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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, May 07, 1903, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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m,u ir. t:i
BICU HILL, MlSSOCftt. TUT ,18 DAT, MAY 7, I03.
4 -
o! the World
i i nltMllv nt thenrireof
' . .I....'- ii .i... ur.ri.l vnrr Tucdnv and Friday, lull and correct
M'lrW -t ,,. r - A nVt vnVle.y of Interesting and Instructive tvnrflwr
! :.r for every .m-,nl,r of the family. I W. Year 8 klILE
II, un- J.irn il. Twiii'Hlwrirvfiywwk, One lollar a i(ar-bAULL
H,,, o e-iiml or rival ntnorifT Western Newspapers, and ought to I lo
the bund of every render of ANY dally pnprr.
Dally, Inclurtlnir
One Year -ux
6 Month
3 Months I1..V)
Daliy, Without
One Year tf.OO
Month .1.W
S Montlm. 11.00
The Great IHTorld's Fair
Will lie held t St. I,uul In :M and the KToatest St. Iuin newspajier
will If indUpeimilile during the coming rear. Subscribe to-day.
l cte.
The Kansas City Star (Evening)
The Kansas City Times (Morning)
The Kansas City Sunday Star,
13 Complete Newspapers a Week 3
.10 6E07S il EIEEEI.
Subscribers failing to receive Morn
Evening or Sunday. Editions
promptly by carrier or by mail
should report the fact to
Why not sell your 1 arras whilo
you can get the top of the market?
Wo will advertise it for you free.
Write us at once and get it on our
next list. Address
i ii. g. GnssEmnri
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i itriiisnsciTY. nissoum.
!. .w.w. -a, -a. - , - V - - a.
On il i f.il'n u g lalr lh Mia
vui IVv lie U;lav will fccll one
wav ti'!iiut tiikcta to Indian
., I.iM i'i.014. Minouii, Oklaho
mi I lij. st gteatly icdiiced
i r. . n, j i . N iv. 4 aiut iS, Dec.
j i l I mi. I jo, Fvh. 3 and
A i 7 1 1 K- A. LUu v
... , .
fOlt HAI.Ii
INiiir or l'a throicbbrd
I'olatid I liloa boars, al luy farm
T liUlcscaatoflUcu lilll.
The Orf st ft pabtlcaa
raper . America
a Weekly. The latent felejrraplilc
One Yw 12 00
C Month 100
- W - V
lfMiui4'kcra wlllnu.lthat thi-y
can t!-' all the biforutnt inn about
tlie t-outiiry ntid lauds f-ruK',
that tin want, Innii us. We niv
tl iiUni; In binds In Hint country,
Mlid hr ia 111 Im pl.-HM .l to rail
(Hid mp .iu. or i l send ; '. !l
tlie ln-rniir- t lint you ltiy
v nit lu r V ri'iu e to tin- ciuutr ,
We would U' pies e to have
you t itll and v us. or w inl us
v or-l to cjII ami ! )uii. t. i ur
sluu rains at any tluus
rr.:;.m&c::x. r:;u:::u':,
Htrswbcrry Kbortrak.
One ilnt of flour is measured lor
thU riike.
And then of lrl or else of batter
One tlil.f jk ton n At one proceed
To mix wljli milk n softnsknend.
TWO tlll'l'WMHlill.f luiklllg MW-
ler. no
It imiy lie Iltfht, n every rook dftb
know, ,. '
I'.iike ipiU-kly If Tod k!i to have
It good
Ami finuiijtliusaiiiofctd.iw lounf.Hxl
Split, butter, A 1 IwrrW. Iltfbtly
With lugnr, place on top the other
Then In the oven put it to reheat
For a few minute; quickly served
and eat.
Table Talk.
A City Aibamed .
In the May Mdlure'm UfKoln Stef
fen add another splendid likeness
tohUerie of full-lenjith pjrtrolt
of American MutilclitalUien. I1tta
burtc, a Mr. Steffona ee lu-r U "A
City Aehamed." Unlike "Sbanteleiw"
St. IaiuIh, I'lttuburg tried to reform,
and. In cjiltc of fallnren, ntean to try
u&nlii. It lc an nlieorblnpntorT. and
KHln ttie prinelpal flmire, broagbt
out with all the author's skill Ju re
lief ngnlnxt the Imckground of ma
chine jKilItU t and ring polltichui,
stands forth the (treat
Amelean lUma a third ype f Mm.
In the ierMon of Christopher I- Ma
iree. In Mr. Steffeun's opinion, "tTirts"
Mgee's ring wan tlie inoft jx-rfect
ever devlned to rule a city. It was
"M Mafe an a Imnk;" for, unlike But
ler lu St. Iii1h, and Antes in Mlr.ue
nM)lin, Mtjp did uot have to break
tlie laws to achieve kla ends. Indeed
IltUburg fum anIUuruiuatlDK coo
trast with tKth Iouls and Min
neapolis, which Mr btefteus draws
with much brllitaory. No one who
litis read his prevlou articles will
enre to tnlw this. Lincoln Ktrflotu
In the May Mlurri.
Conkey'a Home Journal for May
opens with a tplenJid lot of abort
atotici, and begin a new aerial,
"Mr. John Desmond, U. S. A '
by John Coulter. Tbe abort nor
ic arc full of lite and intcrctt, and
the aerial promitet to be one of tbe
bett ever published in that tnaga
line. Waldon Fawcctt contnbutc
an illustrated article on "The
American Dower Trade," and a
page ia devoted to the "New Kua
aian Embasy at Washington."
The woaun'a department aa usual
contains beautiful otigin.il dcaigna
for waul, a lesaoit in lace making,
a lcnon in home miliincry ind ut
gratioua for hotne millinery and
uggctioua for borne dcttnukiug.
"Mi Fiocb'a Table Talk" con
tain tnauy valuable hints ar to man
irra. A delightful two-atep for lite
piano ia by Walter I'ctry, a leaaon
in p:no ploying i by Dr. M. L.
Quinn, and a leion in vocal train
ing it by Prof. Henry Dakvon.
I to rax Not I'otaonoua.
A Wakhinton dipasch ttatct
that after a acaaon of eaperiment
viilli vsiiuu tooil ptevctvatives at
the buieau of cheinulry of the agii
cultute drparlmciit during the laat
ia mouth the twelve young gov
eminent clcik tt.li.tid by Dr. II.
W. Wiley, chief of the bureau, to
(cat chemically prepared food in the
interest of science, are now in bet-ti-r
phytical condition than when
hey at.irtcd in and the bureau offic
ial are congratulating thciiturlves
on the auccrs of the woik. The
first ktage of the test, in which bor
ax alone waa ued, has been com
pleted and it it expected that a re
port on the result of the use of lhi
meat preservative will be made to
Secretary Wilson the latter part of
tbe month, ur. Hey govern
ment clcik have eatcu the meat
against which all Europe ha com
plaiacd and erected sanitary barri
er and thry have experienced no
harm. On the contrary, they have
waxed piitk-skiniied and robust on
the "oion" diet. They bloom
with health and vigor, having com
pVxiMt like. society brllc en J all
dcclaie they ere ia excellent hcsiih.
( aaaaatsx-, Tfc Oitnl. tT e,,w' t ..ek
jsr ask tnaa sa-1 tajat J tsa.at t'.,fra B ca9
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Or4r tti rbileatle.
Ktatb or HnwTrt,
t'oruTT or kH rtM,
la ITiwiitr-ourt j liatr
tounty. MWort. fa -rathMt.
April Sth, IWrt.
(lara Iowry, rialntiff,
JMir lit 1,'td tl unknown
h.'Ir, ,f Joba O. WedJle.de-ci'isiw-l,
Now at this day eoiow
riatntiflby her attorney. Teinple
ton A Hales, and tii- her -petition.
wMrh aiiKiijf other thing:, xllejp
that the de(t-c 3snt. iatnen Makte. U
a iMinrenliVnt 4 the Ktate r.f
soarl. and that the ttkcrdefcadaots. ,
the unknown helm of John G. Wed-, fntnd and cornradei, whicti cot
dle, deceased, are , ufakbuwa to Vr, I ti&ue to n.u'I tut iLtZidgn.
tlie pmlotrT, said taat tlie orkltnary
process of law cannot tie served nit
on the takl detendanta or any of
them; It Is therefore ortVtvd y the
Clerk that publlcatJon tie ina-le. no
tifying the said defeudants tht an
action has been cotiiiMeueetl aaiOKt
them, by petition, la the Circuit
Court oC Bate County, Mlmonrl, the
otct and geceral nature of w hich
action is to obtain a decree from tlte
aid court, nnder the provisions of
Section Nuruljrt -C3 of the IlevlHed 1
Statntes of l09.of MtawnrL eonfirni-
lug la plalnt'3 tltetltle to tlie follow-)
ln named and liewrrilted bands, lying
being and situate la the connty of
Bates anbstate of MWaouri. to-wit:
Tbe east fire acres of tbe north went
quarter of tlie aouthwest quarter of
t-ction Six of TowimhSp thlrth-elght
and Ilanie thirty, and that the
record title to wil.l lanOota iierlectel
In plalatlff and that all rtht. title
ami Intereat rf tbdt4fttdAnt.tf aa.
and all clnlius thereto ! fowTer
barred. t
llalntiff alleirtftar. anions ot her
tltltiic. that JoUn ti. tV"edlle in now
oeceaaed, that pUintift believe that
there are persons in tereated la the
said lauds aa betnor ler1xees of aaid
d"ceaed John ti. Weddle. or as
claltiiicaT. by. tbrooeh. or under hint
or tbein; that plalatla cannot (Wig!
nate the interest that aald unknown i
heirs have or clalia ia aatd lamln. If j
any, nor can ho jtlve tbe naim-s of
said belrs as abe has no k no wteOce
tr infonuatlon tbererif, tuiiJ ititiou
U-Iiik duly vertfted by atbUavlt:
1 ttat unkwa ttie Mul iH.-iuIintd tw
and appear at this court at the next
tertn tin-reof. to be bejpiu and hoMeu
at the Court Hmiw, in the city of
Ruiler. la the astid coout-r, on tbe
Sth day of June Tit, or on or bvfore
the IjvkI day uf tbe aaia Tenn and
plead to the petition tn aalj cauoe.
lite aaine wUl tie taken as confrMel,
and Jtnliueut le reaJerNl nccoril-
AD'l be it furtlter nrtb-ivd that a
eopr.lwtvof c publWIit. acconiinj; ;
10 mw, in 1 hk ikn nii.i. 1 Him K.a 1
wrv-kly ew.p, r itrinted and uu-
IiMtx-il in JiJiie county. mk. tor l.mr ;
weeks su:oewm-!v, tlie int inwrtlon 1
to at lent thirty days t--ftre the'
neat term of tbe circuit court.
J. A. Patykwmix.
tlrcnit t k-rk.
A true copy of the nvonl. ,
U Itnna my bMi aiK ttM
aeiU uf ttie llrcuit Court '
if liatea cmnty, this.
Hh of April. VmO.
J. A. I'lrriamix,
Orcult tVrk.
By, C. M. BaakLKT, l. C,
ORDtR or rtciicuiov
. .... MM
iwmv or ptk. I
t. ft-...l I.h.1 .hf llatM.
County. Missouri. In Vaca-i
tlon April .4. i:n
Kat Kmhhkk, t'talutllT
Wii ijaM It. K'siMtEi:. IV l. r.d.-iiit.
Now at this day come tin piatn-
tilt bervln by Iter Mtorw , Trru pie
ton I in It-", and tlliw ln-r pi ti!nu
and stfll;lt, allii1nff anions otl-r
tliltiK. that m udnut Wlh,uu II.
r.iui.oi'l. not a r.4 !ixim tiif Man1;
. J LI ... .4 . I
Whereupon It Is c.rb-rH bv the '
ck ri that std di ti udnut in- n.ttiivM
if iUiiH-nion iii 'iiitmiii tins;
ciiiiiiii'Uel n suit u;uiiit hliu t ;
this court, the obkxA and ir lu rxl
nature of wbkh Ut.i prv-m a dt-
voree from tin? dend.iut, and he
the IhiikIs J iiiMtrtin.n. v diMoiied.;
A. I . . J .l...rf I..I. f.fu.
.iuuv of more than one M,r Ub.rv'
ie coiuiiH'tKVttteiit of tt.U nctiiui. ?
and t lint uukM the s,-ii l d. -ffud.ttit S
U-and appear nt this court, at 1 1-,
next term lliensrt. to t... l vun an ! j fct$ M ;t we breathed a tpu.to&l
bolden at tbe court bout, iu lle ctt t i , , , . .
of Uutk-r. In ld county. 014 itt.- h!ooue, rtfieshmg aad mvigcraung.
day of Juue belt, on or Ufvre tke, )at example is cofl:antly intcr
btkt dsy of an id term, atmwer orj
pleatl to the petition lu aW eaue.
the sums w III le taken as eotiteNvd.
and ludtrment wiil be reu.V-rv-4 ac-i
cordlu:lT. j
And lie It further onlered that a!
COj-T lKrr4 be puhtUi-.l. awcttrUuiffj
to law, in In lia h ttat. iaits.j" " 'o1
a wevklv new.pp-r jriuti-l and v tv- hearts cl ih.'ae who bcboIJ
utiiwtMii in im- eoukiv. m.i , tor
our w- ks aoccnwitvly, the tat lu-
x-rtloa to I at kiat thirty
l4ire tW Ami tav ol tf-e swat terui
of tbeUrvuitiVuirt.
J. A. I tt m-K,
A true ctpy of I rrutt I a rk.
tbe ivirl.
WtitH- my baevil anl
( I lie mnaI ttie tlrtuit
KAk ( ourt lUtrs eanl.
this .d d tf Aprd.t .a
j. a. rn -.
ItrtMllHui m tovuttiVtk.
1. C.
Nollcaof i iaed Ketllasueat,
NotKe Is hervhy fct ru ta !t crl
Itors aud otlieia lt.o,''tvl Itittiev-t-
t t 11. 11. iu. k yx mv.
iht I. Burtw-ty I Mi ll !). r. u
lit ol itd estate, l-.li tid . iitMke
rtu.tl ai'ltU-UM lit tlu r-A I, tt tUe In st
tt-rui if the t'Atc ttnititr l rxlt.it
Couit. In lb- muuti, ta5 4
lliwurt, to l bi 1 at butler, M
011 it, ou tb Uib ! iv of M;i,t, 1 Ai,
lUksar i. i.ua l.; k.
Ura4a(l rUaay i MSm Are
V. Twaddle, Dllvr4 at tfa
lUth Hill Hlxh frcbol
April 29, 10O3.
Our Juctka ttgini at ton,
and extend iir into 1 ft, but the
time comet in etch of ixir 1,-m
when the influence cf the home p-
on the character ceate, aiwl U ac-
j Ct .'c I by live ery potent lizX'jr,
"Example, the iaf.jttice c( owri
Burk bat tatd, "Example m tie
cbool of mankind, and the will
learn in no other." His grand mot
to i well worth cur rene-atiuz.
Example j a ai'enj tcicr, bst tte:1 ciarc:er ia a pr-pe:ixl
inflaence exerted by it ic iaei to
able. Example if the caovt power
ful educator of our life.
Unconsciously we lead and, tsn
i conwrioudy we
follow. Men are
by nature imitator, and it is only
j natural that Jour associates ahoold
have a powertu! influence orer a.
All person are more or les im
pressed by tbe speech, the manners
and the habits ot their companions.
Immitation is for the matt part un
conscious, and its effect unheeded,
but thi does not make its influence
any the less permanent. Al ytars
advance, example and imitation be
come, custom and finally cofuolt
date into habit.
It ia a common saying, "Men
are known by the company tbey
keep." The aober do not SMOciate
with the Amnion- iK iV.
coarse; the cultured with the dmo-
. t . . i
people arrue low tastes, ud h a!
nAt tV..f flkak frn.Lns. a ft al- .l. I
wvs as ia luai a44 41 cUriit J VI turn I
society degrades the character?
Intercourse with tbe se'Sih is
most injurious, for in time that
same spirit wi!l be created withia
us. Intercourse with tbe cu'dured
is refreshing and invigorating. We
correct our estimate by their, and
bcome Fartrie c-
tioo. v e learn from their fjiluret
. ... .... c. . .
" c i j i-cit
j experience. I3y such asociattont,
our aims and our desires are e!evat-
ed, and we in turn become a help
uJ n,QP,rtW3 to ouf cawpan-
Communications with tbe good
are productive of good. Good
(h-ractcT i always dJfajive iu its
ir.fijcnce. We should seek fellow
ship with the good, for contact with
the good never tails to impart good.
There may be good in even the
mo transcient thing we do. They
mar leave touches of beauty 00
other lives, of- may put inspirations
toward sweeter and better living
into other hearts.
In all our busy lives we may be
laying gold, silver, precKHJS stones
Cn Iht i 1 of lite tcn.ole.
tenai w men win not oe consumej
:or i,nihed in the fire that ahall try
. ,
nirn wosk
llie life cf a good
man is a mot clement lc'n ol
virtue, and at the same lima a mott
! erlul reproof of vice.
et is the power cd goodness
(; ,l-,.rni sn.l In r:n:ini. There
' pei'U in whv.e ptoence we
jwvsen wi.a u,v i'i u..;vi.
r.. v. - -.; c our- t-,. a itn.
. , . . ,
ptes on the soul of another. A
1JM h but a bri! m!i-n.e and
. wis.
't- . Cumpany wuh anoth
er, etctt thxih it be but a Wrt
bine may v'o something whiib will
icetc an eteiol tuch of beauty
vpon bis character.
Even the gvrn'.e natures bate 1
bwI l4b! iiiftatiKtoa tbs char
They ate enabled by thcll
power ol aiievtioa auj tntit.igctut
to ukV.J tise cbaractets U nun dc-
lined to iilaetivt sr.J to !cv at ' ura ahia t-taati.'J pen. N'jiar a
i-ei race. the t! v 4 j taakc a ttial a our
Entity wf whaiacter hj power lo J propositi oa wtll only bold g fi.r
ev.Ae energy ia ctheiv Tie !-) jsty Ao f,ui Dci;extr tst.
vHi energstx wa bnccuvtciouvly t4 bioaey t y s)lu;!:.i vr-Jei
(Si'tit vtbeis wi'.h ki'ti. tJreat . or Jtslt, and sddra all comuiuoi.
fc.iuJs are t'wU in ui.bt!g fice. ftat ... 1 j The Kansas City Week
We s.'a-uM aJuiie tvtil.ty vf thf i l Jo-tu!, Kan tiy, ilx
ctcr. It i iu t! sciwu of yvmia Sxn lfj sausla csp.ts tf the
the ipe!9 to ai-r-sre r1"!--It
f5fcn ri! t.e patsrt h p't'x
nd optn to Tf tc-i4 iit we
great ekae?.
There i oavet.biif Jea in ti
fact that ttfA a tioushf. at ait
bet carr w;th it it tt' ti t-n-4ccei.
Hence it w trat ti LU
bt eierj tzin t di!y isca.caf,oi
of tod kaJ erar;p: to t.
Gecrge Herirt tij. 'Heep 5 -,'.
cosop-aj ad yrva &a!I fc
& tse ;
nmi.r . hat rd Ivii tt
teach w bat as cst t aad caa do '
at b. Leu. It aaaj give rtch rua
Tbe bttsbleu m a jt-t cf the xrta-1
ett may adrsire aad fcr?pe, ?1 t'e
corf e. Tbe exaarle cf wr fcre-
father it stl.'I with c ti
5nfienc acwJ i dect- N'c-LCy
What we Jo in lore for car feCo-w-f AS I5TT;UJGEI T SSOKSE.
men will live. TJ rTWr4TMasnrriMt
Oae made a piece cl ct.'y eov t ek-'i? i s5rafjsr
trod, cry, weavirr imo it j&xst iU ' ep -S fcr
rer and gold Usread. Tie cwkk...... .14.,
wa tLea laid away f r a sj:, arvd (rrWat or . ,4 taa. A!
wnen n was looked at again
1 w . .
wbo'e beaofa! aad dc'.i:t
tad decayed. Nothing was left I rs'4 jt. w- 94.
save tie suve, asd tireai,.UX IV-
These m ere l-t'git as ever ta iir.cr-j ' '""e '"t T'-je- a-
k!iil.!.Ui.iir T. .t.,-4.
ia tbe web of a lie which eadsrc
are tie silver and gold, threads in
stituted by the brotherhood ot tr.cn.
Tbe words and exaxpies of great
men live, and and tm tnto the
thoughts ot tnetr accx s. and J
help them on the road of Lie and i
often console them ia the boar cf
death. It oug! t to be the deepest
longing of every true heart to leave
jlatt, sometiirg which will be
I.vinz In&piratioo to others
ice worm tetter or worse
.4 a a
where I tread?
Wbat have I done in the years !
tixt are dead
What bare 1 left in tie way I 7 . . T. ": ,
Foibles to pemh or blessings ta., , . . . JfT.
1 . j,.
hpeeial Notice.
To ihh Saaawioii.k.Ks or m!;'nrsU -a. T'jtireM
Cowwc-iH Kiasca Mr sa.f.Ttt.c Co.:
Notice! breby rivvn tu-t ttre
w id a r:v--tla ol tbe ha-rh-':i.l-r
I tbe .oaw-M( klbfvra !-tTa!:le;
Cik.at tlte .&c of sbl corjre la
l!Vh Hiil, Mo. on flijUy. Jjm
?'th. lvC. front o'ct w-k a. m to 4
Cn-V m,7 TOU W" tU ,"Uar -
UfiSt s- (at4 CI Ml . a-
To reiluiv tfte ca: it.-ii stork frora
Tblrty-Jlra TbouMa4 tVfijirs to
Twnj'r-T-a Thousand H"- Hau-
drea Uullars; aUi to at 03 av
other businwas that may to kcsal'.y
liy order of I'rl of thnK-tora.
J. M. at KlUBtC", 1'rrwt.
U J M'-Kff'fS-cv.
EWh Hia. Mo.. AprU laU.
rcr School Coys and
School Girls.
We are pleased to cfier ta cy
boy or gl who will secure lor us
($i ou) and wi.l send the uionry
10 us tottber wsUi the nacue. wejfrou s. Lv..-. lii.ial f.-ou I3 Baa
w.:i mid bit or ber address,
vhaiges prepaid. A llLAUTIFL'L
FOUNTAIN PEN. This pn is
guaraotecd ta gi-re perfect twit.
fictioa if projeriy bandied. Kub
bef htsj; sod o'.J pciated. It is
hist c!ii in every ttpct. What
is the kjtn cf bavtcg a iottl cf iak
ahea joa can have tin pea ij
rtJ for wniies This pea t a
gicat prescut for the bey vt eUl.
( tad if you will get out add make
J t.tt; cliott on atuiday, jwa cit ' ! t! k-.w ct u I the U-
sccuie a lit iu a shoit tuvt taj!y 10 make it.
A rrww.
i f ' i -?
ji r Ji 4 1
rxtxxl EKtri fsdi! ri
rjU! IwU SjtI Car..'i!j
j af r. W.fi.,s, Urvw, i-n t,
, rj0-m ILl-fW f t, . -lMl if am
f f t ;n W1V t :-u
f i'r ! ur-.oj tc iUir
Ail uer lantuer ti-rt tanit
ailvaatye A tk tffw.wii'i-sV
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