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The State Reptjblican.
rns OjPDEjZN"ie33d .a. itew
Epitome of the Week.
$3.00 SHOE
That Cannot bo Surpassed in Stylo, Quality and Finish,
$2.50 Shoe
Aro Iho best on the market for the money. Every pair guaranteed to givo satisfaction
"Blue Ribbon''
School Shoo, Tho Best and Moat Comfortablo Mado for Children.
237-214 EAST IHIIGKH: ST.jk
fF you want Job Work call or write.
bn our subscribers in tho country Avant any thins or any business
M- attended to we will take pleasure in giving their orders prompt attention.
Tho Very Lntosfc
and Rest Stovos
Fully Warranted.
Call and Sco them.
Guttering, Light
ning Rods,' Novel
tics, Etc., at tho
Lowest Prices and
No. -10 3 West Main Street. Opposite Gas Works.
l'rcsldont. Vice-President. Secretary & Treasurer.
i? o
- p
e. a
re 2
a a
5 g.
s P
pr a
5. C
u 3
& a
w -a
- west -mljltr stie-eje'i?.
TnB day ira passed in the Senate on the Kit
dlscusitlns the sundry civil appropriation bill
.... In tho Homo tho land grant forfeiture bill
wa passed. Ily Its term over S.OM.OOJ acres
ct land oro restored to the publlo dornatn.
AN amendment to Iho tariff bill was Intro
duced In the Rouato on tho 16th, giving tho
president power, arter ono year, to rclmposo
the duty on sugar If advisable. The sundry
civil appropriation bllt was further discussed.
Jn tho Housa the original package bill was
considered and the bill giving tha widow of Gen
eral Fremont u pension of 13,003 a year was fa
vorably reported.
IN tho Senate tho sundry civil appropriation
bill was passed on tho llh with amendments
approprlallng f7,09S,0W for National soldiers'
homes, 1113,000 for geological surveys and 813,
UX) to purchaso ground at Indianapolis for Inter
ment of .oldlcrs,...In tho House tho deficiency
appropriation bill iSi,no,ioiwis reported. Tho
original packago bill was further discussed.
A niLt authorizing tho construction of npon-
toon bridge across tho Mississippi river at
Qulncy. III., was paspfd In tho Senate on the
3lst. The tariff bill tvas further discussed,
Tho death of Itopresentatlvo Walker, of Mis
sourl, was announced, and as a mark of respect
the Senate adjourned,,,. In the House a bill
was Introduced authorizing the Secretary ol
Agriculture to establish uniform grade of all
kinds of .grains transported from ono State to
nnnncr, or; to any foreign country. Hesolu
ttonswero adopted oppressive of the sorrow v, lib
which tho House had heard of the death of Mr
walker, of Missouri, una an adjournment v. as
At Pittsburgh, Io., thmrophcey of a
fortuno-teHor that JerinBfMcDowoll's
cddlntf dress would bo WbjL- shroud was
fulfilled by tho (rlrl'ssulclflpon tlio ISth.
Foil tho week ondodiJSjtho 19th the
porcontngos ot tho basOTlall clubs In
tho Players' Lcaguo wowBJ'oston, .000;
Brooklyn, .084; Chicago,'-,; new orl(,
BI2; Philadelphia, .oswr Pittsburgh,
430; Clovoland, .420; BufHRp, .273. Tho
clubs In tho NationalaKfaguo stood!
Philadelphia, .054; llrooiafn, .04(1; Bos
ton. .018; Cincinnati, tW!!!. Chicago,
B07; Now York,. 447; OTVoIand, .202;
lttsburgh,.233. ?jj
DttitiNO n llro in tin
Hotel rtt Denver. TSjT.. on
Johnson saved tho llVtBjoI
nirls. but lost his own ltftftn
" ... 4,
Double or Single, for City or Country,
or for Commercial Travelers, at the
est Rates given In Central Missouri. Horses Boarded b)
tht Day, Week or Month at Reasonable Rates.
'ftill'or addrwM T. WSU ft CO
Tim mayor of Ilod Wine, Minn., on
tho 17th proparcd an ofllclal list of the
victims of tho Lake Popin disaster, by
which It was shown that nlnoty-sovcn
ot thu 175 persons on tho Boa Wing lost
their lives.
Tan steamer St Lawrence ran Into
tho yacht Catherine on tho fit. Law
rnuco rlvor near Alexandria Hay, N.
Y., on the 17th, and out ot a party of
twclvo on tho yacht flvo woro drowned.
lhoy wero all from Bradford, Pa.
Two coif.NTUitrr.iTr.ns, members ot
gang that had beon Hooding tho country
with an excellent two-dollar silver cer
tificate, woro captured by tho Now York
police on tho 17th.
III!'. Natural Brldgo property In Vir
ginia was sold on tho 17th to a Massachu
setts and Virginia syndicate for 200,000.
r hank vii.T.KriMA.v, secretary of tho
German and Centennial llulldlng and
jyoan associations at Donvor, Col., was
on tho 17th said to bo short In his ac
counts about 530,030.
Piii'.siiik.nt Hamhson on tho 17th ap
pointed u. u hpaulding, of Michigan.
Assistant Secretary oflho Treasury, vlco
uoorgo u Ticlionor, resigned.
A iiomk for soldlors' wlvos and mothers
was dedicated on tho 17th at Madison,
O., by tho National Woman's llullcf
Tub threo llttlo sons ot Otto Oolden.
at Momoovllle, O., woro struck bt-light
ning and killed on tho 17th, and llon-
jaroln Morton and his son ltufus mot a
like fate near Paris, 111.
iM-the FfdoraUCourt at-Parls. .Tex,
on tho 18th nlno men woro sontoncci'fo
bo hanged for murder.
LofJS Piri'Kli and David Walker woro
killed by carbonic acid gas whllo dig.
glng a woll on tho lStB at Franklin,
Tiir.titt wero 207 buslnoss failures In
tho United Slalos during tho soven days
enacu on tno lbtli, against 1117 tho pro
vlous soven days.
Tm: robbery of S10.C0D from tho
United States Express Company In Chi
cago last March was virtually cleared
up on tho ISth by tho confession of John
bla-ot, tho driver of thodollvory wagon
who took tho money.
Tun upper floors of tho Westorn
Union Telegraph building at Now York
woro destroyed by llro on tho 18th, to'
gcthor with valuable books, film nnd
records that can not bo dupllcatod.
l,OSS, 5.100,000.
NwiiiTlAiloxs wero completed on tho
ISth between the Cheyenne and Arup.v
hoe Indians nnd tho Chorokco comrnh
sloners by which 4,000,000 acres of land
in Indian Torrltory will bo thrown open
to sottlcmcnt.
Nrai: Harllngcn, N. J., (Icorgo Dut
Hold, an agod farmer, shot and fatally
wounuca his grandson, Oscar Ilodtnr
on tho 18th and then cut his own throat.
Kiriiirv-six Swodlsh-Amorlcans woro
naturallzod in Chicago on tho 18th and
113 woro granted llrse papers.
DuniNd a fracas on tho ISth at Tus
cumbla, Ala., Mayor Stcelo was sho
dead and John Goodwin and W. P. dial
Ion wore probably fatally wounded,
Afthii an Illness of twonty-four hours
mrs. W. II. Illshon died at Atchison,
Kan., on tho 18th, and physicians united
in declaring that Asiatic cholera caused
Qiikkn Jackson (colored) was lynched
at Fort White, Fla., on tho 18th by
neighbors or Mrs. Kouort Prltchard,
whlto woman whom ho had assaulted.
Tiiikvks on tho 16th took S10.000
worth of jowelry from tho Iltlss cottago
al Saratoga Springs, N. Y.. occupied bv
tho families of Vice-President Morton
and Mr. Uliss.
An unsuccessful attompt was mado
on tno istu to rou a train on tho Cln
clnnatl, Jackson & Michigan road
noar Enterprise, O. Engineer Vandc
vendor was killed and tho flroman fa
tally wounded by tho robbers, who
mado tholr oscapo without securing any
Cyntm Ckaio, of Marysvillo, Mo.,
local agont for llartle Ilros., extonsivo
brokers and real-estate dealers in St.
Joseph, Mo., was on tho 18th chareod
with having dofrauded his omployors
and others out of S125.000.
At tho loading clearing-houses In tho
Unltod States the oxchanges during tho
wock ended on tho 10th aggrogatod
81,115,360,573, against S1,007,803,S0 the
previous wook. As compared with tho
corresponding week of 1889 tho Increase
amounted to '0.
Duiiino a sevoro olcctrlo storm on the
80th at Mllnoburg, ha.. Ed Williams,
Louis Morris, Vctor Marcbard and
Edgar Charles, mulattoos, were klllod
by lightning.
Mus. Louisa hknokii, of Pooria, III.,
became so enraged In tho course ot a
dispute with her son-in-law on tho 18tU
that sho choked to death.
Ik a quarrel over a mule trado on tho
18th at Guyton, Or., It, G, Norton, Jr.,
shot and klllod Wllllo and John Wrd
'brotliers). All were upg; bays.
0"SOth John
a dozen
trying to
-9 1
olgltho Smith.
CcftntyKy., oc-
fcur mon wero
savo two drunken men.
Anotiikii outbreak o
Messer foud In Knox
currcd on tho loth, niid;!
A cvci.oxr. on tho lath at Paclfio
Junction, la., dostroyodswv'pral build
lngs and did other damage. Ono man
was killed.
It was announced on tho 10th that
tho Kansas corn crop had beon entirely
dostroyod by tho hot, dry weather.
A (iioantic systom of counterfeiting
raro coins, with headquarters in Now
York and branches In various other
sections of tho United Statos, was dlS'
covered on tho 10th. i
Fifteen buildings at Shcrrodsvlllc,
O., woro burned by an Incendiary fire on
tho 10th.
It was reported on tho lflth that flvo
of tho Apacho Indians who murdered
bhorift ltuynolds and a deputy recently
In Arizona had been killed by cowboys.
Mus, Wit.i.iAM .Pnunir. and Mrs,
Henry P.iverswcro fatally burned by an
explosion of a kerosono stovo on tho
10th atThroo Uivors, Mass.
Tun machlno works ot J. C. Todd at
Paterson, N. J., woro burned on tho
'20th. Loss, Sl.-,0,000.
Winsi.ow IlAtiMoN was killed and his
wlfo and daughter fatally hurt by their
wagon being struck by a New lork
Central train on tbo 21st at Wcodsport,
N. Y.
John CAnr.oi.t. and Daniel Wilt were
killed and two others were Injured by
tho explosion of a can of gunpowder In
Carroll s storo at Logansport, Inu. , on
tho 21st.
A cLoun-nuiiiT on the 21st In tho foot
hills ot tho Santa Klta mountains In
Arizona covered an urea of a square
mile. Tho bchofoldt ranch was com
plotely devastated of crops, orchards
and houses, nnd many horses and cattle
wero drow ncd.
Tm: Centropolls Car t Machine Com
pany of Contiopolls, Mo., failed on tho
ilst for 5100,000.
Thihty-hivi: houses at Poplar ItlufT,
Mo., wero destroyed by firo on tho 2lst
Including tho Methodist church and tho
principal holol
llAltsil troatmont by hor husband was
tho causo of Mrs. Cora Cary s suicide a
Uoshon, Inu., on tho 21st. bho was
Tm: Farmers' Alllanco of tho Second
Minnesota district on tho 18th nominat
ed James II. Ilakor for Congress, nnd in
the Sixth Illinois district Andrew Ash
ton was nominated by tbo farmers.
John Hauiiis, tho largest man In Illi
nois, died on tho 20th at bis homo near
uscola. IIo was 70 years of ago, and
bis weight for many years past had
boon botwpon COO and 700 pounds.
Govniixoi: Waiiiiiin Issued n procla
mation on tho loth calling the first
Wyoming election for September 11.
Tho Domocratlo and Republican Stato
conventions nro called for August 11 in
Dit. CiimiTiAN It.tkus, tho nstron-
omcr, was found dead In bed at bis houso
at Utlca, N. Y., on tbo 10th.
Louis Wai.dkckkh, for twenty years
ehiof clerk of tho bureau of navigation
at Washington, died on tho 20lh.
Tun doath of Congressman James
rotor Walker, of tho Fourteenth Mis
souri district, occurred on tho 10th at
J. W, Watson, a well-known literary
man and author ot "Jicautllul bnow,'
died at his homo In Now York on tho
10th In tho 03th year of his ago.
Tm: GovernmonT'tlmbbr agents wore
on tho 21st preparing an expedition
against Canadian timber thieves In tho
nortlrorn portion of Minnesota,
John mcuui:, of tho Sixth Alabama
xcglinont, supposed to havo beon killed
at tho battlo of tho Soven I'lues in tho
lato war, surprised his relatives and
friends on tho 21st by turning up at his
old homo In Chambers County, Ala
John SniiNorn & Co. s saw-mill and
sash, uoor and blind factory at llrush
Creek, Cab, was burned on the 21st
Loss, 5100,000.
1IY tbo explosion of a threshing on
glno on tho 21st noar Princeton, Ind.
Andrew Krotslngor and Charle3 Whlto
wero killed, two men were fatally and
ono seriously Injured. Sovcral horses
were also klllod.
Tm: visible supply of wheat and corn
In the United States on tho 21st was,
respectively, ld,55V,101 and 13,128,101
Thomas Faiiquhaii, of West liorgon,
i. J., was run over by tho cars on th
21st whllo walking on the track. 'Ho
saved his threo children by throwing
thorn down an embankment, but It was
then too lato to savo himself.
Two hundred babies, including ton
pairs of twins, woro wbeelol In thoir
carriages at Asbury Park, .V J., on th
21st. Fifteen thousand people witnessed
tho procession, which was headed by
band of music.
In a drunken spree on tho 31st a
Rushvlllo, 111., James Donny and Mrs.
a. Wilson wero fatally shot. It was
claimed that Mrs. Wilson's husband did
tho shooting.
It was announced on tho 21st that tho
recent doath of Mr. Walker, ot Missouri,
tho ninth member of Congress who had
died this session, mado tho greatest rec
ord of mortality in Congress over known
Tun climax of tho recent sensational
murder of Engineer Vandovonder in his
cab near Van W ort, O., was reached on
tho 21st whon Fireman Koadhouso con
fessed that ho killed tbo engincor, but
claimed bo did so In solf-dofonso,
A white frost spread Its mantlo ovor
tho lowlands of Perry County, Mass.
on tho Stst.
Ai.iiiiur F. Am.k.v was nominated for
Congress on tho 17th by tho Farmers'
Alllanco'of tho Second district ot Kan
sas, and John M. Weaver was nouil
nated by tbo Republicans of tho Twon'
ty-flrst district of Now York.
Thomas Dozr-wici.T., tho oldest turf
man In tho United States, died at Rich'
raond, Va., on tho 17th.
HinaAinr.ii-GicNBiiAt. Daniki. T. Van
lluitK.v, who was ono ot tho first to vol
nntoer at tho outbreak of tho robelllon
dlod at his homo in PlainQold, N. J., on
tho 17th, aged 07 years.
Thk Farmers' Alliance and Unltod
Labor parties ot Minnesota met In
Stato convention at St, Paul on tho 17th
and mado the following nominations:
For Governor, S. M, Owen; Lieutenant
Governor, J. O. Darrott; Socrotary ot
State, M. Wesenborg; Auditor, P. II.
Rahlllyi Treasurer, Erlo' Mattson; At
torney-General, M. Ilurllngamo; Clerk
of tho Supremo Court, V. W. Kohior.
Tmjdoad-Iookin tho Uomooratle Stato
convention at Nashville. Tonn,, w
broken on tbo 18th, John P. Buchanan,
the candidate of the Farmers' Alliance,
being nomlnatod for Governor on tho
tu'Knlv.flftli ballot.
,,.- .-- --;?7l,
A whom: family, consisting of father,
mother and six children, wero suffocated
on tho 17th by charcoal tumcs in Paris.
Count Coniiad broi.iiKim, heir to ono
of tho richest landed estates In Ger
many, was accidentally shot nnd killed
on Iho 17th whllo duck shooting.
Wii.i.iam (Iikfin, agnd 80 yoars, and
his grandson, 8 yoars old, woro drowned
n tho Iluinbcr river noar Toronto, Can.,
on tho 17th.
At Ito3enau, In Hungary, tho parish
church, tho synagoguo and soventy
louses wero burned on tho l,th-
Pii:iiiii: Miiunda, his wlfo and threo
children and two sailors woro burned to
death in a flro on tho 17th at Quebec,
Euohni: Sciiuymhi, of Now York, tho
American Consul-General at Cairo,
Egypt, died In that city on tho 18th,
nged SO yoars.
TwnNTV-Tiir.F.r: lnulmaux wero on
tho ISth said to havo died of starvation
whllo on a hunting expedition In Labrador.
Tnr. Immense warohouso ot tho Man
chester Canal Company In Liverpool
was burned on tho ISth. Lou, j:!00,000.
Till! Influenza was epidemic in St.
Louis, France, on tho 18th, tho whole
population ot tho placo being nlTccted.
llusinoss was cntlroly suspended.
1)ii. Firm;", Iho German African ex
plorer, reached Zanzibar on tho ISth.
It was discovered on tho ISth that a
largo number of tho presents given to
Henry M. Stanley and wife on the day
of their wedding in London had been
AnviriiH ot tho 10th say that a flro In
Toklo, Japan, destroyed about 1,000
houses and rendered many persons desti
It was reported on tho 10th that Os-
man Dlgna and his followers had to
turned -to Tckar-.Eevnt. havlni: lost 400
mon by fatnino and sioknoss anil b'olng
obliged for tho time being to abandon
their rebellious expedition.
Tm: sixtieth anniversary of llelglan
Independence and tho twenty-fifth year
of tho rolgn of King Leopold woro ob
served at Hruosols on tho 31st.
Hknuv M. SrANf.r.v had on tho 21st
rccovored from tho Illness with which
ho was solzcd just before his marriago
In London.
Thk. Irish pollco reported on tbo 21st
that 125 agrarian outrages wero com
mitted in Ireland during tho last quar
Tm: United Statos apprentlco train'
lng ship Jamestown arrived at Ply
mouth, Eng., on tho 21st.
In tho Senate, on tho 221, tho Indian
Appropriation bill was taken up and
consideration of ono-half ot It was com
pleted. Houso bill (with an amend
ment) to dlsposo of tho Fort Ellis
Indinn Reservation was passod, as was
House bill granting lands to Miles City,
Mont In tho Houso tho Snate sub
stitute for tbo Original Package bill was
passed by a voto of lilt to 97. Tho
Bankruptcy bill was taken up and do-
batod at longth without action.
Russia has completed nrrangomonts
for tho Immcdlato construction of a
great naval harbor at Llbau, on tho
Italtlc, and tho eonsIdcrnHo onlargo
montoftho fortifications thoro. Sov
oral railway linos will also bo built con
necting Llbau with tho principal cities,
and making It possiblo to throw a largo
forco into mobilization through thoso
strateglo facilities.
The pleasure boat Ella H.,wlth barge
attached and 150 people on board, had
a narrow oscapo from going over tho
Falls of Niagara, on tho night of tho
22d, on account of tho suddon stoppage
of hor machinery through an accident
Ex-Quki:n Natamk of Sorvla is com
pletely cast down by her failure to so
curo a rehearing in hor dlvorco caso.
Sho has given up tho struggle, and will
go Into rotlromont at tho rosldonco of
hor aunt in Bessarabia.
A dktach.mi:nt ot Turkish soldlors
who woro on rou to from tholr camp to a
woll near Canoa, Croto, to draw water,
woro fired upon by a party of Christians
hlddon In ambush, and flvo of tho Turks
woro klllod.
Laikih cargoes of Canadian cattlo aro
arriving in Scotland, and a still greater
Influx Isoxpoctod, chartors having boon
takon for tho transportations of several
thousands during August.
Thu family of Arthur Wobb, of Oska
loosa, la., consisting of his wlfo and
four stop-daughtors, woro arrostod, on
tho 22d, for beating his throo-yoar-old
child to doath.
Tim report that Lord Salisbury in
tends to withdraw 1,000 of tbo British
troops from Egypt is conflrmod, much
to tho displeasure of holders of Egyp
tian bonds.
Mil. JosKPii CiiAMnKiii.AiN and his
Amorioan wlfo expect to sail for tho
Unltod Statos, on tho 0th, for a throo
months tour of tho country.
Miss hvmv. Lo.no, agod twont'y-slx
yoars, ot Mount Morris, N. Y., wont to
sloop on tho 18th, and has not slnco
Uei.aiwj is recruiting f hundred
plokod Soudaneso (or sorvina In the
Congo Free StaVs.'
Mns. Giief.nk RouEnTS, wlfo of a
wealthy farmer, was instantly killed at
Chllllcotho tho other day just as sho
ctoppod Into tbo cnbooso of a Chicago,
llurllngtoi ,t Qulncy freight to go
home, by another train crashing into
it Engineer Slngloton and Conductor
O'llrlon wero In chargo ot tho latter,
and tho whtstlo was blown for down
brakes, but after tho accldont It was
found that Brakeman Fostor had boon
Jtruck by an overhead brldgo 1)00 yards
west of tho depot, and was lying uncon
scious on top of his car, thought to bo
fatally hurt.
Mils. FjiF.n. Fox, wlfo of tho telegraph
operator at Callao, committed sulcldo
tho other morning by jumping Into a
well. Sho was suuorlng from typhoid
fovcr at tho tlmo.
Somf, weoks ago C L. Gage, formorly
connected with tho firm ot G.igo & Hor- .
ton, stovo manufacturers of St. Louis, ,
and well known In socloty, collected a
sum of money belonging to his mother 1
which, It Is alleged, ho did not forwatd ;
to her. A fovdaj3 later ho collected!
5,000 still duo his mother from tho salo (
ot tho Gago resldonco on Washington ,
axenuo and disappeared. It Is slated
that ho lost $10,000 In Pool Alloy.
Tnnri: prisoners escaped from jail at
Lamar tho other night by cutting a holo
in tho floor with somo hooks, which i
they got from a cot, and then digging
out through tho foundation. They '
wore: Thomas Tracy, who had stolon 1
nearly fifty horses In .Missouri and Kan
sas; Sol Davis, charged with robbery,
and Charles Haywood, who was in for
forgery. I
A wimi man, old, nearly naked and
with a shaggy beard, has recently been
frightening women and children in tho j
vicinity of Alexandria. Ho has occa- ,
slonally begged for food at farm houses, 1
but bis condition has always alarmed i
women and bo has been driven away.
It Is believed that the man Is no other
than William Mars, a prominent old
resident of Palmyra, who dlsappearol
from that placo somo weeks.
Pim.i.ii' Sciisimr committed sulcldo i
at Do Soto recently by shooting himself
through tho bead. IIo was a veteran of
tho lato war, and was In receipt of a
pension of S72 per month for total disa
bility, his eyesight being gono. Ho
Buffered greatly from neuralgia, and it
Is supposed that while suffering ho look
his life.
JnsK CiiAiTKLi. the seven-year-old
con of S. L. Chappell, a laborer of Tren
ton, was drowned whllo swimming in
Grand rh or tho other afternoon. Tho
body was recovered an hour later by an- t
other boy ton years of ago, who dived -Into
ten feet of water and brought It to
tho surface.
Tim hand and arm of a woman found
In tho river at St. Louis tho other day
led to the suspicion that a ghastly crlmo
had been committed. It is not likely
that tho members camo under tbo dls- ,
sectlng knlfoof tho medical student, for '
tho colleges are. closed during the sum
mer months, and oven were they not,
dissection is not dono In wnrm weather.
Tho fact that tho arm is well formed
and tho fingers slender and tapering lod
to tho conclusion that they wero sov
ered from tho body of a woman who was
known In tho upper walks of life. Tho
appearancn of the hand and arm showed
that they had not been in tho wator
over forty-eight hours.
John Smith, wlillo lately assisting in
rolling a heavy log on a wagon in But
ler County, was crushed to death by tho
supports giving away and throwing tho
log on him.
A CASH" of Pons of Veterans will bo
Instituted at Conway, In Laclcdo County.
At a recent mooting of the stockhold
ers of tho Missouri Pacific Railway Com
pany, held at St. Louis, it was voted to
incrcaso tho capital of tho company
810,000,000 and tho bonded indebtedness .
by tho same amount
Wii.mam SniVF.NS, a character of bad ,
record, was arrested at Albany recently i
charged with attempting to start a lire
in that town. Ho had saturated tho
law ofllco of Charles O. Patton with
coal oil, with tho purposo of burning tho
buildings on account of a grudgo against
Patton, and was detected, Had ho sue-!
cecded a serious conflagration would i
havo resulted.
Raiiiii .Taffy was recontly assaulted 1
at St. Louis by a Hebrew named Lelb-
enstein, who pulkd out tho greater por
tion of tho rabbi's beard. Tho assault
was occasioned by tho circulation of
stories on the rabbi's part, so Llebon
stoln said, derogatory to tho character
of himsolf and family. Loibenstoin
was arrested.
Tm: Stato Grand Lodge of Good
Templars, recently In session at Jeffer
son City, elected tho following officers:
W. L. Little, of La Plata, grand chief
tomplar; J. C. Burgess, of Zlnclto, grand
counselor; Mrs. Jacob Roldcr, of Tip
ton, grand vlco-teinplar; J. W. Ed
wards, of Jefferson C.ty, grand secre
tary; Mrs. M. M. Gibson, of Appleton
City, grand treasurer; 1!. McCoy, ot Now
Floronco, grand chaplain; Elmor L. En
glish, of Mason City, grand marshal;
Miss Inez Mungcr, of La Plata, dopuly
grand marshal; Mrs. H. M. Simpson, of
St Louis, assistant grand secretary;
Miss Annlo Patterson, of St Louis,
grand guard; Fred II. Ilrlnkerhoff, of
Aurora, grand scntlnol; John II. Ross,
of Jefforson City, grand messongor; J.
J. Hickman, of Columbia, junior past
grand chief tomplar.
Tm: body of E. B. Day was recontly
found In tho woods noar Do Soto. A
bullet holo was in his hoad nnd his
throat had beon cut Ho disappeared
from Mineral Point somodnys previous.
Chaui.es Haut quarreled with his
wlfo at Kansas City tho other morning
as to which should got up nnd start tho
firo, and ho jumped out of bed in a rage,
vowing to kill himsolf. In his search
for poison ho got hold of somo tincture
of capsicum (red peppor), which ho
swallowed and undertook to dlo, but
mado as bail a failure as ho did at com
pelling his wlfo to inako tho flro.
Sam Jonf.s recently gave tho peoploof
iloborly a weok's cnlortalnraont.
Wahk Collins, colored, aged twenty
tno, and Frank Sutton, also colored,
ged twenty-flvo years, wero drowned
t Poplar Illulf while, pjUUinff Vl? ;h?I
night In H'?0!' J'Yr
Thej Vlay Uavnctn Several Towns HIrIi
teen 1'crHnlm Iteporteit Killed unit -Many
InJiireil-lIulUHne Leveled nnl Crops
Minneapolis, Minn., July 23. A
special to tho Tribune from Fargo, N.
D., Bays; A cyclono passod over tho
northern portion of this county about
throo o'clock yesterday. Thoro woro
sovon persons killed. Particulars later.
Minnkai'olis, Minn., July 2:1. Tho
Tribuno's special from Fargo, N. 1).,
says: Dotalls from tho cyelono aro
still meager. Tho only thing thus far
loarncd is that tho storm struck Bowen,
Clifford and Galosburg, about twolvo
miles north wostot Huntor, In tho south
orn portion of Froya and In tbo north
ern part of Cass County, it was a regu
lation cyclono, tearing and twisting
across tho country, lovcling buildings
and destroying crops. 1'lvo persons
were killed outright; a man and wlfo
woro killed noar Clifford. Wlros on
tho branch lino aro prostratod and
particulars will bo lato, as reporters
mustdrlvoa number of miles to tho
A hall-storm also
telegraph station.
did consldorablo damago to crops about
twolvo miles south of l'argo.
MiN.MiApoi.iK. Minn., July 2D. A
Trlbuno special from Ashland, (Wis.,)
says: Tho most rcmnrkablo cloctrtu
storm over known In this section passod
over Northern Wisconsin and Laku Su
porlor County last night. It was ac
companied by a torrlllc downpour ot
rain and heavy winds. Sevoral houses,
barns, out-houses, trees and fences In
this city woro wrecked. No ono was In
jured. It Is reported from points out
sldo that all railroad grades In this sec
tion wero washed badly and some dam
ago was dono In neighboring towns.
Minnhai'oi.is, Minn., July 21!. A
special to tho Trlbuno irom Marshall,
Minn., says: "Cyclono near Ghent,
soven miles west ot here. There wero
two porsons klllod and sovoral Injured."
rlrcninn ItnmllimMp, the SLijer (it
lu-er .inil.ienter, -His.
Toi.r.no, O., July 2.1. '1. Commei
Jal's Van Wert to.) special says: Tho
excitement subsequent to the mysteri
ous murder of Engineer Vandevanter,
tho arrest ot his fireman. Samuol Rood
houso, and his confession, has materi
ally subsided. Tho report Monday
night that Roodhousii had been taken
to Lima to avoid tho lynching mob was
a mistake, l'oodhouso was seen In jail
yesterday by a newspaper reporter. Ho
said that Iho short rest he had last
night was tho first slnco tho awful
tragedy ot last Friday night Ho said:
"No ono can tell tho mental agony f
suffered; it can not bo described. 1 put
on a bold front and had it not beon for
tho fact that thoro wero several men at
Franklin who heard us quarrel I would
not havo madomy confession. It wasall
I could do to koop from breaking down
when tho shorltl read tho warrant for
my arrest. I was not surprised, but
could not mustor up courago to reply
for somo minutes. At night I lay
awako but protended to bo asleep. Imp
ing to hear somo remark which might
bo dropped that would givo mo somo
idea how to act. Slnco I havo gotten
thowolghtoil my mind I lost easier.
God kno.vs it was not my intent to kill
him; ho forced mo to it."
At tho inquest yesterday tho testi
mony did not differ materially from
Roodhousc's confession. Roodhou.so
will havo a preliminary hearing to-day
Ho will waivo examination and bo
bound over to tbo fall term of tho
Tour Persons Lnio Tli.'lr I.Hes In a Cin
cinnati Tciidiit-ut,
Cincinnati, July 2:!. Tho four
slory tonoment houso at No. II East,
Front street was destroyed by lire at
eleven o'clock last night. Tho first
floor was occupied by Simon Milieus as
a second-hand clothing store, and in this
part of tho building tho flames wore
first discovered. Minces lived in 'tho
second story with his family. Tho llro
spread rapidly and cut off tho escape of
Minces, his ten-year-old son, Harry,
and an unknown woman, supposed to
bo Mrs. Minces. Tho bodies wore re
covered and takon to tho morgue.
Threo persons wero badly burned boforo
they woro rescued. Their names are:
Nick Waman, Mary Kalmeyer and Eva
A Mexican ramll3' In Texas Nearly
Wiped Out.
Austin, Tox., July 23. Near Hutton,.
a small village twenty-olght miles from
hero, a Mexican named Vltola Melena,
his wife, two daughters and a llttlo son
lived. Monday night about twolvo
o'clock tholr homo was Invaded, and
without provocation Vltola and his
wlfo and a flvo-year-old daughter woro
shot and killed. A daughtor and a llt
tlo four-year-old brother oscapod to a
neighbor's and told tholr story. Tho
murderers they say woro J. P. Gibbs,
bis son, and John and Andrew Sutton,
who havo beon arrested. Tho causo of
tho killing supposed to bo revenge.
No righting In Siin Salvador.
Nkw Ohlkans, July 23. Consul-Gen-oral
Martinez, of Guatomala, has ro
colvod a cablegram from tho Guate
malan Minister to Moxlco, stating that
thoro has been no battlo botweon Gua
temalans and San Salvadorans. Tho
cablegram also says that representa
tives of tho five central American Stato'i
on tho 21st Instant signed an agrooniont
asking Goneral Ezota to vacato tho con
trol ot San Salvador.
Female rlniiU.
Oskaloosa, la., July 23. Tho family
of Arthur Wobb, consisting of bis wlfo
and four stop-daughtors, aro under ar
rest for tho murder of his throo-ycar-old
child by beating It todeath. About
a yoar ago Wobb marrlod Mrs. Josoph
Anslo, and It seoms that sho and hor
children havo boon in tho habit ot boat
ing this child Inhumanly for somo tlmo.
Not long ago Annio Anslo was arrested
and fined for assault and battory on tho
child. Saturday night tho llttlo ono
was sovoroly boaton again by tbo
family, and Sunday H dlo'il of thd n
Juries InfllSte3! ' ' ' '
I ;
Mim h .. M

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