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Prooa Oommonta o l Frooldont
Harrison's Moasajo,
A Hliile IMpcr 1 lint I ft Moilnl of
Slntouimiislilii mil 1'ittrlrtlUiij.
Tho lastiol i( 180S Ucill'-
' ly DllllUMl.
j l'rotectloti Clonrly nrllncil.
' IClilcnrfo Inter Ocean.
If President Cleveland's last annual
tnPssnpn stands its tlio highest oltlctal
ux position nmUnilorsciuintof froo trade,
then Rtitdy l'rc.sldent Harrison's latest
iumii.il messagci mint hencr-rurth stand
us tlio highest clllclal exposition and In
dorsement of projection. Tlio American
doctrine novor had moro felicitous and
unwavering oxpresslon. Coining a9 It
does upon tho heels of an election
which Npqnicd upon Its faco to bo n pop
ular repudiation of that doctrine, It re
calls tho Hiihltmo realllnnailon of l!u
publk'anlsiii which characterized Presi
dent Lincoln's annual nuusauo of ISU'5,
when tho air was still smoky with tho
bund ros of Copperhead jubilation over
election returns.
'Iho Cleveland messagn wag wholly
dovoted to tho advocacy of Ireo trado.
Not so much as a paragraph was ro
fcerved for tho Roneial purposes of an
tinnual Presidential address to Congress.
'I'hn Harrison messajro commits no
breach of olllclal propriety. 'J'ho condi
tion of tho country, both In its foreign
and its domestic relations, Is set forth
In proper order and proportions. Tho
moro Important legislation of tho last
hesslon, apart from tho Mclvlnley hill,
is slated and commented upon. Ho, too,
aro tho measur m still pending, especial
ly supervision of elections and appor
tionment. In a pcnui.ii way 'he mes
sage is an able and appropriate state"
paper. Tho silver act Is admirably dis
cussed, also Iho London puile, and tho
salient features of tho several depart
mental reports. Hut tho .tarlir comes
in for a di-cu-slon which gives this mcs
satrn a pro-Oiiilnonep over ordinary an
nual messages.
With a clearness which leaves no
room for misinterpretation the Presi
dent demands for tho new tarllf n f.ilr
trial, "'ihero is,'' bo says, "neither
wisdom nor justice In the suggestion
that the subject ot tariff revision shall
bn opened beforo this law has had a f.iir
trial." Ho thus serves noiicn on not
only this Congress, but tho next, that
he will' not bo a party to any such ro
vision, and nobody can for a moment
suppose that such a bill could, bo carried
over the llxecutivo veto.
Tho oHect of this unequivocal declara
tion can not fall to bo reassuring to the
country, runners and manufacturers
with all their financial and industrial
associates can go forward with tho de
velopment of domestic interests under
tho McKlnley hill In tho assurance that
tho mcasuie will bo allorded nmplo op
portunity to bo judged by its actual
fruits, instead of tho gross misrepresent
tatlonsof its onemlos. Without such ap
assurance there might bo a general
timidity In proceeding under its pro
visions. Just such a declaration was
especially needed. Tho President, and
no one-else, could mnko it.
Tho subject of reciprocity is discussed
in a remarkably clear ami perfectly
sound way. 'J ho President brushes
away, wholly and without showing tho
leist feeling in the matter, tho cobwebs
ot a false iuo which tho spiders of
free trado have spun over tho McKlnlev
bill. Protection does not stand in the
way of an enlarged trado with tho other
American countries, And ns for tho
two reciprocity amendments, tho Halo
or Hlnino amendment, which was not
adopted, and tho Aldrich amendment,
which was, ho frankly gives tho prefer
ence to tho latter, petting forth tho
best ot reasons for that preference.
It is now a mon.h slnco the great
political eyelono of 1S00 passed over tho
country. Tho froo traders cherished tho
hope that the very foundation stones of
protection had been loosened, and that
tho cdlllco itself .rocked to its over
throw, llenjimln Harrison, who Has
elected President on that issue, im
proves this tho first opportunity to glvo
tho country to understand that nothing
of tho kind has happened. A fow
shingles and clapboards may clatter in
the wind, but tho structure itself has
not felt tho blast. Tho Hepublican
party Is ns firmly grounded In tlio Amer
ican doctiino now as it ever was, and It
is saTo to say that tho elTect'of thlsbuglo
call to tho faithful will be to rally tho
party to tho standard ot protection
viish a steadfastness of purpose which
will take no heed of tho chattering!)
of mugwump! and semi freo traders.
Kciimilcxh'n for simplicity ami Visor.
.N. V. Mall anil IJxpivss.
Without roferrln? to tho many im
portant and timely, but minor, recom
mendations of tho President in regard
to needed legislation, at this time, wo
commend both tho courago and the con
sistency, the vigor yet moderation, with
which ho defends tho justice and tho
policy of tho National election bill.
Often and nbly as that measure has been
debated, tho President discusses it in
Hiich manner as to compel tho respect
ful attention of all intelligent readers
who really boliovo In "freo and honest
elections." "Tho need of such a law,"
says tho President, "has manifested
itself in many parts of the country, and
its wholesome restraints and penalties
will bo useful in all. Tho constitution,
nlity of such legislation has boon af
firmed by tho Kupromo Court, Its prob
able ollectlvonoss Is evidenced by tho
character of tho opposition that Ismado
to It. ' It has been denouncod as if it
vvcro a new exercise of Federal power
and an Invasion of tho rights of tho
States. Nothing could bo further from
tho truth. Congress has already fixed
tho' time for tho election of mombors of
Congresi It has doclared that votes
for, members of Congress must bo bv
written or printed ballot; it has pro
vided for tho appointment by tho circuit
courts in certain cases, and upon tho
petition 01 a certain numlior of cltl
zons, of election supervisors, and mado
it '-ij?ir duty to supervise tho
registration of votors conducted by
tho State officers; to challenge
persons offering to register; to person
ally Inspect and fccrutlnizo tho registry
lists, and to affix their names to tho
lists for tho purposo of identification
und tho pa-ovontlon ot frauds; to attend
at elections and remain with tho boxes
till tho voles aro all cast and counted;
to attach to ,tho roclstrv lists and oleo-
tton returns ''any statomont touching
mo accuracy ana fairness of tho regis
try and eloctlon, and to talto and trans
mit to tho clerk ot tho IIouso of Kooro
sentatlvcs nny evldonco of fraudulent
practices which may bo prosonted to
men. uih samo law nrovIUos for tho
appointment of deputy United States
marshals to attend at tho polls, support
iho stipci-vlsors In thqdlschargo of tholr
ijutloa, nd to arrest persons violating
tho election lawn Tho provisions ot
this familiar title ot tho revised stat
utes hovo boon put Into exorolso by
Iioth tho groat political parties, and
In tho North as well as tho South, by
tho filing with the court ot tho por
tions required by tho law."
That is tho torsest and cloarcst pos
sible statement of the pith of tho whole
Republican argument. It is unanswer
able. And tho President Justly insists
that tho legislation which isso ossontlal
and unsecttunal shall ho enacted by the
present Congress.
In its details tho mossago is remark
able for thoroughness, simplicity and
vigor. In Its spirit it Is fparlcssly Re
publican, while it is brtadly Ataor
lc.in and patriotic. It is n document
worthy of tho groat and gravo omor
goncles that Congress has to moot
And tho Uepubllcnn majority should ho
Inspired with now courat;o and deter
mination by tho missago.
Iho J.oIbo lllll A lily Dercilileil.
Chicago Tribune
In tho line ot rocoinmondatlons there
aro somn ot practical value. Tho Pres
ident recognizes tho growth of non
Mormon lnlliicnces In Utah, but fears
"tho (ireek beating gifts" in tho an
nouncement of tho church authorities
that polygamy must not bo practlcod
because It Is a violation of law, Ho long
ns they believe -rt-to be right ho would
rcmovo every opportunity for making
It lawful. As to bills providing for tho
erection of public buildings ho nuvkos
tho ndmlrablo suggestion not only that
thoro should bo wise economy, but that
"such legislation should bo based on
sonic responsible and impartial exam
ination and report as to each caso under
a general law." i-trong recommenda
tions are also mado for such action on
tho irrigation question as will glvo to
.the States nnd Territories, or to indi
viduals and associations undor olllclal
supervision, tho opportunity to avail
thcmsolves of tho survoys mado by tho
(Jovemnient as well as of the informa
tion furnished by it as to tho capacity
and locality of reservoirs nnd tho area
to bo Irrigated. Tho legislation for tho
relief of tho Supremo Court and tho
National bankruptcy law aro urged, as
well ns tho pestiferous booic trust of In
ternational copyright. Tho tlmo-hon-oied
subject of postal telegraphy U rec
ognized, and the uso of tho telegraph
by tho Post-Olllco Department, not au
an owner or operator, but upon con
tracts with tho companies to convey
mail communications at specific rates,
is stated as desirable, and at tho samo
time legislation is recommended which
shall enable tho Post-Olllco Department
to mako tho experiment.
Tho message closes with a discussion
of tho necessity of tho so-ealled "force
bill," and on this point tlio Presidont
leaves no doubt as to his meaning and
no room forqttestloninghis earnestness.
Upon no previous occasion has ho ox
pressed li t in sol f with moro seriousness.
IS is not a question, tho Presidont
argues, whether tho country shall havo
a Federal election law, but whothor
tho existing law shall bo mado effective
Tho prcsont law stopsshortof effective
ness, "for It surrenders to tho local au
thorities all control over tho certifica
tion which establishes tho prima-faclo
right to a seat In tho House of Itepro
sentatlves." This, In his opinion, must
bo mmedlpd. As a matter of principlo
tho President's argument is unanswera
ble. As a matter of practice how would
it bo enforced should tho present law ho
mado ellectivo to euro tho ovlls com
plained of as ho suggests? Itccent con
tingencies havo mado any immediate
answer unnecessary, but as n good Re
publican tho President could not do
less than protest against this hideous
institution of minority rulo in tho
South. IIo nt least has mado his pro
test with earnostnoss and vigor, oven if
it goes no further than protest.
imid lCopulillc.tn Doctrine.
lx-s siolues (la.) Register.
Tho most important utterances of tho
message are, of course, thoso in regard
to tho tariff act, reciprocity, steamship
subsidies and Fedoral eloctlon laws.
Upon none of theso will tho Presidont
bo misunderstood. His utterances aro
plain, feailess and in lino with tho
platform and policy of tho party. Tho
tariff law ho says has been variously
assailed, but ho wants it to bo given a
lair lest beforo any changes aro mado
in tho schedulos. That is good Repub
lican doctrine all along preached by tho
lieglster. An attempt at immodiato re
vision, ho says, can not do othcrwiso
than add a depressing Influence of tho
most serious kind. Reciprocity is un
qualifiedly Indorsed nnd tho Presidont
hopes for substantial results from this
clause In tho tariff act. Tho subsidiz
ing ot American steamship linos is in
dorsed as an Important factor In tno de
velopment of tho Nation's commerco
with foreign countries. Tho Fedorat
election law isdlscussed with admirablo
spirit and fairness. In many respects
this Is tho finest portion ot a messago
that Is tho best delivered to Congress In
a long torm of years. Tho unreason
ableness of much ot tho opposition to
1'cdoral election laws Is polnted otlt so
clearly that much of tho honost oppo
sition, n thero ovor was nny such oppo
sition to just olccllon laws, must pass
away. Congress can not fail to follow
tho policy of tho President upon a mat
ter so vital to thq political liberties of
tlio people.
Tlio mos'ngo moans that Presidont
Harrison sUnds upon the Itopubllcan
platform of 1888. That tho messago
win nuip to aouno tho isstio or tho con
test in 1892 nono san doubt.
A Gentle Kirk from St. I.oull.
Bt. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Tho most interesting parts of thb
message, of courso, are thoso relating
to tho McIClnloy tariff law nnd tho Fed
eral olection bill. On tho tariff mattor
tho Presidont takes tho ground that
any chango in tho law by this Congress
would bo unwise, if not porllous. Any
radical modification of tho act at tho
presor.t tlmo, in his view, would dis
turb trade and depress values, while
evon an agitation ot tho matter, al
though utopplng short of legislation,
would introduco an oloment ot uncer
tainty into tho industrial and commer
cial situation which would havo a
harmful influonoo on KonoraLbtisinoss.
Moreover, as ho says, somo portions of
tno law havo not yet cono Into opera
tion, the rotoronco here bolns mado to
tho sugar nnd tln-plato provisions of tho
ace iiio permanont olroot of evon tho
part of tho moasurowhloh has gone into
euect, no tiunKs, can not vet bo foro'
told. Therefore, in his viow, a chango
in tho law at tho present tlmo would bo
promaturo as woll as harmful. It will
bo choorfully conceded by all Republic
ans that thoro is somo force in this rea
soning, but, to an Important and stoad-
ily increasing section of tho party, It
win no jar irom conoluslvo. Ilowovor,
it is tho nrirumnnt whloh has boon or.
pocted, and tho ono undoubtedly whloh
will prevail sa tar as regards too pres
ent Copgrcsv '" '
Omclal Crop Itetiirns Hlunr n Dplondlit
Tho wonderful prodiiotlvoncss of the
great wheat lands of Manitoba and the
Canadian Northwest Territories re
ceives a splondld Indorsation in tho crop
ot 1800. That theso Canadian lands are
pcoullnrly adapted to tho growth of tho
vory finest grades ot wheat and othor
coroals Is already woll known) and, in
addition, tlioy produce what are un
questionably tho greatest crops ot pota
toes, roots and all sorts of garden veg
etables grown on tho American continent.
Small wondor, then, considering the
many advantages po9sossed by tho Can
adian country, nnd tho millions ot acres
of fat lands now offered in Manitoba,
Asslnlbola and Alberta, that sotttors aro
flocking thither eager to seouro farms
in a woll-govornod, poaceablo country,
whoro tho cltmato Is most healthful and
tho soil doos not vvoar out, but yields ;
rich return yoar after yoar for tho labor
bostowod upon it. ,
Tho following dispatch in this con
nection will no doubt bo road with In
terest. It refers to tho province ot
"Winnipko, Nov. 37. The local gov
"ornmontha3 just lssuod another bul
letin which gives tho following coinpar
"isons with ISSO in avorago yiolds and
"products ot wheat, oats, barloy and po
"tato crops, based on tho returns of
"acreago and averago yiolds for tho ro
"spectlvo years:
"Estimated avorago ylold in wheat
"12.4 bushels in 89, 21.1 bushels in '00.
"Oats, 10.8 in 'SO, 41.3 in '00. Uarley,
"13.0 In '89, 32.1 in '00. Potatoes, 110
"in '80, 2S01n '00. Product of wheat,
"7,201,570 for '80, 14,Ga3,70 for '00. Oats,
"3,415,101 for '80, 0,513,433 for '00. Uarley,
"l.Ojl.rr.l for '80, 2.000,415 for '00. Pota
"toes, I.333.3S5 for '80, 2,540,830 for '00.
"Llttlo information is given sVmt
"flax, but field roots aro spoken of as
"being moro than usually produotlvo
"this year.
"Largo quantities of hay woro put up
"this year, compared with last. During
"tho harvesting season there was a great
"scarcity of farm laborers.
"Threo persons from Hamilton, Dako
"ta, havo been In tho city slnco Monday,
"and to-day left for tho Ve3t. Tholr
"exponses hero aro paid by tho Dom In
"ion Government, and their mission Is
"to pick out sufficient good farm land
"on which to locato threo hundred Da
"kota families whoso names aro in the!
"possession, and who will roniovo tc
"Manitoba early In tho spring."
A man should malco Ms debut In
tho world as though ho wero about to
enter a hostile country; ho must send
out scouts, establish sontlnols, and over
bo upon tho watch blniselt Talleyrand.
A frreftt rniiltnllnt. 1 Itlrn n i-Mnf
lako, upon whoso bosom ships can navi
gate out which is usoioss to tho coun
try, bccnlisn no strn.im n,im flmni-n In
fortlllzo tho land. Talloyrand.
The HnniT op The Times, of New York.
sajs: "An extraordinary udvauco la tho
use of cocoa seems to huvo tuken place of
late yens in England. In tho Houso of
Commons this last session tho Right Hon.
O. J. tioschen, tlio Chancellor of tho Kx
chequer, called attention to itns n causo for
muctioi tno lulling on oi mo uso or coiiec.
lie attributed It in u measure to the posi
tion a preparation of cocoa known us
'Uratcful and Conifortlnc" had Inkon. In
accord with this suggestion it may bo in-
icrcsiiii to loiiow luo courso cocoa lias
taken in England slnco 1S32, when tho duty
winch had been standing nt Cd. per lb., with
an importation of under half u million
fiounds, was reduced to 2d. per lb., and not
ong after wo find tho hoinccopathio due
triuoof niedlclno introduced into tho kin?.
dom, nnd that the usoof cocoa was specially
advocated by physicians adopting tliatmodo
of practlco. Boon after wo find tlio first
homoeopathic chemists established in En
gland (tho firm ot Jnmes Epps & Co.) pro
duced a special preparation, which only
needed boiling water or milk to bent on. -e
rendy for tho table, nnd tho superior char
acter of this production has, no doubt, done
much, ns the Chancellor ot tho Exchequer
said, to bring nbotlt, (backed as It was by a
luriKcr reuuetion oi tlio duty to lu. per ID.)
tho advance mado."
Eponof.s nro not to l!0 on tho freo list. It
is imposBibla to conceive of such n thing as
a sponcpvvho is not on tho freo list, how
ever, Boston Transcript.
Dictionary, This next wook ts thb nuthoi
"lltldttrllMiltl IhnMtnMlilM it,l.tt,4 .till nrf
lantod under tko supervision of NoaIi Pott
T,8A n-.t LIi. ., of Yale University,
li-dltorial-work on tlitlrovlslon has been in
Mtlvo progr for over, ton years, .and
mora than it hundred laid litem fy workers
nave boon engaged upon it, Tho sum c
ponded in Its preparation beforo the first
copy was printed exceoded f300.000. This
Work, well used in n family, will bo of moro
Soluo to tha meroBct'S thereof than man
inos Its oost laid tip 111 money,
,"WrLtHi,t' sold ths teacher) "how did
eloctticity first come from tho oloudsl" 'it
caino a-kltlng, raa'um." Washington Post
BKroiiB tho uso of Prickly Ash Hitters
beenmo general throughout tho South and
West, it was a fearful dose of "Blue JlfiM,"
and dally doses of quinine, that was forced
down the throats of sufferers from all ma
larial troubles. In placo of such obnoxious,
harrowing eurallvos. Prickly Ash Hitters,
with its mild, soothing action now holdd
supremo swav, nnd after ono trial. Its uss
when necessary, is forovcr established.
You who havo luck-headaches, sour stom
achs, dlsoascd liver or kidneys, can do no
hotter than to give it a trial.
"I Alt blind, nnd bavo been from my
birth." snld tho blind want "but my father
has always been quite n parent to mo,"
l'nrtnen liT Guilt.
Three malignant foes to human happiness
co-opernto for evil. Tholr names aro dys
pepsia, biliousness, constipation. Though
they constitute a strong sj udlcato, they can
bo overthrown vvitli Hosteller's Stomach
Hitters. Not instantaneously, of course,
but by persistence. Ho can malarial, rheu
matlo and kidney ailments and nervous
noss. AbIc your druggist for Hostetlcr's
Almanac, and be advised of their superior
"I'M fcoiliiF groggy," as tho pugilist said
when ho put don' another cocktalL 8t Jo
soph News.
We valuo every ifilnff In thjs world by
comparison Water nnd nlr havo no i(rfn
tlc value, nnd jot Jay Oould, if famishing
In tho desert, would give nil his wealth for
n pint of tho rormer, nnd think it chap:
hence, life and health are tho st indard of
all values. If your system Is full Of Mala
ria you will bo very nilsornblo: n fow doses
of Shallenbergor's Antidnto will mnko you
well and happy. Is ono dollar a high prico
to pay!
HmANOis that people go Booth for tho win
ter when wo have so much of Itin tlioNorth.
Clmlra tlazotto.
Wasiiino powders nro strongnlknllcs, nnd
ruU rMis. Tlio purest soap obtainable Is
tlio best und cheapest. Dobbins' Elei trlo
Soan has been ucknovvicdited for 21 years to
bothonurcitnoH. Try It light nwuy.
"Those rcady-mado clothes of yours scorn
to bristle with Indignation." "Yes; thoy
aro eager for tho fray." Puck.
Alt, cases of weak or lnmo back, backache,
rheumatism, vvlltflnd relief by wearing ono
of Carter's Smart Weed and Belladonna
Uacltacho Plasters. Prico 23 cents. Try tliora.
"I've struck n'tendor chord at lust," said
tho tramp, as ho began on n pilo of cotton
wood timber. N. Y; lleruld.
I'Aitr.xTS don't mean to bo unkind to their
children, but theyaro when thov full to
occasionally glvo them Dr. Hull's Worm De
stroyers. It Is difficult for a dialect romoillnn to
give It to you straight Texas Sittings.
Hale's Honey of Horchouud and Tar ro.
lloves whoonluL-couirh.
Pike's Toothuclio Drops cure in ono minute.
Con liver oil Is now nffnrnil lit. nineteen
centst! pint bottle, but wo fear It will never
uci-omo a popui.tr oovcrago oven at tnat
price. Lowell Courier.
FaIx In tho Side ncarlv nlvvnvs comes from
a disordered liver and is proiuptlvrehevcdby
Carter's Llttlo Liver Fills. Don't forget this.
Tun miller finds llfo to bo ono continual
grind. St Joseph Novvs.
flrsT. easiest to uso nnd nhennest. rUn'-i
Miiicdy for Cuturrh. Hy druggists. Sic.
Tnc small-pox victim is to be deeply pitted.
-Boston Traveller.
Two Giants
On the one band Scrofuln, tlio snclcnt disease.
known tho wo: Id over, guavrliitf ut tlio vlttiU of ev
ery nation, existing In tbo blo?d of nearly every
family descended to us from our fattieri or ac
quired by our wrong habits ar.d Indulgences
powerful, obstmalo, uliuost Impregnable.
On tbo othor liaiaL lloud'a Sari-unurllla, tbe
modern medicine, tba great enemy of Impure
blood, accomplishing tbo niopt wonderful cures of
scrofula. Bait rlioum, etc., tlio conqueror of dts
eirne, economical, rultalle. sure.
If you auffcr at all fro-n tlio (Itant ot Disease,
conquer hlru by tlio aid f tbe (Slant of Health.
Overcoming Prejudice.
Preludlce is a sad trait of human nature.
A person whoso mind is bent on bias docs
himself great injustice. Said nsick man,
whoso blood seemed on fire from tho effects
of blood poison: "Ican'thelpmyprojudlce:
I have tried u half a dozen remedies, and
they did mo no good. 1 bclicvo all blood
puriiicrs aro. nuuiDugs." -uo you oenevo
all physicians aro humbugs, tool" nsked tho
writer. "Yes. for I have tried threa dif
ferent doctors, and only grew worse under
ineir treatment, i nnvo innuo up my nuna
mv case Is Incurable and death Inevitable"
However, tno writer, who wub niricnuoi
the suffering individual, nt last succeeded
in overcom no-hlsnroiiiulco and ncrsunded
him to glvo Dr. John Hull's Barsaparllla a
trial, no csmmnnceo. its use wiin no juiui
nt all, but good efteots soon followed, and
Its continuance brought complete relief.
iveaaer, go tnou ana ao iiuewiso. inacpena
ence Press.
BmacLAitLT enough, It is not the tongue
oi a wagon tuai muites tno noiso.
A man who has practiced medicine for 40
years ought to know suit from sugar; read
Toledo. O.. Jan. 10. 1887.
Messrs. F. J. Cue.net & Co. Otntlcmeiu
I havo been in tho ceneral practice of med
icine for most 40 years, and would sav that
in all my practlco and experienco have
sever seen a preparation that 1 could pre
ecribo with ns much confidence of success
as I can Hall's Catarrh (Jure, manufactured
by you. Have prescribed it a great many
times and its effect is wonderful, nnd would
say in conclusion that I have yet to find a
casoot Catarrh that it would not euro, if
iney wouia taueitaccoruingio airecuous,
ours iTUiy, u. u. uonsucu, ju. u..
v Offlco. 215 Summit St
Wo will give tlOO for any case of Catarrh
that con not bo cured with Hall's Catarrh
Curo. Taken Internally.
F. J. C-ENET & Co , Props., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c,
"I'ica atrsnasr nbout thoso narts." ex
plained tbe sow barber, who was undecided
as to vvnicu b.qo no biiouiu couiu mu cuiiaoi'
er s nalr. x on iters statesman.
Uc Uiiow.n's HitoNciiiAL troches rojkl
Coughs, Colds and all other Throat Trouo-
les. "Pro-emlnontly tho host" Juv. Henry
Thn bold defiance of a woman is tho
certain sign ot her shame. When she
bas once oeased to blush li li because
the has wo njuoft tp uiuan for, i'a,ijr
8olI brftlldruftfutfl.
tj v, i. iioou & w..
II i Hx for K. Prepared only
Aiiotliecarlcs, Lowell, Man.
IOO Doses One Dollar
A Day.
Hypophosphites of Lime 4 Soda
has keen performed over and over
again. Palatable as milk. En.
dorsed nv Physicians. Sold bv all
Drucuists. Avoid substitutions and
juico oi yaiiiornia tigs, combined with tho
medicinal virtues ofplanls known to be
most beneficial to tho human system, acts
gently, on tho kidneys, liver and bowels,
efteotually cleansing tho system, diipelllng
colds and hfladaehes, and curing habitual
1 itttn been cUhU of btood ntilrfon In Its
very last stagos after doctors fnllM to lvo
trio relief.. 1 simply uso.l l)r. Hull' Safsn
parllla, which is tho best blood mcdlclho in
ihs world. F. A. Alexander, retershurg,
11 iuuhs lunuy, uuia Binning iuuu is iuv
moans of ralsluir a debt Boston Gazette.
Warming, - Comforting,
Health Fre3errlng
NEYS. No ono can
afford to go without
In cold weather.
Do you knots- about OTJB BLA1INEL,
JACKETS, Prloes, W nd.6
Is there a School Eons la your town
wanting- a 7Xs .Or
mtrrs anu ui.uinmi
tin railroad mar, wHo wanted to walls
timidly roousstod tho favor of ona rnuhfl
Washington Post
Copyright 1350.
Help yourself
you'ro a Bufferincr woman, -with
tho mcdlclno that'a been prepared
especially to Lclp you Dr. Plerco'
Favorito Prescription. It will do It
whoro othcra foil For nil tho dis
eases peculiar to tho Bc--drrirging
down pains, displacements! arid othef
weaknesses, it's a positive remedy,
It tncatia a now life, and a longer
ono, for every dollcato woman. In
every caso for which it's recoin
nicmlcd, it gives satiafaction. It's
guaranteed to do so, Or the money
is refunded.
It improves digestion, invieorates
tho system, enriches tho blood, dis-
?icls aches nnd pains, produces ro
reshing sleep, dispels melancholy
and nervousness, and builds up both
flesh and strength. It Is ft logltl
mato medicine not ft beverage.
Contains no alcohol to inebriato;
no syrup or sugar to sour or
ferment in tho stomach and cause
distress. As pccidiar in its mat1
vclotis, remedial results as in its
composition. Therefore, don't bo
put oil wita somo worthless com
pound easily, but dishonestly, rec
ommended to bo "jast as good."
(Salvation Oil lffSiSnS.
A pocket full of monrr ninnantn to llttl
nftrr IiPAtth lipmt, 1 it enjoy life, a rock!
vuku suiiBjiim, Alien, ii juuiiro poor, you
will bo hftpjiy; If rich, you can enjoy your
money. They illtm'l low HplrlU itml give
buoyancy to mind and body.
V I. itlnir. Dnnvllln. V.mtiihT1..v
lonfr auflVrotf from Torpor of the Tver and
Ajjepcpsin, nnu iiave irini aintoc'Tery
thing:, hut never derived I ml ft lie benefit that
X hm o luul from Tutt' 1'llU. I recommend
thnn to all tlint nro atillcted irlth lvanciia
wid Hick Headache."
Tutt's Liver Pills
U. Ogden, Midi.,
My 17, 18M.
"Vf brotht-IlcT,
BmtkA rorUI, u
etired fcr BL lutVi
Oil of excructatltf
iclnUo paliu in bit
10 Keirner Et, ,
6n Frtnclico, Cl.
April IS, ISM.
Mr VlfB Midi both
taTi cib. aflllctrd
with Umf-bwk nd
ton thn-t, tad bar
fotrna rraricnl
jareliJjOM or Bt,
One of lh most Imporlinl organ ot lha
humn boor ' lf8 LI'M- WhM 11 ,all 10
proittrl terlorm Us ftrnellona Iht cnllrt
tvsleni bedomcs ittuui. Th BRAIN,
lopeflorm Ihelrwork. DYSPEPSIA, C0N
EASE, elc, aro tho rJUIIi, mtt ome.
thing Is done to astlit Naluro In throwing
dfl Ihe Impurities caused by the Inaction
ot a TdftPID LIVER. This assistance so
necoisary will be fdtttH in
Prickly Ash Bitters t
It not dlrtclly on the LIVER, STOMACH
and KIDNEYS, and by lis mild andcalharlio
effect and general tenia autflllei reslerts
these organs to a teuntfinealtky condition,
and cures all diseases arising from, these
Causes. ,11 PURIFIES THE BL00Q, ane
up the systeiMnd resttres perfect health.
II your druggist does not keep It ask him IP
order II tor you. Send 2o slamp lor copy ol
"THE IIOflSB TRAINER," published by us.
Ida Vroprittort, ST. LOUIS, MO.
rjon ONE DOLLAH tcntus by mall, we wll
I1 deliver, free ot alt charges, to any person li
the United Htatcs, all the following article!
carefully paelted In a neat box:
One two ounce bottle or Pare Vaseline, lOett.
One two ounce bottle VnseUne remade, It "
doe jar of Vaseline Cold Cream IS
One cute of Vaseline Camptior Ice. 10 "
One cake of Vesellie eap, anscented... 10
One cake of Vaseline Soap, scented....... 9t M
One two ounce bottle of White Vaseline O "
Or for stamps any tingle article at the price.
If you naro occasion to use Vaseline la any
form bo calcul '.0 accept only genuine goods
put up by us In original pfloKatica. A great
many druKglsti aro trying to persuade buycrt
to tnko VASELINE put up by them. Morel
ytcM to such persuasion, as the article Is afl
Imitation without value and will not glrejroo
I hi result you elpoct. A bottle ot Dfue Heal
Vaseline Is sold by all druggists at ten cents,
niesehroach Jl'fV. Co., t State 81,, Ktw York,
erg in i Tuts rarsa t m wt.
t il l J ll
ft J l i I air
Q0LD ME-At, PARIS, 1878.
li ahiotuttlo pure and
it U eoluMe.
No Chemicals
re uted In Ht pTpptntloo. It hu
mot tmm Mm timtt (M rtrwift. of
Cocot mt.rtl with SUnh. Arrov root
or uhr, n u inirtmra iir toon
ocononiic-l, toHmg tut tM
m rsj. It U dfllcloui, nounihmf,
titrDjrthnlnt, EaULT DlOEiTIO,
lird -dmlrtbtr tdipted for Invalid
I m veil u for pcrtuni In bal.
Sold br Oroccirs ererrwlira
W. BAKEB & CO-DorcEeTto Tfou.
In onwtiinr Te-Umontui from all
fru of th Ioba. Pro pctui port
arc. nnt oa ppiIoUon to Pn-t,
A. iulMtie, 331
itsau nut tktix ttrf tM mi
nv a m rt a mi iKtiiitNdiiilr.
ThaTrsulo Hnppllrd
Hend for wholfulo pre
309 Ijocuat iLBtJUouUeMO
cure and prtv.nurcof Htnumattim, Uut and Neural fla.
Cures whr otbari fall, bmall bottl. Sit IarK, $i.W.
All drilfiffliU, or J MO, W, Cakroll A Son, St. Loult. He
ACTUM A8wdUh Asthma CURB
f0 I nmM"ninpnwMiuu!wjM
ad4rra. Will Mai! faitL uUilCU tctu i DC
-pl.t ifinpp t. nilPinn f J Ai Onttai
i ins Miirces i-in,oncfln,JU5ip(iiu,ji. g tz?xjiirJ?.$i&?ixt,
rarl, Sci prunlDf, T&ct
taetaluipiift S5.oar prlc fornwhU
fln.bl.l-. Ill bOT'-blt. trULi lult1-
.w..-. ...w.p.w.p-..-,-,.. uenfanneS-blada.Wi bor'at-blade, S3 culi lad;'
ttuddluic, Uct erattLng.O wnUi T-lncU bat alerl theajm, 60 cents. HPEL'IaI
I-,-, , , orreitl ThUkntfaud3-lnchah(ftrpoBtpald, !..
frMMB-. Uollowf round raaor,litti bc atrjp
i j,vvaa,,.'f-';ii''.;,i
c-ermadt,tOf. llXf'a
- w -------------
l iiiii i mu i.i
5 S Street,
rauta mis rinu., . ih.im.
rna w vw
Should, nnd doubtleaa do. lnteroat YOI
in bifUBa iuoniua. ai cuuuuu
W ril a UOTtt puiuioaa Mitwr,
trt-AMtoat vain a. Ernrv ldilWB
tr Wn rafer to nny Merc&utilo Avcucy
of which O.QOQpojJan wr aoJd
iri cuts in jTifruraa: now. to
xO vtaintm utcT hints tit lha
t sure. Price, ooatsidd. oiur VI
.. or to any Clavaland llnnk or Bualnaaa ntn. wit
UTid rend r mu Aafrniwatiii rantTtitr wmumi
I HI 1 1 I
ELY BKOTUBKB, CA Warren Bt, New To. Prtea H eta.
12 A" 1 1 A O ff' OTTBEB'Iiame Back, Lumbago, OPolapaioa
D f Im Lai r l Jr W from Folaon Ivy and Poison Shoemake,
Sprained Ankles, Swellings, Proudfleah,
Contracted M uacles.Xamo Bade, Paxalyala,
Tetter, Utlff Joints, Croup, Bide Beadadu
that dead dull acho between the shouldeis.
TRT II. PBI0E, 60 CENTS AND $1.00.
My wife and eblld having a severe attack of Whooping
Cough, we thought that we would try l'Jso's Cure for Con
sumption, and found It a perfoct jucooss. The Uret bottle
broko up the Coutrli, and fonr bottles completely cared
them. 11, BmiNatit, 1147 Superior Bt, Chicago, Illinois,
OlTtu to ou jrouug man (rgin cli But. who cao tur
aisb itstlmoniiL el od onisl cbiuut.r aad
stuthous h.blu. Alfl-Y AT ONCE I
C. W. IJSK. Post-Adjutant,
llU.M'bTll.l.K, I AI.AHUU.
Tb. Aca.l.m, Is .nt ol tbi btst-oqulppej n.illurj schools
to, tbt South, with a full corps ot lrolessors.
will bo paid to the went of any bc&Io company who
tyIU say orer hla own namo as agentatbat the Joim
U not eqna) to any modi, aod'a standard rcliobls
ttiale. Par partloulart, aailreat only
Jones ot Blnghamton, Blnghamtoa, N.Y,
r' auccatafuliy PRoaeouTBB claims,
Ittt frlrslnl Iitntlasr U. B. raaslsa.Bunaa,
p iriatniaai MFar.uaojuauaiiriaws
lag eltliM,ttf slafr
rriausED r civi.
Taaauada aT j aaas saia aal
,mhi a tba U. S. A. aa
ul Una aaa Uasr baatik aat
Ul kapttana ta aUia'Ifi
tbrir dallt dirt ta lafbaaf
aa Cklltkaad kanaiam
ttldaa'a Faai. Bw Druiatna
-isiHS uttotso root usgaun, avdoMdcii
ALL CUHialM. Jb CU Pabaar.Maaa.
rTBKUD ron invshtoiu" oorDB. .
PATkiCK; 0TAHRELL, tfiSSo Sto!
n-xAisatUi rAHasmitMiaaoau,
aCTUUA ICatanb,nrfrBcbltls.TsiTroablaamraa
HdinnK IbrRlmall'si'a'aotlKrbBmoka. Infcala
aallaiattwla. I uooaad laldsloa, btallaa (oraOostapiBa,
Uaarsa UlraoU. lit rtaakUa ATauaa, SU Louis, ila.
AOCniO Wl1ltyMaUaaJ fub. Co., SL Louis, bl
A IT. K., B.
aula Uas m te tba tf '"f riniil u iktl
.Country Produce bought and told,
floods dellvucd free of cbargo to
any part of the City.
701 A 803 West Main and Corner
of Bolivar Street.
B1. X3 "W X G- 1?,
Qrooeries, Agrloultural Implomentf
Wagons, Sprioff Wagons, Buggies,
Road Carta, Plows, Harrows, Hay
Rakes. Corn Shelters, Feed Cutters,
Steel Road-Scrapers. ,
704 West Main Street. '
General Merchandise, No.
(Vest Mam Slroet.
C. &-L WAGNER t,
. Have'. the largest', tBrenlng nCJ
Bottling House West of St;' Louis, j''
W. W. WAGNER, Proprietor.
$2.00 PBE 3D -A. "ST.
Cor. High and Monroe Sts. (
Enlarged, rcDtted and furnished.'.
First-class In all departments. Ac
commodatlng and trusty porters at
all ttalns. I
Electric Bells and Hess Guest call
and Fire alarm In every room. Office,
Dining Room and largest and finest
Sample rooms In the city on tho first ,
floor. X
Monuments and Headstones.'
Adjoining- iltrchant's Bask, Jeffettoa St. j
oonirEB man and madison sts.
FRED. ICNAUP, Proprietor. j
Telephone communications and other
modern conveniences. Commercial
men will find It to tholr Interest to
stop at tbe City. It is centrally lo
cated and its sample rooms are tha
best. Trusty porters at all passes
ger trains. i
Farm and Machine Repair Shops
Give us a call for anything in our
line. 'Satisfaction guaranteed.
Shops on Jefferson street, between
Dunklin and Ashley.
FRED. TRUETZEL, Proprietor.
Having purchased tho "Farmers
Home," cornor of Jefferson and
Dunklin streets, and put everything
about the premises in good order, I
ask tho patronage of farmers and
First Class Meals and Lodging.
Finest liquors, wines, beer and
c!garn always on band. Good horse
and wagon lots. Rates very reason
able. Very respectfully,
Insurance Agency,
Wines, Lipur, CigarSjEtc,
no. 221 east man stuekt.
A lino Lunch counter run in connec
tion with tho saloon, 'whore lunch can
be had at all hours.
Vieth & Miller,
Whisky by the gallon at low rates.
Families supplied with Choicest goods
ImT 2 a 0 Madison Street -a
So cure IWiontneii, Hick Heajache; ContUa
ptUon, Malaria, Llrer Complaints, tats
the aafo sntt certain' rcmcd,
BHtxTxra ,
Ct lha SHAM, J,, ((0UtUenMr.t'loUiB
botuo). Tuit abj( tu kost oojirsNiiai.
, aiaaaWLa toss aall :AaH.' -.
'rt of IMisnUt, 8. per Bottlsa.
t4 VV

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