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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, May 07, 1903, Image 3

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D. B. KlttiY, Proprietor
Optra Hcase Bldg.BIcknl, Mo
The II. S. Cadet .e
lit Halley's HlufN.
Ladies shot- in l.itr.t stile- mil
neatest fi I S Hi Tlit li?sar.
Hatty Urown, postal clerk, was
in the city hot Saturday isitm,j in
Mr. W. W. llumiws wa in the
city I'ueiday looking after business
Mr. F.ward hai been ap
pointed engineer at a salary of $So
per year.
The prettiest hat and most ul-
Jllr1 Letter, f
W f Vt I.i,.l,.r u. ir,l. t .... ...... I .
S , ' "i- " , " " " .. . t. ,1 , .... ..111. I.--.1 . -. . a . 1.-..T - II. map... M. ( ( . ' V. . . 1.1 I e-.. ...... ...
, it-wing tiur mticiiKt.U last wet k. I you Mw ,t ! tit ,.f , yer. It 1 ,?; Sr a fr t !riot rr.rr i.'aM. ' .''''' i t
! V li'-j-e soon to be able to ftirrn-li w iil lmo.. j-'ill -rn. aik! ! 1 ) ol J-t vttV'r ar.y 4iy do rwt J ';'v'ri I .J
.... i . . i - . '. . . . i i . . i
I he M tnilar J tM , ' " ' ' - i ' "'-" ' "i mw - n'ii. -f i,. . ,.( -,,,.!
I V V..
CdtCJ.IHJJ f (,,jpi(,y
ii!i iim)' -f
I.'. o .ks ll3IUI.ll
'our bel.
lile an
J ft- t
f f' 'i ? f r : ,v-
i..rflt.' It fat ,r r...(J ..it fil'ini t llir tA ttf ft A I ttrm, Y-'rr-l lur.it !-' 1 : ,i ,.
iH-.ii. tuMi.t-. iii .is line ''"i,.,,! .i,i, ti, ,,, i . i, Ut,k . "t bn t f kh.nll B'-t k fior in- t,rtrt ''" t ,U ):.:
I; t.'ni' (if ) tnr.
1 1
fa,, ji ' II n
I (.; mid. Hi t 'Atlll-r ktlli fl'H-jWO ti
limit : not nnHii t-t it
C"!il. l."i(inuiril If j-!ing !one
mid K.iiie cm ii plan (J lar wi-k.
.Saw one ful l lnt Tl utv.lay that
Hd uj) nd a gout! t-un-J
1 lie rovt SuixJay motii'ng, wnile
a fjntiii one Jot nut stem to have
i! )iie ninth iljaxge. Our tliCimoui.
u-t iM,r- 0f ! '! wcitu -')h tir ir-,!-!- lii.t ffrt
i. ........ .. i tt
! iii-irv im tn-lit.
but ir Hf Ja'!ot runt.
W'v wcrv ti.l.J ,jr wrpml jrTia,
Ttw fart(jm art. not M!n(tjn'li
no f'lr rv-l to toot kia bom.tmt ttJir
Wta, U to m:t K.V
ii'i, 7t.ik .ii i t(v t
onl ar9tt J lw i in r!-.',.-r.
it j w
c-t W i'. !l . V .it
t ti rSnr?tt nt rr.-.
ith millinery in the city at Mr.
Ames' Dazaar.
Mr. and Mr. Adam Seelinger,
from east of the tiver. were in town
chopping Friday.
Mr. Geo. O. Circle i builil'n a
new home tn ihe i!f of the on
burned down ome tiire ao.
Emhroiderv (-ilk. in et rry liide
qt The HZiar. A (uil line jut
received by Mr, b. L. Ames.
Monday wa pension day and
nearly all the Boys were in town
having their voucher made out.
II. G. Spr&lter shipped his nier-ry-go-iound
to Emporia, Kan.,
Iatt for the itrcet fair at that ciiv.
If you want to ee Washington
j and Oregon go w ith the Frow ell &
Cook excursion on May nth. tm;
Tuesday wa a bad day for ti.e
how but they had a good crowd j
and the entertainment wa excellent.
Lt Friday morning a
! e;r riK''ered 36.
While the colli, wet weattier hat
been bad for oat and corn, it hat
been all right for the wheat and
grau, and the propectt in that
Iiiie are good.
The prachea have dropped c3
or l"i-n Mow n off ' ucH an rx
lei i 1 ' .' 'i i mouth t (r 1 o
"wt'tr"' ti l ptachv und cream.
Itic Uail.iii drill bccari work
lii.t w'tk.'-ut tbey bae only gotten
started and everything in running
.K L.ilf..M I. .. . - - . 1
. . . . . t . : I . ... .... . . .... . ni r nu"UlltJ I' T t ' I '1 BOJ'J UJI fl
tiint nrniK-ii tri :nn citrriiiiji .... !l't.
tUt.ir.J1. I.ut wir t.-.,r l, I. tnnklug Mr. X'.rk !. jr,tl li
.kJfornl.r,-r,n f..,.1 V.,t It. .w0ritAlli. W Urn tkr b i-Utj Uu,
ill.J not tl.li MC Mo-.i.l eitrrr tin-! " .-' , hp. ittotv. ,a ..ftr ;r fys
,,w.llU uliit.r jult wl.f..,N.r1.1K rt,!t4UI
.t'i. ir tiumj. piutj tJirv
w !!J I rry am&3 yV-l'i rf at; iij,fj
i;. r. r. Hut. rUiM. ArtiiniC.
H w.'-xt.lsz l'"t. Cora an. I r.nnfon.
,. . . . t. .f.
fotiii. j
I". M. Vl;.-.t.-r f!r'v liUrsttW-f
n ay uut lu Knua to aturr thia
liobliimon. north of town, 1
lutvlns Iht ortharj triintiwl. It
dotn ln-Ip tJw bxjka '!-tity.
l'ruf. tJi'iublt-r bous'it a otiw raorr
jirii-rty in our lon n. Hf kno
W tx-rv tO lli-t trU MKiIl , YAV
l.im l-jtuiiiii; rM.h t i nou
In. ('oi:ri r v a vj frosu k ia tn;i
an. I ii nti-n-.1 the KUelck Voj''
4 fruit or Io-ttW.
Tlte Uaoka ami ttM-rtkjanta ail j.i1i
il a K'x-I buAtr-, -atticSi Lrv5!-tx
that th lunit-r are rroaj-rooa, f"r
Adrian U a tamieraj town.
J. W. Matbrra, one of our ftypulur
nx-rt bant, ttaa sold LU w4 Irne on
-.-it Min, to L. ralmer, attitAlVa'
wa In Artiir tton-tar tuA .
t7J- tOl k to
Mm. i'jif l-VT wrf.t t I.'inh Ii.
Mon 1r to f:t ! i.i..;! t m 1 -tlrr
V.;.,J Vrt !.,T.
4lr. it tivl Mi'rVjr Tottm wr
to J.W b Jl,;j h... .ina- M'rti''.Ay.
d o it Eveat otcua to tco
i H-iht ehii-ima r at tii1
9 lVvrt!an4 eirtrt..tailtJ
, Ui- f.iw .! h.!.M-U. Morfwr
,''t "- J'.-- f.tr rli!!rn
,,t ir enr. f ifw Afs
rr.t tf.r rprt,i.alr rinor
t-r.t. At 1t. z'.at T. rx. Hnv-
j ir:WI S..f:J.f.. A-ivlwt. jtiVs S.
of -rnl-."-itintr. If be we lo
A iii. i.i.
to tH h'i t-lrv.
t,ut hoi U rMrt e te j.at-pj.it -pi
to tvot tb r H Vv'.j.wj- t
iEartTn-viatryi h.r.1 f. t -r ir- I U WVjL TCLH tlU 5ICt.
jlaar eonntrr-? Jf? Tla ikv f -r'
i Iiouhv. !) la jiikI pluiit-ivr and
In mnt n!out hU work.
r.t .-fi thst ti. r-.,
Adrian Lrm on IwtKlqqartr . of Tx:i r 5 1..-.-.;:: '.
i'jr fine horw. TrHpht Woo4a a&i j -jr- "Katr," ."' Wj.'vr;:1
Eniiwt rV'TTj-h3Te torn ISn aVjv-! Leo la, M-x
iMr and tr&n I m r tf-tt day I ,
... ... it.... . .... .i i
vie wnnivnn iicip )ir, uurn iwvj (i;(p5ina; tneiu
kUe.it tie provH-d U uulI Vtij The low of theeoar. and the wLb-!
ing in leaps and hound. The op- L"nfi John HoniUirk In inrrr half ;
poitunity to get in on the ground j through planting corn. He U a
n ...ii. uiiKikx
IWUl y 1 1 1 now i jw j. a r-i
C. A. Bird.
Bellamy, Mo.
John King U on the ekk list the
A full line of the latest pattern in
dre food at Mr. S. L. Ames.
Wm. Klotsche was in the city
Saturday looking after business
Spool silk in every imaginable
hade and color at Mr. S. L.
Ames' Uataar.
Judge John A. Silver hat pur
chased property in Butler and will
remove hi family to the county
seat. ,
Prowelt & Cook, the bustling
real estate agent have removed
acctvs the atreet and gotten in en
the ground floor of the Iiuckridge
building. Bound to keep things
Ed McQuitty and .Sherman Ko
bey are reported to have bought
them a fruit farm down in Wtight
county and intend to embatk in the
fiuit buiner Maylruitful rebuilt
follow their venture
If you are it.tcicied In Waihinj'
Mr. Mary J Hill and Mrs S.
M. Godwin, of Carbon Cente'
were in the city Monday attending
to pension matter.
Uncle John D. Poulter of Caibon
Center neighlnirhood was in the
city Tuesday. He carries his rlgn
ty year splendidly.
Geo. W. I'oulter, latt of Vah-
ington was in the city iueiy.
Like the man at church. Misouii
is gooj enough for him.
ort! r. They are about ready now
for w ork in earnest.
f.- t .i.-ii : . . .1. :. I
i:Miopa ... cm.u "ilroto RrtUKfi-ntr with him. but i ... ... v.. :. :r:..; :
week and Taylor, in. few day,. ,,,t want , la Hi wa, - T "3 TL" 1
l'uc: of real eslate are advanc .couM not In;, hiui. ,n.,rnin- for IU lat a.a.-.' a
late mnoose lat HunJay morcicit
rauMfl Vr. Jim Hail to po a tu'.'ne to
the pasture for cream for hla eoCr. '
Irx.k aaya he will try and heat tiir
cow boy to the barn next thu. j
Jamea JJaxer, our poiuL-r yoang
Markgmltb, and Mi Itertha. P.txl
man. wrre nnitnl In ruarrlajp- lat
Sunday evenlns. The young eonjiV-
are fn.ni the beet famiiim of A'Jrtan.
Kveryone oina In aaytng. "many j
kaiir yean, to Jiin and tiia loreiy ,
wile.'1 !
8ouu of Adrian". biiBiiwMi tiin '
lun.t hare lxru dillntory Inwttiniz'
wit Ii the city tax collwtor, an t!-'
mayor hj ix'mrjubulatiug among
tUtin tlK other day with tlx! r tax !
rwipUi all roads uut wttU the one ";
jwr cent and M evuta triumioga
altJe). with the mayor name a ;
ik-puty eolkctor. Some ;a:J npi
ami wonk-rei In thetr own mlixla ;
who got the tritumlncw. iMit one;
contrary fellow Inlortnetl tlie mayors
anI deputy tax gatif itt that w Like
be waa ready to pay kU taxea. ex-;
torti.Hi niuat l left out. The next
day tbe deputy waa around payiua:,l
Lack l tie trtmrninm anJ enang)ng
ll'mrrxt. ini itit st a
New Naleatuan.
Gtoge A. Huckcby, of Kich Hill ",,st Wtk
Mo., has accepted a pofchion a r. and Mr. J. W. Lliweomb. A
head salesman at Max LowenMein s . .
, I our burg Tliufxlay.
etre: clo'hing emporium, tuccerdmg J. j , ... .. ,,..,..,.. ...
frost ntpped m the bud much ol t- tev,i vf o his secured wcrk in ' . . .
! the early fruit, ard vegetables of St- Lou;, ai.,j w,;1 !elvc im,nediate- , Unvk-Ike .N. at". Mr. r.urkhol.k-r I
!thi vicinity. v 5o ,.n.r upon t!ie discharge of his putting ou ot t ! nioce they tnoTed to
WANTED Men with tennis to new duties. i rnm TUy were lu bran new
Is. L. I t. w.n Mr. Huckebv is a no'.inhed pen- I -'rtnS
Si co nrr acre II. M. 13 VLL. Is. titman, a cie er salesman inu u ..... , , ,
; o0 per .ere. u. . ua i j ... Kwer at tlie l'earaon coal aiope and
land Kanch. j r-een luemincu wun uic v.o.c b .train en sriue to boit the
coril now.
Claude hbauklaud. of I'.kh Hill.
been identified with the Cowlesj
McKihben Mercantile Co., as man- '
ager of the clothing department.
He is pleasant and affable, a good
n!fnun and will incieate Mr.
Lowenstein's already large volume
of business. We w'.li all parties
concerned in thechange success
Mobei ly Democrat.
was out on hla wheel Sunday trj lng
the good roadK. Oaud bad to walk
nud k'ad lii wheel hoive part of tin- tlie receipt, and then another con-i
tjIut, trary fellow-popped cp and inform-!
l-d the deputy tiiat 11 it wa good
Mens. Mark Shumate aad Mart ; to collect the cent yetstenlay. J
Wkeitk-y were coming from the : it waa bad law to refund it to-day. J
I-alnier wtw mill on the VeaU farm j X ou.cer. uave t.i. suey
, lat A e.Iueday and were caught In ; tluc (f U)V, Btl;rRwt tljat tbfT
, . ... .. that hard rain and ball. They w ill i pUee It with the fund that the city
Ijoort llonit .Meeiiug rem -uiU-r the aoakUu auliuiae very J collect ouce a niroth Irom oti of
At a called meeting of the; near frv.-i.ng. Tt-y w ill no doubt ; drag .tore, a It all look, like
, i very tMid law and ill gotten wealth
Township Hoard cf Lone O.k ren.emr the farmer and tm,or tlH?ci
: if.. ..I... tt-i.iil.ln r tlMm tir i
-EW iOY.
u if., wlio i. i.I.l n't uie tin-111 ort
Township, It was decided to t.all their U-uiu hflu-r out ff the .tornt.
Ed Jones, late superintendent o' - , meeting cf the citens. Saturday ! Mr. and Mr. Henry H r enter-
noinlr of vim tor.
the Rich Hill Water, Light and
Fuel Co. , has been appointed city
12 May i6th at Grange Hall ')"iw ,r"
Sunday from l.K li
a salarv of Jjo.oa per
Capt. J. F. Trowbridge, an ct!y
clerk at
l'tru in tlie intr rest cf good road
liiih y Wilson, w ife U nuuh lt-
notice In the I.utk-r lU-corl ; ter. Slie ha lvn luite skk.
cverv body interested in good road that J. A Porroii ol l:i h Hill, vvaaj J.,l.u Miik-r ha lUirteen or k
. . i i on the M-uool Uinrd ol edueation lor , kound to wllanl 1 do w lb lie could
RocI acJ Dam cl.c. - - - 65-
Ke-Iibe'.e-J !xd ria St. 59 3 5-
GaxUai Bti M-xe-4 Pa!t.t:.'.3, - - i.50
Wagon, Ir.f .rttct, Crr.j?r r, J 7r..t Ia:i-,
Hiri O.Is, Vara i'.i i:fnz asi c.' ii c..
Red Star LJ,pcr ic-3 i i. ... 5.00
V.'e have tie lars5t c pea 1 tick cf will pt;r is tLe
town, at pricis tbat caa't t tctici? J I j c.;tc;':.t.;ri.
All oar paints are s-'c'.d rider thz fTCtjeit gzricte-e
cf any paist ca the rr trieL
Come ia aaJ let ns figure ca yosr ptl sJ payr
Wc c-j save oj OLCLt) .
SUtXTlsSon TO tV. K. 1:0 YCT-
day resident and prominent ciii.rii .
of Rich Hill, paid a flying visit
friend in thi citvlast Friday ind
J. H. Thomas Ch'im
II. I). K K'.'i Cletk.
The school board at their meet
thi jear Institute. He wita he w ill Ht-lt thetu (r trade them for aoiue
I k t kl on l".d have the pHku. It ' puj and kill the pop.
fliould have hex-n 1.. B. IrthteaJ tf
I Mr. und Mm. n. ti.
Vetny IVjtkin took In tlie show, or
i pnrt c4 It. Tueday. I wacUxI to go
Myers and awfully bad but be never ld loo
Mhwe IJt!e and Knunis Kins at- i to uie almnt cn!ii2 with him.
itw 1i-ifli.tiv nitrlit ri-rlf.rle.1 lrof. ! f i. i.. .... .. ....... ...iA l...K.f. I ...
Ourrruil )ia"( ta trolu? town tiLcht
S. .M. liattctt supetinteinient 01 our. in ith-n iiiji suiKiay luortau. 'and day. We are polug t si hare
pubbc school lor another vear at aj liu lelkc eau U. I- l i ud thing lively arouuj here w hen the
! l..iv l rliO) oo. He will teach ""verm mre tw our ixeun ihhhk. (.halt t eompieteU
Wasiih Stock to pasture by
the season. Bet blue stem grass
and blue grass woods pastute. Is-
,.na,v.n,.,r. "-- i o senior classes tlunng the year. ! "nVt? "" 1 IM 'la lw 1 Henry I'ne ha. lgna pUnttog
per head. 11. M. H.vtt.. aj-t j ( ( () M R. wj( ejccleJ ' "xvrv "tt Um'1 U-'rn. Son-vs IL H. t.oodrum.
Tho..M.O,r and lamilv l.e j vi th S.de -1,!!'
taken up their result nee m llutler j Va.illrntlu.srn, of ti e East. the bulLIm,, xvere t.,ov,M from ii. 5 Mr. 1 t I k
lemporaiuy i.ni.t tms . Mcs t.-ta taloii, I.mma Alal-I i ne . ... m i o u.n . ..v - ,. ,,h , , htrtx he
they will finally locate, the .peti..u j,,j.y ,j j;uU Wttks were elect- ' ,,i"u"u 'r '.'weather, li.iy will locale UouetaT tuy tkv.efrt.nd.
of health being the main one w ith . , a ,Cl,jltI t,c J,Kh School. Uurii;iiti.,vtc. j J. It. Neptu:e la town two
Mr. Otr. ! The other icachei slecli-J and ti-it Si vmi-. ..nlipJsj, s,)aJ bf UWlrs
l tter we are glad to know.
Our store ia dolr, a very gol
Floor Goverings!
; Don't pay more, but buy your Car-
' . fc m ... . ATml . 1 v .
e o ti rl TJvirrc? lioro
Snrcial one wiv color.: it rate t" ' a-nuncd wile Mise Enmia I" a Hi- . ().,. !.,. - ictuiue.
ton and Oreeon. inouire of Plowed i r. , . .... ... ....... vr t ;i.nn J..!. . t'onnc lv. A la Avrihait. i . , . ......
Liinuiiiu. uii i.uc vj n.r .'i. '...; - - - i Mini nrr v i sir in i ii oi a sa rritivci.ii.. i . i ... ......
& Cook, ol Rich Hill about their Jollc , .,,,r ,..v, j I Jo Steele. Lula , t , J r ''""' "
, , ! ' ' ' . .. , i .ii.ny i'i imii ti'iiiiiif i uviiut ;....
special homeseekers excursion OO s( FncUco L,Ang.h.s d Springer, Li-e Hagan, lltitha , Mr. K..e!,e W !. rt.-k, alon
.. . ...... I-. .. I 1- , , ... . v ... .... . .
intermedial points. K. A. ?uu, .iijn i ij, ..u.. . ... .N . lu fine hap.
Apt Alma v and Mima Uawson. j
(.-.-. t J .!. wa. r i-ile.l mm. I
The WiMicu boys ate happv. I ' ' ... . ... ,. ,, tended the show and t butch t rf e
.lil HM ..VI. .'HIV, . .. .
tl.e Last and ill
. l.p -.. i.'!i .V.,
$i.oo ao.1 $t.J5 qtil.ty N'eivct carpets, Out ptxt. fer
td. 90: "oJ S1.00.
We"'l sc.! ycu a good. Utussets ctrjet lor 60c
per d.
May nth Attange to go wuh
them at that lime. tot?
General Canby Post is making
airangemenls to have a picnic on
W.dnesdav. MV aotb. at Fred
Cane's grove, in tho noithwest ub
uibsol the city. All old soldieis
of the civil and Cuban war are ex-j
pected to participate.
Monday mght the Alumni gave
the graduates a reception at the
Bryant school building. The fea
lute of the evening wet ice cream
and cake, frappe and music by ne
gro quartette.
Wallace Hatcher and Rosa Mer
chant were married last week at
Butler by Justice V. V Wood.
They begin the battle of life young
but therefore more hopeful of the
futuie. Ye, the mot hopefuls the
better, according to Ptesidcut Ros-evelt.
Thev bae gottt-n thin pit., eu
gilic, bidet, iniilrt an, I a'.l t.'licr
ntachiiirty to i tinning as mi'io'l.H ns (
they expti't the govrinmr.it to tun
when the Socialists coutifit it.
Tar U
r. ti . ;i
). W. Johnson
MsPhcton hit 1 'ld..). j ,v ar ri-.:j...t and Jsmn Momtt
1 A large crowd of Pirasantot j were trading with lUsb It '.It r.ier-
vvi.e in the r.tv ruvsdav to ':banub.t TkurJy.
l .
who left
1 . 1 1 -s - 1
lvll"i. iv.'.l tv.., vi ! fl:.. kW-t.rterger a. ! In IlU'h
lli. I sonirthmg user a year ago 'v " Hid l.tt TUur!.y i.J brought out
. . c - . i.l j is i it.. .,i.i ..J (.... i;.-.,:.-1 . . ........... ..... ... . .
et, in" w rt l"T i. lulu el in neaiin t .wm K. . ... s-.., ...v .,...,,. , .a iu.. t s.. , .... .
Inline iu Wellington, Kant, wbete
he w its stopping tempo! at ily, Sun
day May 31.1.
Mr. Johnson was
Grose uonli cast of tow 11.
x.. . . .1 . I .. . I 11
... . .. . . ! but tailing to fmd it. died at h. i t dnesday May iO at I id Cms,
uaie pu.iiisucii tins ri. !
were spoken of as niest rttct llt-m
papeis. Mi Maud Wiseman's we
have heard com.nended lor tlie it-ad
ing of her excellent cssav, Mi
Agnes Twaddle for her modest
grace and excellent sisle
Mr. t
wa. pretty kk Ut
jw.sik fri.ia taking sa overdo t
!otne ps-iteut Bte!svin f r rheuui
H"l . 1. l-t!t r at ltnsM'iit.
a cy-
Itunianavllta iteuulon.
The 16th annual Reunion, Pom
m d Terte Dintrict Association,
Veterans tStit-iSf, wilt be held
at Camp Lyon, Hu nansville. Mo.,
5 days; Tuesday, Wednesday.
Thuts.lay, Friday and Saturday,
August 4'5-6'7-S, too.,. Thi is
oth.ial notice.
3, W. GAva, Sec'y.,
How Thi.
We offer tu llandred HoMrin U.s
ward for rax' of t'atnrrh tlu.t rnunot
U'curisl by Hall t atarrh vnrs',
F.J t HhNKVAfo, Tol.Hl.itl.
We. the uudersitfciM'd. have known V.
J. t'heney for the lal l." y,-ar. and
Ultve btiu perfirllly honorahly In
all buHlnui-wt trniiHuctlon and tii..ui-
t lallv able to carry out oldtcatlona
made by their firm.
W l KT A Tut IV, Vk..l.' Ihu;
Ben Waiten of the Rich
tiaitil tvtutr.eel limn li e .t. l.s.uis 1-.,V s, l.uter U t-vilidius
1 1 1
a plain outspoken man ol honor , i)e,K-,iloU Woi!.l'r;i Mouday tloi.e c llr. g. ttiug rvdy for atortn.
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by U. ptoi.
Sunday ishoo! at 9:45 . m.
not l eague at J p.
;u t J p.
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If you w'4:.i save r.ioaijt, c s.i.
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