooalos oegan to imitate tliclr superiors,
and tried to break contracts as woll as
quorums, tho gladsomo light of juris
prudence was soon shed upon them, and
the parliamentary fiction that a man
present could truthfully declare himself
absent disappeared from every placo
except tho capitol at ashinglon.
It Is useless to clto tho debates of tho
constitutional convention. It Is truo
that they would romovo any shado of
doubt, if wo had any, but tho language
of the constitution leaves no room for
question. If by any chance thero Is not
a quorum, tho constitution provides a
way to get one. It is not by recording
those prosont as voting either yoa or
nay, but by making tho absent present.
It provides for tho supply of what is
lacking. That which was lacking was
a quorum. It supplies that lack by "at
tendance." Attcndanco alono was and
is necessary. Is it inconcnivablo that
our ancestors should havo tried to sup
ply by "attondaneo" a lack of aquorum
if they knew that "attendance" would
not supply tho lack? Why send for
men if that was not tho romcdy?
Along with this doctrlno of tho in
visibility of tho visible have coaio some
specious arguments which, by dint of
frequent repetition, havo taken on tho
importance of formulas or accepted
facts. Among theso is tho alleged duty
of tho majority to furnish a quorum.
Why should good Democrats, washing
their hands, Uko Pontius Pilate, of this
mattor, and desiring only tho qulot and
convenient seclusion of tholr own
scats, bo compelled to Submit to tho
oiitrago of being noticed in order en
able legislation to march? Lot tho ma
jority have their men here. Lot overy
Republican bo In his soat whero ho bo
longs, and thero would bo no trouble
Another specious form which this ar
gument sometimes takes is tho declara
tion that thoro aro great and solemn oc
casions whon tho minority should havo
tho right to demand a majority voto of
all thoso elected to mcmbc-shlp. Who
is to judge of theso solemn occasions?
Why, tho very gontlcmon whom our
Ooverrimcnt by majorities conclusively
nrosumo to bo wrong tho minority?
Why, said Mr. Mills, of Texas, this is in
tho constitution of this State, that State
and tho othor State, and theroforo Is
right. It would soom to an ordinary
constitutional lawyer as if tho fact that
It had to bo put intoothor constitutions,
and had not beon put Into purs, was con
clusive that It was not thero either by
Implication or design. It Is to bo hoped
that tho tlmo is far distant when any
body will oven proposo to put into tho
constitution of tho United States tho
crudocxpiesslons of distrust in tho rop
resoutatlies of tho peoplo which disfig
ure many of our Stato constitutions.
Whon men learn that tho truest foun
dation on which to build, porpetuato and
maintain a republlu Is confldonco in tho
wisdom of tho plain people, thoy will
ccaso to deprive them of power in order
to lodge It in tho hands of thofow whoso
only claim to wisdom and vlrtuo is tholr
paucity of numbers. When tho world
reauhos a real bcllot In government by
tho peoplo, wo shall find It tho Burost
safeguard of liberty and property; wo
shall find States better ruled and cities
bettor governed than by any of thoso de
vices which aro based on tho falso ldoa
that for tho government of all tho wis
dom of tho fow Is hotter than tho wis
dom of tho many. Thomas 11. Hood, (n
North American Review.
Xo. ptrtont
to voter.
Figure Slicntlnfr That llio CrlnlS If
1'rnot trail Alt Over the Soulli.
Tho junior Democratic organ in this
olty, tagging along bohlnd Sonator
Pasco, donles that thero Is any suppres
sion of tho colored voto In tho South,
and asserts that voters In proportion
ately equal numbers stay away from tho
polls, both at tho North and tho Mouth,
through slmplo lack of Interest,
The sections are not much unlike In their re
gard tor tho ballot. In both thero aro thousnnds
ot stnrnthomrs as well as unfailing voters. It
Is quite as Just to infer "suppression" In ono
caso as the other, Tho short vote ot both North
and Bouth U doubtless due to the name- cause
The full otc Is not east In the North bocause A
Croat many voter do not think It worth while
to go to tho polls, nnll It Ii not cast la tho South
for tho ame renon
Tho Inaccuracy of this assumption
will become npparont when a compari
son Is made of tho number of votes cast
In each Stato with tho total population.
Taking tho United States as a wholo
thero were oh tho avorago In 1850 0.3
persons men. Women and children
for every voto that was east. Tho fol
lowing tablo shows how widely Vio
Southern States departed from that average:
Xo. iuron
Stele, to totir I staff.
Georgia n Minnesota
Louisiana ml I.VtirnMiu.
ftl-whdppl ti (1 town
Alarmim tvilllllnol.. . .
Arkansas . 7.G. Kansas ...
Virginia 7.1 lDiisvlvutiia..... .. 4.9
Texas uracil voric 4 a
Tennessee. 0.l!Mlrli!'ai 4S
Kentucky fl.V tmt'ana 4 0
North Carolina 5.:Ob!o 4 4
Ono may ask with reason why tho
percentage ot voters to the total popula
tion should bo tho smallest In tho Gulf
States, where intimidation Is universal;
should increase In the border States,
whero bulldozing Is limited to certain
sections; and should reach Its highest
point In tho Northern Stales, whero
bulldozing Is unknown. It may bo said
in attempted reply that thero aro moro
malo adults In proportion to total popu
lation In tho Northern than tho South
ern States. This Is so owing to tho
largo foreign immigration a majority of
which is- composed of adults, many of
them not yet naturalized. Malos over
V.l constitute a little over 20 per cent, ot
the total population of Southern and 20
per cent, of that of Northern States.
This, however, modifies but slightly tho
figures given above and still leaves It
for Southern bulldozers and their do-
fenders to explain why thero should bo
twlco as many persons to a voter in
Georgia as in Illinois. Chicago Tribune
How They Coitipiro wltti the l'uy ol
American Operative.
No assertion is more frequently
made by frco- raders than that tho
dilforenco between wages in this
country and in Kngland Is greatly
exaggerated in protection arguments
based on tho dilferenco of wages. Up
to 18S7 fow official statistics of wages
has beon collected In England, and by
comparing tho most favorable conditions
thoro and tho least favorable returns
here, nomo basis for tho charge could
often bo obtained.
Fortunately, Mr. GIffon, tho official
Govommont statistician, has just made
a report on tho different rate of textllo
wagos in Great lirltain. This report
gives, not tho actual wages, but tho
"wages of a normal week," without de
duction for sickness, shut-downs, slack
work or strikes, lho figures were col
lected last autumn, a most prosperous
season, whon all mills wore running at
a profit. They aro, In short, tho most
favorablo showing which can be made.
To roach tho actual wages at least 10
per cent, must bo deducted for sickness
and 5 per cent, moro for accidents and
tho mischances of trado and of life.
Tho avorago weekly rato of wages for
about 1103,000 operatives, as given bvMr.
Gllfen, aro as follows, a shilling being
reckoned at 2D cents, a slight o evaluation:
A regular slavo mart still oxlsts In
raftny country districts In tflhlahd. Oheb
a year such paupors, lunatics and aged
peoplo of oach parish as can not sup
port thomsolvos aro put up at publlo
miction, and consigned to thoso farm
ers or families who will board them at
tho lowest prlco offered by tho par
ish authorities. Tho holpless creat
ures aro mado to work as much as pos
sible by tholr owners, who havo tho
right to chastlso thorn, and aro gonoral
ly most Inhuman In their treatment.
ThoBoven hundredth fomalo physi
cian In Russia has just passod hor. examination.
Thinkers Will Heed Tlill.
Not ono physician In a thousand has over
succeeded in relieving n person suffering
from weak and wustlng or consumptive
kidneys, yet they continue to experiment,
nnd utter tho death of their patient ask
for their feo. Tho kidney is a delicate
Organ, mid yet good health in a largo mens
tiro depends upon its proper action. Lot
tho kidneys becomo soro or inactive, and
urloncld Is eliminated from the eUcto mut
ter that passes too slowly out of tho sys
tem, l'roui this caUso urines ninny myste
rious pains In tho back, fide, shoulder, joints
and limbs. A lceling of ennui comes over
tho victim. Tho world sccnis dark and.
gloomy. The nerves become shattered; sui
cide Is contemplated, and one's condition Is
lnost pitiable. Dr. Hull's Sarsaparllla con
tains such herbal julccsus weak kidneys de
mand. It has relieved and cured many cacc3
that doctors gave, upas hopeless. It cheeks
decay nnd aids the kldnej s In a performance
Df their natural function.
Tnn chestnut ns a trco Is a natlvo of Cns
tanla In Asia. As a joke the responsibility
seems to rest on tho modern circus and
minstrel man.
The "Air i.lnc."
To any one coutemplatlug a journey tho
shortest and most dtioct line is always to
bo dojired, aud ulicr ono can got this,
together with accommodations which cm
not be excelled, no fin thor inquiry should
lo m ide. Tim Lcuixvtllc, Eeanttttte ( St.
Loxtls .i;ie" nunpiues each of theso
features, being rixtu miles the shnrlest
lluo between ,"'(, Jjinils und .otist'Wr, "ml
the oy lluo iiinuiui ele inut l'arlnr Cars
on cluy trains mid l'nllman Sleepers ou
night trains. Tins Una li nlsn tlu most
diiect route in nil points iu Jlaatern Ken
tucky nml Tennessee-the Viryintjs nml
Camllnn. jf'ico Tratnt each wuy dally.
Kur It, k"ts, inforinattoa or slccplng-car
ipservutloti) call ou or address It. H.
Mourns, Cfiy Passenger Asout, 110 Not til
Fumth street, tit. Louis, or nt IJniou De
pot. Jos. H, Ouioiine, U. !'. A..
Louisville, Ky.
A Nr.w Youi: man writes of tho ocean and
colls It apoem. It Is ono of thoso poems
which makes a fellow sick to coaio across.
Yonkcr3 Statesman.
State op Ohio, Citt of Toledo, I ,,
I.UCA3 Countt, (
'Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ho Is tho
senior partner of tho firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the City of Toledo,
County nnd Stato aforciuld, and that said
firm will pay tho sum of one hundred iol
laiis for each and every case of Catarrh
that can not bo cured by tho uso of Hull's
Catarrh Cure, FniSK J. Cuc.kev.
Sworn to before mo nnd subscribed In my
presence, thisiith day ofDecembcr, A. D.lSsti.
Iseai.1 A. W. Glcasos, Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internally
nnd acts directly upon tho blood ntul mucous
suriaccs oi too system cscna ior testi
monials, free. F.J Ciicset &Co.,Toledo,0.
Sold by Druggists, "3o.
Ix order to properly obscn-o the renulro
mentsof tho Lenten season, snmo peoplo
tell nothing but fish stories. Philadelphia
" TlIK world grow wcry r-ral-lng man.
And weuried grows ol being priili-ed
lint never wenrled growr- tho pen
W loch writes tin, truths thiit hitvQ nmnred
lho thousands who have been given un bv
their physicians and who havo been restored
toconiplcto health by using thatsafest of all
, remedies for functional Irregularities nnd
weaknesses, wli en nro tho uano or woman
kind. Wo refer, of course, to Dr. Pierce's
1 Favorite Prescrintion. tho onlv tiunmntral
, curo for all thoso chronic ailments peculiar
to women, iicau tuo guarantee on mo oot-
To tho stomach, liver and bowels, Dr.
i i-icrco s a cueis excel, una u aeso.
Quite neat and appropriate Is It that a
, rross-cxamiuation is o.ten instituted to
settlo u vexed question. Baltimore- Amcri
, can.
Wno ts Sr. X. T. Rhallenbercrert' Tto la a
prominent physician ot Rochester, l'ennn.,
who graduated at Jefferson Hedlcal College
In 1810. In 1847 ho announced the theory that
all Malarial dlseaso was caused by living
germs In tho blood and demonstrated Its cor
rectness by his Antidote for Malaria, which
cured whon all elso fallod. Tho mlcroscopo
now reveals' these germs, nnd Physicians ao
ccpt tho fact If you havo Malaria In your
Bj'Bicin, goii mo mouicmo ana do wen.
AoBjfiiixnhllillnnhllols ft rich man who
cares it great deal moro for books than ho
does for what Is In thorn. Somervllla Journal.
Coninmpt'on Surely Cured.
To the Editor i Please Inform vour read
ers that I havo a positive remedy for tho
abovo named dlseaso. By Its timely usO
thousands of hopeless cases havo been per
manently cured. I shall bo glad to rend two
bottlos of my remedy men to any of your
renters who navej consumption u nit-.y wtu
sond mo tholr oipro3j and post-office ad
dress. Itosnecttulty, T. A. Blocum, M. C,
181 Pearl street, How York.
Trrts rnnti fertin ihtnlrs firtiros never lie
should compare a bunk's assets with Its
books after o Napoleonic raid. l'uck.
i iiave usca unit's rjarriiiuii iw .
lly with excellent satisfaction lor rheuuia-
tisin, usitima, wcuk u.uucj n uu hvuwu, nu
bility. 1 know of others who have used it
ior consumption wuit yuwu iuHo.
it, XlCMl.rjfi j.vcai'l Iff ..-
TVttnN a man Is r.nnolnted to a foreign
mission ho leaves for lho laud of his berth.
lllnghnmton Leader.
T-.. . - rtnl.l.t.IBt tflr.t-ln
Soap Is marvcUiut. Wankots washed with It
In ilr ldrn tim. nnd thorn Is absolutely 110
thrtnkng. No other soup in lho world wiL
do sum perfect worii uivo it a iruu uoia
Titts Is n miaer transaction, remarked
tho man who got stuck with u counterfeit
quarter. L'owoll Mall.
Wilt, bo found an excellent remedy for
sick headache. Carter's Llttlo Liver fills.
Thousands of letters from peoplo who havo
used them provo this fact. Try them.
MAvrnvoiith who Reeks for the tree of
knowlodtto gets only a branch. Bingham
ton Republican.
A sr.ir.TtT rnt.n. if tipirlnptrd. nfton nl.fiickfl
thD lunirs. Huows's lJlioxntut, Tiioni::s
give suro nnd Immediate relief, bold nnlj
i i Imxct, I'rlco 25 cents.
Tlrin mm tall ns tales, but tho ones who
wrlto their obituaries often do. Llmlra
Linn Oil ITnon Troubled Waters Is Halo's
Honey oT Horehound and Tar upon a coltl
l'iko'sToothacho Drops Curoluoaomlnuto.
Tnr nosltinn of Minister of Greeco 13
looked upon as a fatofllce. Youkers Slates
yja'tM jlloa'd. Woritet. Lmm.
Men y,.m .-.?n t-s.m n.ii'i
Hoys I. SI S.W t.SJ tl.M
Women m.hi :i.:n s.tis a.s-j
Ulrls I.T0 l.rj 1.51 J.SJ
Avernsro ia.li) (3.-J1 j-.'.llj JJ.4S
Av. u. s,. i;'in.. o.v.' 8,1c, 4.m
Wo do not need to comment on this.
Wo scateoly need to print the compari
son. If wo aro told that living is
cheaper In Great lirltain, wo have only
to reply that the careful inquiry mado
by Mr. Carrol 1). Wright in 1883 showed
that "on any basis of yearly expendi
ture tho articles entering Into tho cost
of living were on tho average 17.2II per
cent, higher in .Massachusetts than in
Great lirltain." l'rieos here have
fallen for almost all articles of daily
consumption. In Great lirltain they
have not fallen to the samo extent. To
day ten per cont. would bo a liberal es
timate for tho difference between the
two countries on this account Phila
delphia I'res.
All claims not consistent with tho hleh
character of Syrup of Figs aro purposely
avoiccu uy tuo uai. xiz nyrup tjouipuny.
it acts centlv on tho klduevs. liver nnd
l.......l0 ..l.,n..nl.. 41. nnn..l,Mll,-
but it Is not n cure-all und makes no pre
tensions tuat every Dottio win not substantiate.
It goes without saying that prompt mall
delivery regulations should bo enforced to
mo letter. uaiuinoro American.
Dn. Bull's Worm Destroyer Is wonderful
lv pnic.!ious. 1 nrcscribed it In bevcrul In
stances und it ne or failed in a single case to
navo tnouesirca cuccu a kuuw ui uu umu
worm remedy i-o certain and speedy In its
effect. V. J . ucmtiif, .u. u., i maiiore, m,
Tire man who swears oft is gloomy for a
while, but it Is not Ions? before ho begins to
sumo again. Ai03ton courier.
New Youk, Slareh 19, 1890.
t3r"Tho Cleveland exporlenco in
Washington was a "speculation" from
first to last. Tho real-estate part turned
out a trille better than the political.-?
N. Y. 1'ress.
EafGovernor Holes of Iowa, having
settled down quietly to tho duties of
his ofilce, is lost to the vlow of tho gen
eral public, but what ho has lost In no
torloty ho humbly trusts ho Is making
up in salary. Chicago Tribune.
t3yTho Augean stables havo to bo
cleaned regularly and often. And every
onco In a whllo it Is necessary to clean
out tho follows whp aro hired to reno
vate the aforesaid stables, but only In
crease tholr filthlness. The professional
stablo-cloanors in politics aro some
times most In need of renovation. Chi
cago Inter Ocean. ;
t-5Spenkor Itoed's argument in tho
current number of tho North American
Jtovtow in behalf of tho position ho
holds In respect to tho power of tho
Speaker to count a quorum whon a
quorum Is present Is ono that can not bo
controverted cither on constitutional
or on common senslblo grounds. N. Y.
Mail and Kxpress.
DTTho republican party has been In
power just u year in tho executive
branch of tho Government, nnd tho
many dlplomntlo triumphs which It has
achieved and tho senslblo legislation
which tho party in tho law-making
branch has Inaugurated show that tho
peoplo inado no mistake nt tho ballot
box In 18sS, St. Louis Globo-Domocrat.
E2TThe convention In Its own affairs
also showed that tho Republican Leaguo
Is faithful to its trust, that tho young
men who havo enlisted In this army can
bo depended upon to march In tho ranks
without nmbltlon to solzo tho rolns of
control and dletato to tho chosen power
of party caucus as recognized in State
and National conventions. Tho resolu
tions aro singularly frco from all such
Interference. Thoy aro In tho lino of
indorsement and cncotiragomont to
party loyalty rather than party dl(jta
tlon.r.hie.ij9 Jnter Ocean.
t oo
t so
U 12 00
CATTLK Native Steers S 3 80 kn
COTION Middling 11?S
H.OUlt-Wlnter Wheat 2 IS Si
WllllAT-No. zltod (MM
COlt.V No. i -UWVit
( VI h Western Mixed V a
1SJKK Mess 11 09
COTION-Mlddllni? a 107
lli:i;'i:!5Kiport. Steers 4 CO ra 6 00
bhipphlK 8 23 (60
HOGS Common toSulect.... 4 UI a 4 21
SHIII-.I'Fulr to Choice 4 23 ts 5 75
n.uUlt l'atenta 4 u5 a 4 13
XXX to Choice .... 2 21 ra 2 80
WIIKAT No. 2 Hcd Winter.. 77119 T7?S
C'OltN Nn. 2 Mixed , Mill 231a
O.VIb Xo.2 2l', 2nU
II i: No. 2 4l)lj 40it
2 60
TOHACCO-I.ugs (Missouri).. 2 30 8 10
leiti, ituiiey.
HAY -Choice Timothy
llim i:U-Chvleu Dairy
Wills rrcsh
l'OItK-Stundaid Mess
JIACII.N Clear Klb
l.Altl) l'rhno Mcnin
'rf U 01
a 12 no
U 22
M lilt
KB 10 &U
a hit
HOUS-Uood to Choice.
4 13
5 Oil
4 IK)
4 t0
20 V
22 a
& 20
4 8211
5 00
4 40
4 80
KIIURI' tiood to Choice...
I'LOUIt Winter l'atents..
Spring l'atents...
WHKAT No. 2 Spring
(KJIIN No. 2
OATS No. 2 White
1'OllK Staudard Mess 10 'i'tVi'di 10 10
CATTLE shipping Mucr$. .. 8 HO
Jiuus sales ut......
wheat-no. 2 ited
OA1B-.1 O. i ,,
COItX-No. 2
KLOUU-Hlixh Crnde 3 60
4 80
4 113
L'OItN Whlt-J.
OATS-Cholo j Western
1IAV Choice
l'llltK New Moss
1IACON Clear Itlh
WHEAT No. 2 Hcd
CORN -No. 2 Mixed
OATS No. 2 Mixed ,..
I'OKK Mess
1IACON Clear lilt)
4 03
.... 17 00
.... (a 11 mi
.... a 6
ioa 11
.... a 75
.... a 82
21 a 2U
10 60 a 10 73
.... 'it 6I1
ioia 11
As ono can tako Carter's Llttlo Liver
Tills, they aro f.o very small, No trouble to
swallow. No p.iinor griping after biking.
IViien a man Is up In tho arts of knavery
ho Isn't upright. Iiinghaintom Leader.
Dust, easiest to uso nnd cheapest, l'lso's
tcmcdy for Catarrh, liy druggists. 25c.
The brass-band man Is alwnvs ready to
go out on a little toot. N. O. I'icayuuo.
Tnr.v havo stood tho test of time "Tan-
sill's Punch," America's finest 5c. Cigar.
Onck a fisherman ahvavs a liar. The
Week's SporU
Your Blood
At lho coultifj of Pinion tho blond ihnuM tc purl
fluil.it Impurities irliicll hnyj Leen acuuiimlnilii't
lr in on tli s or even yean, are lUblo to minify t
thoniBclvcs und nerlouitr affect tho lic.ilth. Hood's
Sttrxiipiiiillu ts undoubtoJljr the beit hUnM purUlnr.
It expels every taint ot Impurity, drives outeerofn.
Ions humors and Rcrms of disease, nnd irlrei to tho
blood the quality and tono CM;tlul Ui good health
Hood's Sarsapariila
" firery Pirln for yeftrs X hut e mads tt a practice
totalie from three to fire bottles of Hood'a Hal-Ja.
t'arll a. been uso I know It Durlflos thi blood nnd
thoroughly cldanoen tho aystem of all Im lurltlc.'
w. tit iiA wrcncEi iiiuiior AKiicuiturai AJpltOUllSt,
Indianapolis, Ind.
Purifies the Blood
"Lat pprlmr 1 was cotnpt"iely faczrd nut. Mr
Btrcnctli left me and! felt elck and luherablo ull
the timo.sothatl could hirdly attend to my buil
11 ess. I took ono bottle of Hood's tiarpnpartlla, an I
It cured mo. There Is nothing like it." 11. C.
li eg olc, Editor Enterprle, UoUctIUo, Mich.
Hood's Sarsapariila
SoMI-r atldruirgtBta. flislxfor. r.-eparcd only
br C. I. HOOD & CO.,Lo ell, Mass.
100 Doses One Dollar
La Grippe has Left
the System
badly debilitated
in millions
of cases.
Ayer's Sarsapariila
and restore
and Strength.
It never fails.
Prepared -by
Ot-. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Lowell, Mass.
if You Have
No nppclllc, InillicesClon, I'lBlnlriico,
Nirk Iloiuluche. ill run Uutvii," los.
liiir ricab, you irlll I Ind
Violent I'ulns In Neck.
Friendship. Wis , Juno 14, 1888.
My wife had violent pnins In her neclr,
nhlch was very soro nnd fctllT. Rhe was cured
entirely by 6U Jacobs Oil. JAMKS BTOWE.
In Terrible l'nln.
Ames M'fs. Co., Ch Icopco, Mass.. Juno 1 8, 1888
From overexertion every Lono was mado
BtltTand oro: In tcrrlblo Mln. I was cured
proioptlr by fit. Jacob. Oil.
r J. O. HOCKLEY, raymostcr.
At DquGQum and Dr.t.rrj.
THE CHARLE A. VfOELER CO., Biltlmor., Uf,
ho remedy you need. Tlicr lononp
tho weak Btomacli anil bnllil uitbo
fliiCRliiir ciicrirltn. Sufferer Irani
mental cir piiyNicni ovcnvooi n t
rollcf rrom them. Nicely uuBircotttod,
ri.if.mw.r., gso. ThaCllfhflrl f!arrlflrrn
(Harness wtg.uo
Fr 10Tsrs
! soli f
4r4ir prvtU 6Up Mjwbrr fr
kalailUa lie fur t bf Inf. Tj I rl bl
raarM I f aol tlkfacUrr. WtrraaiH
hrUjthru 6.iaKraUltMKKK
iUr,.. f , o. PRATT, 6f'yt
Ellthnrt. - - Indiana.
rsiui THIS nrcnaiwj ywnU.
Ely's Cream Dalm
Price SO Cent..
Apply Dalmlnto eachnc'itrtl.
VhX Blt03..M.'Wrr.nBt.,H,Y.1
ar d ii
' '1
rrm ivr a v' inn n i7R ATW JhA
caps, noors. shoes, groceiu
ies, rnovisioNS, toijaccos.
Country 1'roduco bought and sold.
Goods delivered Ireo of cbnrgo ta
any part of tho city.
701 & 003 West Main nnd Cornet
of Uollvnr Street.
Groeenos, Agricultural Imptomonta'.
Wagons, Spring Woftons, BugBlosr
Road Carts, Plows, Harrows, Ilay
llakcs. Corn Shelters, Koeil Cultcxs,
Steel Hoad-Scrapcrs. t
701 West Slain Struct.
General Jlcrch&ndlse, No. COk
H'ost Main Street.
la unquestionably qutto nn ossontlit factor
in lho lmitavup of a fashionably -nttlral
la'ly. Hut bow much inoro essential to
pood lookt, mid especially to her enjoyment,
is Rood lioalth, without which slio cannot
look well, feel well or enjoy lifo properly.
The trying ordeitU wliicn fnslilonablo locI
ety ImlJosos oil iUi devotees nro enouch to
Rpvcrely tt the physlc.1l stronijth nnd en
durance: ot tho m-Bt rabitt. Irregular and
lato hours, over-rich nnd iixllpwtlhlj fool,
lito Mipperii, lho tntluo of tlm lull-room,
H10 bid nlr ot tho illy-vonflhtod, over
crnwd.il Iboiilrc, nro each, In themselves,
nink'le.it to tin!t tho yttem and ruin tho
health of tho delicato nnd wtnitlvc. Com
bined, they ran hardly fall, It persisted in,
to fcciloinly Impair tho lioiltu of tho linrdl
eat liillcs generally ikhsojs lesi powers of
endurance than their mMa conwirts, nnd so
tho j;;ncr succumb to them tl'lelcrlotu In
fluences, They Incnmo pale, haggard and
d'ibilltateil, and coii'tautly experienco n
seas'j of laaiitudo tint "tired f"Clin," ns
s) many cxp'Vws la. Tho leOft exertion
fatigues tlienv Varlmu ncuralsis nnd other
iviins harrasl and distress tlio sufferer.
Headache, backacho, " bcarlng-down " reu-
tatlorif, enrf "fomala weaknesses" follow
and sorely afflict tb Bufferor.
As an luvlgoratinc, restorative tonic,
soothing cordial nnd bracing rvinc, for
iiebltitntcd nnd foeblo women generally,
Dr. Kerco's 1'nvorlto Prescription lias no
equal. In fnct, it Is the only medicino for
tho jieculLar wenknmecs and ailments inci
dent to females, sold by dngijlsts, undor a
po.mvc punrniiicc 110m 11a iiwumMvt-ui-
crs, that It will, In overy caso, gtvo EatUfft"-'
lion or 11s juieo ti.uui win vo prompuy
refunded. It improves digestion, Invigor
ates tho system, enriches tho blood, dispels
acnes ana nams, prouuecs reiresuing sicep,
Ulsjieli nielanelioly and nervousness, and
Imllds tip lirth tlio flesh nnd strength of
thoso reduced below n healthy standard.
Contains no alcohol to inebriate ; no syrnn
or sugar to Eour or ferment ii: tho stomach
and causo distress. It is ns pceuliilt ft Its
composition as It is marvelous In its reme
dial results. Thereforo, don't bo put off
with nomo worthless compound cosfly, but
dishonestly, recommended to bo "just ns
too," that tlio dealer may mako moro
pfohtj "Knvorlto Prescription" Is tncom
jirtra&fc. Tho mdnufacturcrs' unproco
dented offer to guarantee satisfaction in
every com, tr money refunded, ought to
convinco every' lnralvl of this fact.
a BfeiCaWEn W H Ha 61 to 6a B vyr j " " . " ".--
iJiicauniea as n 1,1 vi.k 1-11.1,.
Smnllect. Clieaue"!, Kn.lrst to tUc. Ono tiny, Suirar-coiitcl I'cllet n doso.
fnres Sick llcmlfichi', Ilillous Headacli". Cnustlpntlon, IndlReftlon, Illllous itk, and
all deransomcnts of tho tStoniAi-li nu4 IlowtU. i!5 cents a vial, by driincMU.
un.nictiuE: o rcLLcio
PISO'S i:i:.Mi:iiV ,17111 CATAlWll.-Ucst. Uaslefct to me.
-1- Cheapest. UMlef I? Ilnir.cdlatc. A emo Is certain, i'or
low in me urau it 11:13 no equal.
It H un ointment, of which a small particle is applied to tho
noitrils. l'iice,toc. SoM byilruL-uNtsorsentbyniMl.
T. 11AZE1.TIV3, Warren, Ta,
iJyS And Otlip Aj1tMI wd Kpcrlulllei
Cfy tsr .iellilIetlnll,o World.
1 '' ""('Ply you, tetia i.otni forln.tiiiclloin bu-10 buy
Ulit. t liuni furto, v withuiilt'xlni t-linree.
. 1.. Il()l;i.AH, lifocklftu. Mini.
rrAMB TflH fAl'Efl .twf Lm. jqu it.U
On receipt of price In poetnpo etampe vc w 111 send
free by wall the following Vfilnublo articles:
Ono Box of Puro Vaseline 10 Cents.
Ono IJox o VasolinoCamphor Ico,10 (Jts.
OnoUoxof Vaselino Cold Cream. 15 Cts.
Ono Cako o Vnselino Sonp ID Cents,
Ono Bottlo of Pomade Vasolinot15 Conta,
If TOiihivo occasion to no ,VufleIDO,' In but
form be cortfnl to Accept 011)7 Renulno uocdn put
np by us lu original pcckn;;. A great many
clru-nUts nro trying to ifrBuaiU' l)n)crs to take
Vaeclino Preporallons put up bv thrm. r yield
td puch pcriuflblon, n tho nrt!c!o Ik nn Imitation
without aluo and will nut lo ruo-1 l.or clve you
the remit yoa cxprct. A two ounce bottle of tfluo
vanino im-uiu uy an uiukik ui ii-u tune.
Ho Vticllnoli ceiiQiaeonlcii our nrme lion the Hbcl.
Ctiesebrougli Mfg. Co., 24 State St., N, Y.
ft Trn viicoil henlcn.
Iron Letort. btotl iiotulrs, I, raw
lEvtrrnlMPfalo. iVrfrMpricell:
J, imntiontlils tjanr tnaa'ulrfcj
qrnaus TUU rirtRTrr tl yra wrrU.
flcrmiiR Aathmnt'ure ntveraiM lumve tinmttt
la;'rtilff In ihtjwont CMtei.ttiatuvi corafortabifl
S i it -I tfcHit'n. rrlrafiiiciniifli,
ALL VurMTKIKS. CO., J'ftlmcr, Mai
Tbouauili or joucg ntou an
omrD is lh V. H. At out
(hair Uvea aud their hrakb and
(beti bapplaaaa U) Eldgt'a food
ibrir ialif ir la lnfn7
MKdrhtldkeodbaOaf bwB
limn rain, i.v liruaKiiia,
yWMI TII1U raffU T.7 Cm yaw wrtU.
itAitalnn AVI'
burr 11KI1A.Y
ntt vmir nlalm In
QQto WAJjJPAEIB, 1878.
Breakfast Cocoa
ii abtotuttlu tnire and
1 it U tolubH.
2fo C7iemical8
AM t9t lo Iti prrptralton. It hai
mof4 tkan thru ti aft t&4 Urmptk of
1 iAKOX inliulm Starch. A rrowrooS
tr fupar, and ll thcrrfort far mot
ecittomlc.U, ef ki tun ia cent
d rb. It ll doHclntai, tinnrtihlue,
ititrjrthrnti.f(, tAtll.T DioimtD.
and a.lintrtiblf (daptol tar inrallJ
Sold by Grocer8evryThcftJ.
7. BAKER & CODorchcster Mass.
Bcwara of Imitations.
Whpn 1 ir curn t iln tint mn meril fa a tun thtll
fur nlliun slid tlifnhftfti them letiirn fKln. 1 tneank
rniiiciti curi. i navo man ine niaoa oi rua.w i'
I.KI'MVnr FAT.I,INf3HI('kNKSHlifa lontratudr. 1 war.
rant my rnipdy lo cure tli worst caaea. Titcauit
mhmlme failed la no reaaun fornotnorrrivlhfr a
piini. Kn.l at mien fur . trmttla slid . Kra I otlleot
my Inftiltlble rniHr. Otr Kiprcas and 1'nat time.
II. ti. ItiMlT. HI. U., 13 IVarl Htrcctt Ww VrL.
ICITO At'-ICEMAt'iill, Tba Uraal laAlaa
Til Doctor, l'oflllvrly, I'leaaanily d rnuA
ncntly Curt Fll l-riTB-riTS. by Indian
I" D TTKnaota, lurka. 1'lanta, He. Rend for Ilia a-
w ir.turl Itn.tlr nr. PlTaimlnnamanlhi'liinr
ETITOptrfatmentFrer. ! tba WACKI'MllGU
rl I O ntUn HKUICUK 10.. ROIUKSTKR, ladUaa.
WTVkUt TIUS rATIHaiaV Uaa jMwraa.
andlOOAiTfa rANI) FUKK. Knd S5 it;, for ooot
II Ii. O'llKUiN W7t Via BUott, ut. nv,
1 til
1 tall lUl IlKMIUltffl.
tvBend roazn akptrn or envau model oi
Invention 1MMFUIATFI.V to J. D,
aa-fl kUt TUIt FAPIH n.'y Uau joawAA.
lAvasinimtoii. . v.
Rn-oMa-riillv PnUfiEnUTEB CLAIMS.
Loto rrtaclpal Examiner U.B.Peniloa JJtreau.
3 jm in laat war. la aajuaicaiiujr ciauua.aih j aiaru
nd mak
A 4U
Addrcsi W. T. FITZQEIl ALU, WabiunqtoN, D. O.
JTHAlU TUU fkVUL vmj ttaHyartatlla.
fl A Y 1 1 TP fl I Intent aomothlnff an
(Successor to J. 15. Hcuimcl)
Stnnlo and Fniicy Groceries, ftflO
ltecD3 constnnllv In stock a largo nf-
sortracnt of Glasswaro and Qttecns
waro, cto. Illpftiest raarltet prlc
paid for country produce. Good
delivered to any part of tlio city frco
of charge Oivo Iiira a call. '
s.ivninnnctick due allsoldiehs.
T 1 Ifllau 1ll!,'"Jl PiT.etci DC
i. H. UaOkirV ItOIS, UacUaail, O., WatUailaa.n.f,
airAME Tula rAPEnMf7ttBMMTta.
C7-1UE Tnl3 FAT.F.R anrj UaiajMvtH.
Root Ornfts ErerTthlntJ No lararr
aiuuain u. n. nnDcuer. ocneaiior,
1 to SB a day. Samples ,worth $2.15
I FKIli:. I.lnftfiotndprhoriea'fut. Writ
M-nuia lux rraua(arj waa ;?.
Urmi. JNatlun.1 Publli
utiimmi oo ou mm.
HIT 1 11 XJ'I L L'lt
AlJrea. AiT fcltlSKCAt flO.. OT. LoUll, MO
ruarwataa ft froo'l pyina
MQlfl i la
V9-KAKB THIS FA imtj tea r
I UUnu rni-ri ABent'H Uualneaneri.anileeiiro
jood tltuatlone. Write J.I). KUO WM, Utnlalla, Mo.
rro.tui .nd oared without the knife.
llnnk nn treHtme.it IBnl f roe. AAirpi
I V. I l'O.NI).I.l).,Aurur.K.n Cu.UL
TI1I3 FAFZK .wrf Om ?w nw.
A. N. K. B.
Ule Uet I uw tVe A.TertlMMeat U ttlt
JIavo the largest Urewing and
UoUlinr; Honso West of St. Lotiisr. )
W. W. WAG.NKK, l'roprietor.
$2.00 E 33 2S. 3D J.Zr
Cor. High and Monroe Sis. )
V.nUraeA. rpflliml and furnislietl.
Kirst class in nil departments. Ac
commodating and trusty porters at
all ttains.
Klectrio Uells and Hcsh Guest call
nnd 1'iro alarm in every room. Office,
Dining Koom and largest and finest
Sample rooms in me euy ou iuo urat
floor. i
Monuments and Headstones,
Arfjolnlnj Merchant'. Bunk, Jcffcr.on St.
FRED. KNAUI', Proprietor.
Telephone communications and oilier
modern conveniences. Commercial
men will lind it to tlieir interest to
.top at the City. It is centrally lo
cated nnd j.s sample rooms are tho
best. Tritsny porters at all passen
ger trains.
Farm and Machine Repair Shops
Give us a call for anything in our
line. Satinftction guaranteed.
Shops on Jvfferson 9trcct, between
Dunklin ami Ashley.
FllED. 'f nUBTZEL, Proprietor.
Having purchased tho "Farmers'
Home," corner of Jefferson and
Dunklin streets, and put everything
about tho premises in good order, I
ask the patronage of farmers and
First Class Meals and Lodging.
Finest liquon, wines, beer anil
c!gar always on hand. Good horse
and wagon lots. Rates very reason
able Very respectfully, i
224 Maihbon Strukt.
Agent for Detroit Gas Muchino Co
for lighting public und private
All kinds of Iron ant Wood Pumps ana
Fittings, Oas Fixtures, ChanduliersJ.cad
and Iron Pipes, Sheet Lead. Bath Tubs,
Wash Stands', Water Clonets, Rubber
Hoes, Globe and Check Valves, Stop
Oocks, Sewer Pipe, Steam Healing Boll,
ers, Radiators, Eto. Steam Heating a
Flans and estimates given on alt kludi
ot work in anv port of lbs couutry,

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