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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, December 10, 1903, Image 5

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Saturday. Dec. 12
O. D. S. R. H. MO.
OLD HAN'T A CLAL'S rnme tn one
And loon the boys were beard
to ny:
"Yer bet I knew Old HanU wa
near, -
When I haw the tlilnjm tbat't
Don't miss our big
salo of Christmas
floods next SATTJR
DAY. Regular $2.60
for S1.09.
D.B.MCUY, Preprfetsr
Opera lioase'BIdg. Rick Rill, M J.
Nevada bas a railroad Y. M. C.
A. ball in active operation.
ARGO Trade with u and we
will get you a beautiful Aigo pic
ture of any of your friends, free.
Mrt. W. Hudson, of the Arthur
Coal Mining Co., will spend the
winter in Someiset county, Ken
tucky. We are glad to note the continu
ed improvement of'lave Tygard at
Kansas City. Hit many friendi
hope to soon see him at home again.
The youngest daughter of II. C
Hudson, that bat been sick for o
long with rheumatism and resultant
dropsey ia very low with little bopci
ot recovery. All is being done that
it pos.ihle for the little suiferer.
MUST GO We have a large
itock of holiday goods, and ai sve
do not Intend to handle some of
these line, after this year, these
gooda will b aold at very low
pricea, tome at coit. Take ad
vantage of these pricea and call
aod See us. -Bataar.
We Have Discovered I MarvtiOBt
Remedy (or Drug limits
And He Give It Ti
Voa fret.
Wo have found umrvi-loua rvni-
A M ... 1 irtiitr til Ix'Hut honltb.
rurn mid woimu aunVrlu troiu tlie
awful cursw of arwg mum. v
.,,,t ti.iw tiMur vnu Luve had It,
bow or whrn you got 1U ThU U no
ordinary dru or method of trvnt
ii.eut. We irv roiMtMUtly curliur the
- ..f tlritir h:itlt known
and tflvv ttttuiiiuvUrtod eufvronto. to
euro any cu" tindortku by u or
autuud your nuuuy, 'i e nr "r' J
H-rou auHt-Hiitf from ttiU b'rrlbU'
ulmsue to write u mid we will evnd
fro is bottt of our iiinrvilou rrm
dy. We ursv pbyU-line hnvlujt rv
fnu-tory citw mid ml who want to
Wcuivd of this awful run to write
iia t.Mlny. All cortviondemY con
fll.ntUI lu pl.iluenvvlopvH, Addiva.
Mmihattmi ThTiip-ullc AModaelou,
p't U "roadway, New Vorh
S 2
C. G. VVerkt look bnine rjin
to Fort Scoii Tuetd)'.
Blue Ribbon school ahoe tt hai
no equal for the money. Barsar,
Some private money to loan on
Ifood rml cMn'e t-rcinity.-GtO. P.
A'. 1. Stebbins ia with Loeb
Bros. There art few more popular
clerkt than Stcbbint.
Dolls from ic to SS.oo. . See
our puces. A fine dressed bixque
doll for only 45c. Bazaar.
int. Au. Fii.kung, ol the Fiairie
City neighborhood, waa in the city
Tuesday looking after business in
The holiday vacation of the pub
lic tchoolt will extend from Dec. 14
190a to Jn. 4 1904, from one years
oid Uj ilic oiiitr.
Be sure and pet acquainted with
My Friend from Arkacsaw" at
at the opera house, Wednesday,
Dec. 1 6th, he it very ontertaining.
Loeb Bros., appear in this issue
with a bran new advertisement.
Don't fill to see them when out
looking for Christmas goods.
They've got them to selL
Robert Sherman'a big produc
tion ,4My Friend from Arkansaw,"
which will be seen at the Opera
House Dec. t6th is said to be one
of the finest attractions on the road.
Read the comment or "Alpha
Alpheus" in the Sunday School
lesson, concerning the sacrednees
of God'a house. Our church go
ing people need a little reminder
in this direction.
Last Friday while the two sons of
Gus Fischer were out hunting rab
bits with a target rifie, just as the
older was raising b'.s gun to shoot,
the younger one ran before tbe gun,
and was shot and instantly killed.
Mr. A. N. ProUman, grain deal- j
er of Hillsdale, Kav, was in the
city last Saturday in attendance at
the funeral ot bis cousin, Miss M.
C. Kubn. Mr. ProUman is a vet
eran .of the civil war and an all
round good citizen.
A fine line of books bound in
gilt, a very nice present, from 30c
up, lovely smoker stts, cuff and
collar boxes, silver trimmed
brushes, hand mirrors, beautiful
china, oh, so many things at very
low prices. Bazaar.
D. W. Drummond, a well known
painter of Butler, Mo. who went to
California three or four years ago,
waa brought back a corpse and was
burieded in Oak Hilt cemetery,
Monday, . He was a son-in-law to
Mr. Showalce., a resident of this
If you want to know where to get
your Crritmt goods at the best
puces, jut examine tne advertise
ments of Cowlcs-McKibbeu Mer
cantile Co., Loeb Bros., Gritlith
Grocery Co., H. P. James, and
D. B. Hickey.
An understanding ot the correct
serving of a rueal is ot the greatest
importance to the housewife, for
a daintily served repast, tnough
simple, ia far to b preferred to
an overladen table improperly
aerved. Eleanor Marchant con
tributes to the January Delineator
the first of a series of papers on
the proper serving of and waiting
at the table. Ttio subjects art
treated in a simple, enlightening
manner, and the illustrations aid
to the effectiveness of the paper.
The monthly meeting of the town
ship board was held last Saturday,
and after the transaction ot routine
business, a petition was presented
by Page and McMahan asking the
priviledge of mimnp coal under the
public road out near Qvul. Th.e
LusrJ defeued action and requested
the petitioners to get the signature
ot carrier ot the rural route on their
petition and amend their bnd in
seveial particnlars and the board
would further consider the matterr
The attention of roaJavcrweis was
called to the fact that delinqnent
road tx must bt reported March, 1
under tho new Jsw,
t OentliClulma A uot'sr.
Died at t:e re i!encr of hei I rcth.
!rr, A. Knbri, Chf'nut h-fw-n
' 6h anil 7h M'ttK, Thufv'ay, Hea.
'3'd t iw niiy minute ft tltvtn
o'clock at night, Miis Mtrtha E.
Knhn, aged 75 years, one month
and three days.
She was born In Frederick coun
ty, Maryland, Nov l( 1820,. She
removed with her family to Indiana
in 1849 and to the state l lows
some twenty years ago, where she
remained until the death of her
mother fcbout five years ago, whsn
she came to Rich Hill and bas re
sided here ever since. In childhood
he united with the Lntheran church
and remained a member of the same
until she came to Rich Hill when
she united with tbe Walnut street
M. . Church. Like ber brother,
A. Kuhn, she was kindly deposed
toward everybody, and faithful in
the discharge of her christian duties
und ob!:stMrn. She never mar
ried, but lived to care for her aged
mother who was for years ber con
stant charge. She left surviving,
she being the oldest of ber family,
one aister, Mrs. Margaret Appcl,
of Nevada. Iowa, and two brothers
Mr. Geo. N. Kubn, of Nevada, Io
wa, and Mr. A. Kuhn, of his citv.
Her tuneral was preached at the
home ot her brother in this city, Sat
urday afternoon by Rev, C. C.
James ot tbe Walnut Street M. B.
church and ber body waa laid away
in Green Lawn cemetery.
Thank, to tb. PnbUe
The thanks of Gen. Caoby, Pott
No. t o, is hereby extended to the
publl c for their generous donations
and liberal patronage of our bean
snpper on the evening of Dec. and
Your generosity and liberality art
duly appreciated and we trust we
shall never prove unworthy of the
same. M. V. Erdmansdorf.
Holiday JfUtea-th. If. O. P. By.
Tickets on sale December 24, 35,
31, and Jan. 1st., to points within
too miles one and one third fare
roundtrip, to points over too miles
and within a 200 mile radios one
fare plus 50 cents round trip, final
return limit of all tickets Jan. 4th,
R. A. Bailey, Agt,
The mob scene in 4,My Friend
from Arkansaw" which will be
teen at the opera house Dec t6th,
ii one of the most exciting scenes
ever put on any stage.
Williamson and Montgomery are
the leading lumber merchants of
Rich Hill and if you want any lum
ber, that's the place to get it. They
will treat you right and aell you
lumber to build or repair your house
and paint to paint it. Qq tee ifefRt,
Read Tho Tribune.
R, Gentry West, one of Bates
county's oldeM citizens, living out
near Foster ,has sold bis large lama
and gone to New Mexico. Mr.
Doh,of Wisconsin is hit worthy suc
cessor. As one goes another comes.
A change of pasture makes tat cat
tle, and probably this ia th. reason
why the American people are so
prosperous. we p,ad cr.e loca
tion docs not suit us on account . of
climate, health or prosperity, we
move to another without let or bin
d ernes.
CftUrrtt Cann.t U. Cared.
they canuot rviuh the svat of th dl
oar. Catarrh U blood or eosatt
tuttoiisl UlMwtms and In order to cure
It you must title InU-rnaJ reiurdk.
Hull'a Catarrb Cur U Utkeu tntcr
nally, aud fc.'U UlrvcUy on the blood,
and niuooumiiirbu-f. HulJ' Catarrh
Cure I not is iuk uwdkiue. It
wm jrt rjtnl Vy ooe ol the Ivnt
ii)UKiitu lu ttiU country foe yearn
mid b a rvtfulnr 'i-rlitlow. It U
ouijhmiihI ot I ho Ut toulc kuows,
combluod With tho U-t blood purl
flora, acting dlrwtly on t!w ttiueoua
Ortiuf. The M'rfrrt Coiub!utiou
of lit two tiismUfnta la w hat pro
duct audi wonderful rvult tu cur
ing ciUflrrh. S'iul for tntliuoutal
F. J. CHENEY CO-Prop ToKslo,
Hild by !riiK';lt. 7jc.
1 Jiaii'a FaJiiU I'Ula x th. loss,
! Tl.r O-il S"i..'irr"s rn nf p'T
!ht nli j rrtinh i trt fi .
1 iiy th 1 t :e tV'iil ! ( il : ' . r
;.:! i. 'I f r nr.f. pr-x r-!- v. t ie ll.f-
tj -Ot! (Ji'II, in ti 'litM mXice
we made last week we ornate J the
names of Mayor Griffith and A- II.
Thatcher, two of the speakers.
Major Giif -h't speech was very ap
propriate and well received, and
comrade Thatcher's talk very inter
esting. The stockholders of the fair asso
ciation met last Saturday afternoon
in their regular antsual session and
elected a board of thirteen directors.
Out of eighteen people voted for
tbe thirteen having the highest num
ber of votes were elected. The
board for the ensueing year wilt be:
V. H. Cotton, E. It. Williamson,
C. S. Beasley, E. X. Hurst, II. C
Lyons. W. W. Ferguson, W. W,
Cheverton, M. V, Ferry, Dan
Crabb, H. C Spencer, John Klump
Aug. Elgert and A. B. Hollows.
Of the thirteen W. H. Cotton re
ceived the highest number of votes
and A. B. Holloway received the
To be convinced that our high
school is equipped for the work it
hat to perform, one bas only to vis
It Its balls and see for himself. We
i bad the pleasure one day lattweekof
ia visit to our West school building,
'and were highly delighted with
what we saw. In a room of about
one hundred and twenty-five schol
ars assembled for chapel services,
not a homely or cross-grained face
appeared. AH were attentive and
assumed an interest in all that was
being said and done. Rev. W, B.
Chancellor conducted the services
in an entertaining way, and the
school conducted the singing. Prof,
Barret acting at master of ceremon
ies. While we are one of those
that thinks our schools have been
improving year by year from the
first, yet they seem to be in better
condition now than ever before.
"At Pike's Peak.-
There is a certain charm in the
name 'At Pike's Peak", but it
has remained for the enterprising
young theatrical manager, G. Ii.
Eldoo. to use the famous locality
around which to have a play writ'
ten, why it has not been done be
fore is peculiar, when 00. thinks
of the great scope it gives for beau
tiful stag, settings snd scenery, all
ot which is looked after in the
present production. One scene in
particular is that famous historical
outlaws biding place 'Terror
Cave" never before introduced io
drama. While tbe pUy is full of
strong and stirring situations, the
comedy part is not forgotten, but
is clearly ingrained in the plot.
Tbe latest up-to-date specialties
are introduced throughout the per
formance. Manager Gossom his
booked this attraction (or Satur
day, Dec. to.
in.iTm u. imir-oift?" ill
rmlrtltftNiitT " t-v km. I
'Oppoait. U. U r-tnt Otbce
Cviita-niua or Wy to e-'h count to
munnun lutiMM dr an old etau-tUlu-d
tiouM of olid flunm Ul taiitt
Ir.tf. A utrnUhl, Um nK wtr
filnrv d IImiU jwtM hy rhci'k -wii
Mouiluy w It Ii l rt-n dircvt
from liixtdituartt-r. Muny mlvnuc
fnl tor exiiMN(. EmioM nd'bvawd
envvUiHt. kluUKiT, ?V1 Cxtia
lUdtf.. t hkugu. tJii
Im a. trg
! I tl T- Tsswuvrvl fV
a VWaa' -
1 - j
A UM aUbsTsdbfc i
tVnd your ulJrv ou is jkia! for
lvlivi prt'iutum oftT and tiWraJ
trial iiuAutlty of
tlw trtiuou ilwr hJ;.-Ji uh1 1
owiH-m f vnlaiiliW iilvervnr q
over the w orld.
ViUJw," si ti t.l4. Nv va.
C r - ii an.J ae o-;r
C. r.re, Nata, rt:.
Country Produce cf all ki'a! 1 want-J. Vi;;i py
bibest market price for tame, ia ttt ', tash, or ai
order fo the "Eigg'jt & I.tV Iry Goos, Ciet'iir.g K
Shoe House in th. county.
Tinware, Glasrwsre, Otietaiware. CLioaware,
Woodenware, Grocery srtre, Mestwtre, or nest any
kind cf wares, are to be found at ror stcrc. Cox ia
and get ocr prkes cn these wares kefc-re bujisg
els "ware."
Don't forget our new meat market.
Satisfaction guaranteed !1 alccg the Lbs. cr year
money refunded.
Griffith. 'Grocery Go.
f l 1 ft irn 1 a 1 1
mm' ia:
Our Christmas Candies
Are now oa display anJ it
one of the most complete lines
ever shown in Rkh 1LH aod tbe
prices are tbe lowest. Special
prices to Sunday Schools and
sihocl teachers. Get my prices
before yens boy. We also Lave
a big assortmest cf cats, oranges
tod bananas.
Yes, I handle CRYSTAL
FLOUR- I doa't keep is. I
sell it. It is a dandy.
t H. P. JAMES, -
As usual. Holiday Shoppers
make this Great Store their
Why? Simply because the
more sensible gifts are here
and at less money than else
where. Why do we have the rush,
while others wonder? Because
we have the "BIGGEST
BEST" stock to select irom,
and the "Lowest" Cash prices
oa our goods.
You must see our mammoth
show windows and the interior
of our store to be convinced.
We have more dolls than all
Rich Hill put together. Prices
are lower to you than small
dealers can buy them for.
This will bo our Banner Hol
iday year trom all appearances-
Drop in. join the mer
ry crowd of X'MAS SHOP
PERS, and help make it a
Rich mi
dn; Uy of Cnst- car; J,
Uit I.r.e ia ti3.
- Proprietor.
JT rr rx r
'1 i Iw ti 1
M-'-, Vt'C
TT JT rr r V
f. H

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