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I At 1 1 O.ni-ilmtm I Ivi4-!l .liilt I
Tlio Benson has been ngainst us, but goods must bo sold nover.
Wo will toko off part or nil tho rrofilo nud somo of tho actual
cost on many goods and give, you a cliauoo to seeuro thom in season at
Clearing Salo Prices.
Many Summer Goods will also go in this salo at special and ro
dnccd prices.
Tho following aro only soino of tho many Bargains to b'o had in
this Solo :
20c a. Yard will bivy aby stylo oy shndo of tho Celebrated
Broadband Dress Goods, always sold at 2oc. Wo havo tho oxclu
sivo salo of thoso goods horo and thoy aro cheap at 2uc, but thero
aro too many of Them on Earid, Oc is'llio Prico "onlyfor this sale.
25c a Yard, for all Colored 30-inch Dress Goods, formerly sold
at 85c. Theso aro mostly all Wool Grades.
30c a Yard is tho Prico in this salo for all Colored 30-inch
Brilliantincs and Fancy Wool Dross Goods, formerly 45 and 50c.
Also Black and Croam Albatross, formerly 50c.
45c a Yard will buy all colors of our 10 inch All-Wool Hen
riettas, formerly 50c. All-Wool Serges, Plain Plaids and Stripes,
formerly 00c.
SOc a Yard will bo tho Prico of Colored Urilliantines, Boiges
Fancy Sergos and Cashmero3 SuitingB, otc, formerly 05, 70 and 7oc.
'7 5c a Yard will bo tho Prico of, Colored Brilliantincs, Plaid
and Striped Beiges and Sergos, novor sold less than 8oc to $1.00
a yard.
20 Per Cent. Discount on nil Imported German and
French Robes to closo balanco of stock. Spocial Discounts on
Spring Jackets, Coats and Fancy Shawls and Wraps.
GOC On the Dollar, or just ono-hnlf of Former Price, will
buy n largo lino of choico Fancy Parasols. AV'o aro overstocked in
this lino and must sell them. Now stylos of Summor Dry Goods
received daily j many of thom go in this salo at special prices.
"Will bo pleased to havo you call at tho Popular Cash Dry Goods Houso of
3STo- 227 jyCaa -isoxi. s-bx-ee-t-
Tho year 1800 wc will carry an unusunly largo slock
'Go"la Pens,' Chains,
Clocks, Slcovo Buttons,
Collar Buttons, Carving
Sots, PinB, Rings,
Charms, Watches, Clocks,
Card Receivers, Butter
Dibhcs, Thimbles,
Berry Spoons, Sugar
Bowls, Creamers, Opera
Knives, Forks, Spoons
Etc., Etc., Etc.
The "Jtost Complcto Sleek In Central Missouri of tho Best nnd Cheapest
Hardware, Tinwaie, Stoves, Cutlery, Etc. Exclusive agent for
Th8 Celebrated Wire-Gauze Charter Oak Stoics
IDoor Frames, Window Frames, Wire Screen, Weather Strips, Spring
Hinges, Bird Cages, Water Coolers, Etc., a Specialty. Tin Hoofing
Spouting and Jobbing of all kinds -given prompt attention.
lelgZXS. -- --l
- - -1 - -i i !
Has Patent Return Flue Boiler; Wrought
Iron and Sleel Wheels, with the Sorlnns Be
tween the bearings ot the Hub: 14-Inch Steel
Tire: Cushioned Gear and all Latest Improve
ments. 8. 12 and 16 H. P. Ask for Catalogue,
Free. tSTThreshers ot all sizes.
Marion, Ohio.
"Engines and Steam Machinery.
Wo bnndlo only tho very best Material at tho very lowest figures. Glvo
us a call and wo will guarmit jp cntiro eatlsfaotlon In every particular. If
not convenient to call, adrtresf. us' a card. .
rumisnED evert Thursday evening.
F. Q. Fulkkrson, Business Manager.
Entered at the rottofflce at Jejjcrson City,
Mn a arxonii class matter,
(New ScrloVJan. ", 1800
Thursday, Juno 5, 1S00.
Mr. Jacob Miller resigned his po
sition as fireman at tho government
building last week.
Children's hats worth 75c and 81,
aro being sold at M. Goldman's for
Head ,m row subscrlntlon at once for
Tni: ItKi'UiiLiCAN. Only ono dollar per
year m advance.
Our 85 men's salts, decant new pat-
erns and durable They must ho scon
to bo appreciated.
Mr. Win. Carlln met with a pain
ful accident last Saturday by falling
from an electric light polo.
Send us your orders for job printing If
you want neat and clean work at low
liguros. Call nnd sec samples nnd as
certain prices.
Headquarters for G. A. It. suits, also
sous oi veterans, at
Now is the time to subscribe for
Tim State Knrum.iCAN, if not con
venient to call, hand your order to
your postmaster.
S. Goldman will make cabinet size
f holographs for the next 30 days for
81.50 a dozen.
Mr. Henry Schubert, ono of Taos'
enterprising merchants, was in the
city tlds week.
If you wnnt Ladies and Children's
hose, special bargains given at the
ittu Store.
A fine lunch served at Vcilh &
Miller's every Saturday night, tf
Postmasters aro authorized to re
ceive subscription for this paper
Wo allow them the usual newspaper
Mr. Robert McKcnna has been
appointed deputy U. S. marshal for
this city, vice Mr. Ashley.
Save up all the rags you wish to
dispose of keep them together and
they will bo called for regularly each
week. See advertisement of the Red
store. tf
Times arc hard, money Is scarce; It Is
to our Interest to cconomizi). You can
do, It by buying of us. Wo can, and will
6ii vo you money.
A nice line of Gents', Ladies' nnd
uuildren's suoes havo just been
opened at the Red Store, and will bo
sold at the lowest prices. tf
Ex-Stato Treasurer Xoland had
his trial for shortage continued to
tho December circuit court.
Laces, ribbons, and a grand spec
ialty in men's, ladies', misses' and
children's shoes, in great variety, at
the Red Store, opposite the old Ten
Wo have entered Into the light for
Spring Trade early. We arc bound to
win, If a largo stock, new patterns, good
in uivriai aim low prices can no it.
Call on F. A. Dwight, 702 West
.Main street and examine tlie new
Monarch Avery Check Row Corn
Planter; 81,000 premium offered for
an equal to this corn planter. tf
Mr. J. M. IJelsho and Miss Bar
bara Engiebrccht of Spring Garden,
obtained marriage license last Satur
day. Table cloths, towels, lace window
curtains sold at low figures at the
Red store .
Many articles arc offered at regu
lar wholesale prices at the Red Store.
Call, compare goods and prices.
Another Imincn&oEtock of clothlnghas
been added to tho bouse of M. Guldinan.
It will snrprlsu yon to see such stocksof
goods hi tho store.
Our stock of Children's, Boys,
Youths' and Men's clothing Is larger
than ever beforo. Our Btoek ot Ucuts'
furnishing gooJj and Hats and Cans Is
Immense. Kutlro new stock; the latent
styles and tho lowest prices. You will
do well to call on us.
g -cial bargains In ladies', misses'
nnd ciiilu rcn'8 ll09C nt tlie Ilul1 Store .
C. Czarllns.!'' 'nt"iger.
What We Do J9d What We
Don't Do.
Wo ndvortiso what wo havo to soli.
Wo always havo what wo advertise,
Wo can and will givo you morrt valuo
for your monoy than you can got
what we don't no.
Wo don't misrepresent. Wo don'i
pull you in from the Btroct. Wo
don't hunt yon up in tho mdoons.
Wo don't buy our cubtomera with
this is oun GUIDE.
Oar gooda,-nt tho, pricos wo offer
thom, will sell thomsolvcs.
To Our Friends-
Executor's, administrator s, trus
tee's nnd guardlahfs have .tho right
to name tho paper In which publica
tions required by law bo made, and
wo ask our friends to remember the
RnrimuoAH when thoy havo publica
tions to make.
Tho river routo of the Mo. Pacific
railway runs through some of the
best coal fields In the U. S.
Remember tho Red Storo if you
want good goods at low prices.
Mrs. J. B. Gregg.lcft on tho after
noon train Thursday for Leaven
worth, Kan., to visit her brother,
Mr. L. R. Bethel.
Tho river routo of the "Mo. Pacific
railway is under construction from
this city to Kansas City, and the
greater portion. is completed.
A largo number of brick dwellings
aro in course of construction in this
city, and still tho demand Is great
for tenement dwellings.
Mr. Frank Schmidt, now located
in Denver, was hero this week visit
ing relatives and many friends, who
arc glad to sec him In fine health.
Mr. F. M. Tagart passed through
the city Tuesday on his return from
St. Louis, where lie had been to pur
chase new'gootls.
Mr.' Henry J. Gcrstcnkorn bid
farewell to this city on Tuesday. Ho
has leased tho Exchange hotel at
Cleburne, Texas.
Mr. Clem Ware returned Sunday
from a trip to Xcw Orleans. Clem
no doubt consummated a deal for
tho delivery of several hundred mules
for the southern market,
Clark's dairy is one of the finest in
the west. Mr. Clark ha3 several
double teams kept busy delivering in
tho city from early mom. till late in
the evening.
Mr. Chas. Cxarlinsky,managcr of
the Red Store, went to St. Louis last
Monday to buy new goods for the
store. Call and sec his new stock.
Mr. Abrnm Murray, one of oldest
and most respected citizens of this
county, died at his homo a few miles
north of Cenlrctown on Thursday of
last week.
Albert Hartman, formerly a resi
dent of this city, died at Hold, Cal
laway county, and was buried under
tho auspices of the G. A. R. in the
National cemetery in this city Satur
day. Curing decoration services last
Friday severil1prion3 fiffcre'd se
verely f rom'thc heat. A young man
fainted at the cemetery, and Frank
Marteneck fell at tho corner of Mon
roo street after returning from the
cemetery, receiving very severe
bruises about the head.
Mr. W. S. Richardson of the ex
press, presented our office last week
with one of the finest and earliest
sweet potatoes of the season,
Mr. Ben Pohl, ono of this city's
best citizens and practical brick
makers, has taken charge of the
brick yards of the reform school at
Messrs. Newton McKinncy and
Doc Weaver were In the city Tues
day. Mr. McKinncy is one of Mar
ion township's prosperous farmers,
and Doc, of tho mcicantile firm of
Murray and Weaver of Centretown.
Henry M. Stanley traveled about
four thousand ftvo hundred miles on
foot dining his recent expedition for
the relief of Emin Paslia in -Africa.
He estimates the entire cost of the
expedition at 8150,000.
PARIS, 1559,
Ths Highest Possible Premium,
The President of tho Company.
JetrcrcgqClty, q.
Mr. Henry Ucckralh returned
from Colorado this. week. He says
Missouri's climato suits him far
belter than that of Colorado.
The republican party of tills stato
elected n state committee in 1888.
Wlioro is that committco now?
lloonville Ilopubllcan,
Mr. Henry Wagner returned from
a pleasant visit through Colorado a
few days since. During his stay ho
visited his landed interest in Akron,
a new town cast of Denver.
Mr. A. J. Davis left at our olllcc a
few days since a box of his choice
strawberries. Tho berries averaged
three inches in circumference and
were as delicious as they were large.
Mr. G. Schocnen, ono of tho
pioneer merchants of Osago City,
was in the city this week. Ho is
preparing for an extensive forward-,
ing and commission business this
Mr. H. M. Uoroughs, the traveling
representative of the Hall Safe &
Lock Co., of Cincinnati, has spent
this week in our city in the interest
of his company. His house is one of
the oldest nnd most reliable in this
A call ought to be Issued for the
republican state convention so that
the county conventions whicli arc
being held can elect their delegates.
The state committee ought to wake
up. Boonvillc ltcpublican.
Missouri has a heavy burden in
carrying tho democratic congressmen
who systematically slander her and
work against her interests. She will
unload some of them, however, in
tho coming election. Globc-Dcino-crat.
The president appointed George
II. Wallace, formerly of Howard
county, this slate, as consul to Mel
bourne, Australia, lait Tuculay
Mr. Wallace has been president of
tlie Missouri Wool Growers associa
tion for a number of years, and was
the republican candidate for lieuten
ant governor two years ago.
Ahiel Leonard, tho farmer candi
date for the democratic nomination
for representative of Saline county,
was laid in the shade at the demo
cratic piit .arics in that county last
Saturday. Notwithstanding the fact
that Mr. Leonard is a leading mem
ber of the F. & L. U. and well
posted as to tho needs of the farm
ers, withal an nblc man, yet the ma
chine had no use for him. Such is
democracy's altitude toward the
farmers. California Herald.
At a meeting of flic school board
Thursday of last week the same
teachers were chosen for another
term, with tho exception of Miss Ida
Dupec to take the placo of Miss
Dorton of the colored school. The
following are tlie teachers and their
salaries :
IJ. K. Oldham, superintendent,
8150 per month; E. 11. Kochtitzky,
principal of tho high school, 875;
Miss Mollie Cliambliss, 8J0; Mary
Bauer, $15; Annie Murray, 810;
Jennie Pcdigo, 810; Julia Eppes,
810; Hattio Bright, 810; Lizzie
JTichcnor, -10; Jennie Curry, 810;
Lallah Murphy, 815; Mrs. H. M.
Holmes, S55; Cue Gordon, 830;
Edi'.h Ithodes, 830, and Mary Kounsi
830. Colored schools, K. L. An
thony, principal, 850 ; Miss Dupec,
830; Mis3 Itamsey, 835.
Wc see that I'ricl S. Hall is a dele
gate from Uaudolph county to the
democratic state convention at St.
Joseph. This is the same U. S. Hall
that is writing such non-partisan,
nnti tariff articles in the Standard.
How can a democratic free trader
write non-partisan articles? His way
is paid ; he is simply an emissary of
tho Cobden club, working in tho in
terest of democracy without regard
to the welfare of his country. Wc
nrc reliably informed that this U. S.
Hall showed his loyalty to rebellion
from 1800 to 1SG5, and still advo
cates 'this twtu-sistqr of slavery of
labor and secession, known as free
trade. Milan ltcpublican.
The Grand Lodge of tho Inde
pendent Order of Odd Fellows of this
stato at their meeting in St. Louis
list week decided to enforce tho rule
excluding 'saloon keepers from mem
bership in the order. If the enforce
ment of this rule means the expul
sion of those saloon keepers who are
a'ready members of tho order it is
very unjust. Any organization has
a right to say who may and who may
not become members of It, but after
men havo been admitted, have com
piled with all its laws, have dis
charged all tho duties imposed, and
have douc their part iu (supporting
tho organization, It has no right to
expel them, even if it has tho power
to do so. It is not believed that the
Sovereign Grand Lodge will sustain
tho Grand Lodgo of this state
in this nction.UoonvlllQ RopnblN
W C TP U. Column.
Mrs. Ada M. Blttcnbcndcr, nttor
ney for tho National W. C. T. U., re"
ccntly appeared beforo the supremo
court of tho United States and mado
the motion for the admission to prac
tice as an attorney Miss Emma M.
Gillett of Washington, D. C. This
is tho first time in history that ono
woman has moved the admission of
another to the highest court of the
A recent meeting in New York
City of tho Alumnae association of
Kutgers Female college was ad
dressed by Dr. Jessie U. Woodsidc,
who for three years has been at
Futtchgurh, India, working for tiie
establishment of hospitals and dis
pensaries for Indian women. Dr.
Woodsido says that most women in
India aro entirely without medical
assistance, since no higli caste woman,
however ill, can bo treated by a male
physician. Once a low-caste woman
who had been bitten and badly' lac
erated by a mad jackal, walked six
tccn miles, carrying her children to
tho Allahabad hospital. Upon her
recovery, tho famo of tho women
doctors spread abroad so that during
the year they treated 3,300 patients
and recorded 13,000 visits.
A man was recently arrested in
Chicago for thrashing ono of his fel
low passengers in a street car he
cause he would not cease smoking
when requested to do so. The police
justice before whom lie was brought
for trial discharged him without
punishment, in commenting upon
which a leading Chicago journal
makes tho following remarks, with
which we quite agree: ''It is there
fore settled, so far as a police court
decision can settle anything, that a
man who persists in smoking on a car
where tiicrc is a woman, may be
thrashed by her escort, if he is strong
enough and can expect no redress.
This kind of law may shock the su
preme court, but there is consider
able horse sense in it. No man has
a right to make a nuisance of himself
in a public conveyance, and a com
pany should not tolerate it."
Senator Blair says, in the "Tem
perance Movement!" There are
used in making one gallon of beer
83.2 ounces of barley of which 70
ounces arc lost in "malting," in
'mashing,' 'fermenting' and Mining,'
1 leaving 13.2 ounces of nutritious (?)
substance . Consumed by the glass
at 5 cents each this would cost 80
cents, or about two-thirds of a day's
labor at 80 cents per bushel for bar
ley the same amount of nutriment in
the form of bread, allowing about 00
per cent, for waste and making would
cost 2 cents. In other words if A
diink3 daily ! quarts of luger beer
ho will, in about 12 months succeed
in taking into his stomach in that
form the nutriment contained in a
live-pound loaf of bread."
Mr. John Engiebrccht of Osage
Bluff, was in the city yesterday.
Mr. S. W. Cox, through his
agency, has made several real estate
deals of importance during the past
The ice cream and strawberry fes
tival, given by theladie3 of the M. E.
church in the courthouse park Mon
day evening was a success and en
joyed by a great many of our peo
ple. Tho young ladies Christian asso
ciation of the Evangelical church will
give an ice cream and strawberry
festival in the yard of the parsonage
this evening for the benefit of the
church. All arc invited. The cause
is a good one and the attendance
should be generous.
If the dispatch sent out from Jef
ferson City is authoritative no other
democrat than "Dick" Bland will be
permitted to compete for the con
gressional nomination. Giving such
a notice to other gentlemen who may
aspire for the ncmination that only
Mr. Bland's name will be considered
is rather a bold declaration, and
means that tho Biothcrhood of Po
litical Buccaneers intend to dictate to
other gentlemen what they shall or
shall not do. How docs Nick Thur
mond of Callaway like it? Laclede
Example is stronger than precept,
and so Kansas City's treasurer, Mr.
Peakc, has followed tho illustrious
example of his brother Noland
(whoso deficiency has not yet been
made good) and others of the guild,
nnd has becume irregular to tho tuuo
of about 820,000. In the language
of the democratic national platform,
'a chango is necessary," and the
best change is to put in republicans,
who do not do such things. Webster
Wheat Is looking lino an J tho farmers
aro busy plowing corn.
Mrs. Clay Bucliucr of Scotts Station,
was visiting relatives near Scruggs' Sat
urday nnd Sunday last.
Mrs. E. richnclr of St. Louis, Is tho
guest of her father this week.
Mr. Win. Wear of Scott's passed
through Scruggs Sunday.
Mr. Z. T. doodall Is working the
roail this week near Scruggs.
Mr. Win. Coyner made a business trip
to Jefferson Saturday.
Mr. Henry Benches of nearficrujfge)
Is preparing for a new barm
Mr. E. H. Dcit. was in Scruggs Tues
day on business.
Mr. C. P. Bucnte Is suffering from a
severe attack of neuralgia i
Miss Mamie Stokes of Morgan county,
Is Wsltiug friends nnd relatives near El
ston. Miss Katlo Coffelt, an accomplished
young lady of Scruggs, Is visiting friends
nnd relatives near Spring Gaidcu this
Mr. Henry Tope of Osage, was hero
Sunday shaking uands with old frleuds
and neighbors, ire was accompanied by
Mr. Goff, one of the leading merchants
of that city.
The City hotel at this place, owned by
Mr. George Pope, Is at present unoccu
pied. George says there Is one of three
things that he Is bound to do, that Is
rent, sell or get married. Wc are In
clined to think that It will be get mar
Mr. Charles Ott and Ms stepdaughter,
MUs Ollle Mains, went to Jefferson Mon
day. Mr, John Haltcrinan, one of the best
farmers iu tills community, went to the
Stato of California Monday.
Uncle Abu Murray, v,hu was so badly
hurt some time since by a runaway
toam,vc are sorry to learn, is at present
lying In n dying condition.
Mr. Hade Hackney of Moniteau cuiiu
ty,was In Elstou Monday.
Elwood Durham left hero for St. Louis
Friday, to be gone a few days.
Mr. 1). E. Houtong returned Satur
day from a trip In Central and Southern
Itov. Shelton came down Saturday
and llllcd lils regular appointment.
Tilmon I.each, J. E. Carman and
other parttcs reeciyed a car load of corn
from St. Louis Saturdayi
Geo. J. reuulugerof Wardsvlllc, was
In this vicinity several days last week
and purchased a line draft horse of Mr.
A. Iioutszong.
J. W. Durham returned last Friday
from an extended trip In Northwest Mis
souri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas-
L. A. Wade left here Friday for Atch
lson and other poluts in Kansas to visit
a brother and other relatives and
Judge Elston moved into his new
residence ycetcrday.
The democracy of Elston met Satur
day In Collets hall and elected delegates
to the senatorial convention. Mr. J. E.
Gainiau and Samuel White were chosen,
and arc sent uniustructcd.
It seems that all our great tariff re
form democracy all voted against tariff
reduction. They aro opposed to having
sugar on the free list, something that
everybody uses, but they must be consist
ent and oppose everything that is of In
terest to farmers, laborers and disabled
The following seems to bo nn under
stood law among the democracy iu and
around Elston :
1 . Xo Simon pure democrat can be
long to tbcG. A. H.
2. No Simon pure democrat has a
rl'ht to act as deputy postmaster for his
mother-in-law under a republfcau administration.
it. All democrats who join tho F. At
L. Unlou must voto for democrats who
aro In favor of'Gcorge Vest for U'nlted
States senator aud It. 1. Bland foreou
gress, Hazel for state senate.
1. All shuou pure democrats Will
read aud believe aud do as the republic
i. All democratic farmers and labor
ers must bclievo In free trade, aiid re'
form, and educate republicans to vote
Mr. P. M. Tagart, Mrs. Henry Glenn
and Capt. Ed Stuart of the ferryboat at
tended Colo circuit court Monday.
Mr. C. C. Tagart of this place, went
to Kansas City Monday on business aud
returned Thursday.
Mr. F. A. Tagart and wife of Kansas
City, arc visiting hero this week.
Mr. 1'etor Beaver has moved his saw
mill to this placo and will commence
business In a few days. Peter means
Mr. Dcrlugcr of Elston Station, a
plasterer by trade, is putting on a new
coat of plastciiug on Mr. Fred Itithul's
house this week. Fred will linprovo If
times are dull. He will glvo the boys
wonc when they wnnt It.
Capt. Johnson Glenn went to Centra-
town Friday on business.
itoi. von gavo me ooys a uno cuicr

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