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The tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1900-1902, December 18, 1902, Image 2

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The Tribuni:
I. . -, tM (HI BY,
inmk r. hi ckfm,
C chrlpllr ! I
0ncY..r ........
. Sl.f I Thr. Mih
,00 Kifiila Cnp .OS
pit !r at Rick Hi;!, xwixl vJ mm.
- ""'1
Having purchased the interest of
Perera A. Pritchard in The Tri
bune, the firm of Iluckeby &
Pritchard has been dissolved. With
thia issue we assume entire control
of the policy and purposes of the
For her long and faithful work in
the mechanical part of the office, we
associate Nannie R. Huckeby with
us in the business management of
the paper, and any favors shown
her, or contracts made by or with
her, will receive our entire and
unqualified endorsement.
We expect to continue to make
the best paper our patronage will
justify and shall improve it as time
goes on. - As in the past ,so in the
future, we do not expect anyone to
call in question our loyalty to our
country, our party or our friends.
We tought for the one, we believe
in the other and we live for our
So come in with your subscrip
tions and business patronage and we
will give you the best local news
paper ever published in Bates
7 lie din! tn cntnii.ly had the
country in il(i cmbtmtf Piidsy,
Saturday ai-.d . ". Kin, t'.et
and f!iow extruded from the Atlan
tic const to the Kocky Mountains,
and hereabouts Sunday was the
most disagreeable dny of the pfion
thus far. Hut few people left their
homes and church services were
sadly neglected.
National integrity represents the
aggregate honesty of the people,
The poverty of the stute is the po
erty of its inhabitants. The wealth
of the government is the wealth of
its citizens. It the one pays cash
so will the other. If the govern
ment makes no debts, neither will
the people. There ought to be no
public debt except as the result of
war, pestilence or famine.
The tinman and F.nf!!i.h ll.-ets'S
down in the liHilmr t I. a Cni.ii"jp
tUll)(:d Tilt! lili! uiii...)U !!:!
constituted the Vcnez u Ir.oi tiivy,
nil because thnt republic, !' lv
revolutions and internal dii-iiMi-u,
don't pny them sevei al millions tf
dollars they claim as i.Umagvs in
flicted on some of their citir.etn who
think they were injuicdfy the gov
ernment down thcte. They knew
the kind of government they hail to '
deal with and took the risk mi l j
ought to suffer the consequences of
their own bad judgment when they :
lost. The action of the two big . j
nafions Is a di'graee to the civili.-: j
tioti of the age and a cowardly1
piece of business on jreneral prir.ci- I
-1 It-. I. C.M .. Ill tit l,K,L
a little out or lie will nave io I'egin
. .
io hunt around lor ins .uomui-
3 a sii r?"'s
We see that old man Henderson,
ex-senator from Missouri, who. if
we recollect right wa one of the
six Republican senators who voted
against the impeachment of Andy
Johnson, has just had his judgment
against St. Clair county renewed.
This case is monumental example
of the absurdity of that antiquated
legal fiction grown gTay in the ser
vice of shylocks and financial blood
suckers known as "the innocent
third party."
Clara Barton has been elected
president of the Red Cross Society
for life.
John 11. Sehnettler, the ninth St
Louis toodler " be tried, Las been
cCAviUi J uiid sentenced to the pen
itentiary for lour years.
Quite a number of Republicans
are giving it out that they are in
favor of a new deal. That is our
ticket exactly if it puts our friends
in. It's the same with all the rest
Embassador Stover says the re
ports of the ill health and bad con
duct of the young king of Spain,
are false. That he is a picture of
manly health. lie is of a happy
disposition and his tender devotion
to the queen mother shows their
beautiful family life and the close
sympathy ot the royal family. This
is more like the result one would
etpect from the careful training the
public has always believed the
young king received frorn his excel
lent mother.
Mrs. Julia Dent Grant, widow of
Gen. and ex-President U. S. Grant,
died at her home in Washington,
D. C, last Saturday night She
had been sick a year or two with
heart trouble which was aggravated
by an attack of bronchitis, resulting
in her death. Thus goes to her
last rest another of the representa
tives of the typical American home.
Purity of social life and devotion to
domestic virtuet are characteristics
of the American home, and the
soul ot the home i the wife and
mother. Mis. Julia Dent Grant
was a perfect queen among these,
a fit companion for the man she
helped to make great and immortal.
Let her share his greatness and
Missouri rcficTinie Carrt.
! I.
No. 'X leaves a m
No. 24 Loaw 1-' I'-
No. SO Leaves 10:10 . m. J
NO. 104 (Local) M:1.)ii. i. -
No. 37 Leave J:'"1 ! m- t
No. ,TJ Lean's -rT:4." n. in.
hot-th uorxn. J
No. 29 Arrives j
No. 27 Arrive..... 12-Vi p. ni. J
No. Arrive .-...10:10 p. m. '
No. lOa(IxK-nl) . in. U
f.xkt uorxn .i t. p'ott i kstk vi.. j
... ,.Wk ...
;so. a Arrive --" r- , v
x.-t.i .t.-..a )Vi It. Ill
v niiiu-o , ,
K. A. VUH.EY, Atft. i
Frisco sjatew l ime wru, , y
No. 114, Mall and Kxpress, i JJ
Iieavcx "I-
Connect at rieannnton
with Flyer for the North.
No. VA. Frvlght and Ac
comodation, arrive f:."0 a. in.
Carrie Mail and KxprefH.
No. l.Vl, Carlnm Center Mail
and Accomodation. Lva...4..Vl p. iu.
No. l."4, Freight and Ac-
coiuodatlon leaves G:fHi p. in.
Carries Mail nndKxpn?
fur Smith. ooriniH'trt with
Flvpr at I'Vasanton.
So. 11 3 M ail a ud Kx I -n-ss A r . .9 p. m .
Connect at I'leaanton witJ Flyer
trom tlie North.
K. T. LaFiArkif.uk. At.
Means to save monoy on your Clothing purchases, at tho samo
timo obtaining absolute satisfaction in qualities. This store is
young, but already has proved its modern plan of morchandis-
ing t- bo distinctly in the interest of Bich Hill Clothing buyers.
Wo have hero tho largest, most complete stock of now, up-
to-date Clothing in all grades for men and boys
ever seen in this city, and wo prove by every tes
that wo are giving tho people more for their money
than it will buy any where else. TSTo one, regardless
of tho amount of money he has to spend for Cloth
ing can afford to overlook these facts.
AT.SIO. $12.50, S13.50 AND $15.
That wo are confident, cannot be duplicated any
where at the price. At this price we are satisfying-
hundreds of people who demand stylish, well-tailored, perfect
fitting Clothing in reliable qualities, and who alwayst heretofore,
have paid higher prices to obtain it. To hundreds of others
appeal equally strong our various grades of Men's Suits from
$4.90 up to $20.00, and Men's Overcoats from $5.75 up to $18.
An effort is being made to give
Gen. Seigel'i widow a pension of
j.ooo per year. We've no objec
tion to her having it, but there are
thousands of old soldiers that need
pension much worse. Why not
give it to them.
Congress is at it hammer and
tongs on the trust question, Every
seven .by nine congressman has a
remedy that is a perfect panacea
for all the trust ills that affect the
country. Even our own immacu
late DeArraond has his tittle bll,
(which no doubt is as good as any
of them) against trust combines and
monopolies. The result will be
the usual one, nothing done. Why
not strike at the root of the whole
matter by repealing all laws allow
ing the incorporation of companies
and partnerships and pass one gen
eral law making it unlawful for
men or money to be organized into
any kind ot association. There
will be no trusts, combines or mo
nopolies then if the law is enforced.
Ex Speaker Thos. li. Kced is re
oorted to have made a fortune of
two hundred thousand dollars, since
he Iclt congress, in Wail street spec
ulation and in his profession. Hi
fees in one case ofteu exceed h'.s
salary for a whole year in congress.
"We can stand high prices far
better than we can stand idle labir,"
said Secretary Shaw in a recent
speech. This is an economic truth
that ought to set wage earners to
thinking. Of what benefit is cheap
food, cheap fuel and cheap clothing
it a man has no work' by which be
can get money to buy with.
Mia Pcitia A. i'ritchard retiits
from the business management of
Tmk Tkihunk with this issue. She
has been as.uciatrd with us in its
publication for two years and has
done her part well. We most
heartily commend her as a splendid
buciness woman, worthy aud will
qualified and as reliable the Mir.
She will engage in other businoi
inure conieitil to her and whatevir
kite dots or hei ever she goes, the
pood wishes at T Twoi'Nj
phi) her.
Time semis
tthca be brings
a woman to tlic turn
lioulii hi tt iU li j
npet and beat for '
i i
urr, aoii wie ap.
proacues this cbanK
ith a dread of iu efTrct bora of hrr
knole1e of the aufierings of other
women at tbia araaon.
TUrrt ia not the slightest cause fur
fetr or anxiety at tbu period if I.
1'ierce'e l nvonte PicacrijHiixi ia used.
It give hplth ot body and cheerfulness
of uiiud, u l br its aid the paius aud
pangs of una cnucai penud are pre
veniea or curea.
lr. Tierce's Favorite Prescription la
woman's medicine with a wosxlerful
record of cures of wutnanly diaera,
Diarasea tlut all other niedu-inea bl
failed to cure, have been perfectly and
permanently cured by the us of 'fa
vorite Pieacription."
I rrl tt my duly to writ, yarn u I have
rctYlvrd m B'i bctieAt fruta I K mm tU vour
aifilKiut.'Mvi Mi I.imI K. Smnu.. of rir9
Sl.iaiu.rt.., btiiiitvun Co., (iliu l have
U.kru knil bmilr. ui fvuil. ItrMriuia ' fciff
U iu.i tre.knrM .ul rhu( of lil. bclurc I
Ikk.m lA.liig U I cm. 1 4 ax4 &u.nyllti. 1 k.4
.it. h TMitu. iu my W.'l .utl I. Hi. buck uiaiy tM-t k
tlut I llltMigtU 1 wuulti kM My mtu.l. K I cs
.k rvciy l.y- I rrvuMimrud ' I'.V4MU I"i
ll4lo. ' iu.ll luiulfri MlHrilug tu tbc wi hud
" l'.voiue rretcriiition baa the tetttl
suony of thouaaiuU of woiutn to tta
rouiiilrle cure of womauly diM.sr,
lx not arrrot an unknown aud uo
piovcil auliotitute in its plkcc.
Keep the bowels lir.lihjf by the time!
tu iA Vt. .'icnc'a 2'lsasaut i'eUcta.
St Louis & Horth
Arkansas Railway
Conoecta at Beligman with the Hi
Louis and Ban FranclBco. New time
card in eflteet Sunday .June. -"J. l'Mii
Ko.l Lr. Eureka Spg. 5:50. tu.
Ar ewilgman :i0 a. in.
No. 2 Lv-Belirmau 7:10 a. iu.
Ar. Eureka Wplnjrs 8:07 a. ui.
No. 6 Lv. Eureka Pplujis 5: p. m.
Ar. HellKinau. 6:4") p. m.
No. 6 Lv. 8!ljrojan 7:15 p. uu. ,
Ar. Eureka Bpringa 8:02 p. m
No. 7 Lt. Eureka Bprluga 8:.10 p. in.
Ar. Heliguiau 0:20 p IU.
No. 8 Lv. Bellgman 9:M p. iu.
Ar Kurka Rnrhiffs 10:47 D. u.
Couoection lioui Rich Hill. Mo. !
mad with the Frisco vis the i'aolflc
at Carthage, or rla tha Memphis at
Nichols JUDCtlOO.
A band tome new Pamphlet Uuide
to Eureka Springs aa a Health Uesuri !
baa been Issued, with uew beautiful
lllualratlona. A copy aeut free to any
address. Addreea all inquiries and j 3
orders to Geo. West, Manager Eureka R
Bprlnjs, Arc.
"Your Money's Worth or Money Back"
ich Mill, Mo. Pittsbure, Elans.
m 1 m JismiauMiii hii.iIi.j nT7 IJM
' id
THE pulIl"her of Kucci-hi hnvi'i
(HKUi'd on t'X'iulfitily erruvrd
twelye-k-nf t'jili-inliir. 'I'hix "nl. ii.l.ir !
U our f thrfllK-xt iin.lrn nf I li
fniuona t'olnrtjir I'mntMt, tvlilrh ex-'fl
rt llM HtlioKruphy In tta Ix'iiut Iful x..ft
tone and coliir!nt;rt. '1'tir twilt ! g
Hljfiia nrvorliiwil pulntlnti iiuiI' for
"SiieetW by Aiiu-rleit'a Ini liiifcC nr
tlt. ahd rvpivm-nt fciilijit nf m-u-,
ernl and luHplrHtliuial luti-rt.t. Tie!
original ot the ine fr Ik-rt-inl r, fc.r (
iiiMtniKt, U n, niodt cxiillti paint,
lux by the frtinoua ui tlt, J.V. a -
kMeMaBsisaBisaasjasssmassasssiasaaaasask MMSHSsasassisisi
1 1 lbs of good bulk f!offee $t.oo
8 lbs of Blended Coffee t.oo
7 U s Jarucs (Special) Coffee - - t.oo
7,3. Vo: kor.J Prunes for - - t co
12 lbs good Teaches for
ti lbs good Apricots for
12 lbs good Hasina for
tills best Hain9
4S li s cood Cracked Hominy ..
32 lbs Iluminy Flakes....
2S lbs Hulk Holled Oats
25 it s liroken Hice
1 sails Tine Buckwheat Flour -
20 lbs whole Kice for r
it. I ti a best Kice for
I-lb package Smoking Tobacco
7 lbs Soda (in bulk) . .
t gal. James "Winner" Syrup..
1 gal. ;ood Kraut
1 1 6 - jf a I . kt'K Kiaut
2J lb Hand I'icktd Navy Heans ,
22 l!n California l'ir.k Hcans
50 lbs Civktal Flour (llitib Patent)
50 Morninjj tilory Flour (Full Patent)
1. 00
1. 00
1. 00
I 00
1 .00
1. 00
1 .00
1 .00
1 .ft
1. 00
1 .00
eodefkrr, n-pnttt-ntlmf
W'lms Men of the Eaet"
'The Thr :
TIm sPtX'ESS Ciilrtidur
will f n'tt eiitln-ly
Ir'ItF.E of ehurKt ni;d
pitpiild to iiuj mblri'M
oil rtHiucct.
IU si Dry Salt Sides, per lb. 12'Jc
Iry alt Chunks, per lb .09
Itu-akfast Ilacon, per lb . .1")
Westphalia Hams, per II . - 12'iC
look through my line bt lore buying. I tiave 'juality, ijuantity
and piicts, tliat cannot be excelled. Sp'(ial prices to school
teat hers and Sunday Schools.
FINE CHINA"0' Xmas I have just purchased a
druiutnet' ka.nplen ((fine china ware, at a big discount. Can
Kt-il at 1jo!i siie piices. Don't fail to sec these goods if you
want anj tiiw.g in this line. They are K'nt? Come early
and K' t ) our chiiice.
PRODUCE WANTED-I Py 20c per dozen for
e?K and 2oc p-r lb. in trade lor butter this week. .Also will
pay io'jc lb. tah for young turkey, I ic in trade; old gobblers
6c cad., S'jc in trade. Remember I give orders to dry goods
stcus for produce, the same as 1 pay in trade. Idling me
jour produce.
Thanking etch and every one ol my customers for their past
patrpn.ifje, I tn'si earnestly solicit a continuance of the same.
Dtwt . tnlvorslty BKt'f. Wasrtlntonf 4
hew yokk
II. I. JAMES. Prop.
We have been in a state of preparation for Hobday
Trade for the past three weeks, and say, you ought to
sec us! We are ready to be looked at, so are cur Ho!
day Goods. We never hud inoie of them nor prettier
than now.
We have gone to more epense and Irouhlj to
d.-cciate the interior of our store this holiday time
than we ever have before.
We feel that the efforts of our decorators and trim
mers have produced the most RotRfous and brilliant
scene ever witnessed within the store walls of the
Biggest and Best
Do not fail to visit us soon, that you may be de.
lighted and we may feel that our rllorts to make this a
Merry Christmas Time
(or you has not been in vain. If you want Holiday
Goods, we have fhem in abuodance, from the toy to
the most handsome and most usrful. You will miss it
if you miss us when you go to make your "Cbiistmas
time" purchases. It has been well and truthfully
said that the ''HIGGUsr AND JEST" is
Headquarters For
Holiday Goods.
Come to "Headquarters" eatly and make your selec
tions. Wishing you a very "Merry Christmas,"
We are sincerely yours,
Bloocst and iCestT "- Rich llill," Mo,
t; 1 I
f 1

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