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The Tribune.
r, it 1 1 u t t'.y,
r.llten.nrt fnt,Hlirl,
Of V , ........
St SlomK......
I Threr Mrtnth... ...... .S
! birdie I. optr. ....... .OS
Riliiou iloes riot consist in join
ini t lie rliurch. It is the tiht rt'hi
hun of man to od mid humanily.
It in light living, right doing and
right thinking. It is not in a name
on the chun.h hook, hut in a life
f.mntd inorlllif to lit. r( ol CotirrMlB lh
wi of. st Rkh Hill. Knd -! w.ll mt.
A frightful milrond accident oc
curred last Saturday ntnr station
called Wnlifttenil. on the Grand
Trunk line, in which thirty people
were killed jnJ many more wound-
J. The train was running at the
rate of fifty miles an hour and run
into a freight train. It was an ex
cur&iort train and ol course crowded.
'is r v1' 'j'' (j v ' i- 'W
v. fir'' w
The friend of Wm. II. Wallace,
the Kansas City Democratic candi
date for United States Senator, are
moving to secure his election. They
will have a Urge delegation at Jef
ferson City to work to that end.
Success is not an impossibility.
Wallace is all riRht on the money
question and we don't suppose he
would want to pilch any govern
ment officials in the Missouri river.
The greatest asset of any country
is the brains of its people. A. I.
Law, M. P.
Bank robbers blew up the bank
at Union. Mo., early last Saturday
morning and got away with about
The settlement of the coal bill
seems likely to be almost as diffi
cult and perplexing as the settle
ment of the coal strike.
It is said that J. Pierpont Morgan
was very proficient in mathematic
when a school boy. He seems to
have been figuring ever since.
Is it possible that any American
citizen can forget the woe and
weariness of the land under the
Wilson-Gorman law of t3-t7f
M. Edmond Therv in the Econ
omiste Europeen says that the Eu.
ropean budgets have increased from
19,837,000,000 francs in 1891 to
19.090,000,000 francs in tGot. Of
this increase 3.263,000,000 has
gone into the armies and navies,
5.300,000.000 into the railways
posts, telegraphs, telephones and
public works and toe rest to various
services of the state. The military
expenses of Europe have risen from
4,612,000,000 in 1891 to 5,324.000,
000 in 1S96 and 7,875,000,000 in
1001. Of this last figure about
1,600,000,000 francs is represented
by the cost to England of the South
African war. In 1S91 the military
budgets of the dual alliance amount
ed to i,6oS,ooo,ooo francs and that
of the triple alliance to 1,457,000,-
000. In 1901 the dual alliance ap
propriated 2,135,000,000 francs, an
increase in ten years of 32 per cent,
and the triple alliance 1,958,000,000
an increase of 34 per cent.
'1'.... !
a ITT". .r.l...!-
The policy of pruii clion is the
foundation ct 011 1 whole iinhiMi
system. Nine-tenth of our indus
trial capital is invested, nine-tenth
of our industrial wage scales and
other arrangement are iii:m!c, upon
the supposition that this nation will
continue by law to receive (ho home
market for home pioduccts.
To begin to repeal the tariff
would be to disturb all thoc ar
rangements. It would unsettle bus
iness. It would destroy commer
cial confidence in the future. It
would bring on bard times. That
is what tariff tinkering by the Dem
ocratic party always ha done in the
past. That is what it certainly will
do again.
On the other hand, the Republi
can method of dealing with the
trusts is to let the tariff alone for the
present and seek other methods of
curbing trust abuses. The Repub
lican patty believes that the trusts
can be controlled without taking trie
risk of bringing on hard times.
The Republican party is confirmed
in that belief by its success in bring
ing trusts under control, notably in
the present case of the hard coal
trust. New Haven Leader.
Onl'r ( t'uttlit'Htioii tn Term
'II in
J. 1.. MrCoHli.il, I'lalitliif.
.Incnti 'Arnold, lvf.ini;ui!.
N.-.-.v WM
ilny eonii'H tlm philntltt by hU nttor.
iii-y, T,-hipliloii& llnli'M, mid lti-pr-nrlntr
to (hi HiitliifiK'tliin ff the
court tlint tln ilrr.'iulniit, Jnc ili Ar
nold, 111(1(11. rvt.d(!!t of tllt Htllll'
of MiHxiHirt, mid t U.i t tlm onlinnry
ii-o(m of Jiiw enn not b wrved up
on hill). It I14 ui'ilcivd iy till' court
Unit pulilliiit Ion hi- luii'h', nottfyhiK
hlin, the mild difrtidiint, that mine,
lion li'iH lnvn (nnni'iii'd naliiHt
hlin, by pclStlon, In the I'lrt'itlt I'ourt
of I'atiis county, Mistiourl, the objeet
and gcncrnl tint lire ( which notion
U to obtain n decree frtmi Hnld Unto J
county t hx'iilt t'iurt. under the pro- s
visloim of Section (.'.1 of the lteviKfd
HfV. Ill I! II leli 1IM:l Alnoiioie
To tn vjr.t l!iU splendid woik
of kc.ii in-c mid nit is finer find better
thixi rver, is statinB it mildly. The
demand lor it is far beyond all pie
vious ) cut. To say lli.it such re
mits, unt-l i ig tl.H'iif.h thirty years,
me not bused upon sound sense and
uselulnc, is an inMilt to the intel
ligence of the millions. Piof.
Hick, through tins gient Almanac,
and his fumous family and scientific
j uirnal, Word and Winks, is doing
a woik for the whole people not
approached by any other nun or
publication. A fair test will prove
this to any reasonable person. Add
ed to the, most luminous course in
astronomy for 1903, forecasts of
KUtiitoHot MWoiirl.lsiiii.eoiiflrinlii' storms and weather are Riven, as
never before, for every day m the
year, all charmingly illustrated with
nearly two hundred engravings.
The price of single Almanac, in
cluding postage and mailing, is
thirty ckn is. Word and Works
with the Almanac is $1.00 a vear.
Write to Word ani Works Pr
i.ishisg Co , 2231 Locust Street,
St. Louis, Mo., and prove to your
self their great value.
Special One Way Low Kate. '
On Dec. 16, Jan. 6 and 20, Feb.
3 and 17, Mch. 4 and 17, April
7 and 21, the Frisco line will sell
tickets at one-half tare plus $2.00
to points in Atkansas, Indian Ty.,
Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and
New Mexico.
, The Venezuelan trouble with
Germany, Italy ai.d England goes
to The Hague Court of Arbitration
at the suggestion of the United
Wholesale critics of the tariff
would commend their sincerity if
net their wisdom in showing what
particular schedules are harmful to
the country.
, The courts ot Europe don't set
very good example for their people.
The Princess or Saxony was com
pelled by the brutal conduct of her
royal husband, to leave him. She
went with a better and a handsomer
Castro, after finding out that Un
cle Sam will not protect him in his
efforts to repudiate honest debts, has
agreed to have his troubles arbitrat
ed by the powers with Uncle Sam
on hand to tee that no unfair advan
tage is takeu of the South American
Insane 1'atieuta Ate
3O0 Chickens.
The Missouri State Insane Asy
lum, No. 3, at Nevada, gave
Christmas dinner to the patients.
The following was consumed:
200 chicken's, 43 geese, 50 gallons
cranberry sauce, 14 bushels Irish
potatoes, 500 bunches of celery, 20
gallons of chowchow, 40 gallons of
tomatoes, 250 large loaves of bread,
125 gallons of coffee, 2,000 bana
nas, 475 pounds of candy, 40 gal
lons of milk, two and one-half cases
lemm cream, 250 mince pies.
American Pis and Kipling.
Goldsmith rhymed of the (roosoberrj
!e. Whittler found a thome In the pits
try laden with goldoa pumpkin. Rud
fard Kipling, the strenuous poet, dotel
n apple pia of the American brand
ihe kind hia American mother-iu-U
makes and baa sent to New Yorlc foi
a glass rolling pin that the crust maj
m rolled in England a he remembers
it here.
Simplicity talka of pies." But eo d
Senilis, whether ft be for art varlmu
romrrierce. P. T. Ba num, the noblest
showman of them all. not only talked
pies but ate them, and bad never a dys
peptic day of repentance. Therefore,
the eager critioa who will claim to tvi
reflected In Mr. Kipling- glass rolling
pin the signs of his passing in poes
and potency will read the-reflection
wrong. The ready Rudyard will con
fute them yet with a lusty ballod of tin
pastry cook.
The American taste for pie eami
from England by way of the Pilgrim
Father. It Is a matter of poetic Justin
that Mr. Kipling has taken it back t
Britain In its now highly cultivated
state. If he eats bis fruited, crust foi
breakfast he will only follow a practice
which he must have observed in N
England and which rumor lately da
ciared to be threatening faddish fash
ionable circles In the country at largo
But however and whenever he con
sumes his pet pastry, Mr. Kipling ii
sure of beat wishes for great joy in hi!
glass rolling pin from the pie eaters a:
Nw Tork especially from the hal!
million who attend daily to a factor)
output of 2iK),0'0 round plates of temi
Ution. New lork World.
In filHiutiff tltlo to the follow liitf (U
Horllx'd reiil ontnt', nit unto, lyliitf and
lu'lngr in tlu county of llnten, in the
istnte of Missouri, to-wlt:
The west lmll of tht- northwest
quarter of itKn tlilrty-four (34),
of township thirty-nine (:!!), of
rnnir tldrty-tlmv (!J, nnd tlint the
record titlt! to mild bind lie jaTfeeted
In fctiid plaintiff, nnd uiiIoxh the hhI4
Jncoli Arnold, bo and npinvir at till
court, at the IH-Xt t'-rin thereof to !
lKiruii and liolden nt tlieeourt hotiM1
in the city of l.iitlT, In mild county.
on the loth day of February, UHKl.
iiiul aimwer or ploml to the jn'titloii
lu an Id catiKo, the s.-ime will bo taken
as confined, and Judgment will lie
rendered accordingly.
And Ii It fiirthor ordered that a
copy hereof Ik published according
to law lu Tiik Jlh'it Hir.t, Tiuiu nk, a
wwkly iiewwpnpiT printed and pul-
lislu'd in Hilton county, MiNiiurI, for
four weekH tnieeei.shly, the l.-it In
sertion to Ik1 at ieat tlftwn tlayH be
fore the rlnt day of the next term of
the Circuit Court.
A 15. Lt iiwii K,
Orcult Clerk.
A true copy of the record.
Wltm-M-s my hand and
the will of the Circuit
Court of liatoH county,
tliiw 'SUl (lav of iKfflulier,
X. B. Lrnw-WK,
Circuit CJeik.
You have heard many a boastlul
man say, "I take a dtink whenever
I want to." lut that is Hot the
trouble. It is the chap who takei
a drink when he doesn't want to
who is throwing himself to the dogs
and depriving his family of bread.
And the cursed too1 calls it bring a
'good fellow." New Yotk Picks.
Women in New Zealand.
A man with daughters need not
feel ashamed in New Zealand. He'i
a political power, a big man iu the
district in w hich he resider. All
women over twenty-one years of
age can vote, so the man with cruny
daughters often decides a clostly
contested election. Tiien, again,
(women are much sought after mat
rimonially, for they are out num
bered by the men two to one.
There is no need for a woman be
coming an old maid. The women
are good dressers, and the styles ere
as nearly up to date l)tue of
London and New York.
The United States civil service
commission, in its annual report has
this to say about the number of
aged persons in the service of the
government 1 ''The age at which
persons become superannuated
varies gieatly, but 70 years may be
takeu as the general age of the end
ot activity. Two invetigations
made under authority of Congress,
one in and one in 1900. show
that the txtenl of this evil at the
present time has been considerably
exaggerated. In the eight execu
tive departments at Washington in
lSy3 ihrte weie 22S persons of 70
ycais of age and over gut of 1 1 ,657,
cr almost exactly 2 per cent. In
Hjoo there were 2O2 persons out of
10,167, or a iitt'e over 2 per cent,
w bile the number of pn 1.0ns of So
ycais sod over had actually tie
Cieased duiing these seven years.
An investigation conducted by the
I'uUcd States Civ il Service Kelnt
siitnt Association in the spungol
j.2 shovvtd lh.it there wue only
3U pi(.ns over 7 )ers of age in
dipaMinents and (edit si ct!icts
at Washington oui vt 15,6, or
1 p7 rtr "iil
It isn't a qurtliun
of his winning a race, but a jurui.u of
brinif ahle only to kerp sftuut. Tlir rim a
who is suflrrtn from luulnutntion i like
the fettered swimmer. 11 is ttumncb and
its allied vrgnns of
digestion and nutri
tion ere diseased,
it is not a question
with him of inning
In the race for Imai
eru but of simply
keeping up under
snv circunislanres.
iVheuever diseiw
affei-ts the stouidcU
it is affccliug also
the blooil uj the
health of every or
f;an of the Ixxly,
1 or blood is only
fuoil converted into
nutritiuu and nutri
tion is the life of
the body ud every
organ of it.
Doctor 1" I tret's
Golden Medical
lntcovery cures diseases of the stomseh
J ami other organs of digeation and nutri
tion. It purine I He btoo.1 suit cnahles
the perfect nutrition of the body which
means perfect health.
For sis lonsr yc-sra I suffered with Imlip
IUa snd uiy ltvr mni ki.lury, which tHU-U ut
IjcmI dtictuiS la otir country." wittrH Ii 1,. S4;.i.
sell. r-Mj.. of W.klv. eniii. WilliMin Co., Va.
- I MtScir,i wilh ntv Hloniscli and Imik Kji a Hig
tniir. Miid sltrl IsbinK a ' cart lMti ttl tiilu iuc
liviu lhi ductots I c(ra o ljd I cvild haiilly
du a tLty s ut k Would I(mv tlraia-tik fMitus
iu tl suU, and Mind t-u. 1 b-,t.u Iukmik
Ir. I'lri.v (.ldrit Mriltest lliwuvciv sad
' I'lrs-Mtil friW ' Hrlutc I had tkcu bi.ll i4
hc M.dtd luii' I li to bt-l rrlirw-d. I
is wixt tMOa sttd ums1 tlirtu attd am bsi'j.y
W I HN, Wiy UlS lH. I'lCliX.
Ao-et co sulalitute fur 'Golden Med
ical Inwovety." There ia mthi:i) "just
as fMl" f"' diaraars of tile stomach,
blood and lunj;-
The Connuou rWuae MctlU-al Adviser,
nod laij(e liKea, iu pacr covers, is sent
fife on iecciit of SI one-cent atamjis to
psf espriim of mailing I'uly. Aadicas
lH. IU V. a'idve, ii!lit IS,' V,
If you want to supply yourself
nnl family with good reading lor
the winter wilh less money than
anywhere else, call at TttR
Tiiiiu'ne ollice and get from three
to five good papers tor the price of
IU ports From London Show That in
temperance Am one Women Is
At a meeting of the Women's unlet
ot the Church ot England Temperanei
society, which was held recently lt
London, there was a general agreemeui! 11Mrt imiiilH-r.
among the speakers that tnteuperauci
la ths use both ot spirituous lUnmri
and dmrs was increasing among wo
men. Ail classes wer aQected, but tin
drug habit la mora prevalent amuns.
the wealthy, while gross drunkenliesf
is shockingly common among the poor.
The bishop of London said that hi
had atatistics before him which showeC
that out ot on thousand women In
certain workhouse ona-half were then
for drink, and he told an axtonUliIni
story of th abandonment ot factor)
girl to this vice, lt was a rusio:
among them to farm what were knows
as spirit clubs. In which contribution!
wers accumulated for the purchase ot
liquor. Tries wera regularly assewea
for a grand celebration on Christian
evo, when the money went for wins,
and spirits and cake.
The bishop was ot the opinion Ihnl
sheer poverty and Ha attendant worries
was ths cause of so niu h of ths inti-m
perance among women, and dwult par
ticularly upon the Inilueui w of environ
ment "It was In ths Last end district
not so much ye pig that mails tbs sty
as ths sty that mads the pig, and thei
fure all this Intemperance was vcr
uiurh bound up with the qsii-.ilion ol
tti b-trr bouaicg of the woriiiu
In that sentenee and all that lt im
plies mill be found one of the reason
for the spread of municipal Hia!l.:i
in England and Scotland. The clcanl'i,
out of the slums of great cities hit
bfn considered absolutely eaaKiit'al t
ths health and rporal oc the toniuiua.
lty, but It wsa Impossible lo effect iht
neceaaary changes so long as the slums
continued to bs rUn revenue producers
for grasping landlords.
Paastug to ths ether eitreme of
clety, the speaker Indicated that uml-r
work, like overwork, was resixmijllj't
for so esceaaive Indulgence In IriU Hi
rsute. Elr T. Barlow, physic ian to l!
king, aald that one of the rperlal f
tur s of feuials Intemperance was se
cret drinking, and among the cliiil
causes of this secret drinking amors
women was lack of occupation, as wH
as sorrow and worry, bo.lliy wrakrie -a
and the various forms of pa'n whh
were temporarily relieved by alcohol
It Is lulei-eatlng to cote also that I'.l
eminent physician thoroughly dis
countenanced tt e Idea that d.-ii' '..in
Dt-sa should be treated primarily .is s
dUraae or an Inheritance. It should b(
treated, he suld( as a slu. 4 'hi. ai'j K
Magazine n utorelioune or trrns
ury Century lilctloimry. .
The Valley Magazine is a verit
able storehouse of literary trwisure.
Ksrt.-iyH full of good thought.
Stories full of "the human."
l'oetry -beautiful thoughtn lu in r-
fect verse.
Critical Art Idea Strong, vloruim,
fenrlcuB, by nint-tin of minlyslw, well
liiforined on thi-ir aubjevt or they
don't write uliout tlu-m.
New? Ven, nt lciiit not old, but
m-iiHonod In tlint lti euiitrlbutors lire
rlje in exiKTicni-e, nnd In their fed
vigor of tlioimht. SeiiHoiied iiIho lu
that it lacks not llavi.ir In never lint.
Though but lifty eenta u yenr the
HtibM'ripti'.m in limited to pernon of
rutlicr more tlntn onlinnry intelli
m'liee since other fall to ste the
delicacy of detail nnd shrink from
tho boiilnt-Hrt of the foreground of
tliid liitiMterpht-o of publlcutlou.
I'.uy this mi ii t li'u lf.Hii.' for five
ct-utH from your. iiewMleuler, 1! be
don't keep it neiid uh ten cents for
three inoiitlm' trinl Mitis.rlptli)ii
wbli-li will incliide the mijierb Chrint-
St. IvM't, Mo.
wjTUi; puhlirthvr of Suffons hnve
iwiue nn exipiiaitely etigmved
twelve-leaf Cnleiidur. This Cahlldiir
in one of the flnont exainplea of the
famous CVdortype frocew, which ex
celln llthi'Krnjihy in lt Ivniitlful noft
tone nnd colorlm;. The twelve do
hliiM urvMir'iglual imlntliijfs inndo for
'SueceW by Atuerlca's learllng nr-
tUtH. nhd rejireselit aubjecti of pelt
eral nnd Inspirational Intercut. The
orlninnl ol the one for leeeiiilMr,'for
liiKtatire, la a tnoKt t-xqullto pnlnt
lug by the fiiiiioun nrtlnt, .1. C. ley
endct kt r, r .nwiitlng "The Three
Wlc- Men of the L'iit."
The SL'tX KSS Culendnr
will bo wilt cntinly
Fl'.KK of elmrgx? nnd
ptwtpnldto liny nddriKS
on nipient.
Dept. S. I'nlverslly BIJ'i. WsshtnjlonSi)
ri dm jrs
U 'H ZsA ijflS
Hiing your Job
TsiHt. NH bflke.
woik t j The
Tub TamuNK will gu.raritt? you
latitfactioa co job priutiog.
The Kansas City Star (Evening)
. The Kansas City Times (Morning)
The Kansas City Sunday Star
13 Complete Newspapers a Week 3
Subscribers failing to receive Morn
Evening or Sunday Editions
promptly by carrier or by mail
should report tho faot to
IC -V IV CI X v,
We are offering the remainder
ot our fancy wool waistings at
a sacrifice, m order to close
out the entire lot. These'
-waistmgs were very cheap at
the regular price, and the sac
rifice price should make them
doubly attractive.
Fancy wool waistings, very
. handsome, were 75o, ... 60c
French Flannels in plain colors
were 50c- - 40c.
Corduroy waistings. in red,
blue, brown, green, grey,
black and pink, were cheap
at 65c, - 40c
3 M'lm W MA IK K9
With the coming of January, comes our
Great Glcaring and
Stock Reducing Sale.
It is the same old cry, hut most welcome one to
the people, livery year we inaugurate this won
drrlut and popular
Pre-Invcntory Sale.
Every January the people espect it and arc not
disappointed. Hundreds of people wait for it.
Hundreds of peoplo are btiK-littcd ty it.
Hundreds of people know what it means to
tlietn at
Jl Money Saver.
Hundred of people know that the price, on
gootls, is acliislly reduced as represented to be.
Hundreds of people postpone nuking their
Winter 1'urchases until we have stalled our
Prc-Invcntory Sale.
We take inventoiy of stock l'tliruary ist, 1903.
We begin our REDUCTION OF STOCK 5le
Jan. ist. Our utock must be jjreat deal imsllcr
by February 1st. The prices on all winter goods
will be made with ihal end in view, Juin the
January thiong, ou will find it at the store of the
Cioocstandocstr IUcliHlll, Mo.
5 V
1 v
y 1 ,

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