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laWaVT-vVi.' v.av - i....... i. i .i n ' " - in T
JTHtrl oi Ifo Po(oJIm at Jetmon City
K'w Stiles, Jan. 7, 1IM)
Thursday, Sept. 81, 1895.
No 1, Day Express.. Arrives 18:53 p.m.
' heaves lsl5 p.m.
No. , NlghtExpress Arrltes MrSO a.m
No. B, Local Passenger. Arrives M:SB
p. m. leaves U:40p.m.
ffrallrht.ftirrloi tlUienfterS.LeaVe lO.'BO
a. oa.
No. 3, Day Express.
I i
,Amves3!3& p.m
Wo. : 'VnttBtBBbieu.'- Arrives' a18
. " T-cmab 3:13 a, m
No. , Local Passenger. Arrive 11:40
p. m. Xeavesi :55 p.m.
No. 8, K. O.Express Arrives 3.00 a.m.
Freight, carries passengsrs. Leaves 3 -55
No'. lit, freight, carries pass
niters to Osage only, 8 :80 a. m
Local passenger trains 5 and 0 run oe-
tween St. Louis and Kansas uiiy.
Ho. S hie throojh alesptrs to JtpllB. Mo.
. Pianist Hill tout.
'Free reellnlnt ehalt car, on all through
' He. 1H teavee Jefferaon Cltj at S.SO a. m,
ArrlTM at Darnell at 1S.I0 a. m.
Ma. Ill luni Xanell at M.M a. m.
Arrlf at Jefferson Cltj i,to p. ra
JOHM J. Outnton, Act.
Bo I, Tim Express, arrtre S.OR p. m.
Xo. S Texae xxpress errlras 6.10 a. in.
Learea 8.07 a. to.
Mo. . Local Freight, dellr except
Sni4T, carrlee paissnxers, ar B.tJ a. m.
Learee S.0 a. m.
lo. t, St. Txnle Expreea arrlTee at..l SI p. m.
Learee 11.07 p. m
Bo. i, St. Lonle Kxpraee, night, r.. .11.20 p. m.
Learee H Mp. m.
Bo. SI. Leeal Folxht, Jallr except
Snaaer, carrlee paleenf are, loavos 8.00 p. m.
Has. (I and M ran fcetween Mokn and 3e-dallaealr.
Too Wupir ptlico eleeplng cara and free
taellntag okalr eare on an traine .
Sleepier car on train No. S, lia'lng St. Lonle
at 1U p.m., will bo opened at 8t Lonle at 9
p. aa. (or tho racaptlon ot panongara, and paa
. aligara on train 1 will bo allowad to ramtln In
ewepensnta T.w a. nuin oi.ujnu.
jas. babkbb, a. r. t. a.
I. L. C088, local AftnL
Bay gold rings from Geo. Forth,
It is likely that next spring a
strong movement will be mad for
railroad south of here.
A groat many prisoners are being
broupht to lh penitentiary. The
fall crop being sen. in by the courts.-
Tremain's Son pictures were exhibited
at Lehman's opera house for nine
nights to crowded houses,
Tho accumulation of dust on tho
grav eje streets made thorn
Miat muddy alter tile rain lost
The north approaoh of the bridge
is boiue built. Col, Dewey has
charge of the work.- A. large num
bey .of (eama and men are employed.
. pmall an,4 large dwelling bouses
are Still greatly in demand Rant
are holding their own, notwithstand
ing the fact that b large number of
fcppaas.pBTp PHB PQU(.
Mr, Oarolipe Mayer ponUm-
.platee erecting a new business house
on her High"jtreet property. The
ifrospeots for a business boom next
year are greater than the one we
enjoyed this year.
Mrs. Herman Kveler died at her
home on, Richmond Hill on Thursday
eoprnipg last at 11 p'cloet fihe
jjras ft lay'pf wauy' excellent traits
pi -onaraoter ana very mgniy es
Usmad by her many friends and
ttuekltn' Arnica taiv
. The best salve In the wot Id for cuts,
bruises, sore, uloert. salt rlicutn fever,
sores, Utter, chapped bands, chilblains,
eornsaud all skin eruptions, and ooslt-
Ively cures plles,or no pay required. It
Is sTtuuranteed to clve Derfeot satisfaction
rmoDey rwunded. Vrloe S3 oeais' per
Jufgb of Eho: n.
The county court uJay ap
pointed the following jr ik.es for the
special election to be lel I December
5, to vote on an Ittne of oonrt house
First. v7ard Jacob Miller;'!. S.
Tuckley, W. D. Payne, NIok; Wuel
ser( 3i K. Hoggs, Joseph Ruwart.
Second Ward Louts Cenratb. G.
W. A. Gordon, Martin Oster, L. O.
Isom fit Hayens, F. G. Suden.
Third Ward Aug. Tanner, Victor
Kaltcr, Charles Loesch, II. b.Dewey,
J. E. Goetz, W. A. Moore.
Fourth Ward John W. Crandall,
John Bockrath, E. V. Rowland, W.
W. Davis, Frank A. Moeller, An
draes Franz. t
Soolts G. W. Spurr, Robert
Buckner, Adam Scherr, Richard
Brown, George Fierner, Henry IIoll-
Scruggs John W. Scruggs, Geo.
W. Rains, Caesar Sohnelder, Theo.
Eggers, John Kockelman, C. A.
Elsfon Herman Schroer, Frank
Dhtler, Daniel Wade, S. Kanffman,
Charles HenTges. '
Centretown Michael Handley,
Mike Mcngle,, Alfonso Druto, John F.
Flea jo. J. W, Galllff, G.F. Strelt.
Marlon George Hickam, Prior
Leach, Nathan Williams, Fritz Rai
thel, Henry Baushausen, Lloyd Gar
Russeltville John M. Proctor,
John W. Hcrt. Jr.. John A. Short.
B. W. Lansdown, John Hoffman,
John K. Hunter.
Lohman John Scheperle, Abe
Walsor, John A. N. Llnhardt, Chas.
W. Lohman, A, Blochberger, Eugene
Hickory Hill W. S. Hastings, G.
Locsch, N. II. Slmmonds, D. C, Nor-
rieet, M. E. Gilpin, Ben McCoy.
Brazlto J. R. Taylor, Peter Vo-
gcl, W. H. jPIummer, Wm. Flsoher,
John Henley, John Gretlein.
Teal R. R. Adams, H. M. Smith,
Wm. Herberling, Preston Roark, J.
B. Hoskins, Herman Locthon.
St. Thomas John Schell, Fred
Bosch, Herbert Scheulen, Peter Loe-
thon, John G. Dulle, Lambert Val-
Osage Bluff J. C. Harrison, John
G. Rakes, W. A. Jacobs, George W.
Lockett, C. P. Hngner, Herman
Wardsvllle W. N. Ward, B. A.
Foster, Frank Wlegerson, J. B. Ev
eler, John A. Summerer, H. W.
Taos Henry Berenskoetter, Ben
Fork, Peter DIerckx, Henry Weken
borg, John Sanntng, Ben Lage.
Osage City Geo. W. King, Wm .
Case, F. G. Schoennen, Jr.j Ben
Frank, Lawrence Schlrmer, R. L.
Wulff. ' "
' . Prof. Mahler will give an entsr-
talnment about the holidays for the
benefit of the poor.
been drawing
ten days.
sun pictures have
erowded housss for
on the north, fide,
WW JtfFetsoh Henna.
lit, Nick Frank and family, wild
have resided on Richmond Hill for
the pVt five years, moved -op on
High street last week.
Mrs. Oris Kroeger purchased tho
fine black bone owned by F. W.
Mr. Ben.Eveter of Wardsvlllo was
In tho city on last Monday on busi
ness. Mrs. Herman Eveler, who baa
boen alck for the past two months,
died on last Thursday and was burled
on Saturday in the Catholic oeme
tery. Deceased was about 42 years
old, and was born and raised In this
city . She leaves one boy about fire
years old, and a husband, to mourn
her loss, who have, tho sympathy of
their friends.
Messrs. Ed Hagan jnd - Floyd
Crandall went hunting over -In the
Kingdom last week, and returned
with .three ducks.
Mr. John Fultersnn spent Satur
day and Sunday with bis brother-in-law,
Mr. Bert Davis.
Little Jessie Opel had a narrow
escape from death-one day last week
by falling out of a persimmon tree.
Miss Bertha Crandall spent Sun
day out at Pleasant Grove.
the Jefferson City Building and
Loan association is always, at his
post. There are few in the stato
who work more faithfully than he.
&au Items.
Plenty ot rain,
F, A. Orede is puttlntt BeW.
roof on his barn- He had a large'
corn crop this year. u s
Mr. George Otl and
visiting their relatives injeffjraol
Oily last Tuesday and ' WideBday,i
. r ' ft"
Mr. John Gretlein' eowed some
wheat Saturday, It's zatherlate for.
wheat. . ' ' ', ;
Porjn and G. Gv
were in Jefferson City
Hlihest Honors Worlei'B Pair,
oa- -CREAM
The singing at George Oit'fl Snn LA pure Grape Cream of TartavPowder. Free
J l.L . i, AVjL'I fromAmmnnia. Alum or anv' other adulterant.
u uiguv nuo wen niiomaoa, Attnsn;;
W. Karr and' Frank Long' took a
trip to Jefferson Oity Bundajr
a pieosani nao. . ,a,v
"f ..i
Wonder hew Messrs Fred Gretlein
and John Miller got homo from that'
singing Sunday night 3
. . , -4.
Ironis Miller, our smith master:
was badly injured last Friday while
shoeing a horte. He pulled the
first joint ot his middle finger' eff
his left'hand.
The rains have helped the form-
en out of a olqse place. Water,
grass, and good roads make the
jfarmera smile.
Will Wed.
7 It has' been annonncod that on
November 27, Mr. Harry Spaunhorst
ind Miss Lizzie Heiqriohs will be
Dr. Walker has dooided to locate
at Ferguson, St. Louis county,
The dootor bos only good words for
Jefforson City, but he thinks he can
do better at Ferguson, because com
petition is not so strong. There
is at prosonl no drag store at Fer
guson aud as it has 1500 poople it
ought to be a good point.
What Is a Guarantee?
It Is this. If you have a Cough
or Cold, a tickling in the Throat,
which keeps you constantly cough
ing, or if you are afflicted with any
Chest, Throat or Lung Trouble,
Whooping Oough, dec, and you use
Ballard's Horehound Syrup as di
rected, giving It a fair trial, and no
benefit is experienced, we authorize
our advertised agent to refund your
money on return of bottle. It never
falls to give satisfaction. It promptly
relieves Bronchetls. Sold by A.
Contract Let.
The trustees of Zion A. M. E.
church -yesterday awarded the con
tract for building the new church on
Madison street to Opel & Co. The
bids were as follows: E. Braun,
$3,600; Opel & Co., f3,150. J. W
Davis bid ,007 for the, briok' work
only, but the contract was let
Tho iDemocratio family at the
state house seems to be very un
happy. It is said that Col, Ste.
phens and General Walker are now
pulling out chunks of hair from the
heads of each other when tbey
meet There seems to be a detor-
work is boinir pushed min"lon on P8" 01 democrats
A big force is at work 40 ma" tne n,xt epub lean vlor
yjij uiernueuuiug,
Rev ! F. Potter held services
at the Episcopal churoh on Sunday
last He is stationed at Mexico.
The weather Midday and Tues
day was ideal. NothioV lika'Mi'a
sour! weather in Odtober and Nov.
Rev. J. T. M. Johnston is expeoted
home from his visit to the Holy
Land next week. Mrs. Johnston
left foe New prl to meet hjm,
The tax collector
is now pnllins
the dollars into the county treasury.
It is only a month and a halt before
the popalty wjll be attached..
Shumate Chapel,
Shumate Chajl 8publioan 0iub
met and elected tho following officers
to Berve until after the election in
.1... ' w
-A. J. Davis.
1st Vice-Preaidont Walter Bar
Major' Xusk wants U live to see
the Cirenit clerk's office in the new
Court' house, Ho has dwelled In the
old one J a long 'time and we hope
that he wilf be the last Circuit clerk
to endure its discomforts.
Old People.
Old people who require medioino
to regulate the bowels and kidneys
will find ifl true temedj jn Elep,
frip BICtera. f his modipine doee
pot stimulaUand ooniains no whis
key nor other Intoxicant, but act as
a 'jonio and alterative. It acta
rnifdly qb the stoinach and howols,
adding strength and giving tone to
the organs, thereby aiding nature in i
the perform an oe oi the funotions.
Electrio Bitters is an excellent appa
titer and aide digestion, Oldpeo.
pie find it just exae'tly what they
peed. Price fifty cents per bottle at
A, Brandenberger's Drug Store.
2d Vice-President Charles
Treasurer David Dougherty.
Seoretary R. R, Halter.
Executive Comrnitee rJudge H.
Hollrab, Charles ' Elliott, Law
renpp Spur N, R, Wells, John
The olnb is composed ot 60 good
and true members of the G. O. P.
R. R. Saltib, See.
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
This llnimentls different In com
position from ariy other liniment, on
the market. It is a sclentlft dis
covery which results In It being the
most penetrating liniment ever
known. There are numorous white
Imitations, which may bo recom
mended because 'they pay the seller
greater profit. Bowaro of these
andjdemamd Ballard's 8,now LlnU
merit. posUiyely cures rheuma
tism, neuralgia, sprains, bruises,
wounds, outs, sciatic and Inflamma
tory rheumatism, burns, scalds, sore
feet, contracted muscles, stiff joints,
old sores, pain In back, barb wire
cuts, sore chest or throat, and. is es
pecially beneficial In paralysis.
Sold by A- Brandenberger,
A new building on the Obermayer
oornor will loom up. Who says this
city Is not going to doubto Its popu
lation in mu next ure years r .-
mm:. '
m'WtiKr ' ,.Vt .
: '-22..? - -..
ItJMay Do as Much for You.
Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving,' Ilia.
writes that he had a Serere Kidney
troublo for many years,' with severe
pains in his back and also that his
bladder was affected. He tried manv
to called Kidney cures but without
gooa resuii.- adouc a year ago ce
began the uie'of Electrio Bitters and
found relief at once. "Electrio Bitters
ts Mpecially adapted to- cure ot1 all
Kidney and Liver' troablee fend often
gives alioMot relief. One trial
wm. prove sur auteMeBi.' . race ou
Matt for large bottle.. At A,;Braa
rMbgtT'i More;
here visited his brolhor-in-lawOttoj
JfetencJc Hunday,
Mr. M. Schurbert ot RussellvillS
visited Mr. G. G. Schneider-Sunday.
Mr. Joe Sheveline, Mr. 0. A.
Arnhold's iiired hand, left for his
home in Illinois, lost Monday,
What was the matter with "Lang
Schlafer' that he never bad any of
his weekly nows in the Jefferson
City Post last week? I guess the
weather was too bad for him.
In 1896 is leap year only two
more months. There are already
quite a number of leap year parties
on hand. - Soap Stick.
CpunW court adjourned and will
moot again December 16th. By
at time? we will know the fato of
-countyton the court house ques
tion. ' '
W. A. Dallmeyer, E. J. Miller,
EL W. Ewing and Tom Park have
gone for a few days shoot on the
A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man
Are yon Bilious, Constipated or
troubled with Jaundice, Sick Head
ache, Bad Taste in Mouth, Foul
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia,
indigestion, not my sum, fain in
Back and Between the Shoulders,
Chills and Fever, &o. If you have
any of these symptoms, your Liver
is out of order and your blood Is be
ing slowly poisoned, because your
Liver does not act properly. " Her
bine " will cure any disorder of the.
Liver, Stomach or Bowels. It has
no equal as a Liver Medicine. Free
trial bottles at Brandenberger's,
FOR SALE. The north-west quar
ter ot the north-east quarter. Sea.
31-T. 12-R. 13. Prioe 875.00.
J. O. Fishir,
FOR SALE Twenty-one lots in
East Elm addition to the Oity ot
Jefferson. Prices ranee from $00l
to $150. per lot apply (q owner.
J- ft Vmn-.
FOR SILE. Several notes secured
by deeds of trust on farm roMrtv
Apply to
J.-G. FisnxB
FOR SALE. Lands in a halt dozen;
counties in Texas, Laqdr tpore'
vjlll never be cheaper j can sell . for
case,, aisfl trade. -Apply to
J. C. FisnxB."
FOR SALE. Forty acres in Cam
den oounty for $50.00. Good Land.'
J. 0. FlSHIB.".
Notice of Sae.
Notice lg herehy BYen that br
virtue of an order of the Probate.'
court of the county of Cole, Mis
souri, made at tho August term
thereof, I John E. Garman, admin
istrator do bonis non of the es
tate of Wilson Lockett, deceased.
will, on Saturday the 16th dav of
npyemoer, iovo, at tuo court bouse
door, in the City of Jefferson, county
of Cole,- Missouri, and during the
session of the Probate court of said.
county of Cole, seUVal public sue-,,
tlon. all the interest of WltaritV
fowing real estate, to-wit: ' The, eij
half of .tho northeast quarter, enaf
tne east uair oi ine eoutbeast quar-i
ter, all In section four, towuililjv
forty one and range twelve, In the;
county ot Uoic, state ot Missouri.
Ttif res cash,.-
Administrator de bonis nnn
Circuit court moots nixt weeft.
Probate court Is In session this week.
Tho County court will be in special
session December 16.
Tho travel on tho M. K. & T. Is
still increasing and the prospects for
a big business over tho bridge is
Hon. Chauncov I. Filler la snoken
of by a number of papers as the
next governor of Missouri.
Will Williams, a ncnltentlarv con
vict who escaped Monday morning,
was captured by Porter Weant about
o clock of that day and re
turned to the penitentiary.
The ferry company has nald off Its
entire fiualiiii debt and is in flourish
ing condition.
Saying That Has Caught
Town" Make Your Feet
Not long ago there was introduced
into the advertisements ot a certain
Chicago shoe house a pair of grin,
nlng feet with the words, " make
your, feet glad."'
Ibis expression has been bor-
yjf nww unln
pVt ' 1 it has becomo a common saying all
It Soaks A
Itito the Flesh
'right down through thel
J fevered parts to where
Etfl 1 f I ' : a. i i
uic siiiiuiii uiuiiun 19
Tooted. That is why
" Mustang Liniment
"cures all aches and
fiainsof man or beast."
f it evaporated or re
mained on the skin it
' could not cure. That
is why volatile extracts
fail. Theycan'tgodown
through the inflamed
owes its success to its
?ower of penetration,
here :is nothing mar
velous about its cura
.tive powers. It is sim
ply a few common sense
ingredients combined
in a way to make pen- '
etration possible and
insure a cure.
Mustang Liniment
has been used for one
half a century.
Write for "Fairy Story Hook,? Owf
trnlfj, also '.'Hint from a HoKedoo
tor's Diarj-.h BStU'bciks Wiled fre '
Lyon Manufacturing Co.,
? South 5th St,, Brooklyn, N. W-
over town. You will sec other shoo
advertisements headed " Mako your
feet happy, clothing advertisements
that read "Make your boy glad."
Now-a-days tho favorite invitation to
drink is " Come In and make your
stomach glad." In the morning we
suppose it's cracked ice to " make
your head glad."
The other day a man directed a
boy to hurry on an errand with the
words " run along, make your feet
The firm that coined this can't be
forgotten catch phrase is coining
money as well, if you judge from its
monthly sales. They make report,
and back up the statement with un
qualified proof, that their sale of
shoes for July amounted to more
than that of any other shoe house In
the couutry, and more than for any
preceding July in their busiuess.
Four factories employing 1,000
men and turning out an average of
7,000 shoes a day are always on
the go. "
That Chicago should hold the
greatest American boot and shoe in
dustry is a pride worthy fact, espe
cially when the product is of such
unvarying excellence. Any one who
is at all famiiiar with the leather
business knows of the stormy times
through which the trade has just
passed. There was an advance in
the price of leather an unavoidable,
unconquerable raise.
The shoe firm of which we are
writing, true to its patrons' Interests,
was the last to succumb to this con
dition. For months after other
houses brought up their prices they
stuck out at their old prices and
smaller profits.
It is such policies as this that make
the firm of "Selz, "Schwab & Co.,
Monroe and Market streets, Chicago,
successful above all others. .
Our Stock is tho Largest.
Our Prices the Lowest.
Every Department filled with NEW AND DESIRABLE GOODS.
Wo offer many genuine BARGAINS in tho different De
partments en both first and socond floors. Be surt
and visit our
Special values in New Cloth Capes at 81. 83, 6,75,87,50, 88,50
and 810.
Extra values In New Fur Capes at $8.50, $2.50, 813.50, 815
and $17,50.
Large assortment of New Jackets for Ladles, Misses and chil
dren at popular prices.
J Remember wc carry at all times n large stock of the
R. Dallmeyer's
227 Madison Street.
PREMIUMS with Purchases of 81, 85, 810, 820, 825, 810, $80.
Every day movers are soen en
our streets. The ferry company has
done a larger business this year
than in many years past.
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
This wonderful liniment is known
from the Atlnntio to the Pacific, and
from the lakes to the Gulf. It is
the most penetrating liniment in the
world. It will oure rheumatism,
neuralgia, cuts, sprains, bruises,
wounds, old sorss, burns, sciatica,
sore throat, sore cliost and all inlln
motion, after all others have failed.
It will cure barb wire outs; and heal
all wounds where proud llosli has
set in. It is equally efficient for
animals. Try it and ycu will not
be without it. Price 50 cents.
Sold by A- Brandenberger.
Notice of final Settlement,
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned administrator of the
estate of John A.. Walther,deceased,
will make, final ssttlemont of his ac
counts with said estate, as such ad
ministrator, at the next term of the
Probate court of Cole county, Mis
souri, to be holden at Jefferson City,
In said county, on the 11th day of
November, A. D. 1895.
bank Waltiier, Adm'r.
For Sale.
A house and lot in ene tract, and
four' lots in another tract, one front
ing Monroo street and the others
fronting on Atchison street. Tbey
are all good building lots . For par
ticulars call on
aug2i'tl Joint KiiEr-NEB.
Notice ot'Final Settlement.
r Nolice Is hereby given that the
undersigned administrator of the
eatate of John Walther. dfeceaserl.
Vjtl nlake final seUK'tnent of his ac
counts, with :!'! estate, as sucn ad
ralnl'strat'or, at tho mst term of the
S-obate court of Cole county, Mis
uri. to be holden at Jefferson City.
jn said county, on the 11th day of
jovemoer, a. u. ibvo.
Georqe A. waltiiek, Adm'r,
Homeseekkers' Excursion.
On' November 27th, and December
11th the M. K. & T. will sell roiind
trip tickets to all points (a Texs and
Louisiana west of LaFeyette at rate
of one regular first class fare plus
82.00 for the round trip. Stop over
allowed at Dcnlaon , T;s tickets I
good for ret':;.n on Uains o( Novem.
oer 29th, December 3rd, 6th, 10th,
13th, 17th, 20th, 24th, 27th, or 31st.
T.895. No stop over on return trip.
For further, information call on or
adress J. L. COSb, Agent,
North Jefferson, Mo.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that letters
of administration on the estate ot
Sophia Deeg, deceased, were granted
to the undersigned on the 30th day
of September, 1895, by the Probate
court of (Jole county, Missouri, .an
persons havine claims against said
estate are required to exhibit them
for allowance to the administrator
within one year after the date of said
letters, or they may be precluded
from any benefit of such estate; and
if such claims be not exhibited
within two years from the dato of
this publication, they shall be for
ever barred.
This 30th day of September, 1895.
Adam Deeo, Administrator.
l Given Away
fi Every Month
,) to the person submitting the
iSTOt iaerltorioainoT.-1,a
.Lulu the jtrcceaf month.
mil INVRN'TOIIS. and the
-v oJ?ct Of this offer 19 to en-c-vut.i
pbrions of an invent
tta turn ot m!m1. At the
Mrr.g time too wish to Impress
the fact that :: :: ::
it's the Simple,
Trivial Inventions
Thnt Yield Fortunes
Do I-ons's Hook
The apprehension or droad of tak
ing cold in the fall often mars the
pleasure of the summer outing.
Sickness in the spring or summer Is
looked upon more lightly, and the
patients think they will get through
"sotnebbw," the vacation change,
the change, the warm weather, etc.,
will suicly help them; but when it
comes to autumn, anil the long cold
winter stares them in the face, then,
and then only, they become appre
hensive. All this anxiety of mind can be
relieved by carrying in the pocket a
bottle of Dr. Humphreys' Specific
"77". It prevents Colds, and in
doing this wards off all the .terrors
of Grip, Pneumonia. Diphtheria aud
" 77 " taken in time is a perfect
protector and preventive, and is a
positive cure for Colds, Grip, Influ
enza, Catarrh, Pains and Soreness in
the Head and Chest, Cough, Soro
Throat, Geueral Prostration and
"77" will break up a stubborn
cold thnt hangs on. It is fur sale by
every druggist from Canada to Capo
theobors ram
Film and Machine Rtpiii SUit)
sans oAtTctas nab to oB.fc-
Gits as a call for aoytWcfe m out
fine. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Shops en Jeflettot street, Wtwtes.
lkU. aad Aikrey.
& 0.
means so much more than
you imagine serious and
latal diseases result irom
trifling ailments neglected.
greatest gift health.
out of tort, weak
uid feudally ex
haiutcd, nervous,
bavt no appctilt
and tint work.
begin atonceiaa
Inrlhtmomtlli. blfl itreagtbentnc
Brown's Iron Bit
ters, A lew bot
ties enre benefit
comes from the
very first dose u
wrm't iti Mr
t4U, and il'a
nlcaaant W take.
It Cures
Dyepepala, KMaey and Uver
Neuralgia, Troubles,
Constipation. Bad Blood
r-Maltrha, Nervous ailments
Woaiett'a coaplataU.
Gat on It th mala It has croaatil red
f llnta on lh wrapper. All other are b-
-tttuiM: iHnmuutHV.uinnn
wtU arad let oi ftm Beitrilfaa Wafti1
rMaT TWS aWW v-"
I Brown's I
fit 1 llvt.
"Stfctr I'ln." "Fiffs la Clo
"Soo that Hump.
in." "Pin In Clo
"Air lJraktv :-
Ai'imst orr one conceive
Ci n atrit.t ilea ut gome tltutj or
w oLh.'r. Why not put it In prao
tkii usl? Vol! It talents may
l:j li this fllroctlon. May
rniiliu jour fortune. Wjj at
to? :: ::
tff"Wnie tar further lnformatlQQ tal
ixciiiltou this paper.
I'Ullip Tl a liiruil USQi CIXTtaj
615 V Street, Northwest.
mn l-n i.u.arwi by llm fact that fa
i hi. . 14 l Ht . iir i.vfrine thousanl
a.t i ... l. .Hi. ir iiewBr-aDOii in the I
Connecting the Oommarcial Caatna and rlali
laa Broad Corn Dd Wheat Fields aai Tixlrtng
Towns ot
The Fertile Hirer villcys and Trade Oaatras ot
The Grand. Picture, qoa and Enchantlnt Scan
err, and the Famoaa Minlna: Dlstxicu at
Tho Afcricnltnral, Frnlt, Mineral and Timber
Lands, and Famona Hot Springe ot
Tho Eeantif ul Boiling r-rairiea and Wood lands
ot the
The Sna-ar Plantationa ot
The Cotton and Grain Fields, the Cattle Range
and Winter Reaorls ot
ITistorical and Beenio
And tonne with It, Conneetlona the Popnlw
Winter Uonte to
rer Mil aeeertytlTe en Ul,trsU4 vwyklet
nr or tb ebere Stete,. or not flprtnsVfArlc-. Bea
AntonlQ, Teuu, and Uexloo, addreaa Ooap7'B
Afente, or ,
Tll riuK alUlrl i(tgib ST. LOOTS, MO.
1.--. , .- .... . . ,,.,-,.n... . I. iii.i.i-iiiii iinn urn ii nnwiiieinwiiiBJirtira I'afii r i e i i n i r ..'?. ir..-y'- git?. .. ."saji,.
FIVE THOUSAND teres of Land in a body, in Central
Missouri; 20 miles from Ui State Capital; SO raileo eoath
of the Missouri Pacific Railroad; 20 miles north of the St. Lonis
& Sun Francisco linilroad, and 100 wost of St. Lonis, Mo. .The
survey of ths Si. I.ouis, Kansas City & Colorado Railroad runs
through it. This road is constructed and in operation 70 milea
west of St. Louis. It is 3 miles from tho Osago river, 11 miles
from the Gasconade river bath beautiful navigable streams
and 3 miles from the Dig Maries river.
It was purchased in small quantities, making a solid body,
fer a cattle. much, but never used for such. It has on it a large
quantity of railroad cross-tie and other timber. It is watered by
numerous living springs. It is in the lead, coal and iron bearing
districts, and lead and coal have boen found in various places on
the surface ot tho ground.
A number of small farms, of from 80 to 200 acres, could bo
opened on it, equal to tho farms in the surrounding country,
excellent for tho production of wheat, oats, ryo, grass, sorghum,
barley, eta, and fruits ot all kinds. It is specially adapted to
fruit growing and sheep raising. Will sell it in a body or in
quantities to suit the purchaser. Ten per conl. cosh; balance in
ten equal annual installments, bearing five per oent. interest per
Osage County has no debt and tho taxes ere nominal
with a large surplus in the county treasury. It is said iron
abounds in the county in oxbuustloss quantity, It is an exoellent
country for stoek-raising, and is timbered with oak, walnut, hick
ory, wild cherry, elm, basswcod, hackberry, ash, maple, eto.
Osage county ia well watered by the Missouri, Osage, Gasofltaatfo
and Maries rivers, and unnumbered springs and branches. The
oounty is well supplied with publio schools, there being about
eoventy organized acheol districts. The population of Osago
county is about 20,000, and its taxable wealth for 1804 was,
18,558,151. Address
J, O. FISHES, AUeraey

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