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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, June 12, 1890, Image 4

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You miy tnlk abrjut tlio pathos
Jn th hnrd,Oilps ot tlio war,
You may talk about tho glory
Ot the causerlhat you (ought fur
Uut there's nothing to palhctlo
As the' lesson wo rccche
From tho quiet, Mlo flapping
01 the useless emptr slccvo
You may talk about tho marches,
Tho Scnnt rations ami "hard tack;"
Of "the last drop In the canteen,"
And "the empty haversack,"
There's nothing so convincing In
Ths Impressions thai you leave
As the mute and speechless record
"Of tho useless empty slccvo.
You may speak of Southern prisons,
Hut their horrors could not last;
Of the roar and din ot tattle.
And thank God that, too, has past,
nut wo see a grim reminder,
Every morn and noon and evo.
In the living, speaking presence
Ot the useless empty sleeve.
Soldiers deck the graves of comrudos
With tho laurol that they won.
Poets sing ot g.tllant heroes,
And otdeeds ot great renowns
Hut there's naught in poets' anthems
Or the chnplcts that they weave
That can heat tho touching story
Of tho usoless empty sleeve.
Florence Knrle, lit Troy (N. Y.) Times.
Vcrsnmil Trolls of tlio (leneral Recalled
by Congre.snmii Ontes.
Conprcssman Ontes, of Alabama,
tvrltri to Gonoral Alphom Haltor, of
Louisville, Ky.i ivlottor containing somo
IntcrottlnR personal reminiscences of
Ntimewall Jackson. Ho says: I first
saw liltn tho full ot IStil, in front nf
Manasias, boon aftor ho was sent with
his dlWslon to tho valley of Virginia. I
next saw him early in tho spring of '02,
when Hwcll's division loft tho Rappa
hannock and joined Jackson In tho upper
valley of tho Shenandoah. His achieve
ments I need lint relato. He looked
awkward on horseback, becauso ho rode
with short stirrups; but on foot ho was
full six feet high, squaro shouldered,
slightly round, would havo neighed
about 1T0 pounds; had a full, brown
braid, .straight nose, high forehead,
black hair, thin, nearly to baldness on
tho top, with dark groy oyos, full ot
strength and depth of expression. They
sremrd to look through a man and dis
cern his Ihouchts at a clance. On foot-
he was really a handsome man; I thought '
him remarkably so. Ills voice waseflom
inate und cracked llko an old woman's.
1'or Instance, bo woi)ld say: "I can't ex
cuse you, sir, can't excuso you." Ho al
ways spoke politely, but firmly and to
the point. At tho closo of tho valley
campaign, in June, "02, ho assembled a
general court martial and appointed
me Judge Advocato of It. This brought
me in personal contact with him, and I
bad the advanlago of personal inter
views with him on two occasions. He
decided ery quickly on evory question,
tnid tho reasons for it, and did not seem
impatient, but a good listener and as
soon as the point was fully presented ho
would deeldo the matter calmly, but
with such determination and repotltion
ns at once struck the petitioner with tho
Idea of Its finality; and from It thoro
was no appeal. He rofused a request, it
t all, polltoly, but very quickly and
with such impresslvcness that no man
eer had the temerity to ask him to
overrule bis derision; a look camo from
bis penetrating eyes which showed you
unmistakably that tho answer camo
from ills very soul and was irreversible.
During tho sluing of this court martial
for two or three days, which was all tho
time it ever had, I walked out in tho
woods ono day, and not dreaming that
ho was near, 1 heard a man and turned
to look, and about forty steps distant
was (leneral Jnckson on his knees, alono
and praying aloud.
When ho marched his corps around
I'ope's left wing in August '02. at llrls-
low station I had my third conversation
wilh him which was about removing tho
wreck of cars on tho road. After ex
plaining to him tho Impossibility ot
doing it, bo replied, "Havo you tried
sir.-' I responded, "I havo and it is im
possible to rorpovo tho wreck unless I
had tho proper tools to work with." Ho
said, "Then sot It on flro and march In
tho direction of Manassas Junction
along tlio railroad, whero you will join
your brigade." It was then aftor 8 o'
clock at night and we had marched sixty
mill's in the two preceding days upon
bait rations, green corn and half rlpo
npjiles. It was four miles further to
Manassas; but wo reached tbo brlgado
in the lino of battle and participated In
the capture of the placo that night.
Two days after this he had his corps
tn lino on the old huttlo-field, In tho
shape of a half moon, with tho concavo
side parallel with tho piko, along which
tho enemy came. When they were
squarely in his front, 00,000 strong,
while he had but 20,000 and Longstrcot
twenty miles away, ho pointed his finger
at them and quick ns thought, said to his
Lieutenant, who was near him: "Ewcll,
advance!" and dashed oil on his horso In
tho direction of A. I'. Hill's division.
During the batllo of the next day, whon
Company A. Fifteenth Alabama, had
killed a Federal Major, who, leading his
regiment, tried to cbargo his horse into
their ranks, (iencral Jackson came up to
that spot, and when hu heard tho Captain
rebuke his men, saying: "You should
havo captured hlni, ho was too bravo a
linn to have been killed," tho great
Jackson reversed what "Old Hickory"
said in robuko of bis men for proposing
to kill Hill Weatherford, by saying:
"No, Captain, your men aro right; kill
tho bravo ones, thoy lead on tho others."
Ono day when wo were on tho inarch
. going to Maryland ho was riding from
the rear forward and passed a regiment
from which the men were straggling
and depredating on tho orchards, horodo
nlongsldc tho Major In command and ad
dressing him very- politely Inquired:
"Major, aro you In command of this
leglment?" Tho rcsponso camo with a
low bow, "Yes, (leneral." "Well, Ma
jor.do you know tho position of anoflleor
in nrrest?" "I think I do, General."
"Well, just take that position, Major."
Ho stuck spurs to his horso and wont
thiough the woods In a swift gallop, tho
men nlong tho lino whooping and yell
In;;, which thoy Invariably did whonovor
ho appeared. In momory of tho glory of
ins ticmevemonts.
No ono could estimate bis doptbs; and
ho always appoarod to his own mon and
tbo cnomy at times and places when
they least expected him. Ho was a
combination of Cromwell and Napoleon,
und bad bo over boon an army or de
partment commander thoro Is no tolling
what bo would havo accomplished. Tho
"boys" called him "Old Stonewall," but
In fact ho was only thlrty-nlno years old
t;t his death.
CoMitADilK. A. At.OF.ii, Commandor-ln-T'hlof
of tho Grand Army, has, during tho
past four months, visited nearly all tho
departments of tho ordor, at a cost to
lilm of aba it $10,009.
The Touching Mill story of ft Poor Hat
tie. Field Waif,
Wo had boon skirmishing with
Stuart's cavalry, and at a bend In tho
road wo had shelled them vigorously
with our light artillery. As wo passed
this bend, stilt following tho enemy, wo
found four dead mon, threo or four dead
horses, and a boy about ton yoars old
sitting on a stone, so whltcfacod and
scared that ho could not speak a Word.
Wo spoke kindly to him, and tried to
comfort him, and finally ho bogan to
cry. Wlton wo asked for his namo ho
gavo It ns "Jimmy." "Jimmy what?"
Hu was crying so that wo could not niako
It out. Then somo ono suggested that
It must bo "Jimmy Tenr-lrop," and tho
namo at onco became his.
Tbo soldier of tho civil war was a
curious being. Wlillo tho bent ot bat
tlo was in his blood his heart would
grow soft at sight of a poor rabbit fright
ened from cover by tho awful din. Wo
had not a second look for tho dead lying
there, but half a dozen troopers anglod
ns to who should bo guardian of that boy.
Ho was a legltlmalo capture ono of tho
spoils ot war. As a compromlso ho was
sent to tho wagon-mastor for tho tlino
In tlmo "Jimmy Tear-Drop" told us
that his mother was dead. Ills father
lived on tho road by which wo had
marched, and as .Stuart fell back ho took
his boy by tho hand and (ell back with
tho soldiers. In tho confusion fathor
and son had becomo separated, and they
wero never to meet again. Our camp was
thirty miles away, and tho boy wont
thoro with us, and onco within our lines
tbo father, even If alive, had little
chanco to hoar of him.
livery company of soldiers had Its pet,
If not a dog, or cat or goat, then some
thing clso oven a 'possum or raccoon.
It was lato In tho fall when wo captured
Jimmy Tear-Drop, and by spring bo was
known to most all the men In the bri
gade. Ho was a quiet llttlo chap, seem
ing to havo a great sorrow In his heart,
nnd it wns only when ho hoard us talk
ing about tho end ot tbo war, and how
he intended to find bis fathor and bring
about a re-unlon, that he laughed and
seemed boy-like. The ofllcers tried to
tend him away, but wo kept him bid
den and treasured him as If bo had been
a gold nugffot. Our tailor mado him
clothes, and wo foragod him a pair of
shoes, and when wo got him rigged out
wo all felt proud of Mm. I don't think
Jimmy Tear-Drop learned any wicked
ness from us. Wo taught blm to dance,
and bo could sing a song or two, but tho
boys wero careful of their hard words
whon ho was near, and no ono would
teach him any thing about cards. On
tho contrary, "Old Jack," our company
teamster, got somo books and taught
him his A, It, C's, and called us In to
hear Mm spell "dog" and "hen" nnd
"hat" and other easy words.
Woll, tho spring came, and ono day
our wholo army corps moved. Jimmy
went along with tho wagon train, and at
a certain point on ono of tho highways
tho onemy mado a uash and cut oft a
portion of tho train. Wo got It back
attor a sharp fight, nnd when wo camo
to look around wo found about twenty
dead and wounded mon. If thoro had
been nothing moro wo should havo
wheeled Into lino and jested over It. A
soldier takes his chances, you seo. If
ho wins ho gets no credit. It ho falls
there is always oarth onougb to hldohls
body from sight.
Wo wero getting ready to movo on
when there was an excitement among
tho wagons, and wo pushod Into tho
train to find "Old Jack" bonding over
something lying on a blanket on tho
grass. Ho was crying llko a woman,
and somo ot our boys wero brushing
tears from thnir eyes and others hotly
vowing vengeance That something on
tho blanket was our boy our Jimmy
Tear-Drop. A stray bullet had whis
tled through tho cover of tho wagon and
ended his life as quickly as you could
blow out the flamu of a candlo. And as
bo lay thoro on his back, whlto-faccd
and deal and bis eyes half closed, wo
saw through our own tears a great tear
on his cheek a ptarl glistening In tho
southern sunshine which streamed down
through tho snioko yet hanging about
tbo tree-tops. Then In our soro hearts
wo felt that wo had rightly named him
Jimmy Tear-Drop, and that tho hand of
Uod was in it. Detroit Freo Press.
Slrrugtlior the tiraml Army.
Tho membership ot tho Grand Army
(In good standing) as given in tho do
partment returns December HI, 18S0, is
shown as follows: Alabama, 221; Ari
zona, S02; Arkansas, 1,850; California,
n.noi); Colorado and Wyoming, 2,837; Con
necticut, 0,840; Dakota, 3,515; Delaware
1,215; Florida, 410; Georgia, 855; Idaho,
442; Illinois, 32,318; Indiana, 25,105
Iowa, 20,231; Kansas, 18,312; Kentucky,
5,003; Louisiana and Mississippi, no re
port; Maine, 0,304; Massachusetts, 21,
007; Maryland 2,224; Michigan, 21,255
Minnesota, 8,403; Missouri, 10,838; Mon
tnna, 674; Nebraska, 7,443; Now Damp
shlro,5,043; New Jersey, ",B79; Now MoX'
lco, 831; Now York, 40,758; Ohio, 40,214
Oregon, 1,713; Pennsylvania, 44,018;
Potomac, 2,077; Ilhodo Island, 2,88'
Tennessee, 3,001; Texas, 813; Utah, 143
Vermont, 5,200; Virginia, 1,213; Wash'
ington nnd Alaska, 1,742; West Virginia,
3,105; Wisconsin, 13.044. Total, 897,074.
Gain for tho last threo months of 1889.
Grand Army
Minnesota has
Tim Now Hampshlro corps holds-cont
Tun Department of Wisconsin had 204
posts I'obruary 12.
Tiik Ohio Orphans' Homo has 28 cot
tages nnd 1,100 Inmates.
Tm; Department of Wisconsin G. A
It. Is divided into sixty-two Inspection
Only ono post In tho Department of
Wisconsin was delinquent In last quar
tern returns.
Tun Woman's Jlollof Corps of Kansas
aro preparing to build n national u. A,
It. Memorial College at Oberlln, Kas,
Tho college Is for tho froo education ot
soldiers' and sailors' chlldron.
The Woman's I'ollot Corps of Wis
consin on tho first day ot January, 1884
had threo cordis nnd fifty-seven mom
bers. In March, 1890, thoro woro nine
ty-seven corps with a membership of
A Ilangor (Me.) harbor came into
possession ot a live partrldgo which wn
kept in a cage In his shop all wlntor
Tho other day, thinking tho bird would
llko Its freedom, tho klnd-hoartcd bar
ber took tho cage to tho edge of n wood
In tho outskirts of tho city nnd opened
tbo door, but, much to his surprise, th'
partrldgo refused to go Into tho bush,
persistently lingering near tho cage,
and, finally, whun driven away now to
neighboring house, and perched upoa the
i oaves.
WnriN (ho jailor wont into tho lail at
Bprlngfiold tho othor day td glvn tho
brlsonors dlnnor ho was oVorpoworod,
locked in a coll and sovon prisoners
oscapod. Thoy ttorCI S, 11. liorryi tinder
sentonco ot flvo years fdr folonioUs as
sault) Torn Morgan, Honry l'ealy, tlcorgo
ecoit, J. w. Oillcor and T. W. Borry,
robbory, and Hon Howard and Albort
IIolTner, burglary.
Tub Stato Troasuror rocontly pur
chased 532,000 of Stato bonds for tho
purposo of making up 8250,000 to bo re-
doomed this year.
AT tho Into diocesan convention of
tho Episcopal Church, held In St, IjouIs,
tho Stato was divided into two dioceses.
Tho lllshop of tho now dlocesoi to bo
elected, will rosldo in Kansas City,
Tho Eastern (or old) dloccso contains
fltty-four counties and has 4,500 commu
nicants, and tho Western (or now) dlo
ccso contains sixty countlos nnd 3,500
May Pattkusok, flvo years old, Was
killed by a cable oar at Kansas Clty-the
other day. Tho child was with hor
mother,. who was carrying a baby, when
tho accident happened.
A in:.i)-i:.Nn collision ot a fast freight
train on tho Hannibal from Chicago and
a through Itock Island freight train
bound for Chicago occurred tho other
morning on tho Hannibal track, near
tho Mllwaukco bridge, about two miles
oast of Kansas City. No ono was Se
riously Injured, but about 820,000 worth
of property was dostroyod, each com
pany sharing tho loss about equally.
Tiik alleged accomplices of Flotcbcr
Kirby In tho murder of School Teacher
Rogers In Stone County havo been traced
to Arkansas and It Is said will soon bo
At Moberly tho other day Aloxander
McKenslo nnd his son were convicted of
tho killing of John F.mery last tall. Tbo
son was sentenced to fifty-two nnd the
father to ten years Imprisonment.
Tun five-year-old son of E. C. Clink-
scales foil from a treo at Columbia, the
other day, and Injured his head so that
ho died a day or two later.
1MB convention of tho Episcopal
Church tor the new dlocose met at Kan
sas City and christened tho now division
tho West Missouri dlocose. After a
spirited contest Rev. E. H. Atwell, of
Toledo, O., was elected lllshop.
Timjiionthly report of tbo Stato Hoard
of Agriculture, just Issued, shows tbo
wheat crop of tbo Stato not to bo in ns
good condition as at tho last report.
Tho yield per aero will probably bo be
low tho average for tho past two years.
Tho dry weather that has prevailed for
tho most part during the last month in
Northwest Missouri has materially les
sened tho prospects In that section
whero ono month ago tho outlook was
tho most promising. Thoro has boon a
decllno In condition in all sections of
tho State. Many fields which one
month ago seemed to bo qulto promis
ing aro, slnco beading, proving to bo
nearly all chess. A constdorablo area
has been plowed up slnco this has be
como known. Tho Hessian fly is work-
qulto seriously in South west Mis
souri, wlillo in Southeast Missouri tho
grain apis Is threatening to do some
Skxatou Vi.u.mii has introduced in tho
Senate a joint resolut'on providing for
tho settlement of tho claims of officers
and enlisted mon of tho various militia
organizations of Missouri for horses nnd
equlpmonts lost while engaged In the
military servlco of tho United States In
T. H. Vine, operator for tho Western
Union at St. Louis, foil or threw blm
self from tho fourth Btory of his board
Ing house tho other evening and was in
stantly killed. Ho was arrested a fow
days previous in tho Merchants' Ex
change on suspicion of having been Im
plicated in tho wiro tapping in Dono
van's pool room. Ho was "sweated
twenty-four hours and then released.
I' lnding himself discharged by tho West
ern Union ho went on a spree.
hie Democratic congressional con
vention for the 1- if th district, held at
Ilolden, unanimously renominated Hon.
John C. Tarsnoy for Congress.
Mautijj Mkistkii, ono of tbo oldest
rosldcnts ot St. Josoph, commuted sui
cide tho other day by taking a doso of
morphine. Ho bad been drinking heav
ily of lato and bad sovcral times threat
ened to cut hii throat Ho had mot
with a small business rovorse, which
is supposed to have been tho primary
catiso of his action.
Wiih.f. playing with a Smith & Wes
son pistol at Poplar Hlnif tho other
evening Hormis Walker accidentally
shot Thomas McCain In tbo abdomon.
McCain could not recover.
Uovkiixoii Fiiancis has honorod a
requisition for Mansfiold King, tho Den
ver bank robbor in jail at Clayton, al
though ho Is under Indictment in St.
Louis County for burglary and larceny.
In tho Supremo Court Judgo Sherwood
recently filed an opinion reversing and
romandlng for a now trial tho caso of
tho Stato vs. John Miller, appealed from
tho circuit court of Audrain County.
Miller was undor scntonco of death for
tho murder of Samuel Apgar in Mexico
two yoars ago. Judgo Sherwood re
manded the caso on tho ground that
Gcorgo Mortlmor, Miller's partner in
tbo crime, was pormitted to plead guilty
to murder in tho socond degreo, and in
consideration of this testified against
Miller, but should not havo boon per
mitted to testify undor tho conditions.
Wiixiam Stkkiis, of Wollsvllle, wai
drownod in Salt rlvor, in Ralls County,
tho othor day. Whllo bathlnp ho was
sehscd with ciamns.
"humorous Trifles.
"TifAT motion is out of ordor," eald
tho chatrman ot a political meeting, as
ho saw a rowdy tabling Ills arrd to throw
an cgjf.
DitraOisT "Try it again, sla. hat
was it your mamma told you to got?"
Llttlo ulrl (with another sovero mental
effort) ''I think It was 'I died of opos
sum.' I want a dlmo's worth."
"What sort of a bird Is that on youi
bonnet, dear?" "Why, it's nn oriole.
What did you ask mo that question for?"
"1 thought it was a snipe." "A snipo?"
"Yes; judging from tbo bill that camo
with it."
"jMaiiy Ann," her mistress told hot,
beforo ironlfirf the finer linen nlwuys
try tho heat of the iron ofi something
coarse so as not to scorch tho material.''
"I don't need to, mum; thank bovlns,
I hov a noso, and I knows when tho
llnon is scorching by tho smell of It,
"Ma, 1'vo an Idea that somo of tho
folks in this graveyard haven't gone to
Heaven." "You don't sayt What mnkos
you 'think: lhcjr haven't?'1 "Docanso I
read it on tho tombstones." 'Wo."
"Yes, I did, though. It was carved on
over so many: 'Peace to his ashes.
Now, thoro Isn't any ashes 'copt where
It s very hot, is there, ma?"
'What's tho matter, Itlanlcley?
You're all bunged up, a3 though you
bad boon in a light, and yot you look
beaming and smiling over it nil."
Illanklcy "The fact is I havo all along
thought my boy Harold a sort of flat-
chested ohutnp, and tho other day I
undertook to give him somo boxing les
sons. This is the rcsultof the lirst ono.
Oh, I'm proud of that boy."
Hihss purgattrt remedies are fast giving
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toll's Hair and Whisker Dye, 60 conts.
A Tin often sells ft book, but net so
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Boston Courier.
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fect on clillls and fever thnn quinine, for it
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headache, dizzy sensations, etc. When o
fierson nas onco uscu it in piaco oi quinine
hey will over afterwards prefer it
Tn spring lay of tho hen is never
thrown Into tho editorial wasto basket It
finds a place on tho editor's inside. Nor
riitown Herald.
A Sore Deliverance
Not Instantaneously, It is true, but In a
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disordered liver lscopabloof Inflicting, by
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sKln arocntircly removed by this csttmablo
rcstorutlvo of tone to tho organs of sccro
tlon and digestion.
Jcst ns soon as a man's head gets above
tho level of mcdlocro a crowd of hlgh
klckors begin reaching for it Ashland
We vnluo everything in this world by
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trliule value, and yet Jay Oould. If famish
ing In tho desert, would give all his wealth
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. i . . -v. ,n ,KlnV
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Heartaches and Fevers, to cleanse the sys
tem effectually, yet gentlj", when costive or
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6luggtsh, to permanently euro habitual con
stipation, to awaken tho kldnoys und liver
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weaucning inem, use tsyrup oi figs.
Tub man who keeps getting deeper and
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owes lenaencioi. ivasaingion .rest.
Chills ajtd fever clung to mo eleven
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bottles of Smith's Tonio Syrup mado mo
sound and wolL Cms. Pepper, Ao. l'J fVr
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Tub report of a lawsuit Is trying news
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Canada, postago paid, upon receipt, oi va
Dobbins' Electric Hoap wrappers. Bee list
of revels on circulars around each bar.
Win & man sets famous It would seem
that every man in the country used to play
maroies wun mm ai scuooi.
Q0LD MED At, PABIB, 1878.
BreaMast Cocoa
J ab$olutelv pure and
it it talublt.
No Chemicals
ftr wed la Itl preparation. It Km
trior 4 than tXria Itm th tirtngth of
Coco mixed with Stmrcti, Airowioct
or Sucir. nd it thmfora ftr tnor
conomlcU.cwrtnj Un titan en tint
a cuj. It ll dellcloai, nouriihlnj,
itrvnsthtiiing, A SILT DlOKSTtn,
and idmlrb!y ftdiptrd for luvklldl
bi vtU m for rcrioni In IieiJilu
Sold ly Orocf m Tffrywhero.
W. BAKER & CO. Dorchester. Mass.
To Restore Tone
and Strength
to tho System when
weakened by
La Grippe
oi fthy other
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Is positlrely
Get tho BEST,
Prepared by
Dr. J. C.' Ayer & Co.,
Lowell, Mass.
he Na y bo o jipEijj,
Country Produco bought and gold
Soods dellvured freo ot charge tot
any part of llio city.
701 & 003 west Main anu corner
of Bolivar Street.
Bsmi Box Tsrs Beam Vfik N. Y. A.
Groceries, Agricultural Implements'
Worrons, Spring Wagons, Buggies,.
Roai Carts. 1'IcwS, Harrows, Hay
Rakes. Corn Sliellcrs, Feed Cutters,-'
Steel Roatl-Scrapers.
704 West Main Street.
rulllnfonnition t) 1UISSOUHI School District,
wl.hinf to litns bondi. vs ftfmlitj Blsok Bosds, sal
bur Bonds wata complslsd St BEST HATES.
GEO. ST. IIUSTON A CO., Bond flc P.sl.fl,
309 Pino 8tr..t. OT. LOUIS.
& CO.'S
4 .Wl
rTTt tlTH A Hit TIM-! ! lataat Imnrattf!
TWeffcrr TfcffitVlB F.lMinY MllU
cribi thtlr Utft, improd
Jjociitodln tliomMUof tho mo. frtllt farmloft
it inn.
Wonderful stock nnd grniltiK country, tiplendld
ttlsTa In th,. nnrld. Onui aliundftnt. tiATcr fa!
Home markets connume erorr tlitnff at high price i.
Bchools end churches of nil donomtnaUooa, Rood
octetr. perreot cnmaie. a groat neaiin reors.
Grand opportunities I orlnvostmci.t In fait iJikeCltr
Kcrri.1l p-irtlculars and Illustrated pamphlctj nd-
drau, Chamber of CummprCG, Halt Lake Citj, Utah,
riWAM Till rifiRliq UitJWTH.
Celluloid Is a kind of falso Ivory,
mado out ot gun-cotton, camphor and
other things.
ItitoNzr. 1b amixturoof copper nd tin,
to which a llttlo zinc and lead aro some
time, added.
Gcx-cottox Is mado by soaking cotton
in a mlxt'uro of nltrio and Bulphurio'
acids and then washing it clean In'
wator and drying it.
Isinolass is a puro kind of gelatine.
Tbo best is mado from the air bladders
or sounds ot sturgeons caught in thej
Black and Caspian seas.
Manila is the thready part ot a banana
tree which grows in tho Philippine
islands. It is called tnanlla because
most of it is brought from tbo city of
Vanilla Is produced from a species
of orchid that attaches Itself to tbs
walls, and other suitable objects. Tha
plant has a long, fleshy stom; and tho
leaves nro alternate, oval and lanceo
late Tho flower is ot a grecnlsh-whtto
color, and forms axillary spikes. The'
fruit is a pod, measuring, when full
grown, somo ten or twolvo inches in'
length and about halt an inch in dHmo-i
no "Von I.W In ii limine! If so. yon wsnt .
UU IIAUTMAN Ktrcl WlraMnt. Anlutelr S.sllilc.
Kndorscil ly I'tiTOMnni. nnd U. S. (lovr roincnt. bend
S-NIHI TI1IS FirsK.,wr Ua. JstVliU.
WiaUd la ? trr Coiatr, Bhr nn to l ndtr IiiitmiU
U w Swrtt fUi-Tlo. KtpnUiM M nttmirj. ftrtleiltri fr
Gran mi. DetertlTt Bar an Co. iiXrci4.CUoUU,0,
mrxut-M xais rust tnn tt r itu
If yon want your
not tout oian
1 nf .iniRPH II. HUNT
'Successfully. PKOBlQUTia CLAIMS.
Lata Principal sxaxnlnar U.S.Penilon Bureau.
S j t In laa war, 16 adjndleatlDtT clalini.atL'y Blaca,
werviut this riria MMrii.
.and Ilelrawrlttuifor
new pension laws. Bent
i free. DeiertersrUiT4.
HuccMi or no fee. x.W.
MeComlck A BoDi.Waihlagtea, D, 0., Clnclaat.il, 0.
MTXAXl THIS rlFXRwrj urn jwwrH
MAllp 8TCDT. Book-keeplnf.rtnmfcnil.lp.Artth-nUrtliM
metle. Shorthand, etc., thoroughly tanrht
by matt. Circular! free. DHTiXri COLLEGE. aTale.a.T
Mr if IV 1 THU rmat7 m writ
P ISO'S REMKDY FOK CATAHltn.-Bost Easiest to use.
Chc.ipe.Ht. Keller Is Immodlate. A euro Is certain. For
Cold In tho Head It has no equaL
Ued to the
arren, To.
it it an f Untment, of which a small particle Is appU
nostrils. l'rlce.COc. BoldbydrerelstsorscntbTBwul.
Address, It. T, Hazeltins, Wan
TSTQt to SEplltg
JXTot "to DlHCQloy !
11 .
TTat.t.. Catarrh Cl'rh Is a llauld and Is
takon internally, and acts directly on tho
blood ana mucous suriaccs oi mo sysiein.
Wrlto for testimonials, frcu. Manufactured
by F. J. Cuesei Si Co., Toledo, O.
VinmtiM rant He. but lies flmire nuito ex
tensively In almost all statistical articles.
Boston Transcript
CnTiNO all the tlmo. Poor child. I know
what makes you so peevish and cross.
iuouicr musi gei you n uox oi mose sweet
llttlo candies called Dr. Hull's Worm De
To mr your hesd atove water, wrl
nothing but water in jour stomach. Bos
ton Transcript.
Illustrative Art Always Attracts Attention.
Therefore, It your advertisement Is
not attracting notice, or It you are
at a loss to properly place some
Idea before the public In common
wording, try the effect ot a suitable
Illustration. We are prepared to
meet any suoh emergency, II you
will only write and give us an Idea
ot what Is required. Our perfectly 'complete collection ot cuts of Farm Live Stock enables
us to guarantee satisfaction In a representation of all the various breeds ol horses, cattle,
sheep, swine and poultry. We have a very eomplete series ol Business Cuts and those repre
sentlng the various trades and
Immenso line ol Fashion Cuts,
garments. Our very complete
New Yoitic, June 11, 189a
CATTLE N'ntlvo steers i tii a s 05
COTTON Middling a UUj
KLOUB-Wlntor wheat 3 M i S 10
WIIKAT-No. 1 Bed (Mia US
CORN No. 3 (11,13 UVl
OATS Western tllzed 83 a 86
l'OKK-Mos IS 75 O It 25
8T. Louia
COTTON-MlddllliR ,M
ISEKVES-Kiport titeers I 75
blilpplni: i.. t 40
IIOOS Common toSolect.... s JO
8IIKEI' Fair to clmlnc a 73
riXJUB-l'iltonts 4 00 B
XXX to Choice 7 to a
WHEAT No. a Ued Winter.. B3tiu
COUN-No.2Mlxed 82140
OATS No. 2 28ha
ItYK No. 2 to a
CATTLE Slilniilnir.
HOGS Good to Choice.
4 if)
4 70
8 70
5 00
4 05
8 80
TOIIACCO-I.ugs (Missouri). 1 60 a 2 00
Lcur, Burloy s 00 a 0 10
HAY Cholco Tlluotby , 10 00 a 14 00
liUTTElt Choice Dairy...... 8 a ll
EG(i8-rrosli 10 a io(i
1'OIIK MnndanUless a 12 25
IIACON-Clcar Itlb 5Ua Hk
I,AKI l'rluio Steam Mj'i 6M
WOOL Choice Tub IWja te
seo a
s fid a
SHEICI' Good to Choice..... B 25 a
FLOUH Winter l'atents..,.- 4 75 a
rliirliiKl'atents 6 00 a
WHEAT No. 2&prlnir ,. HOtia
COltN-No.2........... '.. BIUU
OA'IS-No.2 White 28ua
l'OUK-standard Mess 12 CVrta 13 G5
OATTU5-ShlppliiK6teers... 8 60 a
HOGS Sales at 8 52rta
WHEAT-No.2 Bed 8
OATS No. 2 27 a
UOUN No. J...., 29 a
FLOUlt-IIUhGnulc.,.,...,,, 4 25 a 5 20
COHN White ... 4 a idVi
OATS-Cholco Western..., a M
HAY Choice , 18 M 0 17 00
I'OHK-NowMem a 12 60
IIACON Clear Bib a 6
DOTION Middling a 1U
wnEAT-No. 2. Bed O 00
DOKN No. 2 Mixed a 89
DATS No. 2 Mixed. 0 80
OltK-Mess 0 13 25
lAOON-Clear Bib .... 6
lOTTON-Mlddllog.., v . . 0 m
5 SS
8 00
5 75
6 20
6 25
4 80
s es
mechanics, together with an
In both ladles' and gentlemen's
slock ol Portralt'Cuts enables
nees ol all presidents, seni
fleers, governors ol states,
' .tit
a ST- latT'i
General MerchandUo, No.
JVcst JlAin Street.
Have the lnrest Urenlni;
BolllliiB Ilotisu West of St,
W. W WAGNEH, Proprietor. v
62.00 IP 323 1?. XJ
Cor. High and Jlonroo .Sts. vfl
Knlarccd, rellttcd unci furnished.)
First ciass in nil departments. Au
tomtnodatlng and trusty porters at)
all lialui. .
Electric llr-lls ami Ilosn Guest callj
end l'iro alarm in every room. Olucc,,
Dintns Room and lnrRost anil Jinest1
Sample rooms In the city on the firsD
Ooor. 1 J
ciiAixn is iSD masui-actuhkii 07 I
Monuments and Headstones;
Adjoining JI?rclinut's Punk, JciTcreOD St.
coimi'.n mnii and madisou sts. ,
FRED. KN'AUP, Troprlntor.
l'elcphonu communications and othe
modern conveniences. Commercial
men will find it to their interest to
stop at the City. It Is centrally lo
cntod and ts sample rooms arc tho
best: Trus'y porters at all passcu.
gcr trains. i
Farm and Machine Repair Shops
Give us a vail for nnvthinp in ous
line. Satisfsction guaranteed
Simps on Jefferson itrect
Dunklin and Ashley.
FRED. TRL1 ETCUr., Proprietor.
Having purchased tho "Farmers'
Home," corner of Jefferson and
Dunklin streets, and put everything
about tlio premises in pjod order, I
ask the patronage of farmers and
others. i
First Class Meals and Lodging.
Finest liquors, wines, beer and
c'gari; always on hand. Good horso
and wagon lots. Rales very reason
able. Very respect fully. ,
us to guarantee a correct like,
tors, congressmen, cabinet ol
eic, and also Ihoso ol a large number ol the men and women ol emlnencs In all parts ol Hit
world. In Comic and Humorous Illustrations we have the largest assortment to be lound any.
whero a large proportion ol theso aro In series. We also have a splendid collection ol cuts
lultablo (or Illustrating a holiday number ol a newspaper or serial stories ( alto, numbers ol
beautiful Initial Letters, adaptable to subjects
ol any nature. In lad, we can supply every'
thing needed In the way ol an Illustration, as
our facilities enable us to even produce cut
to order. We respectfully solicit your orders.
Zinc-Etching, Electrotyplng, Stereotyping and
Zylolyplng done promptly and at low prices.
In ordering, Just give a hint ol what Is needed, please, and address letter to atarist offloe.
300 & 370 Deavbova Stft, Chleago, 111.
i it ii cirt v ctftv
IboasandJ r )!( u 4
vomiD U V, B. A. we)
t4iefr tlf m ud Ibosr bMllk m
iheJr kMP( W4i Fo4
tbtir n if cut u inrsir
WChll!k.e1 bartoi
rW TBI LI1D1SU rtK)D U85 J-rtOI.
illy CulXTUII. Vmlmw, i
Uow to gt ft PENSION QUICK. 8nd for Dlft
of I'entlon and Bounty Law. HOW TOtUCT A PiTUT.
O'iVAltKELU Attorotj-H Law, WAWUHOTOjiTO. U
O-SAMl UUA t UU tj Hem J iU
I Inrant AorethlnrnJteik
!"FnilTIIHFI A 40.
I H I kll I O I 8V"s n"raio"s riS
AJdrsss W.T.VITZQEBAiwAUUeOsffna
C2 If If nnADACHB. Coitlr.nus,D,iHt,
O S IX T.rnlJ Llrsr cor.d Is 4, isjl. Msilsd s
sumiii. rKlo.."Uuun ruis. rusirssrtsL ns
crlolox. Osorjis Kimsll, jn rissluiB avs.,bi. lauis, as.
Y0UNQ MEK It"";.TS1,t',,t Ul1
I wurm mfcn Ats&t's BailfisssrisrtniissciirA
(OOdsltostlons. w'ltsj J.ttnowM,KliisVSoI
fl 1 U 0 m T",ua r0 without U knua,
liunlirlip001011 trestmsat ssnif res. AQlrssl
sriiAKi Ttis rsns. twrthMrMnn.
to SB a day. Samples worth lt.lt
VHKE. I,lossfioitndsrhorsssTrssi. VTrlU
tssniTia mill mid HOUiu CO., sUUf.kus.
ssrcftMi rsis mix m
A. N. K. B.
ux ikat M saw ska A4yssiSiinsil Sa SaM
Insurance Agency,
Wines, Liqiiour, Cigars, Etc.
NO. 221 EAST IlKill STltl'.KT.
A fine Lunch counter run in oonneo
tlon with tlio salopn, where lunch can
bo had at all hours.
Vieth & Miller,
Whle kj by the gallon nt low rates.
Families eiippllcil wllli Cliolcrft pocilj
tST i! 2 0 Sladlson Street -a
sSal BtS
1o euro Bllloaincis, Bick IlcsJache, QoneU.
patlon, MaUrla, tlvcr Complaints, take
tbo euro and certain remedy,
We Ihe SMALT. Rlso 0 lltUo Bonns lo tho
, t"i"ll or HI Asm.
Price of eltbor alio, aae. per Mottle.
brewers; j

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