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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, August 20, 1903, Image 3

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D. B. HICktY, Proprietor
Opera Mouse Bldg. Rich Hill, Mo.
If rain makes corn, there will be
lots of. it this year.
Guido Jaeger it able to be on the
meet and look after business with
hit usual energy.
Mist Anna Connell returned from
her visit on niillliieiy busmen at
Kansas City, last Friday evening.
Master Raymond Ple, of Mar
ionville was a pleasant caller at
Thk Tkhh-nk ollke Monday moiu-
Will Tedf.-rd, of Kansas City, i
in the cily, called bcie by the se
vere illnest of bit father, Maj. T.
W. Ted ford.
Material for the water tank and
tower it arriving by the car load
and being delivered on the ground
bv Mr. Dakcr.
Dr. II. K. Winchell has been
quite tick at bis home on cast
Maple atteci. but is now some
what improved.
J. M. Hurst.V Son are comfort
ably fixed in their new loom on
Paik Avenue, next dor east ot
Samterton Wilson II. V F. Co.
W. H. Cloute made a Ute drive
to Kicli Hiil Friday. W. II. it al
ways on, band to accomodate the
drummer boys. Foster Timet
J. T. Weathers and Harley
Geiger took in the Carthage fair
last week, but tain knocked them
nut Too much water, for the
fair, Weather and Getgcr ate cold
water men.
Mis Grace Hiossn, c-ne ol oui
pretty telrpliono fciiU, has gone
In k'inri id. Kansas, for a weeks
visit to relatives. Soma young
man's biail will beat heavier un
til the return.
V. II. Humans, of Kansas City,
irnirik- a democratic ollicial of
Itich Hill, was in t! city Frid-y
and Saturday shaking hand with
trirnJt and selinii! farm ma
chinery lor an agricultural firm
Mr. Albeit lluckeriilye, of Webb
City, who hat I een v. is'nirg the fain
H.rtiifDr. Hevlmun and K. E
ltuckeride, and other relative I
left (or Kansas City last Friday to
visit her paieutt, Judge and Ml. J
V. Ileylmun.
Last week we made a bargain
with Joe D. Andeitou for tome
painting, but on Monday of this
week be cam icund to tell us he
couM'r.t do th job. at be bad
bou;ht au interest in John Wins
ton' harries, shop and would
tiv to $J tJ wotW.
Waller Cooper is a'owly getting
better of bit typhoid (ever.
Mrs. T. D. Sanderton, of Kanti
City, 1 visiting friend In this city.
Guy Cook hl been on (lie tick
liht recently, but i fact improving.
Geo. Wile it putting a new roof
on hit eatt Maple stieet dwelling.
Some private money to Joan on
good real estate security. Geo. I.
Mitt Lizzie Fivherand little neice
Aria liailey, are visiting relative in
Labette Co., Kan.
The man who hat hay to tell tlds
year wilt not beg for buyert at tat
Ufactory price.
Misses Geo and Ethel Long, from
Chanute, Kan., are the guestt of
Mist Pearl Benedict.
Mr. Andrew Ducat had quite a
sick turn last Sunday and Monday,
but is getting better.
A. li. Holloway departed Tuet
day morning for Portland, Oregon,
and will be gone teveral day.
Mrs. Geo. Aichele left Monday
for a visit with her daughter, Mr.
! Geo. Drauer, in Petti County.
Mr. Tet&man and children of
Pittsburg, Kan., are here on a vibit
to the famil'ie of Aug. and Julius
A little stroll through the city
ihowt up a large number of newly
painted house, and much repairing
is done.
The Frisco line will sell round
trip tickets to the Baxter Springs re
union lor $J. 90. "The reunion
will open Aug. 31.
Mrs. Dr. Winchell
from her visit to relatives at Odes
sa, Sunday evening. Her visit
was cut short by the sickness of
the doctor.
Rev. C. C. James gave quite an
interesting account of his trip to
the International Epworth League
Convention at Detroit, Mich., in
stead of bis regular sermon last
Sunday evening.
Mr. A. L. Biiley of Pittsburg,
Kan., sva in the city visiting her
mother, Mr. M. C. Fortune and
other relatives, the first of the week
A. L. will soon transfer to Bonanza
Ark., with the same company,
Mrs. W. T. Pylct, wile of Rev.
Pylet, formerly pastor of the Wal
nut Street M. E, Cburcb, with her
ton Raymond, on their return home
from 1 visit to relatives at Virginia.
stopped over and tpent teveral dassj
including Sunday, wtlh friend in
thi city. Both are looking well
and old friendt wete glad to see
C. J. Cissna, of Ft. Scott,
former railway mail clerk who ran
out ot Rich Hill to Geneseo, Kan
sas, has been elected president ul
the Seventh District Railway Mail
Clerks Association. We congrat
ulate him on hit preferment and
assure the association they could
not have put a belter. man or
more perfect gentleman at the
head ol their organization.
Daniel L. Roup, aged 57 years,
May 15th last, died at the residence
of IsaaeS. Neat, northwest of thit
city, Aug. 14th. lie wat a native
of North Carolina, came to Missou-
ti in childhood, and had made hit
home with Mr. Neat't family (or
year past. Hit icmaint were tak
en to Johnton county (or bunal
with hit wife and two childien,
w ho preceeded him to the great be
yond many year ago. The shad
ow that fell acrott the ihreshhuld cf
hit home many yeart ago w at never
lilted, and only made him the more
(aithlul to lhoe who showed him
kindliest and sympathy. He wat a
good man, a faithful fiiend and a
most excellent ciliten.
VI OO Reward, flOO.
Tliorvadi-rsi t till pnjwr will be
pb-AMMl to k-jiru Hint tlicrv U ul k-ant
one ilrvaded dim uhc that as k-noe tiaa
Uvu ubU) to cure In alt it swiKvamid
Unit to Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Curv ta tW only uwitivr cure now
known to the- nifdtenl Irnternlt.v
Catarrh U'ltitf a coualltulioiml dU
viu, rvqtilrsn a eomttltutlomtl trvat
uu'iit. Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken
lutcrnnlly, nctlntf dties-tly tipuu tin-
t...o.l nml inuroua aurfmva of tin
wvMtciu, tli.-rrtiy dtnliV) liic iIk-
(otiiidnlloti of I lit" illmw, nmiKtvin
tlic pattont vtn-iitth ty building up
the eoiiatltuilon and Utliiu mt-
tuiv Jn doing Ita w ork. Tho proprU-
t,r liavo no iuuvo fullli In Ita cura
live lowrm. that lU.-y tt T One
lluiulrvd lMlura for any cno that It
tall to cur. S'iid for llt cf t-oU
F. J. fUi:XKV Co.. Tol, do, U
Soi l by lnifctfUta. 7.V.
iinU t bafy pCa art U Irtt,
See the new fall hat at ike tta
raar. Mr. Ld June it reported quite
tick at her borne on the et tide.
Maj. T. W. Tedford hat been
quite sick the pat week.
Mrt. hioote, of Nevada, it visit
ing the family of Rev, Wetley Lt
tin. Wamth. A toyt bicytle in
good condition. Inquire at thit of
fice. The city dadt are having the use
test gas postt taken off the corners
of the street.
The Bazaar hat just received a
nice line ot new fall htls. Call
and tee them.
Summer tourist ratet to Pcrt'e
Springt via to Mo. V. Tickett on
tale d.tily May 15th to Oct. ltt.
"Hell and the way ou:", by
Chat. L. Phifcr at published in
hit Social Thought, it quite inter
esting reading.
Girard Wilton, who sold the New
Home Coal Commany 5SS acre of
land a short time ago, has invested
largely in land in Kansas,
The china and glassware stock at
the Bazaar hat been greatly reduc
ed, but they have a little left, which
they are offeiir.g at ridiculoutly
low pricet.
Mr. Peter Kilta is home from hit
Texat county taw mill and farm.
He ha plenty of water for both.
Corn down there he tbinkt looks
better than here.
Miss Jessie Cosper, of Lamar
formerly of thit place, pasted
through here last Saturday on the
noon train. She was on her way 10
Kansas City to study millinery.
A. C. Cate has sold out his busi-
;neM "nJ P'0Pc,,r to Mr- 3- Y-
liaker. In the trade Mr. Cate
comet ir.to posession of a large
body of land in western Kantat,
but will remain in Rich Hill per
haps until tprir.g. Mr. Baker will
become a citizen ot Rich Hill and
take up Mr. Catet line of business
and push it with energy and a view
to tuccett and profit.
The Bates county Worlds Fair
Commissioners at their meeting
on Tuesday last designated W. II.
Holloway, of our city, to take
charge of what fruit we have (or
exhibition at the Si. Louis (air
next year. Mr. II. it an expen
encftd horticulturist and will pre
pare the fruit for shipment and
send it to officers of the State So
ciety at Kansas City, where it will
remain in cold storage until placed
on exhibition next year. Tbe
Butler Record.
Mr. James L. Porter, who hat
been working lor The Tribune for
more than a year, bat received
an appointment as railway mail
clerk and reported for duty at Fort
Scott Monday morning. During
all the time he wat in our employ
we found him. a faithful workman
I way pleatant and agreeable, and
f faithlul woik will merit succet
and promotion, Porter will get it in
lue time. The best w ishet ot Thk
Thihi'nh goet with him in hit new
leild of labor. He it a good man.
A. I). Pontiu. G. O. Circle, J.
W. Snider, W. A. Harvey, M. V.
Erdmanhtdorf, and a number of
other old soldiers attended the
reunion at Nevada last week and
all spent a delightful lime, Speeches
were good, amuemeutt all one
could ask and everv thing went on
according to the well arranged pro
cratn. The ttoiiet thai vvcie afloat
about dilferencca and diilicultiet be
tween the G, A. R. inauagemeht
and the ownett ol the grounds were
put to lest by the addresset of com
mander GiiUon and 11. C. Moore
present owner of the grounds. Tbe
leunion will be held at Nevada next
year at usual. the lust week in Aug.
and theie w ill be no different regu
lation! fium those heietofore in
101 ce except tuch at may be neccet-
tary for the better comtoit and con
venience of the old veterans and add
to their enjoyment.
vvalnut Street St. K. Church.
There will be picaching at the
Walnut Street M. E. Church neat
SunJ.iy at 1 1 a. m. and S p. in. by
the pasKr.
Sunday School at 9:45 a. tn.
Junior League at 1:30 p. m.
Epwoith League at 7 p. m.
1'iMir iiHflii); Thuisday 7 131s.
Ciias. C. Jauks, raster.
rirt rresbjteriao t'ltureh.
Tiaver nicctini; 1'buisJay S p.iiv.
Siiiidy School at )H a. in.
Ju.iior Endeavor at 3 p. m.
Senior Endeavor at 7 p. m.
V. B. CuAMittoa,
Tbe ftound TaJilt.
In tu" ta f f
I Ji'-rr- lir-
I It tr ?. ('.;
No rrtlwT Umm ,
f'fiii e'i-r, I IV In .
I liAlf dnr to M.
It. I. U Wis".
Aim! tt-r .-Itnrka tlx? liu
IH wix r wnt-r awattli;
On )-r i.li.k-w-tjit pill
Tbrrf S-x. Arli.
TbVt romj'k xlfjn Wnli.
touM I win.
Th h-nrt of Minn..
I'd atik for nothing; more.
I'-ut I only dr-arri
t'lioii Dm' tlit-ntr?
And Conn. It o'er aol Orr.
Why In tt, lty,
I esn-t AUl
Tula luv ttuit ntikea ibe M ?
N. V., ).. Wy.,
Kan. Nev. r. I
Proprs to lr my w HI?
I nlnin the t.4k
Tw r.uld be to u-k
ThU f,fniW iimld to we-1;
Arid i" to prvsai
My unit, I g-np
Ai.'u-ka. Pa., tit nd.
J. M. Hurst & Son will move
their stock of Sporting Goods Gun
and Bicycle repair shop into lbeir
own building, one door east of the
Sanderson; fi. Wilson Hdw. Co.,
about Aug, 1 Sib, and invite lbeir
old and new customers to call and
tee them in their new home.
A Bad Nab.
Testimony ha been offered in
the Kentucky feud trial to show
that Capt. Ewen, principle witness
for thg prosecution, goes to church
regularly, pays his debts, does not
drink, use tobacco or swear, and it
otherwise a disgrace to the commun
ity. Washington Post.
Golden Wedding.
Tuesday was the 50th annivers
ary of the marriage cf Mr. and
Mrs. W. II. Tuttle, cf this city.
The event was celebrated by in
viting in a number of their iriends
to take dinner with them. Many
friends join in wishing them other
years ot happiness and comfort.
Adrian Journal.
Well Hill High School.
Four years of Mathematics, four
y ears of English, three years of Sci
ence, two yeart ol German, three
years of History, three yeart of La
tin. Reviews and a Commercial
Course. School opens September
7th. Tuition, $1.00 per month, in
advance. Entrance examination,
Augnst ?3tn. Enrollment; Fresh
man. August 31 ; Sophomore Sep
tember ltt; Juniort and Seniort Sep
tember and.
Llgntniog's Work.
The electric storm which swept
over this part of the county last
Ssturday morning was the worst
that has visited this part of the
country (or several years, a heavy
rain followed the electrical storm.
Considerable damage was done,
those who sustained losses are as
Ed Hess 16 tons cf hay in stack.
J. L, Salterlee yearling heiler.
John Jooet yearling calf.
Oakley Johnson two bogs.
E. T. laman, horse. Adrian
O. Am. It. later State O file era.
The n.terstate tolJiers reunion
last Thurtday, Aug. ijth, elected
tl.e following ofl'.cert for the ensu
ing year:
Commander. Cel. l. C ti;.tn
of Applcton City; tue commanJer.
Col. Harry Mitchell, Nevada;
quartermaster, I'atbhea, Uxktil'.e;
officer of the day, Jamet K. Bowen,
Eldorado Spiingtt crt'.cer of the
guard, F. L. Fetersn. Scheil City,
chaplain, Kufut Sni'th. Eldurado
Spiincs; treasurer, Harrr Mitchell,
Nevada; trustees, C A. Pierson cf
Nevada, Capt. A. C. WovsJt 1
Kockville and Cob Hairy Mitchell
of Nevada ; adjutant. J. V. Kings-
land, NevaUa.
Nolk-e U hers-hy glwit that V-tt, r
t.-atausontarv uiHa th ctite U
frwula A. Ijsttiu. I.vssam-sS, Ijasv ' V.-yr l.vt .-. Uwi.Un. is, rvoi
Uvu ktaulM to tlx. vu.rti;us0, t.y ( d hot. and gvl tlrv.1 ra!!y. It you
the Uate fotinty Prvtwste lourt. tajbav aching fcvt. try Allva K.t-Pat-
ouutj , M'usoouH. lrij; : t'-''. U rta li. t.-. t aud iu ik
dst.' tlw :.lU !ay i4 ui;ut, IaCv jtww or tiU .h ..sy. furs- a U
All l-iou bavins: vUluia aliit i '"S- -sllu k-t. Ullni
.tbl I'staU arw rsuirvsl to vhltit d ealUwia .t. lUdb-tvM eortia
tUrm to iik lor allowauc wlthiamw nd bsinloiva .t ntt fain and nts-
j.-nr lr..ii !.,. lat-U l 1 k tt. ru. or f- and eoiv.lvrt. Trs- It to.Uy.
t!y in-s U prN!u.U-d Irv.ia i.y;!il''' by ..'i I'r . ;, ! !i.vlv.d
Ui..lit it uu st.st-; wil tf I ' "' SV. IV-u I a av uttt
.-ltn. t m.t i-ilill.il.l wllhlii two! tut Trwtl pack.'is t'Ul.i:. Ad
.ir tr..iu th U;t -t iiuldwa-
turn ot lhi u.tKt, tii.y will t L.c.
ss-r Ixirrs'xl.
A 'Ir'yrjtN t;,a m'-n.
Jfajr t'T'. fi.lT fir:. r.TUCfd ,
tvork'.r. tfir el 1-ar.k. j
t;n U-r If tif V lf Nif, rgrt- J
Mrs. H. My-r U r'rf !f.'.njc ;
j-.iina s'ij -!. u ji-'m m iiiu'.
. 1 . .. - . . ' a .... I
Mr. nt.i Mr. Ox5r si-mlaM at
ft . . 4. If, kl IW. W. j I
ui H.a WAAr'iia! iritd7 frrnlTTainir w?r. ir, p --.-hi-.x vry
FJrajfK. Kimtl;!lirt'(irl.i.:;lt im, wk .Htar.l..
Irijj In h!Jt f t-'.gb trhfjO'I,
'nt tb '
Tlw re vm a f rtr U'.lt-r tl.t;n;
In Kiittl rv-rAl tbiy t Is- i rit k
W Nr.-t t'( hr it ta t!ri to katr ;
our fort x? told
Mr- Hirjr borH
lf't lt' If-jr broko ."At or. Jay. la the
f.tt.rv. Th anSruAl w3 irbtt f
tiAe to kl.iL
J. tin iu-:y, tmtt tJs lrtt;tjr ,
Buti-r, b
Una uj civre tLW tilL
kitwy trouVw. i-r a Si;o
'A .
two wik, tbo'jfb 1b Lai !--n la
poor IrfAlth f(r fTTI T-4n. (
f-t &pi -u bora !a wTk t i
tr, X. ;.. May l-'tb. IM-".; cuj with '
in rAn.arta t' J'.bn'.n e.UETy, M , '
juii. yymg; aa-1 rum lie-;
in in l.t- rouoty tl" t 13,
y-ar. He wiil le igUm-J .y rri.-;
Uv'.-n Aud fri-nd. Ivat none w U! mhm
Liui -j iuik-1i a L K. Neat Ar,l taxa-!
lly, H.t tli- ir tuTsv, ttaa ln h'- borm '
t!i pait t-n j t-ari?, w tri ne h im a- '
Ti luf-n kind and thocjrLtfaJ V
llu ir wtJIare, lulling ttira tLroTjgjj j
t-i; kn.ji. He wj a n-rolT tt tso '.
church, tfHt hrv.1 we'd di-5iiel lV-a (A
rvligioa, and n iu a tret.'y b'wct. )
moral man.
He kavi-t t wo bri.'tlsfr acJ ai-;
t-r iu North tttroiiua, rviatjvt la:
Jolmtion county. Mo., two coaiii. j
Mr. ('At buna Atwoud ab J Mm. J. )
S!inniat", n 'rotlx-r-io-Iaw. .jAiix-al
ShuiiiAte, aul a ne-'Jiw-, MarVSLu-j
niAte, living la li. b H:D Tise rss 1
ruain w-v fhipp'rO to Warrfiibur,j ;
on tiie U'Ktu train, w here b m j
laid to rvt ia nritleri-Js ctnteltry S
by tlie iri'ie ot tU w He aad tiilirtn,
who iiaHi-l away aoiue years Ag'. I
John Adaius aud JaniFC OiliiMey, j
two old frieuJ, arriv-f-J Friday j
rui-ruin trvim loiinson ctHinty. aad j
AccoropAnk'd the reiii3ln to Way-
renetMir-;. Mr. Jaiae-a trboinate a&o
went wito tht-ru. j
It lathe Uefire cf Uucle Ike Neat
and family to tliauk the nelalirp, 1
(rit-nda aud tH'ibbora, wbo wo kiad!y
lieljK-d to care for the 0r.iA(d, and !
also thuuk liev. s-Uriua, of the Bap
tUtt church, lor bla oervSce.
Miasourl Pacific Time Caret.
'ostu roisis tr. Lovw a k. r.
No. rC L-ari ."T a ra.
No. it !? , i;.: p. iu. j
No. CO Leave
NO. 14 (IxKalt ....
M lil p. ro.
1 .'15 a. iu.
w it not xn. tt. wxiTT t r.Nriuu
No. 57 Ijeaviu !. p. la.
No. Lt-ave ..Z.V a. ia.
mna t'.n'Mi,
No. '."J Arrives .. 5." A. iu.
No. i"T Arrive. . .12.J3 p. m.
So. Arrivt - -W.10 p. tn.
No, l i. (Local 1 JUQ p. iu
No. 54 Arriv. 12 2) p. m
So. 4-J Arrive p. u
I'.. A. llatt KY. Agt.
.iist"i kons w !:i(indlliat IWt
rtsu tnil I l.o ItiU.riimti.m nlKut
tb' cvuntrr nu.t laoti lor uk.
ttiit tin's w atit. tr!U li. W-rs
it'.l!.!!S ta t.-sti .! l:t tilts c.nry,
ou i w svlil .;tt- t rail
an t u. it w ili M-nd oa all
tlio iiUTAlurv tUat sou lny
w r.t in rvfr-rnio t tfi eiuirv.
WossMuld i j i'ai'! t Iias
Vim t t!l au l t r ariul U
l l. voli and yu'j. l.Xvur
H..U rat 1st !: I.:u-.
FEGftEll 8 C02a. Rich Hill, m.
rrv vi a s: n s:i i mi:s m:i:r.
XV c Cskuv r.l.Mi:U'.S Cti-t iia.srtu
Ptitr. Til usr f r sites.
t"e 4 - a m
" hsw -A f-V.
4tr ak. w k t
. r . '
- 4 ) t) a --
A rwTlss i !ika Int.. tU
drt A5'a-a f. titiuu-J. Ije 11-y, N. V
Road Tho Tribune.
Jtn. 'i t r.i'r..(. !o h-M N"
k ! jf ttnt ti.'.v. t fon.i I- ruMy
taptt-r At til
n At IV ,-.-, -f .x I -;al.
yo'in n. rc i?.f ! t wr.
MiV, to tfTf.U liK't t.r-.
. w , - .... ...
I tr Hiv j n'f wm ri.'iffn-j'
... r 7
13 IL
r.;ry. At
1 tn-um fit '.V wf S. ir
f.r to j
I fsrvk At If 11 ; jr It: J Oi'5i"-f wrr -
if! .-wsi .!r-r fr-ms t!i.
A a h K'n.,x' ?.tn.'!. n em tsnsion f.
.re ln tat t;. 14 ltnh l-itry !. joJ t'i. t.t gt-t n'Ady to ;.;,
!t t r.jt tm n WMh . t W'.t.&.M - t .... ..
wracrw im tt,U mrig,. t aaS
w tsUI irvtAi4t' mr mxm b.trr
I C. C. l"tt.lyfl wa
iL. C Jr
to jj pwm u-
mr T'wo-e t in.".J
. an a-
! U'.ioa to b". u ;
r m r tr-m IS- ATm, at .
rmt iiutii Vht(jAH,
3earscldr i.f j& mzt tt rii j.x.es :its w'.J ocs
Sfi, lay voir visezir tr. Etery .;. iztrts'jtt.i.
Produce TJanted.
Cutter, Eix. Chicktzt, Api PiUrses, Cattar.
Tceaties. Peates, Ptar. ar;-.i jfs "-.a- :i s I: a?, i
ccr j-rices are !js it tc-. t s-i ?vi it
pricet thai c2ct t eace'Iti. I t.-.t jvi a l frict
Cfcark Salt Caeca lb
H.t 5a t ' fs "
breakfast I.iCia "
IioaeIe lisra
Best scrsr Cared Hjis.
a Its, Best LarI
o its. Standard Farect Ymr.
50 lbs. Moraiai; G'-crjr
50 lbs. OysliJ F.sir
100 lbs Bran
too lbs Shorts
100 !b Cora Chcpt
i II. P. JAMES, - - Proprietor.
v '-'.'t'V'tVtVtv,'. Ltwa.wti ,.a.A. ...t. ...
IU fcliilHJ.
n y jail (nne$2.
n ! J
ir.f; and is teirtf placed eo exhibition ia our
big, cleaa silesrooxj. Ccxs ia aod see the
new thiss.
To mils toss l;t these goo it we are
mskic lea.trkal !)- low prices cn our reru
caot el cr.ee ccxpiete summer stixk.
Summer Dress Goods at Just One
Half Price. Not Many Left.
Men's Clothing. Summer Weight;
Going Regardless of Cost.
ladies Mite tuists
At Abcat Csf -
A h-jadred cthsr tarjaias e hve n
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