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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, August 07, 1890, Image 1

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The State Republican.
rsHijs oiPiEnsnEnD .a. hew
Epitome of the Week.
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That Cnnnot bo Stirpnssed in Style, Quality nnd Finish,
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attended to we will tako pleasure In giving tliclr orders prompt attention.
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a o
uble or Single, for City or Country,
rfor Commercial Travelers, at the
L" Rates given In Central Missouri. Horses Boarded bj
-lay, Week or Month at Reasonable Rates.
O) pall or address J. T, WELLS fc COi
Fnun naze!) of tho tariff bill wefo disponed el
In the ficr.nte on thoOlst lilt. Tho conference
report on tho District of Columbia approprln
tlon bill wnii agreed to,.., In tho Homo tho tiny
was devoted to dlsousslna tho sundry civil ap
propriation bill.
Tub tfmo o( tho Scnato on tho lot was passed
In discussing the turlrt bill Tho House do
voted tho entire day to the discussion of tho
Scnato amendments to the sundry civil appro
priation bill. At tho evening session two nri-
vato pension bills ncro passed.
In tho United States Senate on 'io Sd Ben-
ator IMumb offered a resolution fortho removal
of General Oram's body to Arlington National
Cemotery nt Washington. The credentials of
Kdward 1). white, as Senator from tho Stato
of Louisiana, for a full term beginning March
1S01 (to succeed Senator Euslis), wero pre
sented. Tho tariff bill was further discussed.
....In tho Houso tho consideration of tho Sen
ate amendment to tho sundry civil appropria
tion bill was resumed.
In the Benato on the 4th Senator Davis of
f ored ti 'resolution calling on' the Secretary of
War for Information on tho subject of there
cent accident to tho lock of the Sault Bte. Mario
canal. Tho resolution offered by Senator
l-uimn, as to me rcioicrmcni 01 ino remains 01
DltiliMi it Hltirm on llio 1st tit War
wick, I'. !.,n lionso "was blown out to
sea nn 1 n child killed. '
Jtmiii: i;.ki:h, of .Chicago, ruled on
tlio lt that tho net of tlio Uljtmls Leg
islature authorizing pool-selling Ofl
race tracks was, Illegal.
Tin: slaltloli DuqUcStle, owned 1y
I'ltlllp HacUo, of Notf.York and valued
nt$'o,O00, died on tho 1st nt n stuck
farm noar l'arls, Ky.
Foil tho week ended on tlio 2d tho
percentages of tho baso-bill clubs In
tlio I'layors' Loaguo woro: Huston, .005;
Hrooklyn, ,fi73 Now York, .ft.V.l; I'hlla
dolphla, .558; Chlcagd, .53(1; Pittsburgh,
.4.10; Clovolanl, .445; ltuffalo, .209. 'l'hd
clubs In tho National League, stood:
1'hlladolplila, .051; Hrooklyn, .fi.VJ; llos
ton, .002; Cincinnati, .6113; Chicago,
.518; Now York, .425; Cleveland, .280;
Pittsburgh, .217.
X-'iiiK broko out In a hotel at Farina,
lll.i on llio 2d, Mid' before tho flames
could bo extinguish-i l,t'i) business
.blocks wcrodietroyoa LoaS,'k3iJ,000.
Mils. W'ai.keii, wlfo'ol a farmer living
noar Honton, 111., took carbolic acid on
tho l!d and died almojt Instantly. Do
spondency and poverty woro the caiio.
General drant In tho Arlington National Ccm- Wlllt.K tho friends of Martha Davis,
T. - .::i ". .2,' . .'i 1 "I Hrooklyn, N. Y., wero prcparlnj hof
I tip
at some other time. The tarin bin was further
discussed, but, no action was taken.... After
disposing of unimportant business tho Houso
took up and discussed the general deficiency
appropriation bill.
Tin: buslnoss portion of Walnut, 111.,
was dostroycil by flro on tlio itlst tilt.
Loss, 8123,000; Insuranoo, $40,000.
A TonxAiio swept across Now ilamp
Bhlro from tho northeast on tho31st tilt,
nnd wrought havoc In many places. No
lives wero lost.
lU:roitTSof tho 31st tilt, from Western
Kansas Ray that tho hot winds of tho
past fow days had burned up tho corn
and that many Holds would not ylold a
ulnglo car.
Tin: 31st tilt, was tho hottest day In
Hoston stneo 1SS", tho thermomoter
registering tr degrees In tho Hhade.
Now York also sulTorod severely from
tlio heat.
Osi; miNiiiii:i yoari ago on tho ."1st
tilt, tho first mechanical patent was Is
sued by tho Oovcrmnont. Itwasgnnted
to Samuol Hopkins for making pot and
pearl ashes. Tho total numlur of pat
ents Issued during the century was 4M,
4I!'.'. Tin: constitutional amendment grant
ing tho city of Chicago tho right to
Issue 5,000,000 in bonds In aid of tho
world's fair was passed by tho Illinois
Legislature on tho 31st ult, provided
tho pooplo voted In favor of tho bond
At St. Louis on tho 31st tilt tho ther
mometer registered 100 degrees, tho hot
test day of tho season.
Kri.i.r Sti:v.yut (colored) was hanged
on tho 31st ult. nt Mvo Oak, Fla., for
tho murder of John Hawkins about two
years ngo.
Anoyrtivo acres of closely packod
buildings at llraddock, l'a., occupied
chiefly by Hungarian laborers, woro
burned oh the 31st ult.
A uic.u. paper at Johnstown, l'a., on
the 31st ult. printed what It clalmod
to bo tlio first correct list of tho vic
tims of tho great llooj, glvln; tho num
ber of tho dead at 2,1b". which loaves
over 210 budli'S not yet recovered.
1 1' was reported on thn 1st that an Kn
gli-sh syndicate had purchased for S-V
300,00) thirty-threo, tablowaro glasj
factories In this country.
Millions of cotton caterpillan had
on tho 1st Invaded tho Holds In tho
vicinity of Austin, Tex., and were do
ing great damage.
Tun Btatomont of the publlo debt is
sued on tlio 1st showed tho total debt
to bo 51,534, 5:2,00S; cash In the treasury,
8708,145,000; doht less cash in treasury,
S87(1,SM),113. Dccreaso during July,
$300,257. Decrease slnco Juno 30,
leOO, S21,0iS,8'J2.
Tin: weather report on tho 1st of
I'rof. Snow, of the Str4o L'n'verslty ol
Kansas, shows that but two Julys In
tlio past twonty-tbreo years wero
warmer than tho one just closed.
A dust blizzard struck Aberdeen, H.
T., on tlio 1st nnd lasted live or ten
minutes. Wbon tho wind subsided the
mercury stood nt 103 degrees.
Tin: census returns on tho 1st gave
tho population of Arizona (not Includ
ing Indians) at 57,000.
Tub homing pigeon Dusky, owned
by Fred Ilowers, of Fall lilver, Mass.,
reached the latter place from Owosso,
Mich., on tho 1st, 000 miles, in two.and
threo-quarfer days, beating all previous
Tin: Illinois Legislature adjourned
line die on tho 1st after passing tho
world's fair bill by a voto of 131 to 10.
Tho section providing for an olght-hour
day was strlckon out, but a resolution
wrs adopted requesting tho directors to
obsorvo tho olght-hour law. An amend
mont was also liibortod In tho bill pro
viding that, in case submerged lands re
claimed for fair purposes should over
ceaso to bo maintained as a public park,
then they shall revert to tho Stato of
A hail and wind-storm on tho 1st at
Columbus, I ml., unroofod houses and
dostroyed many trees.
Tub Union Cattlo Company's footling
plant at (Illmuro, Nob., tho largest
plant of tho kind in tho world, was
burned on tho 1st Loss, 5200,000.
Mils. Rkksaii and' lior sister, Miss
Andorson, woro drowned on tho 1st
whilo bathing in tho Niagara river at
Youngstown, N. Y.
TiiMitKwero ISO buslnoss failures in
tho United States during tho noVen days
ended on tho 1st, against 100 tho pro
vlous sovon days.
While walking on tho railway track
noar Magnolia, N. J., on the 1st Mr.
and Mrs. Charles 11. Tongue wero struck
by a freight train and Instantly killed.
Tho; woro from England and woro
spending tho Bcason at a hotol In Mag
nolia. A fiiif. among buslnoss houses on tho
1st at Memphis, Tonn., causod a loss ot
ANuititvr BKitoiiNsuy ontorod tho room
of Einmn Andorson at Now Mllford,
Conn., on tho 1st and out hor throat,
nearly severing her head from her body.
Her refusal to marry hi in wus thocauso.
A wi.np-stoiim on the 1st at Newport,
Ky,, wrecked sovcral oousos, nnd, did
ellior dainago,
body for burial on tho Bd tio showed
signs of lift! and in a few hours nftur
wus In a fair way to recovery.
Jamls Claiik .t Co., eolTco dealers of
Now Orleans, made an assignment on
tho 2d. .labilities, Sl.11,000,
IlU.wtV l'l!YII.M!(il!ll, whilo shooting
snakes on tho 3U at I.incaslcr, l'a., no-
cldontally shot and killed Ills sister,
nged 8 years.
Cf.r.MUNt J. CliAi.txit, treasurer, and
W. W, Chandler, manager of tho Mast
Transfor Company at New York, wel'o
arrested on tho 3d on tho charge of
RWlndling tho company out of $10,000.
At Flanagan, 111., Vlnconl Obert, a
wealthy fanner, was Instantly killed
on tho 3d by being thrown from bis
buggy in a runaway.
Two 1'assi:nii:iis were killed and a
numberot others seriously Injured by
tho collision of two passenger trains
near Hedmond, I ml., on the 3d.
. l'At'l. Yari:ii, 73 years of age, com
mltted suicide nt Kansas City, Mo , on
tho 3d because bis ilatigliter-ln-law
would not givo lilm money with which
to got whisky
It was Hald on the 3d that Texas
fover was destroying rattle by tho bun
ureus in Ittitler ana l'.lk counties, han.
U. IS. l-JMi'.itm.v anil .lulin llamer wero
killed In a political row at Ogden, U,
T., on tho 2d.
W. A. lioii.Ni:, a colored preacher of
Gordon County, (!a., put rat poison in
tho foo.l of a colored family of ten per
sons named Lalley on tho 3d, and suc
ceeded in killing three of Its members.
J. L. Mayimi, of St. Louis, had stolen
from his room on tho night of tho i
810,000 worth of mining stocks and
small amount of cash.
The A. A. Freeman Company's larjjo
store, olovator and mill was destroyod
by llro at La Crosse, Wis., on tho 2d.
Loss, 300,000;' lnsuranco, Slii0,000,'
Staiivatio.v and prldo caused tho
death of Spcnccfi V. Prltchard. author
and actor, at Now York on thn 2d
Itv tho burning of a barn in Chicago
on tho 3d tho young son of John h ruder
was burned to death
Cil.Ylti,i:s McC'ArtxiiY', the champion
bridge lumper of Canada, csviyed lo
jump from tho Atlantic Company's der
rick nt Boston on the 3d, a diitanco of
13 1 feet, nnd was drowned.
KNm.Nr.nii Sam Mooih: and Fireman
Charles Lanahan woro Instantly killed
noar Oakilale, Ivy., on tho 3d by a train
falling do.vn an oinbankmcnt
Tun first triennial cantonment of tho
Patriarchs Militant, Independent Order
(Md-rellows, convened at Chicago on
tho 4th. Over 40,000 uniformed mem
bora woro in attendance.
Two sons of Froomar. II. Dickerson. r
book publisher of Dotroit, aged 11 and
8 years, woro drowned while in swim
ming at Star Island, near Detroit, on tho
llr.V. Samuel JIakciillii, pastor o
tho Lutheran church nt Hartford City
Ind., was ovcrcomo by beat on the 4th
and died In a short time.
Jlus. John Fui.Foiin, icsiding near
Martinsville, Ind., gavo birth on the
4th to a baby without a tongue. Tho
child was bright and healthy.
Mils. C. W. FoititKsrKR was drowned
noir Nllos, O., on tho 4th In an attempt
to save her 2-ycar-boy, who had fallen
out of a skill.
A yvi.ni and hail-storm siopt over
Lyons, Osccgla, Dickinson, Km met and
Innobago counties in Iowa on the 4th
destroying crops, killing many horses
and cattlo and seriously Injuring sov
oral persons. Hall-stones as largo as
hen's eggs foil to tho depth of six
Finn nt Normal, 111., early on tho
morning ot tho 4th caused ajloss ot 813,'
Tub sixth annual convention of the
United llrothorhood of C'arponters and
Jolnors of America convened at Chicago
on tho 4th.
Amelia Kkihiofk, living noar Hum
boldt la., accidentally shot herself
through tho heart on tho 4th whllo
attempting to take a rovolvor from a
pockot In hor brother's coat
At a negro picnlo noar Kansas City
on tho 4th Joseph Franklin shot and
killed William liryant.
N. O. Nlilson, a jeweler of Grafton,
N. D., committed siibldo by shooting
hlmsolf through tho heart on tho 4th.
Skaman & Smith, shoo dealers at
Clovolund, 0 mado an assignment on
tho 4th. Liabilities, $52,000.
P.un Compton and William Aloxandor,
murderors, woro sentenced by tho
"United States Court at Fort Smith, Ark.
on tho 4th to bo hanged on October 1.
Ciikmicals In tho oOlce of .tho Dsnvor
Flro Brick and Chemical Company at
Denver, Col,, exploded on the 4th, blow
ing out tho front o( tho building nnd
sotting It on llro. Josoph Jloj worth,
the prosldont of tho company,- was
Oscaii Nelson, of Whltobn.ll, .Mich.,
was drownod whllo bathing In tho
river at that place on tho 4tli.k
Mrs. Sai.lv llliow.v, aged 105 years,
died at Colchester, N. H.. on tie 31st
ult. She was the oldest person. In tho
Tim Industrial party of Michigan,
composed of Union Labor people.
Orcotibackcrs, Knights of Labor and tho
Fanners' Alliance, mot nt Lansing on
the 31st ult nnd nominated thn follow
lug ticket! For (lovornor, F.tigeno II.
Iteldcnl Lloutenant-Oovornor, John Mc
Gregor) Secretary of State, William U,
Adams) Stato Treasurer, II. li Black
man1, Auditor, Wllljam W. (Iraham; At-
torney-llonoral, A. A. Ellis) Superin
tendent of Publlo Instruction, Charles
A. Lytler; Supromo Court Judge, O. J.
Till: Republican Loaguo clubs ot Now
York will hold their Stato convention
fit Saratoga on tlio 4th of September.
Nomination for Congress were made
on the 31st ult as follows: Illinois,
Tenth district Josoph II. llarnum (La
bor); Alabama, second district, II. A.
Ilorbcrt (I lorn. I renominated; Oeorzia,
Second district, II, C. Tumor (Pern.) renominated.
Tin: NortXCarollna Republican Stato
convention will moot at Italclgb Au
gust 28.
Nathan Ciiumi:, who fought In the
Mexican war and who carried a musket
during the Illncknawk strugglo, died at
(Ircellsbui'g, Ind,, on tho Slst ult, in
tho 03d year of bis nge.
John 1). Pt'i.sii, onfl of tho oldest and
best-known residents of Warren, lrtd.i
died on tho 3d, aged 81. Ho had been a
resident of tho county for llfty-three
Mil. Ll.tYlir.rit HASH', tho oldest
person In Baltimore, nnd tho last ot tho
Old Defenders' Association, died on tlio
4th at tho ago of 101 years.
l lli: election In Alabama for Governor
and other State ofllccrs and members of
tho Legislature passed ofl quietly ori
the 4th, the ontiro Democratic ticket
being elcijled.
Tin: post-olllco authorities In Paris oil
tho 30th ult. discovered that over 12.1,
000 francs had been stolen from a reg
istered mail-bag, which had been cut In
Iltsi n'rltr.fl of thn 31st ult. from
Buenos Ayt'es Indicated that peace had recently exhibit ng
been re-established In tho Argentine Charles Johnson, an
republic. During tho Insurrection tlio
licet bombarded tho city. Ono thou
sand men wero said to have been killed
and 5,000 Injured ditflnjf thd progress of
tho hostilities.
An American named Hargan shot and
killed three persons in London on tho
31st ult. nnd was afterward fatally in
jure d by an excited Molt,
Ahvkt.s of tho 1st say that tho revolt
in San Salvador had been crushed by
tho Government troops under General
F.zcta, nnd that General Ulvas, tho lead
er of the revolt, had been raptured nnd
publicly shot.
At a eroding in Toronto, Ont, Pat
rick Downey and two boys named Mc
Laughlin and McNeil wero killed by a
train on tho 1st
Nine thousand acres of rice and cot
ton land In the provlnco of Gerbleh,
Egypt, uore covered with an inflow of
salt water on tho 1st, and tho growing
crops thereon wero destroyed.
Andthihi plot against tho life of tho
Czar of Russia was unearthed at St.
Petersburg on tho 2d. Many arrests
W'oi made, and two ofllcors of high
rank In tho Russian army who wero
implicated committed suicide rather
than f.ico tho consequences of dls
covory. Tin: tenth International Medical Con
gress, with 2,500 German and 2,500 doc
tors of other countries tho latter In
cluding 500 physicians from tho United
States in attendance, opened at Berlin
on tho 4th.
Advices of tho 4th say that 100 per
sons woro killed In a railway accident
at Bocls Station, Austria, on tho 4th.
In tho Sonato, on tho 5th, tho Tariff
bill was takon up and good progress
was mado. Tho glasswaro and stone
schedulo was finished. A numbor of
amendments proposing to reduco tho
commlttoo rates, offered by tho Demo
crats, woro rejoctod. Tho metal sched
ulo was takon up, and pending a dis
cussion of an amondmcnt olferod by
Mr. Morgan to admit steel ore free, tho
Sonato adjourned In tho Houso
most of tho day was spont dobatlng tho
resolution reported from tho commlt
too on rules, asking tho Socrotary of
tho Navy for tho reasons of tho In
crease of forco at the Kittcry Navy
Yard, as a substitute) for tho Cum
mlng's resolution of Inquiry. Aftor
adopting tho resolution, and rocolvlng
tho report of tho election commlttoo In
tho Clayton-Brecklnrldgo caso, which
declares Mr. Breckinridge's soat vacant,
tho Gonoral Doflcloncy bill was takon
up In commlttoo of tho whole.
KoiiEitT Biioyvn, a nowsboy who runs
botwoon Omaha and Sydnoy on tho
Union Pacific railway, was bltton by a
tarantula that was hiddon In a bunch
ot bananas ho was handling. Ills arm
becamo so swollon as to burst his shirt
sleovo, and ho suffered great agony.
A physician on tho train took him in
charge, taking him to Omaha for treat
ment William Kemmleh, tho first to ro
colve sentonco ot doath undor tho now
law of tho Stato of Now York prescrib
ing electricity as the means, met his
fato at 0:40 on tho morning ot tho 0th,
within tho walls of tho Now York Stato
prison at Auburn.
Tun British ship Lord Raglan was,
on tho 5th, posted on tho New York
Maritime Exchange as missing. She
sailed from San Francisco for Cork, Iro
land. Fobruary 20 last- and has not
slnco been heard from. Her owners
have about given her up as lost
Tub Egyptian Government has ap
pointed a commission consisting of
leading pbysloians to consider means
to provont the Introduction of tho chol
era into that country.
The police of Warsaw, Poland, havo
oxpolod from that city fifty-four for
eign Socialists with tho warning that If
thoy return thoy will bo Imprlsonod at
hard labor.
The Now York Conlral Railway Com
pany Is said tfl bo gradually discharging
all tho particularly aetlvo Knights ol
Labor in Its employ.
The Town Council of Wlok, Sootland,
has conferred tho freedom of that plaoa
upon Mr. Andrew Carnegie, at Pitts
burgh, Pa. j
John H, Dofdi.Ass, n woaltby man of
St, Louts, was recently arrcstod on a
cbaigo of murder. Douglass is prosl
dont ot tho groat Knapp-Slout Lumber
Company; Tlio other morning nn om
ployo of' tho ccmpiny named Charles
Dost died, and, It Is alleged, from tho
effect of n blow from ft plank adminis
tered by Douglass. Tho latter was ar
rested nnd released under 85,000 bonds.
Douglass declared that ho never struck
tho man.
The supervisor of tho Third Census
district of M ssourl gives tho following
estimate of tho population of tho coun
ties of his district! Audrain, 22,070;
lloone, 31,410; Callaway, 21,1)00; Camden,
11,151; Cot, 15.80H; Crawford, 15,8ii);
Dent. 12,281; Franklin, 28, mo.); Gascon
ado, 11,500; Lincoln, 18.201; Maries. 8,
003; Miller, 14.4V.1; Montgomery, 17,030;
Osage, 12,43d; Pliclpi. 12,074; Pike,. 20 -574;
Pulaski, 0,372; Warren, H.87'.!. Tho
grand total is 200,313. An increase from
210,041 in 1M80.
Somi: t'mo agd .1 circus was stranded
atSt. Joseph, nnd a reoalvef was appoint-
oil. Ibn receiver kept tho elephant,
' two camels and live r'ng horios on
, one of his vacant lots, tlio old keeper of
1 Ihe elephant Inln? put In charge of
, them until he could dispose ot the men-
agorie. Ho never dreamed that any ono
' would steal tho elephant, but neverthe
i less that animal, tin- two camels and the
II vn horses were stolen ono n'ght re
cently, and spirited away, presumably
I by one ot the former proprietors.
It is estimated that tho population of
tho Sixth Ceimis district of the Stato
will bo 3'i0(flr.i. on Increase of over 57,
, 000 slnco lssj. Tlio popitlnt on by conn
I tics Is ai follows: Barton ls,4-4; Bates,
IM.'JIO, Benton, 14..V.I7; Cass, 23,230,
I Cedar, 1 1,500; Cooper, 23,310; Hickory,
I 0,41 II Johnson, 21,1100: Lafayette, 20,-
800; Mortlteatl, 15 ills; Morgan, 12.280;
I Pettis, 30,071; ft. Clair, 10,008; Saline,
i 33,288; Vernon, 31.031.
While O'Brien A Dorlev's circus was
at St Joseph,
employe, entered
the cngo of a Hon while drunk and at
tempted td ''show oil" lo the ladles pres
ent by beating the animal. The Him,
however, resented such "original p'ic!c
ago" nonsense and attacked Johnson
flerv-cly and Canlu near killing him be
fore ho could bo rescued.
In tho Fourteenth d strict lion. Mar
tin Arnold, of Scott County, has been
nominated for Congress by tho Demo
crats. Robert P. Whltelaw. of Capo
Girardeau, was nominated to fill the va
cancy caused by tlio death of Hon.
James P. Walker.
Tin: Democrats of tho Fourth dis
trict lnvo rcnom'naled Hon. R. P. C
Wilson for Congress,
John Hali, ono of tho pioneers of
Kansas Cltv, died at tho Pae lie House,
in that city, tho other morning In tho
eighty-second year of his age. Ho
located In Kansas City in 1837 and btillt
the Pacific Hotel at Fourth and Dela
ware (jtreots, which was tlio first brick
building that bad been built so far "up
town" on that street It Is now far
, "down town."
j A eEfTlo.N of the vialuct over Bell
: street at Kansas City fell tho other day
as two wagons, ono loaded with stone
and tho other with brick, were being
driven over it. Both wagons foil to the
street below, a distance of twenty feet,
j Instantly klll.ng ono of tho teamsters
i and fatally injuring tho other.
j Tin: plant of tho Missouri Car.fc Foun
dry Company at St Louis was de
stroyed by flro the other day together
I with about 3)0,000 feotof lumber. Loss
' about .550,000.
I Tin: other day Eugene Caulfleld, a
youth of seventoon years, shot and
killed bis step-father Robert II. Hoyden,
- a tanner, at St Louis. In tho morning
Hoyden choked bis wifo (tho boy's
mother) sovcrely and young Caul Held In
i terfered. Boyden left tho house and ro
I turned In tho ov'cnlng partially drunk.
Ilo told CaulHeld to leave the houso and
vhen ho refused began beating llio boy.
vho, as soon as ho could break away
from Boyden, drew a revolver and shot
his stop-father through tho head.
AT-bis preliminary examination John
11. Douglass, of St Louis, secretary of
tho Knapp-Stout Lumber Company, who
was charged with killing Charles Dost
an employe who had inadvertently
brskon a board, was dlscbargi d, nothing
dovoloplng at the Inquest tending to
connect him with tho man's death.
How Dost received tho blow which frac
tured his skull remains a mystery.
The sum apportioned to tho schools
of tho State by the recent apportionment
of Superintendent Coleman was sssi),
340.40. Tho number of school children
In tho Stato is 83(1,704, and the amount
to each child Is a littlo over ono dollar.
Tho enumeration for this year is 8,500
less than that of last Superintendent
Coleman is of thn opinion that tho dif
ference is occasioned by tho stringent
law passed by tho last Gonoral As
sembly, making It a misdemeanor to
make a false return, and ho bolievos
this to bo tho truest enumeration over
The consus of the Fourth distrlot,
comprising tho southwestern portion of
tho State, shows a population of 303,110,
an increase of 48.0 per cent over tho
consus of 1880.
The receipts of tho Department of
Stato for July wero 813,805.40, of which
8330 were fcos for Issuing notary com
missions, 8280.40 (or miscellaneous fees
and 813,225 corporation tax. Tho re
ceipts during Juno woro 88,200; for July
of last year, 811,074, and for July, 1868,
80,500, showing a steady increase In tho
business of the department
Ah adventurer, claiming to bo Fathor
Lawrence fram Now Zealand, Imposed
on tho Catholic clergy ot St Louis tho
othor Sunday morning. He celebrated
mass nt ono church and after eating a
hoarty dlnnor, wont to another to assist
In tho rorvlcos. His attempt to say
mass then revoaled tho fact that he was
a bogus priest Ho bad socured a small
sum ot money, and skipped boforo the
police got hold ot him.
TiiEonoiiE Guntiieu, a one-armed man
fifty-five years old, omployed In tho
Missouri Pacific yards as' livo-stock car
checker, was killed by the cars at Kan
sas City tho othor day. Hi reshl9n.ee
was In Kansas C(tTt
MAtters of Interest to Those who May'
Conteniplnto Atteiullnc ttifl MertlnK of
the Mate Sundnr-Schoot Association at
Nediillrt rrnj-nlimne of I'.xerclses.
Tho followlng'ls mado publlo by Pres
ident Wolfo of tho Stato Sunday-School
Association for tho Information and on
couragemont ot delegates and Intending
To the I'retlittnli) 0 Sunday -Frhool Jtwrtntlonl
aiut Other Sunday-School Wnrken in .Iffi
tetirf: Dsaii Uketiiehn Wo takepleasure In nil
vIslnKjou wo havo secured lliu low into ot
0110 fa ro for the round-trip from nil points
on the Mlsiourl I'liclllc, Iron Mountain nnd
Missouri, Kansas Ar Texas Tallroails to
Bcdnlln and return for dch-Kittcs iitlciidlni;
our State Sunday 8eliool convention, kooI
from August 11 to is Incluslie. All uthur
lines will mnlco ono and one-third faro (If
tliov do not meet the one-fare rate) uu tlio
certlllcttte plan.
Pedal lu workers n ro making every urrangc
mont lu their power to provldo entertain
ment for detonates during tho convention,
August 14 to 17 Inclusive.
Niilues of nil delegatus should bo sent at
tUooallicst luunlcnt possible to J. M. Cain,
V.H , comer Second uivl Oiiigu streets,
Sedallu, ,Mn.
The executive committee desire the presi
dent, secretary and treasurer of each anil
every county association to meet them at
Heilallu for special conference for 1111 ad
vance nil 11I011K thu lines.
This convention must plan for tho com
plete orpunlz itlon of every county, so that
Missouri shall bo the H.iuncr Statu ut thu
seventh Intel national and the second
World's convention In I8M Aincilca l-tlio
banner Nation of thu world In Sunday
school work. If wo nil ilu our duly, we e.m
make Mlsuilll the banner .Statu of thu ban
ner Nation.
The lesponso to the calls of the Stuto exe
cutive committee durinir the past three
years, which resulted In Missouri Minding
ono of tho liirKvst and most Influential
delegations to the sixth International con
vention In l'lltsblirKli, l'.l. 111 Juno tills
year, makes us confident thatevery Sunday
school worker In tho State, especially tho
presidents or county ti-snelatlons, their exe
cutive ollleers and their township nlllciTS
will unite heartily In brlu t;ln;- the counties
Into line ptoinptly, that tlio tido ot pros
perity may ho felt III every county us It Is
lielnir felt now wherever aetlvo effoit Is
bolnf! limde. Sueetss has ult.'uded our of
fi,lts tils jenr bejonil all lilueeilent nnd
your peisonnl liclji w 111 be of sreut benefit
to our church, your county and our State ut
If everv township vice-president could
be at thn Mule convention It would
strengthen and cneour.iwo thein for belter
wink. If it wele possible, every Sunday
school In the state should -end one or luuro
delegates 10 the Statu convention.
Wo have a splendid proiir.iniuie, includ
ing some ot thu very best epiMkors In our
own as will 11s nelghbormg states, and wo
w.intacood rep. lit fioio each county, (both
oral and wiltten. for fulnru lefercnco) b v
lug a complete list of all uiunly uud town
ship nflleers. niune anil post-ollleo address,
ns well as thu nuuie uud post-nlllee addiess
of tho superintendent ol every Sunday
school lu each county.
YVIil you seo that evciy superintendent in
your county is fully advised ot our St.lto
convention, and urge eneli school to be rep
lesentcd. Fi.iternully yours,
1). It. YYoU K, 1'iesldent
6EIIAJ.I.I, Al lil'ST 11-17, im
I 1 m. Meeting of exeeutlvi" committee.
7:00 Ili-votioual exeic'sc, led by Uev. J
it. Fuller, I. I., Scd.ll
7:.li) Addresses ot iVelcomc: lion. V.. YV.
Stevens, mayor of s'jd.illa; liev. II. '. Holler,
pastor Congregai'onul Chuieh.
&..i0-ltoponjs: Mr. A. H. Wagner, Kansas
City; llev. O.V:. Hart. II.innlli.il.
11.31 Social, under au-pices of local leccp.
tlon coin-.ilttee.
innm JiouNixc.
0:00 -Praise service
t:3'i Appointment of couiinittei s.
y.l! Heporls of executive committee, sec
retary, tie.isiircr, State agents Mr. J. II.
l-.irsons, Dr. (Scores II. Mitchell, Kev. A. 11.
Kogcrs; icports of coiintfes
FltlllVV Al-TLIlN'OOX.
3:K)-.Yddrcss: "Tho Training of Tcncher,"
Itev. J. i;. (iilbert, I). 1)., Indianapolis, Ind.
Discussion and lii'iuirles,
1:00 Addiess. 'Tue l'mpoto and Worth
ot I'rluuiry Teaching," Miss Ida 1 1. Ander
son, Indianapolis, Ind. Discussion and
l:.n-C'onfiicnecofTinintv presidents with
president of state us,ocliltlon.
1 lllllAV EVI.MMI.
I 7:30-Iuvotlonat meeting, under direction
of Itev. II. 1'. Holler, Scil.ilia.
fc:0U Address: ' lntcrnullonal and Statu
Sunday -school Woik," Ml'.Wni. licynoliK of
1-eoila. III., (tnlein ilion il s. s. Ujpresmit
utlve). Kepjltof S1x.l1 Interniiuon.il sun-djy-Sihool
convention, Itev. s. t". l'ultuer,
I. D., St. Louis.
9:0 Illlilu Heading: "0111111110011 in tho
Illbli-," ItcY.J. i: (iilbert, II. D.Iudlanapu.
Us, 1ml.
0:3i Itcpotts of special coiuuilttous; uluc
tlon of ollleersi miscellaneous; county re
ports continued,
J; !0 "Noiiuul Kxerelses," Kev. .1. i:. Gil
best, I). I),, lndlnuapolls, Ind.
3.-15 Addiess: "Org.lniz itlon nnd Manage
ment if 1-i'iiuaiy Classes," Miss Ida 1:. An
derson, Indianapolis, Ind.
4:00 (Question drawer.
I :.i Conference 'f county secretaries and
tiensurers with sccretniy and treasuror
Statu association.
7:T Devotional exercises, conducted by
Mr. YVIlllam lieynolds. l'eorlu. III.
H:0 Address; "Te.iehlng How to Think,"
Kev. M. lthodus, K. . St. I.onls.
a:00-FlYC-inlnutu talks by delegates.
0:00 Sunrisu prayer meeting, led by itev,
8. (I. Klllott. Aurora.
0:O0-Y'lsltlng Sedalia Sunday.schools.
10:30 Attending dlvlno services Sedalia
St'SOAV AriEitxoo.v.
3:00 Union Sunday-school scrvlco, Mr.
YVIlllam Hoynotds, superintendent; Her. J,
12. Gilbert, D. I., teacher. Union primary
cxciclses, coudtietod by Miss Ida K. Ander
son. Voting Men's Itlble class, conducted
by Mr. It 1. Duncan, St. Joseph.
7:3V-Address! "Young People's Society ot
Christian llndcnvor;" Mr. Goorgo II Gruff,
president Missouri State Union.
8:13 "Sunday-school Alms," Itov. Jplin
Mutthcws, I). 1 , St Louis.
0:0l-l'aiting woids by delegates.
Charllo Pblnlzy, of Athons, Ga., Is
an unorrlng marksman, and achieved a
feat tho othor day that required an ex
traordinary degreo of skill. Ilo placed
a tiny piece ot paper on tho head ot a
negro and shot it oil with a parlor rifle.
The negro evidently was ondowed with
Iron nervos or was a firm bollovor In pro
dostlnatlom -Profossor (to law class) "If A. 11.,
C. 1)., K. F. and G. II, agrco together to
plundor tho public treasury by means of
forged vouchors, what would you de'
nomlnato tho combination?" llurnlsh
llrlght (a jowelor's son) "An Initial)
ring, sir," Jowojer's Weekly,

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