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Best Local Paper.
Best Advertising
Medium in
Bates County.
vVolumii is
5 .1.
l(k:alhimkfs. ti
Mr. Maade Tomlinson,. dicss
makin over the Review cilice.
If you don't read Tkb Tbibi .mk
you fail to read ihe btst local paper
in Dates county.
(rant VanBenthusen has rctum
from hi new claim down in the
Kiowa country and will get ready
at toon as p -ib!e to make it se
cure. Mother write u that they have
solved the problem ol keeping their
children wcl'. Give them Rocky
Mountain Tea each week. A Lick
ing to mother and child. Avk your
It yoa want the best of fire and
cyclone inMirance, in the nio.t rc!i
Vt rnmivmiri eJon'f fail tO Call
,, 1 1 . t.. t...
on Geo. P. Huckebv at The 1 hi-
. I
bvnk office.
Now it the time to settle up
arreareges, and renew jour sub-'
tcription. We need the monev and
you need the paper. So come in
and htlp us out.
" Coll. F. E. Kellogg was in the
city Satuiday and Sunday, looking
after business matters batmd.iv and
his Sunday School Sunday. He
bas just returned from viit to his
old home in Ohio and the (j. A. K.
encampment at Cleveland where he
bad been enjoying a short outing.
Friends of The Tuuine can
help the paper greatly by trading
with those business men who ad
vertise in itscolumes. The.e trades
men arc reliable and from them you
can Rrt the bet bargain in the
Last week I went about.
Full of trouble and sf doubt.
Now I'm smiling and dance with
' delight,
J had some Rocky Mountain Tea
lat night. Ask youi druggist.
R. A. Jurd & Co., have two j poinieJ, to-wit: On decoration,
rooms in the brick building on Wl- j Rev. W. VS. Chancellor, J. R.
nut street, where they will show you j Hales, S. B. Cole, G. S. Ham
anything from bian new house- j mack, and Prof. Moody. On pro
hold outfit to the minutest stove te- grain, Prof. S. M. Barrett, A. B.
pairs, in good style. Furniture in
all grades and at an prices.
Some thieve were operating in
the city Saturday night. They
stale some tools from the shops of
Wagner & Wiek and Ja. Cook, on
ifaple street, and entered the home
pt John Schmidt, corner 5th and
Pint streets, where they goi five or
lis; dellara in money and a pair of
uspe ndar. Evidently they sett of
the one ''gallus'' Rfntry.
A Most Lamentable Comedy is
the title of a powerful novelette by
Mr. William Allen White, which
begins in the September i 1 issue J
The Saturday Evening Post, of
Philadelphia. This ahsoibing ser
ial is a study of politic.it hytciics
the story of a slate gone mad. The
scene of the novelette is a western
stale labeling under the burdens o(
a panic year. The central figure is
a grocery store dc ni gojue, whoe
harehiained otatory cuptmes the
iate convention. The storv
1. 1 a height of dramatic pnseraud
intensity rarely equalled in the lie
(ion of the da v.
Many new sensations and effects
vt attempted in this pt dnction,
including a novel railioad scene
howing the robbery of an expie
car attached to a train traveling at
full speed. Mr. McGlymi, the stiir
of the company is a finUheJ and
accomplished actor and has the ad
vantage of a very strut g ui polling
company. He is a nephew of the
celebrated Rev. Dr. Fdward Mc
Glynn who followed l is caiecr on
the tsi:e with a keen interest. "In
A Woman Power" will be the at
traction at the opera house, Friday
night, Sept. ao. T'ie ale of seats
will commence n I hurdv at the
Opera Drug Stoic.
Money to 1omii
For from one to thiee ycaia, on
good farm property.
M. A. Jurd & Co., in the Walnut
Stieet brick, will tell you good bed
stead for 50c up, and everything
cfc tit piopoi liurt. . He wants to
tell all he has and will make price
Mr. J. J. Coulter of Hume, died
last Saturday morning, after long
Judging by the big bill board
being erected a big show' must be
coming to town, or somewhere in
thi neighborhood.
Col. J. S. Roger, former well
known citizen of the Fairview
neighborhood, is reported to have
died in Kentucky recently.
Mr. Pye Harkins is reported in
poor health and has gone south with
the hope that a change of climate
and surroundings may help him.
All his old friend here hope be will
nnu wnat ne is seeking, ana mar
the ol J tarn. liar laugh and cheerful
, , K
look mny greet them again on bit
Ieurn - .
Capt. John A. Payne, one of the
pionf.er cizent cr Ricb urn de.
t parted last Thursday to take up hi
residence in Kanr.sCity. During
his residence among us he has been
one of our most enterprising citizens,
always active in any movement to
advance the business interests of the
city. We always regTet to lose
such persons from our midst, but
lile's changes must be met and
Capt Payne's interests have drifted
Kansas Cityward, and we wish him
good luck i d great success in his
new home. 1 '
Quite a number of citizen! met
at the store , of Beasley & Co.,
Tuesday evening, to take atepa
lor a proper memorial service on
this, Thursday, afternoon, at 3
o'clock p. u)., the time of the fun
eral of Ptssnlt&i Mcliisiey.. May
or W. W. Ferguson presided, and
the following committee were an.
Holloway. J. T. Weathers anJ W
i t
G- Beasley
Rev. W. T. Pyles conducted
memorial services in the Walnut
Street M. E. Church Sunday morn
ing. The pastor read President
Roosevelt's proclamation and a fei
ogiaphiraf skttch of the life of the
departed president. U.S. Stryker,
Geo. P. Huckebyand Uev. Wesley
Lattin delivered short addresses,
each portraying some strikii.g char
acteristic of the late president' life
as a Christian and ruler. The choir
rer.dcred special music (or the oc
casion, and especially Mr. McKin
ley's tayoritea'Lead Kindly Light"
and -Nearer My God, To Thee."
IWin.U tf HIH'lliliNtM W 111) 111 M IlKI't
Iiikh In lKtrlt. Mli-hltfun. mid I'it
Ltxoii, New Jerm-.v, rfjiik"! when
they henrd of tln nliiintlntf of tho
im-fhlelit. tine 'f the tnlknttvp iiioiii-
tH-ra of tlir irroup At I'MtlerHon mild. New 1 ork, Saturday morning,
In i kln of the mini who li... tW Sfiember 14, tyoi, from the el-prt-.l.lenf
"we ...n't kn-.w Mm, t.ut . . -un.hol ounJ, maie bv
h IH ile ,i u. lle.li'l s (lI II win
hU.lutv tod.i, nh.l we honor hliu.
while jH-r..nilly tlilnklntf lil rff..rt
illicit Wtter have lnvii fin!c,vitl
liTOH tin" iHS-illl till l"Uie row iirl
liend." A lender i'm: 'jMiootliiK
will hnve H Kood effis t."---il.
How 'a 'Mil?
We olter one bundled dellais ie
waid for any case of catanh that
cannot be cured by
IIhIU Ctairh
P. J. Cheney, Toledo Ohio.
We, the un.U'i signed, have known
F, J. Cheney for the lasl 15 years.
and believe him to be perfectly hon-
.1 11 v . . ..
ciai'ie 111 nil "ii:iivr iiiimi...iuii
and fiii,mci;iHy able to carry out any
obligations made bv iheir firm
West A Truax, Wholesale Drug
gists, Toledo, O.
Waldin, Kinnan i Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O.
Hall's CaUrih Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous sin (set s of the
svslem. Testimonial sent free
Price 75c a bottle. Sold by nil
Hall's Family Pill are the bset.
inn m f j m r
William McKin'ey, the 25th
President of the United States, was
born at Niles, in Trumbull county,
Oh'o, January 39, 1S43, and re
ceived his education in tae public
cboolsof his native town, Union
Seminary at Poland, Ohio, and in
Allegheny College, Meadvllle, Pa.
He joined the Methodist Episcopal
Church at the age of sixteen and
remained a faithful active member
until his death. He enlisted a a
private in the 33d Regiment, Ohio
Infantry, June 11, 1S61. He re
ceived his first promotion as Com
missary Sergeant April 15, iS6j,
was promoted to Second Lieutenant
Sept. 34, 1S62, was made First
Lieutenant Febr. 7, 1863, was
raised to the rank of Captain July
25, 1S64, at the age of 21 years, and
was brevetesl Major of the U. S.
Volunteer, March 14, 1S65, by
President Lincoln for gallant ser
vice, and was musiered out of the
service July 26, 1S65, by reason cf
the close f the war.
He returned to Poland and began
the study of law. Was admitted to
the bar at Warren, Ohio, in March,
!S67, and removed to Canton where
he began the practice of his chosen
profession, and bas ever sincere-
He married
Jan'y 25, 1871
Miss Ida Saxlon, :
Two children weie
born to them, both dying in infancy . 1
In 1S76 he was elected a repre-;,
sentative in congress from the dis-
1 . . - 1 1... r.-
a tpic5rnM t'j
Wade and other eminent men, and
served the people in this capacity 1 4
years. In 1891 he was elected gov
ernor of his native stale and was re
elected in iSjj by an increased ma
On June iS, lSy6, he was nomi
nated for President in the city ot
St. Louis, Mo., and at the election
following, was chosen President of
the United States by a plurality of
over 600,000, and in lyoo was
again nominated and re-e'ected by
a Urgtly tncieated plurality. He
wa re-inaugurated President on
March 41I1 last, and died in Buffalo,
1 , ,
) u-.- - y-'.
while the I re. idem wai attend. ng
ire Pan-American Lapoaition now
being held in that city.
A citiaen, as a Christian, a a j
soldier, a lawyer, a an cfticer, !
and a ruler he alsraj did hi
dutvanddid it well. What mote
can be said. May hi fame and
name endure forever a priceless
heritage and incentive to the youth
of America.
W. A. Sl4er.
We Iske the following item con
ceuiing Mi. W. A. Snider, from
the Westdeld, M., Review, ol
Sept. 5th. Mr. Snider was a
brother of our fsllow townsman,
J. W. Snider.
The funeral of W. A. Snider was
held Sunday at the residence and
sva attended by otc of the largest
concourses of people ever gsthned
heie upon a similar occasion
The deceased was Inirn near thi
When tht civil war broke out
. . i
he became a
member of General
Grant's re?iietv, the 2it Ilanois.
He entered upon hi I usiness career
. . . j
in !'. in itns city, and remained
in the active pursuits for triirty-six
continuous and successive year.
He was city postmaster from Grant's
to McKinley's administrations ex
clusive of Cleveland's term, a
period of twenty vears.
He was widely known and inti
mately associated with a laige body
of the people, by whom he was
held in high esteem.
Fairness, honesty and charitv
were by the decea-ed held to be
sterling virtues, and as such were
most prominent in his character and
life. The true principal of religion
as shown and sought for in the ev
ery day life of the deceased was
"man's humanity 10 man." With
his demise West6eld looses a noble
man and a firm friend.
Thirty old soldiers were present
at the funeral seivices. Revs. J. E.
Strcvey, J. A. Hawkins and W. C.
Smith made brief address. The
funeral hymns were sung by a quar
tette composed of Mioses Bessie
Garver and Juanita Eagon and
Messrs. Ed Snvder and Park Irwin.
The remains were inierred in the
Maple Hill cemetery. Beautiful
floral creations were presented by
the friends, and the business men
paid their respects by a floral
wheel. The deceased leaves a wife
and daughter, two sisters and three
brothers and numerous friends to
mourn his death.
We will hold our sixth semi-annual
opening on Oct. 1st. We
shall spare no pains to make this an
enjoyable time for those who may
call on us. All are invited to call
and see our beautiful tail millinery.
I As the hard times wave has not vet
Utruckus ,.ought a ,aJge
J nd compe,e Mocki ,nJ- ,,creto.
, ... , , .
fore will be prepared to siiow you
'the very newest things in stvle, both
;n n)erican and impotned goods.
We have added largely to our
jr.. O0jS- We now have in stock
fine line of outir.g flannelette,
Qmar Cashmere, Dearborn cloth.
! .
gmgham, prints, mushn, etc
We have al-o added to our china
department, which is more complete
than heretofore.
We are pleased to announce lhi
Miss Ida Crabb will take charge of
our trimming 100m tins seawm.
She" is loo well and favorably
known :o render comment nccesarv.
She joins with Mrt. Ames in ins it-
ing her large cirslc ot lady fiiendsj Rev. Burton has resigned as
to call and see her at The Bjraar. j pastor of the First Baptist church
Remember it is never trouble to I nd he 'u! hi wi" lcfl for
. j Kentucky today where Rev. Bur-
snow goods. ,on ,cho(, R 2I
t n and his e:imL;e wile made
j n)anv (rirn,i while heie and all re-
Maude Ti'ir.liiiM.ii has -.
diessm.ikmg p.it!ors over.
the Review oflice, ami solisit tl.e:rvvirr
patronage of the ladies rf Rich Hill
v ii
ann iisumj.
Satisf jt.ti.in tn.iun-
nr t'tttitrrh
jcurea Klieuintiaui
lu h ! -Trent ment Fre.
B. B. B. (Baimiic Bio.nl Balm)
re the worst aiii'" .i'l stui boi 11
rj.rt bv diaininiJ the pui-n
ma v.
. .1
the blood and bones, and building;
up the biokeii down constitution.
Aches and p.un in he Kne 01
joints, swollen g! n.U. droppings, in
the thtost, hawking, pittnii; or lad
breath, etc., a'l .tiappeai piomptlv
and peim.uuntly. B B, U. cjics
where all eUe fail. Diug-it, 1.
Tiealmenl of B. B 1. sen! al-.
lulrlv fiee and prepaid by writing
,o Blood Kalru Co., Al.anta. Ga
lksci.be t.oiit lc and l.ee ,,.d.c-l
advice given until cu d B. B. B.
nuta new color in your
kin. and
makes the bl.nxl k-Uui jud
nouii-hing, toppig ' aches
Mil. I
psins, Ovti j.sct. yuie by
B. It.
- .
Go 10 Mis At;st litiSt Frislj),
tne 20th.
M . it.
ley was it.', '..t tity
Stbrdy. ,
J. E. Siroxosky has gor.e on a j
visit l Galesburg, .. j
Dr. Oie&on was 10 liurre Mot- j
dav inrl 1nt.r4av gii.jr.fw nal wr.fi 1 .
j . -""ft
M. A. Cowles was locking af
ter business interests ia ttis c:ty Sa.t
Miss Alice Locb has returned
with her fail supply of bargains ia
Mrs. Kitty Johnson is ia the
city again visiting ber mother, Mrs.
W. T. Marsh.
Miss Emma Mauer has return
ed frarn an extended visit to rela
tive in Illinois.
Miss Kittie Ferguson bas gone
to enter Christian College at Co
lumbia, for the wistcr.
Will Delametei and family
have returned tr- Rich Hill from
Dumont, lew a, and will s'ay here
Mrs. W. C. Brov.n and Mrs
Donohue visited the latter son,
Jack Donohue at Panama last Fri
day. Henry Oliver has gone to ste
w hat he bas raised on his Calloway
farm this year, lie expects to be
gone long enough to gather bis
Ed Royce was at home frem
Excelsior Springs the first of the
week, and leeling a little shakv.
made frequent visits down toward
Dr. Winchells.
Truman Hutton, w ho w as bad
ly burned in the mines at Pittsburg,
Kan., lat week, is re-ported as im
proving. His wounds not being as
serious as was thought at first.
Capt. J. F. Trowbridge spent
Sunday in the city with ('apt. C. D.
WinchelL He looked as well as
ever he did and seems to be pros
pering, w hich we are glad to note.
j untriday, tne 20tn, Miss I,oeb
will have her elegant itock of goods
readv to show her many customers
i and friends. If you admire the
beautiful be sure to call and see her
j Marshal Miewald, John Jsmi
Lon ,nj Henry Chnstman.i took in
,hc Sedalia fair last week and from
there went to the
. jcff trstin (jitv 1 cinej out o(
i.s sw J L.VUIII.IH.fll 1 m
rxnrtS. . w a.
,v-,e i.ce w;!n r,res.fi t-.thrr
walking sticks by James Jamion, a
brother to Jahn. They didn't go in
the light wsy to get to stay.
g'et to have them leave
- ..iif!.N.
Special Offer
To Our Subscribers.
! l
j (;.-
To any subscriber paying up back h
subscription and renewing vo will M
i.'-r-.i hnm TTTTT" TD TT3 TTNTTT -A--.MS dnrn '
1 ;
1 0
c s-iivin xaa.ai aiiiuuisu iioiuvutiu
I till Jan. 1, 1903, lor M
'' $ Any now subscriber will get THE
') TRIBUNE from date till Jan. 1. 1903. I
: $ Or we will club with any of the follow- I
i M
f. C" J.smaal
I Kan,s C.t Star
j h K"s '. XS
. !VJ ' ves sew
St. I.OUIS ti'vtKt IV MXIlt ..
j ( '
I.ch.is K-puMic .
Over f. & M. Bank.
SitisfKtiss Qs&rzzlttS.
First Presbyterian Cbareh
There w.li t preachinj at tr.I
church cext Sattath. n . nj.
asd S p. ex.
Sabbit'i S'-h'-o', 9 I5 tr-
Jumor Er.Jenor, 2r30p.ro,
Seaior Esdtavr. ?:co p. ra.
V.". li. CKActx.Lca.
Waluat Ktreet M. fl Chare.
Ser sices will t ht.'J ia
church -Sunday, rie lii:r.:. at U
usaal btu7s. The m-jra-og text
will i e, '-Blesteri is ti at rsjo iki
rasketh the Lord his trust- blesMrd
is that nation who Go-! the
Keferer.ee will be made la rtcett
eyer.ts. The children ct the Soc
diy School ai:J al! rr.ersrs ci
friend tf the church are cordially
invited to the rr.orr.lrg service.
W. T. Pins. Pastor.
An Ecgli:h association regarding
wonan" happiness has offered a re
ward of .300 for a greater bless.rg
to woman than Rocky Mountain
Tta. Sensible move. Ask your
J. W. Sunderwinh of Rockrllle,
was in our otv zaturdav and mice
The Triei ne a pleasant call. Mr.
Sunderwirth bis boueht a stock cf
goods at Tabrviile and will move
there this week to take charge.
Miss Alice Loeb has the largst
and most up-to-date stock cf milli
nery goods ever brought to this city.
Call and see them.
Clint Smith, of the Fisher
Co., establishment, returned Sat
urday from a visit with friends an4
relatives in Kansas City.
Miss Dacotah White will accom
pany her s;ster-in-lw, Mri. Lee
White and children, to Cornell.
Kans , Friday. Mrs. White Roes
to join ber Lusbasd and will make
that their home. Miss Dacotah will
make a short viit and then return
to Rich Hi;!.
The millinery etablisl mer.t of
Mis Loeb is supplied witn an ta
rn en s stock of the mast stylish ar J
popular goods of the season, at the
lowest prices She iavite you to
call and te her.
The Secret S-rvice, the most ex
elusive branch of the United State
government machinery, isthesatnce
trom which the story of Frank Mc
Glsnn's b;g mrhvliamaiic success
In A Woman's Power" is ce
rise.'. s
?lAO n
$t.l i.'
es"5x'e-v-r. p--j-v-rvrs jvmiI

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