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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, September 11, 1890, Image 4

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Bponkor Hood Tnljoa tv Flying Trip
to Mulno.
flrtrtlna. ltn lUmte A Spend, nl I'ort.
lnitil Wherein llo Mimm llow
Well tho ltKpiililleun llnvs
Kept llietr I'mmlne.
iIavkiiiiim, Mass., Sopt. 4. Speaker
Itond and Honry Cnliot Lodgo loft llos
ton for' 1'ortlaml at 8 a. in. to-day on tho
Provincial express. Chairman llurJctto
nnil Secrotary Wiirdwcll of tlio Massa
chusetts ltepuhllcan State committee
accompany them to Dover.
At S:05 a. in. tho train airlvod hero
uliorn a crowd of 2,000 pcoplo nwaltcd
It Tho Speaker received a grand ova
tion when ho appearod. A lino was
formed, conslstlnpot ltrothcr Jonathan's
Republic llattallon, headed by a brass
band, and tho column marchod to a
stand in Hallroad Square, whero Major
llurnham Introduced Mr. Heed to tho
audience. Tho distinguished guest
epoko about twenty mlnutosand was re
peatedly applauded.
In tho eourso of his remarks Mr.
Itocd said: "Tho great object for
which all political parties are
formed Is to glvo peace and prosperity.
In tho last campaign tho pcoplo h.v a
solemn voto declared themsolvos In fa
vor of the protection of American In
dustries. The pooplo havo n right to
rco that tholr wishes tiro carried out
The markets of America belong to tho
American people, and In my judgment
within a short timo this will bo carried
out Hut for tho opposition of tho Dem
ocrats tho American pcoplo would linto
rontroled their markets long ago. It 19
Htrange that oven In tho greatest vic
tories tho porcontngo of result is so
much smaller than our enthusiastic
hearts could wish, but I am sure that
In this cao there will bo a more ex
tensive fulfillment of tho principles and
wishes of tho victorious party thin
ever before In the history ot tho
I'nited Stales. I shall welcome that
because I bcliovo It is of tho utmost hit
IHirtance. And, yet, my friends, you
can we to-day, In tho nowspiipors wlilch
represent tho Democratic party, that
iho party Is lighting desperately even
for delay. Day after day and Week utt
er week tho Democrats in tho Senate
havo been dolaylng tho peace and pros
perity of tho country."
They havo postponed action to the
disadvantage nut only of industries
needing protection, but of tho working
people. Tho importers havo had tin op
liertunlty to pour a vast flood of goods
into this country in anticipation ot tho
new tarltf.so that whon lis result comes
we may havo to wait six months, but
full elteet of tho bill upon tho pooplo Is
not noticed. It is becauso of tho vast
magnitude of the otTocts of such a bill
that reasonable cam has to bo taken.
As it is, say to you, that tho
MoKinley bill is a bill that has had
tho consideration ot tho whole people.
Tho people's wlshos are registered in
that bill. This Congress, when it shall
havo completed its wotk, will havo put
this country on tho road to prosperity.
Wo havo done all tho necessary work
to enablo tho peaco ot tho country to
go on. Tho only obstaclo seems to bo
tho dilatory nctlon of tho Democratic
party, lteforo Congress adjourns, I
tuist before this month shall bo out,
every thing necossary for tho prosper
ity of tho country will bo dono.
Speaker Uecd and Mr. Lodgo were
then escorted to tho train and their
trip was resumed.
At Hover, New Hdinpnhlrct
i)ovi:ii, N. II., Sept. ft. tlotnecn Hav
erhill and Dover tho train stopped at
Kxeter and Newmarket. At tho for
mer place .Mr. Rood showed hlmsolf to a
small crowd and was cheered. At tho
latter place ho was met by a delegation
ot prominent Dovorltes. Tho train
stopped at Xewmarkot junction ten
minutes, leaving at 10::i." a. in., rt few
citizens having shaken hands with Mr,
llocd in tho car.
A special train of throo cars from
l'ortland with a brass band, arrived at
Dover at half-past ton o'clock to await
Mr. Heed's arrival. Tho lattor's train
arrived at 10:S5 a. m. Tho Speaker
was greeted with chcors. Ho said: "I
am glad to sec you here becauso of (he
help it gives to tho brothcrn. It shows
that tho faith onco dollvered to tho
taints Is still kept In New Hampshire."
Tho remainder of the addresj was In
vindication of tho keeping of its prom
ises by tho Itopublican party, and at its
conclusion Mr. Heed was loudly
i The sI(.k,.r at I'ortl.m I,
l'oiiri.AM), Me.,. Sept. 5. Throo thou
sand people wolcomod Speaker Heed
homo last night at tho City Hall. Mr.
Heed was accompanied to tho platform
by tho mayor. State Koproscntativo
1'ogg, who presided, presented tho
Spoakor, who was received with pro
longed applause. Mr. Hoed said:
I'artlcs havo tholr years of depres
sion and tholr years of exaltation fust
as individuals havo tholr moments ot
depression and of good cheer, l'artlbs
havo tholr periods when thoy do great
work and porlods when thoy seem to
havo no other hopo than tho niero pre
servation of oxlstonco. Slnco 1874,
when tho Republican par.y first faltered
in Its groat duty of preserving liberty
and oquallty boforo tho law for all clt
Jzons of tho United Statos, a Repub
lican llouso of Roprosontatlvos had
boon rare. This has not been becauso
there Is no longor a Republican major
ity, but becauso by frauds too apparcut
to bo denied, by ballot-box stulllng too
notorious to bo disputed, twonty-flvo
seats in the Houso have been wrested
from us under tho open, defiant declar
ation that tho Southern Democratic
whito man shall not only rule tho black
man of the South but tho white man of
the North.
Twoyoars ago In tho loner House,
caused by tho battlo sot In array by tho
froo tradors, wo triumphed so signally
that oven tho cohorts ot fraud were si
lenced, and, after a fow Ineffectual
struggles to count us out, wo had tho
llouso by tho small majority of live, in
stead of our real majority of twenty
flvo. Long bofore Congress assembled tho
air had boon resonant with tho hopos
end threats of tho minority, wltlidoclar
atlons that thov wern In rutn In
disregard ot tho will of tho pooplo of
tho United States. At tho vory worst
no moasure should pass which 'did not
havo tho sanction of their high ap
proval. If any man hero thinks thoy
reckoned without tholr host, had
no foundation on which to build tlloir
fc4pes and their throats, ho knows vory
Httlo of the doopdald schemes of many
years to rondor tho Republicans pow
Mew wUob Ysr tboy ibotM ?et con
trol. ior years rule lids boon piled
Upon rulo and decision upon default Id
render legislation tioftohdont upon tho
surforaneo o! tho minority, filibuster
ing lurked in ovory lino. 1'hO power
of obstruction was without limit
Now tho House ot ltoproscntativos U
not n body quick to do buslnoss under
any sot of rulos.
When wo cleared tho decks for action
there was plenty to do and wo havo
dono It to tho full measure of satisfac
tion. Wo havo achieved nil that tho
Republican party promised, and moro.
Most platforms nro but glittering gen
eralities, good enough for tho campaign,
but our last platform has been treated
by tho Home of Ituprosantittlvcs lllto it
groat tru t. Wo promised tho pcopltt
that tho tarllt should haVo'falr nrti ox
halistlvo treatment, that protection
should havo full recognition, and In
these linpoitant bills wo have kept tho
promise lo tho word, lly tho Adminis
trative bill a wlso and discriminating
cltort has been mado to sccuro to our
manufacturer-! and merchants tho com
pleto be lie lit ot tho rules ot duty im
posed by law. lly virtue of that bill
wo hope wo havo bid farowotl to thoso
Wicked undervaluations which choatod
tho honest Importer out ot his trade
and the honest manufacturer out ot his
bushiest. Wo hopo wo havo made
valuations and duties alike In all ports,
so that men may rhoso, without loss,
freely whero they will land their goods.
If any tarllt bill was over tho result
ottho belief ot tho wholo pooplo of the
I'nlted Slates the McKlnloy bill Is that
bill, l'rom tho middlo ot January un
til tho very day tho bill passed, who
ever demanded a hearing ha t It livery
Interest was lepresented, and Until tho
last moment it had the correction o(
every fact.
Another great achievement of tho
House of Representatives Is tho Sliver
bill. Already silver Is seen to bo
climbing Into par with safety to all in
all parts of tho country.
Thoro as another promlso kepi,
mado by tho managers. 1'or years tho
Republican party had declared most
righteously that there could not bo In a
Republic a duty more acred than tho
duty if upholding tho right of ovory
citizen to participate in tho (lovorn
went The llouso ot Representatives,
true to Its duty, has passed a bill which,
when it becomes a law, will glvo to the
people of the I'nlted States tho suf
frages ot millions. It will enablo votes
to be cast and counted as cast.
The llouso ot ReprotentatlM's, after
a fierce fight ot many days, has do
tei mined, 120 to moro than four to
one that hooer soils pure lard may
label It as such, and whoover soils A
compound of lard and other things
shall call It a compound, to the end that
people may know what thoy are buy
ing. Slnco tho election of the present
House ten members havo died and one
Senator. Among thorn havo boon the
most famous men of the Houso. Will'
lain I). Kelly, the great champion ot
protection; Samuel .1, Randall, heart of
oak and will of Iron, tho strongost
foroo In half a century: and S.uuunt
Sullivan Cox, at onco brilliant and
laborious. When wo havo paid duo
roverenco anl spoken propor oulogisos
over these and their companions not
less than twenty-one working days will
havo to bo counted.
Hut In closing what I havo had to
say, It would not bo just to rest tho
claims of tho Homo upon even tho cata
leguo ot Its great deeds. What tho
llouso has shown tho country that any
Houso fan do Is worth a prince's ran
som. Henceforth promises can not bo
excused oxcept by performance. Henco
forth great measures can not bo lost
and nobody know what has bocomo of
them. I'arty responsibility has begun,
and with It also the responsibility of
the people, for thoy can not longer elect
n Democratic House and hopo that tho
minority will noutinltun their action,
r n Republican llouso without being
sum that It Will keep Its pledges. If
WO havo broken tho precedents of a
hundred years, wo havo sot tho prece
dents ot another thousand ycars,nobler
than tho last, wherein responsibility
will be on tho people, wherein tho peo
ple, with full knowiodgo that their
servants can act, will chooso thoso Who
will worthily carry out tholr will.
Tin, I'enlleulliry Oiirntlnii-lt illllruHiin
liy I tie People Nut Necessuri'.
Iacksiin, Miss., Sept. 5. The consti
tutional convention yesterday disposed
of the penitentiary question by adopt
ing a substitute for tho committee re
port It does not materially change tho
original report, but It gives tho Legis
lature a largor discretion than was at
first proposed. Tho substitute provides
that no convicts shall bo leased or hired
to any corporation, public ot private,
after December 1:1, ItS'.U, and that tho
Legislature shall abandon tho leasing
"ystoni as soon as possible.
Tho judiciary committee lo Whom
Was referred tho question ot tho au
thority of tho convention to enact a
constitution without submitting tho
samo to tho people fur ratification re
ported that in Its opinion tho conven
tion had the authority to give to tho
constitution it may aduptcomplcto obli
gatory elfect, without submitting It for
ratification to tho pcoplo, and that tho
claim that it requires for Its validity a
ratification by a voto of tho pcoplo, has
no support in any principle ot constitu
tional law, and Is merely a political
theory or doctrine, which has In soino
ot the States acquired authority from
Arres,,, fir Answering Clrecn (Ion, Is
W.sniNfi'io.N, Sopt, 5. Tho l'ost-ollli-
a Department has received Informa
tion of tho first arrest undor tho act of
March ISS'.l, which makes it unlawful
to answer a green goods circular. J. .1.
S. Nicholson, wholesaler, wroto under
date of October 1.1, to Aflani 1. Cnnklln,
Hoboken, N. J., In onrwor to a typo
wrlttun circular. Conklln's mall was
stopped and Nicholson's letter was
found containing $10 for which he was
lo rccolvo MUO worth ot groon goods.
Tho arrest was mado Tuosday ut Lewis
Ion, Md , and Nicholson was given a
hearing yesterday bo to re Commissioner
Hogcis, of lS.iltlmore, and held undor
ft, SOU bonds to await tho action ot tho
grand jury, In default ot which ho wont
to jail, rost-oillco Inspeotors Jacobs
and Stoutenbcrg arrostod Nicholson it
Lewlston, and ho admitted mailing tiio
lotter which, ho said, was written by
his sister.
lion, I.overett Stltonstall Imprnrlnjr.
Boston, Sopt 4. Tho condition of
Hon. Lovorott Saltonstall, ox-cplloctor
of the port of Jlostort, whose serious 111.
noss lias occasioned uiuoh anxiety Is re,
povteflnj much. jwvroYtfl- '
itanlan arid llamm had a quarrel at
Kansas City rccoritly. llanlart called
tlahim' it tllrtjr tranir) and nd gontlonian,
whloh nearly led td blow.
.John F. Cutnmlng's scat with tho
Bradford crow lias boon takon By an
other membor In rcsponso to n demand
from tho mombors of tho crow and ofll
cors of tho olub.
Ooorgo Hyslop, of Toronto, at Mon
treal dofoatod. Bonodlct, tho crack
swimmer of tho Montreal Swimming
Association, for tho championship ot
Canada by over twenty yards.
Tho Superior Yacht Club, of Milwau
kee, has oloctcd those officers for tlio
ensuing yean l'rosldonti 0. L. Catllns
Vlco-I'rcsldont, N. li. llntisdiil SecrotarVi
Charles N. O'Harcs Treasurer, John A.
Tito sculling raco between rfohn F.
Parke, (leorgo V. Vari Vllottihd Charles
Bacngor, of tho Vospor Boat Club, of
l'hlladclphla, at Uaglo'a Mere, on Aug.
23, resitltod In a victory for I'arko, who
beat Van Vllot by a third of a length.
Saongor finished three lengths in tho
Dr. Charles B. Penrose, treasurer of
tlio Kxamlnlng Board of l'ensloii3, and
Robert Ralston, both of Philadelphia,
swam down tho Delaware rlvor from
l'hlladolphla lo Chestar, a dlstanco of
fifteen hllles, August 25. Tho men swam
for a wager, Dr. Penrose Winning in flvo
hours and flvo minutes. Mr. Halston's
tltno Was flvo hours and thirteen min
utes. Tho well-known professional oarsman,
lack Largan, had a very closo call tho
other day on tho Harlem river. Whilo
speeding In his now paper shell botweon
tho Harlem and Madison avenuo bridges
his boat suddenly struck a floating log
and was overturned. Struggle as ho
would, Largan could hot extrlcato his
feet from tho straps attached to tho
stretchers, llo was fast growing ex
hausted when Oliver, tho boat-bulldcr,
put oil In a boat to his rcscuoand brought
him ashore.
Dennis Donohuo, of tho Nautilus
Rowing Club, of Hamilton, (Int., who
was disqualified by tho oxecutlvu com
mittee of tho Canadian Association of
Amateur Oarsmen, claims to havo been
unjustly treated by tho committee, and
says that ho will havo nothing moro to
do with tho association. Donohuo has
lustfully one race, and has helped to win
two American championships with the
Nautilus four. Ho will now onter too
prolession.il ranks, and would llko to
mako a match with Casey, of Boston;
Joyce, of Springfield, Mass.; Corbott, of
Chicago, or Rodger, of Saratoga.
Cuusrs ol llie at Present Small l'ITrcnc,
In letilln Average of tho Two lilg
Tho statistician who weekly, at prob
ably great labor, compiles a lot of in
teresting record and averago tables for
tho Boston lllobc, talks convincingly of
tho causes of tho now slight dlfferonco
between tho Holding averages of tho old
and tho now leagues. Says ho:
'All ball-players know tho dlfforenco
between fielding behind an eflectlvo
pitcher and ono who deceives tho bats
man but Httlo and gets 'killed.' As
batting averages go up Holding averages
como down. As a rulo perfect Holding
goes with light-hitting contests.
'I had occasion to mako a similar re
mark a year ago when an analysis of
tho records for the first half of tho sea
son of 1SS9 indicated that tho batting
was heavier and tho fielding was corre
spondingly poorer than for tho season
of 18SS.
"This fact wants to bo noted when
ompaving tho records of tho two
leagues An lnHoldcr's position in tho
Player's League, owing to tho great In
crease In tho batting, Is much harder to
fill acceptably than tho samo position
in tho National League. I should llko
lo sco Mcuarr, tho 'cannon ball eater,'
Wrestling with tho ball that Billv Nash
sent down to Deacon Whlto In Satur
day's game.
Chilli and rover.
When a person gets tho chills and fever
they don't want to take medicine that docs
thcra no good. They don't feci a bit llko
dolbtf such a foolish thing. They want a
mediclno that Is safe and ono that is sure.
IVoll, there Is one remedy thut, whllo being
perfectly harmless, lias novcr failed una
icvor will fall to completely euro chills and
lever, and that remedy Is Smith's Tonic
Syrup. It Is mado by Dr. John Bull, of
Doulsvllle, Kj., and Is as sure to euro chills
md fever as daylight is to follow darkness.
In tho malarial.Bcason It is an excellent
feincdv to have handy. A single dose will
chock u cold and allay feverish symptoms.
Kvcry intelligent laniuy snouia Keep n in
their household and uso It ns a prevent
ive of colds and malaria, as well as a quick
I'Hii.Aniarnu has presented a dock to
tho cruiser bearing her name. No one can
deny thut tills Is a timely and striking pres
ent. Rtiirii's Tohid Byrup Is tho best, thing for
chills and fever that has ever been scld.
Crawford S Walker, West l'olnt, Oa.
Whed a clock strikes It Is working, but
when a mall strikes ho isn't.
Don't wait until you uro sick boforo trying
Carter's Little Liver Tills, but get a vial ul
ones. Vou caU't take them without benefit.
HAW'S aoksn Kxennlons
Nkw Yobk, Sept io, mx
(JATTt.K Nntlvo fitcers S 3 15 0 00
COTTON Middling a I04
HXJUIl-WlnterWhoat 3 30 O
WHKAT No. Jlted Kltia
COUN-No. 2 MYt
OAT8-Wente.ru Mixed KB a
rOltK-Mcss 11 23
ST. I.OU13.
UEEVKS-r.xport Steers 4 75 a
Shipping. HI a
IIOOR-Common to Select,., s 75 a
hllKUI'-HuIr to Choice. B 25 U
KIAIUIt-l'iitents 5 00 13
G 25
1 03
it to
6 00
t CO
i 10
5 00
5 10
3 75
o 01
9 oo
XXXtoOhnleo 2 00
WIIEAT-No, 2 Ited Winter.. U7Ui'd
COKN-No. 2 Mixed tiVMt
OATS No. 2 S3 a
KYE-No. 2 00 a
TOUACCO-I.URs (Missouri)., 2 oo a
I."af. llurlev. 8 15 a
HAY Clear Tlmothr 10 00 a li 00
HUTTER-Ciiolce Dairy 16 a 19
KUGS-Fresii 13 a
l'OKK Standard Mess a
IIACON-Clear Klb CVtm
I. A uu-l'rl me steam
WOOL-Cholco Tub
10 50
31 a S3
5 23
i 01
5 00
6 61
5 50
10 00
4 70
4 80
CATTr.E-Shlpplnit 8 25
ll&liS-Oood to Clinlco 4 00
8IIEKP Good to Choice 8,50
I'LOUlt-Wlntorratonts 4 83
Spring Patents 5 20
WIIEAT-No. 2 Spring
CORN-No. 2
OATS-NO. 2 Vhltu
l'OUK Standard Mess..'.
OATTLE-Shlpplng Steers... 8 23
UOGS-Sulesut SCI
WIIEAT-No. 2 Red 00
OATS-No. 2 S3
COUN-No. 2
FLOUR-IUkIi Grade 4 SO a 6 4J
COUN-Whito a Bl
OATS Choice Wostorn a 6CW
IIAY-Cholce 15 O) a 16 50
I'OilK-New Mes a II 25
HACON-Clenr Itlb ... a 0
COTTON Middling a 10
WHEAT No. 2 Ited ,,
COItN-No, 2 Mixed.,,,,,,.,,.
OATS-N", 2 Mixed
I'ORK-Me ,
HAC'ON-Olour llll).,,
SQurl. Kansas, Jttebrsska. Arkansas, In
rtbtn nWHtn nUdlmtni. Texas. Colo.
teAot Now Msifou, Wyoming, Utah, Id alio,
Montana, South and North UalcotJ, Iowa
and Minnesota, . ,
Rati-Ono Fare for Hound Trip. For
time tables, tlcksti andothorpartlculnrs
"JPI'lr to the nearest ticket agent of tho
Wabash OT cenneoling Hues. .
wnsn a man Is convincea n no
any thing to hlmsolf lie Is always very anx
ious to pay It DlnBhamtoffKopybllcanT
Much Needed rurorm
In tho condition of n disorderly or torpid
liver Is no sooner instituted by Uostcttor's
Dyspepsia, also, twin brother of biliousness,
vacates the ranch. Kidney troubles, ma
larial affections nod nervous complaints
also succumb to tho Blttcrft.
It requires courago to aoknowlodge to
gray hairs, and that Is why a brave man
dyes but once. Texas Sittings?
8uttTBn,Sotrrrt OAriotis, fune9d, 188?.
Da. A. T. BiULLENDEnacrt,
. Rochester, To. Dtar Sir.- I have
poori using your Antidote for Malaria In my
family for several years. For moro than it
car I had chills, find was to low down that
1 had not strength to walk. Mr. Whomsley
beggod mo to try tho Antldoto, and It cured
rno at once. I am now a strong, healthy
man. Wo use no other medicine In the f nm
lly I as we And It tho quickest, safest, add
also tho cheapest Yours very truly,
Samuel &.H1K,
BsronEybuddany.thlng tricked, remem
ber that tno papers will probably want to
mention It Atciilren Globo.
Is tniCKtT Asn BiTrens good for any
thing! Read what Frank Orlggsby, of
Dodge Cltyt Kan., says I "For threo years I
suffered from a dlscaSo that my physicians
pronounced Incurable. My friends had
given mo up to die, when I was Induced to
try your remedy. I took It for threo months
and have gained 83 pounds in weight Am
a well man nnd Prickly Ash Bitters saved
my life. I am undo life-long obligations
to this medicine, and will never cease to
recommend It"
Nature has wisely arranged matters so
that n man can neither pat his own back
nor kick himself.
The Ureal St. Louis Kxposltlou for 18V0
Wllh Ollmore's full baud aod tho grand
e?t Electrical display ever madonnosrlh,
will be open until October 18th. Tin
Wnba'h offers the usual low rntes to aud
from Kt. Louis. Particulars ot tho near
est Ticket Agent.
With tho angler It Is moro a matter of
knowing Just when than Justwhcro to draw
tho lino.
No nEMEnr In the world Is so highly ap
preciated by mothers as Dr. Bull's Worm
Destroyers. Many little children owe their
good health to thoso dainty Httlo candles.
ENnnar nnd a boy digging fish bolt both
mean about tho same thing. Ham's Horn.
Rev. n. P. Cakso. Scotland, Dak., says
"Two bottles of Ball's Catarrh Cure com
pletely cured my littlo girl." Bold by Drug
gists, 75a
"I'm not tall," said tho saving littlo man,
"but I'm never short" Boston Herald.
"I casie and saw n saw," said tho faeo
tlous tramp, "but 1 didn't saw "Boston
ALtensesof weak or lamo back, backache,
rheumatism, will find rellof by wearing ono
ot Cnrtcr's Kmart Weed nnd Belladonna
Backache Plasters. Prico 23 cents. Try them.
Or ono thing nobody can truthfully say It
isn't in it." That Is tho letter l.liilladcl
phla Press.
Foil washing anel, Dobbins' Blcctrle
Bonn is mnriclous. Blankets and woolens
washed with It look llko title, and there Is
absolutely nothrtidlni. No other soap in
tho world will do such perfect work. OIvo
Yot can't teach an old dog now tricks,
but you can buy a new dog. Tcrre Ilaute
EvEnT traco of salt rheum is obliterates
by Glenn's Sulphur Ho.ip.
Hill's Hair nnd Whisker Dye, SO cents.
The Daylight
You are an intelligent person
and know a good lamp
when you see it. The best in
the market is the " Daylight,"
whose light is equal to
EIGHTY CANDLES 1 It is the only
lamp to read or sew by,
and until you have used one
you do not know what a
PERFECT light is. Send to
the Daylight Lamp Co.,
38 Park Place, New York,
and get the full particulars.
..a us
, , a 60')
,. a Mtt
.. u li do
1 1. ,
Both tho method and reuulta when
Byrup of Figs is takon ; it Is pleasant
ondrefreshingtothetasto, nndacta
gentlyyetpromptlyon tho Kidneys,
Liver and BoTfels,,clcanees tho sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers pnd cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs Is tho
only remedy of its kind overpro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable) to the Btomach, prompt in
its action nnd truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances,
its many excellent qualities com
mend it to (ill and have made it
tho most popular remedy known.
Syrup ofFigsis for sale in 60o
and 81 bottles bv; ail leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have It on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any ono who
wishes to try iv: ,( JJo not accept
any substitute '-
,CotjrrltM,M. . -
A departure
from ordinary mothodn lias long
been adopted by tlio makers of Dr.
Pierco's Golden Medical Discovery.
Thoy know what it can do and
thoy guarantee it. Your money
is promptly returned, if it fails Vo
benefit or euro in all diseases arising
from torpid liver or impure blooa..
Ko better terms could bo asked for.
No better remedy can bo had.
Nothing clap that claims to bo a
blood-purifier is sold in lhis way
becauso nothing cltd is lileo tho
G. M. D." . . .
So positively certain is it in its
curativo effects" ns to warrant its
makers in selling itt as thoy aro do
ing, through druggists, on trial
It's especially pojtcnt in curing
Tetter, !3alt-rbcum, tfezema, Ery
sipelas, Boils, Carbuncles, Soto
lives, Goitre, or Thick jcck, and
Enlarged Glands, Tnm5 ,and
Swelling's. Great Eating TJIccrs
rapidly hoal undef its bonign
flnenco. "World's Dispensary Sib."1
ifT.il Association. 003 Mala Stront.
Buffalo, N. Y,
bas Jils nama andprloa itfcmped
ShMt r
tJTSead'adDrestonpdsUI rovralQ&M triform at loo.
DouubAK, nrockton, Nan.
V. Ts.
inn's Pills
The flrloo often aatonUhea theln
valid, glVHug: elasticity or inlnd ana
Bouyanor of Body
to Tthlcti Se vra IMfore ft trunser.
Tlicy glvo appetite,
rcenlarboiv'ilaj nnd nollt flMh. Rice
Ijr sugar coated. l'rico,20cu.ier box
-Sold Evei'ywlxero.
Bui do not uss the dangerous alkallns
and mercurial preparations which deslroj
your nervous system and ruin Iho digestive
power ol the stomach. The vegetable" king
dom gives us the best and safest remedial
agents. Dr. Sherman devoted the greater
part ol his Ufa to Iho discovery ol this relia
ble and sain remedy, and all lis Ingredients
aro vegetable. He gave It Iho name ol
Bikers !
a name overy one can remember, and to the
present day nothing hasboendlscovered thai
Is so btnetlclal lor the BLOOD, (or the
LIVER, lor the KIDNEYS and (or the
STOMACH. This remedy Is now so well
and lavorably known by all who have used
it that arguments as to its merits are use
less, and H others who requlro a correct
ive lo tho system would but give II a trial
the health ol this country would be vastly
Improved. Remember the name PfllCKLY
ASH BITTERS. Ask your druggist (or II.
Core BILIOUS and
Nervous ILLS.
25cts. a Box.
HOOIC TO "Moth ru' M itf.in ITret.
Ult.MU lLI.U I.Kf.iri.ATOIt C, ATXAMVk, CA.
mini nr alu iJnuooiflTa.
IUI3 tAXtll (itTj tiM- ;m wrtt.
IMrHlTIVELV CLItKD wllh VrccUble Itemed!?
liars curoil mnny t Jiouaand canen. cure paiienut pro
rutiH'otl hote!by the beit phrilclnns. from (Hit
iTinnii.ins fftnliMv dlaa nnoitr. Anil In ten riAVm At
lan.ltanlhlrrisnf nil mlitom afO IL'inOTtfd. Hi Till
for KHLB HOOK of t-itlmonlli of mlrneuUm ure.
Ten duos treatmmt furnished frco by null. If you
e.r. i"v.' ..v.r.'v,"". . "'" V 'f iJnr". ".""
I IC. ii, ii, ai r.r,.Ti (V Aina.i4A
rHUU IllU F Aflat Una n mU.
17. T, riUier.W, A lift no
at L . M ubliicion. I. U
IT91U THIS r&TXtt Tr lim jg rJa.
-chtedAuq. 18, 1887, Improved 4uty 30 1889
V&ND BU8PnaORl vlU
5ori All Khtnmttlo Com-
and Kerrom DtbiUtr.
Coitirentu, Xldntr
Diitaiea, JftTTOninna,
Arrnuurif Dxoai ax
hamUoa. Wutlrif of
canted iBdltonUou In
dor Sinrlt Life,
or ri rnYflfr- INdULtditriRriic.
OWEM'ft ELCIliniU . 4 n-i. nnmhin.ri.
Also an Elaotrlo Trusf atK Mcu.wbUhwiiib
.t a riin or
S.d So. m.Im, f.f r ihmv o.
MlTMl.rl.lBtM'MfD',. '.lANCE 00.
0WBH I1I0TBIO HI.T arir. ijqxub, U0.
.Ion north roodwar. BT. .
Whonovor you visit v"
tho shops In town,
Looking for Braid
to bind your gown,
Soouro the Clasp,
whorovor found.
That holds the Roll
on which is wound
Tho Braid that Is known
the world around.
woukr la lh V, R. A. owl
ibclr tlm and ibelr faealth and
their happlBfM loXM'a rood
ihHr 4nr dlt n l1mrf
nd OhtMtaood Bartobt
Kti1'i fourl, Bt pranUu,
AIX CuDiTlULH. 4 CO. ffalwer Una.
Our Well Machine are thomoit
HBI.IABLB.Df BBLK,BrrcKsri;i.l
iiirjuoniiiirj DiMiKinq
1 her riN IMll tVella where
o thcra KAIL! Any I Ire, S
incnea 10 h incuea ammeter.
VN1U1 THIS FirZU 7Un.jw niu.
for the tikln rem uvea llvJr ipoti, italna, plmplet, erup
tloni and black headi, makci the skin imooth, soft and
Telrety.curei eczema and antt rheuin, tnaket the com
plexion clear and beautiful. Taken Internally, with olnt-
MKtucitB Co., 671 M, W.h 8U,6t, Louli,
ment for external application, For ale by all drutrRlata.
jianuiaciurva uy me un, tviisron
by all druiTRliH,
Sent lTppnlil on Uccolpt of l'rlrc, 81.00.
1 ultlnn ralil III in.t.llmrntl. AV . n.tUt In po.lllonii.
imtfUDiMT nuoitrH schooi. iNotrEaoettci. us.
WKAMI IU15 rum mn Um in iM.
UAHTFI1 PEACH 8EED In lots 1 to 1,000 JluM
IIHI1II.U ,i. staukiiikm., Louisiana, Mo
I r i -aWr?'"'jKO
' a mn BaaV aBV V RB Wltttf HEnfi) S Si
I ELY BIIOTI1EU8. 64 Warrca BU New York. lticoMcti.1
Thrif-r is & v -.good revenue"
IHs&solid ckcSpscourin socp.
uTr ihinyournexbhouse-cletening 6.nd behctppy:
Can be secured by the small investment in one cake of
SAPOLI0 when you have a Jtouse or kitchen to clean.
From tlte -paint to the pots and pans, and including the
windows and floors, it is the very best labor-saving soap
for scouring' and cleaning. All Grocers sell it.
KL LouU offtr S.10O to .ny on. wbo can jirot. tb.t
th.r di, not you $J.M to $10 on .ny Suit or Or.rcoal.
ThclrSlOtoSl&buili.ndOTerco.ti .r. .old .li.wb.ro
f la to SJ0. Th.r olio cutr.nlM a f Tln of 21 r c.nl.
on .11 llooti, Sboei. 1UU. C.pi aod Fuinliblog tloodk
Baililutlon guaranteed or money refaoded. Ccalnr
order, promptly filled. Send (or llluitrated c.ulmua.
70S lo 713 franalla iienM, ST. LOUIS, HO.
Thi Trndo
Mark Is on
The Best
In the world.;
.. J.Towee.Boetop.
r' euooQMfuiiy PRoacouTca ola
&IMa3(!kinVa.liliicton, II. O.
teuooupsiuiiy i-ntjrjsuui an vLAimrj.
Thomanrl, HNTITLEr
under th. NEW ULVT.
Wrlu Inra.dlatolr (ol
I. Bli&HK?. for applica
tion. J.n.CItALLE J.OO.. W.ll.Ua.l.a
la-VAMl ml, FAfaKewUMyennUe.
VUCllfl V ClPkf Sllrr,.i410o(oruniplel
if bllr4l.ll wluri dote. of tbearAnowl.da.dcr.at-
eil i.ir.r. Kidney ana uowei specino ui. woria .i.r pro.
duced. lUmell'l Iterbal U.d.,?A rrankllo AT., SI. Louie,
and Tumor. Cured, no kntr,tKK,
fr... TJpe.Oratln,YjBn.h.
1U Elm Btr..t. Cloclonall. Oblo.
YflUMfl MFH Loarn Telrapbr and Itatlroaij
good iltntlloni. wrlto J, 1). llltOWN, S.daila, Jlo.
no. CO.. B.ou M, tut..
rNaUl TSU raTM .my tee yMvtlla
1 tnanraiK. O. K.ueuq.giiasoo.iowa.
UKIO.ICOI.VKOKof LiW.Cblo.io.K.llT.rmb.
In. u.(it.Jj. or otrcultr add. If. Booth. Ctlci4
A. N. K. B.
ljJW ln 4TMrlM I tli
nnY onnnn. nroTHiNO. HATS.
caps, noors. shoes, GitocEn-
UW 1VA1W, UlluH, SALiA'i
Country Produce bought nnd sold-.
Goods delta sred freo of charge to
any part of tho city. t
701 & 003 West Main nnd Corner:
of Tiollver Street. . '
E1. -A.- ID "W" X G- X-I O?,
Oroocnoi, Artcultiirnl Implements
WaROiis, Spring Wagonur, Ktigglca,
Road Carts. Plowa, Harrowii-,. Jlay
Uakcs. Corn Shelters,. Fend Ciittow,
Steel Roatl-Scrapers.
701 West MalrflStreet.
General Merchandise, No.- (01
tVost Mam Street. . v
Havo tho largest Browing ariill'
Bottling House West of St. Loui. ft
W. W. WAGNER, Proprietor.
S2.00 3? IE IR
Cor. High and Monroo Sis. '
Enlarged, rcllttcd and furnished..)
First class in nil departments. Ac
commodating and trusty porters at
all tinlos.
Electric Bells and IIc?s Guest call
nnd Fim alarm In every room. Odlcc,
Diniti(r Room nnd largest and flnest
Snmplo, rooms In the city on Iho first
Uoori. I
Monuments and Headstones,
'dJolDlu j Met chant'. II, nk, .TctTcrton SU
, ""Kill AND il DISON STS.
FRED. KNAl " Proni'ior.
fhn nr. nW,' I A V
A W 1 1 UJ i)uiuu i . .
l'clrphono couimtinicaliois anv oilier
! rrvnm. 'rcial
rn U(llivciiii:ii;i;. v.
... n . ... a . , ! . .vn. y. in
men will nnd it m nicir nit
stop nt the City. It Is ccntra.'ly V?"
catcd nnd i.s sample rooms nn- M
best. Trusiy porlcrs at all pass.'?
gcr trnins. J
Farm and Machine Repair Shops :
Give us a vail for nnyijiing In our
line. Sallsfitclion guarffcUed.
Sliops on Jefferson 6trcet",. between,
Dunklin and Ashley. '
FRED. TRU ETZEL, Proprietor. V
Having purchased the "Farmers!"
Home," corner of Jefferson and
Dunklin strccti, nnd put everything
about the premises in good order, I
ask tho palronaga cf farmers aid
others. I
First Class Meals and Lodging;.
Finest liquors, wines, beer audi
cigars always on hand. Gnptf horso
and wagon lots. Rates very reason
able. Verv respectfully.
Insurance Agency,
Wines, Liquour, Cigars, Etc.
no. 221 east man stiif.kt.
A lino Lunch counter run in connec
tion with tho saloon, where lunch can
bo had at all houi'3.
Vieth& Miller,
Wlilslij jy tlio gallon nt low rntcsi
Knmlllcs tniiiillfil wllh Cholccs-t acvdt
ser 2 2 0 Madison Street -T&J
To onto nillouincss, ulclt IleaJiclio, ConiU.
pation, Malaria, IJvcr Complnliit., tak
tho aula and certain remedy,
Ft?, SWAM SUo (.OlllUa neana to Ilia
. nil A.c.
,lc of line !. 88c. per llollle.
KSS IHflffi!I.ffimw!iS

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