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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, January 01, 1903, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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II roil
Monday we placed on sale the biggest bargain
ever offered Uie c;.kiio nf PJcii Hill and Hates
100 Piece Dinner Set,
$16.09 $10.00,
This Offer is Good till Saturday
NlQht Only.
It is in our East Window Now for Inspection
'Dig Shed ninth the Red Front'
Whether you buy lumber for a big house, a big barn or for a little
bouse, a . little barn, a chicken shed or a pig pen; we take just as
much interest and patience in showing you the material for one as
for the other. You are bound to be satisfied in either case. Our
goods and prices count and you are sure to be pleased.
ITJilliamson & Montgomery
Maple Street, Between 6th and 7th.
Cured at Horn by a Xeto,
?rliu9,Col .Not. u, IK"?. lJrtvr d.wwr-!
me u of rour Kur V:sur Knpn ami it
oi kJ wonders In mv c I ws o iif dt I
could not lijr Rinan t-hcut within (t ui me.
1 roci har bolhikf but o r trm'tin h-. bo.jwt
tht dU?urt44 toe uM .day and kfpi aie t
nighi. I fckeplic, but tow I ftja urea b.
W u it k i i U WL Q U. ia fei
Tte low rete of f.'..iiO m moaih laelwdc all advloe, adletw, vaporiser.
Tbe.nni.namaoKaicIal Institute, has been l.ated In Kaa. City. Mo . 1 yearn, and haa '
ed thouaatxi. J( JO. lire BiiSertlit; f rt.m rt !n.ti. ( .larrh, or A'bu.a. wo can cur you j
utiruuau, etc., far .aeceaalul
r. A boeliiot tohir.ir of mr marvctojK tr!aiiDui ana w.nrt,.rlil uwt, wnt FBKE. 1
n youth causes Oaru'.s In oM as-e. lettTne c.'je. nrjrli w-irry and lo of b.-il !
'ihma causes ufl.rinr i i--or wnlili. w can cure .i ol the aoote d:see. at uur i
take no chanee l,.it nrr:U Unlttv lir KHF.K ouenlinu lilik ar.il lM,..li!..t &...;ra
ICAartaredl ts-m The State. 1 7
.rf!lvBwl1nJtitre.u. Kansas City, r"bsoLiri
"! p?T CaUrraIs,Brotcli!lla.WDrlU. bysntfia.tn$onnla.
Iuui'" tiyseetcry. KiikeCs.Fa. Sirolni. blood fotsug. Par-
I TV" .' .
I t'ysi.HerBla. Hilci.l-istuii.tonsiiiiipisoa iatberlmStafe.Fcaitte
IComtlnioI..fid Mst.if of the Heart. Stonack. Liver, Bowe'j.pi
tKilatys. Sci3al Curveturt.Haiac
Cross Eyes. 6cB over the fcyes.
Torn. 3WafirM( Cur. VI rite for Symptom Lis. Conciliation fn. Think vfths m4vmn
fe.-a Tralnad E;h..-.!Us for each cUs. of diajo. Oter ttiirty Kpocinllit, )aoUtia tba
AilopaUilo, lionieoilhio. and Kcloctte School, ot Mwiirina, eombiniua liielr akUl wliaa keccs
.ry on oaefa Inilivldu&t cas. All mtirine furntKltad, and no prvm w rot th.o cwia ordinary
wooJ-J cbarye fr wriin rnxHCrtiUon. aii'l .i.il.a you Vj t.li dru .tor. to hai. tlioin
ft'ud at yuur own iBfl. 3;iWr.iu ti. ixi iurireucy cel w. will atid spaoiali. on lira!
txain capsbl. ol iMifoiu.icg auiui.luaily at,y Dixraboa kuowo So tiusery.
pir t a pit If rot en'ler from
rr.nst bp tjroorano., r o.ote
itm; l( you n.ra boea r'ttted att'1 o
cviired nuul Ui mm Weut. of Ui.
nrd dovio uiakfte your lioKl 6il. vrt.M
art " very fer.M M1 tcattt f talk
f. Vi'. peore.1 our ektU 1 enriii
f :i.rt uio Vi Ly SiuU.-hh ti.i'U
.Htta ot voluntary teBlimoNlal cl boue
lf(.ln, .ivlfic i.me.. Liirturi'e, nad aU-
flreww,.. Xnl n't puliliih .r ettef in
rr-ut. 4 !., Uf'iuiK. it woi' Kl betray rn
tirte, lloov w !. to nT our .kill In
vi.i ol... w atMM la toolbar way
Jit ttirnrrv tmm trtmtrt rth thill tt
If i"i.ri j.i.s n tj,. wst. lvti) I'te eu-mt..
At. -V.
V.in, fl i ,
-!ll fln.l it So tht'lr arivnuUtp. to etMiwol. with tiff- i li.vo
tle X-hny a l!"-n!. i f tr.Tieff iliM-i.r. who rlnttu to
r,-ireMt lie. l 411X1) lUct-, l:,uUld ('rival. IH-k
for riil-rr Hin or Wumeu.
' ii.c LL;;...M.iM.ui;.;twe.
Pir k - It I l MPmA I
V .J
9)1 Walnut St., Ofpoilt. Oil Pvstoffk;. aAfSAS CITY , MO.
CiiHc II our. ( tu. to I p. m. b'4DUo . h) a. lu. Wlp. c
7 ' ! i".
feat fc 83
tui u u j ..... un ii.f rk2ns?.3 1:3. vSMur'J
I Ti Old EeH.fcl Doctor. CUI:-st In Age eud Lanjest Loc.tel A Brfular Cradu:
la MciUtiae. 0ei 3D Years' Special fraclica, 24 Years ia Kansas City,
r ftiKirel l-y (h Male to tre.vt Ckruatc, rterroaf, 4 Hperlal ItlMate.
i Cu ijUnlatlt.eJ Ol nwnry refuu.lerL All moiu-i . lurue licj lea.lv lui u
' J T. l,.rItdlVIII lllhllli.tl. Ilr.li .!... l,u K;.. .(... .., ....... 1. .. .
9 rrin lip 1 P L HI V
1 I tiruli ! a diMaune ire.leti liy liisii mi, I rxnrea. We.ia me. mrM everywhere
f i f Ir"i ltcko(je. So uiediLine xrut C O. U. uule.a rt M I.
tJ if tciui. CwuuUiisu free aud
1 Seminal Veauness and
i i tjkiili uniic, v,:J,l"f L'loUhra on tie lace,
r.i 4 1t evHi to ihe hc.i, rtt.uitf the lui fe.
(MUiusra lati sua lKt-Uiiliir, liilul-
k- ' ti.tanl,.l, etc, euf-i 5r It it. Kn
f t. t vii-ln i tctfttulC ksnt fteuul power,
i u-ie 4i4 btxiu fM'wcr. viihtise uUtiiMlc
1 an ci& 4:ieAUi muke you t-l tuarii.t.
! C- f ?'T t.tiemMed4Jtt1ln oil it t
( Ui. hifjd tiUuitiitir, r-m iisyre, I tee.,
j j rTniu,:i, b'Virt, t..ivif r bt, ti1 t,ttrlt nit'I
I i
j j Museum bi fahtmy for Hca On!y.
are eae to si.rt ai
i r,
(111 MV.V . Ux.
I T f i ' Ki.t.tivHt. ltua u
? .-viViVi' t ...v....,.,.u-. i
' e( l1 5 J"ir" l't.il(.
. I f i .,..... null i.u.
1903. -
Quick, and Reliable Method.
PftTiS r7 f sf T1ioBsand .tfTrr nr.il
VM a Mttfirl. i,e Iroin heeaic.f
CaUrrh cTer yer Catarrh ot Iho htd
l)d throat (H'TOlops F..r, BroJH-hifti. aad &um
ch C.tArrh. KarCAturrb fMWS 2rffM
n.l Itad N. !. lJroucU .'tarrll If.iln to
Aibmm nd Cmntmmpt ion, biomch C.tarrh
cau!-. ljipi.t. iLviit-finoii. .nfl C.Mtrrol
the Svomarti. Wiihtliwo m Sailer Fit. Kalkil
aim, m. it tk Biik. LItm- ktittj Unm
I "iilH H cTwntr. 11-4 KneUd
.. K.nsa. City, Mm, "For 5 years I
auflr-rwl wi'h A.lbm. and . nntH for worh ol
r.y kiml. Hi bead .nil iunp stopped up with
wliwiinst. rattliuf . ana couettt.K day anu oif ht,
anil I rtibjd nollio down, but huU to sit up In ft
chair to lrp. in 4am ami ar Ntt weather
I mCrrfd tui t. The Hrannnittn .M. ulcal lnstl
lute eurcvl me. ami I hniy rrconur'nJ them
lUMSiotedith Ailh4 anJMil ftVCK "
KSSJVflllQ JJJ r cbronfo
compmtuiMcure.1 at home.
RTinptom bUDloifr-M whether joix loks treal
nietitrrnou Wrilo wUy.
I!ereri all yon eUiro yoar treatment will do for
ItloHvaf. It entirely stopped tle BoiMM to B.y
head acid truidc my ljerir.K perftrl. 1 can hear
any couverit !m vittin ten feet t"i attain
wlilxile iaoi!l-a. i rnr.il yon nam of a friend
filii td as I was. I know your treatment wul
car her. I will m.lia om!i to .11 I hae Mid.
Vour lle.!gH.sd f rituJ, jAJiKS UltADSUAW.
wan I real meat. Aatlilag rlae to bay.
Eick.Clct Feet. Ports' Dlvtl.t
Cataract, tr.nul.tci LI3.
i yiru arani I. ewrxf t with Ui
JiUor undutirt.DdiDf tliat wa 11! ray.
ft aouutl and well or Sit trMtmant
will coot yog botliin.f Wa cur Lost
Mnchood, Booilu.l Wm.bm, Rin&a
" v.rrh'na. Omiorrl.rt . Hn lillit. V.rien-
cela. ritrW'tura, aod all waki.te. of Ueu. or
it don't eot you a ieotiy. u4u!i?ti and
.dvioe foen ity letur or ku (Htrwii, .trltli ouciU
dontiat. Call or writ.
ee... Tfc. tnos eonil.lnU Priyt .,! e'een
.ootmMerificr tuoU"-n enw, tt 1
H 003TDHS,
af. V a s v
cuutiacuiial, tjciKiiially im uv lcu.r.
Sfrirt!ir "''J'y cwrd uiwut the
w.uiiuic uis of itiiirutiifpii. a new
ana miitiimie Jt m irHtiueat. Noind
na ttxixMaie. to chuik, cutting, Uu,jir
or toumi. No OrtculUifl it ma tuwtit..
1 hmuNtua rurrd. A W-tnnr(it cure ita.-r
nirJ or money rrfuu.ltii ttn tutuu lo ju
k hkb luily cipdiua Ou tit.M-ae. t
Varicocilfrnlar""u ,h "
vousdrryjliiy, wciktitu ul tft ua ytciu, f?
eft' LK-lUListifutlv ui.i il i:) .i..i ...... i
Hydrocele. .tU' i
PhlinoIiwMeb'"l,rurJ "few
31 5""itiywith-,ui Mia.
crlKloa of .le diar.M-a, th Jttx.au4U
cure, acut aealoi ilx uu .i.i.i. S
lumirm to nie. tolth run On
urea true tu lite nh.iil
.i n ..r.lt8'V.bcrJari!or" f
i. rutti i s 1 ti
a irjfr f n
1 II I,. I I
- ii.. . Nu!- I We-rp f
0 EAFii ESSs
v in -
Eor School Boys coil
School Girls.
Wc arc pleased to offer to any
boy or girl who will secure tor us
CENTS, EACH, MAKING 15", one acre of cabbage, value
A TOTAL OF TWO DOLLARS! 5! ,ne acr,i,f K'r-'N value $50
($1 00) and will send the money
to us together with the names, we
win man 10 ins or ner aa.ircss, j
charges prepaid, A BEAUTIFUL
FOUNTAIN PEN. This pen is l
guaranteed to cive Perfect satis- i
. . . , ,
faction if properly handled. Rub'
ber handle and gold pointed. It is
first class in every respect. What
is the use. of having a bottle of ink
when you can have this pen in
your pocket, all filled with ink and
ready for writing? This pen is a
gre-t present for the bey or ;irl,
and if you wilt get out and make a
little effort on Saturday, ycu can
secure a list in a short lime and
earn this beautiful pen. Now is
the time to make a trial as our
proposition will only bold good fos
sixty days from December 1st.
Send money by postoftke order
or draft, and address all communi-
cat ons to The Kansas City Week
ly Journal, Kansas City, Mo.
Send for sample copies of the
Weekly for canvassing,
The Trii une will guarantee you
satisfaction on job printing.
Cures Ulood Tolaoii, Cancer, Ul
cm. IZezema, Carbiiuclett,
Utc. Mediciue Free.
Uolwrt Wnrd. Muxey'H, a., 8:iyx:
"I miffervd from bloinl ooIkoii, my
head, f;iee and sliouMcr wcrt out
mam of corruption, nt-ht-H in bones'
mid Joints, biirulii;;, Itching, wubliy
(kln, wiw nil run down mid iliwcour
np'il, but ftotanlc Blood Itnlni eurcd
me erfeetly, henlitl nil the noren nnd
piive iu.v eiklu the rU liglow of henltli.
1!1oh1 t'aliu put new life lut my
blood and tnw nniliition Into my
brain." Geo. A. Willlitiiin. Koxtmry
bice covered with plmpl.. chronic I
units on buck of hi-nd, nipia'rnt '
awelllns 011 n.t k, entliiK ulcer on
bone iniiim, Itchlns nkln curvd Jht-:
flxflv 111- I'.itni.l,- l'.l....,l l!,l...u..e.,u
nil li..i..d. liiit.-inti i.r i t..,,,,, !
curfii all Iiiall"!l!llit hiood IroiiliIrK 1
" " I rtllllHl s j
Kllt'h H eczema, HClt and Wales, j
. .
plmpleH, running sown, earblinelea,
... ... ... ....
.scrofula, etc. nlv'.d for,
all olintiiiute eiiKt-H that have reiit-hcd I
the mx-mul or third tw. Vn-l
iKiwtst, 1. Tu prove it enrea, Hnmple :
iof illotxl Kubu tw-nt tin ii mid mvimld !
ly writing I'.locd ISnlii! i., Atlanta, I
tta. lH-ncrilHi troulile niul free wed-1
leal advice rieut in aeuk-d letter.
The New North v.'nt In luerea-slii
from Immigration, liv ih.i fkNI ta-inli
yearly. TliU rffrlon offer, a held f,.r
fannera. atmk raWra, miner,, Inn..
U.rmen, mlllen,, fruit Krower, nnd !
alulae of labor. The fo.l v.Wvo. I
nilmr exteiiHlon Into the IHk Horn
i i . .... , i
Itt'irlou offera it rtiileinllit otienln for;
the live attK'k mid wool litiMlnerix niul
for furmliiK liy Irrigation.
Tim Iiidutitrlal exiniihlon that U
now the baU of weatli In the i:ant,
will Im reated III the North wet.
i he Home thought tow ar.l a home
ia Ni1.no.kii or Miniieaota, the lia
lotaM, Moiitaiiu, NortheaMtera U'yo
iiihiK, Northern Idaho, U'anhlnt.iu,
the 1'uKet Koundalid t'oltliulila Clver
"I he HurlliiKtonAoiUieni Pai Ilk:
i:xref" In the only through tram
iutti the Noi'tliHevi l.-rrilorv in eou-
nit tloii ulili the Northern I'.u iiic !
Itnilroad. TIiioiikIi i-tiarliew. chair
can., ( atH free). tiiro,iK!, linnUi j
eli tn lH over till liol t line lllel time '
miver to tlieNortllueel. ('oimeet ln
train froia U nver to Alllame In eon
instiioii with thU jsreut through'
train. Vou can reuch the Nortiinent
either v ia Kiiiikji t'lty, M. J..4 li
or li ner, l.y th IliirliuKton Itoute.
The r.urlinutou Im tun Indua 1
daily to St. I'aiil Miel tvi t n u. i ,1 i, '
reaeliilii; the valualile ten jtorv of.
Xllinu-mta aud the I'nk'.liiK 1 1 11 s -r -
ed by the Noriheiu i'arliie aii'Kireat
NoMherii liailioadH. Tin Itm Ih,-1.,11
U Die malii traveli-d road to the
Xorlhwent and North, lnvei-tliiate
the Norlhui'Mt by nddreHrln eiiher
ti.e lllilnxt I inl llepart liienta of I lie
tireat Nortbera or Noitle rii I'aelne
lUilli'iiaiia ut tst. l'aul, or Ihe ua! r-!
L. J. BHtCKlF, t-W. WAKM.B y,
I. V. A. .4t ;'i 1 .. a.i.
Kakba. Cii, SI... r l.u ii, Sio
a. w. r. A..j si.i. s...
. Hami Cljr Slu.
A Ten Acre Farm,
Ten uctes of land pinperly man
!od cm be made to produce the
following mid much morei Five
bundled chicken, vnlna $150; 100
luiKe)s, vulite, $ioo joo pounds
of honey, value, $"o; one acra of
draw In Tries, value. $8oj one acie
of potatoes, value, $Oi one acre ol
unions, $So; one acre of apple,
peurs mid peaches, value $iooj one
acre of oniom;. Valre, $joj one acre
of garden truck of all kinds, value
one acre of blackberries, value $o;
one acre of bean, value $jo. To
tl, $805. Deduct from this the
M)11) of $00 ,0 ,U1), fetH, for poultry
and $50 more for use'ot land, would
love $655. How many renter on
160 0CT" ot ,a,ul make more than
thai, counting one year with an-
othei ?
The (Ireat ewpiper of the
Cr?rtt West.
In inviting attention to the merit
of the Kansas City Slur it seem
proper to point to a few facts dem
onstrating us very great fucce's as
a new.pnpcr.
The Star i ihe larget customer
of the Kansas City post ollice. Last
year it paid Uncle Sam over 5S,ooo
for postage.
Though it receives daily the full
news reports of the Associated
Press the greatest news gathering
organization in the world it re
ceives in addition such an abun
dance of special dispatches that it is
the largest patron of both the
Western Union and Postal tele
graph companies in Kansas City.
It consumes 1,500,000 pounds of
white paper a month.
It is printed upon -Five great
Quadruple Perfecting Presses the
largest equipment of newspaper
piloting machinery in the United
States west of Chicago.
Such facts as these indicate large
revenues and vast expenditures.
To print in Kansas City the
seventeenth city in size in the Unit
ed States a newspaper which i
not outranked by any other, any
where, as is the fact in the rase of
The Star is an achievment that is
only possible when the fiiendship
and appreciation of the reading
public is attracted and maintained
upo;) a great scale. A multitude
"( reader, making the advertising
space valuable lo merchants ami
manufacturers and thereby prpduc-
ing the latgij revenues necessary fo
the expense of pubji.tiinjsucb na
VT, Can be Ohtained only by t ears
7 JJ"'
of Peritent il'.dt avor to illlpioil
and develop the publication to till
utmo, ,mii of j p0SMbilit!e,.
.... , . , , ...
1 ,,a, 1,1 1,,;tf' ha bccn ,he h,-
'"'' ot 1 e Kansas Uity Mar. I' rem
the dav it earned its fust nrnfilt it
has steadily turned back its revenue
into improving its quality and scope.
This policy, consistently adhered to
fur twenty-two yeais, has biought
its leward- The Kansas City Star
is now unquestionably the Great
Newspaper sd Ihe Great West. Its
',;,il' bv ,oS.0O0.
U l,,e ftr" W
i, rcBdl"" " fu" Wtlil ivtuc t,div"
l,ttl ,,Jr ca,,,tr' "ev,' di lur
cents. It was the first so establish
I . .. ..I K. ...I. . . . - - .
vsai. ..iiit.Fii vi ttrui. a tear.
- 3 st". )".
i at- vuui)' .-i.h toiiiainmit me
conccntiatcd news of the world and
Kuod reading fur ihe whole family
lms over j5.c(x paid-in-advance
The Star's riewsatherin(j ftcili
ties arc unexcelled and the news is
untainted by pirjudice or partisan
isin. Its market reports aie com
plete, intelligent and accurate. Its
miscellaneous rcadinjr matter is
chosen with Ihe utmost care.
Ju illustration mid value to its
news and hiuutuie.
lis fdiUiiio! imlicy is for advanc-
I(H" ""'I profit s.
Its aJvrriiseis me the best aid
,,, ,Iu.lwoM.y ,er(,hal, ,M
,. r ,u
jhi.iioiuvmiiu,, r-iin n 1 .1 1 1 i; (1 piO-
ducts meetm every need.
Ail l'ii)re edrnted Proposition.
The latt-.l iiml most revolution
ary innov iiiiuii ia ji)uinal:sui, made
by The Star, is the addition of a
trjulrir miiiiiin newspaper The
Kan:i Ci'y Tint. and the fur.
iis.iii(r of ICvinin. Morilini; and
;....!...- r.ilo.,... 1 :.u
out iiuie.isc ol inice ll uewsn;i-
prrs a week lur 10 cents by earlier
delivery or by m.il. This unpie
leilenti d pi 1 pi.sil mil, w!iih was ail '
u all ted t-spt t imrni in ( li odu-r, lyo I .
promptly dine -i.li jtt d i:se)f 0 ,r
a Mircoa. I'll. I 1, lleli I unit tu
1 he Si ji ' 1 t'.iilt 1 in K msas t.'iiy
iiiild l!s ii:.HHli,ile nibiirh., a i. (t,w
tX'ell'li l ihtouyhoiit tiip whole
Mnj-e d The Si at ' I'imilulmn.
ICvtMM;, M(iiis,ij, Slmiav,
13 Isst's;a
10 cents a week.
S.x)t pork. U a famous olii
ishioncil temt'Jy fur con
.i;n!ition. " I'at plenty ol
lork.," was the atlvicc to thf
co-if-uinptlvc 50 and ioc
cars ago.
Salt pork is good if a nun
an stomach it. The idea
ichind it is that fat is the
bod the consumptive needs
Scott's Emulsion is the mod
rn method of feeding fat to
lie consumptive. Pork is too
ough for sensitive stomachs,
v-ott's Emulsion is tlic most
."fined of fats, especially
prepared for easy digestion.
Feed in p; him fat in this
vay, which is often the only
vay, is half the battle, but
Scott's Emulsion does more
han that. There is some
hing about the combination
f coJ liver oilandhypophos
phites in Scott's Emulsion
Lhat puts new life Into the
.veak parts and has a special
action on the diseased lungs.
A sample will be
sent free upon request.
Be lure ll-,t t1'! picture In
the lorm C( . UIJ i on tUe
yrrar(er of every btUlt.
r-muj'wn'yna huy,
409 Pearl St., N. V.
50c. and it; all drug-iils.
it-.. -rSS
A burning desire to fill a high
place, to do something unti'tial to
attract public attention, to do that
which must be accomplished with
tremendous strain and stress ot the
faculties. a straining after effect,
this morbid ambi'.ion is one of the
cunts of the age. "Success."
If you want to supply yourself
an family with good reading or
the winter with less money than
anywhere else, call at Tim
Tribunk ollice and get from three
to five good papers for the price of
Home Seekers Kscnrsion.
November and iS, loot, Dec
) and 16. Jan fj and to, 103, Feb.
3 ami fj. March j am! 17, April 7
and Jl. On the above dates the
Missouri Pacific Railway will sell
round trip excursion tickets to the
following states and tetritoiies:
Alabama, Arizona. Arkansat.
Colorado, Floiida, Georgia, Indian
Territory, Kansat, lows. Kentucky,
Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota,
Mississippi, Missouri. Nebraska,
New Mexico, North Carolina, North
Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina,
South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,
I'tah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyo
piing. for one fare plus $j.oo for
the round tiip.
Canoer. Tumor. Catarrh. Pile, rittula. Uiera.
Im rLaaaUaJlfhi.asa Ikm ii vsrli
lur Itmsuatoa itouU. Ket Irva AiMrra.
DR. BYE, tiVV. Kansas Cit, IMu.
-a Tradc Marks
Of SlGfS
H'ti- if aw etiaiit m" fi,iu;u-'.u fit itititrr a
tftvasi.l !(if IB at-nts-MMf 1 l ti td Itft. f IS VI I- h
lloti (IKtlT iiim.lajl Mni. Haltillral'al t'aitbt
tit frsaaa, Ol.(nt tifllt'S (of HWttril'H pI ),!.
Scientific Jlmcrican.
nt'wUriit ot n f. leu.uBP V-uriiail. 1 ff 11
tr . f-ur hiitU, tU AuU il r.w4t..ir.
tvlUNN & Co.B'-- Ksw York
If tiATfiT I A rttft'-T. hf'Uf tHmalil f tb
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ku o-ni ai I b w.il- l trt-at. i lit (- ft )lik
Ui.lpl.H-. ni Ht I 'i. I U.in.!irU'i 1 i,,. ..lOx.t h
B t. r .-,-1 (....- I ' rl. ( mjt Vi fee'ltttf ,k trv4
ft a-T" 1 ""'I ' lw ilu
f,i, Vl'A, funt T4i m i (. ftos.4,
vrr ntifci. ..-.. .-n r U - . I, t iu l. tii.1
t't l-.ft. iil lw wtH.4s, pud to)t,i. s-B
iHU Atu r- I
titttua fct.r ff4f, tunm vt(Mi
Vs Jfr
"Stiehl as Ihu Crow IMIca"
Kansas (gity and the Gulf.
nttsburo. Kas. jcplinlWo. fi Smith Ark. Texarka na Tex..
Shrevcport, la.. Dcaumont Tex. and lake Charles la
ltiROlGU rttniAN MttrtRS 10 '
Shrevoport Beaumont Port Arthur.
Houston - and - Galveston.
Direct Connection for Through
Business to All Points in
Texas, Oklahoma and Indian Ter.
Visit the Famous Aikansas Health Hcsorts
Cheap Kates to above Uesoits all the Year.
Homeseckcr's ILxciirsion'Soiiiii "&Vt&.
For Further Information apply to Agent K. C. S. Ky.,or write
J. II. MOItKIS, T. P. A..
Kansas City, Mo.
St. Louis & Worth
Arkansas Rallyay
Ciuuecla at Selljrmnn with the Ht
Louis and tau Kriieir.eo.ew time
card In e!ret S11 inlay .June. 2'J, l:ki
Ko.l Lv. KuiK Pfft. 6:"i. n.
Ar. Hulisriiian 1) 40 a n !
No. 2 Lv. Hellgman '7:10 a.m.
Ar. Eureka plnjrs 6:07 a.m.
ttvr:B!ii TRAINS.
No. 6 Lv. Eureka pplnjts
Ar. HBllfujan.
No. 6 Lv. Helljfuiaii
Ar. Furckit Hpriivs
Nik 7 Lv. Eurrka Springs
Ar. Hellnumii
No. g Lv. Hellgniau
Ar. E neka Hprings jn.tr p. w. m w up ip. r edited exptVKKbr for every
CoiiDecthm lioiu T.ieh Mill. Mn. j i-tatc mid ti rritory. The New f
inailo wlih the Frlaen via the Pae.m; j "'f Wothl t nrriiugtMl that busy
at Carthage, ur via Uie Meiuplil. at i K ,.p!.. , n im,rr ruxlly eonii'.n-li. n.l
Nlvbola Juliet lull. '.,, i...,, . '
it linn li.v n-iidtntr euiulMTrtitiuv tol-
AI.SMHt.AIII. I.- PLUlphl. CUM ,,,,, ihMu A
to Eureka tprlna a a H.-allli Ito-1 , , ,, , , 1 U
l...trn laauanl, will, new ',U'UhX vMu l" '' "l1"1
lllu.tratloiia. A cipy .cut frn t. any 'dltorlnl imittitr, wrltt.-n fn.m Ino it.
addre.s. Ad.lrKr. ail li ulilp ami thu tJo n to date. Th only pujn r
orders lotleo. Vt, Mauact-r Kurt ka ' puhll-h. d er.Mi lall,v for p-.i,i,. w ho
yprlngs, Ark. j ,,. ,,r 1., n,,t n tid daily nvw fp.iiH r,
(SFO.WEST Manane. and ji l thirst for plain fact. That
- tiiU Uml t.f u liYi,mp r Im popular,
II'IIPIIP Trt I TF l'r,,v,", fact that the VW k-
HllLl.L lU LUlfAi C.,-V v,Ti;s,n.j,1.rly
a j mil'M rllx-r. nud U i ln ulm.-.l n all
w, in im Tia.nonr
Taav.aa.o li T h a
lie reel Central
Southern Trunk Hue,
Kentccfcy, Irnncssre, Alabama
Mississippi, florlda
I'arinern, Fruit tlrawern,
Ntitck Kutaer, Maiiufaiturrrs,
lusratora, Mpeciilntora.
Mini .Monry I rnler
will find the j;r,'",,"st vIoium In Ihe
I'lilli-d Stata to make "1I iikuh'v"
l.v r.'Holi of Ihe almndame find
el.eaplieiiH oj
Lu4 mud farit.
lluia.r ana aiuii.,
Irwa awa S'bal, j
I l)ir ft.rrililna,
YrtT hlteH, lliinih l.il altnliee, and
fr.viloin from tasalbni tor lie' i.ianu- :
IilldM lilid fal'liiM at Jl fin r a re ,
and iipwuidN, and ,,i.ihi m n h In
Went I'loiida that ran U-taken ral-i
la under the I', H. Iloillif tend law. I
StiH'k InUtiiu In the Unit t'oar.1 ,
IMntrlet will make ciminmu- piolll. j
Half l.ra varar.lia ll.a II r. I au4 lltlra I
la..ay. al aarli Hinitlk.
4't ui know lint you u aiit, ami !
WO VV III tell Vol! where mid how to j
(fet It Mlt Hon 1 ueiny, 11a 1 he 1
country U liiiln up rapidly. ,
Printed matter, limps mid nil In-
foriiiatlou fn-e. Aildresn
0ttTl f until ratio lnHiti In) Agi
LOULsiVlH.r, KV.
S- n.riH:y iri.i;i a t,u iyn J
' I llw-lcl. lAni. II ur I I 'A 1 1 11, iitlt II !.! t
rrirvi.is i 'c 'tn.iil.iijr I'rt.U4,
. u, s- ;iTO a ntll I fit O .,
1 -aiMakj.-.l W 4aaV "vJ i
jUppoaito U. fj. Fbtent Oi;.v,rt
li-itf" . --Ja
Road Tho Tribune.
S. G. WARNER, (j. V.&T A '
Kansas City, Mo.
Aiii.rfra's Grfatewt Weekly.
Toledo Blade
Toledo, Ohio.
j New IVeaaea, New Ktereoljp
j I'laiit, New and Modern Ax
I pliancealn Kverj lemrlinent.
j Knl.trK nirnt tf U!iil,tli,c to
!rnr Tinea t l'reant Sin.
S.M l. tM.j
6:-!5 p. in,! 'fort- t!n eh we of J'.UC'the Tol,I,.,
";!5p m. Jbhole will J, Installed in Ita mw
HX'i p. ni. i b'lliiiifHT, w ltd it inoicrn plant nmi
b.H) p, ai.i''it)ii'iiii-nt 'with fK-)lt- tsijtinl to
V ut. '"'"J pnblk-dtiiin Utvv,vn Nvw York
0:fi0 p. 01, ' tnd ( hlniKo. It lathe only wtvivlr
part" lln I". S. In nihliii.ni ( K
j lii-WK. thi llhnli; puhllKln-a abort and
jBciial rtorii-M, iukI many d artia iitM
jof liiattrr aiilted to i-v.-ry mcn.U r .f
j tin family, only out- dollar a ji-ar.
j Write for lim n ropy. Addrt-wa
i Toledo. : : : Ohio.
Home (in ker's Ilicumlotia.
On Di e. 1 6, Jan. 6 and 10, Tib.
3 and 17, March 3 and 17, Apiil 7
aud j. the Fiisco line will nil
round trip tickets at one f.ne plus
00 to points in Missomi. Ar.
kan.as, Indian Ty., Oklahoma,
fems, Kansas, Arizona, Colomdo,
lows, I.ouisiiina. Michigan, Mimic,
siil.i. Ni-hiaska, Nw Mexico,
N'or h and Somh Dakota, I'tah,
Wisi-onsin. N'oithrrn Miihifj.in,
Wvnm.inj, .Alabama, Florida.
i enliuay, .iiivppi,
, -" 1 v-ioiin 1, li-imr,.
e. and Virginia. Minimum.
i'0J t.J goillit.3 ,,,y, ,j
I ni 1111 ii aaanaamaina. m.iiin i
io Try
li lmu:-. a tviritviy ric-U 111
mJcvei.iptd rtikt.uri.ra; a ttrit'rv
(.; t.vh.inj, uulumlad J-sf.!bil;!it6 (..r
i'.t:-3';''-. horticulture, st'k rais
i"U r;:!;:-..1u m iimiiutiiiiiiK. And
I-.-t. In.t tint least It is
The Scenic Route
for Tourists.
The FiUeo System ouw ,.fi . .
Iivclir.( public excellent si ivw
i;si timu
Uttwoe-i St. Louis r-. li. 1
t'i!y ai.d point In MU,.;itt K. :
Arlan.s.-s. O'.'udjf.n.a, Ii.c an 'i
I'iry. T-.-t.is and the mi:- vt-t
lift em Karsjs Cit and '
in Tcimtv.t Ai.ibitn-. , .
tli'irijl.i H.u-ja and . r
Betwt en ISIrmbiK'-. 't a:.-i
plus ai; 1 (i.ins in Ka. ms. -
Oaiail' 11., IiKl.an Teilltity.
and t:.e ai.J SoniUni .1.
lia'.l ll-.iV...!! nn ,-.;!c r i
: , f ulltf I jllil,.';! J ne: 1:1 a...
, I ,
I 'I
r.ti n t any r;ivu.-"lain ,t t
Company, 01 tj
raaeni!tr Traffic Dipanne,
VmniriMtUI BvjlUl....
bralnl Lcult.

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