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1 ' Ji !
rin phrth
. The year 1800 wc will carry an tinusunly largo stock
Gold Pone, Chains,
Clocks, Slcovo Buttons,
Collar Buttons, Carving
Sots, Pins, Rings,
Charms, Watches, Clocks,
Cardccoivors, Buttor
Dishes, Thimbles,
Berry Spoons, Sugar.
Bowls, Crcamors, Opera
Knives, Forks, Spoons
Etc., Etc., Ete.
ffnlercd at the Fostoffltt at Jejjcrson City,
No., an ncconrt cm matter.
Now HcrlcsJan. 7, 1800
Single Strap Track
Price, $17.
The. Leather, Workmanship and Finish arc oi
We can tell you '
Harness at from SO.OO up.
Road Carts from $9.B0 up.
We arc authorized to announce Daniel
Coffclt ns a candidate (or representative
of Colo county, subject to tlio rcpubll
csn nominating convention.
No 1 ,Day Express . . . Arrives 1 :00 p.m
Leaves 1:20p.m.
No. 3, Through Express. Arrives 12:-
28 a. in. Leaves 12:2S a.m.
No. 5, Local I'asscngcr. Arrives 12:3')
p. m. Leaves 12:45 p.m.
No. 0, Texas Express Arrives 2:10 a.m.
Leaves 2 :10 a
Freight, carries passengers. Leaves 9:25
a. m.
No. 2,Dav Express. ...Arrlvcs2:10 p.m.
Leaves 2:55 p.m.
No. 4. Throuclt Express. Arrives 2:10
n. m. Leaves 2:10 a. m. J
No. 0, Local r.issengcr. Arilvcs 1 :20
Leaves 1:4.0 p.m.
Freight, carries passengers. Leaves 4 :10
Local passenger trains S ami 0 run be
tween St. Louis and Kansas City. Three
sections ot night train cast. Texas cx-
nrooi !1. lllia tlivnilt'll cliall- Clll' Vlll.
Lexington branch. Free rcclluing chair
cars oa all through trains.
Trains leave Jefferson City at 0:30 u
m. , arriving at Aurora 0:30 a. m.
Returning, will leave Auro;a at 11:30
p. m., arriving at .Toffcrson City at 2:30
p. m. juiii i. iiuiiviuinii'
Si w. cox
Tho following Real Estate for Sale
NPalatj OJnlna Cars
iPiilice Rtcllalna Chatr Cars
lfoWmsiPalace SltcplngCarsf-j
if, wan. stssBtS 'iwv
u Kansas City
1 Jilv.
Hi. ifa
Omnibus leaves Jefferson I'y, 7:30
a. in. every day except Sunday, con
necting with tho train leaving Cedur
City at 8 a. m. and which makes prompt
.connection at Mexico with ull tralus
going cait, west or north.
Jonathan Grimsiiaw.T Iekct Agent
Through Trains Carry
S 6(1 3.11(1
Jefferson City
Geo. A. Er.or, ).
JI. O, Citoss, ) Receivers.
I J. Fli. Y, J. WALDO,
' ucn. Ml't. licnTrafllo Mgr.
Ucu'l ri"Cn-cr f. TlcVffl Agent,
Prepared to do all kinds of
at tho lowest possible prices. Wells
mid Cisterns plastered . Alt work guar-
antced to glvo entire satisfaction.
BgX 3 12 Broadway, Jefferson City, M".
, DElKUliCteelTaclcloBlook
'iiat.w tiik lrw: of hoisting
saved totori'kci'jwr.liu'U,lit.r'tt'n"
nu.i others. Admitted In be di tmt'
est Improvement ever qr.
blocls. Freight lirt-iiaW. Wrltolurput
I " .. ....
Mrs. Scliari' new thrce-storjr brick build
Ing, north fclue of High.
Home of O. M. Maui, on Jllllor, between
itionroe mm Aiianis. rrice, $i,ou.
Kcllcrlnc'sucir six-room divellinc. slla
nlo north tide of HIrIi, between Laluyetts
nuu tncrry. l'lice, ya.iiw.
I.otn Xod. Kit, niO, on nouth tide of
iJUMKiin. i'rico, caeu lot.
I'lvc lots, frontlns Sportainan park, on
jicuarty, ui lect uy to icci to xo-iooi auey.
Mm. Helena Tillman's brick 1iouc on
Itrnadwny, between Mali) and railroad.
l'l lee, 91,-AH).
Clinilrs McGcnneea ' new brick residence
on Hljli, between Lafayette and Cherry.
nice, f ,:w.
Mr. Xaglc's tlircc-story brick dwelling on
weht tide Madison, near lluuUin. l'rlcc.
Mr. I!nerer' two-storr brlrk dwclllnir on
tun iiuo ji!iuinon,iicar L.1111. x'rice, ?i.
The old lingers inaiiklun on Water, near
Hie porK House, l or terim enquire.
TIir npw iwivstnir lirli'l; ri fcldi-npp nf K.
Sinclair 011 south hide ot Mcl.'arty, between
Jeiiernon anu Washirp;.on. rrice vs,im.
FrAiik 1J. Mlller'H now brick rcMdciiee oa
ontli tide ol McCarty. between Jcircmon
anu ivamiingtoii.
Itesldenco of Gen. J. h. Smith. Iwo-fclory
brick, line orchard. Ineval il and irurden,
12 1-2 acres ground; one-half mile l'rum city
1 lice, rrMM,
The Tiehcnor rcstdenco on Jlain, near
nacKion. rrice, C'J.iX).
W.llcr'd lots on Main, between Monro
aim Auains. t or price cmiuuv.
in-Iots No. Ml, ntn eait-half. Ml and 007
on iiign, netween Marshall anu Lafayette;
.no, 101 ao, oo on Mccarty.
gub-dlvlslons 5, C, T, M, I), 14, l. in, 17 and
IS of lii-lot Nns. m). icii. n.12. 11:11. rt.tr). m.
Irou'.lng 39-0 on Lafayette, by 1S 1 1-2 deep 1
albo, nutwlUlsloni 1, i. :l, 4, (o. II, 12 and 1:1
01 iii-iois rtos. uxj, ui, ;i, anu .ju ; 101
1, 2, !1 and i. fronting t feet 011 JlcCnrly by
l!is-n Inches deep; lots lu. 11, 12 and 1:1,
ironung 4U icci on Aimer ny loan incnes
Out-lots 17,23 and 24, For tonus enquire
Samuel Hiiirmastcr farm, Callaway coun
ty ; vm acres. per acre.
K. H. I.ackhart's farm, Callaway county
iu acres. 910 per acre.
Thomas Farmer's farm, Callaway county ;
ku acres, ri.) per aero.
It. W. Fanner's fann, Callaway county
t- acres, u ;cr acre.
It. W, Farmer's fann, Callawa) county
in acres. ?u per acre.
It. II. Farmer's fann, Callaway county
izuacjcs. j'cracic.
W. K. Harris farm, Callavay eouuty
tun acres.
Hammcn farm, two and one-half miles cast
of .If irrrmiii Cllr : 1(V) ten s. 100 acres In
cultivation ; good buildings, orchard und
rcuee; wen suppueu nuu waicr. i nto.
t (1.000-
Ocorze W. Cordon's farm, four miles from
Jencrson t-liv ; 00 acres. $.10 per acres
J. Ita'ltton's fann. three miles nest ol
Jell'ersoii City : Une orejiaidi 17Dscres. F01
price enquire,
'Geo. I, llailoj's farm, live miles from
Ashhiud, lloono county ; liii acres. 7.M
per ucc,
W. C, Ur.vant's fann, near Clnjeilll
Boone county i 27 acres, pirt per acre
Win. L. Xonnnn's fann, Cedar township.
(looiio eouuiy ; on acres. 91J ii.i ntio,
C. Xorflesl's farm, Miller eouuty; two
miles from Spring narueu. o-c-naii muo 1
...1 I ....I ... In (In. celiiltlnrv !'
acres. Knqulro for prlco.
J. c. Oliver's fann, callaway county;
jcres. iUM per aero.
It. 1 nd M. L. Nichols farm, tlvo mllei
of Cfdar city, oauaway buuuij , u i
iu per acre.
c, V. Kouns' farm, callaiyay county, IOC
acres. Si3.au per aero.
Win. II Grlll'en's farm, lloono county ; 301
acres, super aero
Waller II lton's fanh. four miles from
Jcflcrson oityt nw acres. t2'i per aero,
J o Jloono's farm, callaway eouuty HI
acics 123 per acre.
J. II Staiidefer's farm, tbreo und ouo-htlf
nillca of tcdar tlty lallaw.iy county; 271
acres. 120 per acre.
'Oco. W. l'enn's farm, callaway county,
llvo miles of cedar 1 lt, opnosuo inoiuii 01
Morcau t 212 acres, rrice,
Wm. tia1i.m fann. Pallaw v eo'intv
Ltl 1-2 acres j 1 aero In strawberries, 7 acres
In irranes. 1'rlee. ax.aw
Win. Sinclair's farm, three miles from
Cedar" i!v. lallaway county t e acres.. W
m. h Nldiols fann, Callaway eouuty 1 100
acfes. ! per sere.
J T.i lllgdon's fann, Callaway county
157 acres 7 W) per aero.
Hiram llrook's farm lloono eouuty; 110
rres. jis ner acre.
(Ip0 e. ns'ssmau's fann, Colo county ; 104
cic, TIP Vrr
T jj rrico's fsrm, two miles welt
Uariott 1 W tcJi W wt uo
Dr. N. DoWyl Celebrated his COth
birtlittay Wednesday of last week.
Send in your orders for picnic and
barbecue band bills.
A largo stock of new goods just
opened at the Red Store.
Ladies misses' and children's
bosc sold at half tlicir value at the
Red Store.
The republican congressional nom
inating convention will meet in Ibis '
city on the lSth of August. td
Children's bats worth 75c and 81,
arc being sold at M. Goldman's for
Send in vonr subscription nt once for
Tiik Hki'Uh'mcan. Only ono dollar per
car In advance.
Our 8. men's suits, elegant new iiat-
crns and duiabln. They mit't be seen
to be appreciated.
ill. UUI.U.UA..
Send us vout orders for lob printing If
von want unat and clean work at low
'figures. Cull and sco samples and as
certain prices.
G. Fulkerson, Business Manager.
Thursday, July 17, 181)0.
Hduluumlm for O
Sons of VetciniH, at
A. It. suits, al.-o
A fine line of ladles' and lulsscs'
hand and macliiuc-scwcd Summer
shoes at liiiglit's.
Wc have in stock a iuantily of
Slightly (Utmwjcil boots and shoes
that arc wcrthvof inspection. Good
and cheap. Church & Bro.
S. Goldman will make cabinet size
photographs for the next 30 days for
$1.50 a dozen.
Now U Uic time to subscribe for
Tub State Rkpuumcan. if not con
vcnicnt to call, band your order to
your postmaster.
Wo haVJ entered Into the tight for
Spring Trade early- Wc are bound to
win. If a lnraro stock, new patterns, sood
material and low prices can do It.
M. UUi.UJlAiN.
Farmers and mechanics, before
buying your shoes call at llright's
and examine John Heir's celebrated
shoes. These are honest goods, fully
warranted both for quality and wear.
The ''Rival" tongueless adjustable
nrch cultivator, with diamond points,
also, hay rakes, shovel plows, dia
mond plow?, mowers and reapers,
and binder twine for sale at the very
lowest figurcb by V. A. Dwight.
There will be a reunion of the
Tenth Missouri Cavalry held in the
court house in Jefferson City, Mo.,
on Saturday August i), next, at 2
o'clock p. m. All who cannot conic
arc requested to write to tho secre
tary, giving tlicir company, age and
postodlco address.
. A. Dwigiit, II. C. McCut.i.ounii,
Secretary. President.
Mlssouii papers please copy.
Postmasters aro authorized to re
ceive subscription for this paper
Wo allow them the usual newspaper
Another immense stock of clothing has
been added to the house of M. Goldman.
It will surprise you to sec such stocks of
goods lu tho store.
There is no so-called S1 shoe on tho
market that surpasses in fitting and
wonrinsi qualities tliO' one wc arc of
fering for $2.75. Every stitch aud
Qbcr guaranteed. Church & Hro.
Ladies' black slippers only 75 cts.
at the Red Store. S:c them. Sold
elsewhere at $1.25 lu $1.50.
Our stock of Children's, Boy's.
Youths' and Moa's clothing Is larger
man ever uciore. uursuicK 01 ucuts'
furnishing goods and Hats mid Caps Is
Immense. Kntlro new stock, tho latest
styles ami thn lowest prices. You will
do well to cull oa us.
Straw lints for men, boys, girls
aud children In great variety .at
prices far below any ever offered In
this city, at tho Red Store.
Church & Hro. are offering an ele
gant gents' shoe for (3 ; former price
$3.50. Try a pair of them.
Times arc bard, money Is scarce; It Is
to our Interest to cconoinlzo. You can
do it by buying ot us. Ve can, aud will
invo you money,
Nice full linen towels only 10 cents
at the Red. Store.
Call and examine the stock of In
fanl'a shoes at Uright's before buying
The Missouri took another rise
Call and sec the new goods at the
Red Store.
Sco notice in tills Issue of tho re
publican meetings.
Tho Mo. Pao. pay car passed up
the road Monday.
An excursion will be bad on tho
Hugo this evening.
Mr. Daniel Coffclt of Scruggs, was
in the city Tuesday.
The Monroe house has recently re
ceived some fine improvements.
New wheat was bought by tho
Ditllo Milling company last week.
The steamer Mason was received
at Kansas City by 20,000 people.
Capt. Mooro will give an excursion
ou tho ferryboat Tuesday evening.
A new granite pavement has been
laid in front of the First National
This vicinity received fine soaking
rains on Monday and Tuesday
Mr. Michael Lartonoland Miss
Sadie Van pool were married Tues
day evening of last week.
Mr. L. A. Schirmcr has opened a
grain warchouso at Osage City, and
will buy wheat and other grain.
Hon. James K, McHcnry took
charge of the affairs of. the city as
clerk, on the 1st inst., and is doing
Mr. G. Gucnthcr has resigned his
place as ticket agent of the Mo. Pac.
at this place, and Mr. Chuich has
appointed Mr. Louis Tenny instead.
Tho campaign is opening very fa
vorably for tho republicans. Send
in your subscription at once. Only
ono dollar a year.
John W. Canaday and Miss Min
me Knife of Marion, were granted a
marriage license last ! riday.
Mr. J. J. Sommcrof Osage City,
is prominently spoken of as being an
available candidate on the republican
ticket for sheriff.
Chief J. A. Linhardt gave the
gutters a general washing out Mon
day. The street committee should
have the gutters cleaned of grass and
Deputy L S. Marshal McKenna
brought James McDowell and Win
Dallou in from Camden county last
week for timber trespass.
Mrs. Julia Groll and daughters,
Misses Mamie and Daisy, of St.
Louis, arc in the city, visiting rela
tives ant friends.
There arc parts of the Merchant's
bank building the most ill-construct
cd of any buildingcver erected
shame to the architect.
Wo hope there may be announce
racnts that the people may have time
to fully consider the claims to elect
a good ticket from top to bottom
Wo hope our subscribers who aro
in arrears will do us the kindness to
pay up. It takes money, and no
small amount of it, to keep a news'
paper ollicc going.
Mr. A. A. Campbell of Ccntrctown
was in the city yesterday and says
James I Chambers has just discov
cred a large lead mine on John Sic
Kinncys farm about to miles west
of Klston, near the Mo. l'ac. railroad
in this county.
Tho Richmond Hill Arc brigade
gave an exhibition Monday after
noon. The chief and several leading
assistants had quite a tusscl in keep
ing the nozzle of the hose in
position. The water Hew wild, scat
tciing tho boys and thoroughly wet
ting several of the firemen.
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Fulkcr
son, natives of this' city, and for
nearly ten years residents' of Colora
do points and for the past several
years of Denver, have recently re
moved to Kansas City, M:., where
Jnmes has a plcasapt and lucrative
telegraph ollicc.
Judge W. S. Davison bos an
nounced his candidacy for re-election
03 prosecuting attorney. F. J,
Frommo as candidate for' sheriff,
W. Rocr as candidate for county
clerk. Thos. It. Mahan as candl
dato for county collector nnd James
R. Taylor for county .judge of the
second district, all on, the democratic
In this issue we are authorized to
announce tho candidacy of Mr. Dan'l
Coffelt for representative. Mr. Cof-
felt has been a lifc-lqnfr' resident of
this county, a prominent and success
ful farmer, and an intelligent and
working republican.
Wo hope the republicans of this
county will not be .,100 modest to
come forth with their announcements
soon. Tlicro aro plenty; of good men
in Uio party to fill Uw oldces, and.
they should announce or bo men
tioned by friends so as to bring tho
most prominent before the people.
For successful work cannot begin
too early.
Mr. Joseph Evclcr was in the city
Henry DeWyl passed a very cred
itable examination and received his
diploma as a pharmacist.
The children of the Catholic school
enjoyed to their full satisfaction a
picnic on the Morcau yesterday.
At the meeting of the school board
last Monday Col. W. Q. Dallraeyer
was re-elected treasurer and Hon. A.
M. Hough secretary.
Mr. J. A. Kcllcy and Mrs. Callio
Robertson of Scotts were married in
this city Tuesday. 'Squire Payne
The grand lodge of the order of
Good Templars of this state met in
this city on Tuesday, in their 30th
annual session.
Mr. J. K, Barton has purchased
Judge J. L. Smith's beautiful resi
dence property in the southern su
burbs, at $G,575.
Mr. A. A. Campbell of Centre-
town, wa9 in the city yesterday. He
is preparing to go to St. Louis to buy
aJargc and new stock of goods.
The Democrat says, the politician
would oppose Mr. Hickman if they
dared. So tho democratic party only
carry him on their ticket because they
think they have to not because they
want him?
Mr. Charley Fall; and Miss Lillie
Baker were married here last week.
Mr. Falk is one of the managers of
the Pacillc Mutual telegraph ollicc in
Kansas City. Tho newly married
couple have the well wishes of many
Ladies and gentlemen, attend the
Clullicotbc Normal School and Bus!
lies s Institute. .Its expenses arc the
least, its building is the largest, finest
and best furnished, and its faculty
the strongest in the west. The fac
ulty Is composed of 23 members.
Mr. Fred. Jens, one of this city's
best and most studious young men, is
spending a vacation at home from one
of the most prominent theological
schools in St. Louis, where he has
been for the past four years, and will
return for another year to finish bis
studies in that school.
J. N. Scott of Aurora Springs, was
brought In yesterday on a charge of
selling liquor at the Springs on the
4th without government license, and
Austin Johnson of Camden for cut
ting timber on government laud.
Both gave bond after an examination
before Commissioner Gcisbcrg for
tlicir appearance at the court.
Students can rent text books, se
lect their studies and enter any time
at the Chlllicotbc Normal School and
business Institute. This school sus
tains a common school course, Nor
mal, Scientific, Classical, Commer
cial, short-baud and Type-writing,
Fine art, Pen art and conservatory
of music. The commercial depart
ment excels, having actual business
exchange with Electric City Business
College of St. Joseph.
The Chlllicotbc School and Busi
ness Institute opens Sept. 2, "JO.
Money refunded when students leave
school for any cause. Car fare paid
by the president if things arc not as
represented. Private help given free.
Prof. Allen Moore's nine years in
Stanley Normal the last six being
Its president will add every improve
ment possible, and make this the
least expensive, and leadingschool
of the west. For free catalogue ad
dress, Ai.i.kn Mooke, M. S. Pres.
Chlllicotbc, Mo.
Maj. Win. Carter of Sand Reck
Springs, superintendent of tho Cole
county Ostrich farm, called this
week, and reports business nourish
ing near the head waters of Little
Tavern creek ; says they have dis
covered and opened the largest
"Baryta" mine in the world and are
now.slupping It by boat on the Osage
river from the mouth of the Little
Tavern. The mine is on Mr. John
Henley's land In township 12, rango
13, this county.
Notice, Republicans-
A meeting for tho purpose of elect
ing delegates to the state congres
sional and senatorial republican con
ventions has been called to meet it
tho county court house on Wednes
day, July 23, at 2 p. m.
The basis of representation will bo
as follows :
For the state convention, to be
held at Jefferson City, Thursday,
August 28, all delegates for every
three hundred votes cast for E. K.
Kimball in '88, and one additional
delegate for every fractional vote of
ono hundred and fifty votes so cast
for Kimball ; this entitles Cole, county
to six (fi) delegates.
For the congressional convention,
to bo held at Jefferson City, Wednes
day, August 13, one delegate for
every two hundred and fifty votes
cast for Thomas II . Mustek in '88.
and one additional delegate for every
fractional vote of one hundred and
twenty-five or over, cast for Musick,
entitling Colo county to seven (7)
delegates. For the senatorial conven
tion to bo held at Boonville, Mo., on
August 2, 'HO, at 2 p. m. one for
every two hundred and fifty votes
cast for senator in '80, and one for
every fractional vote of one hundred
and twenty-five or over cast, en
titling Cole county to six (G) dele
Jn.ics. II. Conratii,
Chairman Republican Central Com
Cole county.
Attest: A. P. Guimshaw,
Hon. T- O. Towlea-
We arc Informed Hon. T. 0.
Towlcs of Washington, D. C. , will
visit the great Osage Valley and Jef
ferson City at an early date. Mr.
Towles has been working hard to get
an appropriation for tho great water
way of the west, the Osage river, at
Shipley's Shoals. The democracy
should arrange for his reception with
brass band, etc. Mr. Towles is highly
spoken of by a largo number of dem
ocrats as the probablo nominee for
congress in place of Col. Bland.
Judge John and Joe KugllsU shipped
A CM load of c&UU aol bog Tuesday.
Township meetings for the purpose
of electing delegates to the county
convention for the purpose of nomi
nating a republican county ticket and
electing a new republican county
committee, have been called for Sat
urday, July 2i!. The time for hold
ing the county convention will be
designated by the county committee.
The basis of representation in the
county convention will be one for
every fifty votes cast for Isaac N.
Enloc in J888, and one additional
delegate for every fractional vote of
twenty-five and over cast for Enloe,
provided that no precinct shall have
less than one delegate. Delegates to
be distributed and meetings to be
held as follows :
Jefferson township, 1st, 2nd, 3d
and 4lh precincts to be held at the
county courthouse, 15 delegates.
Scotts Station, at Scotts station, 1
Scruggs, at Scruggs Station, 2 del
egates. MAlilON TOW.N'SIIIf.
Klston, at Elston 1 delegate.
Ccntretown, at Ccntrctown 2 dele
gates. Marion, at Marion 1 delegate.
llttssellvillc, at Russellvillc 2 del
egates. Lohman, at Lohman Station 2 del
egates. CLARK. TOWNS1I11'.
Fowler's at Union store, 3 dele
Teal, at Teal 1 delegate.
St. Thomas, at St. Thomas 1 dele
Osage Bluff, at Osage Bluff 2 dele
Wardsvillc, at Wardsvillc 1 dele
Taos, at Schubert's, 1 delegate
Osage City, at Osage City 2 dele
Julius H. .Conratii,
Chairnnn Republican Central Com.
Cole county.
Attest: A. P. Grimsiiaw,
For The State Republican.
AVasiiivoton, D. C, July, 00.
Mr. Kmtor: We human beings
constitute n strange race of mortals.
The best of us arc liable to be bitten
by "fads," to fall Into swirls, and to
have our brains addled and our or
dinary gcod common sense rattled by
fashionable whims. In a recent ar
ticle in your valued columns I called
attention to the present prevalent
mesmeric craze induced by gazing in
anticipation on the sheen of moun
tains of new silver dollars. Recur
ring to the subject, I would remork
that It Is not strange that Mr. Bland,
who has for fifteen years gone, been
chasing tho rainbow to catch the bags
of silver swung to Its receding ex.
trcmilles should have gone stark daft
in the bowlldcrmcnt, but tho whole
world was struck with amazement
last week to seo the Btaid IT. S. sen
ate dancing a jig to tho jingle of free
In the article referred to, I sub
mttted tho inquiry m effect: "What
benefit can iccniu to the western
fanner by reason of the U. S. govern
ment paying tho silver mino owner
twcnty-flvo per cent, more for his
white metal than it is worth i" aa M,r,
Bla-.nd and the U. S. senate prdposo
shall done. While my good farm
er friends re figmlng that oUt 1 wrlM
to submit anther' query in the foriii
of a supposition: Rothschilds gets
together one million o"""9 of sllvcr
costing him $1,008,000 l llr ,n0,icy
and ships it to one of m'"18
Fndcr the law, as Mr. Blanu' would
have it, the mint has to take It and
give him a coin certificate for 81, .'A"'
000. Baron Rothschilds takes his
certificate to the U. S. treasury and
draws out $1,21)2,000 in gold, which
he ships to Europe ; with it he buy3
1,281,711! ounces more of sllvcr, re
turns to the U. S. mint, leaves it and
takes ills coin certificate for 82,050,-
008, cashes it at the treasury anil
sails back to Europe with the gold
ready to purchase another cargo of
silver, nil within ono month's time I
A nice profit of $018,008 for Baton
Rothschilds to make out of this gov
ernment wltnln 30 days! A nice
thing for Mr. Bland to contemplate,
perhaps! But wherein will it help
the western farmer? How will he bo
benefitted by that statesmanship
which would enable the European
bankers, or th2 New York bankers
for that maMcr, for they have already
boon shipping their gold to Europe
ready to buy silver with to grab
such enormous handfuls from the
white and yellow heaps piled up by
the national tax gatherers?
My good farmer friends, having
answered the former query, will
please keep jn figuring until they arc
able to point out where the benefit?
the statesmanship? the common
sense' the horse sense uic intiio
sense? even the donkey sense comes
in in this proposition? Where is tho
Kl-ycar-old school boy but who will
observe the absurdity of the whole
thing when once the facts are placed
before him? Is it not time for tho
farmers to stop the jingle of free sil
ver bilN of the whirligig in which
certain would-be-statesmen are at
tempting to rock-a-by them to a con
tented sleep over a financial preci
pice, long enough, at, tcasi, 10 cass
about them and ascertain what tho
facts of the case are?
As I showed before, the house bill
proposes to coin and throw into cir
culation every ounce of American
silver; it is not pretended that tho
Bland bill could do any more in this
direction, but what it could and most
assuredly would do, would be us
shown above, to enable Rocky moun
tain, New York, London and Paris
millionaires to rob the nation to an
extent that is simply startling to con
For two days last week, Mr. Blaiul
held the helm and had the power, a-t
he certainly manifested the will, if ho
had only had the tact and judgment,
to have run the ship of state right on
to the breakers with the first result ot
splitting the republican party wide,
open, to be followed by all the after
wild consequences delineated.
For the narrow escape of party and
nation wc can offer no thanks to a
republican senate ; whether wc owo
the greater gratitude to the marvel
ous incapacity of Mr. Bland to take
advantage of the wonderful opportu
nity thrust upon htm, or to the in
domitable scourged firmness and sa
gacity of Speaker Reed is a question
over which future historians will
philisophize much. T. II. JI.
Edward Delt made a bualuces.
Iilpoul In Morgan county last week aud
returned Monday.
Mr. Degale and lady went to town otic
day last week.
Mr. M. CoynciV sister, of Ohio, is ls-
Itlng him and family at present.
Mr. llucnte's little boy that 1ms been
sick for some time, is not much better.
Miss Alice Tlitckncr visited friends lu
this vicinity few days of last week.
Mr. Stronse aud family visited Mr,
Geo. Dlstler Sunday.
Master Hunt Ralus was lu Jimigg-i
Tho corn crop in this section of tho
country is suffering for rain,
Mr. Louts Strict mid Mr. J 1). fresh
our, two ot the most staunch republicans
lu this corner of the county, went to
California Oity last Suuday. They aro
attending tho Teacher's Institute that
has met lu that city.
Miss Kmma Klrchuiau of Jamestown,
who has been hero visiting friends for
Eonio days, went to California City last
Sunday. Miss Kmma Is quite an ac
complished young lady, and made a
great many warm friends whllo here.
Quito a number of our citizens attend
ed tho picnic given north of town last
Miss Delia Falk of Jeff City, Is hero
visiting at Mr. Martin Battles this week.
Mr. Henry Klrschmau sold his resi
dence ou Marlon street last week to Mr.
JohuT. Murray. Consideration, .$103.
I Mr. Joo English Is fixing to start a
restauraut and meat market here, which
will bo a great beuoiU to W lUus

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