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The state republican. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 1871-1896, April 02, 1896, Image 3

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Ho,, ai tccowl clan matter.
fNr Berlci, Jo.V,180o. '
Mo l,DaT Express Arrives 12:55 p.m.
Leaven 1:15 p in .
Ho. 3, Might Express Arrives 12;3u n. m
Leat8 l'itfu a.m.
No. I( Local 1'nbteuKU'. Atilvt 1'iMB
p. nr. Leaes 12;4U p.m.
- freight, carries paseuneii!,Leav lU.-tlO
Ho. 3 , Pay Express .... Arrives 2:35 p.iii
Leaves 2:M) p.m.
Xo. 4, if Ight Express. Arrives 2:13
a. m. Leaves 2:13 a. ui.
Ma. , Local Passenger. Ai lives 12.4U
p m. Leaves 1 :55 p. in.
Mo , K. O.Express Aulves 3.00 a.m.
Leaves 3:UU u. ui.
Freight, carries passcugurs. Xeaves 3 '65
D. IU.
Ho. 121, lrelgbt, carries pass
ogtrs to Osag only, 8:30 a. in.
Lol passenger trains 5 and U ruu uo-
hretn St. Louli ami Kansas Clt'.
I ku through Blpri l Jtpnu, .
. TU HMiot Hill rvutf.
1 'lrr nollulDg clmir can on ill through
Ko. Ill lete JtflMton pity l e.BO a. ni.
Arrives at llagnell at 10.10 a. in.
Ho. Ill leatal llagiull at 19.40 ami.
Arrives t JtflenonCltjr2.il) p. in.
JOHN J. CUUllOlI, Agl.
It. 2 paoiiger arrive lS21p, in.
Dcpnr s 12 2.1 i, in.
No. 1 passenger (Katy flyer) ilopiirti 3 o.t a. irs
No. 64 local freight arrlvun 2 53 p.m.
departs i .to p. m.
0. 1 paesonger arrlus - 3.ns p.. in
. ilcparls H.us p in.
No. 6 paesengef (Katy flyer) ilirnrili 4i ain.
N, 63 iocal froignt arrlvL-e s.l.la. m.
departs 8.15 a nit
Nos D anO G arc fast (ruins ami ilo not
atop at depot, but i-top ut U. & A. clos
ing, 'one-halt mile cast of North Jeffei
son, and only stop ut Kuchepuit, V.&
A. crossing, Mokane, l'ortlunb anil St.
Charles, between St. LnuU ami Frauk
llo Junction. Nos. K) and (U cany
passougers, when provided with slukets,
'aud only run between Sedalla and Mo--kaue.
.For further information call on
or address JAMES 11AKKKH,
Gen. l'ass. aud Ticket Ajrent,
St. Louis, Mo.
J. L. COSS, Local Agent, North
Buy Diamonds from Geo. l'mtli.
Weary of Waiting.
Tio general trndo mitnntion
throughout the country mny o,w
gnrded ns lee idtisfoctory nt tlio
middle of Mnrcb, 1890, tbnn had
boon nniicipftted. Evon pricts Of
stnplcs lmvo refused to mnintaiti
ndvnncos. Brndatrool'B, March 14,
And yet tho Domocrnlic pnrty bfts
the ehook to oxpect it voto of con
fidence from tho peopler Tlioy will
get it whore tho ohleken got tho nx.
Itcstoro acaln tlio nollcv of the
Heptibllcan party and. reverse the
balance of trade In our favor and the
effect will be, as It always hn l been
berutofore, to stop the outflow of aold
from oiir shnros and brinz to ut In-
stead tlio yellow metal stilllcli'iit to
m U i) ljuod the Imlntice of trade In
our favor. Tlio roal scat of tlio
prtsent trouble is largely if not whol
ly duo tt n falso cconomeo policy
il.alsled upon by the opposition In
Ibo fuco of overwhelming facts as
well as tho logic of tlio present un
fortunate condition of our national
welMielnc Robert J. Gamble. M.
aim, iij ii ii a niiuii'iiu tii."si:tivi!r
cd. when the Dolioy of the ltcpublb
can party bus been restored ami the
iiiilniico of trado turned in our favor.
that the hue and cry about silver
being a fifty cent dollar will have no
foundation left to stand upon. When
you arc continually buying from n
goui siamin.ru country more goods
than you sell to Litem there is but
one result, they demund your cold
and depreciato your silver. There
is only one euro for it tax tho for
eigner. '
A Sound Liver Makes a Well
Are you Bilious, Constipated or
troubled with Jaundice, Kick Head
ache, Had Tint in Mouth, Foul
Hreuth, Ciiated Tongue, Dyspppiia,
Indigestion, Hot Dr.y .Skin, Pain In
Hack ami ifetwcuu the Mioulilcrs,
Chills mid fever, &c. If you have
any of these symptoms, your Liver
is out of order and your blood is bc-
Ing slowly poisoned, because your
Liver docs not net properly. " Her
bino " will cure aliy disorder of the
Liver, Stomach or Bowels. Jt has
no equal as a Liver Medicine. JPrco
trial bottles at Briindeubcrger's.
JofTernon City 1 bsginning to" put
on her Bpring bonnetl Wlion her hills
nud vnlloys nrr touched by nature's
artist buo is, more ntdiniit than Solo
man in all his glory.
If tho civil sorvico employes of
tho government put up tho inonoy
out of their salaries to pav the pen-
Hons nobody will object to their bo-. s"'(' on
James L. Francis, Alderman, Chi
cago, sayss "I regard Dr. King's
New Discovery as an ideal panada
for coughs, colds hud lung complnuts,
having used it In my family for the
last (Ivo years, to tho exclusion of
physicians' prescriptions or other
Hov. John Burgus, Keokuk, Iown,
writes:. "I hove been a minister of
the Jelbodlst Episcopal Church for
fiO years or more, ami havp never
found anything so beneficial or thai
gave me such speedy relief as Dr.
King's New Discovery.'' Try this
Ideal couiib remedy now. Trial bot
tles free at A. Brandenberger's drug
Mr. Malonoy's Wedding nt Loir
man's Opera Honso April !ld.
New Hearse at Elston. -
Mr.jB.'Lacampof, Elston has just
purcuaseu a nno modern hoarse,
which will lie a grcai accommodation
to tho public when In need of funeral
service. Mr. Lucamp is the under
taker at Elston .
Don't forget to t'o Mnloney's
W'odding on .April IJ tit Lohman's.
Expressions of Disapproval From
the Papers of Missouri.
HitAnK scutum.
s worKing Willi ail ncr.
mlgbtlt'ict the .Stale Capital. Why
it Is Ijldiliy one, Hillside of tilt! renj
estate rpers of ' dnliti, wants to
mofoill Cnpllal we ctm't 'oe. Why
do we ht to go to the cxpen' ipf
moving (1 scat of government offa
great file just to put money Into
the pac ils of a few people wlio
own thecal estate in Svdall.a' 'And
then, fshmild d wnf fo move
the Capil, nny wuyi Jusi merely
to humothc ililldlsh whim of Si-da-Ha?
If b are going Into this kind
of btlslj's we nould suggest the
name (ifarnthersvllle, We are Jim
as gii'j a town 11s Scd-ilbi, nml.
tliougl may not bo quite ii r" -ir
the t
as 1
'.''i 'Iloutof.t Jefferson City U
1 lj2').0()(J, ami ll
eft ro:L:uis in tin
jiltkl shntil-1 not bi
Jncc, becuu-.n Se
the ci
Home Seeker's Excursions
For south bound' trains of April
7th, 2 1st, and Mny nth, 1800, tho
M K. & T., railway will hoi! tickets
to nil points in 'lVxas, Louisiana,
(West of Lafayette) Arizona,
(Maricopa nud points enst thereof, i
and points on tlio Mnrieopa and
Phoenix railroad), mid to all points
on tho M. K. & T. railroad between
Clinton and Hairisoiiville, Mo., and
Chntopa, Kas., nt n rain of duo rcg
ular fare, plus $2, for round trip
minimum selling rnlo $7, Slop-
over allowed south of Clinton ami
Paoln within tho lfi days going
limit, good to roturii 21 days fuitu
stile, returning 011 tlio days named
April 10, 14, 17, 21, 21 and 2S for
tickets sold 011 April 7, and tickets
April 21st ri-iuru on April
The bridge celebration tnkes place
May 21st, 1800.
New Railroad Incorporated.
Secretary of Stato Lesneiir 1ms
Issued a certificate of incorporalhin
to the St. J.otiK Manslicld and Avn
S)utheru Uailroad Co. Tlie capitiil
stock of the c-impany is SI, --'DO, 000,
and It is oigaulzed for the puipo-i'
of coi'6'rticlliig a line of standard
gauge railroad sixty miles in length
from Lcbanoiii Laclede county, to
Ava, the county icat of Douglas
oounty. The lino will truversu t lie-
counties, of Lnclede, aright ami
Douglas. The boaid of dlrectots,
which will manage the compniiv's nf
falrs' for'live MuiF, aie" GillilTil J
Boole, George W. Freeman, Finis h.
Adams, Wilson D, Day and J. C.
Spenco of Mnnslk-ld, JIi. ; Georgi H
Wattrs, John A. Spurlock. J A. G.
Ueynolds and Jolin W. Singleton of
' Henry Shoup Dead.
Mr. Henry Shoup died last Sim
dny morning nfter an illness of i-ev
e-ral " weeks.. Mr. Shoup was 08
, . . Vfcaw of ngOL-pnila nutiveof Ohb,
Jim Ctujie lJ ueiiriwju Kiiy lit iuu
nnd has been einco tbn. time nn
officer of tho 'penitentiary.. Mr.
Shoup's wife and the following
r children survive liim to mourn his
loss. Mr, X. O. Shoup, Mrs. John
N. Steininger, jr., Mm.' L. II. P,
Northrop, Mrs, M. O. Keyes, and
Miss Ids Shoup. Tho funeral took
place Sunday ofternoon from the
family residence on McCarty street,
under the auspices of the Capital
OHy Lodge, A. O. U. of which
be was a member for many years,
Services were couduoled by ltev.
ucklen's Arnica Salve-
Tb bfti1v In tht wot Id for cuts,
VrultM', sores, ulcers, salt rheum tevcr,
- . . Y. - -.1 I I . .1 . Itl l.i 1 11.
vnru and all eklu eruptIoui and posit
ively cu- pllocjorn pay, required. , tl
Ja'guaranteed to give perfect iattsfactloii
rrnonty refundl. 1'rloe 'J8 cots per
ing po'Tsioned when they are Tfnablo
to do thoir work; but if tho govern
ment is to foot tlio bills, everybody,
ontsido tho civil service, will proba
bly objct.
When a person is losing llesh and
wasting away there is cause for
.alarm. Nothing so worries a pliys-
Man. Consumptives would never
lie if they could regain their usual
weight. In fact there would bo no
consumption if there were no wast
ing of the system, llie couse of
this loss of. flesh is a failure to prop
erly digest, the food eaten. Nim
tenths of all our dieaes date back
to somcdcrungejaient of the stomach.
The SlinKer Digestive Uordlal will
stop the wasting of the body. It
acts by causing the food we, eat to
be digested so as to do good, for un
digested food does morn harm tbnn
good. The cordial contains food
already digeucil and a digester or
food as well.
Every mother halts to mnke her
children Inku castor nil. LAXOL
is sweit Ctlslor OIL
Cnpt. "W. M. Todd lias been
appointed deputy waidett by Warden
Pace io fill tho vacancy caused by
the dentil of Capt W, IT. Bradbury.
Mr. Tole'u bus beon promoted to the
position held formtrlv by Capt'Todd,
Electric Hitlers is a imdlcliie suit
ed for sett-on, but perhaps mure
gcneially- m-eded, when tho languid
exhaust-'il feeling pievall-, when the
live!' Is torpid and sluggNIi ami the
need uf a tonic and alterative is f 1 1
A piou.pl 11-e of this nn dlclue h;i-
pen nierled long unit peilups fund
bil'Oiio fuleis. Nil medicine will ae
more HuivH in eouiitiiraeliiigaiid free
big the joy'teni f 1 out the multilist
poison. lKiidnchu, imllgf itinu, enn
slipollim and dizziness yield to Elec-
tilu Bitters. 0U0 mid tl per tiollli-CA'gBfaiiieiibe;ee
The ladies of St'. Peter's Chuvch
will give a fair at Bt. Peter's Hall,
commencing Monday, April 0-. The
fair will continue throughout the
week. Don't fail to give them a
call. Good men's acd lots of nice
things for sale cheap.
21, 28 and May, ii, 8, 12 and 20;
tickets sold on May 0 return on May
8, 12, 15, 10, 22 and 20, 1S00. For
further information cull 011 or ml-
lress J. L. Coss, "agent, North Jef-
ferson, Mo,
Do you want to laugh ISO timrsj
if ho go nnd bco Mnlon.'-r'n Wnl
ding April !id.
The General of the army, the gen
eral commanding the U. S, corps of
engineers, lco-1 resident ebb til
the New lorlc Uuittral imtl John Ja
cob Astor compose The Cri-mopo)!-ttin
Magazine's llonil of fudges lo
decide the merits of the llor-eless
Carriage which will be entered in the
This is from th Boonvlllo Adver
tiser: "The Scdalla Capital has develop
ed n penchant for poking about
among the old newspaper flics in
order to Ibid some articles from tlio
State press favoring the removal of
tho Slate Capital to that city. It is
difficult to seo how such a search
can bo of any benefit cither to the
Capital or to Scdaliu. The State
press generally I9 opposed to the
piesent removal scheme, whoso pro
moters must bo In naiiow straits, In
dted, when they renrt to tho old
newspaper (lies of 1887 for consola
tion and support."
The Knox County Democrat, one of
the oldest and most influential Demo
cratic papers' published in Northeast
Missouri, reprints and heartily en.
dor-es lite following from the Aux-
vasae Heview:
."The. people will be called
nxt November to vote on the
1.1-.. ,1... Ui.f.. (I....t,..l
usuiuii lu it-iimvu uu ,.iibio "tiii,.ll J
from Jefferson City to Hedalia. 1.. 1
fore voting for such n scheme the
people should consider what tinw
are doing. The removal of a slate ,
capital Involves some very grave
ipiesiiuiis ii-iiiu iruui uiu tpiesimn ui
taxation. Sedslia proposes to pay 1 ln-' itp0,,l t'""
ll lVMHM(IIU nf (O'Pf'tltlfT U0W hllllll. I "on tiiiais
InL'S. etc. Such a nronosition should . ,,or"
be received by the pcnpluof Missouri
with many degrees of allowance.
The proposition may be made In
good faith, orrl possibly may be
faithfully eairled out, but the chances
are largely agatn-t sucli a coiisum
malion. If the people vote to re
move the Capital, who will be
benclltedi Will the great maacs of
tax-payers of tlio State be in anv
way beni llted? Will any one except
a few real estate spccnlatuis in Sc
dalia and Pettis county be beiielitedi
Will liot the owneis of the real (s
tate in and around .effenon City be
seriously damagetl? Have the peo
ple any moral right lo destroy tlio
value of Jefferson City piopcrty for
thu purpose of enhancing tho value
of Si'dalia property? These are
soniB of tlie questions which should
ho answered before ym vole lo re
move the Capital. Should the prop
osition carry, what gnaianlci- have
tho people that a me.'isiii e ill nut
be lobbied through the leg's' mire
within the next few jeiirs i) icini
burse those who have e-'mled
motley 111 eieiliitp -new liuinti,,-?
lie all know that lobbies are eotrupt
and that our legislators ate liltle to
be trusted. Thi refote, would it not
be wise lo let well enough nlone?"
I sour
iilr of the state, we are
jo center of (ho unlv. 1 -e.
mj lias ever given an nson
u!' action. Some nrgi.c that
I 0011 need new bnllil n::s. but
a poor atgiiment are
to tho Capital tcmoval .
ot County Di-mocnil,
City is only
2.r).0()0. mid this is one of
ro:L:ms in the world why
bo i amoved to
Setlalii ni-rccs
SI011 ' nni-iitni's call-d ivtilrfbrn'b,
ami , 1 I'u pain, di-lfi'ss, niiu-ia,
(ly 1 , .ire cttled by I InotlV Ntla
pnri I liis ll a.-niinpli-h'-s beniiiM
Willi 1- winilerfiil power ii" a blood
pin 1 I hind's S'li Mip iHIla gently
In 1 aid sti'i irjtliiils the sloiiiach ami
di 1 1 1 runiis. itivlgoinli" the liter,
1 . .1 nn uppelite. gins l'efiT."hllig
-I-,, nnd nd-es tiit- lii-.illh tiiln-. In
11-'- nt ily-pep-Iii tutd biillgi'Mloii it
-1 11- In ii.ie "a tnimii-t'llli'h."
l ur over 12 ymrj I sufert'd from sour
v It Ii severe pains n rvss my shoulder,
and RWit dltrrs. 1 lind vinknt nnun
which would li-nvt- nio ury MeiiW nnd
fnlnt, dlllicult to tj't my hreath. Thco
(pells cnnio ofltmr and mnru scvoie. 1
did nut rceelvo fitly bulini; Ix'ticflt trom
physicians, but found surh Imppy effects
from a trml of llo-id's S.irinp'i'iltn, thnt 1
took pevcrnl ImtlleH and iiitnti to, always
keep it In tho hoiNe. I nm now alito to
doall my own work, wliteh for t yenrs
1 have been unable to do. My husband
and son have alio tjcen crintly bene
fited by lluod's Km lapnrill i for pains In
tho back, and afb r the tjHp. f glitdlj
recommend this grand blood medicine."
Mrs. l'KTKit licniiT, Looniinster, Mass.
only Intlld one uke it. When the
Sttdulf 'Missnui i bui'ds n new build-
I three or lour mil
lion ollars and the expenses be
neonle of the
State. -fTuicumbia Aiitograiu.
Is tlie One Triii' I -I-w. I'lirlfur. Allilrn-v'sfHi.
TV i, C'ir all i.Her UN aii'l
nOOtl S I'lllS bid; Ik-aiJaUic. auutl.
tiii.v can t ni ii.ii ir.
Sedilia nen -papers and promoters
may talk' as they please, Inn they
will hardly convince the intelligen
,utiy nuns, nn which itie i.o.mi'i,mii. votrrs of MsilullIi t,at h,),.,,,,!,,. .
tail oilers 8:1,00, in prizes. This ' , . .. , . , , -. ,- ,
committee i, undoubtedly the most substantial cnpitol hmldtngs will be
illstlngnished thai has ever conscu'ed : erected .a S.-ilali i free of all cost t,
to act upon I he occasion of the trial the State. The county of lVltls Is1
of a new and list fill invention. The not able to do tlrs. mi mi'ler how
interest wlilcll lluse gentlemen have
shown In accepting places upon tho
cimmittei- i- imliculive of the import
unci! of the subject aud tlt'it the con
test itself will be watched with niHik-
cd inteicst on bolh sides of the At
willing tl'ov may profess to be. Wu
like lo see pluck nud enrr y, but
some things are Im, o-ib!e. a nl this
is one nf .than. Kldon Adiettiscr.
Mr. A. I'. Grini-lmw, Ihc new
btidge klljii nntendi iit,will siion t. k
Mr. 1!. D.dlmoyor left Tuo-day
iiiorning for Denver mid Ciipplo chiirge.
Creek, Colo, where lie will spend a
mouth or more. .Mr. Dnllminer, Executor'- Note e
will sail May 1U wiib his funiily f.om yMvv i- hen In- giv. n ih:.l l.-li rs
Newlorkto spend thu Milliliter in , ten!i,nienUn on Ihc e-ia'e ..t.Iolm
Europe. j W, M yi r, ileee.i-i il, weie gtti'ited
to the tiiiih r-lgiu-I on lb" l'i ii day
of M.-uili, 18UII, hj the P obale
court i.f full- (ouuty, Mi-Miiiri, All
having claims against -aid
this entei piihing town, cays. " I , rsinle. are mpiind lo exhibit tin m
M'll homo forty different kinds of for allownnce to the eccu'..rs within
Clinton, Missouri,
Mr. A, D. Arin-lrong, no old
dnlggial, tdid a piimiineut citizen of 1 pVfiun
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
Mrs. Hamilton, Cambridge, Ills ,
says, 1 liud the rheumatism so, bail
I could nnt raise my band to my
head. Ballard's snow liniment has
entirely cured me. I take pleasure
In informing my neighbors and
friends what it has ijflne for mc.
Ohas. Hundley, clerk for Lay - Ly.
man, Kewanee, Ills., ud vises us th?
cjnow Liniment cured him of llheu
motism. Why not try it? It will
surety do you good. It cures all
Inflammation, Wounds, Sores, Cuts,
Bprajps, etc. row ny j, ijranden.
eongb nii'diciiipf, but bau never in
my expej ience sold bo much of any
one article, as I have of Ballard's
Horehoutid Syiup, All who uso it.
wiy it is the most perfect remedy for
eongii," cold,- consumption, atid.alllli
ceases of tho throat and lungs, they
have ever trirjd.'' It is u specific
for croup and whooping cough. It
will relievo a cough in one minute
Oonuiins ::o opiafes. Sold by A.
To California via llurlington Iioute,
Vcstibuled Trains to Denver ;
Through connecting sleepers to San
KranclBCO,- Scenio Coloruda, Ofj de
grees suusbtuo, returning vu Puget
Sound, Yellowstone I'm k. Billings,
Custer Dattlellutd, IlotSlirlugs, Black
1 1 tils. Every desirable feature en
route on s-ne ticket, Pon,su,lt Ticket
Agpnt. I j, W. WAKKLV,
G. P. Ai, Sf
one je ir nfiei ihe dale (,f 'niil let
tcrs, or they may be pivclud.id from
any bcuellt of such (state; and If
such claims bo not exhibited within
two j cut fiom the dale fit tills
pybllentloti,. they'halt-'be .forever
Anna Hubara Meyer,
Wolfgti'g A. Meyer,
John C. Mejcr,
- Awai' 1
Higlicit, Honors ..jriU'a Pair,
,10ST PliKl-uCl MAUli.
A purc,GrapeTCreairT ofT.i.l Powder. Hce
from AVimonia, Alum or a;. .th-r adulterant,
WAstllKtnoN AI.AIN.sT lilMOVAI..
Tl(j "oiialia llo.ti'd of Trade is
flooding tint Slate with circulars
b i U r' tiio Cab lal of" M -slniiri in
18m;."' Thu vote of Washington
county will bo d. c dedly against the
rotni.vnl of the S' ite C ipi'nl. There
is no niCissity for a rmii'V.tl, and
we life 'f tin- opinion tint the prop,
osltlon i iil be lo-t ny a l.ii'ge m-ijru-i.
ty. Tri C'ipitil i- veiyKoll Ine'iteil
Jeff, . 'in Cilj Pniiisi Ii di pendent'
Clarhbunj Debate.
Tim ib-balo between (ho Clarks
burg .Society and tho Tipton Liter
ary Society was won by tho Clarks
burg society. Tho Ciarksburgs
represented JelTetMjii Cit and tlio
Tipton'.s represented ho.l dm. Their
judges (1. A. It iss. I.. X. Giny, II.
A . - Ilolii.stor, weto. against ie-luoval.
nllm uer DrY Goods
11 Sm
j CO i IP ANY,
j Nowo pened for liitt-iimss at tho old stand with
I B.YIM IAIN'S iu every depiiilniei t. We havo a 1
great ileid of surplus -tuck, many Jobs mid Item- lj
nitiils, which will bo . j
) In order lo ninko room for new goods. .
I . . . g
Are coming in every day. a
1 fiivi: t:s A CALL. 1
I R. Dallmeyer DryGoods Co. i
227 Madison St.
The truth is. the mo-t popul- r lav
of all Is that of duties bud upon for
eign Imp ts. It wu 'be fir t in -c
evi r levied by an Aineaiciin C in
gress, one th ii hfis been su-ts'ned on
v.iiying eh- tides ever since, and nno
which the pefiph- in the recent elcc
tiniis have declared most emphatic
ally -hall be the prineipal source of
icvetitic for fin- federal gnvi rnineiit
Iiiii'lingliiu (Is.) II-iwk Kye,
Wliellu r the lax is a popular one
or not need not eoncern us -o ni'uli
as wltelher the tux is a uece-s.ity
one, and if so whether there is a
better mode of rai-ing it tlim by
duties laid upon foieign imports. n
long .is there is no better way it
-hould bo the only way. This coun
try ha experimented in the past
four ye.ir3.,to i!- snu'OW, and experi
ments should nov (ease.
Make Your Feet Clad.
.ig tias ccr bcin pioduccd to
equal or coni)arc w ith 3Iuiuphy5'
Witch Ha3l Oil as a ci luuvEand
HEAUXO ArpLICVriON. It il.13 been
usccl 4C years and .ilw a j aiVoi ds relief
and alvnvs gives sat.of.ictinn.
It Cur. i I'll 1.1 or lb Mi'Ri'iioini, r.xtcrnal
or Intcrri d, lilind or Vli fdm fulling and
Iliirnlnp:; Cracks or 1 iurt's and Fiatulai,
Hclicf ii!iincdiate--cuio let tain.
It Cue , JJt'UNa, Si .lUsandUhcratinnand
'Contracti'jii from Hun.,. Kelit int.uit.
It'Cuus Tokv, Cut and Laitiated
Wounds and lliuicL-s.
. It Cm -. l'ojjj, I lot Tumor, Ulcers. Old
Sores,'-llchliiH lauplions, Sciuly or i-cald
Head: It is Inf.ilU k.
It Cures iMt-iMm or CAKr.n Dkhasts
and Sorr- Kieptcs. It is iniahi.il,lc.
lt(tIai"H frvr HitiLM, Tetters Prurfy
Erupfio'Js CliapT'Cil Hands 1 tier llli-ii-n,
Sore Ui i or No'iils Ci ms and llunions,
Sore and Chafed Si..ia-. of Iieecti
Thrr-c Sizes, :jc., 5nr. and Si.oo.
SoMbrPr iBgntB.ortonUHnt-iiai.limrwcuitcfririM.
lllMPItUI-ls'SIO. 10., Ill Jl 1I3IUIImiu&U,..i l.,k.
"PffSM Ufl'SS Oil!
ti iiwet-a. mil.
HomestftkerJ Excursion.
A fast through ve&tlhuttd t nlt
daily to Deliver tn iking direct i n
necllons for CUU'IM.K t ItKl'.K,
Cul.: ids fait dsllv trains to '
gold ehU (if MONtT'
lllfttlt llllls-v""' . ,i and the
ill-- -voms shortest linerfioui
.tlllrl river. Act- vmii. n,,t rp
buls, JIo. ! information about the llurlington
L, W. WAKELEY, G.- P. A.,
St. Louis, Mo.
, . , - . HnH,;(f w
mmss ,y. i j :iAi- ire skixi i , ivi k h
t -a.S.? irSvKWr 'A i?-m- -m m - -mm mm "iHI I
iL;,:-.kii : ;-t MWM&i'l WX'K 7WMW9
Oa April 7 and 21 and Slay 5
tho Mitsomi, Kansas and -Texas rail-,
way company will sell tickets nt
very low rates to na j Mlnonri
.as and '1 oxas. For particulars
address. A. G. Miuur, Sedalin, Mo.
mourn v
3 No
for tlie curing cf Colds, Pneumonia,
clc, it - on wear
Tho moBt compVto etocli in Central Missouri of the hat and ccnp-Rt nardvrfcre.
"tnware, ritovca, Cutlery, etc. Inclusive affonts for the celebrate! Wire Gauze
hji ter Oik KtoiH ami Quick Menl ti.tRollno Stow 8,
Door frimst Window Krame, Wire ScreenBj Weather Htrips, Spring Hinges,
.1 rd CiccB, Water Coolre, etc., u hpoctalty. Tin Itocang', tSpoutirig anil .lobbing; ol
ill kinds given prompt attention.
No, 123 East High Street.
niASz moi:i:?cih:l.
Brewers, Malsters Bottlers
All. Orders Given Prompt Attention.
r H t-zr
They keep out chill and slush.
Sladobr Pf 1. rV'ir ill A. Cn , Cltlrnpo
Sold by All Dealers.
Exchange Bank,
juffehsox, city, ;io.
W. A. DiixuuvEa. A'tntmit Cashier.
IM'S ncril h'inklDp b siqp, tiu.v anil sell
i..m. u ami I'urHrfU 1 ' ItanfiP. I'rulnt'3
leutr .urt'xluuuou a iil ciedlt to its vai l
nis mi .'fpoutJfiits. has tuuiu to
l ' 1 n 1 caioiiifru All m interest oa tfma
1 efiu liv aj.peniH,, , ..n i d-Mla lu (Jo
u it, Sa e. Co ii'1. Munl'dni Komi
u M r H)i--r i, CullettiJUb made
ji Lai , t. ,u cities il itni.
5i Limk m BSfl Sft
luj.jJU.UU. 1 .'' ' ''."Ot! rr-'t-Vrk ihulnfd,mJinrl-t
Ir SQutnwest
Conncctiug tho Couiru-rcuil Centres and rich
fiint' of
The Broad Corn and Wheat Fields and Tin mng
Touus of
riie Fertile Uiver Valleys and Trado Centres ot
The finind, I'lCturcqiic nnd Knrhnntiiiff Seen
trv.and Ihc Kmiimre Mrmnir Disirictsof
The Aini'-ulturnl, Fruit, Mmrrnl and Tioihcr
IilmIs, nud 1'iimniM Hot tjirmg-t of
1'hu I'cantifal Hulhnir Prairies and Wood laud.
Ibo Pticar Plantntioo oC
The Cotton mid (Jnitn-l'it-hN, the rattlu Ihinses
und Winter lteorl it
iri-tnncnl an' fecnto
Ami furm-i with it- Pnnneetioua tho l'opula
Winter .ionic to
''or hill deierlptlve and illustrated panplilet or
riar cf the abmo btatea. or Hot bprtQKb, Ark , San
Antonio, Texas, and ilciico, adarcttti Ccmpunj't
Agenis, or
II. c. Towxsnxn,
Is&lftlltuic&Z&fltAEKL ST. LOUIS. MO.
crt cricc c-rnsiTr U S. Patcnt OrrictJ
Ji'wei. 1 M- 0 1 n-ctit lu leisiio.c IJiaiilbttei
he.ld 11 Jt r4 pw i nr rbotfl., With (tserlp-
itiotu Ui ' i a, 1; j j'5ntjvils or r.at, trco v.'T
Lhrs2. C ir .')' t ('m fll patert is scrurec. .
A(wr,' 'W.Otitam Patents," v i.W
Jct Racy In L.w.aad JorciutO'iDtniJ
sent Urc. J u 1-c
St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago,
St. Paul and Minneapolis,
r.F.ninxr. cuts, i:i:ci.ining
Only One Change nf Cms to tlir
Tor Xolunskii and thu Black Ilillf.
Many Hours Quickest Time
Gun, Passenger Agt., St. Louis, SIo.
To California via Huillngtori U xitc.
'Pr9onlly Comluctod Jounit-yH,
Erery Vill)i!iiiy from U U rllnnton
(U ('. m. Kvory Tiu'wVy 'ro.w
Omalia at B . m. Tlirougli Muuilst
eieeicni ,ta lo wviiue.itu, Willi con
Jutor''ln ctiarg&ylu b.onlo Cutormio,
08 tlegmi siiiiUilne, , Ci)ilt.u;t tlckot
Spring Trip South.
'On Ajiril 7 anil 21, and May 5,
llclfcts villi lu gold from principal
cjtlt'3, towns and villages of tile
north, to nil points on Ihe Louhvllle
(i Naslivlllo Uiilroad In Ttnneace,
Alabama, Mississippi, Florida am) u
portion of Kentucky, nt one In lo
.fare for the rousd trip, Tiokeis will
lie good to rttitrn within 21 days, on
p ayuient of 62 to agent at destina
tloni aii(l will allow stop-over at any
nolnt on the south' hound tiln.' Abk
your ticket sgeit about It, and If lie.
cannotvneu youj excursion, ucKe(s
'Ji:i' ..y. '-n .TJt..irs i
.TttiTld&eli on the Wrst Tuesday.fltid
Irt taarliM nfniM tunic Oil ttlC TnlfU
ly,ef'WU month, to ey
Wim fa lb! Bouth 1 end on sptctai cut"
fcarWoTUket ate M Bt a I tUe
mrnmmp une rare lor tuc rwuu
lutoiwattoii wrt to
Wimi, BIT, HS3. ill.,51. uiu, m.
flti'i puss, ici , LotBTOuj. sr.
(drCoojityStspof h 6oH to
f He itiove uonicd gentlemen,
em, ion
Using the Colobrated
Warner Buffet Sleeping Cars
and 1
Free Reclining C;ir cars
on nil trains.
Tnn ErfT "outh
Fob Am. 1'oints In
Kansas, Indian Territory,
Texas, Mexico, and the
Pacific Coast,
and for
St. Louis, Chicago
Hannibal, Kansas City
and Sedalia
for Information apply to any agent ot th
company or
James Barker,
denoral Passongcr and Ticket Agent,
St. Louis, Mo.
Farm atdBaoMiieRsfSlrSbop!
QU, at call for snytUng In out
lio'. Satlfctloo lauantted.
i.Shoyi on jvuertOB trtt, utiwe
1 V J u I f $
Commencing March 2 1 'VTM0 '' M-
Auction and Private Sale,
At a LARGE REDUCTION until tho stock ha bctn reduced to
LADIES are eipicially invited' to visit our store. Goods wltl
be sold at l'rU ate Bale at a Largo Reduction Every pay.
lk ' InuKU PiM.lvrn .1(1 th&m

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