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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, July 16, 1903, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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the huml of every remlcr of ANY dally plr.
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Will Im It. 1 1 ;i st I,..uU In U1 ntnl the jrreaUt St. I-iiii iiewniiaper
will n' iiiillait'iiiiiile during the coming year. Suhrile t--lny.
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way of 1. aruiii,r und it i your dutjf
lo :icr. 1 oil uiay tiwi uie-
tioiun j to you. It wou t u-
bi r cttrr question, lui tuere are
UiuiiMiil to l.kli it ill giro you
true, rluir aviiil tleQnito u.wert,
hot ttlHHlt wuMa ouiv, but nuoui
IhiiiL'. tha mi. iiiftt LiniTT, men,
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loo, the cliMrcn uh fi"'I their
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, NiNOI'iat.D, Mas.
The Great Republican
Paper of America
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iMfwrnTflinr luntft. t.i
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) Opposite U. S. Patent Of ic
Home Nee-era iltcrurstuiia.
On Maitti 3 itul 17, Apiil 7 !'
JI, May 5 and ly, Jui.c 1 16 and
tt, c will c!l home ticket tv
curtiiiii tukcl lo the foliow in;
tlatrs and trmtoiir at or.rf.iic i!u
$i 00 for ll.e loiind tun. titml e-
awr.ew4'. -'ftfi ejH'i wayjaa..-' Ki"5 f
Cl -in mma . ' i'" ti i ' A iiWrt a-mTTniw iwaan J t
till It limit It US fiont d.ilc of t.ilc:
Alalaiu.i, Ationa, Ai k iina.
Color. I.i, rimii', (lroii'i.t. I it.ii.tii
Tcmtory, Kaiii, Iowa, KinUuky,
I.tniikiaiiii, Mulligan, M iiiiuotn,
Nfiifciipi, Mi-iui, ,tltaks,
New Mcmco, Niillh Citolin.i,
Oklalioma. Soulli C 1 o I i it i
Suth Dakota, Trnttece, '1mh
I'tah, 'uitii. uniniiii, Vii.
Iliill, for one fate plus $J ml ( .1
'.tit lOUlld (I'll.
H, A. liAiLkt, A. i.
It Lad wunhrd ua with hi outfit
fr.ftT.jr ) t-nrm. a three;
OH limit r ffi, creat rfan to pull;
Vi'ianei-l. i;tl Jnk (hat's .
And we tiu)Kl the earth beatd. fcua
tl.roueh nan end try LVwt.
Allfl at he hro4l hla ft-aattnc Willi VM,
a- harei hta fast.
I Tou Ihli.k I l..wd that man Tom bet
UUr l.Hrift! a miere aar.
Common traiiman he. 1 krvl torn tn
common trait-dog war.
Tet living, thottch I irwhd U nllly willy
by hi M.
I loved Mm well iiwiiih to die for kirn
and o 1 duxT.
How fn;f coll that winter was when
(tnih waa larking; hrn
The trail waa lined with liUtrhlnf bones
c.f h-wnw a. dti and wveni -Old
ha.'.rr. fcit, inl chap lu pud, was
bret to he Ma trip;
A few d;iy litter Vrangr. dropped frorw
hia Af..i4'ntlchtii.
Rut 1 tUt'r JarK thmitht Id try
to af the old man thruri
Till lie atrxick tay; end ao. though bcllftr
ptnrhrd i draw
Th load: I fflt that I had yta of work
In me, nt food.
Scraps, anything to math it on. in that
vast aolllude.
A C'l.lww.k wind waa Mowlna; aoftr)-; wa
tamo to a aland;
I aw my roatr take tils ahooUrig iron
In hi liand.
"I cannot Ut him alarr to dsathl I
h.ard him mutter. Thtn.
"It'a n"t In my tHrt to kill him." drop-
plus Ma fun aealn.
Now ifmmon does have common s-n.
n If tb. lr trr.g-ua are dumb.
And tl.o- roy life waa lialf unlived I
kn'-w my time tmd come.
He c.ii.J not kill me, nor could I allow
him to, und o
I juot afrt I. I,r-. ut. like Foot and Wraffl-
K' ). aiark upon the anow.
That'a ail. "Tla aaid that dumb beaata
hav no aula. and when thejr die
Thty ole. Only the One who made ua
krn.. n.t ou or !'
And y.t f..r crrainr that are faithful
on life's trail I think
In the in.. -it sMmre: tnt of the celcatkal
nonj. t-.m i hink
W ill oih-ji. Then II )nt craw! tn and
a.--k my maiT mit.
Ile a In l on tliM-overy. o brt I mean.-
ho douht!
I'll a and ruh aralnxt h'jt twe,
CM rt.M In hia hand.
And be d y. "Mttrri It. yon old doj
Ji k:" And i.ifi will undrrvUrd
Miuw rile lrinit((m In The Crttciitm.
"Every man's honesty li doubted
here," aald llotarc Allen, the popu'.ax
detective, ai b puthed a bo of cl
fars ever to my tide of the tahle.
"1 have beard It itated." he re
turned, "that there la bo man without
fcla prle. ar.d I am aimoet Inclined to
he!l(e It In our biiKinesa."
"Then ye r aco. rvhen old Fei lar
Ir.jr waa yull at larjte, the department
rH-i'd a fctcre tcft. Tin., after
time we tad him where we could lay
our liaritU c n hnn. and on'y waited to
U.1.0 h;s t..'.h aud paraphernalia at
Uiu ram. tiiua.
I perceived a well marked oasn.
"1 am triuiiiM.-.i, in 00 notion with
Dunne 1 cai'lure, of tne tf the nxt
r niat kahle ni -t-t ! a that ever ram.
u;i fi r cur ltnctt);atiin. The Utter
1 a 1 l'en traced ti the north, and men
hat been (totalled to IHrinlnghain,
MaiuheMrr ard Newcastle. Thcr.
waa tut c!u lus 1 ki t Kx-athm. but
-1 tii-tca l.a.1 ten dtacoiercd In
ea h of the ritlea tn-miouHt, probably
rir-i'uiatt'd by different members of th.
Har.K he rent rolled, piarlng's suc-es-lul
ature, In a xhoit time, was a
matter of extreme iu.iorlan e. Prvs
eutly S.i-t'.-iid Yard received Intelit
tientv thai he had been spotle- la
Mam heater as he waa Uoirdlrtg a
train lor l.kt errand, tttio of our effl
cers had Jiift succerded In Identifying
1. 1 m when he purchased the railway
"Ker thing, aj-patently, worked
nice!)-. lur orf.i-er found a man on
live lialn aiieruig the description,
and tia.ed him to a hotel In llcr,o!,
where be rKitred a Nr. James
Callow ay.
" S.H'ii tliOloway gave up hl riwtn
In the t. t.-l and n iited a furnikhisl
h.'ure lu a ide aire.t. Jut at this
time a t tie pram waa rcteUed la Ian
it. 11 Irom I'lcMon, on f cur wen
ftaiiori'l In Nowcaatle. It rvad:
pai.ins la now here In Newcastle.' As
toon as we rcnu.M ihia imptutant
tv:inuiii atlon all ir nm hut lo.
who wt-ie left in I I ei t . to nee that
nothing was remote.! frx.m the auitvl
rlou heuae. Were el liiiuit-sllately to
N.'.at:tv I'pon aivnal I'iralon was
tiiUoius They Itoiulrrd at the bolvl
whew hrf had been atoi'luPH. and
t.ort-. that k had K-n tb.t ,Uf be
.ie !:h hi t ar.'.tte, auj il4 not say
when h would be ha. a
tt riuisa, they tiu.l hi get fc.nit
r w tc Iarliig hervatyt, tut
rw.J uj athUi wahoiit I'lojua. U
6 Detective. Wife a $
g Va,IwaJ!e Aid O
tea tBeanUma thra ttprt JSvely orr
rencea la XJrerjyl, fr?;ta wtl'b p!ae
the to watfhem tare! pvapd wits
tbeir hvea. Ttei ere aiU'aed ty a
rang if tacb, at r)out three o'clock la
th BjaorcicK, bu od, tsrt4 aad tea
floed lo the very hott. ttey tad tena
Urft to roard.
"Moeeovejr, they were a tire tiarlrj
waa th. chief of the rDK bo perp
tratd the de4.
"Natiira'ily, Preatm wa account
the whole cause t.f the trouble. W
could not doubt that be tad farted
traitor, altbouKh he was the Ut man
we should bae surpected.
"We heard that be had been sees
with a woman, tall. dark, and hand
some, on frequent otffiions before
his departure. The woman could not
be found.
"The crisis was considered import
ant, and I left iondon for UverpooL
It was my pyyme to deal with Dar
Ing alone. . We undoubtedly had icacy
tmty men in the department; hut,
since Prerton'a Uearbery, I could not
brina myself to rtiy on any of them.
"When I arrived at Urerpool I
thought best to af?ume a difiruise, ai
my fara was probably well known to
"Then I began the rounds, stopping
at the Tarious hotels, and gianclcg
I 1 'A I : . f ! il
V " . 1 r -i
whj ' j v .
11 ; M . It
He was dazed fay tn falL
over the paper until t cad time lo
size tip the ocevipatiti.
"At the third p'-ace, rather a ra
spectable Inn for the quarter, two sus
picious individuals attracted my at
tention. They g'.anced about occa
sionally, as If eipecting soce one. and
prcstctiy they -were ined by a third
party. The tr arrival was a tiick
svt individual, better dieeM-d than his
roniiir.l)ti. and treated by them as a
superior, although he d:d all he could
to make their conversation appear
"I had sever m-cu luring, but I
cculd cot doubt, fn-m the description
1 had of him. that the cewtomer was
the man. I wanted to gtt a better
KkiU at him and -e if i ccmld detect
the star over the r.sht eye which I
knew him to pot-rets, and for this
purpose I went to th bar and ordered
a drink, standing c'f-se beside them.
Sure enough, wfcen he turned I per
ceived a well-marked gah that dis
figured his o'.Lerw iae handsma face.
"Iiailrf was furthest from me. and
the man directly on ny r'.ght came In
for a share of wy attention. There
was sometbing familiar about him and
t bet: an casting a'i:t among the coun
terfeiters I bad PiMian tcr a ciew to
his bk-ntlty. Tt.-lr convcraatioa
stip.eJ. unfortunat- :. at my ap
proach, and I was Just contemplating
reluming to my seat again when Dar
ing moved off toward the door, and I
caught a sufgeatlve signal to tb. men
to follow him. What was my surj.rtse
to ict-lie from the man next me a
decided cud; la the ribs ln-fore be
nioied away.
"paring left first and the others
aftrr h!:n. A I re. hevt forward to
push open the swinging dors. they
were Rung bark In my fate, and be-
tore 1 had t?tne to c.llect twy.elf the
. ... , . v .11-
man wL.i ha,! i-l.lerai Stl hati!V .a.
IV'n't follow u. Allen! You'll
'I ... If., V . . . 1 I
iit- f " 1 - .. huw . ' -
C.nie ha k
PreatonV I rri.il. II tt. w-'h a
warnlug tinker on hi 1-k'V ha isn
At this rtioti:. f.t I iniN-re'y retret
ted that I had .tn alone. I'te-atott
had proved Iruit. 'l tuor than a roa'..h
f.ir uie. for t.e ha I p t.-trstfd my dis
guise, thrush 1 ha) fa..e..t t.i rvcg
cite him In hi clever make-up
Theie had been .'nif'.hll.S In l'rea
ton's tone that made me hope that ke
tvuld keep hi word and return.
though I could not ia;acne hit ttiouve
In rfoirs
"There- could have t-n no either
reaou for fc.s telcK'aiu ftvui Nw
rawtle but to thtx w u c$ IVirttg"
tratk. and tNe reits had In en tuo
ilv.iriii to rnvit .I any more v har
Itatle sohititti.
-At the end o half aa hour nestou
came ba.k. minus his !.. e. and.
withtuit any enJnativn. toid tne t j
gath.r mi m a together and follow
u pite of ait my previous doutt
I cmuU not kflii but beUrie In h'.m.
roitimate'y I lr whi I osilj lr
nil haul ii lliv- ( u.yji .a luiKt
Jat.lv "1'ben rtt,w led us thrwoh s-,-ial
street autt vti icd la frvi.1 ot aa
old toauatoa He iutttrmed U that th
(arc ' is'-( tarda la th. koie..
aJ. at a (U.u s-shal. th. alaini
wltl be 1 vow fivm U io!Jv The
iH-ciiivaut wou',.1 try to stake their
ctai-o by aa uudtKivlinJ pagd t-j
a but In th le-ar. v.li.t.!. Ike att
at:l autrvi B.!l' t the r-ewLea. AH
t I V
!. ; Jl
Li: i .
I I f V ' ' VI
'ii i . ..
the tuu wei C.lUkl U ti-f W-
tn Sl!!k.tS, u fwu, who r-
fcalaei oyMa tid of
"r"reatm was a'mvit laaved'ately
aelted wit. slr,Bt tt f cwsrhin.
and then prmreedt lo TrM a clirsr. I
'as about to retrKr&atra'e w!h kiui
Ow th adUbh'ir of betraj-ieg bis
presence wl'k . Vit. when I ir
reived that this was a f'ftal to uv
cf the rr-v p n ' a M t.. k'ote
"The csrta.. of U. troni ft-me wla
dow was raited and Itttaitly kr.erel
again. 1 had im Use Ut cat the
Crure of a soiui at th. wiedovr la
the tcterval wkile th shad waa in
Fretton Kited fcy t"at -sleeve afd
fairly dragged rt. rotsed tn me fcst
"Our plan was to w:t nr-.il ty
wer a'l caged, atd to rr,t ; froia
our hldiBg iaes and surprise tteja.
Several Cgores were (fetii' is
the dim )!;bt cf a lastern. ant we
were Jurt ready lo i Wi la w ttess
wben a shot was tre4 aoaaewlr la
Jrott of the boisi.
"A second (hot ai heard, atd t
waited co yLf f, bst bo.'ted la th
direction of the sound I nut ot
some dUtasce aiove th. bose. sod
was conscious of a Cgur runnirg t
wards me. 1 co!d have gred. Vat
anotherjiiaa suggt-ste-3 ILse'L
"ActlBgon the Itspslse. I threw ssy
self on the ground in frost of the rap
idly advancing fgure, aad a ttary
nan stumbled over . ard fc'.l fil
length on his face. I was ipn fciss
before he could retover. axd ar two
men beside me. The ligkt cf a eark
lantern revealed the starred covtu- a
the fall. and. Icavlez h at fa th. haadi I
of the men, 1 burned tack to the t t
"In a short time Dariig acd tit
gaoe ere safely kicked Bp, acd ! was
comfortably discutiicg the evetts cf
the evecicg wita Preston atl tha
handsome accio, who torce-i ct to
be his wife.
"Preston lad a story to te'.l aVut
his meeting with bis su'e. She bad
been a trimmer in the millinery de
part meet cf a large shop, but w ae
ther were married she decid- to ac
company him wherever his dalles
called him.
"Then came a lot j spell of wattles,
with nothing to do and Prestoa began
to wish for something to tarn tsp U
which he could distinguiih himself la
the eyea of hia new wife. Incg was
the priieon whirhhehad set his heart
but, as he was detailed to Newcastle,
there seemed to be co chance of as
istlpg In his capture. It. paired
Uirouch tn Jti:r.d iat be had worked
successfully on several occaioas with
out orders, and, hearing that Vns'.zi
was in Liverpool, be determined to go
"Only waiting to send a la report
to headquarters, be left with bis wife.
fpon arrival he U-arned through the
papers of the attark on the men who
had been watching Iartcgs hxuse.
He knew by the man he was
a'tr. and on the second day was for
tacate enough to meet h.m in the
"It was then that Lis wife, knowing
the Importance c-f success, s-jrgested
that she should take an actite part la
the proceeding, and Insisted upon be
coming a member of the garg. h'he
counted on her availability at a meaas
cf getting rid of the forged notes, acd
on thl ground hoped to Interest tear
ing, ller pan t tuctt him was a
nicpit one; she contrived lJ b.
caught la the act of siealirg aa over
cuat from his hall rack.
It worked, and after sha bsj paed
the hundred pouad note she was firstly
established aad learned ail the secrets
of (be house The net step was to
Introduce her bwabaxtJ.
'About this time, aud wiihia a few
days of my arriial la I JeerpouL s i
lYestoo. 'I penetrated jour dt.cuie.
auu capiurw neni ( dbt.
"'Ilut. I reSotnoS. 't fall tn under
stand why yon sect that telegram
1 from Newcastle which threw us a I ol
tbe scent-' ;
I 'U ki- I mirl t.'.vt tt at nrtre )
'wis not la Newcastle.' he ep:tnd.
j "Not la NewraJtie. I aaid, as I pr
1 duccd the tcicsrsm; It sccajs tj tr.a
lPKt ut isai meaS is a.r i.y
'th i.i.nnat
i Ine OCpOa.ie.
"He tvvk Ike tclri'sio. and 111 at
frt greatly SSrprtaeJ. but l.t. pati'ed
. . . . . . .. . ' . . . ...... . I l,,,M 11, I
j rii'Tr..i- u.i . - .-.... -
fae aod he odervcJ
- l have o.'teo tbos.t that u,
n cthx'sl cf ''f-'og wor a ia a le-i-msus
ea.ght U4 to eiundcrUn.l.eg. la
isii iin'.in. i.r .at . v. ..
avw has compute 'y e.vld )i I
wt.vte- 1U 1 e.'waer la ew
e.'where la New-
la.ile." blit the word aoahsr.-
Uttl tJ ti
aa eatcut tsat tt
lrrtTlv Uki S;ij
, A . i, 1
j ha,
S4el va to ea4 tt.
"ti".rg 1
, uuw trie in ajvai:.
i At. sees.
j A tVnvait Lsef.
. M.s- laro i.. i-a ra, a on
tn t S?u,-rvtue Court ;i ml the
New York Cwetral ra-lway. n't, g,c g
juejiif frvo aw aiviiftl t-h c'aiaj
to e iWI in thv 1'i.ht '-r
1- It WiiUam pul'.vJ. out his
-d . ,. tll ,or ..e.
1 .-j,, fiyt ,t(kr jh4;- be SJX
S ;kV'-
. a t,4. it mf toivl'Bg
ttj (ho ctker r.
"Yes" j
-NowV hviid-iog It tin Net ay. j
V a. "
Mr VUHatS opened the watch and
flowed tbe Jury that tt had o woi t
sad evn.wjueeCy Could at.'i tkk. S)f
aw.e tN V) lH.tau. t New York
A"Tv!1. ,. . a
Mr Ocensa Jtlsw bal was tkal
awful evht t heerd la jour ta this
Mt. t i i-eteat-Ok. that waa tssy
w ..I . 1 1! ff'l ,.i.r ft,. rt.-l huekrt
aji ,t'.k fj U. cvdiat4.
"fie!"! frora sarVmw ik tn
t M a. C. JsMC. I
THE U'.ltl) cf Tlit oaf, J . v
tt Kiwt.irri aivia.
fa tht cour.Try sr.-oo! ti O's-o
river at its nvjoth. in ancient fir.ev,
it Wj tot civkied cicr-t ly t'ttt
rcrr;. I: was a Isffy tact, r f;
(Tviiui sjn iwu rn. ij
f-r rr.jny years fcd Jt!: in p4f. f
To each cf th Iel2 ciiefi a tc.a
t t'ra, 1 tt.r a-!Tr-t oeciEr?e.J
i t-e ur.t day. Tie j-eur is'f-t- Grt t:en fell. Ouiy oc
o rr.tt of pesce i:rt'.rr,
ifyouhij ti or t ever .
tie door cf tier svjat-t y-va '
KifU Lit km ejsj a cf
Ticr&ry and prize cf dtr.c triers :
irg tbeir w'.U. j
Yatr.la wa festare j w ;b
test to'.J of cti-vcr.ru ir.i E-jr.'y
pattc-n that jed 1 Ti
spirit cf rtvrr ee t.i cijveled fcep-
iy os tie face, preie tiarre. (
Hawa'a.tab was a typical cf",
tie f&rt. i;ri tst.is! jsi frr,'
every crjcscTjr cf tc? spke tie
ar.ar(d cp i coser.aE.t, I:ei
list t'j'i cf pttMtnj. AI tire
wit ptotofrsphed ia LU ete a
- J a ' . t I
Tbej lih lo-ei the rzt fcetrt '
had iUteccd to te;r oo"r.- t!e
i v - .1-1 - ;
r.---i.6v .wr, w j 5 "
en the oatis ot Ler Lean's a'erice
lo Ha-Aikitib. Vatoba was
wardiy dip.eaxJ, vet do cvuvde ?
moved an faitarsM .vrrre j cww i
his ttolid face. The still water of I
.... , t
reverse ran deeo in Lis soo!. mir.ti
, ., . "
tnoccs came and went. Tbe tccr
- . . . ...
of re.ra-irr waa at Ran.t t l a f. : . I
at who La cow P.ows tbe trighry ;
M.s;s.nppi, tier MsoJ. L:s.e ai
cincpy oer taem were tie gnarled j Our smrk.et w ce-ver better ttnp
anj twined bough of a (j'snt oak. p'-d wita r5! berr e taa it Lst
IIwiitb Lad come to c!ira Lii
briJe. After a i!esce a rEtrnrter
went through lie aserb'y. "Wiere ' ocaad fw all tie ta;ket aiforrJei.
iiYatoba?" It wit answered by ; Our terrj trea te doe were weU
tie war cry cf ti tovtt he at tie r kv' by ties. tee e aai ihis Cwv
head. Vnoti seeirtr death ouly s tomer.
for her lover and ttivtand, tbrow.nr; . X New H aoie Coal C. ka
herself upon Hawakttah-$ brest', ! iik coaJ , dtvh c( lfl
would fcaie saied his i:t But lie ,h (;,rl. j Wl; wa Xl-
Great Spirit, not wiorr-to accept a itC !1 j, ftp0r:t.J 10 b 5 feet. 5
vicarious rscrifice cf such worth, j iat ,hkk ltvj of , ,uprr;w qtJ,;
caused, with a deafening rear, the',v It ta, aa (Ict;:wl Jt root
hill top to riinide, makin- a deep jac,i ,he coaJ i cl , fich shiny Hack,
and wiue cbanael. separating tie .t from :!e ao 1 of lie fce-st bro
lovet frotn tbe.r enemies, thrcub i.j, ,,ul;;tv The diacovery will b
which tvsw dowed a w.de and r--d-1 ce:ttr:ej ty , rJrui baii.et picowi
dy stream. joaju.'yij, whe, it is eapecteJ a
Tbus the lotn were preserved j j cat (fol t.aie wi' be en joy e by
aad tie "Father cf Water" w e,tfJbody aud hi friend. Thi ia
formed, or.Iy another cun!!rmton of what
bo let us learrt that hatred and !ebne aiw a'atmed that tiers
j revenge are net loied cf God.
j mirt should not allow tiem o:' toottl
) so xi. iibtvii o tint v atAiiov.
Tbe Cuivhes of (.iuatsriiiU Laie
j fu!:u! conceptions of thitij;
; w tn tre wotld w s err atcd
1 Ttr g-.-Kcr 11,.! Mother
hMttieJ the l:ccn and cicrilh
l-jutsa there, Hum tne ruiievi stir to
( ,v. -cr ah.lj;;,: rnjti:4 ot
j.l.l ,t .(
: t r 1 c cm:
I ' ' i
; s-atal, cl.-tt.. t-eaut.ful Inures 1
! a;id tie ..... of ttuuJct, ftf.uit!
t ,., .i.L,. i, TI t
W ll.v.
t'Scw .
wie i
ceiir.er tuctt
trcev, or
'!.,, t,,h
eett ceic. in rriitm raj not
Iteheaien raj not (
riu.Ci 0:1 Lit caita a taic, miUH
.... .... , 1. . . ...... ..... ......... i
'tie eatth bad not t-eea seen.
1 here
waa nuliii 1 tut a peacefully !eei' j
'wi sea. Wtea tie I r.ht C 1 cf j
! lie (.! sailed tpv..u lie wateiv. t!,ejC. l.uU; t ' frv.iu t!ur i:i.urt
M Ul,blg H)kvt;c
j ' t
lie hcaiei'. aie.
; The si'cnte w a otuick4ve. so the
Father and Mother vl life called
tie eauh iuto te'ii. 1 heu the
I'liiits gtrw and aviuined the coiol
of a lovioK nicicy. a bejulifu! in.
Tie four wind t ltw upon tie tui'..
l.i'g leave and cteted a lre from
wlio.e choral came a inuntiui mj;
j tu'.Ubv ol pisie. Thi p'eave.l the
: t,4iu: j that aniuiI l.fe came
j Tteu went foilh a device "Let
' ad w hsie made ptaiie tit." The
'"' could not comply with lie
J "
I device, a the Father and Mother ol
tit c devpiJ tieiit. For uiau, acs
they aowht to create annual that
oU'J u J J tl &x:at tt
they failed.
After much tf rtT connjj tntnj
egraF:e, they iccee!(l in making
mien. Titer !j.IiJ op aaj smifeJ
eta tht hesven ansaiJ: "Ifai l
O, Creafoe' Thoa that hearett anj
,'ti - uierM - i.fet ua' AhsnJon ru4
; Forik o n: Givt as ti
S I a;s tn aa open path, tn a roa.l
3 witjvwat wifa, to Utx4 quiet. J
anJ pwacefdi Lvt-s,, free ram H rr
' r" cre- Ti:e tint cim when
j 'Ky f -iryot ta rTs.Jr hoajj'ys h t5i
wiv wire .ve-.l i Bary
"ft iwijJ ia a larye cnoe.
Coa;-; t-- Tal-ia win the ratr
ei. tser Ijs-hjt w iH hm-
ti- to ciey ca:rereJ airer all tie
er"2. S was hi tarTii peopierL.
TV. iet&( lay opsia s tie
tio-ixil tist G'i darjiaaJ o M
ss p
Ls rJa S3i
(CwtilsmeJ at wtti.)
A rJ m'tj S -iay atoo
4 e! yJ a:X fcTjr t-wit
We taw
vjsz a (L
s wheat Li.
wetv, jevfg-rj by
ut cf -kT
i .
!i a Jflcfccr azt
eer rnew
anywhere ei'-e,
t Lis aose
aai i: ia ,vr-.ieac p;t cJ
H-Il 15 Or
Of citrve
th baf
;Orv:.e vst
! ,
. "'j.
i c J at Ler ie tt New IIMB.
L Sw i.-r
w iSe w'Jijrw frf
- two dasgiitrs. ill twn. Si vtt
tr ta'.'y evrti' fir Ley y r
' J '
i fxr asd t
been tin ytr as J price a tees
eery reavaaL-!e, and a ipi tlav
1 . .
1 coa
t r.,lcT .arv fcsiii-tr ii f
I'mniii.". iu Jurve lt. the Itttrtin c
toU llo'Jte 'uvk.-w rvoiarkatily eruttr
r.MiM.l ttvi uuiii-rrutew t' l't4'Wi.!
u l t't.iii ri w irt. 1 , r, ( ii!.ed
!prtii. I'tiet.l . l.!uul iirlii;;.
Sail j(ke ty. Tli- ilily rwt U
i 1. 1.. ...r I.Mif e . .-..iit fettt J .i'e 1-1
-- - - . ---- - - 4 -
t.i l"l!l. Vi lu-t. Il t SttU ! lU-AIS
hall rate.
Cif.ptj Miaacwtl SsssrtJ.
I liaiiv , tviutm-oi iu 4 uu ii, iy
f . ... (Kt ,.
f , ,, . ,
tnp ti t. I ul, 3Ituuepilia, u l
all the tMuttfui Ut-uewotai h-ul'. tfcs.
etc a? U C.:;f5rcu.
July ItU lOlh. iKi!vf-0e..o
Uinr to i .ii'f 'ruU auj r tur, u.l
from AlUtuat IvCtwIttli aCtlt io-w
rate ol Ii7 -o frv.nu St. Iii:i l
fkj.ial front Uiwiud Klver. Oaiy
Vtt X a.l..t..iu..kl U .lutfil f-.r
tvturu V l. I'uet .iuu I .u.t north
cru rviutee turuuti lt.llii or m.
UcRjate Ijr S-ri:nf I;-rs.
, iioi uirU-a of It u r 1 1 iv I " tt
Aleuts f r rule, touti-w, ete, 'I (.
eiiUrv Weal U riiiljr--t lii II. .
w.beuie of tUe.ip .uiuuwr rut.- ifn.
lug lll. lewri! tout iei,." l
trljilttua. It will bo a p!v.i.;irv t..
jt.lvUe voa fully.
L. A. 8'Cit. I. W. evk
t. r. a 1 !.. . 1 - .
a mui wi.f.at- at h.A., ,
. . r. , .) M ..

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