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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, July 03, 1890, Image 1

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Epitome of the Week,
NEAiir,rtuo entire session of the Senate on
iho ittth was devoted to dtcusilnsr the bill to
afynlt Wyoming Into tho Union and an timond
meat to Include Idaho, Arizona and New Moxl
eo.. .In the House, utter passing a bill grant
lng fifteen days leave to clerks In tho first and
second clas?, postonlccs, the debaU on tho Ku
tlonal election "bill vras commenced
ThK bill to admit Wyoming us ft Stato 54
passed la tho Senate on the 37th by a party
Vote of to 18 and now coes to tho President.
Tho bill for too Admission of Idaho was con
sldcrcd.mln the House tho tlmevriM mostly
occupied In discussing the Federal elections
bills. At the evening session 105prlvnto pen
fclon bills were passed.
Tun conference report on tho pont-omce ap
propriation Mil wns' nced to In th Senate on
the Sith alt, mid the agrtcuUutnl appro prls
lion bill was reported, also tho bill granting a
pension of 51,200 a year to tho widow of Mujor
Gcncral Uccrgo Crook. A lnrco number of bills
of minor Importance were pascd....In tho
Houso tho ttmo nni occupied In dlsousslo tho
Federal elections bill.
On tboaoth utt. the bill to admit Idaho as a
State was discussed In the Bonate, and tho
agricultural appropriation bill was passed. (ll
In tho Houso W. II. Dlckerson wus sworn In as
tho successor ot Mr. Carlisle from tho Sixth
Kentucky district. A bill was Introduced pro
tiding for tho appointment by tho Presidents!
a commission, consisting of tUe persobs, to
mako nn Impartial nnd thorough Investigation
nf social tco in all Its phases, In relation to
labor and wages, marrlago and divorce and tho
gcnornl welfare of tho people. Tho Fedoral
elections bill wtis further discussed.
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At St LojIs on tho 20th nlno deaths
from the heat and slxtoon prostrations
were reported.
Tin: l'ott.iwatlomto Indians In Kan
cas rccolved tholr laud In sovoralty and
8100,000 In money on tho 20th.
IlAitliv ltouoitTo.v, nt Cntlln, 111., on
tho 20th received notleo that ho had
fallen heir to S300.000 worth of proporty
In Now York City.
In a drunken fury at Kansas City on
tho 20th L. K. Moyers fatally wounded
his uncle, II, Van Horn, and tho lattor's
tlhAI.S' merchants at Loulsvlllo stated
on tho 20th that tho oats crop ot Ken
tucky was a total failure.
At Standing Hook, N. I)., Ilaln-ln-tho-Face,
tho rioted Sioux chief) ranking
next to Sitting Hull in renown, was
fatally stabbed by his wifo on tho 20th.
Jealousy was tho cause
Thk eighth annual convention ot tho I
Travelers' I'rotcctlvo Association in
session on tho 20th at Denver elected T. I
S. McGroat. of St. Louis, as prosldont.
At Indianapolis on the 20th a pistol
In tho pockot of a streot-car driver was '
accidentally discharged, killing Thomas j
Llddy, a passenger. J
At Jollot, 111., throo Italian quarry
mon named John Stanchcr, Joseph
Stanchcr and Michael MUniisky wero
drowned on tho 20th whllo bathing.
TiiKIiK wero 1W business fnlluro3 in
tho Unttod States during tho seven days
ended on thn 27th, against 184 tho pre
vious sovon days.
Ri:i'oi:ts of tho 27th from all the
wheat-growing regions ot Kansas wero
to tho effect that tho berry was plump j
and full. Tho ylold would bo 13 per
cent, abovo tho average tor the last six .
years. I
A r.AKiir. class graduated on the 27th,
from Whito's Institute at Wabash, Ind.,
tho well-known Indian training school, i
Tho courso comprises throo years, and
about thirty Indian childron aro brought
from tho Wost each yoar.
Two i.itti.i: girls wero killed by a ,
train at South Somorset, Mass., on the
27th, the oldor losing her llfo In tho at
tempt to savo her younger sister.
Foil tho fl f th consecutive tlmo Vale
defeated Harvard In tho four-mllo
boat-raco at Now London, Conn., on the
27th. Yalo's tlmo at tho finish was
21:20, Harvard's 21:40.
riir.4ii)KNT IlAimiso.v on tho 27th ap
proved tlin dependent pension bill.
W. II. Hammp.i. and wife, of Hutchin
son, Kan. , wero burned to death on the
27th by tho explosion ot a gasoline
Muni proporty was destroyed on the
27th by a tornado In tho vicinity ol
Lowes, Ivy., nnd ono person wns killed.
Tun business portion of Carbon, Wy.
T., was burned on tho 27th. Loss PIOJ,
000, with small Insurance.
A cvct.onr passed over tho eastern
ond of Washington County, Wis., nn
tho 27th, doing groat damago to bo ,
li.iriS and trebs, whllo growing crups
wero lovoled for miles,
PktW! Hettijs, of Jofforaonvllle, lad.,
who was denying hhnself food because
ho was deludod with tho idea that his
children wero starving, bad reached
tho fiftieth day ot his fast on tho 27th.
Tin; striko on tho llllnols.Contral rail;
road was settled on tho 27th, tho miii
having corao to terms with the company.
Thn loss to tho railroad by tbo flyo days'
Btrlko was 5800,003. v '
Tiii-.f.k bodies ot women wero found
on tho 27th in tho rlvor nt Johnstown,
I'a., near tho stono brldgo. Ono was
recognized as tho wife ot II. J. Roberts,
i-ashlcr of tho First National Hank,
who, with bis family, was drownod In
tbo Hood. " '
Tiii:m: wero cloven deaths 'from the
heat in St. Louis on tho 27th, and In
Chicago twonty-sovon persons wore
prostrated and thrco dlod. In Oalos
burg, La Sallo, Alontlcollo and other
towns In Illinois tho thermometer reg
istered 103 In tho shada and a number
of peoplo wero fatally sun-struek, Iii
Iowa tho hoat was also Intonso and nu
morous fatuities waro roportol. Tho
heat wns general throughout tho coun
try, Ai.i. tho browers nnd distillers tn llal
ttmorc, Md., wero on tho 27th Indicted
for violations of tho hlgh-llcenso law.
Tiik National Association of Daugh
ters of Veterans concludod its first an
nual convention on the 27th ntQuincy,
111., Miss M. Kstella McMillan, of Mas
slllon, O., being olectod prosldont.
Maiisiiai.i. Ora vsoy, qt ltrackott,
Tox., in a fit of jealousy on tho 2sth
itU. shot his wlto through tho heart,
killing hor Instantly, and then blow his
own brains out
' C. M. IlArxowAY, agont for the
Adams Express Company at Salem, 0
skipped out on tho 27th with 52,500 of
tho company's money.
Tub Government signal ofllco at
Washington on tbo 28th ult. roports tha
month of Jun'i to havo boon tlti botps
on record In tills country.
Tiiniii: shoaksof oartbfiuafe'ycro folt
at S.uit.i .'.ova, Cat., on tho.2ttV'ult. No
Till! poroontagos of tho bastwall clubs
In tho l'layci-s' League fdytho week
ended on the 28t!i ult. weroiDeiton, .025;
Philadelphia. .fM ChieagoiiB47 Now
York, .niSi llrooldyn.iflnill'ittsburgli,
.4111! Cloveland, .4-20 lluffal',M9. Tho
clubs In tho National Lonilio, stood!
Cincinnati, ,0; llrdoklyn, Ml', Phila
delphia,. .C07( Uostoh,- jBBOUiXhlcago,
,611)1 NoW York, i423i 01ov?land, 8331
Pittsburgh, ,215. ,
A Tiid.v on tho Missouri jjPiclflc road
Was wrecked on tho !t8tnlt near
Novadn, Mo., nnd twd per6ns word
killed mil twonty-3ovon otluis Injured.
A cyclont. on tho 28th ult.gln Michi
gan wrocked many hou8CS$;at Portland,
Orange, .li! and DettolQ firm man
was killed, many persons wero lnjurod,
crops ucro ruined nnd much stock killed.
Tim: ofilclal count ot tho population
of tho District of Columbia, as an
nounced by tho suporlntondont of tho
census oh tho 29th ult,, was 229,790, a
gain In ten yoars of something over
Iff tho lako nt Jackson Park, Chicago,
Michael bhehart ana his wlro wore
drowned on tho 29th ult. by tho up
setting of a boat.
A lOitN'Aim swent over Gallatin.
'l'mn,, on tho 20th ult., destroying sev
eral houses and a church and injuring
ten persons, throe fatally.
At tho leading clearing-houses In tho
United States tho cxchaniros during tho
week ended on tho 2Sth ult. aggregated
$1,111,007,501, against $1,11:1,013,212 tho
previous weok, As compared with tho
corresponding weok of 1889 tho decroaso
amounted to
O.ni: iiu.n)i:i:i persons wero poisoned
at a picnic In Wichita, Kan., on tho2Sth
ult. by drinking lemonade, a.id ono
man and thrco childron died,
At" Wllkesbarre, Pa,, John Mossor,
Ills daughter and his wifo dlod a horrl
bio doath on tho 39th ult. after eating
At Vancobtlrg, Ky., lightning killed
Jerry Scarles, his wifo and his only
cntld on tho 2Sth ult., thus annihilating
tho wholo family.
Intp.xsr heat still prevailed through'
out tho country on' tho 2th and 29th
ults., a largo number of cases of suiv
stroko being reported. In Chicago dur
ing tho two days there wero 181 persons
prostrated, twenty-nlno cases proving
Ox tbo 25th ult. Suporlntondont of
tho Census Porter said that from present
indications tho returns of tho enumer
ators would show n total population of
tho United States of 04,500,000, against
60,153,783 In 1830,
lx an accident on tho Chicago &. Itock
Island railroad on tho 28th ult. noar
Jollot, 111., two peoplo wero killed out
right. nnd soven lnjurod
At tho mooting of tho World's Fair
National Commission in Chicago on tho
28lh ult. Thomas M, Waller of (onncc
llcutlc, M. II. Do Young of California,
1). I!. Ponn of Louisiana, O. W. Allen
of Now York, and A. II. Andrews, of
North Carolina, wore eloctod vice-presi
Tin: plant of tho Allen Tlradlev Dis
tillery Company at Louisville, Ky., was
destroyed by llro on tho 30th ult., en
tailing a loss of 8150,000.
Tin: steamship Rotterdam, which ar.
rived in Now York from Antucrpon
. tho 30th ult., brought 8."0,000 pounds
of Sumatra tobacco, valued nt over SI, -
! 600,000, the largest slnglo consignment
I over received at Now York.
Tin: ship Great Admiral was on tho
30th ult unloading a cargo of J.000.OCO
bunches of ,flre-crackors at New York
Sho was 104 days on hor Voyago from
Hong Kong.
A run: on tho Both tilt at Troy, Ala.
destroyed tho Mossongor office, opera
houso, Western Union- telegraph ollleo
and a number of othor buildings.
Tin: total number of morcanttlo fall
ures throughout tho Untied States re
ported to llradstroot's during the six
months ended on tho 30th ult was."), 100,
ugalnst 5,918 during tho samo tune In
Thomas McGitr.w, treasurer of tho
Superior Drill Company at Springfield,
(,, was on tho 30th ult found Mior
12,000 In his accounts.
Tin: storo of liarkor, Ro3e A- Gray
hardware dealers at Hlralra, N. i . was
burnnd on tho 80th ult Loss, S100.000,
Di:. T. A. Hori'JtAN, aged 63 years,
was found dead In his odlco at Hoards
town, Hi., on tho 30th ult. Ho wus th
dlscovorer of glucoso nnd tho process
of Its manufacture.
Fotilt persons In Columbus, O., wor
struck by lightning and killed on tbo
30th ult.
Tin: Standard Oil Company's rollnory
at Louisville, Ky., covering five acros
of ground, was burned on tho 30th ult
and Boven persons woro lnjurod, two fa.
WiiEni.i.NO, W. Vs., was vlcltod by
violent olcctrlc-storm on the SOth ult,
and a heavy rain flooded many of tho
Tbs more Chinamen wero captured
on tho SOth ult whllo trying to got Into
tho United States from Lowor Call
A iiAitn wind and rain-storm passed
over Calhoun County, Mich., on tho
SOth ult, blowing down many small
buildings and doing other damago,
A tiiain on tho Northern 1'aolflo road
plunged down an ombankmont near
Drummond, Mont,, on tho SOth ult, and
ono woman was killed and twelve otho
persons woro badly injured
Tub period for taking tho elovonth
census onded on tho SOth ult Superln
tendont Porter statod In Washinztoi
that Information rccolved from, all por
tlons of tho country indicated that thoro
had boon no serious hltnh in the work.
I'i.axii: destroyed tho wall papor
factory of Jardlno fc Co. In Kahway, N,
J on tho SOth ult. Loss, 5100,000.
Wii.i.TAsi IIiNsciiAW was murdorod by
white caps on tho SOth ult noar.Illch
tnond, Intl., beeauio ho rofusod to stop
visiting bla aweothoart ,
John D.'RocitKFKi.LKitontho80th tilt
gave 8100,000 to the Daptlst Educational
Society, which has Its headquarters in
Now York, and was formed for. tho pur
pose of aiding needy institutions of
learning under Ilantlst control; Mr,
A TKimtFio storm passod ovor a pof-
tion of Alton County, Ind., on tho SOth
ult, doing considerable damage to farm
proporty. Houses and barns woro un
roofed, outhouses blown down and
trees, fences and growing crops lovoled
to tho ground.
CoN(im:ssioNAf. nominations woro
made as follows on tho 20th: Arkansas,
irst district, W. H, Cato Dem.li
Third, T. C. McRao (Dcni.) renomi
nated. Ohio, Ninth district, Joseph II,
Outhwalta (Dem.l renominated) Seven
teenth, Josoph a Taylor (Rep.) rc
Oliver M. Curry, nominated by farmers ' ?'tIz0" of Indo!nrtonec, dropped dead
,,! ..n.i,!...! tho other evening whllo In the act of
and worklngmcn
liVciE.v W. SrumiY, one of tho most
pi eminent citizens ot Now Haven,
Conn., shot nnd killed hlmsolf on tho
20th. Ho was 70 yoars old. Financial
troubles causod tho dcod.
Junnr. Samuci. 11. GitKr.tf, ono of tho
most noted criminal lawyers in tho
Went, died at his residence in St. Jo-
oph, Mo., on tho 20th.
Sk.Vatoii Thomas W. Pat.mkr, of
Michigan, was on tho 27th oleoted pres
ident of tho World's Columbian Expo
sition and ,f. T. Dbklnson, of Toxas,
was chosen as secrotary.
H.Mtwsox Waiixkii, agod 00 years.
who loft McConnollsvlllo, O., April 25
to tramp to llaltlmore, his native city,
pushing a wheelbarrow all tho way, a
distance of 507 miles, arrived at his des
tination on the 27th.
M. P. Frank was nominated for Con-
gross on tho 23th ult.'by tho Democrats
of tho First district of Maine.
Hockotellor two years ago gay $100,000
to tho pocloty, ' . v
Hurt Thomas, a boy thirteen yoais
old, was mysteriously shot and Instant
ly killed tho other day whllo in a room
with nnother boy nt tho house of a
neighbor. Tho matter i- being investi
gated, John Moiitox, a highly esteemed
young man, twenty-eight yoars old, and
pioprletor of a transfer and oxprcss
wagon, was accidentally drowned whllo
bathing In Eden Park lako, at Independ
ence tho othT night
Joiix Smaiiii, an ngcl and respected
Tun death of Archibald Woodbury
MrClcllan, Lieutenant-Governor of
Nova Scotia, occurred at Halifax on
tho 20th.
Sr.vnxrY housos at Oldonberg, Ger
many, woro destroyed by flro on the
A. Fkimosojt, a lumber operator at
Sussex, N. 11., fled to tho United Statos
on tho 20th. Ho embezzled 550,000.
Hoxd Koxo advices of tho 27th state
that tho steamer Paochlng was burned
on tho Tangtsn river and her captain,
second engineer and twonty natlvo sail
ors wero lost.
Tiik Winnipeg Department of Agri
culture Issued a crop bulletin on tho
27th which reports the acrcago of whoat
at 740,058 acroi, on Increase of 100,000
acres over last year.
Apvict.s of tho 27th from lokio, Ja
pan, stato that starvation secmoa to no
drawing nearer to tho poor peoplo ot
that country, nnd overy day brought
moro harrowing tales ot suffering than
its predecessor.
AnVlcns of tho 27th say that nine ves
sels wero wrecked and thlrty-ilvo lives
lost by the recent gales oil tho coast of
The Fronch committoo that wont to
Panama to invostlgato tho condition of
tho canal roportod in Paris on tho 27th
that it would tako twonty yoars and
1,737,000,000 francs (S347,300,000) to com-
ploto it
Tun Uarl or Carnarvon utea in ion-
don on tho 2Sth ult Ho was born July
24, lb:il. In 1SS5 ho was male Lord
Lieutenant-Goneral and Governor of
Ireland, rqtiring from ofllco tho follow
ing year.
A msi-ATCH of tho 2Sth ult from Mas-
sowah says that tho allies of the
Italians had defeated at Korln a force
Of 1,000 dervishes, killing 150 of them.
Tin; fifty-second annlvorsary of Qucon
Victoria's coronation was clcbratod in
England on tbo 28th ult. by various en
tertainments and festivltios.
Tin: failuro of tho National Hank of
lluonos Ayros, with a capital of S40,
000,000, was reported on tho 30th ult
In tho Senate,. on-tho 1st. tho bill to
authorize tho leasing of school lands
in Oklahomu was passod. The roport
of tho conference committee on the Dis
trict of Columbia Appropriation bill
was disagreed to and a now conforonco
ordered. A doflclonoy bill for tho pay
and mlleago of Sonators was passod,
and a conference was ordered on tho
watorlng a Cow at a pump. Ho had been
complaining of tha hont during tho day,
and it was thought that tho sultry
woalhor had brought on an attack of
heart dlsoaso with which bo bad been
afflicted for somo years past
Fiiaxic Hr.Alsi.KY, who Is ehargod
with being ono of tho murderers of
Sheriff Cross and party In No-Man's- I
Land, was recently arrested by a deputy I
United Statos marshal at Wavcrly and
taken to Toxas for trial. t t
Tub young man found dead beside the
railroad track near lllaltsvllle, Kan., i
has been Identified as Arthur Adams,
tho son of II. It. Adams, of Carthage.
Ho had been to tho fireman's tournn- 1
mcnt at Fort Scott w thoiit the knowl
lcdgo of his parents and was beatlnghls ,
way home.
Dr. II. P. Davis, of DeKalh County, ,
was recently tried at St. Joseph and ac
quitted ot tho chargo of murder. Two !
.years ago Dr. Dav s attempted tn cul
lect a bill from William Hutton for pro
fessional services. Hutton becamo en
raged and rushed toward Davis In a
menacing manner. Dr. Davis undertook
to defend hlra'iolt with an umbrella and
struck Hutton In the eye. Hutton died
from tho effect of the injury in a short
Tur. Daly Printing Company, of St.
Loulp, which has held the contract for
furnishing statoneryand printing pa
per to tho Stato since 1871, has again
been awarded tho contract for S5,9Mi.50
for paper and Sl,4t0.24 for stationery.
WlM.is Ai.i.kx, acolored saloon porter,
recently shot and killed John W.lllams,
another -colored porter, at Kansas City
tho other evening. Had feeling bad ox-
istod between tho two for some time and
I at tbo timo of tho shooting Williams
I was advancing upon Allen with a knifo
and threatening to kill him. Allen
was discharged upon preliminary cxam
1 Inatlon on tho ground of self-defense.
1 Morris Griffix, a Chicago & Alton
, brakeman, was fatally injured near
j Louisiana tho other day by falling from
I a train while running down a heavy
Patiuck Wki.ch, of Hrccklnrldgo, was
I killed and two other men injured by tho
caving in of tho Wabash railroad gravel
, pit near Chillicotho tho other day.
j Tun business men of Carthago,
havo raised 3,500 to aid in thn building
i of a big zinc smelter.
A Mon of twenty men and boys col
! lected at what is known as tho Starrott
1 neighborhood, nlno miles northwest of
Cameron, tho otbor ovcnlng and went
to tho housoof Watt Squires with tho id
tontion of tarring and feathering his
i son, Hud Squires, who thoy claimed had
t soduced a young woman under promlso
of marriage and refused to fulfil his ob
ligations. A fight was tho result in
which tho elder Squires and a youni,
; man in tho assault' ng party named
, Lowis Noland wero shot, it was thought
i Tin: Stato Har Association recently
held an Interesting meeting at Excolslor
Springs. Colonol James O. llroadhcad,
I of St. Louis, delivered an ablo ad
dress in opposition to tho rccontdcclslon
' of tho Unltod States Supremo Court re
! gardlng original packages, which ho
i characterized as being contrary to tho
theory of our Uovorment. Ho was fol
lowed by Frank M. Estos, of St Louis,
In a splritod argument in favor of tho
The five children of G. W. Easloy, of
Blue Lick Springs, near Marshall, woro
poisoned tho other morning by oatlng
..t..w,.....v.. ...... - bnlncrna sausafro. Two of thorn wore
IhO in,.ni m 1...,- n rn4ni Knai,a fO.
Idaho Admission bill was passed
conference on tho Legislative hill hav
ing failed tho Senate rofusod to roeodo
from its amendments In tho Ilousd,
immodlatoly aftor. tho reading of tho
journal, tho Federal Election bill was
taken up, and its discussion occupied
tho ontlro day, sovoral Important
nmondmonts boing adopted.
It transpires that tho rocont riot at
Erzoroum grownlng out of a Turkish
soldier's searching a church for con
cealed arms whllo religious services
woro in progress, was much moro sorl
ous than at first reported. The Moslem
population turned out in tho wildest
disorder and attacked tho soldiers with
dosporato frenzy. In tho fight whloh
onsued fifty porsons woro killed and
moro than a hundred wounded, many
of thorn soldlors.
Tiif. long struggle against almost
overpowering obstacles for tho rescuo
of tho unfortunate Hill Farm miners at
Dunbar, Pa., onded, on tho 1st, in dis
appointment Tho mlno was piorcod
and bravo mon frcoly rlskod tholr llvos
in tho search for tho victims, of whom
no traco was found savo a couplo ot
abandonod dinner buckets. The in
tonso heat and black damp proved well
nigh fatal to tbo explorers.
Axomif.ji dostruotlvo conflagration
visited tho city of Soattlo.Wash., on tbo
1st Tho flro orignatod on tbo water
front, and rapidly spreading was soon
beyond tbo control of tho flro depart
ment and Tocoma and othor citios
woro appealed to lor holp.
Tiik statement publlshod in tho even
ing papers of Horlin, on tho SOth, to tho
effect that tbo continental powers, lod
by Germany, Would unite in tho crea
tion ot mutual roprcsslvo tarrl Its against
Amorlcan imports, was, on tho 1st Boml
olllclally donlod.
Tiik ordor Issued by Spoakor Rood
for tho removal of all stands (rom tbo
corridors of tho Houso of Represent
atives wont into offeot on the 1st Two
ot tho stand-keopors refused to be
ovlctod, and woro dispossessed by force.
Tiik Hendricks monument was un
vailed at Iadlanapolls,on tho 1st, In tho
prcsonco of Jin immense concourso of
people, (1-013 all portions oj U9 9H?iffi
ComtnlMloncr Iltliim flettluir the Mnchtn
try lteiuly tn Carry Out thn New l'eli
lm I.iiw Trnt of th Jleniitiro m I'lii"
nlly 1'nfHrtl mid Made Operative by th
Klgmtttirp or the rr.l(lent.
WabiiixoiOX, Juno 30. The old sol
diers who aro ontitlod toponslons under
tho Dependent bill Just approved by
tho President aro likely to havo tholr
claims adludicatod promptly. It Is es-
, tlmaled that under this law, fully a
' quarter of million persons will bo added
! to tho pension roll. Goncral Rauin,
I Commissioner of Pensions, who is male
I ing every possible effort to meot thH
1 omergoncy, says: "An additional allow
ance ot some 440 clerks havo
boon asked for bocauso tho pros
! ent forco has all It can do now.
I Tho now law, according to tho Senalo
estlmato, put 300,000 moro casos on tho
rolls. Ot courso this calculation is
moro or loss llablo to bo inaccurate It
would bo imposslblo for tho present
force lo.handlo all this extra work in
I addition to what thoy are doing now,
I nnd so I havo asked for more clerks."
1 "There aro to bo ten moro principal
examlnor.s, I bollovo, and tho others to
' bo divided through tho various grades
( of clerks. No now divisions aro to bo
created, but tho work will bo so divided
that cases under tho now law will movo
1 right along abreast of tho old cases. It
would bo unjust to mako claimants un
der this latest act wait and take their
turn. So instead of putting tho now
casos behind tbo rest, wo will begin
work on them at onco and carry thc'.Ti
i right through as fast as possible
' "Cases that are well presented, in
whloh thoro are no unfavorable condi
tions, may bo got through and ad
judicated in a month, I should think.
, The following is the toxt of tho Do
pondent Ponslon bill as it passed both
Houses and received tho signature of
tho President:
j Copies of tho acto and nccossary
blanks aro being sent out to claimants
1 and to Grand Army posts.
FKCTIOX 1. That In considering the pension
claims of dop 0 nil tint parents the fact of tho
aoldlev's death by reason of iiuv wound, In
ury, casualty or Oheaso which, umter tho
' conditions mid limitations of existing laws,
1 would havo entitled htm to an invalid pen
sion, and tho fact that tho soldier left 110
widow or minor child rcn Imvini; ijeen shown
as roqulred by law, It shall bo mec-fary
only to show by competent and sufllelenl
evldenco that such parent or parents are
without other preaont means of Mippois.
than their own manual labor or the contri
butions of others not legally bound for their
support; provided, that all pensions allow eil
to dependent patents under this act shall
commence from tho dato of tho Illliiff of the
I application hereunder and shall coutlnuo
no longor than tho exlstenco of tho depend
ence. Sec. 2. That all persons who sorved thren
months or moro In tho military or naval
, service ot tho United States durtnir tho luto
I war of tho rebcllon, and who havo been
1 honorably discharged therefrom, nnd who
1 aro now or who l.iay hoicaltcr 'J. suffer
Infffrom a mental or physical disability of
a permanent character, not the result of
I their own tIcIoim habits, which Incapaci
tates thorn from tho performance of manual
labor In such a degree as to render thorn
unahlu toearn n support, shall, upon mate
' Iiik duo proof of thu fact according to audi
rules and regulations as tho Secrctaiy of
tho Interior may provide, bo placed upon
the list of Invalid pensioners of tho United
States, and l.o entitled to rceolvo a pension
not exceed Sli per month and not less
thau to per month, proportioned to
their Inability to eaisi a support:
and tuch pensions shall commence
fiom the duto of tho tiling of tho application
In tho Pension Olllce, niter the passage tit
this ntt, upon proof that the disability then
existed, and shall ooutinuo during tho ex
istence of such disability; piovideil, that
persons who aro now lecelvlng pensions
under existing laws, or whoso claims aro
pending in tho Tension Ottlce, may. by ap
, plication to tho Commis-Iuner of Tensions,
lu such foim as ho may prescribe, hIiou fug
themselves ent. tied thereto, reeoivo Ihu
benellts of this act; and nothing herein con
tained shall be soconstred as.to prevent any
pensioner thereunder from pro-eeutmc;
' Ills claim and receiving his pension under
any other general or spfclal act; provided
, however, that no potsou rhall lecetv.i moro
than one pension for the i.iino period ; and
provided, fuither, that nok In thosetvico
. shall not he considered in replications llled
1 under this act.
Sec, !1. That it .an oflleer or enlisted man
who .served ninety days or 111 iro In tho army
or navy of Iho United Statcf durngtho Into
wnrof tho lebetlon, and nha was honorably
discharged, has died, or shall fUe, caving u
widow without other moans of support than
her dally labor, or minor child mi under tho
ago of s.xteen years, gtich whlos shall,
upon duo proof of her husband's death,
' without pioving Ills doath to bo tho-esult
I ot his army service, be placed on tht pen
sion roll flout tho dato of the application
therefor under this act, nt the rato ot $s per
month during hor u Idowhood, and shall aUo
be paid 52 per month lor each child of IMo
ortlcer or enlisted man under Bixtoen ye.t-i
of age: nnd In case of tho death 01' lemar --rlago
of the widow, leaving n child or chil
dren of such ollleer or enlisted man under tho
, age of sixteen ycais, such pension' Bhalt bo
paid such child or children until tho ago of
s.xteen ycats; provided, that In can a
minor child Is Insane, idiotic or otherwise
permanently helpless, tho ponsion shall
continue during the life of said child, ot
during tho period of such disability; and
, this provision shall apply to all pensions)
j heretofore granted or hereafter to ho
granted under this or any other statute,
, and such pensions shall commonco
from the dato if thn application
therefor, after tho passage ot this act; and
provided, further, that said wlduw shall
have married said soldier prior to. the pas
sage ot tills act.
feee. 4. That no agent, attorney, or other
person engaged In preparing, presenting or
prosecuting any claim under tho provisions
ot this act, shall, directly or Indirectly, con
tract for, demand, leteivo or retain lor such
sorvfeoi In preparing, proientlng or prose
cuting such claim a sum greater than $10,
which sum shall bo payable only upon thu
order of the Commissioner of Tensions, by
tho pension ngent making payment of thu
pension allowed; and any person who shall
violate any of tho provisions ot thlssectlon,
or who shall wrongfully withhold from a
ponsluner or claimant tho wholo or any pars
of n pension or claim allowed or duo such
' ponsluner or claimant under this act, shall
be deemed guilty of a mlsdemoanor, uud
1 upon conviction thereof shall, for each and
1 every such offense, bo lined not exceeding
I (too, or bo Imprisoned at hard labor not ox
! ccodlug two years, or both, In tho discretion
ot tho court.
Jons Mastersox, a teamster, was
shot and killed at St Louis tho other
morning by Andrew Holn, foreman of
the Street Sprinkling Company, for
which Masterson worked. Tho shoot
ing was said to bo in self-dofonso and
was tho result of a quarrel over tho lato
teamsters' striko in that city. j
In tho caso ot tbo shooting of thlr-teon-yoar-old
Hort Thomas at Novada
rocontly, tho coroner's jury brought In
a verdict of accidental doath. Ho was
shot by James Roberts, aged thirteen, ,
who "did not know it was loaded." !
Jay Gould recognizes tho worth of
Missouri horses as woll as Missouri ra 1- I
roads. A beautiful span of bays was '
recently purohasod for blm at Carthage.
Tiik State convention ot tho Farmers'
nnd Laborers' Union of Missouri will to j
held in Sodalla August 12, continuing '
four days.
A little child of Lawrenco Lowolate- ,
ly walked into an open cistern at Ilonno
Terre, and though Its mother beard It ,
splash in tho watfir whon it fell it was 1
beyond her rcaoh tftod drowned before it 1
could bo rescued. I
The census gives bt Louis a popula
tion of 432,842. .
The aggregate Valuation of railroad
brldgo and tolograph property assosso
for taxes of 1890, aa reported by tho
Stato Hoard of Equalization, it is esti
mated will reaoh $00,000,000, or an in
croaBO ovor that ot last yoar ot about
I.RWls suss, turoo ana a nan yoars , .., , ,,
old, was rocontly playing on a brldgo 1 T'"iflo storm at Timn, ,.ud Jlelnlty.
over Hush crook near Kansas City, when; Tiffix, O., Juno 30.-1 h s city and
he accidentally foil into tho crook and tu section nvnu ...
was drownod.
Deli.t Smith, aged twolvo years, was
recently shot In the abdomon, at Leb
anon, by Georgo Calvin, agod thirteen,
who was trying to plek a cartridge from
a revolver.
A late fire at Kansas City destroyed
Hoy's junk Btoro and damaged tho
wholesalo dry goods houso of Georgo
M. Shelloy to tho extent of f3,O00.
Hoy'a loss was about $4,000. with 63,000
ln,uranoe, and Shelley's loss, was fully
OTvrUd by iuraB!ie-
day afternoon by tho heaviest rain and
wind-storm of recent experience, near
ly two and a half inches ot rain fell in
loss than halt an hour, flooding tho
streets and Inundating cellars in all
parts of tho city. Tho wind tore tho
roof oil the Ohio Stovo Works and dam
aged othor bulldlnt's'ln various parts ot
tbo oity. Shade trees woro prostrated,
and looso articles scattered about pro
mlscously. A peculiarity of tho wind
was its froquent and suddon shifting
(o opposite points of tbo pgmpasq,

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