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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, July 09, 1903, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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cursi3n tickets to the toilaMing
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tuib limit at tla a fiom Jateoi sale:
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SU. . t 1 . V
Cupid Oraduat
la dare I groped la th Satkft
Of lmrfMi dreary an.l 4m1,
And tn4 o aat Hadlay ana Harka
fctowed aaftir awar- to bit bead;
When qur and cut root grew arense
And tanele-4 my !bway to -hol.
Ton cam ttk an bhH. and round m
And loved me foul.
Tou helped In fh herd entijuxatlnr,
To lova waa the. verb I knrw beet:
Ton autved l the borrtd equations
That bur.lme.1 hit bratn with unmt:
Aad when roe erannr,liabd all thla. you
Wer MtttfWd iiiri. at itee.
If I would but bend down aad kle you,
Yoar lover and dunce.
I wa not exactly the chap to
Craw famous In cnw. and ret
f learned quite a murk a one' apt to.
And nniehed without a rerret;
Then back eame your bachelor tuM -
I wr rirl. X bad rtn aenee, ymi 9 -And
took a courta rlren ty Cupid,
And won bla dt-ar!
Fella Cannes, la Smart tkL
A Primitive Automebila.
While It i a matter of history that
the first . krasoolive made aisd ron la
England was a t&iill model of aa ordi
nary road looomoMte eonatructed la
1174 by Winiaia Uurdock, It ia prob-
Flrat Leeemetlve Mad la England,
ably' little known that UtU original
acclo la atlll la exlatetK. The little
loootnoUre la about 14 lnchee high aad
1 Inchea tons, with a wldih over the
driTinc wheels of T lncbea. The ao
oexed rprodaetlon of a recent photo
graph of It illuatratea ltd makeup Tery
clearly. There la an obloaj ttoard,
atotinted cpoa three wbeela. with two
driving wboela at the rear attached
to a crank axle, and one ateerlng
wheel In front arranged under the
board, and ' running- tn a awWelUng
raa be. set by a tiller i
fork, which
handle a bora. Behind the driving
wbeela la the boiler, which la a rec
tangular vesaet, 3S lnthea high. 4S
lncbea long, and 3X inchea wide,
made of copper. Through the bo!r
a flue paaae obliQuely, contracting
from a clreuhu- cbembar fvfBJing the
C re box to a email fonnai In the lop
ef the bolter, which aertva to carry
off the product of ronbuattoa from a
tpiiit lamp arraoKed to bum within
the Art box. Tbe iteara cylinder of
the eocla la awunted on the top of
(he botier and the lower pat paaaea
lau it, and la urroundd by alcana.
The ptaton rod p epward, aad la
attached to the end u( vl -rat lug
bean, which paaaea to th front of tbe
carriage and la plroted la an aprtght
piUar. Tbe diameter of the ptaton ta
4 Inch, and the length of ita atroke
hi t lncbea. Aa tbe ptaton uoe op
aad down. It cauvre the beam to ro
tate the drtTlug wbeela by mean of a
connecting rod attached to the crank
axle. A leadaa weight la placed above
tbe iteerltig wbett to balance tbe ma
chine, and to prevent it tipping over
when water is In the boiler. Caaaier'a
Jeffaraen'a tundiat.
Tbt'inas Jefferson is said to ftave
made this sundial, which has just
been found la Virginia
TM family la Incorporated.
The Fairbanks Ksmiljr tf Auiirica
(lnrorNraled I I one of th latest or-
ganinaiUins aakliig f r a charter. Tha
ol)icts tf the society are to collect
and compile historical record of the
c!an Faiilka, to told prvie.rty, to
preserve objevis vf lntrrt to the
fatnlly, and to promote ejucatloa of
lla memlHTa la sublets relating to
tbe family history.
Tbe Srst Kalrbanka to take ep aa
abode ta tbla eoutinent waa Jonathan,
but the tribe baa Iwa proUSa, ac4
alout 4 h Aaiei itan fauiltMs hate
ilranded troto him to rrluie tn
rai'.sl auklde bullalalco.
In A ur "ft last a family reunion aa
held at the talrbauka bomesUvd ia
IW-dhara. V1as. and one of Its resuita
aa the ltsnHraiioa tweut'y a.kiii
tf a charter. The li-a of tte
clety Is to purchase t! IVdbattt prvip
rrtr and provide t r an auoual In
come eurficient to mainlain It as
Fairbanks hea Jvj-jartt r,
Cash ef th Long Age.
lineal dou-emUnt 4 th bronte
axe of remote CeiewUal anrvttors are
the little fcteaa rah, ll t'tila
coins. Here Is hue tM curious peli
gire Brat worked )(n l out. la the
wirly timf, lf--r vm was trt4.
Ivari.r ua'ly cui.ljv-ifj li e
pnxtiKs-r attd ei-umer wlik .(U
Imi-i. inf 1. a It still la ta lYulral
Ad ii a at th ftearM y. At fist
tie t-kte ta tal wfptM-.t4
k;e Wel Ol'.tetit t'l U.e Hal ha'.iLvta
f.ir l! 1 o'lnineri ll puiie. tut a'r
a luue a'th vii.'j..i.4 Uirvht,l
j.-;,it J t-cj: U fei.v:i4 U
of ttem t.at wlew a taa
i. wasted talf a taiit worti c guoata
. wir' t aa wall Ar f r ihrrm w'-
half a bat''t- Aa it cmI4 b a p''.T
to apoll Jrl ,?Mrg ftr.plwnar.t fcf
ciitUuc it in tao. Ii worthy a ffia
lECaolous'y or.ic;'r"tJi!-d tic aaaftav
ly itaklc tbla tau l;; of ti asoat
ilia and bur, far Vm ale&daa tut
prartlral nair. ty an t
rptatrd eola, and. what ia more, ta !
ent4 It far er1.)er ttaa lb talta
acta to that proul dle'.Jurtkin, the
Lydiaaa. whot-c e'.-truoa tiezt war
Brat atrark Is ti oTfu(wo;h ea
lury B. C.
The Queer Chinaman.
111a left band ta the piece of boser.
H tardea a pig lntad of driving
him. He whltena lactead of blackt-na
fala ahoea, Ilia tavortte preett t a
parent la a raffia. 1! aaya aixtba-four
tr.ilead of four ',nt,. He keep oot
of step In walking with other. He
abakea hi own banda instead of his
friend'e. He put on bla bat ta aaluta
tion when be takea It off. He ridea
wl'.h bia Leela Instead of his toea la
the atirnrps. He fit-era it polite to
aak a caevol raJiera aga and iaooaaa.
Ula Icdc Luilt are not a alra of dlrtl
neaa but respectability. Hie rlaiUnf
card ia eight aad eostlmew thirty
iachea long. He often throw a away
the fruit of tbe melon and eata tbe
aeL HI merlu often bring a title
aot to til D)elf btt to bla aneeetora.
Ula wotuea folk are oftea aeea la
trouaera acconn panted by moa ta
gowna. His compass points aoata, axd
h epeaka of weal-aorta Instead of
north -werL He doea not conaider it
clumsy but courteous to take both
hands to offer a cop of tea.
la the Uont ef the Moon,
ft Is not a! ears realized that ia the
light of the moon colore are Tery
greatly altered. They are not mere
ly darkened, but changed altogether.
Sir William Abney. writing on this
aubjert ia TbMigTapfcy after ex
plaining the aailre of the aiteratioa
aad bow it may be tBeasored ecientit
rally, taya. "Arfcirts give mooalight
pictures a prevalUrg tone of gree.
but nearly alwaya crare white la so ne
wt ere to be aeevr ta them. .As a mat
ter of fact, tho white should have a
alight touch of green wit a It to glva
the proper effect. Poets, too. are sot
aiwara exact ia their descriptions.
Blood aeen ia moonlight woala be
black, and the taoonllgbt ahtnlag
throngh the painted window of a
church would Ulcmlaate the Oner with
a grey light, except where the re4
hPPf4 to be. and there, a
US4MJI cdwiajn WWWJU W lUUwl,
Reltgieua Masks.
Worn by Hindu priests during Ua
preaalv ceremontea.
Waive Afraid ef M ...
An incident Juat resorted from
Sutt via Cofcsi&utlnople proves that
music frightens wolvee. The sauaa
claaa returning ta their village trett
a wedding larty were overtaken by a
anowslorm, and sought refage ta a
deserted mill. They were ju get
ting comfortable when they saw a
number of wolves run la their ddree
tloo. For a mode of delei e oae ol
the wen be an playing on bia iaatrae
suwut, and the others Joined bins. Tbf
(CiUSlo so Ivrr Ced tV anlaaaia that
they attempted to run away, aad aa
tbe 4 jot a rWwed they begaa 6gkt
Uti. iM'verel of them were tera Xi
piecta. the aurvlvor evetliiianr
Irs throiich a bole la the wail, fae
Incident ia vmtohed for b the Oo
eraauent Uaaette of S.vas,
aprttin la Italy.
A curious tale of aupersuuoa coat
from Italy, la a village near atl'a
there eaa gotalp of .hits being aeea
at ftiKht, and a youog man waa saa-
wuj vl posarwuing" the power la
ta.ae lhui by pia.ir.( on a truaukoe.
Tfce other iy h wa ruel carrytag)
Ul ttxnbx'ae by a number of peaa
acla. a bo d n.anucj Cat he aaould
give them ou thi tpv-t a bauiple -t his
mlia-uUus powers The pxr felioer
ilcu.'! tbat h rutlJ is ee aptrite.
The MNaAoiS. fully belie tug tfeat be
could. ai-J Ciirase-l at bis seetcltg oh
suua. y. attacked him with slicks, aad
so aeverely injured btu that he died.
Hi Name a Hand. cap.
The king f Uret- ha aa Si4 de
cs mp wko ftm-w Is the kSBte f
palluian'.o;i'.ie. la the urdtnary
coutae of tlilt-r. tli gai;ant coknel
would accn;iny tit lielM-ete sna
Jwtt on hi ttavl abroad every sum
tuer, but hi came wa found to lei'
a train of dltlixated s tn tbe rvi'Si
ak: moreover, lt was charged as
two wotda in tew grama, sad ess
mutilated by Iv'.earkpt.Wl be)id all
ref,r.ltlii; o te is tow le.'l at hoffl
and a Vvia it tkc name i f Tkia
take hi 'ae tn suendacee t'O sag
l'.iifi i n k annual vimta to Al lea
Italrs al Tsri
Wh 0nnt trea.
Ol. i f the M..'l rvmai taiile s'xkta
in tiie 'ill 1 i'ri ! ail. la a.mlfe.
ft f i-t.'a. for tt rr.i-n tfeat driag;
.. uuiC'.Cia ( the rai it Is l:liaav
vurril iia sKnn Kv4 a tvi. of
.-!v 1, a I li b vea u.iiSer. ly
!.iir i'cr U'j; ' if kvui'. uut
HO'al .1. at J ttJ SIX' J ii. u vk
v ii tl.el U t.a4 eae
r..' j '.. 1 1 e a 1.0 t
i s t t' ' .t is vl ata-a t
t.xf t Ii'!.-f.a,
t "aiAa. C. Ik.:)
Amrncsn l"c!k Ixrt ta Js'.i artt
rkh in many hf vta lrmd. o'.ra
coiifsining ta eiement of truth liat
is fortilde. We hxve (.-ot m rrinj
years in giomj know!tiJr cflLe
legends f Rotoc, Greece, Jfcrrl
Old England, the ra'.i.er"aeti,
V!e, Scot'ao-l ao.1 Ireland. t.tf
lcctinj wir own hi,b are maiked
vitb diuinct (jual.ts Amcr'iCafl
originality in invention.
UKtitDCr THE laotAX a-UKlCXX.
WaLebois was
fcirh up ir it !
fceavens. Tbe w.biie bird i ta
tbe hey-dj of bis glory. (Ht wi t '
tbe symbol of tbe son-rod, Vak
bon) aod tbe Mantto nxuled srverj
ail the im'nrtr rvl k er IIjt.,!.
.. .... - -
ed at tbe corn, it mu):ed ia fell
grown kerfycls ol roit'T bnes; trpon
tbe beat and lipped it witbjoJd;
open tie erssset and they waved
their aaucy beads .and smiled back
at t!ie fat, lars- sun-god.
When be fretted, be crew a cer
tain of heavy fray over tbe axure '
sky i tht air was U Jen with tbe ele
ment of discomfort; tbe water coa
geiled in round bard balls, with
which be pelted the crops as a
spoiled cbiid, tbe earth was covered
with dtbris and rnia thus wrought.
When be smiled tbe a zone sky
was resplendent with beauty, tbe
air balmy and bracing; tbe crops
sang a fugue of marvellous sweet
nets, as tbe winds of s-urmrr.eT go
aoujrninjr tbrosgh the fields making
each leaf and stalk a chord in the
great harp of nature, filling oar ears
with tbe melodies.
Tbe gTain was garnered, tbe
fruits matured, stored away for ase;
tbe meadows peaceful ; tbe forests
no longer sing tbe beautiful barmo
niet of life, the sap is now descend
ing to mother eanbhc'Ad-j-dinmo,
Cena, (1 ) ; O-roe-mee, (i);Va-wa,
(3); tbe Wi-biKO, (4), jumps at
tbe first sound of the alarm, and the
song of tbe 0-a-issa,(5), is beard.
Then lighting bis Cal-u-iaet of
peace, set to work to think out a
plan for f Jtnre activity.
lu great K?ee be cries out, "Aha!
I will get me up and away to the far
froxen Dorthlxnd, where my brother
Peboart (winter) reigns, and I will
help to sttip tbe forests, still tbe
river and send icy fciasls flying,
over the crest lai.es and wafers, and
tbe whirling powdery snow drifting
high about tbe wigwams. It will
be rare sport to make my brother
Seegwun (g) work till be
sweats to repair my mischief, and
I'll be back to see bios at it."
But Manito bad recently enjoyed
the feast of Med way in tbe month
of sturgeon, so be sat quietly medi
fating, building air castles, and,
being laxy did not notice the gentle
whirring cf the variegated wing of
Weer-g (6) as be getaiy comes with
a murmuring, flatlet tng sound,
soothing to the nerves of Manila,
that be divps to sleep. Suomver
now laughs at him. tbe waler ing 1
a croonir.g, lollickirg and mockicg!
melody, which tbe bteeae carry to
his ear, but be bears not Tbe
enh is eootl cd, tbe b.lls are corr
ed wtih the purple bat of the Puck
((Vo-l froiw varl'ta a,ttrei.
wan-a (7) Itotu bis peaceful Cal-u.jot Tr.e bird'
met. This will ccsolintie tntd he 11 in their ikm
smoke it out
Then wUl Matiita
awaVea. Thi is tbe legend ol tbe
Indian Summer.
souitrel, t pneaiant, a p.geoa,
T I rkr.,tunt 1 r :n
j wild gove, 4 ratt it. 5 blue br J,
6 spirit of sleep, j smoke.
IHi I kv.iVO o THS alii-iJVt tO,
Many ceclutie blre Ihe tstp ct
IColumbv to Amer.ca, a moiutri
look Ui bis U1 ,ti
Onandsca, wbivh was the caplul
of ibe Iioijos lube. Mah bum
was uooe by ibis . ei ouy. llv
ci)oo wIkhu tt t-i a'.ttik, it
uikrd Out bit Uv-.kI nd be dd.
Tbe biases o!jcaiiied sevtlal
cauipa gos lor its dclcat and de
sirwclKiii. or to J1 butt. It
maiulaioed its stule until 'lli.
1'ia, the Ho'Jcr He iitacn''
ctar to tee his lo)l sol jeett.
Wl ! llaMa;b wstthcte lb li'.oxi
ur Kibo!Jsvtl ty ! ustc, ss
bit iuttmu Was flew sfovud tht l "t.
Ilawita t!avkrd the wwuiu, Its
tujxtuin.it wsi laj.' J, lul 1 4 kc;
piaiih; a lew dajt ti.t I rt
teen to i li.l.'py. Iltsmata
Kar.reJ it t M the Great IUi sure
rtKhti. mhtm i tfca toaf.try ott-I
ihe 'Ser; &, He k).'t i t-
j It roster, eear Sa!t Lake, ad '
t!9fi-'a fe!-:e liat sra 1.5 !
oJ SiiuwrlirJif sfcra I tt fcvfc.-z
cftex m',sii th sn.-ysiTtT st-J l.veJ.
Vow rr.y.i( yoa w ill UA'.&w ct?v
ly, tod a gooc&t traUi ia aU ;
THE f.tt-S or TBI M.IX t tt.
; j;. f
, , '
teach? siial a'.wxj tsns iws tie
! t i t . . . .. ..: '
t a.iar. a uave t . r x u avua i--c
1 .
ahar, 1 bav ih&zzli at oe tis .
or oth,r this Itbi3j wrai litwwa t ti j
Abortj-'ne. j
Tbe Nartbet Indiwa tia.'ta tb;
'l .- '
uvji van juuuKu.v..j: ;a uti re
cred tetrp.es tbe "i-trrt.! r ire .
sv never !Lme4 t f susi: if rt
did tiere wld fcHow a jresi ew
u!:!y anoocg tLe "Sons, ii ros-al ;
itmllj of tbe bsUoq ab tad lei
tbir ns'.ers smte tbe a?vet
or, from tbe . He fr-Jei tiej
royal UmV.f of -Sacsard was lb
Erst of tbat rSyeajty. Ilia z&axx,rA
was to keep tbe sacred re ai ways
Great care was exercued ia eneta-
tataing this t ke. Tbey coTstatij '
dread tTj tbe misfortaoes aad aix-
tkms which would to41ow tbe goicg
oat of tbe sacred fire. At oae titie
tbe watcher of ibis etemxJIy bara-j
iog fixe, erect to sleep and this fire
went oat. The watcher was tbor-;
oagbljr frrgbteoed and soogbt totbat cosjfns t.'t ti.t
ccoceal tbe fact that tbe fcr bad i frietid. Were tbe !i Iran t-je t.t-
gone oot. He relit tbe &re sj:t
what wa knows as1 'Profane Fire."
lie kept buried deep rta bis own bo
som, this secret, even tbo' it coo
sumed tbe peace cf bis Lfe. Sick
ness esrne. Tbe Sons" for sev
eral years patted away. No oce
knew the cause of tbe mortalitr.
Final! this watcher was takea skk f
and know sag tbe end w is at hnJ.
sent in ail baste lit tbe chief "Sua
of tbe oation, confessing to bits a5!
be bad done. He died. There was
another temple where the sxcred
fire ';!! burned, so a mesve." jjrr
was dispatched to bricg urT.cient tU(0 K,8t c,.ki. W(nltUI,!r T
re! ght the fire on this a!tsr. Tbe
plague w at stopped and the nation
was again made harry. So let st
,,.enjpl lQ lhiJ' tb tire of lie
sacred Lie with the strange fire from
tbe altar of mammon.
IHa Lt.tIOr TMKWTt.l Y3t-T.
Pure and happy was tbe wottd
once. Tbe fviily of nature was a
harmonious whole. The leaves
murmured a fcjuia of peace. The
tree top art.st carroUed t !
morning sun a sooala of welcome.
The fiwer sent oat, permeating the
air, their butdea oi pratse ia the
aroma which rt freshed all. Tie
d?at:y tbt ruled ofl the throne ol
cmpipoterice wa je. Peace ?
everywhere. Loe bad an eneoiy.
While lov bound all tbiog With s
geni'.e bond, sin, let relectSes eu-
my sever thebvrJs with paia adjrrti rvt.- It r
' wrmw.
Tbe !ee in ther grief groirnd
and tone of dt wei besiea'
sur.g conta iicj
twtes. ir.e tn. 4-
. ihse cf rr.eo were :;:ttd. Tbe
, pctsl ot tbe FUw tbt U KutJ
j shriveled up and fell on tbe eattlt.
Ikl K I .... I . .. . 11
Ood tad pUiited ia a secluded!
I rpot, a lovitig plant, slwayt hi,;).
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jest !i;r wiarers v.J t c-tai
their prL7 1 1.-1 . Ti-e vJltj'.a
eioiet, bow t Uxt ler, triJ a she
is, she spes'as a ccuit tre. Set
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Sj.rias. Puel'l's. lii.J S""U:,
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t,t I th. Va it 1 eve lee thaat
bait rate.
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lnl!r, cjii-o "irijs J Jtw lt, ooly
one fare, pin fS t. f ie tlw rumJ
trip tht. t'aul, Miuoeapoile. and
all tbe lru;.il k5,ar''jt. l.-w;ti..
ttti? t8 OlifeffiiJ.
July latta lOiin, t u! Ir.uu
t $.' Ir".i thir Mwir
Rlvre to iif.J ruJ. and n turu. arid
! fruiu August 1st to I 4(h alill Ir.a
rated of tl.- fr.i M. l..-;'itU "Jtf.t
t".iW. fni M' ..,;rl USv.r. Only
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rvturn Is I'l-t S. i-m I na t in-rtli.
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IHe E:at? far Ssaixcr Jan,
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Ji.atau ei:
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tw (Mm.
"P . -. -1 -1 T.
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