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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, July 16, 1903, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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T7 - CIJ
Farmers' Hardware, Vchl-1
clcs G Harness, Field
Dulk Garden Seeds, $
t -
i House a Carriage Paints,
(I ;
Aprloultirre nutl Lh Stock.
their house chuck full of New, Fresh Goods just
frora the factory, in car load lots. It will pay the
public to Bee these goods and learn the prices before
purchasing elsewhere. Some of our specialties are
also the celebrated GOODNOUGH SULKY
PAINTS, and other goods too numerous to
mention. Please call and see what we have to ofier.
No trouble to show goods.
So lo
Rich Hill, mo. Manager.
n n,
jiiU'j Ui.fillUt.UUf
Itilllli ASTHMA,
Curd at Horn b a Mu. Quick, and Rttiabl Method.
r m nnu nawii bit
bAIAKnlli ditfroaltiitOMitcl
C.tarrfc ererr year Catarrh ef th fee!
ul thrvat derelcpe rr, Hroocalal. aa fteaa
ach Catarrh. ar Catarrh eeuaee De-efaee
a.d llfid KoImk. Bromhial Catarrh lead, to
I.Aiiliiiia md c.annpll.a. Stoma Catarrh
caiiminmDii. inaireaiioa, mo latcrw
tbeSuircach. Wit tbeee lee Sefler rreej aeBel
Kuif. hJ aa Weak Ba.a. Uw e kHee Hnw
ACTUM Ik Cer4 1 Slay Cerea. Mr. W.
We are in receipt of premium
list of the Missouri State Fair to
be held, at Sedalia, August 17-22,
903. The classes in all depart
menta, especially in that of live
stock, have been largely extended
and the premiums increased over
those of last season. Over twenty
thousand dollars is offered in pre
miums to live stock, and the pri
zes offered in all department aggre
gate thirty thousand dollars. In
addition to a large number of pre
miums offered on corn, grain,
seeds, grasses, tobacco, vegetables
and many miscellaneous products,
the state is divided into five sec
tions, and a premium of $200.00
is offered to the counties making
the best exhibit of Agricultural
products from either of these sec
tions. These exhibits should em
brace everything grown on the
farm, in the orchard or garden.
Under an act cf the last General
Assembly, County Coutts are en
abled to appropriate money to aid
in collecting, forwarding and dis
playing exhibits of farm products
from their respective counties.
Many counties will doubtless take
advantage cf this act, and this
with the liberal premiums offered,
will assure a display of farm pro
ducts never surpassed in the state
and highly creditable to the fertili
ty of our soit and its adaptability
to a great variety of products.
straining mid labor organiatiotti
and officers from continuing boy
coU again the llcrff building,
Ferdinand 1 let IT, a wealthy citl
ten of San Antonia hat jimt complet
ed a magnificent business block In
the moit ileaiiable section of the
city, and in awatding contract lei
the contiacts for electrical wiring
to a firm that was on the union's
'unfair' Hit,
When this was done and the
building was completed the Elect! i-
cat Workers' union and the trades
council rendered an oflicial boycott
on the building-, and to merchant
who were negotiating kasea on the
building and a warning was sent
to the effect that it they leased the
building that they would be boycott
ed by the trades council
This resulted in all negotiations
for leases of the building being de
clared off and Herff, the owner,
finds it impossible to rent or lease
the building. The matter was first
taken before the grand jury and
after a fair investigation of it, it was
decided to defer action for fhe time
being in the criminal courts, and
the suit to recover penalties and per
petuate an injunction against the
boycott was filed.
When the unions heard of the
institution of the proceeding thej
a'greed to lift the boycott on the
building pending the decision of the
case. From the San Antonio Ex.
pi ess.
Thou who are p.nlMna f lll
unci niifiiutli ly t iuli- tmrtl
rnent Willi ,
Scott's Emulsion
KliotiM rnntlnu. thu Irnntmrmt
In hot wthji I nmnllor iom
nml n Utile root milk with II will
tlo nwnv with mv ol'lolirr
wlilrh lu nttm-hf .1 lo rutty r'"
tliiota tluilntf the hUu
n4 f-'t t-re empl.
HmTI A MOWN., ll"lM.
409411. J'.ml Ntrl, Yort.
t. and iff til 4mWl.
fny hen a man is looking for a wife ho don't
LlI mnomiiv tnko tho lirst female woman
i ho comes across, but looks around to seo ifho
can't do a little better. So it is m Duying
Lumber. Don't buy tho firot batcli you sco,
but look around. Wo keep a good stock all
tho timo and our prices and grades aro just
about right. You won't miss it if you seo us.
Williamson & Montgomery
(iili inn!
MUftourl I'uctftc Ttme t'rt.
NiiltTH imf.SK. HT. l.itl li AMI K.
No. 2 Ui'vrn '
No. 2. Ii-nv.. ViM p. 111.
No. HO I-nv.m 10.10 p.
NO. 1D4 (Ih-h1) 10:i:i 11. in.
No. .17 Invi-rt 1 : 1. I".
No. S! Ia-hvi r.:4." a. in.
HUVTII llll"M.
No. 20 Arrlven ' "' u- m.
No. 27 Arrlvt n 12:V j. 111.
No. 2: Arrivi-M 10:10 p. 111
No, (Uk-u) M P. n
No. St Arrives 12:20
No. 4 Arrlvtn !:.V p. m
- It. A. ItAII.KY, Airt.
Atcu. Kibui Ciiy. Mo.. ..t.i "For as Tn
uOrred mik Atibmm. tod .unlllol work el
.njrainO. M y ha4 luvt a lopped up wtv.
worfiitg. rmitlinp, ud oouhl.( .Bdalatat.
nd I cwuid Dutli. down, but baa to .11 ap (a a
rbalr to aiorp. lo damp and Baf Fa-ar athr
1 auSrred mi. Tie Branamaa MeOlettl loatl
tutcar1 me, and I fce-tlf rew-miuend ihea
tuvnoMalicld arl'0 AJIBHi aadBAl KVlt"
p j r-r v ri ! 1 5i DMrmtnii
Sllaw WWO cooipiainucured aibotsft,
SjrmpunB blaaai wb.Uwt yea taa. mal-
aifci cr col. W rii wU.
t7?tAeuAof jour Ear Vaaaer Kncio. and St
v.fiikeil woDiiera la mycajMv I a ao flat 1
rouid no bear a man about wi thin aiv feet of aae.
1 cnuKl nothing butdialracimg feaad aiiaa
CiMurbed Die a 1 dof and keriasj awake al
t.iUL I wu akeplio, bat w 1 am Bra ba.
0 5
Merer la all yen elalm toot treatment will da tor
loofleei. It ecure.v aiopped the aoiaea la utj
kta4 and tade nsr hearu.ir perieot. I cam hear
any eonvereailoa wlth'.n tea feet and ft .team
viilail. IV mtiea.' X aend yod nam. of a friend
aSlicted a I waa. I kaow your treatment will
cur. ber. I win make oath lo all I bare eatd.
Your dellfalwd friend. JAMES DBjlDSUA W.
Tfce lew rata f S '- a aa.alti lael.dea nil a.rlre, aiellrlaea, wayertaen,
fuatruaeBta, etc. tm waeceaafal koaaa treataarat. Aelala claw te hay.
The rtratiamas Ifedlelal laattrrau haa been located In Kanaaa City. Mo.. IS years, and baa
cured thouaauda. If yoa are aOeiin(r from Dflatneaa, Catarrh, or Aathuje, w. can eur. yo
of Dome. A booklet teilioir ct oor marraloua treatment and wonderful auoeee., aent KKF.E.
latarih in youth cauee. Iearaaaa1n old are. Deafneaa rauaea mucn worry and loea ef bappl-t-a.
Aaihmacausea u Bering and poor health. V. can cure ail of the aUoa. diaeaae. at f uur
l.ox.s, to lake no chance bat write today tor l UCB queailoa blauli and booklet. Addrcas.
,...':,-.:Wv,,... Kansas City. Missouri
piirji- Catarrafe, Broacbltlt. Kr bmIiU. Dripepeia. Ie wasta.
WW II a- O'Matrry. ltlck.ta.Fllt. Scrofala. blood peiaoa, Par
iTytrt.Herals. Piart,r lslal.Co5ai(tlea Is th.f-lrat U(t .t catale
Coatlclsts. a ad Dtaoaaeaof tM Heart. Sloaiaf k. Uvrr. tVowet. tC
Ikldatr. Saiatl Caraiart. Mama Back. Club feet. Pony" DIateM.
Cross tyta. 6at rer I a Eyes. Cataract. CraaaUud Lida.
JlenM IVrarewal rarM. Write for tr Bp tors Liirt. Coauml tattoo nee. JTTtieJa IA.ee -trno
Trained Specialist (or eacti caaaa of diaaaae. Over Shirty BpeelalUta, lepeeaaatlaa the
a.lkptlila, iiomeopatbla. and Xoleetidi SebeoUof UeCiclne.caablnHi their aklU wtaaa a icon
rary os, acb tnilirtdoal eaa. AU medlelB. fnrnlahed. and al e rreeWr eoe tbaa eat. erdlaary
il-i.-t'T w.iultl cijarf. for wrlHte preMripaauaa ami euilau y.a to ti.a dm. .tur. to bar. alma
lilted al your tiwn p.ue. i.fai b aa la anarrwr imm; w. will enl a peslallat a firat
tram caiiatla of (wrioruuss euMuauicuy aa operaaiua euvww au Hr7
llkrtll ltaaaBS,
ranged by la-norenee. eacea. or Ml
cum , If )o l.are fceaa uwl -ci.il
onul th Bire '. "I tl
rd (loot. n.akeayoor n,y
11 k
wan am. .mJ
. yew erewf f e a. eiae.d arlth ake
dtatioct aiwieiateAdln tnat will can
lea aouod and trail or She Sreawn tat
will eoet roe Botbinfl We care Loat
Manhood, Seminal W.akneaa, Bp.r
tfierhaa. Ooonrrboa, Krpbltla, Varlee
in I f. eery fret. v. iraal a I 'ilk
lo. Viel .r. (,rofloor eallMn.nriiif
r iirotite Jiimmi by ulll.hitir thou
' en.d of T.ilunterr aaatliooulaUuf bnu.
....,.. u . intf Laillea. tilrturea. a.d ad-
but trs cm 'I y.w14A er ewree im
tr.rie rfi.eo.. beeaiia. it would btray roe
irm-e. Jln.ce, we liar, to pnr out ekill la
I ii. uiaaa of diaeea la aaotiier way.
AH .werw ee..a rewe4 .kill waaeJ tummt. Tra moet eomplate Prlf e.r.rtnm
In tl-f week.
eel., a trio aura, a lid all weakaaa.aa i-r afaa. or
it eoa't eeet yoa a penny. lMAaultatiuo arid
ad.ioa free bt letter or la peraua. .tncUy ouaAr
cUuUal. Call or writ.
..ll ta, Uk (,! r aaflvatsLaaaTa tWfl AlinMlJI tllik tt. H Lftf
tit X H-iyv Hfwurt 1 (ravilini tnrun wii riolia to
tar nk-mt W or Wuiik.
911 Walnut at-. OppotlU Old Pettoffkt. tAfSAS CITY, M0.
Oluce Uoura.S a.n.te I p. a. aa4aya, 10 a. aa. aa 1 p. ou
fil If f)i...niLci V..... nil.. If. Oppositi
: t f r t ii.. -m I r ..i.i - l m r k.iis i . aw . --
lltiiuiiv a w w a w ... wraap aam.awaawi aaa iwaa wn BtPtt
i Its Cli tttl M Doctor. OlitH la lf aol Unrt4 Located. 1 Ctfulsr OrUattt
U not tela. Uver it loarr apeclml rractlco. H I cars la Saiuat Cily.
1 wirlhorfated TT the at ate to treat C'kraalc, ereeaa, aad (aerial pleeeeee.
. urri j i..wh ii lunuuuri iu.uibi.cu leaoy luff nea
I vbo mercury ur lujunoua uiedicliic. aned. No detrutiuu fium buaiueaa P..
I tleula al a diataare lir.lc.l by tuail an t earea. Mrdlciaea aent ererywbera
1 free from eaae oc breakeae. No tueilu-iae aent C O. 1 uulrae tiert n. -..
J with order, flurr ea low. Over tu.uuu raaea cured, btaie your eae and acail
jiiil teiuie. a,ouauiiaiaia rice ana cuaiBucuiiau. pciaonaiiy or by
Seminal weakness and
t& rtwiti or
h Sexual! Debillty.p'
j j and a.eae r-urfu View by d
uutlilul lolly
y clreama or
unit, i wiiuiea aad blutihreoe Oie lace.
L t.Mii-. ol .l(,xlloll:e head, petua lathe l. k,
i , luuliweil Idru. end Iveerl! jlnra.. bu.tilul
I ! ii.ee, .vrnui lo autlely, (uaaof aeauel power,
tf tuabhiHKL ctr a Cuir.l toe lilt, lean
j .wpulyM awt rratur. lowl aeaual power,
l ) i.eive aud b-lu rr lalaiii aadatieiiKib
: ; u weak ic jauJ auak yod kl lof tuani-gc.
t, la all ita
I r .t '11 . rhatteriitladiari
I i ClVpilili'a forma and aiMtfa. c-uird fuff
Kl i Ul
t ,,r
i .ii miu.i vi rnviiif teeaece, pveM.T wu
l.:.d iuiauiiii., Mm llaa, I Uen
w.'lii.na, f , ire, t..l Jirboea, ami i-ieei. eu
.11 Mlu.l o I'llval.
ui ii.ey taluuwcX
' riot Kmam ol Aunt t my Ut Ken Only.
Stricture wtu th
nod lt..UiUt H Trminiai. Iso Mta nd
U VckUI. No CSUMirtV, Ortllug, butLtfft
or uuDilt, No krtutiiatt liucu Uit.itwt
r.!ud cuird. A rixoaii.t cur gunr-
nt'ior matf rvfuBtacd. bead mmy i-jt
Uiuk, wtikki lulljr cslttiu lua 1.tw
Varicocele - Ci, .
el a... itciiUAbCntljr cutnl wUtMil
Uydroce!e..r3fwulu: "M
Phimosis -.l-.i"
rtrif!! lor both eraex, t peirea, TTplr.
SJ V J n. turn true to Iili. with full dra.
ertutiua ol shore diarawa, lh. e fleet and
cut, acul aaeled Ul bleia epke
The spraying of fruit trees,
vines and garden crops for fun
gus diseases and insect enemies
has become a necessity among
commercial fruit growers. Per
haps the most successful mixture
that has ever been discovered for
the destruction of fungus diseas
es is liquid Bordeaux Mixture. So '
valuable is this mixture that com
mercial fruit growers owning very
large orchards have gone to great
expense to spray their trees with
this preparation. During certain
wet seasons the liquid spray has
not proven efficient. Where the
orchards are very large and the
land hilly, as in some sections ol
Missouri, the application cf water
becomes an exceedingly expensive,
sometimes impossible, operation.
This has led some fruit growers in
this state to endeavor to hnd a
dust powder which might be dust
ed upon the trees for the purpose
jof destroying fungi.
The methods of preparing the
dry Bordeaux Mixture liavj not so
far been satisfactory. The chemi
cal composition of the resulting
powder has not had the same fun
gicidal effect as the liquid mixture.
The Chemist of the Missouri Ag
ricultural Experiment Station has
for some time hern endeavoring to
peifect a method of preparing the
dry Bordeaux Mixture so that the
resulting compound would have
exactly the same desirable chemi
cal composition as the liquid prep
aration. During the early spring
so many inquiries were received at
Columbia upon the subject, that
the Ciicinibl lo the Station look
up the matter st-riously, with a
view lo making powders which
would lake the pUie of liquid
agents.. The result of this invest
igation is a very fine powder which
contains copper in the time form
that occurs in the properly made
liquid Bordeaux Mixtuie. Bulletin
Co, by K, M. Bud, has been issued
by the Missouri Kxptriment Sta
tion which gives directions (or
making this powder. This bulle
tin will le sent to all oicharditls
and fruit growtra in the State who
apply for it lo the Director of the
Experiment Si.I.od, Columbia,
The Nme Mosea.
It is curious fact, unknown per
haps to a majority of readers, that
Moses of Scriptural fame was called
by eight different names in various
places in the Bible. Bathia, the
daughter of Pharaoh, called him
Moses because she drew him out of
the water. Jochebeci, his mother
called him Jekuthiel, saying, "I had
hoped for him." Mniam, his sister
called him Jared because she had
descended after him into the water
to see what his end would be.
Aaron called his brother Abi Zan-
uch because his father had de-erted
their mother.- !Amrm, the father
of Moses, called the boy Chabar be
cause he was again reunited to the
mother of the lad.
Kehath, the grandfather of Moses,
called him Abigdor becaue Ciod
had repaired the breach in the hue
of Jacob. The nurse of the grand
father of Moses called him Ali
Socho because he was once hidden
three months in the Tabernacle.
All Israel called him Shemniah be
cause "in his days God heard
their cries and rescued them from
their eppressors."
Needles, Shuttles, Bands and Oil.
We buy, wll orexrlmiiiieitf oinllinml
goods. c nrv nolo t(jvnlii lor tin'
New Home Sewing Machine
nndcarrv nttJirliint'titn for nil inn-
tlilncM. 1'uriiltunTt'tinUln'd. mauiimc
1. -X. JUHI a.V OOe
Kirk UuUdliiK. North fit li St.
Klcli Hill, - MUfrOurl
i. i:s tis;:!!E 1 1 : i x t..,.ri ... .,,. m "Wit er;::!;, 0 .
,. . r,i,i..a. aui. ina, o.u ia. f ' If 1 I
y ime.u.ra, ait Ui'aiKr ui ll 1 I
f J . ' . If ;o
I ' f . J luieeueia, e. i aa mm u mi M.ll I 1
' " 1 Je.i.r" -t.uii, I, II r I. I 1 ( i I
I J J .vi.a.. B.rji uuii'ii., MUM- r a I paver t J I
LI. I-..I.I..I.O. An at... a.a.ie, -' irr 5
m ' I "'' t.ie.w... ; fV t, jl
iv . iJlie uu -
Attorney Cjener.l Belt nud Dit
trict Alloinry lite, in I lie n-inc of
tUIC uf Trias, filed llie fit at auit
evriy tiled ag.iiii"t l.il.or tinioni un
der the uiitiiiiikl law, attking to le
Cover henvy peualtit-s and utking
fur an injunction rcuiniii!' the
union and ollkeft fiom iii.iiitainiitg
and continuing a boycott tint h.
been deilicd.
The of the ui it i Sutc of
Texat v, the Tr.idi' C'omit it and
and lie Elecli if il Worker L'uioii
of San Atiloniu, mi. I Paul Sttlfo,
Walton I'ott'tt, I'uiik iiUijti',
I.. Stanley, John Thompson and J.
I). Brodeiick, ollit'eil of (lie uniou
Kkking for $0,000 prnaltirs alirady
I he lVllneutor of Auuuwt li nil ex
ivllt'llt liildMiiiiiiiU'n nuinlMT. Il irv-
fiita it clwiruiltig- nrrny ol KiikIiIoiim,
tin wi-ll n ntiiuToun other h'titunn
of iht'p lutervat to women, nnd ntor
l.'M nud nrtlt-Vcw of a h!h literary
tmidnrd. In fiction. Ilierv nre four
ntork-t ttM that will furnUh irood
rvnilluK tr liny muiiiiikt (teruMna,
iiIho the fourth tiiatitllim-nt of XI r
Oitlii-rwiMHl'M atory. In which the
iM'tiou InvoiiM-a very thrtlllitj;. LI It If
Ilitiiilltoii Freiii'h writin rutertnln
ItiK'y nlMiut aoii of lu r city hcIkIi
borM, liitiuillitir the vt-ry oor uu
thn very rich. Our Suiuuicr In n
ftiiru. by FrrHh-rlck J. I'.nrin'tt, U tin-
lutrrutlvu of n novel innniiir
him'ikUiik tht tta nil iM'itMon In the
country. hiiKU tlon for 1111 euti-r
tHiiiuii'iit with ulllioiift tea nrv kIvcii
by Juiict Bn-watt-r, In m iht IIIiih
t rut oil with aUlioui't ( ortrit!tM o
Imlli-a jirtiiiiliii'iit In CIiU'Uko I' t
A IIoiiim' on n IIIIIhI.1i. t hIiow'm
w ith UliiHtrntloiiH of citiTlor and In
tai lor, niul it hiko of rxcluxlve pilot
oisriiplm of MMTKiirft Aiillun Im iiIhi
uti-nturt'. MUut Ijiui;lihii !! oiirw-e
In ehiiriu'terliitic vt'lu 011 The ijucat
ol liHi!iliifru, find Mrs. Illrm-y haa
an liitcrcKtlnK rlutptiT on Child
hood. The prviiarutton of M'li for il
la the auli)iut of the'Turlotla, au.l I
iuwr, nml the K n riil (imm! prol.li 111
In :l veil cotmliliTiitloii by lr. lirace
1'it WIihiii Murray. Korlhu t lill.in i
thiTr nre the i-iiiikIii); iiaatliiu', the
Kln-lluht atory ami other fcutiirvH
The varlotm lN purt inrnt. nre tip to
the umiiil Mtiiiiilard.
The MetA Times ol July 5th tt II
uallml Mrs. A. M. Copelaml viait
ed in Itich Hill Tueaday. " .
Kobert llandlcy last week sold
line drove of fat hogi lo Arnold o.
Armationr;. ,Jii Lillian
Paxton w as takrn sick last Sunda
morning, and contliueil lo grow
wurae. A doctor mm called an
ftetward a conaultation wii held
A turgeon waa atirnuioiird from
Kama Cut. He amved Wednes
day afternoon, pioiinuiHed it a
peudicilis and pcifonned the uau.
operation fur that diaraae. Tl
patient ia gettinit alouu; all right
. That Chas. Harm has
Incurred and $51 per djy for each ! bought the Dr. Petty stock of met
t'.iy Pie mutter couipbuud of ii 1 chaudiae and that their 4'b of July
CCr.tmucJ, and fur au irjunttiua re- was gitat suiiccn.
Mho von
iim lit
AjPica'? OEST nCpUb"er.
Editorially Fearless.
Consistently Republican Always.
News from nil parts of the w orld. Vi II w rltten, oriKlnal
utorleri. AiiNwera to ciiierlm on nil ftibjttn Articled on
Ilenlth, the lloniv, New Itooki, mid ou Work About the
Fnrm and Garden.
Tut Inter m tan In n nirmiHT 'f tho AosiH-iatiil I'rfn
nud nlno l the only AVentern iifWnpiiifr rti-eivliiK ttie fntliv
tok'KnipMe ihmvm mtvIii of the New York Ki:n, nnl yjiflnl
eat de of the New York World, Ik-kMc dally n'liort from
over 2.0K 8Hi lnl corrvKpondentii tl.i'otmhout the eountry.
No ien can tell imire fully vtbjlt in Hie best on earth.
52 Twelve Page Papers One Dollar a Year
llnmlulof New a from everj s here and
a perlect feaal of apet-lal matter . .
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mid Till: NV LP.KLY INTKU OtF.AN .n
Jfiir, Both Papers One Year For Only $1.50.
Anil Manufacturer of
Family ltemedles. : :
Have you n eoujih or ore n rTi-rlng
from n eold? If no try Dr. Mi;h
CtH'iill AM LVM! HF.MF.DY.
If yon mv troiiblttl with ludiptstlon
orvtoiunch trouble uh
For nil pain nnd m liin upply
Tluw tested reiiiedkn hnvt- euntl
othr-rw, tliry will cureyou. Try them.
lata al lath aa Wyaa4.u. lia.
aaraaLiaMKO iu
Orrantrnl auk a full ata8 cf pl.Talrtana and
lirir.-.,n t-.r OrelBietlt cf a, 1 1 tirono 1'
iH.mr tOoS lot aoouoimoilauuB ui pa.ieeia.
Situ m4 Sktt irAre f a..-y.
We! eiutrTel to treat dlaeaee. cf woro.a.
Many w).o l.aae auffrrej r..r year, e .ie4 al
bob... Sec.al booa ftc woawa t KKK.
Trela.a aneaa.are. lea Iaall4'a Seat.
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A iiulrt home for water a durlef eer fin.Oirat,
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MUN.UCo.w- -New York
Mrawiai Omw. a r He. WaakuieiwH. II. C
We offer the following rates to
those who wish to supply them
selves with reading matter for
the year:
kiilln.'lM t 'Ity Wit-aly Joiirniil fl.1
Kiiiikum City Jially Journal . . fix!
Kiiiikii t Ity NVii kly Ktnr. 1 1.1
KaiiHim I Ity 1 jt II v Slur 5.11
Kniii..tH lily l;U!y U oil.l . -.
M. IjmiU T Iff n - k liloUlS iiim rat I.Vi
St. LotiU Tw liv 11 Xn ll.-piili!!. 1 ,V,
St. Lmiin I aily 1 iloln'. iiHHTa' .. ii Ut
St. Imld liilly lli-ptihllf 11 VI
;t. Lmiu iiiii.v rhroiii.-if ,,. ni
Chlfito WivMv I lit.' r I Kc;tii 1 i)
Tolitlo Flu. It- 1
I.lv- Stock Imllfiitur, I'onltry l iirm. r ivii.l Fartn-
t iV I iif-t it tit.-, nil for , v 2.",
lii'llnnapoliH Sftitlin l.... l.i'i
Tin- iH'liiifiitor .;i.",
Sueeeaa 1.7.,
Criterion 1.7;,
Coiikfy'a- M.itiMiif I.-.'.,
Wo will save you money on any
Nowspaper or Magazine published
in tho United States. Address or call
Rich Hill, : : Missouri.
"Ilia- twrt ulns 14M .lHn(ar
Id m mi 1 11 lav. ft I til hi' Ii 1 Lv t t p , 11 tt 4 f.f
or tH.ii y-itrn it I run iy iui ( nrct
h4.r ; t . n bin ni'fi ru iii f xtfuu mi ui ln-i tt mv
I tl- ff l t't, I ftl.u:) a t (tallll. f'V4. u
(rn'l it"iii n iny f 1 u-utlt t ! i. nil tic ir
mmw$) IFJe Print
VA-i MWIHMfl r,rK.M .f t." l' a A UM,
a a.,... i ..M,i, a i..t. im vt. ti.
fcwM tf'C. , W II Jaa ii,.w iUi.il.
Kansas City Southern Railway
"ttraJght as lb Crow t lieu" '
r rr.iw'1, ei inM eraln,Mrn. flay,
!..!: f..rin i r f iuia:.l t rrt.ni
boil. Aira i;iuhcuuc2 than any oT!:r railway
im ti:3 woixd. 1 on, ru iu;:.uti:.
At ne Ita line ari I lie fliHi lain 1 1, auln f
ftriLiii' f. ir . .1-...u 'is lnl. ..!. Ii. , I. . r. !
i.tr i-.iriii M-r. ii .-aniai'.'.'irt., i.h..'.. t-.im i. ....i v. (M ri.i 'm r.r.. r.,
a arianr. ami ri. uii l . 1. ..1 1 f .r m. r t . ni l.li.i .mi.-r 1 I roi.li
iuu., i.Uiu, ln.'.,ii p, iuiry aiel A1.1; r a .,aia, al i-rlnw ranging fnmi
li t went -flreii.. I! ir.fr rn.ire r nv twaii rimi.l-l Hiv li- n Ver. am
uui way 1-..I..1.I l l.. I . t , n a .).. I.r-t a;, I n,lr. 'iw.ii.t , f i, U..UUL
V 1 ! f..r at...y nC "1 1 I.1.1..N I' i. ,. 1 V jmUJi y t,e
TMH Stiottr I INH TO '
1 J. M. moknk
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la. 0. Vwiasr a, j. P. a not. A.
itaata c.itv a. 11
T. aa. AND laaia-rj AIT . KlMii CiTt. MO.
Letter Heads, Note Heads,
Envelopoa and Bill Heads,
Statements. Salo Bills, etc.

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