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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, July 10, 1890, Image 1

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The State Republic ais
. ....:Xlint Civon6t.bc Snrpossed in Btjle, Qnnlity anil Vinish.
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Epitome J)f the Week
iNTsnFaiitod news compilation,
Ins legislative appropriation bill was passed.
In tho Bcnato on tho d and tlio Mils to I'lacc.'.
tu. .imviivmi muruuei liituiuo ougupjeu ill luu
foreign trSd.4 Htion ftrt enualltr with thflt rtf
fllntf nations, and to provide, for ocean malt
rorvlco between the United States and foreign
ports ana to promote commerco were discussed.
A resolution was agreed to calling for lnforma
tlon as to tho number of pensioners borne on
the list at each pension agency on.tlune.li
i8TO.,..iuthe House too roflerai elections but.
ttnsdtscuMod and finally passed by a Tote of
in the Sena'to on the ?A a bill was reported
to dlscoAM'it.uA tno coinage of the 13 and 1 irold
fcteWS 4nd the S-cent nickel pleee and to pro
vide lor new aesignsror autnonrea uevicea of
United States tolas. A resolution was adopted
asking tar n statement of the amount already
appropriated and proposod to bo appropriated
In tho several appropriation bills of the session
A bill was Introduced prohibiting any bigamist
or polrgsraUt maltino; ,vtrlcs, of public lands:
Adjourned to IMS ftfc .in the House Mr. Lodge
it'Uctt Ibr a reprint 'of the Federal election bill,
frith marginal notes. The request was denied.
Adjourned to tho "In.
An attempt to get the tariff bill up for con
slderatlon in the Senate on tho ?th was do
fentcd by a vote of 21 to 20. The conference rc
port on the silver bill wns presented, and th4
election bill was received from tho UOusemi
In the House n bill was Introduced appropriat
ing K 000,000 to establish Industrial training
schools. Tho bill for tho establishment of In
dian Industrial Schools in California, lllnntr
soln, Wisconsin and North and tioutn Dakota
wcro fat orably repined
Tho Very Lntcst
unit Rest S(ovo3
'Mnnufactnrpil, '
"Fully .Wtirrnntod.
Call nnrl seo I horn.
Guttering, Light
ning Rods, Novol
tics, Etc., nt tho
Lowest Prices nnd
No.' 4 03 West Main Street. Opposite Gas Works.
' President.
Secretary & Treasurer.
.EP a
a -a
a. a
o 2
3 a
5 S.
E 5.
WEST IMIAinsr STEi'3?.
First -
Double or Single, for City or Country,
or for Commercial Travelers, at the
est Rates given In Central Missouri. Horses Boarded b)
th Pay. Wppk Qr Month at Reasonable Rates.
Call 9t ddres J. T. WEUU8 & co;
I'oun Chicago drcssod. boot houses in
lloston, Swift. Armour, Hammond and
Morris, sulTcrod an aggregate) loss t)t
f 100,000 on tho 3d by Are.
Tnrc I'oaliudv Instlliillon at Danvora,
Mass.) v3 tl'urnod to tho ground on tho
M. Loss, 875,000.
Grain shippers mot at Topoka, Kan.,
on tho lid and (ormod tho Kansas and
Nebraska Grain and Elovator Mon's
Association for tho protection of mem1
llv a lamn explosion on tho 2d In tho
houso of Adam Stclnler at Uradonvlllci
l'a., his lltllo aon and daUilUer Wcro
burned to death end MIS Btolnlbr Was
ffttnllv blirhed.
A. & T. Lkb, dealers In wools In West
Mnnayunk, l'a.i failed on tho 2d for
mr.No Wallaco and his accomplice,
who robhod his uncle, John H. Wallaco,
of S.'0,00'), was on tho 2d sontonccd in
Now! ork to eight years hard labor In
btato prison.
A sTAiscii trust was organized in Now
York on tho 2d under tho name of the
National Starch Manufacturing Com
pany with a capital of 310,500,000.
Ni.NF.TV-Two cars of coal belonging
to tho Heading Company Word lost bn
tho 2d at Elizabeth, N. J., by tho col'
lapse of a pier.
Thk' Standard Oil Company's ware
houso at Now Orloans was burned on
tho 2d. -Loss, 8100,000.
Judof. KAVANAtinir, of tho district
court, sitting at lies Moines, la., do'
elded on the 2d that aliens could not In
horlt land In Iowa.
O.v tho 2d Haverhill, Mass., cole'
bratsd tho 250th anniversary of Its sol-
tlemcnt, a poom by Whlttlor being the
Tun National commissioners of the
World's Columbian Exposition votod on
tho 2d (73 to 11) to accept tho lake front
and Jackson Park site as proposod by
tho local dlroctors.
A TEi'.itniLK storm prevailed on tho 2d
along tho Ohio river and Muskingum
valloy. Tho big Government dam at
Marietta, O. , which has cost tho Govern
mont alroady over $250,000, was torn to
plocos and carried away. At Church
vllle, O., tho wholo village was badly
damaged. Crops over a wide aroa were
Thk ontlro business portion of Pull
man, Wash., was burned on tho 3d,
Tiif. annual rojnlon of veterans o
tho Army of the Potomao commenced a
Portland, Me., on tho 3d with over 1,000
membors of tho association In attend'
A CLouD-nunvr over Coshocton Coun
ty, O., on tho 2d caused tho loss of thou
sands of dollars.
Samukl IIi.ack, an aoronaut, made a
balloon ascension on tho 4th at Hoards
twn, 111., and the air-ship took flro
whon at a height of 400 foot and Black
fell and was killed.
I'nF.sipcsT Harrison slgnod the act
for tbo admission of Idaho as a Stato of
tho Union at 10 o'clock ou tho morning
of tho 3d.
At Ituffalo, N. Y., on the 3d Kommlor
was resentenced to die by electricity
during the weok beginning August 4.
The corner-stone of tho now capltol
of Colorado was laid at Dcnvor on tho
4th by the Masonic fraternity.
Tuk first general rounlon of Confed
erate votorans commenced at Chatta
nooga, Tenn., on tho 3d.
The National Columbian Commission
appointed committees on title and judi
ciary in Chicago on tho 3d and ad
journed to meet on October 8 next In
that city.
Advices of tho 3d say that tho rail
way track built up to July 1 In tho
United States was 1,000 miles, as com
pared with 1,480 miles In the first half
of 1889.
Tiif. National Muslo Teachers' Asso
ciation in session on tho 4th at Dotrolt
elected J. H. Uahn, of Detroit, presi
For tho week onded on the 5th the
percentages of tbo base-ball clubs in
tho Players' Leaguo wore: lloston, .607;
Chicago, .000; Itrooklyn, .523; Philadel
phia, .808; Now York. .500; Pittsburgh,
.491; Cleveland, .438; Buffalo, .315. The
clubs in the National League stood:
Cincinnati, ,872; Brooklyn, .012; Phila
delphia, ,.003; Boston. .571; Chicago,
,525 Now York, ,413; Cleveland, .828;
Pittsburgh, .202.
At tbo loading clearing-houses in the
United Statos tbo exchanges during the
weok ended on tho 5th aggregated
81,138,717,085, against $1,114,007,581 the
previous weok. As compared with the
corresponding weok of 1889 the decroase
amounted to 1.4.
It was discovered on the 4th that an
organized band of desperadoes had ran
off with 609 fine horses, which they stolo
near Spokane Falls, Wash., and made
for the British Columbia line.
Tun 114th anniversary of the Nation's
lndopendenco was celebrated through
out l' . .nitron tb.etth.
Dvisinq the first six months of tho.
present year Ihorb wore,- 081 labot
trikes Involving l4,20J, strikers,
against .148 "strikes involving 03,258
strikers during thosamo tleio last year.
A nr.AW storm on the 5th neat Park"
crsburg, V; Va.; caused great damago
to crops. Tho valloys of the Konawha
and Muskingum woro flooded, tho dam
ago reaching S500.000. 7
At Gallltzln, l'a., Harry Marsh, a
miner, cut Miss Clara Jones' throat on
the Uth bcoauso htr refused to marry
hi 111. '-. -
Fr.obns in Rifchlarid CoUntr.- Wlfcrbad
$n Vllo ftlk callscd a Ibss bf several hlirls
Urod thousand dollars'.
At Tronton, N, J. n tod; was Horrl cM
llm rth u, Mrs: Charles Wolko with two
porfect heads, the idft dtjotlt flvo Inches'
In diameter and tho right' lurco lnchos;
It only lived a short tlme
Tun steamer Seagull nn' nthor.p'rb'p
hrtsr nt Mailt Tnwisl MlolSt was burriod
'on the 0(h. Loss, fc'XW.O.
A kf.o containing fifty pounds of pow
der exploded In a grocery store at In
dustry, l'a., on tho stb, wrecking tho
building and injuring sevon children,
flvo of whom died in a short tlmci
IN a runaway on tho 6th at Port
Huron, Mich, 1 the Wltd df Uchrr UoH'
detach Was thrown from thd Wagori and
fatally injured arid his son and (laugh
lor Word killed.
tug nrst Host of tho.seasori waa sert
on tho 5th at Holland, Mich.; and at
Black niVor Falls, Wis.
actIno snenirrAitY BA.Tcnni.Msrt on
tho 5th Issued a setof instructions!)! re
gard to tho ro'ontry iHtt) .tho Urllled
Stdtes of Chlncso after a visit to their
native land. IIo says that they aro not
debarrod from coming back to this coun'
try by any law or treaty.
Tin: principal portion of Llvormoro,
la., was burned on tho uth.
FiiEiiEiticK Blank, a farmor living
near La Porte, Inu, was found dead In
his barn on the ftth, and John Canning,
bX-cltv treasurer of ColurdbUs. Ind., was
found dead id a stable. Whisky killed
fhtlirf lintHi
At Mllford, U. .T., a cloiid-burst Oh
th ii 5th caused damago to tho amount of
Joskimi Tnmni.G, whoso resld6nce is"
in Mississippi, waS arrested at Wathoria,
Kan., on the 5th for the murder of
Thomas Klncald twenty-nine yoar3 ago.
Gkouqf. Scat.", who recontly killed
his wife in Crawford County, Ind., shot
and killed Shcrllf Gardiner on the 5th
who was trying to arrest blm.
One iiuni)Iii;i persons were poisoned
by eating Ice-cream at a church picnic
at Worcester, Mass., on tho 5th,
It was reported on good authority on
the Ttn that tho Warring factions
Harlan tourt-House, In Kontucky, had
burned tho court-houso with all tho
A hand of whtto caps on tho 7th fatal
ly beat John II. Doubs, suporlntondont
of tho Harrison County (O.) poor-houso.
Afiv-JtK" I.m.TVuwn wn nnrrtA t.n
pieces at'khoxvillerI'onnl.toirthVftti'
by Stella Colo. Tho duol was ovor
man namod Matt Bradley, and tho com1
batants wore fatlon women.
At Hutchinson, Kan., Charles La
Grange pleaded guilty on the 7th to a
chargo of bigamy and was sentenced to
threo yoars in the penitentiary, lie
married twlco In flvo days.
Fouii election ofllcors at Jcrsoy City
N. J., wero on tho 7th sentenced to
eighteen months each in tho Stato
prison tor conspiracy.
An explosion of fire-damp on tho 7th
in tho Suckcrville mino near Hankln
Station, l'a., dangerously wounded llv
At Chamberlain, 8. I)., vonl was re
rocolvod on tbo 7th that Clerk of Court
Spalding and Nogay, an Indian guide,
had been killed by Sioux Indians in
tho westorn portion of tho reservation.
Will Kent, of Knoxvllle, Tenn., shot
and killed his mistress, Lizzie Hatcher,
on tho "th and then killed himself. II
leaves a widow and three little children
Tim first annual convention of th
Young Men's Hebrew Association of th
United Statos mot at Cincinnati, O.
tho 7th.
A special train on tho Illinois Cen
tral carrying Knights of Pythias oxcur
slonlsts to Milwaukee was derailed on
tho 7th nt Manteno, 111., one man was
killed and sovoral persons wero danger
ously Injured.
Foil tho cmbezzlomcnt of 8132,000
ox-State Treasurer Archer was sen
toncod at Baltimore, Md., on tho 7th
to 11 vo yoars in tho penitentiary.
A FiHE on tho 7th at I'crrysburg,
Mich., destroyod 1,000,000 feet of lura
her and 100,000 cords of slabs In th
yard of tbo Grand Haven Lumber Com
In a fight on tho 7th In a saloon at
Columbus, Tex., City Marshall Pipo
shot and killed John and Bob Stafford
and Ed Young.
A toiinado on tho 7tb in Minnesota
wrecked buildings near Glyndon and
Muskoda and did groat damago togrow'
Ing crops,
Uovi'.iiNoit Niciioi.T,, of Louisiana, on
the 7th sont to tbo Legislature his veto
of the bill submitting to the pooplo a
constitutional amendment renewing the
charter of tho Louisiana Stato Lottery.
A cyclone swept over a. section of
North Dakota on the 7th, doing great
damage at Maplowood, Fargo and Moor
hoad, many buildings being wrecked
and several porsons badly Injured. A
passonger train nrartng Fargo was
blown from, tho track and sixteen per
sons wero hurt, soino serlouslyr-
The visible supply of wheat and corn
in tbo United States on the 7th was, re
spectively, 19,038,475 and 14,408,469
Tiieiie was great oxcitement at Tin
Cup, Col., on the 7th over the discovery
of what promised to be the richest gold
vein ever oponed.
A runs on the 7th at Eyansvllle, Ind.,
destroyed tho Armstrong Furntturo
Company's establishment' and the Ev
ansvtllo stove works. Loss, 1180,000; In
surance, 8112,000.
Giiekn Clark, a well-to-do farmer re
siding near St. Joseph. Mo.', was stung
in the loft temple ontho7thby a honey
boo and died eight wluutos"a(terward.
The Malno Democrats lri conventlojj
bri Iho 2d at Augusta nominated Will
iam P. Thompson, of Belfast, for Gov
ItonFUT E. Pattison was nominated
(M, Governor of Pennsylvania on tho
2d by the iJomoci'atS lfl Convention at
Scran ton. , .
Mrs. Geoiiqih Hui.si: McLisod, a lady
woll known In literary and tcmporaneo
clrclos, died at Baltimore, Md., on tho
2d at tho ago of 01 yoars.
Tiif. Republicans of tho Sovonteetb
district of Illinois on tho 2d nominated
llr Chaptnnn for Congress, and Waltor
llavrjs was renominated by tho Sec-
bhd ioWa dlstrlbt DomobratSi
, .GENKHAji tiii.ilAri MAnsto died at
his home In Exotof; N: 11. ( ori the 8d(
azod79ycafs. IIo, Was it rncmuor 01
Congress for sovoral terms'. 1
President Harrison jblnod his fam
ily at Capo May, N. J 6n tbo 3d, where
ho .would remain for sovoral oay.
Tiih Union Labor party of Ohio mol
at Columbus ori the th and nominated
Stato tlckot with Ezoklol T. Cartls, ol
Farmington, for Socretary of Stato.
The Republicans of tho Seventh Iowa
district on tbo 3d nominated J. A. T.
Hull fof Congress In tho Nineteenth
llllriois district the Democrats rinoml'
nalbd James U. WllllaWi
Mrs. Eva Hart, Who Had reached the
agobf 113 years, was buried nt Clrertf
Coriter. N. Y., on the 5tH.
Tun State Prohibition Committee met
at Birmingham, Ala., tin tho PUi and
nominated Ilov. S. L. Russell, of Chero
kee; for Ooverrior;
JAMES Mr.bVlN, bf Cbflcord, N. II., a
war veteran, portions of whoso body
had becomo ossified within a fow years,
and for whom a pension of S100 a month
had boon specially granted by Con
gress, died on tho 5th.
Tiif. Republicans or Wisconsin win
meet in Stato convention at Madison on
tho 40th of Aujf ust next.
IN the Twenty-fifth Pennsylvania dis
trict the Democrats on tbo . 3d nomi
nated Alex M. MoPoiyeU totf Congress,
UsbEri a iaW whlcH Went Into effect
bh tho 2d life imprisonment la now lh6
penalty of reporting Canadian fortifica
tions or armament to otner powers.
it summer bf gambling htmsn pro- 1
prlotors woro on tho 2d sontenced lri St:
Petersburg to exllo In blborla ior nvo
It was said on tho 3a tnat iipg'ana
would give Franco an island in the
Caribbean sea and recognize tho Fronch
protcctorato over Madagascar.
A syndicate of English noblemen
was organized In London on tho 3d with 1
a capital of 85,000.000 to acquire tho
phosphate fields of tho United Statos
And Canada,
THE nntiourlccnlcnl on the 3d that
tho law providing for tho forthcoming
census In England requires tho religious
belief of every individual to bo recordod
has evoked strong opposition.
A new Cabinet was formed In hpaln
on tho 5th with Sonor Canovas del Cas-
tlllo as Prime Minister.
Ad vfc'ESo! 'the "5tti' 'stated that th ,
famine In the Soudan was Increasing
rapidly. Thousands of natives woro
without food of any kind, and tho deaths
from starvation wero many. It was said ,
that lariro numbers of men. women and
children wero deliberately put to death '
that thoy might sorvo as food for their
fronzlod companions. j
The cholera roturns from Valencia,
Spain, show a total of thirty-one deaths
during tho twenty-four hours onded on
tho Uth. I
Advices of the 5th say that near Tam- ,
plco, Mex., 10,000 cattle bad died on
account of a drought
Colonel Martinovics, cousin and
chief body-guard of Princo Nicholas, of
Montonogro, was murdered on tne Ttn
by a personal enomy, and the murderer '
was Immediately lynched. j
In tho Sonate. on tho 8th, after rou j
tlno business, tbo conforenco report on
tho Silver bill was taken up and dis
cussed until throe o'clock, whop memo
rial exorcises In respect to be momory
of .tho' lato Ropresonatlvo S. 8. Cox
woro taken up and occupied the re
malndor of tho session, sovoral mom
bers joining in earnest and affecting
tributes to tho worth and excellence ot
tho lato Congressman In tho Houso
Sonato amendments woro concurred In
to tho bill for tho admission of Wyo
ming. Tho bill (recommended by the
International Marino conference) to
adopt regulations for provontlng colli
sions at sea was adoptod.
David Stauffer, living near Ha
gorBtown, Pa., lighted a clgarotto.whllo
crossing a field of now-mown hay, on
tho 7th, and dropping tho still burning
match sot flro to tho dry hay. Tho flro
spread rapidly, and StauUor fought it
until bo became unconscious. Ho was
terribly burned, as was his mother and
neighbors who ran to his assistance.
About ten acro3 of hay was destroyed.
The nousa committee on commerce,
on the Stb, nuthorlzod a favorable re
port on Houso bill amending tho Intei-
Stato Commerce law allowing contract
ratos to bo made for tho transportation
of theatrical companies of flvo or more.
P. D. Wiooinoton, at ono tlmo tho
condidato ot tho American party for tho
prosldoncy, diod at his homo in Oak
land, Cal., on tho 8th. Ho sorvod two
tonus In Congress as a Representative
from California.
Tin; sessions ot the Spanish Cortes
have boon suspondod until Christmas,
whon tbo body will bo dissolved in or-
dor that a general election on the basis
ot unlvorsal suffrago may bo had in
Two men were killed and nlnd sorl
ously Injured by an explosion in PE3
poranza silver mine, in Pachuso, Stato
of Hidalgo, Mexico, on tbo night ot the
Dr. JoiinMontee, of Day's Cap, Ala.,
killed his four chlldron, on tho 0th, and
then committed suicide. It Is thought
ho was insane on the subjoototroliglon.
The laying of tho submarlno cablo
betwoen Halifax, N. S., and Bermuda
was successfully complotod on tho 8th.
Brioadieh General Benjamin H.
GttlERSTON was placed on the ro tired
list of tho army on tho 8th.
Steamers will commence plying be
tween German ports and Delagoa Bay
on the 23d.
Tub Supreme Lodge Knights ol
Pythias wet n Milwaukee, yis- on
he 6th,
Neootiationj woro lately completed
whereby tho two largest cracker facto
ries In St. Joseph, Riley Bros.' and Som
mcr, Richardson fc Co.'s, wore sold to
the flow craoUnr trust, tho Union Blv
cult and Manufacturing Company,
which riow control nboiit the ontlro
cracker manufacture ill Chicago, St. 1
Louis, New Orleans, Omaha Kfcftsai !
City and St. Joseph.
In tho Supremo Court tho other day I
Attornpy-General Wood dismissed tho
old procoedlngH against tho Simmons
Hardwaro Company, ot St. Louis, for ,
violating the Anti-Trust law, and filed' 1
quo-warranto Information. Tho court
lssilcil ft Writ returnable nt the first day ,
6t lifd October tcYtm Tho Information, ,
aftor alleging that the company Ijj duly ,
incorporated, charges' it with being In :l j
combination to fix tho price of hard
ware) find asks that lis cbartor bo ills-
solved. 1
Tin: Governor has appointed John
RippcJ", 0! Schuyler County, member if
tho board of cur'ati'M of the Missouri
Stato University, vlcu C. C. Purncs, re
signed, i
Mm, Menard Evans wife of onn of
tht! ett)icst fltlzciH of K'aiisas City. 1
was kilted (hi) mtier day by being
thrown from her carriage. Mr. Evans
and htr (wrt da tight fn had gotli'H Into
tho carriage, at thci rpsHdoiitfo in Kan- 1
sas City,- to drive to the (raid wlilcli I hey
j Intended t" tako for Excelsior Spring",
when tho horses ;c:i'tuo' fractious and
tho Jadies were thrown out, Mr', Evans'
head striking tho curb-slono and cann
ing her deal!) !i twenty minutes. Sho
was thirty-seven years Ci.
I Tun Supreme Court has dcclilc'3 that
Shelley park at Kansas City belongs (
tho heirs of the old town company and
not to tho city, to which originally It
I had been made over for cemotery uses.
! f iih Mftsoni the hew s.tetimer built by
a company Of Kim., is f'ity capital sK
loft St. Louis on tho 2d with rtlna hun
dred Ions of freight destined for ICrtntms
Cltv and inter.'ilrdlste points.
I Representatives of sevcrnl railroads
were recently at JefiVrson City alter
ing an iiiiori!!al meeting of tho Stitn
, Board ot Equalization1 and asked that
tho valuation ot their respective :i?niVbo
lowered. The board d,d not grant tho
request and It 1? pot at all likely that tho
' slightest change will bS tnwla In tho as-
sessmcnt as announced.
, It is stated that tho St Joseph stock
yards have been sold to the S. W. Al
lorton Packing Company, of Ch'cago.
Hi:z & Loomis, a St. Louis ico firm,
cohinienrod charging their customers
ohl dollar pir hundred pounds for ico
the bttier day, and at tlireo o'clock their ,
monster liio House was burned to tj,o ,
ground and 10,000 tons of ico molted. I
Tho loss will reach SSI ,000. Tho Urn
was caused by a boy throwing a lighted
match in a pllo ot shavings. 1
Fire at Lobanon recently destroyed a ,
llvory stable saloon, shoo shop and sev
eral vacant framo buildings, causing a
loss of 85,000; Insurance, 2,000.
Missouri's school fund amounts to
E801,3Su.40, It will bn apportioned this
Thk Semi--contenrtial of tho laying of
tho corner stoflc of tlio Stato University
was celebrated at Columbia' on thn
Fourth In tho presence of ten thousand
people. Twenty-six of tho contributors
to tho original fund, whereby tho uni
versity was created In 1S39, wero present
at tho exercises and answered to tho
roll call of tho band of honor. They
woro all old men, and tho fruit of their
labors tho magnificent university of
of Missouri well repaid them for their
work of fifty years ago, R. L. Todd, the
first graduatu of the university, pre
sided, and tbo nddroSS'Of tho day was
delivered by General Odin Guitar, a t
graduato of tho class of '40. Addresses ;
woro also delivered by Governor Francis
and others, and tho exercises wound up
with a display of flroworks at night 1
Theodore Parsons, who was charged
with killing Bon. Collins and his five-year-old
son in Shannon County, was
recently hanged by a mob. A card was
pinned upon tho body forbidding any ono
taking tho body down under penalty ot
being hung up In his place.
The Sam Jones mooting at Moberly
has been postponed until July 18.
In tho readjustment ot postmasters'
1 salaries, by tho Post-ofllco Department,
twenty-six .Missouri towns snowed an
increaso and only six a decrease. :
Mrs. Gi-.ouoe R. Jones, wlfo ot n
farmer living south of Grant City, re
cently had her right foot cut ontlrelyoft
by a reaper whllo assisting her husband.
The six-year-old child of Henry W.
Hull, of Grant City, fell Into a well with
six feet of water in it tho other day, but
caught a rope thrown to it and was res
cuod unharmed. 1
It is stated that nearly two hundred
small chlldron dlod In St Louis tho last
week In Juno, tho primary causo being
tho excessive heat
A HARN and threo horses bolonglng to
Thomas Jones, of Chllllcothe, wero re
rccontly ponsumcd by flro caused by
spontaneous combustion of Imporfoctly
cured hay.
The Stato convention of tho I armors'
& Laborers' Union will bo held at So
malia August 12.
The bill appropriating 850,000 for a
publlo building at Joplln has been favor
ably robortcd in tho Senate
A recount of the population of Kan
sas City has boon ordered by Census
Superintendent Porter.
Dr. Atwell, of Tolodo, O., has ac
cepted the office ot Bishop of tho West
Missouri dioceso, to which ho was re
cently elected. Ho will rosldo at Kan
sas City.
The statement of Stato Treasurer
Stevens of tbo transactions of thoTreas
ury Department for Juno showed tho
foilowing: Balance Juno 1, 81,085,351.29;
rocoipts during Juno, 879,078.83; dis
bursements, 8301,248.53; balance June
80, 1,403,181.59; of tho amuunt disbursed
182,128.84 was July lntorost on tho
bonded indebtedness nnd S0P.84O was
paid for bonds retired.
Estimates received from correspond
ents of Sho State Board ot Agriculture,
for tha regular monthly crop roport for
July, indicate that tho oat crop In many
sections will bo a failure, and that tho
entire State will averago no more than,
tortjtplght por cent of ft QI0V
Tim Klilglltn nf l'y'litas Makn the Mne
1'iir.iilf, Clilc or .unitary, Kvcr Bern in
nllvriinkl-K Nearly Every Statu and
CaiiHd.i Itrpre.cnlo.t In tlio Vrocefl.lon,
which Nuilllnrml Nearly Twelve Thou
mind Men and Covered a Distance or
Several .Mile.
Milwaukee, Wis., July 9. Unques
tionably tho grandest procession, civil
or military, over seen In this city, was
tho Knights of Pythias parado of uni
form rank and non-uniform knights
that took placo yesterday aftornoon
starting fow minutes after four
o'clock. It took two hours for tho pro
cession to pass a glvon point Careful
estimates by Pythian ofllcors as well as
by prominent military men and civil
ians, placo tho number of non-uniformed
men In tho lino at 0,000. Tho
uniform rank mm In lino numbered al
most (1,000, nearly ovory regiment In
tho United Stales and Canada being
As tho vast column moved down
Grand atomic, and brigade aftor
brigade foil In from tho sldo strcots, a
grander scono of glittering pageantry
could no! woll bo imagined. Through
the trees on that wclM'iadcd avonuo
the bright plumes, glittering epaulets,
shining swords, and other knightly
paraphernalia glistened and advaneed
In tho rays of a declining sun with
most b-'autlttil elTeot. and appeared as
ono endless stream of goldon brilliancy.
The only affair ot tho kind that
equaled it was tho ono by uniformed
knights in Cincinnati three years ago,
which General Sherman rovlewed and
pronounced tho finest slnco tho close of
tht' war. T'hero wcro at that tlmo 10,
000 in line.
Tho procession, which was several
miles In length tho brigades and corps
falling in from sldo streets as tho head
of tho proc'Osi"n passed all moved in
splendid and accurate military stylo
down tho avenue, up Wisconsin street,
to Jefferson, wheeling north on JelTer
son and moving to Blddlo and out Rid
dle to Juneau Park, whore tho disband
ment took place.
General Carnahan nnd staff reined up
at tho corner of Marshall and Iliddln
streets, from which point they reviewed
tho grand marching host, which passed
by with loud cheers and cnthusiastlo
O1I0 of tho Interesting features of tho
parado was tlio appearance, for tho
first tlmo in tho hisiory ot thn order, ot
tho so-called non-uniform knights, f'. c,
knights belonging to tha rank and fllo
of tho order. This novel feature was
under command or Colonel J. A. Wat
rous, assisted by an able corps of aides
and escorted by tho Fourth Battalion
commanded by Colonel Falk.
The Friend, of Captain Allen of the Milp
llrl.lEcwuter Give Htm unil Crew Hp ror
New York, July !. It Is now bo
llovcd by his family and friends that
Captain John If. Allen, of Brooklyn, a
well-known ship master, and anentor
taining and forcible writer 011 maritimo
topics, is dead. Captain Allen satlod
December 8, lvi'.', from Darlen, Ga.,
wltn tho ship Bridgewater, for Queens
town, Ireland. Nothing was beard of
tho liridgewaler from his sailing until
Aprils, when wreckage, consisting of
pltch-plno lumber and a lifo buoy, with
tho name Ilridgowater" on It, was
fount on the shore at Aehill Head.
County Mayo, Ireland. The infereneo
was drawn that tho ship had been
wrecked, but tno suggestion was mado
that tho crow, or a part of it, might
havo been picked up by a vessel bound
to some distant port and so tho hopo
sprang up that Captain Allen would In
tlmo bo heard from. Now, at the ond
of tho sevonth month, dating from tho
sailing of tho Bridgowater, that hopo
has been abandoned.
The tireat Oejuer Known as the "New
Crater" at Mummotll "'' sprliiB. tVyii.,
t eli'liratlne the I'.iM iCe of Hie Mate
liood Imw by a .1 ul.lt.iiit Ilniptloii.
Washington, July 9. Secretary No
blo lato yesterday aftornoon received
tho following dispatch from Sunerin
tundont Bjutello at Mammoth. Hot
Springs, Wyo., which seems to indlcato
tho outburst of a volcanoln that region.
.Hon. John ir. XMc, Secretary of Ike Interior,
This dispatch Just received from NnrrU
Has I ik
At 4:15 p. in. therownna severe, shock of
cnrlliqu.iLc, roll-. wcil by a terrible roar, and
upon mvesilu.itlon It proved that tho any
kcrcullud "New Crater" had an eruption. H
Is throwing up a column of Btoiitu, stonua
and water about two hundred feet In clr
ciiiiifcience, nnd to the helRlit of about ono
.hundred nnd tiventy-llvo feet, and shaking
the wholo bailn around that vicinity.
Arrival at Klncnton or the Mitring Strum-
Nhlp (itUKgOW.
New York, July 9. A cablegram re
ceived horo announces tho arrival yes
terday at Kingston, Jamaica, of tho
missing steamship Glasgow. Tho ve.s
sol put Into that port for supplies and
reports a tcrrlblo exporienco from
hunger for two wooks past. Sho loft
this city Juno 1 for Barbadoes, arriv
ing and leaving thero Juno 14. Her
noxt port was Vonczuola.two days' jour
ney. Sho failed to mako that port,
rough weather throwing her entirely
out of her course. Sho had on board .1
week's sunnlies. and these ran out lat
. . :. ., , ,
In Juno, rilnco tnen uer crow uas uvvn.
lltllo or nothing to oat and woro In a
tcrrlblo condition whon thoy reached
Kingston yesterday.
I Tho Cost of a Nmoke.
I Carlisle, Pa., July 9. David Stauf
1 for, living near Hagerstown.'was fright
fully burned, Monday aftornoon. In it
' singular manner, and will probably die.
1 Staultor whllo crossing a field of now-
mown hay llghtod a clgarotto. Ho hold
tho match In his lingers until it burned
them and he was obllgod to lot It drop
"on somo dry bay. Tho flro spread rap
Idly and Stauffer fought tho fire until
ho was exhausted and bocamo uncon
scious, remaining in that condition for
soveral hours. Ho was torrlbly burnod
about the head and body, as was also
bs; mother! Yfho ran to bis assistance,

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