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Best Local Paper.
Best Advertising
Medium in
Bates County.
We do not guess about any
thing in our prescription de
partment. Ws use accurate
I weights and measure. Weal-
'so use exact methods in torn,
pounding the variour compoo-
ents into the medicine as it is
vsheo ready to take. And then
iwe arc always precise in check.
king over the nrescnntion n a
- -
final precaution to tee for cer-
lain that every thing is all tight.
Opera Cash
Drug Store.
Subset ibe
For The Trjbcne.
Ooe Dollar Per Year.
Geo. Watk ins and son returned
"home from llieterritory Saturday,
W. II . Quick, the redoubtable
real estate agent, was in the city
last week talking ttade.
Rev. W. B. Chancellor left
this morning on a vacation. He
will be absent several weeks.
Miss Mar .Mniii, accompanied
by Mis Pearl BrcU, of Austin,
made Tuk Tr ! IH xk a pleasant call, j
Mis Edna Lvnn. who ha been
the guest of Dr. G. N. Sharp and
family, n returned to her home in
Macon, Mo.
Mis Peail Bret, who has
been the guest of Rev. Pyles and
family, returned to her home in
Austin, Saturday,
Our old friend. Capt. R. M.
Dale, was in the city last Friday
mid Saturday visiting his daughter,
Mr. Ed McQuitty, and calling on
Geo. Mann of Rich Hilt, and
John Stroup mid wife, cf Mor.troae,
attended the funeral of their little
niece, Alma Mann, last Thursday.
Appleton City Herald.
If a dealer asks you to take
something said to be "just as good
a Rocky Mountain Tea made by
MadNnn Medicine Co.," ask him
if he .nuke moi money. Ask
your druggie.
The belfiy of the Walnut St. ,
M. E, Church vsa struck by light-
ilii..lln.l.ntih ,.. ..i
.is,ia 1., rt, ,!...., t, .;... i.-.ir.. 1
shatteied, during Monday evening's 1
Constable Har-e Johnson of
Rich Hill, one of the cleverest gen
tlemen nod jnoit tflicient odicers in
Missouii, was in the city Friday,
lie brouslit Richard Crigler ot
Hume, to the asvluni. Nevada'
p.,si !
Ithen editor mi .piopiictor. Ve;eae. repjirTt. constitutional I
Mr. J. I. Hush of Rockville.j . . hu.;,u-ss so-,.. .;,.. ; urx: H.lPs Catanl. Cm, ui
was 11) till! citv I ucvlay looking ut
ter businesi, matters and real estate
iuteiests. Mr. Hush srterd his I
country faithfully and well and i a
good cit'ueu. He has a hundred
acien of corn whieh lie thinks will
do faiily well.
Half the people in the vvoild
think they could do better and be
happier elsevvheie, than where they
happen li be placed. They see
only the tlioins, the drudgcrv, and
the elisajjieeiifcle thing in tl eir own
vocation, and only the tiowin and
thi pleasant experiences in the vo-
John Klumpp went to Kanv-i
City Tuesday, on business.
For Sale Fine Jersey milch
cow. inmate nt 1 hijiunb ottice.
-Joint I,Ieck is lonesome now.
His wile has gone to Kansas on a
If you don't read The Thshine
you fail to read the best local paper
in Hates county.
Go to Mesdaines To.nlinsou &
Yontz (or first-class dress making.
Over Review cilice.
A tree near the residence of
Mrs. Boon McDanicl was struck by
lightning Monday night.
Jack McCombs has so far re
covered from hi recent severe ill
ness, a to be about town. j
("". Ill I'lfT.rl (-.,-L- lie (.inilln m.li
v.... luwa li.iii mill
left for Gladstone, Nebr , yester
day, on a visit to relatives.
W. II. Minton's liorne was
struck by. lightning Monday night
during the storm and the chimney
badly damaged.
-Miss Anna Conncll returned i
home Monday from P.fpin-.vi'.le.
where she spent a week with Missi
Mary Jackson. j
Mrs. Ilarve Ruirhigtcn and '
little son, who have spent two !
months here with L. W. Johnson j
and family, left Thurd.sy morning ;
for their home in Helena, Muni. j
Mesdames Tomlin-on & Yontz
have opened dressmaking parlors j Friday afternoon. j Crame-. K.i:tie Brown, Delia Mc-1 CI.everton & Steele shipped a
over the Res lew oihee, and solicits' 4 Swng and praise service, j Kinnon, and Messrs. Ben Warren, ! couple of car loads of hogs to Kan
the patronage of the ladies c t Rich LIer, Rev, W. B. Chancellor. Will Beasley, Harry Harris, Geo. 1 City r.igl.t before last.
Hiii 'and vicinity. Satisfaction 2 ' 10 Report of Primary Supt. ' j Burrows, Lee Hirsch, Buzz Envj Miss Nannie Neat has been
guaranteed. j Miss Bailey. I bree, Nathan LeopolJ, Scymourj jjite tick for seveial day s past, but
Thos. R0.ich of Buidcttc wi,!JO Beport ot Committees. Williamsoo.Cuit McKiuben, Andy j is getting alcng nicely now.
in the city Monday, looking 'after ; 3 : Address "A Trap to Catch Loudermiik.Frirk Clark and Tern ) RV. J. . Oliver preached to a
hay fur stock and ;'.'.u-n.itng to other '
business. He a Justiv'c of the '
Peace for his tuwruhip, a leading :
citizen and a !io.i Republican. !
I ....ii i.tpaiU',1
yesterday br Eldii;tt. Spiings,
where sic will viMt M. W. I , '
Pound, with l.tr iivt-H't, Miv Mii.'.
ri Mur-, and (iin ihrte A.e will
visit Mrs. I. L. llfiimi in Benson '
county. Aikansiii, for some time!
before returning home. In li;c '
meantime Judge D.ivall will tor-Lrh '
it and pen away harder than ever
trvmg Id avc people's (hrir) io!es. :
The tesci ve fund of 'the En-j
dowment Rank, Knights of Pythias,!
has gone glimuieiiug. The men'
who misappropriated the fis.nl have !
been indicted and may jnisxibly be
sent to piioii, but tlijt d iii't re
store the funds, nor dot s it benefit 1
the order an ioi.i. The tirt mis
take was in having such a fund con- ;
trolled by a lew men. !t is- on!v
the orders that h ive roeive funds, i
thus contrtilled, lV. it lisit " iicii
trouble. Such funds in s.k!i or- '
ganiratiom are vctv isuii.h like the
legal hcti ns i..f "ve-!'d ng'its,";
'corpor irtiMiis as Midivnlu !. " and
'innocent tbnd puiu--.," , I4. '
myths when the pinch conic
line i never ineie vvnen vvimi:..!, t;ie
1 ,.,.
I other serve ..nlv s . . ..w i
omer serves ouiv t-i cover no t .1
canty, iilm;;c llnevieg ti ..u.u tnn-.
. I 1 . v
, , ., .
earned doll.it 1
When ve c .one to Rich llsil
tJwenty-onc ve,u ago, J. F. l ed-.
lord came soon niter n.id jiened ;
one of the first p'o eiv
city. He in.iile l.i tct
ie in the '
ment in the lirst p a rr :,uted in
the city of which the w:iur was
' 1
. . .... !
I iiv ;oi iimvj ins: iiiiiiiK, 1 'limine !i i
. t , 1 1 1
100. vveve oeen iiminei mg e er
since, and so has he He h.i !e-i
patlcil tor the new l.liti t avlo down
in the Kiowa counliy. We'll stay
j in. it ic it nui, up in toii cv untf).
i Missouii is good riioitgh foi us ud
can onlv t'C made In Itei i-vbecom
ing Republican. N ev ei t'nelesi oui
best wishes go v. nil Icdl rd hi I vv e
hope be will pi -pel in bis new
loe uioii. I Ie i a g o l
will be a valuable a .i.in
. .c. n. d
ion to the
(Sunday Kcliool Convention.
The following is the program for
the thirteenth annual Sunday School
convention of the Bates County As -
sncmtiott. which will he held in tlx;,
M. E. Church, Sauth, in this city, j
on Thursday and Friday, August!
S and j :
Thursday Afternoon.
2:00 Song and praise service.
Leader, Rev. W. T. Pyles.
2:13 Address of welcome,
Rev. J. E. Alexander.
2:30 Response. Rev. V. F.Jones.
2: 15 Pres. address. A. C. Gwinn.
3:15 Address, "How to Teach
with Chalk and Pencil."
Rev. C. D. Meigs.
Appointment ot committees.
7:43 Song and praise service,
Leader, Rev. Burton.
5:oo Address, "The Front Line
Sunday School."
Rev. C. D. Meigs.
Friday morning.
19:30 Song and praise service,
o :io ' How to Increase Sun.lav
School Interest and . Attend-
ance." F. E. Kellogg-.
to:oo Address, '--What the Sun-
dav School Needs."
Rev. C. B. Lotspeich-
Discussion, Rev. J. L. Hogler.
R. M- Montgomery.
,; 1 : Question box, Rev. Meigs,
ttie bat.ies in (primary)
Rev. C. D. Meigs.
4u Conference with Sunday
.... '
ctiol otticers, teachers and
13 Song and praise service.
Leader, lvev. J. W. McGee. ' The excursion was ::t.
.iw Advluss, "Why am I In thc!I Picsby tt rian, Baptist
. Sund iv Sclnxil Wotk." I Methodist and Chrisiian
Rev. C. D. Meigs. !
Firt 1'resbj terlan Cburch
Sabbath SJ100!,
Junior Endeavor,
Senior Endeavoi,
W. B
9:43 a. m. 1
,. " , j
7 :oo p
( tlkVsttlr.E
Wuluut Street M. K. Clsurch.
Their m i,r ,r.rl.;r
WhIiiiiI Street M. E. Church iievt
(Sunday at 11 a. in. and at S p. in.
Sunday School nt 9:45 u.
Epwoiih League at 7 p.
1 1
Una Ten Foot lied.
M-ss Ella Ewing, the Missouri .
... ... . ... 1. . - 1 1. ... . 1
ti n I-1 t hinli, and the ceilir.gs '15!
k'J" "i " riccieu m nouse tor : rcsr, ami vtuvt s .it' :i si a i ie
heisetl in Gov in, a lawn in this j ntanccs. Byron W iloU. the ta.'
state. The do us in hrr home ate tistical expt tt ol .1: New Vcrk '
riu'!t!tt' Her lieiicht i eight feet four
i .. .. ! 1 . - I . ..
-. n'" iceps oil 1 WiiiLlou jam's Oi'hIiIts I i.e t i n-
Uit is e: feet lonK Ex. I
1 .onj; i.x.
f icaiie; s i
f this paper vv ill be
peasil to ie un thai there is nt leasr j
"ne dicoled disritse that ocience has
l rt 'de to cure in ail its Mages
''d that is Culaith. Haifa Cl-
I'.anii Cure is the only positive cure;
know 11 tv
tl.e medical liatetnitv.
A at oiti being- a constitutional di-
tM..keu inteirally, acting di. ectly up -
, .. .... I
on t ie i iooii ami mucous surfaces,
x .-p,,.i, uitiii.' eieMi vy U.J.J
i.e. 1 . . : t .1 - . I
iouiio.mio'i 01 me uncase, ami j
U'iV'it: tac patten; sttength by 1
hn'.lihiur iiiv lhl riiiiTirniii, .,.!
" ' ''" iouniy iveput i.ta i at. J cci . .1-
sistmg natuie In doing its woik.!jated it ith tb.t Free Pte. 1 his
The propiiet.Ms have so much faith ; voes ,a ctir lm , . a, ,,, or
in its cuiiit.vc poweis, tb.t they of-lhich the ry was never any i,...-.i.
! r one Hundied Dollars tor any j , (S y.tuJ ,v,,, t on. . 1, 1 'tU .
t!;.r it l.;ik c... 1 f..
-.........,.... .n.iu tut
Iis o; test in ri 1 r
A1. In ss, F, J. t'rll.M-.v
To t)
Void t
v 01 lie !!. tc.
Hate Coun'i's Lucky Oners.
As far as the ,!raiing for prizes
'in Uncle Sam', drawing .as i,or.c, j
j the following Junes county mea!
nave teiured ci .uns :
Harlin !i H.rshatv, Spruce,
John N. Kinner, Butter,
Geo. W. Howell, Adrian,
C C. Garrison. Rich Hill,
G. II. Askew, Adrian,
EmilThys. Kicti H;h
W. E. Wells, Butler.
A. K. Ptgg, Rich Hill,
jas. C. Robbies, Rich Hill,
L. G. V'anBenthusen, Rich Hiii.
Leroy S. Chapin, whose post
office is Appleton City, but whose
home is in Bates county.
Others are in high hopes and
everything looks lovely for their
Social IJance.
The Tuxedo Dancing Club
gave one of their delightful dances
Wednesday evening, at llarkinsf
Tho' the weather was ex-!
ceedingly warm, all that attended j
report a delighu .il time
It was!
given :.a honor cf cut
. ,
A ton
ladie. Kefreshrr.ents were serv
ed. Those in attendance were.
Misses Donna Gaizer, Leona O'.i- i
ver, Zda Cunnfachau, Mabel !
Payne, Eva Sacdtrscrj, Essie Gei- j
Ethel Loudermiik, George
Wise, Iicrence Htyhr.un, Byrj
' lt!cl !,itl Ilxeursion ."0i Sirona
A special tram tT:r.gng fuhyi
five hundred ocutsicr.ists pulled
into l!ic umon Ot j ot this i::crr.:r f
from Rich 1 1 1 : 1 .
n up !
Schools if Rich lhl!
:tv,C was a
great success, both as to numbers
; and enjoyment.
I nited States Revenue Collector
Kellogg, ot Kansas Citv, v.;i.i was
resident cf Rich Hid when ap
j pointed to cilice an 1 who siiil su-
jpt - rintcr.is the Prtsbytetian Sun-
dav School at hiioli home,
!lhe moving spirit in the nutter
"J tc hi ii largely is due its
ttess. Nevada Post.
The- Pilgrim lor August
Begins a thrilling s.cry t f Icvc .
and political ccnspifaey in Spam,
entitled "Ihe Velvet Giov ' by!
Heniv Seton Meiriatu, nutl.crc.f
" The Sowers,"
he Isle ci Cn-
1 , 1 . .
Reform Clut, utit.-
h- I '...Sum
i Dollar Strrl Pint. K,v. Jcul.:n
gress cf K.hions in I .--.uii-iel K.
Moftett ulU ' vl some ii.u i r-m '
Ctess gi t iiiiotis in
im- !.!, .n : in ... V.,. V .
paper Life. Tn en :uu..ttie;i it
tne yaetitini; st o:i i-s reeoge,:.-.,:.:
ty a biilliant eovi-r, nd a !nk-
I ingly i.tustrate.! 01 :
v Dun. in
Curty. Ti.e home
short fiction and
rt ff.itures n?
number sliow a
di:;:ut i.ha.ue
or f.
! ov er its pve.lcc-.
Money to l.o.sii
tr-.,, ...
LI HVIU ,-ll. III ,!le I IBIS
K0O (,rm p.opeitv.
H. P. Kv
1 vov.
We are informed that W - m '
Aiie$.ott l as purchased thci' U;
jet Vv l.i I 1 H 1 ; nt I ( , i-.t ..., t.
let ve lil be R 1
nt l:
lo .
It tin 1- tin .
eft.e i,t l
white in B ite i
1 r iK
- ece t
1 A!.i
;;t ,
kiiov, hoH It.
1 f-l r r- e ft 1 r
And by all the new and
Wltli or Wltliout IJt?a.
Fillings of all Kinds- arr-
If in need of Dental Work, wow'J l p'eaMr-4 V have yvt c'.L
Teetli Uxtrnotvtl Wltliout laslaa rst taa
Over F. & M. Bank Rich Hill Mo.
-Bert BuckericJge has gone to
Kansas City.
T. G. Ellis took a trip south to
Jasper county, this week.
I Mrs. Walter Doman departed
J tor PueLIo, Cola.. Tuesday morn-1
Fi.e cr loads of peop.'e went
t v im. . -,.,jjv ovtiV-J 'iVi:ih. at
! -
m :-e. c.-r. ),., c v-.. 1 v
! M. A Co-Ales of Kansas Citv,
i . ... . . . . '
was m the c:ty this week looking
after business interests.
Rev. J. R. Eldr':dge is in the
' Clt' vv':a bi5 a,n,i v'srtmg Mrs.
; L"s mother. Mrs. Calvert.
iJJfoe audience in the Park Tuoday
; evening, a most excellent disccwe.
, . ,, , , v.
' MibS Helen Houghton of Ne-
ada, and Miss Irene Houghton of
Rich li,!!. pe:st S.indav in the city
the giicsj i f Mls Pei'iue. Eldora
do Nt a .
Mi. AH e.l Multr and Miss
M!"Si:e Siover weie married :-t the
liKint of the lii.li s parents. Mr.
and Mi,. J.-s. Stover, fast Thursday
evening. Rev. English o:1;c;ating.
Hilp young ladles to v ith
i.!ati'l the hi.;ck -f s.n'.dcu propos
als, (i,-.t'5 what Rwcky Mountain
Tea 1; rs done. j c. Made by
i Ma'itcn Medicine : Co.
Ask your
Dr. J. W. NcIjix! and family of
s.uc-';RUh Hill, an.ved Ved.-sdav with
! his household good and will locate
1 here fr the practice ot i';is profes
sion. Dr. Nol.uvd ln been a resi
dent of Rich Hill for twen'y sears
wtifi-fhc lia an excellent ptvies-
s;.;iai ;;..! soc : itputasv :. ' t
bespc.-ik a Cot n.li!
i't and f.m,i!i.
welcome for bi n j
II! J,u.Vi News.
iteltb.-,! cr,K Chiles
It is u r
o! i M; '.-!. 1 . C. .
:ret iv ot
1 !.- 1, 1 1 ! 1 .1 ... 1 t
1 it .!. t.is itvvriteil ...n
is m.i ji. ( , luic ie!j:n d to j
i .5 .V
.KS Ol t t I! !!.-, e.
i ll I
i ai WAV i .
! ,d ;;;) o
o a
.Uls'l .
.1 u;-
Welkllor nilll. lie Lli.-fif I -i li si
1.1 1...
se !.:
t t 1 c
.V It.
u rk 1
Utin Will liiteres.1 .stunj.
i;u ei. v i: '.(.-,; ice 1!. It. I!.
i : '.(,; .-r :;. 1.
( Botanic !'..., 1 IW i.i, t.iv f.j. .ns
... . ..
wid se f d s..i,ot, v f-e i-.vXi'
,, t
tteattsteifs. !. I , 15.
;i:ivkiv cuiei
ss. HM.il., p
. !HS til. J J" ?:?
iheumatlsip, ci
: : ., t u
;-!, tv
.. I 1 , cc-.
j e . .
e e ,1 di
u . r t c 1
.l )iuii,.i,-s.
it ,U
;.4. voi.
B. B,
tr e if ea
B. at
1 1
-.1 .1 C.
( j.
i. .s
1 c '-,
Tie Ne D." ''. Pa' re f-
ptrd t't d svr dtr.ti! k at a
Very Low Price,
latest mcthosJs tf Dcr-t'stry.
Me Jsn.es Toa-ur.sos & Vest,
ltesmaker, over the Review ofSe.
Mrs. Ll.cn Baker Ktot to El
dora io Sptisgs ca the esrly sncrc
iZ train.
cfurt houte t".
like Lazarus' sors.
gets worse
;and r:cre of it.
E. S. Hmscr. I. i ccr.e to
Webb C.ty to work on a god pb
recently secured.
Mis Donrsa Ge'ser Wit lut
Colorado Springs, Tfcarsday, where
she will sper.J several vsetks.
E. T. Lallariiere left vejter
day for Lawrence, Kassis, to visit
his aged rsothtr h is CjSite sick.-
Conductor Frank P. Ssr.itb is
cursing a ruber serious pit that
sticketh closer than a trctber, ca
his risht Land.
or.ctay n;g:
t lor Bellevi
It. I'll
where he will join his wife. Tkey
expect to in.iker.hat pi tee their fu
ture home.
Ei Mcy-itty is again behind
the counters at Ho!lcays. E ! i
a popular ?i;5:.il.T. a:si wiih
Sherman Rcbey, mskes a good
d-viii'le icir.i f ..r Hcliavsay.
Lstkin i;ntle'.t, S. B. Cole.
E. C. Miller and Jacob S. Yoang,
through li sir attorney, Ge;. P.
Huckcby, lave recently teen
granted an increase cf pension.
The iw that hcM the uni
verse iccetht r is the law cf a.V.ni
tits; like will seek like. Make
your choice now far the good
things of time that go into eternity
withvoj. August Ladies' Home
Wolveiton it Jones arc nw
located on N. Sixth Ssreet, ovl
are pi
ph-n.l ;
red to
all kinds of
?e.tu titling,
ilo icpair wind rrgiue. When in
(need of anvtl.ieg in their line give
them a cl'. :t
A Jew d s a;o fnen I in old
j Kentucky s?ct us a cv-pv cf the
p,fr, Vf :;5ivi County Nes rwb.
' hal ed at Ch vcr
?:t, K tlut was
i s a'. at per pi 9
ro t ninths
ci. . k it.:: f :
CsV bus-.-ns
u j jtt o t!;r C.ty
ci U-. Ne , vas
. tt -ved t V t re. t ut
lotli lijve iisen fretit
the 6!u i : f i.-.c.et
an J n ji be ju.
t supply j l(Ui ,s40 evt'r
j ti.e M lera Wood.nea oc
) ttys I ect-.i uii tt . e is now 1:1 sua
swii at iuij v:;i:e in ivjcK
l.land. !.!.. c-ituj leting tlte tevis-
. .
1 ... n..!.-:r
society Vs laws
the Jun-j na:ional
' " - ,
4i If! i'C 1 :
cxKisenti.ru v.e-.J in St. Paul, M.na.
. , ,
As soon as the law committee s
w-r iv 1 Co-
,-:e A, editu-n cf
j i v.'.i tor ,e ot
tii'se lavs
U':-"rilcp...t:J'.! .i Mtvtticn loi tYt
.t.-.,..,. ... ... ..1
! V e t.
j I rxiU jUy lilmls of
i . . .
f uratn a nay
... -i ht IIV.V-. i
r I. ii ;
I V !V4
w .
J. T. Ilosbrooli,
ttuttiittier tu Hum. !v
e ; e k.i,
I f .'I. I
Tt a.
cation ol otlieis,-..1 'Succswi,"
1 new teintoiy.
I I I .'I I !.. 1 n. .1 . 1 . I
ti.in joioj 1. .k mr me ien.
'ueatiuiis and
1 u

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