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ieeferSOn city, aussouur.
erd oMi PottoJUet at Jttfmon Oily
llo.,nt $eeonit olait mailer. ' "
New series, Jan. 7, JM0.1,
Thursday, Nov. 28, 1805.
MISSOURI rxctrio b, n. TlHtt TABLE.
No 1, Day Eiuiroia.. Arrive! 12:55 p.m.
. Leave. 1:15 p.m.
No. a, Night express Arrives 12:30 a. m
' ' I ..in 12.X0 n.m.
,y r Ko. I, Local rsesencer. Arrives 13:25
. p.m. leaves H:4U n.m.
Freight, carries passoDget,LeaTe- 10.-80
RMaifcS- P -""' .5 EASTTVABD.
tir'fersr,V' 1 .. ji . . .. , -io.'jn ., ...
' Leaver. 3iB0 p. tn.
No. 4, Night Kxfiross. Arr.ves 2:13
a. in, " Leaves 2:18 a. m.
No. 6, Local I'sssentter. AHlves 12:40
. p, nw Leaves! :55p.m.
No. 8, K. O.Expieis Arrives 3.00 a.m.
Leaves 3:00 a. m.
Freight, carries passengers. Leaves 3 -55
, p. in.
NO. 121, freight, carries pass
eugers to Osage only, 8:30 a. in.
Looal passenger trains 6 and 6 run do
tween St. Louis aud Kansas City.
No. S hu through sleepers to Jowlln, Mo.
via Pleasant Uill jonto.
TrSe reclining chair can on all through
' 'trains.
No. 15 learn Jelfersoii CltJ at S.S0 a. m.
Arrlres at Uagnell at 19.10 a. m.
Ko. Ul leates llagnall at 10.40 a. m.
Arrises at Jefferson City 8.80 y. in.
John J. Cuuuoit, Agt.
Xe 1. Texas Express, strifes SOS p. in.
Leaves 8 18 p. m.
Mo, I Texas sxprees arrives 5.10 a.m.
Leave's S.07 a. in.
Ha. S8, Local Freight, dally except
Sunday, carrlas passengers, ar 8.45 a. m.
Leaves 3 40 a, m.
Rov. J, T. Mi JohuHof r.stor of
tho Baptist, churoli, y , ,( rom
his visit tp the Ho1yXi i,lst week.
Ho was Joined. In JYew y . - city by
Mrs. Johnston, who n.oomnanlod
her husband borne.
Oomsidsrf.blo lea wns floating in
tho Missouri river1 on Wednesday.
Tho sooty and cold baa mads n pret
ty strong record for November and
If It is u sampjo of what we aio to
have r, cold wintei confronts us,
Accidental " Death.
Honry Schwab, n young farmer
living near Torts, Mo. lost hislife by
tbtr occidental -discharge of bis" gun.
Ho wns killing hogs whon tho gun
Court Houso Proposition.
Wo should know that It is Colo
oounty that needs tho court bouse,
not Joffempn City, x If tho old
vaultless house should burn and tho
.records burn with it thoro is not
a man in the county" who woold es
tablish his right to bin own real es
tate. frThe county records ar in
danger. Let ns have n new bonso
with o'good vault in it. Russellvillu
A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man,.
Are you llilious, Constipated or
troubled with Jaundice, Sick H'iad
ache, Bad5' Taste In Mouth, Foul
Hreuth, Coated Tongue, DyspoHa,
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Puln in
Back and Between the Shoulders,
Chills and Fever, &c. If you liavo
any of these symptoms, your Liver
Is out of order and your blood is be
ing slowly poisoned, becauso vour
Liver does tot net properly. " Her
bine " will euro any disorder of tho
Liver, Stomach or Bowels. It has
no equal as it Liver Medicine. Free
trial boltlca at Urandenberger's.
Ho. t, St. Louis Express arrives at..l! 83 p. m.
Leaves 11.07 p. in.
He. 4, St. Louis Express, night, sr.. .11.20 p. m.
Leaves 11 20 l. in.
Ko. (4, Local Falxht, dally except
Sunday, carriee passengers, leaves 3 00 p. m.
Has. (S and 64 run between Mokane anl Se
Sella only
- Tha Wagner palace 'sleeping cars and free
rscllnlig oaalr cars on all trains,
. UeeDlae car an train Ko. 3. lea' Ing SU Louis
WWhJ.teiri 'a) IlJS-p.in., will bo opened at St. Louis sto
uo? ,Y-T''Tf ia. far the reception of passeugers, aud im-
aoagara on train s viu oe anoweu w ivumu iu
leeper tiaul 7.81 a. m. In St. I.ouls.
JAB. BACKKB, 0. 1'. AT, A.
f.L. OOSS, Local Agent.
Boy Lockets from Geo. Forth,
Mr. Patrick Rinn, formerly of this
city, died at the home of his sister,
Miss. Katie, in ChicaKO.Iast Tuesday.
The remains will be burled there.
The scarcity of game in the markot
is growing into a'suppriso. Eover
body supposed that tho woods wero
full of squirrels and quails.
The supreme) court of this state
has decided thnt laborers havo the
right to strike, providrd they do not
interfere with the rights of others
or iujuro property.
J- ' V
At Lohman's opera house, Sntur
day, Nov. 30tb, matinee, end at
night. Francos JunsA Compaby.
A musical comedy, "In Old Mad
rid." Tho Globe.
. The Globe Shoe and Clothing
bouse Is a striking example of what
can be accomplished by a good bus
inesa man assisted by first class
advertising. A fsw years ago the
Globo Clothing bouse commenced
businosa under the manngement of
Chas, Citarlinsky with a small stock.
Now the Globo occupies one of
the finest business houses in
the city and curries a stock of $15,
000 or $2o,000. Mr. Czorlins'ky
knows the value of printer's ink and
it is almost impossible to pick up a
newspaper within fifty miles that
doesn't contain na- " ad " of J the
Globo. It only proves whnt can be
done by energy, business ability and
nublio spirit-. An ad. of the Globe
will always be found In tho State Re
pub'icao nnd those contemplating
purchases will find 'It profitable to
read the ads of this firm.
Bgcklen's Arnica Salve
,-. The rest salve In the woild lor nuts,
trrr ' nttll BAai y Biln'JI j II irr IT BIL I UP Li 111 ICYUr.
tS5r,-fct' aorfi, teller, chapped bauds, chilblains,
'M,ni ttfi. all akin ertintlona. anil DOalt-
lvelr.cuiesplles'iOrDOpajrreiiulred.. It
Bass Items.
Mossrs, W. S. Karr and John
Holtshouscn attonded tho singing at
White Onk last Wednesday.
Hog obolora is still prevailing at
Mr. Casper Stall.
Mrs. Anna- Grotlein, jr. of Jef
terson City spent laBt week in tho
country nt John Grotlein and re
turned Sunday.
"Lang Scblefor" has reported in
his weekly nows that Ben Hum
broook killed sixteen turkeys on his
hnnt. Not that many in tho
Wonder what is tho matter with
the Brnzito itoms. Bid tho corres
pondent fall into tho croek and get
drowned f
Mr. Andy Grotlein had n gooso
bntcbering last Tuesday, They
butehorcd something liko twenty
Dr. Bond from California nnd
Mrrf. Cnrndor from Bass wero
married Sunday. Tho boys gath
ered up some old cow bells nnd old
homos nnd charivariod tho old couplo
nnd had quito a soft tirno of it. It
was rainig all night.
Wra . Bates, A: H. Glob's hired
hand, hauled a load of wheat to Bus
sellville Friday nnd whilo unloading
it his tenm ran away and broke tho
wngon tongue aud crippled up ono
of the boat horses ho had. Mr.
Gleb went to Russellvillo Sunday
to see abont tho horso. He sayB
the horso will probably die.
Mr. A, A. Enloe the 'insurance
agent and A, B, Leslie from Russell
villo wore' in Bass .Snudny
We.3t Jefferson terns.
Mr, and Mrs. D. Noonrn had lha
misfortune to lo?o another, child, tho
second ono inside of tori (lays. It
was' burled on last Sunday afternoon
In tho Cathollo cemetery.
Little Ethel, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. John Crandall, was struck on
the head with a rock one day last
week by young Konintchllt, and for
a time It looked as if the wound
might prove fatal.
Mr. Joe Grubcr, formerly of this
city but now of St. Louis, oamo up
Saturday night visiting friends and
attending to some business.
Miss. Katie Elliott, who resided
with her parents four miles west of
this city, died on last Saturday after
an -Illness of thrco weeks, and the
remains wero buried Sunday In tbo
Crandall cemetery.
Messrs. Squire Lester' and Ed
Linvillo, of Elston, attended circuit
court this week.
Richmond Hill wns tho scene of
n considerable blnzq on last Thurs
day evening. Fire broke out in tho
stablo of Mr. Rudolph Bruns, de
stroying about one thousand imiiuds
of hay, .several btirrola' of com, twfl
cows and a calf vnlued nt $2(K)j a
buggy nnd harness bolonging to Mr
Coppick, and for n tima it looked
as if tho houso occupied by Mr.
Pollock and family would also bo
Tho fourth pier of the briilgo Is
abont. completed, and if th weather
permits work in erecting tho spans
will commence soon.
Air. Abo Fulkerson left on Inst
Monday for Miller 'county to look
after some property that he is inter
ested In. He went by way of wagon
and will begone several days.
Mr. Adam Piencr and Miss Katie
Brown wero united In marriage on
last Tuesday morning In the Cathollu
church, ReV. O. J. S. Hoog olllciat
ing. We wish them a happy and
prosperous married life.
Mr. John Wolters, our popular
druggist, is making a change in Ills
place of business.
Mr.Barncy Carey and family have
moved into tho house of Air. F. W.
GopIz, formerly occupied by Mrs.
Nick Frank and family.
It is clenrly doraonntrated Hint
our liro department on tho Hill needs
bettor linso and n better place to koop
them. Sparks from tho iire-plnoe in
its present location may hnvo some
thing to do in making them defective.
Would it not bo n good iden for our
aldermen to look into this matter f
The property owners of tho Fourth
ward would liko to ktiow why tho hose
belonging to their end .of thn fire
department nro generally defective
and fnil to nnswer their purpose, nnd
why sections of the boso genorally
burst when about to be used for tho
protection of property, nnd tho build
ing destroyed t-eforc a stream Is
successfully directed? It seems that
there is not a suitable place provided
for the keeLlnir of the Iiomo cart
May not sparks dying from red-hot
jron, when hammered on nn anvil,
be injurious to rubber hose 1 Is a
blacksmith shop the proper place to
kern city property In good order r
The hose when used to sprinkle tho
streets are all rlht, but in the event
of lighting fire arc nil wrong. Is It
the fault of the hnsc, or has the
training of tho men something to do
Willi It."
What Is a Guarantee?
It Is this. If you havo a Cough
or Uoui, u tickling in the .throat,
which keeps you constantly cough
ing, or if you arc ufllicted with any
Chest, Throat or Lung Trouble,
Whooping uougli, &c, anil you use
UallarU a llorchoiind byrup as ill
rtctcd, giving It a fair trial, and no
Mr. 1 benefit is experienced, we authorize
Enloe is n fino gentlemen nnd .overy.l our advertised agent to refund your
.,i i . . " money ou return of bottle. It never
young man that wnntslo got insured faiU i0 give satisfaction. It promptly
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
should go to bim, Ho was over relieve Bionohctls.
in St. Thomas Inst week nnd will , Brandenherger.
go to Oeage county this week;
John Sommer, jr., had bad luck
last Friday whilo gathering bis corn.
His team started off with the wagon,
ran over a fence nnd got into a ditch,
upset the wngon and drug it along
quito a distance.
Sold by A.
1 his liniment is different In com
position from any olhcr liniment on
the market. It is a sclcutlfl dis
covery which results In it being the
most penetrating liniment ever
known. There are numerous while
Imltntfnna. wlilph niftV hn rcpnm.
John Clarenbach went to Jefferson mended because they pay the seller
City Saturday. - a greater proilt. Beware of those
ainljdemiinil Ballard's Snow Lint-
Our smith master, Louis Miller ment, It positively cures rheuma.
was ud to see his boss. Mr. Enclo tlsm. neuralgia, sprains, bruises,
breobt. Louis can do no work wounds, cuts, sciatic aud tntlauiimi.
this whole winter. Soap Stick.
rNv.. - - .-ia lruarauieeu to xivo uenrvi o.uainbtiuu
. .11 ' . T 1 A- . i
Ballard's Horehound Syrup,
We guarantee this ley be tht best
cough syrup manufactured In the
whole wide world. This Is saying a
great deal, but It Is true For con
sumption, cqughs, colds, sore throat,
ore chest, pneumonia, bronchitis,
asthma, croup, whooping cough,
and all. diseases of the throat and
lungs, we positively guarantee- Bal
lards Horehound Syrup to be without
nn equal on the whole face of the
globo. In support of tills statement
we refer to every Individual who has
ever used It, and to every druggist
who has ever sold It. Such evidence
Is Indisputable. Sold by A. Bran,
tury rheumatism, burns, scalds, sore
feet, contracted muscles, stiff joints,
old snreS, pain In back, bnrb wire
cuts, sore chest or throat, and is es
pecially beneficial In paralysis.
Sold by A. Brandenherger.
The jury in the murder caso of
Stato vs. Willio Eaton .found her
guilty of manslaughter in the fourth
dngrco, sentenced hor to two years
in the penitentiary.
, - mi t v- m.. m ' m m mm m 'mm, m b . w , ,
Did You "Ever.
Try Kleeirlc Bitters ns .a remedy
for your 'troubl'is? If not,, get a
bottle, "now anil get; relief. This,
medicine has been found to be pecu
linry. adapted to tliu relief and cure
p'f all Ft male Comp.lntnls, exerting a
wonderful direct Jufluetico In giving
itrength and lone to tho organs. If
yoti havo Loss of Appetite, CopstIpa
tloiij Iljaduuho, Falntfng Spells, or
are .Nervons, Sleepless, Kxtllablo,
Melftnoliply or troubled with' Dizzy
pptlfs, Eleclrfo Bi(,ters Is' the medi
cine vounoed. - Health, and Strength
,re Kuaf ftnveq,s,oyjr i Jlp.,V Liarge
t 01V HttV twuw :,-,- jtru
Highest Honors World ' Fair,
Renuhlir.an Stnfa oflff
A conference of IVosldcntSpiifk
less, of Knnsaa City ; SeCWtitry!
Wcnnecker, of the State 'Xmjmtj;
Chalrmati Fllley and 8ccrotary;;Jrrlf
fin, of the stato committoe, wayicld
at tho stato Republican hcaoar
ters on Deo. 23. Hoports tretefTe.
eclved and read from tho exCMHvo
committee with following resnM&jS.
Pursuant to the constitutlori''btJthe
Republican League of the fca$aof
Missouri, Seo. vi., tho time and ofcee
of holding tho blonnlal convefftjon
of the League, If not provldenftfor
by lirovious convention,, is '.JqfS'to
the oxecutivo conimittoo.ATljo
nlnco linving boon providear
Cliillicotlio and tlio tiiho left',to
tho oxecutivo eotiiinittob,'iSliris
bocu, after coiisultution'with
the full committee and withoojit
dissenting voice, agreed to,'riamc
a dato after tho holding of the'Re.
publican national convention ttaUho
proper time to hold it: and, oaseh- I .VitWiW
i:Li i '5. I rAVanmberiof Jeffersonin!
it o ratification meeting of Ihe'ao lu""f
A pure' Grspe Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia; Alum or any other adulterant,
n s wont
witness tho
tion of tbo statu and
conventions. Therefore, tho' 'Oft
nonncement is mado,after full con
sultation, that so soon ns'the-siaU
and .national 'convent ions' ;h ave I btE
omcially called,' n 'meeting of. thV
fixceutlVfl nnmmitlna will Itn rntij
voned to namo tho time.' - '.
Pres. Rep. State Loagno,
Chas.-F. Winneckeb, Seo.
St. Louis, Dec, 28, 1805.
ttk& BftOO Ctjfqotball.
Sedulin monoy-grnbbors have
their bond nbout rondy. Their nita
is to present it to Gov. Stone befoie
tho Injunction proceedings can Jios
roviowed. Thny come up befora
tho supreme court December 11, Imt'
it matters not whether thoy succeed
in that r not, for if it comes before
tho people, of Missouri tho capital
removal swiudlo will bo defeated.!
The farming element who coutiol
in this state nro too intelligent to be
hoodwinked. Knox County Sordine'.
The press throughout Miaonil
has sized up tho Sednlin land hhntk,.
From nil sections broad scythes nro
being poured into thom. Tlio
obove is a snmpl6 Of tho good turk
that is going on Jefferson City
is a. hotter town than Sednlin eer
was or ever will bo and the blow
bards living in that town have nt
last been shown up. They prBh tl.o
capital-removal seheroo to the point
whero thoy killed tho goose that laid
tho golden egg. Instead of gotting
good advertising out of it ns hero
toforo sho is getting what sho richly
doserves a thorongh oxposxre.'.
. 1 r, .-. ks.'-m
FOR SALE. Tho north-west qunr
tor of the north-east, quartor. Sob
31-T. 42-H. 13. I'rica $75.00, -J
J. C. FisiiEif. '
FOR SALE.--Twcnty.one lots'rin
East Elm addition to the City-of
Jeffcrbun. Prices range from JCOt
to 150. per lot apply to owner, . -r
J. C. Fisnin..v
run BiiLirj. several notes secured
by deeds of trust on farm properly?
Apply i
J. C. Fisiixb
FOR SALE. Lands in a half dozen
counties iu Texas. Lands t
will never bo chenpor; cau soli for
cash, also tiudo. Apply to J
J.-C. Fisueb.Ii
FOll RAM'. Fnrlv neroa in C.nm
Mnl.. .5-,il nn T.'.,ji
J. o. Fisiieb.;3
Notice of Sale.
Notlco Is hereby given that by;
virtue of an order of the 1'robate
court of the county of Cole, Mis'-'
souri, mndo nt tlio August term'
thereof, I, John h. Garinau, admln-f
istrulor du bonis non of the cs'
tate of Wilson Lockott, deceased,
will, on Saturday the lGth day of
November, 18U6, at the court house'
door, in the City of Jefferson, county
of Cole, Missouri, and during the
session f the Probate court of said
county of Cole, sell at publiu suc
tion, all the interest of Wilson
Lockett, deceased, In and to the fol-
fowiug real estate, lo-wll; The cast
half of the, northeast quarter, and
tho east half of the southeast quar
ter, all iu section four, township
forty nne and ranue Twelve, iu the
county of Colo, state of Missouii.
terms casu.
John E. Carman,
Administrator de bonis non.
St Plunkard.
"Si Plunkard," a rural comedy1
drama, mndo its appearanco to n
crowded houso nt tho Empire The-
Uer InH evening. J. C. Lowin, in
tho title role, nnd Jentineto Lowis
ns Dora Pnge, took the loading parts.
SpiWinJtiog wero given during the
peu'oiuinnco by Jeaiineto Lowis,
William Millignn, and Miss Emma
Wobor, nh' of wbioh woro well to
coived. But tho principal features
of tho ovouiiyx's entertainment wero
the trick dogVi who engnged in it
boxing match, a threshing machine,
nnd n rnihoad trfin going nt full
sneetl. Tb 1 iTcrrsnt r-cones wero
well Btngod, nnd n commendable fon
turo wns tho fanciful whistling in
imilntion of wild birds by " Fanner"
.1. O. LkwIi. which mndo a decided
bit Tho nttdienco filled the bouse
to tlitt doors and fully 30o wrt
turned nwny nflcn every sunt wns
sold. Ttie nndieiico received tlio
play with evident enjoymotit. Thcie
will bo tho usuul matinees this week,
-Detroit (Mich.) Tribuno, Sept. 17.
& It Soaks
into the Flesh
right down through the
fevered parts to where
the inflammation is
rooted. That is why
f mm a "
$: iTiustang uimment
' cures all aches and
pains of man or beast."
jl'l 14-
For Sale
A f-ix year-old niiirp, good si?i',
'drives either single r donblo,
' Price 55 dollars. Call cm Sum
BiOwn at Thomas' barber simp.
Saying That lias Caught
Town" .Make Your Feet
Xol; long ago there vns Introduced
Into tin; advertisements of a certain
&lf It evanorated or re- I 1 Chicngi) hoo houso u pair of grin.
i tnnlnfrl nn tlif clin 5- ning f.-et with the words, "mailt!
. . . jt a. nn t j i
cuuiu uot cure, tnat.
is why volatile extracts
' fail. Theycan'tgodown
through the inflamed,
owes its success to itu
power of penetration.
There is nothing mar
velous about its cura
tive powers. It is sim
ply a few common sense
ingredients combined
In a-way to make pen
etration possible and
insure a cure.
Mustang Liniment
has been used for one
half a century.
VTrito for " Fairy Btury Honlc," 111a.
trateil, also "Hints (rum a llorse-doo-tor
Diary." Both boota mulled tree.
Lyon Manufacturing: Co.,
l. SoulU .(.th St.. UrooHyn, N. V.
Notice is horcby given that the
H ind Committee of the Jefferson
City Bridge and Transit Co. have so
cuicil Kubscrlptions to tho amount of
e.'i 1,000 of an issus of 800,000 six
per cent first mortgage bonds.
Hooks for tlio subscription of the
r maining 80,000 arc open until
Thurxlny, November 28, 1893, nt
the book storo of Mr. Hugo Jlonuig;
aU", nl.theolllce of C. E. (less.
O. E. IIkss,
Chairman of Committee.
your feot glad."
This expression has been bor
rowed, paraphrased and quoted until
it has become a common saying a'.l
ovir town. You will see other shoo
advertisements headed " Make your
feet hininv. clothing advertisements
that, lead "3laUe your boy glad."
Ko v-a-days tho favoiite invitation to
drink is " Come In and make your
stomach glad." In the morning wc
suppo;u it's cracked ice to " make
your head glad.''
The other day a man directed a
boy to Inn r v on an cirand with tne
words " rur? along, make your feet
The linn that coined this cimi'i be
fin gotten catch pline U coining
money as nell, if you Judge from its
monthly stiles. They make repmt,
and back up the statement illi un
qualified proof, that their sale uf
shoes for July amounted to more
than that of an other siino house iu
I lie country, and more than for any
r'receilin" July Iu their business.
Four factories employing l,l!t)0
mi ii and turnini; out an average of
7,0 00 shoes a day are alwajs on
the no.
Th at Chicago slioubl hold the
gruuti it American boot ami shoe in
dustry is n pridu worthy fact, espe
cially n hc the product is of such
unvanir. g excellence. An)' one who
is nt "all familiar with the leather
business k 10,V3 of t,lc stormy times
through nL '''' the Undo lias just
passed. Tli, re W1,s an ndvance In
the price of ft ither an unavoidable,
unconquerable raise.
The shoe lii 111 of which wc are
writing, truu to iL ' patrons interests,
was thu last to sue t0 tllU t,"-
dition. For luur.,'1' ftftl'r otl,ul'
houses brought up tl L'lr l,llcts ,hty
stuck out at their I,rlce9 nnd
smaller profits.
It is such policies ns tin. iat " !'he
the linn of Selz, Sell w a " tV Ul
Alonioeand Ma-.keU slreeW, Chicago,
uccessftil above alt others.
' For Sale.
I' A house aud lot in out tract, and
four lots In another tract, -me front
Ing Monroe street and the other;
fronting on Atchison struct. They
arc all good building lots . For par
ticulars call on
'., ullg 22 tt JOH.N KllEI'MCIt.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that letter?
f administration on tho estate of
Sophia Ueeg, deceased, were granted
to the ttudeisigncd on the DUtli day
r BepleniDer, lo'Jo, liy the l'iobate
court of Cole county, Missouri. All
ersons having claims against said
statu are required to exhibit them
or aiiowanco to the administrator
within one veur after the date of aaid
otters, or they may bo precluded
from any' benefit of such estate ; and
such claims be not exhibited
within two years from tho date of
this publication, they shall bo for
ever lurred.
This UOth day of September. 1893.
Adah Deeu, Administrator.
Ilorncseekers' Excursions.
V On November 27th, and December
IJth the M. K, & T. will sell round
UfjVtickets'to all points in Texs and
Louisiana.. west, of LaTeyettu at rate
ofjbn'e'Jregular, first class fare plus
SSOCLfor the round trip. Stop over
allowed?-At D'iMii.im . Taxes tickets
go'odifor'reru'jl ot u dns of Novem-beriSJH'bl-'UViiihfr
Jfd, Cth; 10th,
IOlJl,'Uini .'uiii. z-itu, 2tu, or oisi,
l8'U5jSiNoVritoii oyer on leturn trip.
FiifWfurtheV informatinii call on or
r.." IfiW lM-t. . .
nitres s,jS!v j. l,. woo, itgei
'Sp& ' North Jefferson,.Mo.i
Joseph Stam
tt 1ST Y nn m irnvt ji?
uniiKK'iMM: a:
... vl-Jz-L V.
Mr T""
means so much more than
vou imagine serious and i
fatal diseases result fromi
- -. a s7
tnllincr ailments neglected.
Don't olavwith Nature s
.t . . . r
greatest gilt healtn.
: Brown's
it youircirciiiiK t
out of Kortt.vcak T
and Rcnervlly ex
haustcd, neivous, X
nic no ei.'pciiic tl
and can't wot It, r
ticgiii at oncetak
lug the most rrlia j
tie stretiKthenlujc
brown iron Bit-
ten. A few bol
tlei cure-benefit
come irom tne
very first dose it
ttetk, and "it'a
pleataDl to take.
It Cures
Dyspepsia, Kidney and Liver
Neuralgia, Troubles,
W Constipation. Bad Blood
Malaria, Nervous ailments
Women's complaints.
llnM on ide wmDDCT. Alt others ire Sub 4
Oil receipt of two sc. stsmps wo W
1.1 ion BteaHium nvrw
9 will s.nd let
pir Vlew us oout tree,' .
Our Stock is the Largest.
Our Pricos tho Lowest.
Kvcrv Department filled with NKW AND DliSIItAKLK GOODS.
'o offer many get u lie 11AI5GA1NS in the different De
partments on both llrst and second floors, lie stirs
and visit our
11KF01JK VOL' ltl'V Ki.SKWUKiii:.
Special values in New Cloth Capes nt 8 1. S3, $G,75, 8",50, 88,0
nnd 810.
Extra values in New Fur Capes at 88.50, $2.50, 813.50, $15
and 817,50.
Large assortment of New Jackets for Ladles, Misses and chil
dren at popular prices.
lieincmbcr we carry at all times n large slock of the
R. Dallmeyers
3T 3rnlison Street.
PltEMlUMS with Purchases of SI, 85, 810, 820, 825, 810, 880.
ptjjsrffiiraBSWsrgaBWBairoiwgr ai,1"i
Every day movors aro seen on
our streets. Hie feiry compiiny uas
lone n larger busiiifss this yonr
thnu in many yrnn pnit.
liallaitVs Snow Liniment.
This wonderful liniuiout ii known
from th Atlantis to the Pacific, and
from the lakes to tlio Gulf. It is
the most penetrating liniment iu the
world. It will euro rheumatism,
neuralgia, cuts, sprains, hruiscs
wounds, old sore-, burns, sciatica,
sore throat, soie clins-t nnd nil inlla
mation, after nil others have failed.
It will cine barb wire coin; and lieul
all wounds where proud ll("-h
set in, It is equally ellicient for
animals. Try it and yen will not
bn without it. Prico j0 cents.
Bold bjr A. Uiandonberger.
The nppiuheiieion or dread of tak
ing cold in the fa'l often mars the
pleasiiio of the summer outing.
Sickness in the spring or summer is
looked upon inoro lightly, and tho
patients think they will get through
"somehow," thu vacation change,
the changi', the warm weather, etc.,
will suicly help them; but when it
comes to autumn, and thu long cold
winter states them iu tlio face, then,
and then only, they become appre
hensive .
All this anxiety of mind can bo
relieved by carrying in the pocket a
bnule of Dr. Ilutiiphteys' Spaciflc
"77". It prevents. Colds, and in
doing this wards otf all the terrors
..t l'..... II 1 li,.l.ll,r.iMi n.wl
, Ul VI !', 1 lILUlllUllia, ..If, Mi. it,.
s t CoiiMiinnUult.
" 77 ' taken iu time is a perfect
piotcclor and preventive, aud is a
positive cine for Colds, Grip, Inllii
enx-i, C.itmrh, Pains and Soreness in
the Head and Chest, Cough, Sore
Throat, Geneial Prostration and
" 77 " will break up a stubborn
cold that bangs nn. It is for sale by
overy druggist from Canada to Cape
Given Away
Hvcry Motith
i p'-rsnn Ful'mUtlnjr tlio
t r -ritorioti, iuentiott
i, t tliti pi I'ffilnif mnntli.
V u m: fin: l'ATHNT.S
i t i vnvrous an.i tho
j 1 1 1 f thU nlT' r U to cn
, , t- jit rMirn nn Invent-
thn of in. ii I. At tho
t if wo wi.h in Imrress
.i- ts.vi i.iac :: ;; ::
t :i T-iD Simple,
rrivicl ravcutious
? ! Yield Fortunes
i h pi Drt Hook
T. i ":iu tlmt Iluinp."
f .y t m." l't(i in Clo
, -"-t .trynno conceive
i rt 1 1- ii nt b'ltuo tluid or
i. ' liy net put It in pric
t t.s. Vol It tnlrhU nuiy
1 i ilin iltri'ctfon May
"fc -ui' fortuno. Wip tin'
i :: .! .i
. fc 1 'hpr Inform Uiu duJ
' f '." -W. " ' Mis pupcr
' -1-IltiOsl v.
P. i'1,1 ;. Ailrctf, fe. ' f
' 63H t SlrcQl, Northw -sy Ci
tK n-".iiiv l' th! compel.
t . ml I'j ll.. i lucl that I'S
. liy nviT.tni- thdusan l h
t iicivsiaooii ia tht II
I . ., I .- .Mi, (I
TBEOiUiiii rr.
Farm and Machine k
Give ui & call for nnjliiing In out
line. Satisfaction guarsnterd.
Shops on Jvfferion street, betneel
Sunkua.ud Ashtty.
"TupjTT the
mm Soutfiwest
Connecting the Commercial Contres and nob
laruti ui
The Broad Corn and Wheat Fields and Thriving
Towns of
The Fcrtllo Giver Valleys and Trado Centres ot
Tho Orand, Picturesque and Kuchantlng Seen,
cry, and tho KHmotis MinlDK LIlHlrlcts of
Tho AirricnUnrnl, Fruit, Mineral and Timber
Lauds, and Famous liot cnnngB of
The Beautiful Rolling Prairies and Wood lands
ot tho
Tho Sunnr Plantations ot
The Cotton aud Grain Fields, Hie Cattle KaoccA
anu tinier itesous ot
Historical and Scenic
And foruin with Its Connections tho Ponnlak
i Winter ltoute to
For full dfticrtptlve and lllnatreted pamphlet of
say of tne above utatea, or Hot aprlnea. Ark , flan
Antonio. Tozaa, and blezloo, addreas Oompanj
Aceota, or
lruitUTlsittAct, ST, LOUIS. MO.
FIVE THOUSAND acres of Trnnd in a botJy. Central
Miotui; HO miles from the State Capita!; .'-0 milos south
of tho Missouii Pacilic Uoilruad; 20 miles north ot ti!'o St. Louis
&, San Francisco linilroad, and 100 west of St. Louis, illo. The
survey of tho St, Louis, Kausas City & Colorado ltuilroaJ runs
througl-it. This road is constructed nuc? in opuration 70 miles
west of St. Louis. It is 3 miles from tho Osago river, 11 miles
from the Cinscunado river beth beautiful navigable streams
uud 3 miles from tho lliy Marios rivor.
It was purchased iu bmall quantities, making a solid body,
for n cattle ranch, but never used for such. It bit on it a large
quantity of isilroad cross-tie aud other timber, It i watered by
numerous living springs. It is iu tho load, coal and iron bearing
districts', and lead nnd coal have boon found iu various places oil
tho surface of the ground.
A number ot small farms, Of from 80 to 200 acres, could bo
opened on it, equal to the farms in the surrounding country,
excellent for tho production of wheat, oats, rye, grass, sorghum,
barloy, etc., nnd fruits of all kinds. It is specially adapted to
fruit growing and sheep raising. Will sell it in a body or in
quantities to suit the purchaser. Ton per com. cash; balance in
ton equal annual installments, bearing five per cent, interest per
Osage County has no debt nnd tho taxes aro nominal
with n lnrgo surplus in the county trensury, It is said iron
abounds in tho county in oxhaustlees quantity, It is .an oxoellenk
country for stock-raising, nnd is timbered with oak, walnut, hick
ory, wild cherry, olm, basswood, hockberry, ash, maple, eta.
Osage county is woll watered by the Missouri, Osage, Gasconade
aud Marios rivers, and unnumbered .springs and branches. The
county is well supplied with public schools, there being about
seventy organized scheol districts. The population of Osage
county is about 20,000, and its taxable wealth for 1801 waa
.58,068,151. Address .
... ...

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