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, Caro for ueaaacue. - , - - v-srag "janxXn-.. '.--v
Snbicrlptlon 1'rlcc, $1.00 Per Year.
Thursday, March 28, 1895.
J. 0. FISHER, Editor.
One Inch, 1 month vl 00
One-quarter column, 1 month 3 61)
One-halt column, 1 month 6 00
One column, 1 month D DO
sa.quarter page, 1 month 17 00
as-half page, 1 mouth 32 00
Discounts ou yearly contract) .
Local i, 6 cents per Hue eaeh liuerlloi..
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for the offlce of school com
missioner of Cole county at the
ensuing election.
Jas. R. I'roctoh.
We arc authorized to announce the
name of W. S. Hastings a candidate
for the dike of School commissioner
of Ctjlc county.
Republican City Ticket.
For Mayor,
For Marshal,
For City Attorney,
For Police Judga,
For Assessor,
For Collector,
For Treasurer,
First Ward,
Second Ward,
Third Ward,
Fourth Ward,
The administration has nothing to
gain at home or abroad by bulling
When a disappointed politician is
in doubt as to his mxt steps he or
ganizes a new parly.
The diplomatic machine at Wash
ington seems to have slipped a cog,
tereral of them, in fact.
It remains to be seen how much
better Mr. Cleveland will do with
half of Europe on his hands than he
did with congress.
The members of Ibe'ex" bridge have
been casting eyes at the recent va
cancies in the ministries of foreign
Mr. Wilson will give the country
pleasant "April fool" if he will
keep fool-ideas out of his manage
ment of postal afliairs,
A gang of green goods men have
made Washington their headquarters
aiace congress adjourned. Another
Illustration of the force of example.
The expectation of an olllcc added
to the number of ex-congressmen
bo celebrated Mr. Cleveland's fifty
eighth birthday.
If the Cubans will put up the price
Ihey can get volumteers enough from
the United States to wipe the Span,
lards off the island in a week.
One pretty women with no other
knowledge than how to use a pair of
eauoy eyes can control more men
than a score nf the greatest female
orators of the world.
Instead of tryinc to bring nbout
reorganization of the Democratic
party In Pennsylvania. Mr. Cleveland
tfould better try to collect legal proof
W tlie existence of such a party.
If the accounts of the defeat and
victories of Cuban revolutionists are
only half true somebody stretches the
truth In calling the revolt an lot
mificant affair.
Senator Hill was stabbing Grover
again when he said of the late An
drew Javkaon: "You may search
kit writings, his letters, his speeches
W messages and all his public pa
fpn and you will Mud therein no
Hpddle about non-partisanship In
e, national state or municipal
The Fellow Servant Law.
For many years past a corrupt
railroad lobby has been stationed at
Jefferson City for tho purpose of de
feating tho passage of a affair and
honest fellow servant law. The rail
road companies aro bled by these
lobyists, who use the railroad passes
and the money of the railroads os
tensibly for the purpose of defeating
the fellow servant law, when in fact
they are Into every corrupt job that
llnds itself knocking at the legislative
doors. Tho fellow servant law has
been demanded by the railroad em
ployees in this Btate for twenty
years. That n just fellow servant
bill could be adopted that would be
fair to the corporations and also fair
to the laborer Is conceded on all
hands, but the railroad lobby
s opposed to adopting a fair
fellow servant bill because it
would leave them out of em
ployment. It is the carcass they
pick every two years, and without it
they should be at a great loss to know
whnt to do. It has even been as
serted that tools of these lobbyists
introduce theBe feHow servant bills
bienally In wrdcr to ena,ble"tbS
railroad lobby to fleece the railroads
themselves. After securing its intro
duction, of course, they notify the
men at headquarters that
money is necesary in order t0
defeat it. How much goes Into the
pockets of the lobbyists and how
much into the pockets of the mem
bers and senators is hard to tell, but
it can safely be asserted that the
lobby usually comes out much better
than the members themselves.
The houso passed a fellow servant
The Thirty-Eight General Assembly
Winds Up at 8 P. M. Satur
day Evening.
The most remarkable session of tho
legislature that has convenod In Jef
ferson City for twenty-five years con
cluded its business on Saturday at 8
p. m, and adjourned cine die. The
session convened on January 2nd,
1895, and concluded its labors on the
23rd of March having therefore been
in session eighty-one days. Eleven
days at one dollar per day after the
expiration of the seventy days for
which they received $5.00 per day.
The amendment of tho election laws
of Missouri that was so much desired
by the Republicans, was finally killed
In the conference committee. The
rock upon which the Republicans
and Democrats divided vras the re
corder of voters, Democrats being
unwilling to surrender this import
ant functionary, white the republi
cans thought they had had enough of
that official. 1 hrep eonWHi .m--
Izcd from the sale of those Jots. The
capitol Is built In tho centoSSf the
city on a beautiful bluff commanding
a beautiful view for miles in1 every
direction. The Governor's Mansion
i is on another bluff just east of the
state house, also overlooking the
rlvor, and on the third bluff (ho pen
itentiary Is located. Tho city is one
of tho most picturesque In America.
A more beautiful city forn state
capital cannot bo found Jn the Unit
ed Statc9. The location of tho capitol
Is almost m the center of tho state.
Itls within twelve miles of the center
from the west and within two miles
of the center from the north, the point
selected being as near In the center
as it was possible for the commission
ers to fix it. Jefferson Cily has been
the capital of tho state for about
seventy years, and all of the historl
tal remtnisceuses connected with the
state, and it has a great many,clustec
about the City of Jefferson, From
the time that tho stato has been In
the Union, all of its laws have been
made here : all of its governors andVJ
state officers have
mittees were appointed on this bill
and all failed to agree. Democrats
charging that the Republicans were
not sincere in desiring fair and rea
sonable amendments affecting the
election laws, while the Republicans
held that the Democrats were unwill
ing to grant anything, except insist
ing on the election machinery remain
ing in the hands of the recorder of
voters. The final wojk of the legis
lature was tho passage oftbc appro
priations, conferen ce committees
Pin mm
i (Pain
has made
rd during
borne while serving the state at
fcr6nn City.
The memories of Jefferson City
oie hundred and fifty barrels per
iy . A largo per cent of the flour
anufactured in theae mills isi mar-
has perhaps the best system of
water works in the state outside tho
cities of St. Louis and Kansas City
Tho system was completed about six
ni. i ,..i years ago at a cost of (149,200.
recalled to mauv arc held In grateful " '
having been appointed ou all of thera
bill and sent it to the senate where it , and compromises affected. When
was burled. The senate passed one the Assembly convened for final ad-
and sent it to the home where It also journmcnt the hall was filled with
found an untimely grave. Thus the visitors who crowded into the gallery
record between the people and the and on the floor of the Louse. Many
corporations is made up.
Jefferson City May Get the Support
of the South Central Counties.
That the 9tate capital removal pro
position is coming before the people
for their decision is now a settled fact.
Also that Svdalla is going to make a
hard fight for it and have strong sup.
port from many counties cannot be
denied. If Jifferson City sleeps on
its rights it will certainly lose the
capital, but if it stirs itself and takes
advantage of circumstances and its
situation, it can still hold its vantage
ground. To do this thought it must
uiim every part ot tins state possible
to it by some strong tie. And the
pleasant speeches were made and the
house otherwise amused from eight
to ten before actual adjournmen t
took place, although the records will
show that the adjournment took place
at 8 o'clock. A resolution was offered
by Mr. Drabelle which was unani.
mously adoptod, thanking Speaker
Russell for the uniform kindness
shown by him to the members of the
house, regardless of party, and com
mending him for the fair and irapar.
tial discharge of his duty as speaker.
The speaker was also presented with
a beautiful gold watch by the mem
bers of the house. Dr. Alonzo Tubtis
of Osage county was ri numbered
with a beautiful bronze clock. Other
presents were made to numbers and
senators. At the hour of ten the
aiaies nei- ciearea ana tlie speaker
standing on the Speaker's stand, and
the Lieut. Governor, as president of
first thing for it to do is to extend the
railroad leading south on through the ' l'ie senatt '" chair, both waving
counties of South Missouri and we.sl"ff ""lll;atlug 'hat each house
would guarantee it the simoon of , wa8 reacl' t0 adjourn. The announce-
Laclede, right and Douglass coun
ment was made anil the gavel fell
and the thirty-eight General Assem
bly declared adjourned sine die.
Sedalin has made a capital showing
10 apologize lor a Dad pun to the
375 people who went up from Jeffer-
son City to look at a lively town. It I
decided only that little outing to. con-'
vince the legislature that it had made I
no mistake in submitting the remov
al question to the people. The more
one see9 of the outside world the
more he marvels at Jefferson City.
anijiuv v-uy mar.
The Capital of Missouri.
ties if they are tappod by this south
ern rallioad. And their siinnnrt
ii - i
would have great weight with other
southern counties and decide without i Before actually beginning her cam
doubt, in connection ith the norlh-! .,. Mn,,i,u,n f, .
err, i counties the fate of the measure. 'Wichita, Mrs. Lease c;uld devote
Jefferson City should think well over! 90raestu;iv t lhat ancient
this proposition. Mansfield Mall. L, ,,., ' ,
uvui a luuiuci iiciuy milium nonor
(rigliiu.) . ,.
ter nut uivu her nltl rifiuM irtro n
me farmers, chance at her scalp
The fatmers throughout the west
feel in some way that tlie world is
out of joint. The corruption in
legislation is conceded on all hands,
and the poveity of the farmer and
his decreased importance in tlm
noi ld is also apparent to a casual ob
server. That this is bo is perplexing
not only to the farmer, but to others
nho realize that with the downfall of
the tiller of the soil the very foun
dation of tho government is endan
We believe that one of the greatest
sources of trouble with the agricul
tural classes is the indiscriminate
purchase by them of all new pat
ented farm machinery. This ma.
chinery is sold to them on time
payments, and before they are ablo
to pay for It the machinery is worn
out and they have worn themselves
out In trying to pay for it. in ad
dition to this, the farmer does not
take sucli good care of his farm ma
chinery as is conducive to its own
usefulness. When the reaper has
performed its work, he usually finds
shelter for it uudtr u friendly tree,
where.it remains until the next har
vest. Thus exposing it to the rain
and sunshine and all kinds of weather
shortetiH its life fully one-third. If
tho farmer would buy less expensive
new patented machinery and house
it better, ono of the misfortunes that
ho has to grnpplo with would disan
pear New machinery seems to be
the craze of the country. There
soems to be n crnzo for labor saving
machinery, and it has invadod every
business as well as tho farm. The
single Uxor advocates thnt all pat
ented articles should belong to the
government, and thoro may be more
sound dootriuo in this than tho peo.
pie geuerully believe. But if the
farmer will commence by shutting
off tho machinety vender, and take
good care of that whioh ho hoB, he i
will find that his burden will not be
near bo houvy.
remeuibcrance. The town Is one of
the most conservative In tlie state,
and it lias been steadily but quietly
growing in population, business and
wealth, the result of the general ao
tlvity and prosperity of this section
of the state. Real estate is in good
demand and changing hands. The
city has a population of over ten
thousand, and most of the buildings
located therein are composed of
brick. The legislature meets every
two years. The Suprome court holds
its sessions here, and the state
officers and judges make tins their
home. During the past four years
the growth of the city has hern very
great, over one thousand houses have
, been erected within that time. The
amount invested in impruuments
I will amount to an aveiage of 8200,
, 000 per annum. The city has an cx
i excellent public school sy-tam, a
; main school and two primary schools,
' and the average attendance is over
I eight hundred. The city is well
1 lighted with gas and electric lights.
, The city proper is lighted ith arc
I lights which burn from sun-set until
i sun. rise every night of the year.
I Tlie cily has three banking bouses
Iand the banking capital and deposits
will amount to about 81,500,000. The
f-itv altn fnur pvfAllwnt buildinu
anu loan associations mat nave s
paid up capital of over $300,000.
The press is well represented, there
being two dalies a:,d four weekly pa
pers. The cily hag four first class
hotels and is regarded as the best
convention town in the state. Her
railroad facilities are excellent and
with the construction of the proposed
bridge scrsss the Missouri river at
this place, which will undonbtedly
oeeur this year, the cily will be very
closely c-ouneetcd with the Chicago
Si. Alton and the Mlsssourl, Kansas
& Texas railroads, which will there
fore, maVc it one of the most closely
and best connected railroad towns in
the state,
across thn
The water is drawn from the Missouri
and is filtered and when used has been
settled and so cleared that all trace
of sand bus been removed. The city
is also well supplied with an excel'
jently organized fire department,
The pressure from the water tower
enables the city to fight fires without
engines, a stream can be thrown one
hundred feet and over by the tower
and direct pressure from the water
The government of the United
States baa recently Improved the river
and narrowed the channel so that
navigation is vory much improved
which gives Jefferson City the Mis'
sour! river as a competitive freight
point. The amount expended on the
river here recently is over 8400,000
The government has also recently
appropriated 8200,000 for locks and
dams on the Osage twelve miles east
of Jefferson City, which will add to
the material wealth and prosperity of
the farming country surrounding tlie
Cole county lias n population of
about 25,000. it has uu aiea of
250,000 acres. The taxable wealth
of the county is 1, 000,000 and the
rate of taxation fur county, school,
and other purposes Is a little over
one mill. The county and cily are
well supplied with churches every
denomination being represented.
The Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans,
MetbodMs, and Presbyterians all
have magnificent church buildings.
The principal crops raised In the
county are wheat, corn and oats.
Quite a laige number of cattle, hogs
and mules are also marketed. The
toll produces most excellent quality
of wheat; in fact, it can not be sur
passed by any other county in the
"tote, it yields from twenty-five to
thirty-two bushels per acre. The
uplands produce flue blue grass for
grazing purposes. It is the home
Fruit in Cole County.
Tho mooting of the Horticultural!
society that look place in this city
some weeks ago, and the subsequent
publication In this paper, of a num
ber of able artioles that bad been
prepared and road beforo the society
if carof ully road by our readers should
hare satisfied them that Colo county
is especially well adapted for fruit
The profitable culture of tho apple,
pear and peach orchards were thor
oughly discussed, nnd the evidence
was sufficient to satisfy almost ovory
ono that, at least in applfl orchards
largo fortunes could bo realized.
Cole county has tho soil nnd cliniato
eepocially adapted for tho Bon Datia
apple, and if a half dozen largo
orchards wero planted, this world
would prove to bo ono of the best
npplo countiofl in the slate. It is
well-known lhat npplo buyers
buy Ibe frnit on tho tree,
and piok it and ship it
tbemsolves. Tho f armor who raises
fruit has no trouble whatever in find
ing a market. It would be a great
iUnr to ba.frmr -or JiYil. .thousand
acres near this city plan led in apple
Aa a remedy for all forms or
Headache Eleotrlo Bitters has proved
to bo the very best It effects a
permanent cure, and the mjst'drcad
ed habitual sick headaches yield to
Its Influence. We urge all who are
.filleted to proouro-a bottle and give
It a fair trial. In i-ases of habitual
constipation Eleotrlo Bitters cures
by giving tho needed tone to the
bowols, and few cases long resist
the tiso of this medicine. Try it
once. Largo bottlos only fifty cents
at Brandenbcrger's dru store.
FLORIDA Jomn'odabtf fa $9
Thraatk Psllmin Bullet Skcelaf Cars
running over tee uses oi w
vine a nuBviiie Kiuro.
For Mayor.
Julius Conrath is developing
greater strength. The nomination
for the office of mayor came
to Mr. Conrath unsolicited. Ho is
a business man and has devotod vory
little of his time to politics, except
as other citizens, in a general way.
He is young, energetic and has the
ability to do well whatever ho un
dertakos. His fitness for tho office of
W t- ot (sta r . -rv
For sensible people whor -
aim to save money-i - ' .
Toll line root doable -ally
(mornlnr and erenlor, depart
ure) trains Iron St Louis,
ErassTlUe, aad Losltrllle totbe
principal Southern cities.
This line li misy piles the
shortest between the Northwest
and Sonthestt.
" This line has donble dally
sleeping car smite to Jicktoa
vllle all the year round.
This 'line Is mnr hoars
quickest to Southeastern cities.
The passenger equipment of
this line Is aot excelled la the
Winter Tourists' Tickets at
low round trip rates on sale from
. A ..Mt.Ma. . m rrnr. .Ill
, , , . I O IIUUl I1UTBUIUI . o. hvwm .1.1
mayor oi jeuorson uiiy is conoouou Mgyatst.
by all who know him. There is not
a reason why he should not bnve
evory Republican vote in the city.
He has always stood by the party
faithfully and staunchly, and we
hope to see a united party givo him
a united vote on the second day of
April, 1893.
Voto the wholo Republican ticket
from top to bottom.
Professional and Business
A census of men and women who
live by bunco schemes legal and 1 1
legal would make startling reading
or those who have given no thought
to the present tendencies of society
at large.
Jeffe-son City Is located on the
south side of the Missouri River and
on the Missouri Pacific Railroad one
hundred and twenty-five miles west
or ht. Louis and one hundred and
fif ty-seven miles east of Kansas City
in Cole County, which city is also the
County seat On the north side of
the river the city is connected with
the Chicago & Allon and the Mis
souri, Kansas & Texas Railroads at
Cedar City, an excellent ferry now
connecting this city with these two
lines of railroad.
The State of Missouri has mauv
valuable buildings t tlie seat of gov.
eminent, among them the Capitol,
the Supreme Cuurt, Governor's Man
sion, State Armory, Warden's Resi
dence, and the Penitentiary, the
property of the state located" there
tielng valued at 84,000,000. The
state house that was erected in 1830
and was re-modeled in 188., two
magnificent new wings having been
added to the old building, is
in every way a modern
state capitol and will answer the
purposes of the state for many years
to come. The erection of the stale
capitol was Uxed at Jefferson City by
the constitutional convection tUai
met while the stale was still a 1'ern
lory, under the authority of an act
of congress giving the slate four sec
tions of laud upon which thepermaneul
scat of government was located.
The selection of Jefferson City was
made by commissioners duly appoint
ed for that purpose, and all the land
upon which Jefferson City now stands
was sold by the state and the state
home was built with the money real.
of tin blue grass. The county also
The proposed bridge ', 1"' an excellent reputation for fruits
Missouri river will be a such as apples, peaches, nears etc.
magnificent steel draw-bridge l'iat i The M isMiurl runs along the entire
will cost 8300.000. and when com-1 ,Pn8l1' of the county. f The Osage one
pletcd will he used for foot, " 'he most beautiful nnd rotnantlu
wagon and street railway travel. ' streams in tlie county, sneeps along
The city is one of the best mauufac-, il the east for forty miles. The
turing town in the ttale. There arc , hoilom lands are tlie moid productive
over one th nhuiiil men employed in in ''lu world ", regardless of seasons,
the manuafactnrc of shoes alone. , cr"P never falls. There is also
There is alio a saddle factory em. a" "'"indanue of hard timber through.
ploying two him lred men and a har
ness factory employing one bundled
and fifty. The city is also well pro
vlded with brick yards where the
very flnesl quality of brick is pro
duced. Excellent building stone is
found in evciy diieclloii, lime and
sand are shipul in lurge quanlties to
other towns. No ci y affords l-ctler
facilities foi the eatahlUlnnci.t of
factories. 'The oily. Is well supplied
with excellont stores and establish
ments fouud in every progressive and,
well-regulated town.
The Dulle mill, wiilch was recently
destroyed by lire Is luiii re-huilt.and
will wheu eonipluled, lie one of the
finest roller f'ou.liiu mills lr. the
state. The cup icily of Hie new mill
will be four hundred ban els nf flour
per day. In addition trrthis, they
also operate a smaller one which Is
now in operation and which turns out
for Sonet, Cattle, Sheep, logs. Eon,
?f 1 IH!T,S!SK,?!f B,J.".?"m-is
out tlie county consisting of walnut,
oak, hickory etc.
Portions of the county are Inlaid
wlili coal, lead and zinc. A few
coal mines liavj b.cn worked' with
piolll, but the coal and zine mines
are practically undeveloped, In the
county there aro several prosperous
villngcs, Centretown being probably'
lj" lrget . The others are Russell.
ilflHlcjfcory.HIII, Ur'stlijDecatur),
Ei(oa,!0go City; Osnge JJluft,
Marion, hi. Thomas, Tal and Loh
mln; All persons seeking homes ami
who desire to cast tlieir lot with mi
loijujjtilous, thrifty people, in a dr.
eiraoie locality, wiiero are to be
found a inaiiy of ilu eluueuls of
of&wcalth, prosperity nnd health
aaK-elsewhere lu UiU cnunlrv.
ana who desire to invest iiinir
espltal lu property that will doubly
muicu in mine, art cordially In
vited to visit Jefferson Cily and Cole
JWJmb Htaw ItsriroucAW job office
(it rning out some ot tho finest
WQfljin ino sriue. Any oim deair-injjjflrst-closa
w srk at low prices, coll
l.OTliliemer, Mnl DlKhari eg
J)Jlal r llruka. Uarnii.
K.-Cotta;ha, llravea,
no mr uri
Urlaarr an
200 East Hieh Street.
200 East High Street
103 West High Street.
124 East High Street.
204 East High Street.
(See AdrertUenient.)
124 East High Street.
(Bee AdTerUcement)
226' MadisoTrtStrebt.
118 East High Street
Olllce & Ttlcphono, Linhard's Store.
125 East High Street.
114 East High Street.
132 East High Street.
E. J. Mili.eu, .Proprietor.
Cor. High and Madison Streets.
J.O.MAIIaearrlace, llainarrhaara
Ii.ll.-urlaarr and Kldnrr DI.eatea.
j.a...)lMu ar Jilneetleu, taralrila.
SIssleBoulaioTereOdiunj, . . .oa
i ala Uaaa, wlUi SreclSni. Iluui
Vetwltuir Uure Oil anil Mallouor. ar.nO
Jar Veterlaar Csra 011,'. 'I'M
H0MZ0FATBI0 ff' '
cnrninn u. M ,
qrcuiriu no.uvy;
a WaVti
" -lfQ
. k j5lviBa
W. V. W ionib, Proprietor.
Cur; Monroo and High sts.
hard enough jou aroliouujtoeucctod
hut you mutt hate Ilia umelitDs lb
wnkn haul puililntf car. We liave
putliing -
Ihe Smith Premier
to III- 111 guest po'lut nriyrtwrlur' ex
cillfbee, Kxperii flkn It for anted, aro-
amine i cvAunau atTiiaio oruir, IPU'll
nur)rlieU at llie di(1reuoi iMwaea
iLle and tllwr typewriters.
Tin Smith, Premier Typewriter Go,
208 NorlU?lb, street, St Lonis, Mo., A. J. CwNXELLY,
Solicitor., Jeffersou City. Mo
In all Mdlnii Mh., GtMogi mM'wfffirtakt:
Full inionnauon c&cerniiiy niraiuiea
upon application to j
GEO. B. HORNER, DW. Pau. Agt, St. Unit, Mo.
C.P.ATH0RE)GM'IPm.Ast, Eonlivllli, Ky, iJ
Write for deacriptlon of pr
Are the, most satisfactory
' . features at'preient..',.';fj,
1 -".'". v.
We expect yodr trada,
during the month of D-,
comber. Wo must reduce
our stock and wo offer
Clothing for Men, Boys & Chf Idren
From 25 to 80 per ceni.'
loss than regular prlcss
during the month- of Da
ccmber. We have the ,
Ever offered for thai
' price. Evfcry pair war
ranted to give "satlsf as
faction. Everything la
our stock will go at
-1 '.-!
Home Seekers' Excursion via,. the
"Katy" Route.
For trains of February 12th,
March 5th and April 2, 1835, Tho
Missouri. Kansas and Texas Railway
will sell tickets to all points in
Texas, (except El Faso) and to Lake
Charles, La., a: the rate of one low
est first-class regular fare, plus 12,
for the round trip. Tickets limited
to continuous passage in each direc
tion, with final return limit twenty
(20) days from date of sale. Stop
over privileges will be allowed in
both the going aad return passage,
within final limit ot tickets. Why
not ' take advantage of these low
rates and visit the state of texas,
where land may be bought at almost
any price f or lurtuer inionnauon
sa to freight retes, passenger rates,
maps, etc., call on or address,
JAS. L. COSS, Agt,
North Jefferson, Mo.
127 E. High Street.
Stockholder's Meeting of the Cap
ital City B.$L Association.
A meeting of the stockholders of
the Capital City Huildlng and Loan
Association will be held at the oil'. :
of C. W. Wallendorf, sscrotarj if
the association, on Tuesday, AMI
9, A. D., 189, for the purpose it
voting upon the proposition to in
crease the capital stock of said a o
elation from 1300,000 to f 400,lo0,
and for such other busiuess as may
come before the meeting.
H. C. Gkisbkbo, Pres.
C. W. Waxlendobk, Seo'y.
Clothing Sales Agent Wanted for
Jefferson City and Vicinity,
Liberal commissions paid, and we
furnish the best and most complete,
outfit ever provided by any house
Write at once for terms. Send
two or three references.
Wanmauaxib & Bbown
Philadelphia,' Fenn
iff slf west
Connecting Uvft Commercial Catiss ami tka
lb Broad Corn and Wbsal fields Sad TkrlTisf
. Towne ot
The Fertile Blrer Tellers and Trad Otatott oi
The Grand. Plctoreitrae and Ka chanting Bean
err, and the rtnrana Minlag Sumiete at
The AgTlenltaral. rrnit. Mineral and Ttadwt
Landa, and ramona ilot fipnng a !
The Deanutnl Boiling Fralrles and Wood laadf
The Sogar PUntatlana ct
The Cotton and Grain Flelde, the Cattle lances
and Winter Beeorte at
Itlatorleal and Beenlo
And forma with Its Connections the gap aa
Winter Boat to
Tn fall dOTftrlpttv, aad ITraMreM aaayala at
any ot tea .Mil auiw. or Hot aprlKcs. Ark . aaa
Antonio. Yaiaa, eaa JBazlea, aabaii Oaaaaa-a
Af Htei or
tai ruiKgn at ta Af-w st. torn, ao.
For Sale
The beautiful suburban place be
longing to Mrs. Julia A. Waiss,
consisting of about 29 acres. This
place is about one mile east of the
city, overlooking the Missouri river.
There is a brick house, seven rooms,
ana a servant's house of one room)
also barn, brick smoke-bouse, two
cisterns. There aro about four hun
dred fruit trees, consisting of apples
chtrrles, apricoU,peaohes, pears,
etc ; also small vineyard and straw
berry bed. Price, 13,700, ,rt
caah. Call on or address.
J. C. Fiihkb, Attorney,
It Hereon City, Mo.
Whereas, Weasel llrowuer and Anna
Uruwner, his wife, by their tserulu
deed, of trust, dated .December 31. t,
1837, acknowledged January Dih, ll&tJ,
Ktid recorded in iwok "Q, " at ytgu 4U,
ut Cole County Reeorder!s onhsv, con
veyed to J. U. Fuller, as trustee, the
following described real estate, situate
lit the county ot Cole, statu of Allewiri,
lo-wlt: . . ,.
The southeast part of private survey
No. 2701, beKiuiilug' at the northwest
corner of private survey No. U8U,
theuce lu western direction parallel witu
(be southern buuudary Hue ot tbe'uri
vitte survey No. 2701 elxhteeu elialus
(18 chains;, theuce In soutueru direc
tion parallel with the eastern boundary
Hue oi said private, surrey tto.7Ul to Uie
land lielunKlng to the school houae,
thence with tno eastern uouudary itue ot
said school bouse laud to Uie road leading-
to the Jloreau bridge, tiwuue to
aouthera direction to the southern boun
dary line ot said private survey, Uiencs
in n aataru dlrootlon with, said souUieru
boundary Hue 18 chains to tne aouWea.t
lorner ot said private survey, No. a701,
Ihence In a uortueru Ulnscuuu wllU the
eastern boundary hue of said survey to
the Dolut ot begluolug, eouialulux
sixty-fear and '4U-i0utu aeies. wuicu
conveyance was made to secure the pay
ment of certain Botes and' '.luten-t Ua
eurlbed In said Utd ut trtut , and
tbereas,Ueiault has btwo uiauo m,".
...ni.m 'iil oiii iii aald uuwa aud . jt
blterest thereon, aud .(Iteaauie temaiu
unpaid, Kowurwu, ;uy t"mo ui
ino Uojvef ,4 aaiaoouuiucJ m U uevu
ui UUlt; abd HI Ihq ffUUwi ot too vg,ii
';..tf.iM..i ailil 'uour lu said UeoU uv-
L-ritil. uouo w lirel)V uivea uiar 1
wUi ou.
J40NDAY, AI'itlL 21, 1693,
betwf eu fht hours of '9 o'clock In the
lorvnoou and C o'clock' In the afternoou ut
that day, at tha court bvuse la.tbo city
oi Jtlleraoo, sute of MUaourl, jroced
to sell , tho" above deaerlbod prdperiy'at
publlv vendue to'the highest alddsr. fur
VOTM., Mil, UVJ , V.UI, IO-
The Hot Springs of Arkansas harj
long bceu 'deservadly popular, for the.
reason that ibera Is no other, plana that
has tilled the rvqulreiueut of both a
health and a pTeaeura resort) -This ,tate
ot affairs baa changed, 'tlie Ilot Dpiiags
of Soutb Dakota have, lu ra-eat years,
beea thrown open to the people, and
because of Ibelr delightful situation and
great ouratlio (qualities, are becoming
more popular every day. Situated at
this resort Is, luthe lamuu, lilaolc Ulils
lu ibe midst oi beautiful tnouuialu seen
e.y, possewlug iba peculiar balaamlo
atmosphere wuloh Is in Itself health giv
ing, with waters that are pruuouaosa by
experts equal II not superior to tbose ot
any otber mineral springs la the world,
It will souu outrauk any other like resort-
Tho botal accommodation, are oi the
best bostelrles with alt the modern Im
provetueut aud couveulences. The ho
tel Kvaus, built of pink laud stooe, with
steam heat, electrio llgbli, aad every
room an. outside ouo, Is easily the best
conducted bona between Chicago and
Deavar. Tne rates are. 'all raaavaable.
The marvelous 1 (Vl 'U Caveat the 'talis
of Fall Hlverj Batile Houaului ,the old
Indian battle grvuud; Dead wood and ttte
gold lleldsi aud the famous Suul lauds
are all within driving dlstanc?. The mam
moth plunge bath at ths riprlngs is noted
aa being one of Uie largest natatoriuiue
In the world, 80 heaiinlul ara the sur
ruundluge,aad so maiiy (he convaalsaeM
of ibis "Carlsbad id America," that It
is rspldly becuuilug Ute vJleeea," not'
only lor Invalids, but for pluasur seek
ers as well. Toe "Burllugovuitoute"
reaobea there lu a day aug a half: from
MfLuui. fuilmau sieopvrs'jiad Iroe
rbaii-.vars ouiraiu -So. la uu luUaoula
auuiioui uuooiu irye uuatr vara auj , v.f:,?.t?.iY
ielers run turoujjtt 10 Uia aprluge,-. : . ,,alPwH
Forlurtberlhtortuauon, cad vu tatf' MyS1hm
" Burilugtuu itoute" gor,, ot saoreas ",
D. O. ivaa. U. 1. aud A'. A.. tKLooU. VT5 mJ
. Man of buaineM ability to. travel
Hiiu'atlou pefiaiO)eC;-?''

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