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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, November 26, 1903, Image 3

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Will soon be here.
Much of our
Christmas goods
ore now on dis
play. Albums in nicest style,
ftom J4C to 36.00 each
Toilet Sets from $1.00 to
Christmas books from 2C to
I 0.rCV4Brt,f. TYafsnta,
Many special bar
gains in books,
some 1.50 copy
rights at from
50c to 75c.
D. B. RICKEY, Pregrtetor
Opera lioose Bldj. filch Kill, Mo.
Will Koyce i home to engK at
Thtnkyivinjj dinner with ti i mo'!i
The F. and M. liank is putting
on bo overcoat oi paint ready (or
Mr. John Gench was in the city,
Monday. Inoktns after biiineM
oome pit vale utuuty to ioju k.i
good red estate aecurity.- Geo. 1.
The drama, Uncle Tom's Cabin
cn be Men at the Opera Home,
Friday night.
Thos. McComb rial gone on a
business trip to Texas. He'll be
an oil baron yet.
Joe Reavly, of Nevada, came tip
Tuesday on a visit to bis daughter
Mrs. Mayor Griffith,
L. Hegnauer of the Prarie City
neighborhood, was in the city Mon-
'day and made The T mac! glad.
Mrs. M. II. Mcbride and daugh
ter Kitty returned borne last Thurs
day from a visit to St Louis friends
and relatives.
Joe Wutchell after a few days vis
it to bomefolks returned to bis worlc
as brakemao on the mam line of
the Frisco System. Joe likes rus
ting work.
Don't sleep cold while you can
get the best of blankets, . all wool
and as wide at you want them at
the Bazaar, next door west of Post
Miss Nannie Iluckeby of Thk
Tkibi'ne, left this morning for Mo
berly, Mo where sbe will give
thank! over a . turkey diuner w ith
Good undcrware is the need of
l!iis colJ weather The bct br
the least money you will find at S.
L. Ames Ilazaar.
The very I ol i.k v; 'vt, in
any ciI"T v'"' -it, .-i ' r 1 ; . d
at the llazaar at the very low price
of 75c per yard.
International Live Stock Expo
sition, Chicago, Nov. 1$ to 30, in
clusive, return Dec. 7, cue fare
j'liis $2 00 lor the round nip, via
tc L O. V. Ky.
The next annnal meeting oi the
Republican Editorial Association
of MUsouri will be held at St. Jo
seph on Friday and Saturday Jan
uary 15 and 16, 1004.
Mrs. J. G. Garland and little
son John, of Moffat, Colo., are vis-
itiog her parents. Dr. and Mrs. II.
R. Winch II, and will eat Thanks-
giving turkey witn come ioiks
this vear.
Tbe lecture of Dr. Bradford at
the Opera House Tuesday evening
under the auspices of tbe High
School Athenian Literary Society,
was well attended and the results
quite satisfactory.
Hon. J. R. Hales and wile have
returned from tri extended visit to
Keosauqua, Iowa. While on this
visit, Mr. Hales was present at the
death and burial of bis aged mother.
She bad attained the ripe old eeeof
nearly eighty years. 4
P. M. Gailey a pioneer resident
of Amoret and a leading citizen of
Bates County died at Amoret last
Friday, after a short illness. He
was a native of Pennsylvania and
came to Bates County in the sixties
His wife and two brothers ser
vive him. He was buried Sunday
interest in Mrs. Stowe'a master-
I;Wtrlc lAzUt I'lant.
F.ri't T!U Ivfiin tk V
v I .y rn"?tinjf i 're '
;;-v j :.. I ! 1 er '. -
I !-. .,, j I ,-. ,,-.'.).
; " i -
wire is all on lie ground and the
work Of iiiKlIi-g the plant will be
pushed at rapidly as pottiUe. He
experts to bave the work completed
in about two months. Adrian
Ptrnt Irebteno Church
There wilt be preaching service
next Sunday at 1 1 a. rn. and 7 :o
p. m. .
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:30.
Sunday School at 9:4 a. m.
Junior Endeavor at 3 p. m.
Senior Endeayor at 6:30 p. in.
V. B. Chaxciuok,
Walnut Street M. E. Cbnrcb,
There will be preaching at the
Walnut Street M. E. Church next
Sunday it It a, m.and 7:30p.m. by
the pastor.
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.
Junior League at 2:30 p. m.
Epworth League at 6 130 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:30.
Cuas. C. James, Pastor.
I.JHS? Mi."! ,-T-' k.n 1 iUcVir
tVatti at1 Km hnirj, UityJ
tr. ? i a-, n . k mrt
r ' ; . - ; H U't
Iinjroeiw-iita are atCl g4rx on.
Bd U CulU ti U .-tttliti(f lim rr1-d-ti'--,
Mr. W ba 6i'.;-t i4a
trln aiJ rrfjHg;, and Mr. ktiir
n jutting 4ua a iiew Br.
t Ir. mi J Hr, J. Y . luwrty, W'ta
' rx-ie Il'i't'-r, fvUtirr lis t!a
:k 'n,tt) m a tuit wnrk.
1 lu-rr .iiMit't aiioiie aukd am t't
;-et Thaiik1rtni5 itlnwr viltli tbui.
UrjcVMf( tUite. fWtt? tA tfx-iM-i;Jjtr
tare jfrtUr.l to 11 j.
"FrlA lij-r vni on tl k tut
-vt-raJ liny lt -k.
. 1. Hill r,.J Mr, filalr. ti
SjrTe. aj-Mit $ntAj at R. S. tec
Cull'Kh'a. (Jlt-n V'msn U at hi rnoM
trkk trf rjiJnnlDr around !th tb
ITirk. II wa having av fine t::
flriring OTcr osr "aroooth" rci3
Wmtt Enenta Fer?iw.in nd pcpfla
Rave an ent?rtASniiieiit et tbe action
I'nclelke Nt U a widower ttia
trwk, ilm. Neat ti tWUbj 1b Kkh j
her brother Geo. A. Huckeby and
wife. -piece is perennial. "Men may
wanted Golf come "na men m K DUl'
Tennyson a brook, "Uncle Tom s
Cabin" bids lair to "goon forever."
In summer you
Gloves to keep your bands from
tanning, nowyou want them to
kecy your hands from freezing.
Yon get the best and cheapest at the
Mrs. Will Calc spent Sunday al
See the beautiful silx velvet that
the Bazaar is offering at 73c a yard.
Mrs. J. T. Pritchard left last Sat-!
urday to visit a sitter in Pennsylvan!
ia, who is quite sick. j
II. G. Spraker, with his merry,
go-round force, bave arrived home
from Texas and will go into winter
quarters here.
Geo. Birdsell, formerly of this
city was v'nituig here a few days
last week, and returned to his home
in Colorado Saturday last.
Judge James Sheppard celebrated
bis sixtieth birthday last Friday.
All bis titters, hit aunts and cousins
were here to help In the feV ;,
We bop he will live to enjoy many
mora such.
Mr. J. M. Boas was in tbe city
last week looking tor a titter nam
ed Sitae, whom be had not heard
ftom for a number oi years. Tbe
last information b bad had was
that she lived near Rich Hi
While making inquiry here be
learned that she was now living in
Jorlin. Mr. Hoax bat lived ia the
northwest corner of Bourbon coun
ty, Kansas, for the past cine years
How easy it ia far families to get
separated and lost from each other
A CB"'?!,tftil Home Cure for ill
cm limits.
MoritlilrH. OUua, Laudanum, (
rnlue mid uS! otlx r Uru itabtta, rau
W wriniiiivutly Rud tt&l'.ilv'v cured
Atiioiuc midwerure tbciu wliUoitt
rmulii)C detention from bunliu-wt or
other tiioouv"iiU-ioe whatever. Ac
tion Immediate, Trent? point U
et1te. l'rtHtuev Bound. r"ttul ulcer.
litve Kvnteiu t pntlent tu unturiil,
lienlttiy roiulltlou uud wituout fur-
t)T le!r tor dru ul siif ktuJ.
We litilld up t)w U'-rvoim ayateui nnd
remove the cwubo tl iiliene. Kcti
eio auliiulttd to a mvtven Judl
vldual atU'Utlon from nnexiertviHvd
JHTVC HVlnllst.
vlHt ieiit toitnyoiw addk-ted to
inori)t!uo ir other drug lmblta on
receipt ul reiiuest. ThU trtwl V 111
demouatrato lta n-inurkabU curative
Couridetll corn-apotideueu eee
jally with liyU'tiu, eolUlUd-
Writ" H iik"v l'r our liv booVk't
toiitaluliiK n k ni". teniia.etc.
sUhiutt Tns.Mri.4i! A
Ihp't. H., llii Urvudwuy,
When we were in Butler, Mon
day, we met that jovial, good heart
ed Monroe Laskey, bright as a sun
beam, and bubbling over with good
humor. May bis shadow never
grow lest.
At iliq .Baaaas- th proprietor
'Ainesto keep the best and cheap
est china to be bad ia . this market.
Remember the holidays are coming
and you will want to buy presents
tor your friends.
The largest supply and the best
qnality of go!t gloves, underwear,
blankets and china in the city will
be found at Ame'a Bazaar. Come
and make your selections for holi
day, birthday and anniversary oc-cations.
Rev, C C, James left Monday
morning for Verdella, Mo., where
he delivered one of the couise of
lectures given under tbe auspices of
the M. E. Church of that tswa.
He also delivered one at Mound
villa Tuesday night.
A destructive fire last Friday
night, at Windsor, Mo. is reported
to have deatroyed a large livery
table, with forty-three bead of
horses and twenty ttmagva and
buggies. Five other buildings were
burned. Tbe Joss is estitt;' at
over twenty thousand dollars.
Mrs. Fred Warren nnd . tons
Glen and Carl, left for Odessa. Mo.,
yetcrdav, to cat a thanksgiving tur
key with Grandma Barton, and
spend about a week visiting.
Crania and Grandma Warren
will e Ifctt Fjed gets in no more
iniscl.it f than be Is in now editing a
socialist paper.
T. M. Summers hat a field of
corn on pew ground and started in
the (Hiior da v, the wagon astraddle
of a row. to gutlxr it. But the tars
were to laige tiiat when the ttatks
(lew back the ears (humped the
hortes ontbe sides and be couIJnl
do anything with them, to be will
bave to leave them at the end oi
itie row and carry the corn out by
band. 'Ftita," ia Mets Timet.
Tbe Old Soldiers will bold a bean
supper on cCnesu) evening,
Dec, and in the banquet hall of the
Odd Fellows, corner tlh and Wal
nut. It is hoped and expected that
speeches will be made by Cspt.
Thot. O'Neal and others, ot the con
federate veterans, S. B. Cole and
others of the Federal veterans, and
rcii!vis ty E. M. Chambeilain
intcrirered with good inutic. It
it hopd that every old tujdier and
his family in the county will be
nietcnl to enjoy the enttt'i"Hnt
Admistion to the ball, live, supper
tickets twenty-five ceuU. Every
UJy laviUj,
A dramatic version of tbe story
will be presented at the Opera House
Friday evening, Nov. 17th. by AI.
W. Martin's mammoth organiza
tion. All the characters in the dra
ma are impersonated by white ac
tors, but in the plantation and levee
scenes a score of colored ladies and
Baptat Church.
Rev. T. H. Dabney, from Lib
erty, Mo., will preach at tbe Bap
tist Church Sunday at it a. m.
and 7:30 p. m.
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.
Rev. Dabney will probably bold
services every night during the
week following Sunday. Every
body invited to come out and bear
IV as Sbe to Blame.
Tbe Rich Hill Opera House
will have for its attraction "On
Thursday. Nov. 26. The great
pastoral comedy "Was She to
Blame." Ia speaking ot tbe a
bove attraction The Glasgow Mis
sourian bas this to say:
"The amusement lovers of Glas
cow certainly appreciated Mana
ger Harry Doyle's efforts to provide
entertainments of the highest stan
dard of merit. The play of "Was
Hear Mis Nellie Snyder, at the
Walnut Street M. E. Church ta-
n'gbt. .
Not Ilavdy Yet.
A Philadelphia photographer te'lt
this as having actually happened.
A woman entered bit studio.
"Are you tbe photographer?
Yes, madam."
Do you take children's pic
tures?" "Yes, certainly,"
"How much do you charge?"
"Three dollars a dozen."
"Well." said the woman, sor
rowfully, "I'll bave to see you
again. I've only got eleven."-
Philadelphia Ledger.
A Possibilltr-
Do you believe that George
Washington never told a lie?"
"Its possible. He never was
much of a business man, anyway."
Chicago Post.
gentlemen give exhibitions of buck j She to Blame" presented last night
) fiv th I f. SiiiII Lin. wis in
danciDg and other plantation past-
times. Tbe scenic accessories are
gorgeous and historically correct,
and especial care has beea taken to
secure tbe correctness of the cos
tuming. 1
The union labor dinner taday;
will be tbe biggest function of tbe
kind ever given in Rich HilL Over
five hundred people wilt be fed.
The provisions will be contributed
by citizens generally but ihe man
agement is in the hands of a com
mittee whose chairman ia Lee Mc
Manus, who bas given about all oi
his time for several days past to the
supervision of affairs with the com.
mittees, and it bat been their honest
endeavor to leave no ttone unturaed
to hare everything pass off success
fully and to the satisfaction of all.
So if any one fecit that they have
not recicved the attention they think
due them it will not be tbe tomiuit-
teet fault or intention but only be
cause they can't be everywhere and
do everything at once.
II Kmjx tbe Fm Warn aMI Dry.
j Atk to-day for Alien' Koot-Enw, a
1 iHJwder. It cure ClilUilaiua.
k-u. Kwealinir. .Sore. AcLinir. Iamc
every way worthy of tbe splendid j Vh druggieta aad eUoe
audience. Tbe story is not a new
one. but was told in more realistic
manner than usual, and each mem
ber of tbe caste was admirably a
dapted to his or ber part. Such
attractions cost money, but Mr.
Doyle bas an enduring faith in the
appreciation of Glasgow people and
his ambition will ever be to supply
only the best."
MotlMr Crr Tawaara far Cilara
Kuvvfui:y uwd by Mother Gray,
niir lu the 1 hil.liTu'a Home In New
York. Cure Kcvertfthrteaw, llad Stota
neh. Tettblug IHwonkra. wove and
regulate tlif llowela and Lvtjoy
Worm. Over ."W.cniO UvtiiuonUia.
Thicv strrs mi. At all drugj"t,
iV. Sample KHEE. Addre Allen
S. o'.iLiotrU. Le Koy, N. Y.
Omar, TSiaii Catarrh. Ptoas, P-MaaaV C"Var.
tnni,MuSail rBita tMaaaMa Sna
2. lli?ZJZ:.l2ilzXi
Sudden Death.
Miss Maud Hagter, daughter of
Kev. Hagler, M. If. Chutch, South,
pastor at Mouifcjville, Mo., died
yery suddenly last Sunday evening
at her home, of heart failjre. Her
father bad just begun bis services
for tl e evening when informed of
ber sudJra death. He bad left
her only a sliort time before in her
usual, though delicate, health.
He at ence returned home to bnd
ber a corpse.
Her body was brought to Rich
Hill Monday eoon and interred in
Grcenlawa cemetery, Tbe funeral
setvices here were conducted by
his brethren ia the ministry.
tl aw .10 ftaC- afaii"! arts ft kiaaaat ia,
I ate Skvw aV.. m 1 natai aiau" lailitl
i Saa aVaavas kaaasla ! li aaav t- aW tut l f- U'
a ajasj tm rn a rrtii aalaarm.
ajM aaei iavAet 4 Vk44 &.ata.-
aW lr-v
ftdwatfeaM -iaVaaU
r- a t s J a w
Stat or Oiuo.ttTV ir Toi.kih,m
t.l ,VH i VI NT l. I
Ekavk J. t'HKNXV uiiiUesoatU that
lie U aeukir partner ft tin1 Brm ul t . j
J. Oixr;v Co., dotim tuliaa la '
Oie ttty t TokMo.County and Stat 1
afotvaald, nud that ;Ud firm will
pay trS uui l t)XK lll'Nl'KKl)
iHJlJ-AfUs for eat'!! aud wvry eaae
uf CatakiUi tlat caanot lo ni y
the ut of ltxi.t.'a Catikrm Ci kk.
Sworn to titvr im and auWrtb
el In tuy phwiK-i. tiita 6th uay t4
xvihUt, A. !. lv-.
i 1 A.w.id.rjwiv.
K1 Nulary i ul lk:.
Ilall at utarrlit ure U tWeu tuu-r-uully,
a4 n ta dirxvily uu lite Mood
nud iimvou utfiirt 4 th ytem,
kn ud Mr teatiilHJIliul. ix. t
Sold by dnijIfcUta. TV.
Ball e I au'.'gr I'UU are tL WsU
That cold aiinp litnt week cuurM
our toriitp pateh amid thia and
k'W It Uully. It jrot prvtty clone to
our nweet aud IrUh iotatoe but we
aved imwt vt Uiem. We nrt kvdlng
the doubtful orxi to the row and
hoK. V'e saved a punikin for
ChrUtmaa k-.
Sonif of our twlglitora iMirrowenl
our dehorning chute nt vwk and
dehorned alnxit oim kuuvlrvd lieada.
VVhea they fturued the etiute ve
triel our baud at It. We pot the
borua ofl but we'll have abx-tter aw
ln-tore we try It again.
We ao tivatwl a cow for lump
Jaw. We have leeu exjerliiKiittr.g
oa lump Jaw for about a year and
wlieu we uvt tbroU;;b 111 have uie
erk'ni-e that will do u. aud olh
rr aa Wfll.nniie s:h1. Tlteix- .t ia
to le two kliuU l himp Jiiwaiid
m lieu one t uitKcaliict th real thli.g
he baa aoiuetlitug to do.
Our drill near uaU t!ll at work.
but work only the day ah'.ft at fre- tlVtixl
eiiE They are down m.-rv ""-" -)
uuu txt.
Their next move will W to put
dowu Home ahallow tiok-a to jeiie
trate tlws tupluill rock aud tixa
hHt tlielil to get the anj'halt oil.
Tlie MUaourt Co'a lnll at lioUku
City ha Uvu Vvry untvrtuuBte.
bating to do aeerl joint ( rtU
lug lKKUa enciauteriug aviu n
tiuiely bard m.
We found thing tuovtug along
nkvly wbeu we gvt boiue. Jolib
bad Uvm bating aome troutikr w lih
... . ... . . , 1
a h-vf -urvacny - mvr. r una
ttH oa uer taketla- lad oma tioiue
and Ike other re iblu well oa our
ml top pasture. We have Kj head
U take caw of now.
liood ctM-a U u llliig at SVU pr bu.
luk ilor at ikVta. Ikerv vtiil W
enough aud to apm
C. A. liuuv.
Wo received another car of
Golden Patent Flour yesterday,
"which we guarantee to be as good
flour as can be made from wheat.
Take 'en along at SI. 00 per sack
and if it is not the best fionr to be
got in Rich Hill bring it back and
get your money.
C iT e T T"$ t T
try s
J Wa
Will t clssd Ttaiig;virg a:
ii a. si. f;r talaace cf tLe Car.
We base p'cty ef freih cysiert, tr.irire s,
at tjC piat. Alsc pitsty ci tke trtii c'sry,
cra&Lerries, oranges, kavsj, tzt as 2 tj:i cf Z
Dcn't forget we Lave a ite Zzt cf p ...i.'ei, a
tub cl sew caackerti we j.it c;e-s.ti Ctj .-s
Try cur ccmb tcttv, 2 Its. for ty..
O-r liae cf driti fruits is ti; tit t..e tua-ier
a2crJj. ItwiHpayyca ts I:k at t'M-a tvizrt
you bisy elsewhere.
And last. Lest rot least, we cev.lca ths
CRYSTAL FLOUlt. It is a wit:j U,t.
Tic want your produce
cfall kinds, r
Proprietor. J
r 1
VSM sa4 la
aa ft aWaar- wta
IV w aj aVevaai
Itsil t I t a C.,a
tM i W
r. - t f Iwraw.
l;3 .
ri -
i-Oa.a .'xL-Jk.H. i.-vi.-"
Mra. Eoln-rt MoCulloth U repotted
on l U k li-t.
xu. u-u.i Miia eh!i h ;i, u
t iltlug SuuabtW IhU Wix k.
Hea Uaud and Ul u I'.orrou went
luk hauling tvdiKd.y and ai".W
vl'Jvka. TUy wn -al ik tee aud
dltbied up IrvHit tt city liiuii i4
Ek ti Hill rW-ar out h un. AUtiu tr
(:UuJa Kaolvd VU duvk.
Esbi t Mta. thk VkkV sr wu
At Old Maud. EK ll 11 1 LI,
Mi'U.lay t3vKu tvt Katurday uoxu
. 1
As usual, the 'Eiggst & Best"
will lead in the great holiday rush
this season, with its great stocks
of XMAS surprises and Its re
markably low prices.
Our buyer is now in the markets
adding additional bargains to our
already big stock, and by Doc 1st
cur great Christmas spread will
be ready for your inspection.
You all know this great store's
iorraer reputation for cheap sell
ing in these lines of goods. Wo
always lead, others must follow.
Watch our ads and windows for
tho new things.
Come to tho Big Store and
you're sure to be right.
to HousnKcnpcPvS
N i.l jvnir ik.l'inii oua vt vl be
v ttl -n iuUiu ofK r aud fc'.ierul
nul tiuautity ot
t'u boitOiK wlivf polish U.cl b,V
,iumr vJ tahidlie Wuti !S
oxer the woitb
'I ti::ot rii!i,:p?r' U
v. )

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