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The Tribune.
J ! li! A. rlTl ! !.
KrilKiraan labl!berll.
ft V-. 1" I TWt M.i .
h,, M.mtha ...! ...! W
our t Ki Milt, m A ma waiter.
iflrta;--- J
IUprm-ntatlve, "
1). 15. SWEZY. ,
County Clerk, " .
A.. L. FOX,
Circuit Ork,
l'robate Judp
Trotki-ulliig Attorney,
J. U. HALES. .
rrvKldlng Juilpe,
Judfre North IMctrlct,
Judgt; South L'lstnlct,
DR. E. G. ZET.
Your Missouri Democrat is bent
double on free silver.
, The iniications now point to a
1,500,000,000 bushel corn crop.
Oom Paul is to write a history
X)l the Boor war. lie ought to
know it.
Cairo, Egypt, is panic stricken
over the sudden outbreak cf chol
era in that city. .
Jobn W. Mackay, one of the
multi-millionaires, is dead, but be
didn't take any of bis riches with
The premiers of the British colo
nies seem to be in favor of home
rule for Ireland.. So they ought
to be. . ,
Senator Fairbanks, of Indiana,
Las accepted an invitation to make
the principal Labor Day address
September 1st at Kansas City.
According to Mr. Aryan, there
is Democratic "harmony in two
chunks," one in New York and the
other in Nebraska, it is presumed.
Alabama Republicans re going
to try to get together and put up a
fight for state officers. They seem
to tliink they Iiave a chance to
make u showing under the new
The French republic is Laving
an exciting time in an attempt to
close certain schools of the church
in that country. A separation
vl church and siate would soon
kt'tlle that question.
General John C. Dlsck of Illinois,
fjnm'ily pension commissioner un-
CietrUuJ't Hist Hitiniimlmlion as a
C:in1id.te l ir Coiuiruudrr-iii-Ciiicf
of t'.ie (jiund Army of the Republic
We hope be will be elected.
Hot rrt Fitsimmons lias had to
yi'.U the championship belt to
James Jt-lhics, jubt as Corbet!
; I - 1-le-il it to I'iliiinmons, and
IS.'livau to Corbiit, sinj so on, all
if wliiih oei to prove that no
i: tn i; so ijiiol p!iysicl!y but
ti.tio i another man jusi as jooJ.
The Democratic stump speech
platform adopted at fit, Joe, is a
tissue cf riisrert) enutions ironi
beginning to end, and any man
hai only to examine Democratic
state cfiicial reports to be well in
formed of the real facts in the
case The Democratic party de
serves no trcdit for the reduction
in the rate of tsxation, for the
constitution adopted by their fath
ers compelled them to reduce it.
Nor do they deserve any credit for
the prosperity of the state, for this
is the result of the national policy
of the Republican party, against
winch the Democratic representa
tives of Missouri have always
voted, solidly, The truth is Mis
souri is prosperous in pite of the
Democratic party, which hangs
about her neck like an incubus
trying . to throttle her enterprise
and stifle her natural growth.
The Democratic state platform
call the certificates of indebtedness
to the school fund the bonds of the
state. Then why propose a consti
tutional amendment to make them
bonds and put perpetual tax on
the people to pay the interest on
them. Why not leave them as they
are and rav the irulehtrrlnea
well as the interest, with the tax and
thus eventually wipe out the debt
and stop the tur.es.
Big rains down in Texas have
made big floods, and railroads are
great sufferers. All of them are
more or less crippled by washouts
and overflows. . But Texas is a bit?
According to Mr. Bryan there is
Democratic "harmony in two
chunks." One in New Yo:k and
the other in Nebraska, it
is pre-
wasiro s Venezuelan usurpa
tion seems tobe neariog its end
The following was a street col
toquoy: Jim, we Republicans have got
you fellows this falL
That's what McJimsey says you
fellows always say before election,
and don't say afterwards, accord
ing to the J. D.
McJimsey was in Kansas then,
and had a right to talk through
bis bat. But I'll show you right
here that the Democratic party of
Missouri has no existence now.
Go on, I'm listening.
You know that tha St. Louis
Republic is an organ.
, Certainly.
You know also that th.t organ
says that Col. Phelps is a Repub
lican trying to kill the Democratic
party. This is good for a change
of five thousand votes to our tick
et, ten-thousand in all.
. All right, go ahead.
Then Jim Butler comes forward
as the representative of the pure
JeSersenian Democracy and says,
that while the St Louis Republic
is undoubtedly an organ, it is a
Republican organ. Now an organ
is good for a change over of twenty-five
thousand votes. Let me
see where I was. Col. l'helps'
Republicans wiped out the Demo
cratic majority. Now the St.
Louis Republic gives us bfty
thousand majority. Add to this
about ten thousand of disgusted
Democrats with that nauseating
constitutional amendment under
their noses, who will fail to vole,
and we have sixty thousand ma
jority. Then you know that Jim
Butler's Indians, and their kindred
tribes of Kansas City and St. Joe,
are a purchasable quantity and I
have been figuring on the amount
of money it will take to get the
other forty thousand votes, and
auake our majority an even bun.
dred thousand? I am going to
write Mark Ilanna about it, and
I think it will work out all right!
See? Ta, Ta, my boy.
Good figurer. By, By. Stand-ard-llerald.
Retolutioni adopted by the 6th
CongretMonnl convention at Uvcc
ola, Mo., July 22, 19011
The Republicans of the 6th Con
gretsional district of Missouri in
condition assembled henby invite
all people of this district to unite
with us in the election of a repre
sentative in Congress who will in
terest hi him! I in the wtlKiie of this
dittrut, and Unil aid and suppoit
to those national principles and pol
itics which have niuJe this nutiuii
th grandest of th woild, Imve re
stored and continued proprri!y to
our people; have foMtitil Amtii
iai iiiJu-.tiirt; have cared for
Amriicnn I.Oifir; maintained the
honor rf our fl.ig on Innd and on
H-.i and linve extended the blessings
of American liberty to thi persecu
ted beyond the ea. We mourn
the untimely d; nth of Wm. M, Kin
ley, the christian Slatesmnn and
leader. His fiiatililessnens will Ih
a continual inxpiration to his fellow
citizens to follow his examples and
policies, for the continuation of
peace and prosperity. ' r
We heartily endoise the admin!
istration of Theo, Roosevelt; es
pecially his efforts for the relief of
Cuba, and we commend the ability,
real,1 statesmanship, promiws and
pledgrs of the Republican party as
enunciated in the platform of 1S06
and 1000. ' ' '
The Republican party gave Jo
the country the first anti-trust law,
aiming to prevent combinations of
capital In restraint of trade and the
exercise of healthful competition.
We endorse this law and favor any
amendments that will render it
more effective. We heartily ap
prove of the effort of Atty. Gen.
Knox under the direction of Presi
dent Roosevelt to enforce thi law
and we favor any additional legisla
tion that may be necessary to pre
vent monopolistic combinations that
aim to arbitrarily raise prices or re
strict production in violation cf the
natural laws of trade.-
We regard the labors of the last
session of Congress as the most im
portant in the development of the
resources and commerce of (he )J.
S. that have been enacted into lawa
for over a quarter of a century and
we deeply regret that the 6th Con
gressional district of Missouri has
Ixen represented by a man who has
opposed every one of these impor
tant measures. We endorse the ac
tion of the administration ' in the
establishment of rural free delivery
throughout the nation. We regard
this relief to the fanners of the land
as being the greatest untaxed blesa-
ing ever conferred upon the Ameri
can people since the passage of the
homestead laws. We"uree the
speedy establishing of this branch of
the postal service in every county in
the 6th Congressional district. We
regret that this great work for the
benefit of our farmers and their
families did not have the hearty
support of our representatives in
We condemn the continued neg
lect of our representatives of the
material interests of this dit-trict and
we invite the electors of this section
to aid in the election of a represen
tative in Congress who will care for
his constituents even to the neglect
of Aguinaldo and the Philipenos.
Ihe following resolutions were
adopted by the 16th Senatorial Re
publican convention that nominated
Geo. P. Iluckeby tor State Senator
at Osceola, July 22, iooj:
We, the representatives of Re
publican electors of the 16th sena
torial dictnct of Missouri, in con
vention assembled, heartily endorse
the platform of our party as adopted
by the state convention lately held
at Jefferson City. We favor the
election of a senator from this dis
trict who will favor honest elections
and who is opposed to ring and lotv
by rule in Missouri.
We demand such election laws in
this state as will give every citizen
the right to cast one ballot and have
it honestly counted, and we are op
posed to a party which supports a
judiciary to protect fraud and crime
at the ballot box.
We are n favor of a school fund
made up of cash, not taxes, and we
are opposed to saddling an iire
dcemablc debt upon the people of
this state.
We denounce the extravagance
and dWhonetty ot the Democratic
general assembly ot Missouri acd
are opposed to the halls of the legis
lature being crowded with incompe
tent individuals with nothing to do,
drawing pay as clerks at the expense
of the taxpayers of Missouri,
We demand a system of book
keeping at Jefferson City which will
not require experts to discover the
condition of our state treasury, and
we are opposed to a system of ''rev
enue" which requires over $Jo,
000,000 from the pockets of taxpay
eis of Missouri to pay $20,000 000
of debt.
A very artistic and interesting
booklet entitled "Resorts along the
Krisco System." was received at
this cilice recently. It contains
views and descriptions of the var
ious places ot summer resorts oil
this line in Missouri, Kansas, Ark
ansas, Indian Ty., and Mississippi,
Any one thinking to take a summer
vacation, would certainly find rest,
enjoyment and health at any of
these resort,
In last Sundays GlileDrinoi rat,
in relation to Iho state debt ques
tion, old politician R'vt'9 an ex
ccedinKiy simple rule to find the
hole in the o!!k uw stitcnicnt of Mis
souri finances ho that every rnHn can
be his own cxpnt alout this thing.
"My plan of findin out that there's
a hole is the simplest one of all.
Take the Republic of a week ago
to !ny an you'll find whrre it says
that ' according to official reports
which none question, about $5.
000. 000 tins been paid into the stnte
treasury for debt payment during
the past thirty years.' That's the
size ot it, and if you'll look on page
70 of the llaskins and Sella report
you'll that find the total state debt
at the beginning of the thirty-year
period was hi si aoout J 1,000,000. j
As there's about $5,000,000 ot
debt still due, the difference
between $2 1 ,000,000 and 5,000,
000 is the amount of money paid on
the debt in the thirty years. The
difference is $16,000,000. That's
what we've paid in principal. Now
to find the amount of principal paid
from the total amount paid in the
thirty years. Here s the way to put
it In figures:
Total pnld In thirty
jenra V4,0O0,0,
IX'bt pnld In thirty
. yeans .000,ono.
Balance rvprrwnting
toUl Inte-rvat pnld. fas.OW.OOO
"Now, the debt thirty years ago
was $21,000,000. At 6 per cent
for thirty years, without even payin'
a dollar of the principal, the interest
would come to 537,ooo,ooo. or
about the intcrett we have paid
accordin' to their own figurts.
That's what we ought to have paid
if we bad kept on payin' 6 per cent
on the whole debt, never payin' one
dollar on fhe principal, and never
reducin the rate of interest any
We've reduced the debt $16,000,
000, a"d we reduced the interest
rate, thirteen years ago, from 6 per
cent to 34. There's your hole
Tbey figure us payin' the same total
amount ot interest we'd 'a' had to
paid if the debt had not been re
dubed a cent in thirty years gnd the
interest had not been reduced a cent
in thirty years and the interest bad
been kept up to 6 per cent all cf
that time. The way they figure
the interest is that we haven't paid
any of the debt at all, and that
we'ie still pay in' the interest we
was a-payin' in 1S71. Every man
can do his own figurin' to find out
the exact size o' the hole. All that
(his system does is to show him the
hole an' givchim a start to find it's
exact dimensions for hiinselL
Iusurnuee Business.
We point with pride to the
$3,000,000,000 in our savings
banks and the 200,000,000 which
we are annually adding, and yet
we are paying annual premiums
and assessments on life insurance
to the amount ot $oo,ooo,ooo, or
double our savings, and life insu
rance but another form of sa
vings. The insurance policy if
not exactly a luxury must coma al
ter the necesstries ars provided.
The number of policies written,
amount ot insurance and total in
come ot ilie companies in tr.e
TAosr out the srs and fumlthe
the nesrapapei with a jeat and
a ottituary untie. "IH.ln't
kotm it wa load may ba
aa boaeat plea, but It never
Uofe(Ut victim tek to life.
Ttio who let a cougH run on,
a Ignorance of the danger,
n4 9 eocepe from tlie con
asKiuecicM sytieit the eough da
vtlope Into luug double.
The tet time to silt a anak
ta la the egg. The beet time
to curst a conb is when it
ataxia. Ordioafily, a few doara
of 1. tierce' Coldca Med
ical IMncOTcry svtll cur a
rough at the beglnnlne;. But
evm whea lha eungb la deep.
rated, the liine bleed and the
body U waeteti by emaciation,
. Pierce' Golden Mdictl
lAacoverr will in olnetr-eivht
.rout vi arery humlted effect
perfect and permanent cur.
liai.ta riaufcty l.rid ma Oval K go Im,mii-
0 tilt, t '.mum, .lva,i. lU Mt ka4 ax K In rt-
V fuuirhiaf accU
e oilv it,a wtak
tminn bu nad WM faa bMialma
had ft taa bMialina ul a
tkraa 1 tN,f taiua1 W .a lua wvaa lo nwl
l t 'laa tlu-iut di4 ttim m aiat
Walxl tht laa eia4. aM . m ,
U4llru In ffcane a C.tia MlHal .iwtac(r.
S.f hutkaiMt iwfv,f aa rimattiaLi la
Incra aava alr Sa lktga tig lit. Iterca a
Vu.l barbital Ittaut.i taa Waa up anj
xNaaMt, a4 la Iva mwia 4a7 aa eaal U, rafc.
1 bulliaa wi4 fclra.a
Ttie Comotoa Ren ateiliral Adviaer,
tji petae, la pcr corn a, ia arul Jttt
hmi y 1 kfaMj,kii It Mtal i Imn. Allrr
on rrtaijn cm si oiie-ceni etaui lo ime
eBj-rnea ot uiaiiine emir. AiLlrew 1
L V. I'ltrce, uttali. M. Y,
11 J. 111 ulna.
& i
United States from iH.j l 1 . ; o 1
are sbown n the following tabloi
l'ntl''li IhhimvI Hint re
vived ilm-tunr. tin' .venr.
C'i ti-ndi summit Tutnl
year. iNiiuiIht, Inxuriiinf'. Iinoiue.
lVi.1..4H,:m fl.iiv avi.st'i f.nl.N:t,LVil
'.'.VI.R-. 1.47s
It-Nl. sl.lt. li'.'s
1WL. 77,747
This shows that
ness- of tooi was
the new Imsi
nearly double
that of 1S06, and that the income
of the companies was more than
50 per cent larger. We have
about 7,000,000 savings bank de
positors and fully 14,000,000 insu
rance policy holders. The total
life insurance in sorce in the Uni
ted States aggregates $13,000,000,
000, twice that of all the rest of
the world combined. Besides this,
$20,000,000,000 of fire insurance
risks are written annually.
Don't fil to read the ads in The
Tribune and then go there to buy
your goods. They will give you
the best goods at the lowest prices
and you will get your full dollats
worth for every dollar you spend
with them. They believe in the
"live and let live" policy, herce
will treat you right.
. Fainting lkm comvom.
n A miction rroia Which Modern Wo
mag la Ootnpejrattvely Fttm.
It la a curious fact, of (renrnl retnark
lid obaerred not bjr phyaiuaoa ociy,
rmt fiUnttnj la laaa common than It
-sed to be. aajr tha Touatb'a Con pon
lon. It la rare that on sees woman
rarrled out of church or tr theater,
yet 40 rnui ao It wan a natter of r h
tommoa occurrenea as barely to pxi lte
remark, fh is U dut In vary sr-at
meaaura to tha outdoor life young wo
men toad In these days ot tennis a nil
golf and other b porta. The hoart und
the circulation aj treng'h'nd by
rxercis in the open air, and it taKcs a
greater shock to dlaorflsr to b':oa
balance In the body of tha rrodsra wo
man than It did In that ot her giand
mother. .
The habit of fainting Is not it much
a atgn of weak heart as n is of an ex
cltcable circulation. It la rarsed by
unerula of the brain resnttlnit fix-ru a
tJ natation of the blood veafifla of tha
liody and the consequent How Into
them of the entire mass of blood. This
ataenrt of blood from the brain arrests
the actlosi pf tha heart and produces
losa of conaclouaaeaa, li l protmblo
that the heart doc nut stop Ixtallut
entirely, but acta so trebly that ao
pulae can be folt ,
Alarming aa a faintlai jk11 may t.
It Is very aeidem, indeed, when the
heart la not actually dtenaaed. that ft
person dlea la cue. 'Vt'omea r tsi-r
liable to faint than men, but there are
few even of tha latter ho have not at
some time during their Uvea exirv
eaced at least a taint feeling. It col an
actual loaa of conaclouaneoa.
In the cae of a fainting Ct the first
thing to do la to lay the person flat a
the bark. It possible with the bead low
er than the feet, and then to lwen all
the clothing. Vigorous fanning Mil
tprlnkllng the fa- with cold watir
will help to equallie the circuits Ion.
llurnirg a feather under the nose ta
sometime of service. Smelling salts
may also be used, but anion la water is
vna.dvtaa.hle. for the person ciy sud
denly take a deep breath and 'nalo a
powerful doe of the pungont paa.
Draody aed all othr alohoilc M'tuul
anta will do more harm than god.
Feraoea who are aub)ert to fiilutint
s pel la should avoid hot rooms and IimI
batha, atimulants of all kind etrong
tea and eofTe aa well aa aimligl and
food of an Indigestible nature.
. " i
Preacrlbed For.
When Dr. lllank of Fourteen :h strc t.
bi Isn't the moat tatlent cf uicii at
any season vt Ibt Jr, goea away (r
a vacation nothing lofuriatea blot so
much aa the eight ot an Itvalli A
month ago he went to Atlantic City for
a few daj a' real, and be had no evou-r
tltld blmaelf fur a brief time of Ih)ii
an ordinary mortal than a chronic -tleut
ot his appeared on bla borlauti
tie endured htir complalota all one t'-iy
ta alienee, but the next morning ;.e
aceoalad hlra While h (U stuoWIuK hi
cigar on the veranda after bruakfuat, I
will aajr In her deeoae that eh lUt
luarrlud, and she haau't a father, j
she didn't know what sh w d'tr.g
when She broke In on a man's ei:xko.
h. C(Ktor.M she atid, Ml do with
you'd tell me what to do. I J oat cau t
ainxp at ail. Why, laat nUbt I dldut
kuu clue my eyea."
"1 didn't clo an eye," ehe went on.
"I do wtatt you'd tAl ms what to do.'
The duvUr glared again.
"Oood lxjnl, Diadam," he thunders 1,
"try ciiielfig your eyes. Haw u earth
do you export to slwp It you doa tT"
WaaMr.gtxja i'owt.
Ilia Meauory Bev
Tsbi ta a funny titing," aa!4 the
uccrul writer, bi cuuld attorJ 'lo
afWt tndltTerenc aixnit tt, aul It
trumpet tone oisutlose (all ou dat
ears. A humorist wbo undeiatanda I la
j man) flotations baa aaJ4 that In papiilw
esiirsaiion in auinor who be a imar
collar or a cigar caniel after him U
faruoua. And 1 dare aay K la tru. Lint
Ha limitations am not suerl)y uuir
stotxl. "Sunn SM'ki a fro I bat occasion to
call (or tb Bret time at tli ofTU - ! a
liopular maraala, and MirDutfti tlij
tourleay Of tb editor. 1 had tb !)-
I ur of esarolulng tb ftlatxirat y'Mit
' flora bannient to r)f. In tlie cuura
o( ro; excursion I sot Into con vernation
I with an !ntUlg-iit man who hns Uvi
' rouoeefvd in an Important ar w,ti
the tiUKlnxea part of tb CfitaiillitjttH'i.t
I tir marif leara.
"1 i)k to blm of Winston Cburetil'J.
j author ot "Kli hard Carrel,' who bail
l lnlin-4 bU (xist on th njaaaxlo iie
1 j araiory to rroduelng tha txiULlnr
noveL Mf ai4ikhitaiit aald: 'tilt
yea. knrw lr, t'buri:hlll,' and U.4
eot on lo any a l'""t Word Cum
urnlrg blm.
" 'lie knew what be was almut wtien
be gave tip Ma d-k to write 1(1. t anj
t ari l,' nmaracJ.
"My aitinatutatii e eiiowrd aut prim,.
H)h. ta that the Mine Sir. ('htiniilU?' bo
Salaed." IN'ew VoiH Mall aud Kii,..
THE GEliilR-MEItlCall (1CCT0RS
1 Ci, , iJ
flirr f """"'"
nllr1 Hrrtllt. I'llff.t l,nl,t nieumcik'l ! t h. Ml l SI ) t mil,
( oi'iiiii'ili an J liraiec( tt II fit Sl"W0.'h I War, Kowrla 6
m lnrn. bc'nat t rinr, uiiiaa Saik, Club f ctt. fnlta' blatsM.
troii I re, Steia ovtr lh I
ffume tWfllwMHl Ourae. Wilt frtt S;ni.Vitn LltS. I'tteeuitatloa Vee. ISlnil(fl4nif
!itra a Trained Bvrl.ll for anrh Ura ot dinaa. (r IliUSe tliweialUwt, rinMiili Slie
ailtveallile. l!omai'a)iln, and RWette HehmJanf M1ielne,iiuhliuiiithalr ah lit ilna aoooa.
art 00 ah IndWi.lnftl eaaa. All niMllolna rurtiUbM. ant aS no eraaier eiat than ena or'llnary
A-ut waUI rlnftr ft erlMne )rwK.ri.iia ui1 t,.i,ta ,n w iU at..ra to iltmn
lllltM af ftmf on !. il. ta( , n. In r.,.-n wa will mrnA a apaoialUt o CilS
Srala SHfal'la t'l rlc.i uilnif - Ui.Mlunlla in, vtialiua kuuaa Su auiearr
If iron an'rVr fmm
auv ol Ma Wialf-
n,vi of llwaa
aad b teitiwana'S " ;r OKiia-
sNsitnl ttl.fcti III Klrtras tt(Utl0 lf lit
aloe: ir yon have iwma rtHiNi Ann
rim. rfcMtor snisiir ywtr s.ui t4s,4
Hi, tfW
ef tSm 9wif iertn wHr f i,tlh
. hursi irtr-1 our em tha?
ChrtMiif iMewsataim lis ' lit Uhl tiaj Utosi
udt s)f .Ihii Ury twlmOTlliiil' tift)
Iwxm'I, civtnaf itsiiiifvis, uA t
1iNtwt. b tst f.'Jk ini rr tit
fM i dr, bvrHIIIt s) wntUi hstlrsst CXft-
ft. ), ltpiM'wi. w K.v to r.ir ouir kiU la
trtt4 H1t mn4
in tin wK Lrest!
Wilt Bf"1 it frO i tr i1vtahtaf
atr iowt,r f.C
itHr tit.'r Men Wmwo
Pta Vr.lrul St., Ortwjlt. 014 rMstoffke. BAMSAS CUV, wo.
CTke Iluura, S m. to I p. m. SaoJaja, W a. as. So I p. ca.
We. will have excursion tcVets cn
sale daily during' the months o(
June, July, Aupust ani! September
to summer tcurit points in Minne
sota, Michigan and Wisconsin, at
one fare plus $.oo for the round i
trip. 11. A. Uailev, Agent.
f RLE to Every Subscriber to
An Art Work Worth 0 e Dollar.
lor fi or tiiotv ruiim-H hh,i nlTroic)
if hook I'linviiM W now cnriviin-liij,'.
Mini 5 or iimtv with wint exiN-rlciHi,
With Htatl'IIH Iit ff ril'ivesal )Ui(l lll.Iltv
of t-.-u'li, vt vvili nmii iu nnjoiic m-tul-!
ItiK tl( ruun.-f ; Hpii'inliil nrt work
In fcix color. 1JV, tin pi-ite One!
IMinr. rntltl-.l, ' t)ri TU k.-t Duty In !
tln rinlippliu- J-!an..x," nrnl nial'
from h photograph tnki-n tm the'
it. ti-omi sox rrn. t o., st txau, Me
"Straight as the Crow Flis
iu-:twkkn -
Kansas City and the Gulf.
Pittsburo. has. Joplla.Mo. It. Smith Ark. Texarkana lex.,
Shreuport, la., Beaumont Tex and. lake Charles, la.
Shreveport Beaumont Port Arthur,
Houston - and - Galveston.
Direct Connection for Through
Business to All Points in
Texas, Oklahoma and Indian Ter.
Visit the Famous Arkansas Health Resorts
Cheap Kates to above Kesoits all the Year.
Honieseekcr's Excursion
For Further Information apply
J. II. MOltHIS, T. I. A..
Karnes City, Mo.
.idea's BEST ncpuhlznr-
llditorialy Fearless.
Consstently Republican Always.
NYu a friMii nil t'lirtu i f t!.o wot M. Wi ll w ril ten, nrlhlu.il
ht..il.-H. Aihcih to iii'rlc tin nil kiiI.Jk (a An l li-jt lk
lli-uliti, tln lltuiif, Now Ituoki", iiinl mi Work Alnnit tin
Fiirm ti!ii linrili-ii.
Thk I 1 1 1 H r v n I-n tiu-inlxT of tht' Amih IhU'iI I'nx
aii'l iiUfi la tiu only Wi-ati-ru iu iaH'r ii'ti-h lim 1 1 it rutin
t. l'-nip lilr nc n -r h i' n( t In" Now York Sun, nml hHi lnl
fft t!i nf tlm New Yotk WurM, U l ca dally n Miil Iiuiii
over 'J.tiMr taHi'lil riini'Kiiinli'iit lliruu.'Jiiiiit the country.
Nn mmi inn till ni.iiv fully ulijlt In tliu liet tdi i-nttli.
Itriiuliil of News from evrryss lier iumI
a perfect leant of iet-lil mitilei . .
ml.a rilml.ir I he ItU h Hill Trtbtinn ami Tli lYrrk
I jr Inter Oituii iitiu jenr, both nii(r for VI
Mrutl. fiyirrfla, ftc!nla
CiUiblI, CrsnulaiaS Lw.
SM ym$ MNk 4V starts sff with h
ti!iirirl ah jMfsisag.tlltoa tb. w will osrt
f wan n4 wtt.l or ih trsfaism
will v foo KUlnt W cur Lott
ataiihood, rVniloal Waakaaaa, Htienua
rriaa, (ltnfrhoa, S't-bllU, Vaiie'V
wla, Ptrleture, an all waakia ,1 ln. or
K don't eoat r"ii a iimr. OobsuJtrttinn end
N'ttirvei tnti hi sVisr or tit nou, ftWiuViy wdU
donliaL Civil of writ.
n. wtoi emiUto sM y g a nf H wtw
s?.vfiiUl t(.h tt,
tiwtti!.aj A4t9 h rla.m o
4V ftvfiaiul stLn n W Li
boys! Girls!
H Any boy or girl who will
l Corns ( rstr e. "T X. XI S7t ? t -
Kansas City Weekly Journal
at the rate of ajc each,
making a total of $2. 50, and
send the money to us with a
will le sent postage prepaid
Send money l-y I O. order
or draft and mail all orders to
The Weekly Journal, Kansas
Cit, Mo.
l?oys and girls, here is your
3rSend for samples to be
used in canvasintr.
invar -. 11.. .0 7I;,,TPB M""iJ'-rlrWiTT V
I Irs t and third Turs
days of each Month
to Agent K. C. S. Uy.,or write
S. G. WAUNF.K. i. F.& T. A,
Kansas Ot), lo.

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