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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, April 30, 1903, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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IlICU HILL, MI0(71tl, Tlll'itHDAT, Al'IUL SO, 1903.
5o. 34
1 t MU U'
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of Hie World
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not and lxa. t prratly reduced
I or-, tic 11. No. 4 Uil lS, DtC
j o..l to. ) oi and jo, I'tb. 3 .l
,y A i ni 7 ..i.i j i it. A. H ui kv
i oft HAi n
r'mir or rirw tlirnithUrel
t'oluu'l I hlii Uir. t my lrtu
7 mile e4t ol Itl. li Hill.
The Great Republican
Paper cf America
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llonitw ken w 111 fl n.l that tl v
rail nrl all the lnloriiiMlloiiuloiit
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iltvillnu in hin.U In ttwlt t txiiiti v,
ioi l i. will 1m i Hmil lit (nil
aii'l mi' oil, or ill ix'ii.l oil nil
Ilu iilviulttrv that on Uwiy
want In r-li'oniv to tlic cotintry.
VNeo't l le likiMil toii ir
you t nil Mini ' u, or wn.l ti
w or-l ttirall Aiil " ou. Imir
lon rutin at any tiiuo.
Wbat a VttVk Kp ef th UaltH
6utca Wcnl4 Show,
The ciUH'i of tktth tre to a Urge
extent a tuatU-r ot georr-hjf de
clare! en? vt tli at t lepnrtt of the
cciijus bureau at Wathicgton.
A map cf tho United Stile h-
been prepared under the dirctlion of
AVilliara U. Merrkm, director of the
twelfth temuf, in wLi h the country
it dividt-d into 21 dittricU.
There district Lave been marked
to thov tb dUeasea that are nioft
fatal in different parti of the toun-
itr instance, tLe moit fatal du
acs in the district in which New
York citj u tituatcd are consump
tion, pneumonia, Bright'a disease,
apoplexy, bronehiti and dij.htheria.
The most tcnsational death occur
in the Pacific coast district region,
in the ttate of Warhintott. This is
the only district in which gunshot
wound are reported aa a prevalent
cause of death. Heart din-as, sui
cide and apoplexy (how there the
largest number of victim, and the
record is held for the greatest num
ber of death? from alcoholism.
Lung troubles appear to be roott
numerous along the Atlantic coa?t
from New York to Virginia and along
the Mis sl-fippi river from New Or
leans to the Ohio river.
Typhoid fever and malaria come
far down on the litt in mountainoui
diMrici?, but appear at the top in
North Curolina, South Carolina,
Georgia, Alabama, 3Iii-f ippi, Ar
kansas and Indian territory.
Although only thwe out of every
100 die of old ag, there are a few
fortunate district where old age
rivals consumption and malaria as
the cause of death. Among these fa
vored Fpots are the Cat skills, Adiron
dack. Green Mountains, parta cf
MU higan and Wi-consin, and the re
gion on either tide of the Missouri
Childbirth, croup and whooping
cough appear to be mot.t dangerou in
the district which have the least
Iopulti.n and where, presumably,
uiC'Cital aid is most difbcult to ob
tain. Cancer, heart di.-cas and apoplexy
are more to be expected in mountain
ous. iort of the country than in the
level ci-triot?.
In eight f the 21 district rheu-ii-at
is4i reap a large l.arvM of death,
ccticcably in the thinly settb-d states
where the inhabitant are ino.-t ex
rw.rJ to he tudd n hargr of the
(unerally quaking, it app-ar j
that tho majority of deaths in the
ev'Ur.trj are caused by rlimatio r.di
tions. while thoe in the tit it are
atu-d by mk il fonditii.nf.
The farmer on the Ikota prairie.
fir example. nwl to guard against
rhcumatUni, but not against malaria
or heart dirae.
The New Yorker may well dread
lurg diaso. but neni have little
fear ofarlct ftverorrheumatism.
Ma4a IT and Confortabla if Sow
In j the Sa Iridoori.
Several )rar ag I found myelf
too much i f an invalid to be out in
the garden o ing oe!s, and w ith n
one at my ifttiw who, nix a writer
iu Country I .iff in America, in ny
opinion, (u!d U- trusted to do it fir
me. A Miinnur without (lower wat
too dreary a pn-sjH.t to Ih- ivntetn
plated. 1 set urcd a half di ei u w ood
rn l.xe aUut the sue of tvntmon
tap Uc ai.d hud tl.ctu mi Mid so
tlmt they were imh four it!ihosd-cp.
The Im. fiv so small that when
filed with i-oil they could le tanly
lifted uUnu. I l.a I the K.xc filed
with m.iI lnun the gar.lui; and
jui.-iine my comfort a 1 ;it at k
table M-ing my wtU! Tbi re er
r.o irniiijd laidto and athir.g lmtk,
as wa u-ui!!y the when I had
sowed my seed in the seed Ixd. 1
had that ar a fine a di.-pl.iy of an
nuals a 1 er had when we d were
sown in the garden, in spite of the
fact that the weather did rot get
waim enough for it to be prudent for
a invalid to sit on the ground to
traiirplaut thiiu until ttuon June
and 1 1-
0a tka Jump.
lop!e who areforxexl todooery
thing on the jump never hae time to
look I fore they bap Chicago
Uka Kbcl,
A gnat t Utai le to misru narses in
Afiaa is uum J It the fa.t of that
eoutitry haiug no less tlauU'OUn
D Yeer BaV
Ala do jour bet, cf vur.
tut dou t tupet t!? wo'ld to cite
Jon v.j U lu va it. Vhicaw Jvtf
. . . .
OScer Wh YU& Tw-rat TitMal
Enlltta Aia4 at Eia.
"lieirg shot al otte cr twce ia
quite tnough tut the aierar man,"
said the old soldier to a Nf tr!rc
Tirnc-I)eriHret rtpoitr, ''but be
ing shot at 5!0,(Xa tiii.i would seem
to test human endurance .nd Mra:n
it to the breaking i7,t. Yet tho-i
what hajjKned to th.- late George
Moorman, adjutant general of the
United Confederate Veteran, and
this distinguished soldier a ud civil
ian probably ijuit the war ;th the
honors- so far as making of Limself
a target is concerned. While run
ning through the pape of an old
acrap Wk the other day I nn err!
a thrilling H'-ry writie-n by . T.
Blackmore, with Fort I)- rwlson aa
the scene-, the late Gen. Moorman the
hero. From thii story, which was
published in IhT,, I take the follow
ing description cf Gen. Moonr.an'a
daring and miraculous esctj at Fort
Donelson, and I am sure few more
thrilling incidents of the war lave
been related: 'We watched him a
he cleared the wood at thefrrt few
bounds, never expecting to see him
alive again. A& be stepped out from
the shelter of the tree irJo the open
space, thousand cf fyir.pathetic eyra
watched tie intrepid young soldier,
apparently moving tn to nain
death. It was a war pkture: tLis
handsome eclcier, not yet of age, of
splendid physique, six feet tall,
$tar.ding out in bis new uniform in
full view of thoe spbndid icarka
tnen as a target for thou-ani of the
enemy' guns, willing to sacrifice
himself to sharjhooters from far and
near made him the target of their
aim, and thousands of bullets and
cannon ball were plowing up the
snow and ice at every step he took.
As he reached the f roz n brant h in
the valley he fell. Every heart sank,
thinking he w a pierced by hundreds
of ball, but in a moment he was on
his feet (hi sword had tripped hiir-i,
started up the hill and moved diag
onally acro the t ;w n space ard
reached thp tin'oer ur lmmnd r.d
untoueh, (cx.ept n.ry bullet hob, j
ttrough Lis tiotces) whre ,u;ir.es
regiment was aaaitirg orders
mandcr wa wounded .nd the tremT
fell bck to rather strer-ih f.-r n-;"0I.r w-ee- l'uui-i. aerontms of th .. 1 --o.-Ki . u M-rrjust
.1 1 m , " . to law, lu Thk lis a Mil l TfeU!' xr.a ' .,, , . , . , ,. ..,..!-,
Other attack. Many the-u-at..; e f 1 .L !v n. t.ut-'V ! "V-. V'" -.u;- U
callact soldiers have stood jr. t! - fj.ei Ii-Ih-1 iu Ilot.--e.. nitty. Mo., tor l..ur; " v
of terrible dar.gi r. mounttd jara-J
pets, mid icrf"rin:d h n ie f. !.i.t
it is diubtful if any sob'.ur in our
war, on cither side, had an expiri
ence so manrclous ard mirat ulcus.
IiO heroism has made many a sol.li. r
immortal. The en n.v, r.' t lessthan
?,fXK ct $.i strong, irut have
loaCcd and fir! at b a-t thrre cr four
times, beside the sharpoo: rs. and
the artillery kept up an ino.-ant
fire at him, so that it is highly prob
able that mere than 2o.i shots
must have hern concent rated in tliat
saee during the time l e .ini(
o r it; and it is prot.t. ti at niore
sliots were fired al him. t ndcr these
peculiar -ircunistarci , than at any
one single human soldier durir the
war. It an r.iirr be known bv tnv
human agency how be eter eseaind
dtath, and will always remain to me
one of the most wonderful irmditlt
I witnessed durirc the war."
T. Story f a Croa. f leepcira
Or4r f KaiihthooJ.
At ihe Uxl i-.iiirt lil at liiu i 1'. :h
some get.lleman had the misfortune
to Iom' the cross cf the ljec-jdd' or
der. The cmj ror hiiun if ! t.a!
to olM-erxc the di-oratioc as it lav in
he llovt; he pi ked it up l.d hat.Jed
. to vce of his atttbdar.ts. H iuatk
... , , , .
wuh a good-natured s.oi.e tl nt
.' gift scoiiiid r.ot !a to I so
Li-hlv v.lu-.-d bv tl . rnu-o sit, a be
p , .' . . , , ...
evuld h.0 wished. il mo.Mic
the Usual b.-t of artitie lost aud
(..! .1 il. ;
.... 1 . . 4 1 o -.1.
and tin re among funs. g!o, I rd-
ketbief and tm.Uis fgvred the
cross of lA-opvld' crdr vf kr.! t
bomb the ownir i f the n i.-l.i ! at ti
ile Uirg inute! to apj 'y with
proof of own rbij l the t-;-;rea
ctbiV cf lie rvnl leurt. The i.r':r
is still UlHlamod Jl,.l, sum- llctiu
perer's wonl bae tun psud cf
en where, i likely torxti.a.u w;-.l.i. ut
Acta aa a Caiuctr.
The reason wh shij-s ate Hot
sinus, ly hhiiiiEg i altr.tu'cd la
the gii ia! u-v w hi. h t now u..! if
lire to t. r 1.
. -t: ,
ell as 1 he but tll the l ulls if
hip ate u-ually wut!utlrd if ivvts
ersbcb Thus Ihe whole tb'.pfvtu'.a
N lA.vllesl a lid is 1. 1 .Dl.'Us Ca I 0 ue
;ir, 1 1 iiu it ef wliihtheebctriiitt
Ud a n i l tl? iegti it
ba l.u.i'hiwisiicuuii,',
"'in wimiiiiniM ii Mini !
Order T l'abliratln,
ttr Xflmutt trt,
'o. tt or UTr..
In t. Irrult ( oort 4 l-tilm
erutr, Vli""ijrt, Ja v
FAtt. Afril tVth, I'jrfU
Clara Ij-r, IlalBtiff.
Jatism Miilile aiwl the biiIdowb
lrlra iA John ii. W ,!.,
Kowr at thus tUr to&
llatntltTby bet atUjrnrya, Tetipplo
toot Hale, and e. ber MtUi.
m l.t.1. . O.l.. . v.
that the eWmdant. Jatrw Mackie. t
a uourS-i-Dt c the KUte of Ml-
-url o.J that the othr-n !ant. j
t w nnkcon b i-rn of John tt. Wet-j
'SJe.dwa-J, are ankwa to her. t
thr phtiotlfl, aoI that tle '.rJinArjr
on the MM d-Snatit4 tr aur 4
them; It i therefore orlerfd L-jt
CVrk that r.ul.licatloa h" nia-le.
tlfjin&tb Mkl tk4eadaau that aB4 the port of k;-Z. at-?
aetioa baa l-n eofuueir-l i:Hirt ; , , " , , . ,
. , j b.aung eve an.-j -i 'eaiti jxr.;
them. tT prtiil'jn. la ttie OrcnltJ , ;
Court erf Bate County, asuri. ti ntrI ie.io-r irtste.! Ztt,mU
otiject and p-n-ral nature of w tkh , thr&cf h esiore t rtwwn. r.t
actlij la to ohtaia a deerve frona the bio! f ?r- oe c tle rt i e'.'i
aahl eonrt, under the itotWob
.Section Numlif-r C3 f tbe IU.'v 1mI
Statute of ISy3.f Miut, eonSnii-' ( "'
los la taiotlS tbe title to the MJowr-; lii- 1 rap?,-;., pa: t.e ha-r,-log
isanw-1 and dexritiril land, lylajr 'et cf o r-e!y solie j
twins and situate lu tbe count jr ot tbreshcl J of ettTr.i-: y."
r.aU-D autrState of JlUwHirt, to-wlt:
Tlie eat five at rv of the north w-t
quarter of the southwest u uarter if
Section Six of Tow m-hip thlrth-eisht
and lianv thirt.r. anl that thJ
niord title to nahl lan.l! jrV t-.l i The Home and Tomb of Yah
In I'lalutlO ao.l that all lii.t. title j
aul all claims ttn-reto U forevi-r
nointiff al;ntc amonjr otb-r
thlnsi. that Johu H. WedJle 1 dow
ileee ued. that J'lalntifl Ijellevm that
tlx. re are prrwoua lnteiwted la 1 1
iwhI lanU na belrwor tM'ti of taiH
cLuimiug. by. through, or uu.Ver hitu i
or tlx-in: tiiat iilaliitin cannot tris lttg steamer to'Hrz as it passes,
nate the interest that ahi uuknon n ...
U-lrahareor c-lnliu In smi l land-, ifjaad to te tcjj that every
anr. nor can he rive the nanse of i steamer which plows the ti
nai.l heir a ulie Uaa no knowfcxlpr j
or Information tlM-rtv. ihl ttition j of the I otouac when pavsing
bel iic 0 uly veriflwl 1t affi. I.i vit: ! the ton.b cf Wahinzt"n tol's a
That tiiihwM the ivalj il-eiulant ! ;
and ai ivar at thin court at the next j rrquierato hss memory. Oeo. T.
tenutltereof. to lie bnrtia an.J ln!4i-n ' Ati'tU
nt tlK! tVurt lloow, la the city.j! "
Kiitsi-r, in the Nth county, on the
VrS'S !
j j'Sead to the leUtJon la itaid cauwe.
V 1 tlir wilix w ill W takea a t-onfr-wl. ! .
I iiifMy.
AiVl W It furtlu r oniervJ that a
u.rU u v-!-iv-!.v. tlw l;li.t inx-rti.-u
to Wat leat thirty day forw the
uevt term of tin- circuit court.
W ItihiMt my han.l an. I tle
r wl of tlse tlreuil t"urt
-l llaln rounty, tht
th t4 April. 1:.
J. A. rTTro.o,
Urvult iVrk.
By, C. M. Bafcki.KV, l. C.
on n cr htm. I
In theOreutt tNurt 4 JVtiw
t'ountv. Mlwourt. Iu Vaca
tion AVrtl M. 1 ct.
Katk Kmhkkl, rintiiUa
H'll.USM II. KWHKEK. IV!el'!(tUt.
Now at thUUay nmM tlw j-tt!n-tlft
brrt'to by her esttorwrj. Trmplr
toa tt ltak, and nlrw l r ix-tition
ii. I atthlavlt. Mlkxtuc ni'o-t'tf otlK-r-j
tUtus:. that led utl.int i.haid II. j
Embrwe U not a rUK-ttt vf tlie MaUr
of Miw.urt:
VbefMiin It U orvlerwl by ttw
ek-tk that aJ lefeu.laut t' notified '
bv totblxntlon that l.Uuili l v ,
u. ."r. 7i !
1 . . ... . ......... 1. 1 ...
m.iureof whuh l to a 5i-'
or-e (r-io tlw ih-K n.i.ie.t. m.l bxsv'-
j V .u,
I matrimony i!.sk'11. J
01. the rrisuiid of iW-wrtiou lorttwi
hia-e t J lu.irr than ivh jrar l tore
tin eiuiuienv'isM-iit i4 lUu avium,
ami th.tt uukw tlT tkOl a. fc-n.l.uil
lie . .-r a thU oirt. at II
tft tenn tlB-r-.. to tv l-.ui uo.i '
i hobb-a at tk v..rt Imu. lu tbe cite,
ot Hmk-r. la m.1 count j. ltwth
-fUy l4 Ju, IM-Xt t, tr tWi
' l.iot t.iy of ilhs.1 t-rm. anwT or
b. tl- j-titioo la tcuj f
j l he soe iil Iv t.iVfB M f..ul,-l. I
AUt, j.j.jm l. rvuhred a-,
cord:iy. j
Att-t t It lui-ttxr or-vrv-i tn.it a
i'I'T IsenJl..
tut-!liie.l. .i-.ilia4 ;
to law. la Thk l.ew ti.iL I i.iu i
wtikly newi-r .rtit"l au4
lu'idil-l iu rUr (Miiuiv. M..f .r
bir n k tXTrwiivl , .tt l-
v-rtion to lv at W -t tUtrty l.ivi
lI. f Ite. flir.t il.r iS 1 lu I tr,ti '
.J liar ttnuitt'Hlt.
J. A. I'rr k.
A trtw o't of ttrv tiu t V rk.
tin- rved
iti wty t-.-vti-l ud
I . . tb MMlll J ItH ttn'KIt
V I'lHIll U ltl- O'UlllV.
tliUt ! if v of Ai.rtt.t'AkL i
j. a. rt k..
It v C M. ItAHkt v tinu:uU-rk.
l. C.
Notief KImwI svrttleiueut.
N.ti.- I lit r l.v leu to a!l irv.1
H .r tt. I ot !- Iijl rrd lrtl,i-l.-tse
of W. II. H. l i ok .ko.il,
lli.it I. ! irt ry t u bi i, . (vau
fit 4 Ml I rvl.Vte, liilend to iu.Vi
riu.il n. 1 1 or. nl t! rvif. t if I V t
l. riu iJ t le t otitity rristle
lurt. l it- ronttti, td
Mi,.urt. t i 1. II at l i.l'. r. Wi
..u't, I'll t u 11 lb il y iJ Mat. le-S,
tt4aiftt IclftN Lie.,
i t.vmrix.
A Tribute to the ltre.
Th I''.owitij lrvJ Of. k a-ym ft '
writer r'tc. the icrA.-r.tzl t,i
large fjort;vti tj ihe h:.rP..e f.;e.
Tb anmtl that h ! rs .': car,.'
slant eo-npar, . i rvir.j of rr.
Siac tit ear',.es Ks-dory t rrt'iT '
the boTfte heir! jhaa fty '.', .tr '
animal, i evinced r-v ire ( jw ',
toechil ti.Lufe ij a w f 'ft vis-
kisown wt ttnr.t:
-Here's tj i;:t Let.!' e cf
' e?-f Ztit t
courage of a g i j:;t tte tix.I
ol a slave, t prc--i carrlije ef
nKZ atti t Cbe-J ttce c i
, . . , . ,
Y--1 1 -
F '
-;hae ai
tr.t l -T-
5 that g to ir.i'.e t"..e ir.i it
i What i&ore
eaatiful to; 1 k
i said of the r;vi
e h-se,
rr. i.-i ?
j ,
t tM 'hlel ,r:ecd tf
tie tier
TbocsacJs cf us hue visaed
tbe tomb cf Wasb.rgtoa at Mosst
Vercca. It is a spc; dear to t!.e
heart ol every true Atntricaa. tut
ncthtcg about it is more iGucLicg
.w u !
than to hrar tb t-eli cf s-&n.e pass-
Special Mottee.
To THK Sj! IliS i"I.O OS" T!J!
ow i r-M. Kiiii i Mil; NTii-i; Co.;
Noli.--in l.t rv!.y tiint l' rv
wKl t ft ti::.r J th L.trxh'.!d-r
j -'th. 1 r.-!.i 3 t.!.! a. ti. t.tl
ts'rloek i. i.i.. t.. v. ;.- ...m the f-.!:.
j , ir . .j.; -f,
' 1
' " r,'!o,t' !'e r'!''!l! fr,,,J
!Th.rty - n i j,..iiji,1 l.:.,,r jo
TI1,T - V( !l !iO:!:WiiI
i!rv lK;;.tr; f:.. f. a
o"lt-r t.U !'.--.- t' at 1; v
t !I T
t" kcj!!v
I'.y orK-r 4 t'..or.t I-.rv-ior.
J M. y. KiHt-r-x t rvt
I. I . K !M X V-'V.
l:ivU lir.l. Mo , Aj.nl 1 1
A Daisy
Target Gun
for the Boy
Mil ll) w!.3 d;j:;r
son e f J:, CAN C.LT A
ln r.
Ihe .iia.; i.j I-1 g.ia l
Tlii: DAISY." u is
we. I r.4?ir.t Ti '.t is
tbltty niVs i.i IrftS f,-v n
Ihe t-n.l lI t? 9 tjttrl :.)o ihr
end t l the Ti b-irtti
ad t teic.i ie ti.u!:f I in
uoktl. I'l e sio.k t u.i
tl waI.iuI In fact, l:r tui
li J trill!) thlOiiJi.-ut. lhis
tua t un'.i u c.t cente r ta I
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