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ubscrlptlon 1'rlcc, $1.00 Per Yenr.
Thursday, April I, 1805.
J. C: FlSlIElt, Hililor.
One tiu'lii 1 i n i n t li . . .
Onc-uumlcr column, 1 inoiili
one-lmit cuiinnu, i nuiiiiu...
One column, 1 iiiuiitli
Ono-ipnutcr page, 1 month..
One-half page, 1 month
Discount on leailv contiacts
Local, 6 coins per Hue each biertloi
li IKI
'. Ml
17 I'll
J i W
It appears that illsinnrck still has
few enemies In Geuunny.
It must be Unit grace has Tam
many us it isn't possible for tammany
to have grace .
It will be noticed that the tultulnis
trillion isn't making any jingo tie
maud:) of England.
Gov. McKinley's southern trip is
n vcrtiable liiglitniate to many Dent
ocratie editots.
GeMuany collects Si'U.OOO.OOO in
come tax, only thoto having less
than WO murks (about S-'l l) a year
being exempt.
Some pn pie arc simple enough to
wonder why a newspaper gives more
prominence to a church row than to
ft revival.
Tne Democrat may have to offer
ionic .special inducements to get a
man, utliei than .Mr. Cleveland, to
head tlieir presidential ticket next
There ..n method in the madnes"'
of the .l.iji who tried to kill l.i
Hung thai, g. lie wanted to post
pone the peace licuntiations, so the
Chinese could get licked bomo more.
Cotton was long tgo deposed as
king, but il is destined to go still
lower, if the claims made concerning
the making of attilieial cotten from
wood-pulp art not exaggerated.
Kitlurthc governor of Virginia
has htd or six members ui the Mn
lachuselts legislature have done so.
There is no half-way station for
In criticising the administration il
shoti ,
fore gi
aged u
i nieiubered tliat some in
cut bias ; also, that oin
il s are ipiile a Well man
se at home .
Will. am
said- say
any cilice
Of Il.iliUl-
liill" Sprint-'or Judge
Sinr.gcr, we shourd 'havc
that lie woiilndn'i accept
'hat would carry him out
If not, he was misrep
No 0' r.i r does a wealthy man
tritium' a wife die than some women
cornos fc.nv.rd with n story of hav
ing bun engaged to become hiswife.
That's win some men arc afraid to
would be imno'-sible to sav
more, if one talked or wrote a week
than was said many year- ago by an
old ministu' who. was n.kcd if it was
proper to dance "to dance propeily
is proper; to dance impropeily is improper."
The mt lit publican national con
tention will unt be run foi tho purpose
Of Viinlicatnig any man or any idea,
but for the restoration of the control
if the government to thu Kcpuhlicm
party and I lie consequent return ol
general piopcrity.
Scdalia is getting up a land
windlu Ihluiigh which it hopes to
addle the ixpense of the capital re
moval light mi the Jays outside, of
Sedali i. Sed.dia is composed large,
ly of wind, and sliu shows it at overj
If there are any more nations
which wisli to take advanlage of the
United Stales while Ciiesliamlania l
t Its heighlh they would heller
tiurry up. There's no telling how
iaoon Greshnm may bo pitched neck
fttid iicels out of the state depart
ment. Francis Murphy has again taken
to the rond as a temperance lecturer,
assisted by Ids son. They are at
present In New York, mid ought to
be very successful among the Tain
any men whose perils-. hae been
on iu -ii.'u exient that lliej
jiger buy thiunpuagnc
lantn exposition managers
to pcisiiadetlK southern
, .. ..... ...... fcuimij; i;ts
c keen tho ilchl tdIiuj
Nsition, Hut ii's rail
u9incss cards that
eeed. Nailroads
war when tho
Election Day.
T'licre 1ms been less Interest mani
fested appcarently In the. election
this tprlng than for many years past
While both parties of course, did
somu work the candidates did very
little to adrnnee their own IntorosK
In years gone by, election days al
ways proved an event In tho livtsof
the man without occupation. The
ward ''bum" was always full up to
his ears with Inteiestliig information
for the candidate. He would usually
take the unsophisticated one aside
and tell him how thoroughly he had
llxed tho bojs and how hopele-H the
campaign would have been for the
candidate without his inllueucs; and
wiik. Tlii was in the good old days
when the ward "hum' peddled ticket
and nulied the "growler.'' Since the
adoption of the Australian ballot
law and the coirupt practice act, the
professional politician lias lost Ids oc-
upation. Election day now is a
wciry affair to him. All incentive
for woik and interest lias been taken
away .The voter flow gOCSTmhe pter'
N provided with a ticket that gives the
names of all the candidates, exer
cises the great privilege of an Amer
ican citizen and cast his ballot
according to the dictates of his own
conscience. If he Is a mugwump he
can scratch to ids heart's content; if
n party man of either patty, he en-
jot unmolested the great American
piivelcgo of swiping tlie Democratic
or Itepulilicaii ticket, ami marching
bp to the crib depositing it with
the judges, triumphantly. U'e have
seen the day in Jeifersou City when
that was practically impossible. The
inlliience of the nutu being Usually
exercised on the uii-iphi-tieated
voter and matched up to the judges
where lie deposited a "fixed billot.
Taken altogether, tho election on
I'ue-ila) was as ipiiet, peacable and
hoi orablo affair. The defeated can
didates are just as worthy in the eyes
of the people now as they were be
fore the election. All could not win,
neither could all be defeated. The
result of Tuesday's election is in
The total vote cast was 12.'! I which
was a goud vole for this cily. The
weather was cool and damp and not
pleasant for parly workers but not
withstanding this, they did pretty
well in getting out thu vote. Out of
the thin ecu candidates elected, thu
Iiepub licans got ten and the Demo
crats tiilee, as lollows!
will becomo Invalid. Tho people
who are Interested In Jefferson Cltyt
who understand tho serious condition
that confronts the people, who own
property here ; who hope to seo the
The nffiontary that has been cxhlb
lied by Srdn'iiitis for the piist'slMeci
years is cinetlnug that goes bcyotu!
the undcrstatnling of man. Thch
uaimui leiuuiii ueie, iinisi. BUOW llieir ' . t. . ti....,,..i. .t
,, , ., . . , . , 'success In caining lliioiigh tho cap
M III IIIIIUSS 1U UU UIVIl Mill 111 11119
great woik. The amount of stock
subscription necessary is f 100,00().
T.ils money it seems to us ought to
be easily obtained for a woi k of stub
magnitude, such importance, and of
such benefit s to our people. The Im
portance of il in the uipltal removal
light can hardly be estimated. Tho
advertisement that this will give Jef
ferson City for progrussiveuess will
be greater than could lie purchased
for half of the amount that the bridge
will rost. Just at this time this ad
veitlseincnt is of vast importance.
If every one docs Ids duty, the bridge
Is assured, but If the matter Is left
to a part of the citizens, it must ulti
mately fall and tho responsibility
rest upon those who failed to do
theit part.
J I)
Ally. Wnldecker, niajoiity,
rrcasuier l'orlh, "
(Oil... . 11 . .. j
Assessor Schultz, " V;j
-'ml Ward Ott, "
Jlid Wind Miller, " ,v)
Hli Waul Hackers. "
school Dir. D.dbneycr ' 73
" Knaiip, "
.Mayor Silver. majority 00
.Vliushal Henderson, " J,")
liecordi r Stone , ' l;i
Thu vote for school commissioner
in the city stood ns follows: Hast,
ings, ,-,i,j; i'j-octor, (ill'.
A Special Session.
At this writing the Gf.Vc-i.or of
this state in whom Is vested the con
stitutional power to conveno the leg
islatuiein special session, is seriously
considering that subject. The fact
that the thirty-eight general as-embly
wli.jpy nigleeled and refused to pass
am lection hill remedying the. pre-ent
defective law and aWo refused to
pass a fellow servant hill aie the
piincipal reasons advanced lor justi
fy ing a special session of the legis
lature. 'The fact that the last ses,ion
was wholly in the power of one of
the must corrupt lobhiis that lias in-f'-stid
any state is Just now bi-ina
In ought clearly to light and becoming
known by the people. '1 hat the
blight of .he corruplronists' inlliience
should fall so severely upni the
thirty-eight genual assembly, is in.
deed regietted. lint that the power
ful lailroad lobby was thorough!)
intrenched, seems to be established
he) oml (iiestion. The fuel that the
"liT'isl trifal and uiiimnorlanl icrU.
I.ui'in occupied thu intuition of the
bod) foi hours in serious discussion
"lulu a coiicunoiit icsoliitiou involv
ing tho state in a capital rcniuvn1
contest that if adopted would involve
the state in the expenditure of from
live to leu million dollars could lie
passed by thi, inilruad lobb) through
both homes within tliite Injurs, gives
an adequate idea of the power wield
ed by the lobh)i,is who had control
of the asseni ly. Whether Gov.
Stone In calling a spccit.1 session
could bring about the desired legist
lat ion is very doubtful.
B, c? L Associations,
The recent session of the legisla
ture has amended the building and
loan association laws by adding an
entire new section in lieu of the
pre-ent law. Whilu we are not pro
pared to say tit tit theio are any
changes in the law which will mated
aily nlf'ct local building and loan
associations they in the end are cal
culated to injure tills Important
Ibiancial Institution. It is well known
by all persons familiar with tho op
eration of building and loan associ
ations that no loaniin: institution
comes so near Idling the wants of
thine in moderate circumstances as
the 15. & li. As-ociations. They
open the door by which every honest
laboring man can piociiro a hjiiic
for himself and family, through
monthly payments. Take for illus
tration tho mechanic who owns a lot
wortli a hundred dollars without any
impiovements thereon . Tiii' lot is
practically of no value to him until
it i improved. In some other part
of the city lie is renting a house for
which lie pays ten dollars a month,
and in ten years lie has paid out for
rent to Ids landlord SliiOO, without
a dollar to show for it. This same
man can subscribe for live shares in
the building and loan association,
starting with the payment of $i ,10
and a monthly payment thereafter
uf 8.1.00 per share, which will entitle
him to liorioiv SI, 000. After be bor
rows this $1,000 he can build his
home, pay for it with his rent
money and add .1.00 to bis monthly
dues making altogether S 10.00 and
in ten years ho has his homo at a
con of Sl-.'OO, entirely paid for. In
other words, in one case lie has p lid
out SI -00 for rent in ten years and
lias Homing to show for it, while in
itid utnoval tcs'lutbui through both
houses In lline Ik nil a. upcukH vol
umes for an adioit and sagacious
lobby. The iiffroutaiy In promising
tho slate to erect buildings for n mp
tol, supreme court, governor's man.
tdon and aimoi) . "In u they them
selves failed to citi v nut tho contract
the) made with a town in Ihelr own
county, to build a court house, is one
of the wondus of the yenr, That
the soivnnlM of the people, men
elected to the ligishiluie to protect
their inlcnsts 'hould become the
willing agents of a leal estate syndi
cate that Is attempting to foster
upon tho people of this state a gi
gantic Job of over live or ten millions
dollars' debt, passes even our under-
tlnmlli.il. 'I'll, f.,1.1 II...I 11. ..... ..nr..
legal reasons why such a proposition Lt
even considered forono moment or
discussed in either body. Theie has
never been presented a bunco sciierao
that did ii"t posssss greater merit
then Hie scheme that has been Known
upon thu people of this stale by the
lobby inteicstcd in pushing through
the Scdalia and Chicago hind
company swindle. Unless mis
take thu people of this slate the af
fronter)' of Sedalia and the act of
its lobby and Chicago syndicate will
be buried so deep that they tlicm-
Ltr o 1
hi ' 1
selves will wonder what hit it.
Railroad Prospects.
The committee appointed by the
Commercial club, who In conjunction
Willi the committee from l.i 'union,
Mo., called upon the Missoii.i l'a
o lie olllcials nt St. Louis for tho
purpose of ascertaining whttli r that
company would undeitake the con
struction of the road from li iguel'
to Lebanon and thence to So'iilieast
Mtssouii, report very ciuo.n iging
prospects. Jefferson 'City lias long
recognlz (' the importance of railroad
connection with Southeast mi I South
west Missouri. The Lebanon Inane
when completed would put that
section of the country in close touch
with Jefferson City. It would prove
to lie probably one of the best pay
nig -short lines of load in the slate
and if once built as far us Lebanon,
there is very little doubt of its ex
tension on down to Arkansas. We
sincerely hope that thine is a bright
and substantial prospect for the con
sirucllon ot this road. "
Mr. I". II. Kinder left on Tuesday
oou for St. Louis.
7V "'" ""u'ii f. u,.,j
Tho Hailnn trial was com
miiced In rayettc on Monday.
(By the Clerk in Vacation.
Missouri, tho object and genorftl
nature of said petition (lied Injald
cause being tho enforcement of tho
lien of the State of Missouri on the
following real estate, to-witi llto
N'urth'west miartcr of tho North-east
quatter and the Notth-cast quarter
of the North-west quarter of section
21, township -IS, rango 1U ilcscrilieii
in said petition, and owned by the
sal'd d.'fendent-, for certain taxes,
Interest and costs levied nn suld real
property, as In said petit inn set forth;
and that unless said defendents bu
and aniieur at the in xt term of Bald
coutt, to beholden at Ihe unlit house
in thu City of .IchVrson, wiiniu nun
for the rminiv aforesaid, on the
third Miiiiilav in Mnv lS'.t.l next, and
on or before the thiid day thereof (If
the term thall so long contlnuo, and
If nol. thfn before the en I of Ihe
term), judgment will bo rendered
against them and the property In
said petition tlcsci'itii ii soldto satisfy
Ills fuither ordered that a copy
hereof be published in TmtSrATK He-
uducan n newspaper published in
said county, for four wees success
ively, the last insertion to beat, least
fifteen days before thu eommeneu
muut of the next term of said court.
A true copy attest, with seal, this
iOtltdny of March 189.1.
IV. 11 L.UCK, VICIK. seAi..J
By J. A. Droste, D. C.
A.M. lloroii,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Caro for tlctulaeho.
As a remedy for all forms of
Headache Elootrlo Hitters has proved
to bo tho very best. It effects a
pormancntcure, and the most dread
ed habitual sick headaches yield to
Its Influence. Wa nrgo nit who aro
nfllieted to procure a bottle and ttlvo
It n fair trial. In cases of habitual
constipation KlcCtrio Bitters euros
by giving the needed tono to tho
bowels, and few cues long resist
the use of this medicine. Try It
once. Large bottles only fifty cents
nt Brandenborc.r's drug store.
FLORIDA commodatcd In tin
Throuch Pullman Duffel Slceplnt Cars
running over the lines ot Ibe Louli'
llle & Nashville Railroad.
State of Missouri, )
, County of Cole. J
In the Circuit Court of Cole County,
Missouri, in vacation, .May Term,
'tho Relation and to ttiu uso of
'Thomas B. Malum, Collector of
'the licvenue within and for thu
County of Colo and State of
Missouri, Plaintiff,
The Unknown Heirs of I. B. HEAD,
deceased, and Urn unknown heirs
of JOHN P. KKOMME, deceased,
Now nt this day comes the plain
tiff in the above entitled cause, be
fore the undersigned, clerk of the
Circuit Court of said county, in va
cation, and flics Ids petition and alll
davit, stating, among other tilings,
that the above-named defendants are
non-residents of the state,
It is, Kieieforc, ordered by the
e.lpik aforesaid in viicutiim Itint t,nli.
location be made notifying them that
an action has been biouglit against
them by petition and iitllilavit in the
Circuit court of Cole county, In the
statu of Missouri, the object and
general natu.e of '.aid petition Hied
ik said cause being the enforcement
of the lien of thu stale of Missouri
on the following real estate, tn-wit i
Iivlot in the Cily of Jifferson,
Co'e county, Missouri, numbered
live hundred and twenty-seven (527)
ns fchown on the. plat of said citv. do-
ctHo.l- nnltl ivtliioir, and owned
by'tho said defendants, for curtain
taxes, interest and costs levied on
sdd leal piopcrty, as in said petition
Hciiorlli; and that unli-s said de,
fiMidnnts lie and appear at the next
til in of said couit, to be liohleu at
Administratrix Notice.
Nolico is hcroby given that letters
of ndminibtriition on tho estate of
Charles It. Schuhr, deceased, wero
granted to tho undersigned on tho
13th day of- March 1 805, by tho Pro
bato court of Colo county, Missouri.
All persons having claims against
said estate nro required to oxhibit
them for allowance to the adminis
tratrix within oo year from tho dato
of Miid letters, or lliy-niay ba pre
cluded from liny benefit of such es,
tnte; and if such claims bo not ex
hibited within two yeara from the
datu of this publication, they ehiill
be forever Inured.
Anna Scnciin,
j. c. l'lsmci:,
200 East High Street.
-No higher tribute to Ihe valuo of
thu Anieiican market, which a Dom
ocrntlc C ongress and 'icsldeiit has
in. men w.ui iviropc, was ever ll.e Couit house in the Cily of Juf-
. naid than is contained in tho fnllnn-. f,.,n,,n idn,;, ,i iv,,. ii,,,. ,..r
thu other case he has paid Sli'OO to a r I,.,, ,,.,,., frnl ,,.,. ,,, "
" nu,.,, ,,,, niuu ...wiiitaj III .1111)
port of the Belfast, Iieiand, Board If-'J.I next, and on or before the
of Trade: "Since the passage of tho Until day thereof (if Ihe term shall
new tariff law in thu United Stales fo long contlnuo, and if not, then he-
luisiness has improved
building and loan association and
.lias a home wortli .'Il'00 fully paid
for. About ten years ago Hie Jiifcr
son Ciiy B. & L. association in this
city was organized, When it was
organized thire were not a half dozen
pcoplu in Jefferson Cily who uudei
blood or appreciated the great value
of these associations in providing
homes for the people. This associ
ation as first organized has paid out
and many of our citizens aru enjoy
ing their homes paid for in thu man
ner heiein indicated. Thu present j
law that is before tho governor for 1
his appiovnl should be carefully
studied. No change should be per
mitted to go upon the statutes books ,
that would penult tin! Introduction
of wild-eat loan associations. Jeffe-- j
s hi City, of course, i in no danger
in this re-peel, but wn would dislike
to see any law approved I hit would
throw a clci.d upon the Usefulness
and honesty of these associations.
They now have an excellent reputa
tion tti'ich has been uaiiied under
existing laws, and why a radical
change should tm made, we do not
understand. 7'hu governor ought to
veto the bill, if there is any q iusiiou
about its operation. If it opens ttiu
door to tho land hark and specula,
tor, who is after thu money of thu
honest patron of the Building unit
Loan Association, it, ought to liu sat
upon in unmistakable terms by thu
chief executive
and tho il,-
mand is now equal to what it was nt
any timu in the past flvu years. It
is not gi nerally known thntEngland's
couumruc with (1.1,000,000 people
under the stars and strlpus amounts
to quite as iniii h as lur trade with
the 708,0110,000 ii.idcr tho British
ling, Aineiiea Is, thei efor'e, the be?t
friend of English commerce."
What pleasant muling that makes
for Anieiii-ais wlio'e occupations
have been It ,t for thu benefit (I
It.'itisll llll.inif n-l in
The Bridyo.
'I he ipiistion nf tin- i oust ruction
of a lindge iicioss thu Missouri ilvir
at ibis point must h()nl ,UVe a ieal
izaihm or a fuituic. For two yeais
now this qiicstlui has been pushed
by a part of our cilizuns mid it Iris
leached that point where d'elinito re
sults must be attained or the hopo
of thu bridge forever surrendered.
Thu charti-jr granted by congress ex.
phos about the llrst ilay of June.
Work must actively commence on
orbeforothat day, or the charter
Wheat Prospect.
Tho prospects for n fiuo wheat
harvest wero uover hotter. Thu
Callaway bottoms, sincu tho hist snow
and rain, nro looking beautiful and
reports conio from nil sections that
tho wheat lint vest will bo ti bountiful
ono if tho present indications go for
anything. Tho price of wheat is
still at low ebb and tho prospocts nro
not very fluttering for u rise. Tim
hard times and general depression
hnvo forced this cereal down to thu
bottom notch, mid tho farmer cannot
hopo to leiiiizi) n forluuu on his
wheat crop, but he can nlTord
to hnvo a good crop and got u poor
price. When theru is n fluo wheat
harvest tho cereal is distributed
among tho poor and tho rich, nnd tho
benefits are much greater than when
tho crop is very small and tho prico
Per He::or, Cattle, Cheep, Cogs, Hess,
and rooLTnr.
SOOTnco Hrnli onl'rrnlinrnt ofAulnmU
iiutl t'liun Ni'iu Tire.
A.A.lMlniil .U..itiiulli, Illllli Voter.
f ftl r 1 ''"'"ci"'"". Illic ullm.
! ''..""l.1.11"1'"11"'1'1 Annl l)lchuri-.
I). II, IIiiii. or t.rnlii. , until,.
Ji fc-"" ,VJ' ' "''"' l'liruiiionla.
K,.,'..","e r (IrllH-s. lli llrncl.c.
;'.'.'.". "V" rllii''. Il-iiiurrliaiiri.
II. II.-. I i liinry nml Ivlilni-y lll.i-iiin.
1.1... I.riii.iln) Ill.riiKCM, jlliinEc
J.K. --lll.i u.es in IliBi-.ilun, rnruljl.
felllgtO DuttlO io,rrS3iloa(-B), - . ,(J0
btttlilr Vnmr, Willi pct-Mm, Maniul.
Wurliinry CuiuOIUd.I Medlcauir, 8T.0O
Jnr Velrrlaary euro OH, . - i.oo
Hold tyIlritl.U or ml prvpd DTilt,r,sd 1.
qat.illy sn r.ilpt aC 1-fl.e.
lunriiiitiii'inii. to., in a i n mn. su, iorir
Nervous Dclliity, Vital Weakness.
and I'roatrttion, from orer-work or other causes,
ft pr TiaU or 6iali&nJl4rTi4l powder, lor 5.
t-olil tf UrHKirfi,iir aaM (oipl(t utt rrcli ol nc.
KLJIr'IMliVb'IIUJ.Ca.lU JblllHIDIuM bt.N.wUrk.
Try BLACK.pnAUOHy tea tor Djipopilt.
( Kxec dot's Notice.
Xotico is hereby gi'.en, that let.
ten testamtm! q-y on the estntu of
Inline Dwiglitjd'tiwi. d, weiu j,ninlpil
to thu undersi;ned, on the 2:!u din
of l'Vbiimry UHI5 by the Probnto
coiutof Colo cmidy, Ml.shoun, All
per.suns hiiving clniini iignuiNt i.nid
estate, nn icquii'i d tu exhibit thun
for iillownnco to ho i seen or iwlhin
one yenr after l!ii d of mid 111
ten, or I hey ma, - nil ulul iin
any lieiicdt of 'i i. li e n i , v 1 l
bitch clniini 1)0 U.K. I.. l, ,,, ,,,,
two )i'aiH from Hi.- d lu of ih p' b
licaflou, tlmy bIiiiIi b. f r v. r b' md.
1' . A. U;.oitr, K, -u or.
foicTho end of the term), judgment
wih lie rendered ligabiit them 'and
th piopeity in juid petition deicrib.
ed -o d to satisfy same.
I' is further ordered tlul a copy
lier-of be published in Tin: Staik
1!k nii.tcxN, a uowspiper published
in said county, f ir four weeks sue
cc sively, tlie la-! ins, riinii to bj at
least tifiieu dn)s befniv ihe yom-ui'-ueeiiieut
of the next term of said
court .
A line copy iitte-l, with n al, lids
2') ii day of Mai eh bsn.i. seal..
W. II. I.fsK, C.erk.
lly J. A. UiiosiK, ). 0.
A. JI . Iliii'ini,
Al'i.incv tor I'luintlff.
01!l;i:i! O!' I'UllI.IOATTOX.
(lly the Cletlc in Vacation.)
Sta'u ( f .Mlssnnil,
I i imnt) of Cole.
In the C'lrcii't court of Coin cotmtv,
.Mls-ou.i, in Vucadon, .MayTeim."
Till: ST.VIK OK .MI-SOL'IM, at
Hie I'ela i ui and to th Hsu ,,(
ThomiH 11. Malum, C-nlcilur ol
thu K. v.'iiuu wiihin nn l lor ihe
Cor.irty of Cole- Jurtd'-Slulsrof
Mlasinirl l'lalntlff."
Tne Uii'iiiu.vi. Ibnis of KDWAIII) I).
JOMiS die. asid, mi 1 i. f .
known UeitK of A-X KI.lZA
V1LK3, I), f ml n ,.
NoW'itlli.s-la coma, i'i iiMiitiff
in tliualiuvucntilledcaiis' i., fore the
underalirui'd, Clerk ut tnu U icim
Coiirt of aiiid Coiiuly, in uiuomn,
aud IIUs hU p tltion and n.avli,
stating, among other Ihniis, that thr
abuyu named defeu.lentj aro iiuli-rea-idcnls
uf thu slate.
'XV la theiufure oidi re I liy the del I.
a.fo;aW vacation thai publication
botnadu notifying them that -in net! u
hslhreu brought agiin,t ih,., (,..
potlllou nnd atll livit in t iu Citcim
c6"r' nt '"!" cfiunly. in tne iiu'u of
nrM4Au ani 40wm
200 Kast High Street.
10.1 West High Street.
121 Kast High Street.
201 Kast High Street.
(Sco Ailicrtlscniont.)
121 Kast Higli Sheet.
(Sec Athcrlisptiiciit.)
225 Madison Street.
US Kast High Street.
Ollieu & Telephone, Milliard's Store.
125 Kast II gh Street.
114 Kast High Street.
'ii Kast High Slice!.
K. J. Mii.i.ku, 1'ioprietor.
Cor. High and Madison Streets,
W. W. WtoHMt, Proprietor.
Cor. Monroo and High sis,
Tub SrATis ltr.it omoan job olll o
is turning out sgnio of tho finest
work in tho slate. Any one desir
ing first-class worL ut low prices, cull
on us.
Imnl ci'oucb you nro hnunO to tuccrcd
hut Ji.u uiim iiatn ihe iiiaclilua tint
inn. m r.ajii punning tany. We linvd
1. ho Smith Premier
to Hie Idf licet point of Ijjuiwijtcir fx-
i-i iirnrr. j.ah i"if like r lor yiif cu. ani
ittdir tecausolt Mrpulii oiiJir. Yu'll
be fntprlwa nt the Ulllirc-aee betwe
ItiU mU il.tr trtietriltna.
The 2n;!tli Px-emler Typawriter Co.
203 isun.. t .,, Street, St. Louis, Mo,, A. J, CT' .NNKhLV,
Solicitor, Jefferson .City, Mo
paiccs lu all leading dlles. Ca.a.ogu. mulled on apniroaHon
This line runs double dally
(morning and evenlni depart
ure) trains from St. Louis,
Evansrlllc, and Louisville to the
principal Southern cities.
This line Is many miles, the
shortest between the Northwest
and Southeast.
This line lias double dally
sleeping car scnlce to Jackson
ville all the )car round.
This line Is many hours
quickest to Southeastern cities.
The passenger equipment ol
this line Is not excelled In the
For sensible people who
aim to save money.
Are the moat satisfactory
features nt present. ;
Wo expect your trad
during tho month of De
cember. Wo must reduce
our stock nnd we offer
Clothingfor Men, Boys & Children
Winter Tourists' Tickets at
low round trip rotes on sale from
about November 1st, cood till
May 3 1st.
rull Information cheerfully furnished
upon application lo
GEO. B. HORNER, Dm. Pas.. Ajt., St. toali, Wo,
C.P,ATMORE,Gen'tPas.Agt., tculivllle, Kj,
Write fur description of frg
Home Seekers' Excursion via the
"Ivaty" Noutc.
For trains of February liith,
March 5th and April 183, The
MUbouri. Kuiiius and Texas Uiilway
will sell licltels to all points in
Texas, (except El l'aso) and to Lake
Charles, La., at the rale of ono low
est Urst-ebiss regular fare, plus 82,
for thu round tilp. Ticket-i limited
to continuous passage in each direc
tion, nith liual return limit twenty
(-11) da o from date of snle. Stop
over privileges will be allowed in
both the going and return passage,
witliin liual limit of tickets. Why
not take uilvunUgu of these low
rales and vUit the otute of texas,
where laud may be bought at almost
any price? For further information
us lo freight retes, passenger rales,
iniipi, etc., call on or address,
JAS. 1, CUSS, Agt.,
North Jefferson, Mo,
Stockholder's Meeting of the Cap
ital City B. cf L Association.
A meeting of thu stockholders of
the Capital City lluildine; and Loan
Association will bo held at lbs oil'. :u
of C. W. Wallendorf, .secrutarj if
thu association, on T'tesday, Ai.il
a, A. D., 1'J:, for thu purpose if
volfug upon thu proposition to in
crease the capital slock uf said u .o
ciatlon from gyuO.OOO lo $400,000,
and for such oilier business as nuy
come before thu meeting.
II. C. ULisiu.ua, Pres.
C. W, Wallenujui-, bec'y.
Clothing Sales Agent Wanted For
Jefl'jrson City and Vicinity.
Liberal -commissions paid, and wo
furnish tho bast nnd most complete,
outfit over provided by uuy house
Writo at once for terms. Send
two or three references.
Wasnamakeh & BlIOWN
l'hiludelphiii, i'eun
Whereas, H'uin-el lliouiier and Aiiii.i
lSrowuer, Ids wile, by their cri.iiu
deuil of trust, ibileil Deeuniber lt,
1SS7, itckiicm lodged Jitiiiiuiy U.li, Is.sS,
and reeoided In boo.k "tJ," ut page J30,
ut Colu County itieoiilel 's ultlee, eun
veyud to J. U. Fisher, us .trusiu, ttiu
lulluwiug described leal estufu, rlluiitu
In the cuiinty of C'olu, slate ot Mlosuun,
Tliu botitheust part of private oiirvej
No. 2701 , bixliiiiiiiK ia lUu uuriliHfr'l
irner of piivutu mirvey No. .uiju,
tlieneu in weMeni Ulreeiiuii parallel uiili
(lie suiitberu buuiiiliiry Hue ot ttiu pn
Vitu turvey No. !i70i eljttiteeii cliuiiis
(H eliabis), tliuneu lu tuutliurii dine
ii jii paiallei witb iliu uasieiu OuutiUury
line ot suld piivutu surrey No,27Ul to lliu
I ii ml betuiiKlng to 111 e selioul liuiisu,
tbenee with the eusteru Oouudury line el
fiiltd school house iauil to ihe toad JuaU
big to tho iloieau hilUeu, ihuucu in
Hinitiieru ilireetlou lo the southern boun
dary Hue ol bill J prlvatu survey, thence
lu au eastern direction with salil southern
boundary Hue 18 chains to the southeast,
corner til said private survey No. 27U1,
Iheueu lu a northern Ulreetlou wlib, thu
eastern boundary Hue ul aald survuy to
th point ot beginning, euutalulUK
sixty-lour aud 40-IWHU acies, whleh
couveyaueu wa iiiauu to secure lbs nay
meat ul eerlulii notes auii Interest uo-
torlbcU tu bttlU, ueeu - ul trust! auu
nheieos, Uelaiilt has buuu luaUe, iu llio
Jiiynieiii ol uuu ot satil nutes auu the
interest thereou, and ihe same reiiiulus
unpaid, Now, lieiuloic, by vutuei u.
(lie puwer ot sumeuuniliioU lu siuu ueeil
ut trust, aud at ihu reipiesl ol tne legal
uwuur ul saU uote In salu ,deca ut
surlbed, nuttud Is herein' vtyeu that I
will, on
botweeu lbs hours of tl o'clock lu the
n.reuoon and 6 u'cloek In thu ulteruoon of
that day, at Uie court huuto lu. the Oily
ul Jefferson, state ol Mlisouil, proecsU
(o sell the' abov. described propmy t
nubile vendue, to tin hlilimt i,iiiiir.
eutb, to satlaly said deed of trust,
guther with (be cost ot, this procesittu.
From 25 to 30 per cent,
less than regular prices
during tho month of De
cember. WVhave tho
Kvor offered for that
price. Every pair war
ranted to slve satisfao
faction. Everything la
our stock will go at
127 E. High Street.
Connecting the Commercial Centres' ant rloh
, tarnis ot '
The Broad Corn and Wheat rieleU and Tkrlrtng
Towns of
The Fertile Elver Valleys and Trade Ctntrai ot
The Grand, Picturesque and Enehantlnr Bcaa
rj,nnd the Fnmons Mlnlnfc UutrlcU of
Tho Airrlcnltnrsl, Frnlt, Mineral and Tlmbet
LAnds, und Famous Hot Bprings of
The neautitul Uolling Prairies and Wood laada
ot the
The Supar PlanUtlons ot
The Cotton nnd Crnln Fields, the Cattle Kufes
and Winter Itesorts of
Historical and Be'enlo
And forms with Us Connections the PopoUs
Winter itonle to
Tor rail dMCTtptlT end IHaltrftts4 pamphlst ol
sny ol lbs sbT stsua. or Uet Bprlscs. Ark. I,B
Antonio, Tssss, snd Slsxloo. sadrsts Cempaaj's
AgvaiB. or
Inl rtUKtil TisXlt Ajllt. ST. LOUIS, MO.
For Sala
The beautiful suburban place be
longing lo Mrs. Julia A. Weiss,
consisting of about 2U acres. This
place is about one mile east of the
city, overlooking thu Missouri river.
There is u brick house, seven rooms,
aud n servant's house "of one room;
also barn, brick smoke-house, two
cisleini.Tlieiu are about four hun
dred fruit trees, consisting of apples
chirrks, apricots, peaches, pears,
etc ; also small vineyard and straw
berry bed. Trice, 3,700, ,jart
cash. Call on or address.
J . 0. Fisiikh, Attorner,
Jifferson City, Mo.
Thu Hot Springs ul Arkansas havj
long been ile.oi'voJIy pupular, lor tho
icaanii that (liuru Is let oilier place that
lias Ibled the rcipilrcuiuuu ol both a
beiiltli mid a pleasure resort. This -tatu
if iitdlrs has ehuiiud. The Hut tipilugs
ut Soulii Dakota luivu, In lo ent years,
been turuwu upon lo thu people, and'
bei'uu-u uf (hulrdullKhtfiil situation and
Kiuat curative ipialltles, aru becouilug
inure popular every day. .Situated at
this result Is, lu thu tuitions black Hills
lu thu uiliist ut beuuttlul uiuuiiialu souu
u.y, pusetJlug that peculiar balsamic
atmosphere, wuluh Is lu Itself health clv
biK, with waters that are prunounceu by
experts equal ll nul superior lo those ol
any other mineral springs In thu world,
It n ill oou ouiraukauy other llkeresurt.
Ttiu hutul aeeoiuinoitatluiis are ol the
best hustelrlei Willi all the modern 1m
pruveuiuiits and conveniences. The ho
ld tivans, built of pink sand stone, willu
steam beat, eleetrfu Hghls. aud every
roomau outsldu uue, Is easily the best
conducted housu between Chicago and
Denver, Thu rates are all ressunable.
The marvelous " vVi ,d Cave") the tails
of Fall Itlver; llattle Uuuntalul the old
Indian battle ground; Dead wood and tbe
Kuld tlulds i and the famous Bad Lauds
oluuas bath ai tiiu tinrbnrs Is noted
as bcbijf uue ul the largest uatatorluins
In tho world. Bu liealiulul are ihe sur
rouudlugs,aud so mauy iho uuuveuleuces
uf Ibis vomlsbud ul Aluerlea," that It
is rapidly beouurlug thu Atuuea,"'' not
only tor Invalids, but lor pleasure) seek
ei us Well. 2'utt '-ilurllugluu Itouw"
reaches there lu a day auu a halt Irum
ai. l.otils. I'ulluiau sleepers aud , Iras
eiittir ears on tram No. Id mn lul.lncolu
uuil tium l.lncol.i Iron, chair ears uud
sleepers run lurougu to luu aprluttV.
For luithiir tuluruiatluu, cult uu any
T'Dtirilugtou Itoute" Agent, or address
1). O, lvus, U. I', aud i'. A., btiuli,
w Man of.bubluesa. ability to (ravel
joun,u. Mcuregor,
U80rU40Caiton Bljg,, .
&fe,io:?IlL, ;. i

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