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H 7) !
1st Wo do business
on business principles. !
2nd We buy the!
best goods lor the
money on the market
And sell for the same.
; 3rd--We strive to
please our customers.
We invito you to
come in and look over
our stocii of
Drug Sundries,
Fancy Goods,
Glassware, -
Xmas Goods,
Mall Paper,
. Remember we
Underbuy and
W 1 II
For Snot Gash
i lie ypera
rug Store
Propi ietor.
J I AHA I, M.lhfriv J
1 1 V. Mi. I
.i... ,;.'ii id in in i
A f.l.l .:..l
i.kii.i. slov es al
Gtnt.li 1!m .1.
Loth 1mj-. i.a 1 a cloak sale in
Rockviiie last wick.
Don't (o;oit the G. A. R.
bean supper, Thuisilsy, .Nov end it
Si, I901. ul liaikius Hall.
A full carload of Sewing Ma-
I chines 1 1 0 tu $ 1 1.75 1 1 J ' , at Johannes
.N: Sons. 31-im
Ml. Prank J-iiksuu entertained
Misses. Fit .111(1 killlC I'loatldllk Hlltl
Nellie Walton id llul.tr, Sunday.
A 111 1 (netting of the mineis ol
the K uh 11 ill kiiI tieiils v.o .e!i
ul Muddy I'ftiluc vc.urd.iy aliii-
Smiley Childs I Dvkc MiCaim
liiiiulV kiiet .U, .!(' :' tow 11 looking
lltl ktllklli tjilMi.l !, illld UlC pCO-
Ic pay tl.c Helmut.
a in. ... 1.1 i; i. 1 j i mi .1 nil
IjT I'l I'i'l It. an lou-l I u: I' .1 .1 .1.
V. lelvr lo l ky , i ,11, t,iii 1 1 .1
li.ailtj t y M t.il. ou Mitlii.im ( . X.i
Ak your iriuiii,
Win. HiiUi . u t.i 1 tiu i-m ',.iu t
J. K. I )i J.ii 111 U.l.i.uUil ln j u-. .! ..
tllcls into vui H:iu.4v ii.i'.l -'
Ins ii( jKattiir t u cniii . Him
lie will Like up '.i ucv.
Mi. J. It. W .1; lie an. I i!f, I. m:i.
KaiiMt Cny in 1m.11 way ti) ti.il-
tKlll klJ(K.I ( ti I. IIC tO lMt Ml.
mid .Mi. T. '. TeJiiu.l, mikI cun
U11UK.I 011 ituii j juii'.oy I'iicmjv.
N. Jytiaune Sons will piul'a
l ly opin a I 1. nidi liou-e in Seitalia,
il a miiuI !e loviitiuii can l-c x-cuietl.
ri.in tirin will It ijuite an ailhiiui
Ui the ineuant'le e. jl'!i-.lum ills o!
tlial olv.
toiu'jl Minej! Moliejl
Wc haw .fux),Ko to Ic.aii on
farm piiptiiy at $J j ami 6 per cent.
l'lue!l Cook, llii.ll 11.11, Mo.
New Dental Parlors
That in Hiijurrinr Ju many points to
the work of the average dcntlnt Ih
(lone at thl office. Tlie material
need I of the fiii'-Kt quality thu. en
suring Mrvnjjlh ami durability.
All operationa are painlcs.
'('niparioo of tin's prices in in
Iicl lull teeth . I5.O0
Gold crowni $5.00
limine woik (per tooth) $5.00
Gold filling. $1.00 up
Silver filling .. 50CIS up
Every piece of wotk fully guar
anteed. Consultation Free. .
Over f. & M. Bank.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
I'rr N'uri n (Jin-!. Ir(.j.
Mi'i Delia McKinnon entertain
n! M 1j ul Cramer Sun.iuy.
ie.t s!ue for the leas-t money at
ijench !ros.
Mi-a Ada Williamson of Nevada,
Hndt-d the Huckehy Ayres ved
iliii( la.t evening.
Tor best quality of Roods, at the
lowest price, try James' Cash
Grocery. .
Moatlty a penxon day and
mow the old bo aie beginning to
be happy.
Sae your money lor the bean
i.pper and bnd conceit, Nov. 21.
Mr. A. J. Hem K, traveling
k.iI)mi lur Simmon's l!.iriinre
. , l St. l.nuis, wan in our city
1 01 .i.iv.
A e have a new, lai;;e slock of
...1...1U, li.r.vrk, !nio, lujjiek
l ci.e out mi oolloul puce..
l iii.oiiie! iV .Svu.
l i.ru m!I te a band concert at
.jik'ii ll.ill, il.urMi.iy evening,
.o. ii. l)on'l loiet It. ,
Mr. l'ud Amelun of Kailkai
v . 1 1 v . t-ui formerly connected with
(he Ta linage llousc of tdis city, was
imivKiin bu.iiH'xk here the lirst of
tlie week.
llrin. tUjn'Uvtfii to litle, ud
lnvatilti KlrL, iimkiiig Ibeiu tmnd.oiue
ui.tr mwtbl wuuaeii, flint what
lvkf AxHimaiiu IV will do, Sjcia.
Aa our uruifKiav.
A. Duncan, hostler in the Mo.
I'.ic. jardk i tht place, has been
piomotcvl to the position of tire
111.01. M'h tun will be between
ivanssn City and Nevada.
'l iy a k.ck ct Chef iljiir; (juahty
and piite tlial beats ail other
l tj;iJ. James' Caili Grot cry.
Mr. T. G. Waid ot Spia-ue, left
i s nunc vtly iiiteiestiii Saa Dit'gii,
C.iM'ima, papetk last Saturday,
toil ot tlie latest nevvi. San Diego
.ins I i conic the mettopolit of South
1 rn C.iiiioim.i m. these l.uer tlavtv
.1;.. I will I econ.e the !i :il seaport
1 that p.nt ol the stJle.
j su e .t iH.l.j, City ol Toledo,
1.ii s.i I '...I niy,
i 1 ink J I litiury iiinkra omIIi Ui.l
' up 1. rcuior I'Nruiri ot iIih lino ol K. J.
j.l..in.i A t'n., ihniig l(i-i up-, lu the
j 1 i l Toledo, t'o'lliiy nl'.l Mt
oi . ....!, ti,.l tli.t ftnl firm will I y
Wo. .11.11 oi O.itt H11u.tr i.l lMlar
loi . .-li miiJ eyry tun 01 l kiarru
iliat t-H.it fill li eurod ty Ilia ua of
il.ali'a I'atairti t'uia.
r rank J. t l.niey.
bunt ii to l.ilora iu mnl aulcribnl
111 toy pie.puoe, Ihia bib day ol Lie
iviut.rr, A. I). lis.SU.
(eal) A. VV. tileason,
No'ary I'ublic,
Halt' l'trrli I'ura ta lakvu litter
uaily, ami ae dirt-etly on Ih UKkkI
n I luui'im .iitla.-n of Ida ayaleiu
-v-ml lor ii.liilioiiial. lira.
K. J- t 'hemiry A IVi , Toledo, O,
Hold by druyxlata, T'h.
I llall a 1-aiutiy 1'iii at. tha beat.
IlacVeky Arret.
Geo. A. Iluckeby and Mini
Liaeie Ayret were married last
evemne at tne reaidence t Mr.
John Waller, (Mrt. Waller beinjt
the aunt cf the bride with whom
she hai heretofore made her home.)
Kev. W. T. Pylea aid the cere-
mony, in accordance with the ritual
of the M. E. Church, that made
them man and wife. Only the fam
ilies immediately concerned and a
few friend were pretent to wtlnet
the ceremony.
The bride was dreaaed in a neatly
fitting- uit of gray, and the proem
in conventional black. After the
ceremony the jrueata were invited to
the dining room where a collatioo
of the best of vianda and fruit were
invitingly spread in Mra. Waller'
beet taste, and the execution done
by the company testified the appre
ciation of the hostess culinary art.
Everything pasaed off in the neatest
style and was eminently satisfactory
and duly appreciated by all.
The bride is one ot Rich Hill's
most charming young ladies, well
beloved by all who come within ber
charmed circle, and as beautiful as
she is beloved, and will prove, we
doubt not, an excellent helpmate
for her choten husband.
The groom is a p.pular young
business man for several years
pat employed with the Cowles
McKibben Mercantile Co. lie has
grown to manhood in this city and
is a typical product ot Rich Hill's
beM institution. A voune man of
i.x (I business q iaiifii ationt, sietling
integrity, upright morals and fire
less energv. The best wishes of
The Thibi nk goes wiiu the bsppy
young couple for their happiness
and success in life.
KepubMcava Day.
Tuesday seems to have been a
Republican day throughout the
country. Clear, cool and inspiring,
giving a full vote and a fair count
over the northern section of tbe
country, from the lakes to the Ohio,
extending west as far as the Rocky
Mountains, and east to the New
England coakt. There was a slight
Democratic flurry commencing in
Mississippi and extending along
south of the Ohio and reaching into
Virginia, that spent its fury by the
time it reached Maryland, with no
serious injury to man or beast, ex
cept possibly the Democratic party.
Viol Urldth Uesvd.
Viola S. Griffith, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Griffith, died last
night ahout eight o'clock at the
home of her parents in this city, af
ter a lingering illness of many
m nths, in the twenty-seventh year
of her age. She was formerly the
popular cashier with the Cowlea
McKibben Mercantile Co., and a
young lady of excellent business
qualifications The funeral will be
he d at the home of her parents to
rn 'trow, Friday, at 2:30 p. ni.,
conducted bv Rev. Clark of the M.
C Chutch, South.
Rev. Lli P. AnJerson, Presiding
E der of the Canhage District, held
e vices in the Walnut Street M. E
Church Sunday evening, and quai
te ly conlerence on Monday even
ing. AM the report were salisfac
to y. The financial reports showed
th'eidets claim met lor the three
quitters, the pastor's salary well
pai l up, and that the church has
la M-il money enough during the
pa-tquaiter to pay off the church
in x t'.ednek ol $500.00 and loci
de ital iiulentediiek amountn.g to
$ losi. 00 moi, o that Ihia church
is 01 better financial condition than
cvir l efote, and is in commendably
go il spintual condition.
e liavc ill cult d to close out our
en oe sioch ot lull millinery at cost.
.I.VMikON &. W AK.
tiiie out unting Sunday, tha
an 1 Noitiiin Lintiaier and A.beit
C .i 'Miami, ttttiie n al being stnouv.
ly in.iiii.lt I. On iheir return home
Ja i.b Enlmansdoif wa walking,
and the hoys in the wagon calieil 10
hi 11 giving hjnl leave to shoot at
th. in. lie raised his gun which,
accidentally, wa discharged, the
lo.td taking ertect in the taccs and
breavts ol the other three boys.
While the wound were only slight
it -Iiould be a lesson ta all bo) a to
be taietul 111 handling gun.
Money to Laxta
For fiom one to three years, on
good farm property.
II. P. RoatNsos.
New Votk Ciiv Setb Low elect
ed mayor by 30.000 to 40,000; Je
rome elected district attorney by
safe plurality; Mayor VsnWyck
fan far behind bis ticket for ao
caate justice.
( Oitio Nshlcud govtmcr by;
neatly 6o,cmjo. far more than anv-
b.dy dreamed of; total vote in the
neighborhood ot yoo.ooo.
lovs a Cummm elected governor
by larger majority than Shaw had
in 189; this in spite of decrease In
total ,vote; Cummins' majority
about 9-0,000, the largest ever given
in Iowa. ;
Pennsylvania Republicans carry
slate by good majority over Demo
cratic and anti-Qjay lusion
Massachusetts Crane, Republi
can, re elected governor by the usu
al majority.
Nebraska Republicans carry
state. by even greatT majority than
in I900; black eye for Bryan.
New Jersey Murphv, republi
can, elected governor by 8,000 to
10.000 majority.
Virginia As usual.
Mississippi Same old story.
South Dakota Re publicans
elected all eight circuit judges.
Connecticut Republicans elect
big- majority of constitutional dele
gates. Maryland. Democrats have prob
ably carried state but Republicans
do not concede it. ualtimore Re
publican by 5,000.
Remember us on stoves; a full
line of Bucks and Majestic. Johan
nes & Sons. 31 1 m
Rev. Clark, of the M E. Church
v . I: t.:i!ti'sn v e.l ie iay evening,
and the congregation were delight
ed with bis discourse.
Get your plume, feathers, etc,
at wholesale prices. Jamisox &
Lieut. Ben R. Wade, son of Col.
Wade of the Butler Democrat, was
married at Ft Crook, Ne., Mon
day, to Miss Blanche Lowe, daugh
ter of the late Gen. Lowe.
Highest price paid for all kinds
of produce, cash or trade, at James
Csh Grocery.
W G. Cope of Georgetown.
Colu., accompanied by his daughter
Miss Ada, complimented The
Times pleasantly. Mr. Cope vsas
on a visit to relatives and friend in
the county. He is mining in Colo
rado, is doing well and well satis
fied with his prospects. Miss Ada
will attend school in Rich Hill this
winter and join her father in the
spring. Butler Times.
Walnut Street M. K. Church.
There will be preaching at the
Walnut Street M- E. Church next
Sunday at 1 1 a. nv and at S p. m.
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.
Epwoith League at 7 p. m.
W. T. Pyles. Pastor.
Flrat Preabyterlan Church
There w.ll be services at this
church next Sabbatn at tie. m.and
7:30 p. m
undv School at 9:45 a. m.
Junior Endeavor at 1:30 p. m.
Senior Endeavor at 6:30 p m.
W. B Chancellor,
llaptlat Church.
Ntdo. sday night, prayer meet
ing M 7 p. m.
ThuisOy, j t p. m , L,
M. S.
will meet at Mrs Calveits.
Friday mht, H V. P. L
Sunday School 9:4s a. m.
r aching .it II a. m. Subject,
he chinch in otffipir atioa "
Juniot B. V 1. V. Sunday at
3 p in .
Pleaching 7 p. n. "The life of
All are cordia'ly invited to attend
any of our services.
l.tos vri L. Kvlk, Pastor.
Ecacuia, lichlua; ktuniors, Ptm
le -TrrAltuent Free.
IW. your .kin Iteti o turuT In.
te.ii 1 rti. ii.h mi ti itm ytm
Iwl aphaitie.t liv f.. lit cituiimnii
LVi oat aiol (oi tu oil I ti kklu
hw'r 14- waip? Have vl ca-ua?
Skill rT Ntil l-f . k'.? Ka.U ftMOl
o't li. u T I'rieklv laiti lu lha aklitTI
!..! -u J o.? hal li tiaift All
run iti? ki p .? il rT!
Esilitjt oi? I'.'isri.? T. eur.
lay tuttf l ia H. Ii. Ii ,vl,aulC.
HI00.1 Ka'.Htj toru tuakis. ill. tiimj
.ure and noli, ihwi ltia.irw KI hal
.,..1 il.. Lch'.. of .-em. siup f -
ver, 1 ft. akin tc"i. tlra anJ I hit
til. ..I iur. U. It. H. ...' I at ttru
tola, fl Trial Im1111.ul ..ul frt-
an t pr.i atl ty armoa l- H ami Baiut
(Vi , A' au'a, li. IWs-nls. your
I roti It ' an. I (rt-e ivt.-tlU-a' a.tt lo. i;iv.ii
0fi 1 tXi i.aTiiiuitial. tt tulaa t.y H.
It, l.
The difTcrcnce of cost between a good
and a poor baking powder would not
amount for a family's supply to one dol
lar a year. The poor powder would
cause doctors' bills many times this.-
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder h
the most economical in the end, because
it goes further in leavening and insures
perfect, wholesome food.
Used always in making the biscuit
and cake it saves both health and money.
Made from pure, grape cream of tartar,
most healthful of fruit acids.
Fhki Bakiko Powdcs Ox,
Dr. Oteon wa In Hume Monday.
Kay Vfcitiett. of I!utk-r waa in
our city Monday.
J. J. March la atten Jltix court la
Bntler thU wet k. ,
George A. liockeby wu a ItutVr
vlaltor Tocuday.
A. C Sampson came down from
Kajixaa City baturday.
Dr. G. N. Sharp made a buloc
trip to Kockrllte laat wtek.
Mra. . V. Feraiaon and Utile
eon are home from Katiaaa City.
MInxm Ada KtW sad Malicl
Prea ar? pueaLa Mrs J - l- Uaitsr.
Onr City Mamh.VJ J. H. Mifwali
attrnded court in ButWr Monday.
W. H. Cot ten anI wife returned
Katunlar (rotu a vu-it laMUierCo..
Thoa. GaulU of Ft. Scott, Mo.
Tac. roadmaatrr, waa tn town tMit
unlay. Mr. F. L. Tomlinon and litrl
aona went to Glrard, Kan., Mouday
John Johannes made a bu!in
trip to StHlali lUe Uuer part t4
lat we'k.
Judtfo White went to Nevada
Friday to rlatl Ula ku. V m. title,
and family.
Couuty TrvaurT JnlitiH.ui, of
HutU r, ana atleudiu: luilitu lu
our city Monday.
Mm. S. J. tiuda-m. tI th Veraon
CamU Co., wa. Iradhii; vvilli our
nirnhanta Mouday.
lr. rur'r returoisl In Neva
da Friday, atinr a low day stall
with rviaUve. la l'a4ldsvllSe.
Mm. Uari.l i.witt, of Ftttt.urvc,
Kau., U aivndliic tli" Wrt-k wliailt
tauilUe. ot JuUaa aai I Au,'i( t.i. ri.
4'urt McKlbliea left Monday for
IVdUnd. t aid., a Ui-rv b- hi a p
aithm w Ua a dry od Lrui ot tUat
Wtu. lturroan. of Pitplnvt"
oue i itati-a county' pr-iu'unt
faniK-ra. w aa tlui:i lialn.-a la our
city Mouday. '
John M.hV.v U-fi Saturday f r
UoiiHiica. Ark . hnv b aTl' to ac
cept a poa.it ton wu& loe itulral
I oal A: t uke l o.
Mra. J. T. Frits hard returm-vl
MunJ.ny from Fat rumfti-Ui, Fa.,
a here aae h. t-en f.r -er..l w et ka
vltiltliijc ber frUter.
Mr. ami Mrs. I'lllwa u.l
dauthu-r Mtis N i:..- Wfi 1'tu-mt.sy te
ltonnnsa Alk.. vv li. rv Uvv
oj,,.tui M-verl vk vt-.ttu
.. iArij.v Ir Uir iv.AoiiU.atlUd
i,r Miii-. lantia ovi-e. IVmuaau l
Ile lieli-r ai-t!t Stin tsty wiia Miasj
eea uostr Cari,m Wuir.
... ... 1 I
Mr. v ayive and vv U.. s-f Katis;t f
tltv. were lte ttMstta uf T. W. i'el
ford aul wtv. from ht-re they weut
to laetr new huu tu mm'Mou. Uj.
V. VV. Kiaa-. f Ilulrhtasou.
Kant., ha. ts- viuiiii; hu ttrotiir
tn law lit ury Hl'U, nt thi city. Mr.
lKiwna la im lu nay tiout Inuu a
vtatt to Kes na-ly.
l a
Kott. Yea eimct, if yya t-sT-j pond
be-ahh. aSord 10 chip, kn--Ti
biVirv pots J-rTi. ler arc moVi-y. el
saite of tbe pzr toryi L-s. cisJe trt
li jrn. jch -&iir-rs toe fceahh. A J
phrstciijis tli trj y;ti c-it aaic po
otrs in t sxl are krjnjus.
J. T. kc-
brook as ja the city
i Tucsdav.
II. S.
Hirsch wis
Strvker was at Kanjts
City yeterJay.
Have you ever traied at James
Cash Grocery ? If not, try hun.
he will save vou money on any
thing ia tLe grocery line.
Ray Thompson also visited ia
Butler fuesJay.
Ro'.'t. Joh-isoa ot Duller, was
in town Tdc'ljy.
Robert Pearson went to Sjrjng
elJ last Tuesday.
V. P. Tygard went to Butler
yesftrdav on i uii!e-s.
Hi:yr, tuts ar.J peva ns w an'.ed
at Ja-r.es C'.nn Grocery.
Mi HatTie McKiblen is visit
ing at lj:ier t:.;s week.
Ir. L. I. Ames came ia Sat
urday n ;f-t fr 'il Kstisjs.
Mrs JoUn GcsJico ot Kansas
Citv. is 1:1 the Citv visiting relatives
and f : lends.
CI. as. Cone and wife are the
guets it t.i m.ither, Mrs. D.
HatKt 11.
We hi. e an elegant line ot pat
tern b its th 't wi'l be sold a? cost
J M Wise and slaughter,
iss (iom; t, ate v isii ing (1 tends in
Jopb.u l!tis vs l t .
tiraml lerlik fsale.
lijzi.ir sr. I im .mrry
lioisi now 01 r.',
t!kr 1 00,1s l.t
; t ;i:c si ol cos;. 10
u.r -tf stock ft
U 1 .o't Ui'-.t to get
A'.sj iciticui'-i r we aie
i'. C!1 '.ris 4:ul novel
S. L. Ave.
tt..v p: isO.
SUlstiV t!l
Chti!.iiAs ;
It ved Her Idle.
U tsvii' M.-x o S r j Ii x a.'ss iu
V i'ti-.1 ac jrtff in Hit. it i; it tpsst ti-KMi
U'CU loss lot. i.'o-i It Ml
lUi mtiiirj u,i 1.. '.!. ty bar ai
iviolii g .: eiau M. tta-t luua"
l.srf I .. O ' t 1 t al.. vtiiulj lli.
tu I t lih.riin;( 'l I !'l li s)
,1 01 m jo ti k 111" t. 'i 10. am 11 Us
ma lirr 00 a-sst. Id-r rin t4 m
til 1. ul li :i' Mri'. au p- tuyaiv4
tJ. a y n, -i. I. ; .-( Hi lit k.Kla.
I h- ai io ivji.i u ih yruu
na it m sii- ttovti- ai..l Irrn't.tn-
; 'v l.,w.! I.c t.si US IU. tj noil
K-tt-t. tt.- tti-tt to l.t. ti as Isal-
li . auU at '.r . uic a ! l--iiia nt
h. .u 1. kiiu.t a. a-tl a. ..r. It
ita iti.a aiaj.l.t III. tst. asl
( ( (..i.i.,,,,,! ii . fto.auoo ol
ti.aa-'ti'. M.Iti-a'l j-erao rt aa a
lsl !l KUtn!) ; . I'.'l .o l lloUllua
i JAN ei..a,
t iloil .., A 1 tiisna t'o., t.
((.iskIis V.io's.i ttJi r jt a
mi,. i.iii H k't ax c. an I 1.
ItlM l".l fV.Ui .1 V I t( k (isK'O. t'jjf SS-Utl.

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