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. i:
Why n uifitii in (lie North
ft ml atny Indoor i$ month
lu tlie year coiiKiinilnjj what
you raise during the other
olx month.?
Ho Hon tli where you can
work out door every mouth
in the year, mid where you
are producing aoincthlnff the
year round. If you are a
stock miner you know your
dock tire now "on ting their
head off" and, licKidcN, have
to I' protected from tlie rlff
oin of winter ty expeimlve
Kconomlcnl stock feeding
reiulr the combination of
both tlfHh-fortnlnn and fut
forinini; food in certain pro
imrt iuh. Alabama and
Florida produce lu abund
ance the velvet U-an andvm
tuivii. the 11 rot a fleau pro
ducer, nnd the latter a fat
producer, and they are the
cheapest nnd Inttl fattening
material known to the world
More money enn le made
nnd with lew labor. In pen
ernl fiirniiiij;. fruit and lerry
growing nnd trtick gnrden
Ing along our road in the
South than lu any other sec
tlon of the Union.
If you are liitennted and
detdre further Information OB
the subject, nddrei
Gr1 Inailcninac A Intmriai AfirM.
LmUvIM h,ill St. K Co.,
I. IE il'S 11
$U1 r..t 'IVrmorlwi Of
Anns US AS
MDiAm mmrvitT
H-1u-J nm In rc all lb yrr to
rt-CL; ir .i, it-4 I A.ltJ'i fcr din Ik,
i-t trtf: Hi
RICH HILL, Mlinlttll,
KananaCity Mail anil Kx-
pivim 4 a. in.
TcxnM, Oklahoma A Meni-
phlit. .Mall and Kxpre 6:00 p. m.
Carbon CVuter .4.43 p. ni.
Xanana City Mali and V.x-
pre 8:2. p. lu.
Texa. Oklahoma nnd Mem-
plil. Mail ii ud Kxpre H V) a. lu.
Cnrlxm CVmcr IV 40 p. in.
For detailed Information In regard
to train imrvlee. rate, etc., apply to
K. T. IjilUrrlerv. Inrnj atvnt, or
Jna. Dotioliue. A, J. 1'. A.. Kausaa
Uty, Mo.
gentleman or lady In each county to
manage bimlm-iw for au old eMali
1 In lied hotiM of solid financial atatid
ln. A Mrnlirht, tain ndn wevklv
aiary of l.i0 pnid by check e-ach
Monday with nil expeiim-a dlnct
from headquarter. Money ndvaltr
?d for tx jH'uite. Kiii'Ium adi)nwHl
envplop. Manager, .'vso t ux ton
llldg., Chicago. tJ-l
St Louis & Uorth
Arkansas Railway
CouoecU at ttaliftuaa with lh Ht
IxwUand Han Krancloo. Nw tlma
oard In cfTmH Htinday.June. TJ, l'R'J
Na, 1 Lt. Kuraka Hpt. iV:ftoa. ui.
Ar, hlitnian :Wi, in.
No. 2 L.HU man 7:10 a. m.
Ar, Kurxa fpliir b:U7 a, tu,
N. ft Lr. Kuitki t)Ln f.M p. m,
AT. rtallmau. 4S p. W,
Kt. 6 Lv. Kelixiuaii 1 :14 p.m.
Ar. Kuroka Hprliifa h:0J p. ni.
Nj. T L. Kurka Hiirlui h;.'UI u ui.
Ar. rlij(iuu 11.0 p ui.
r0. a U. Klliiuau ):M p. ui.
Ar. F.uivka Hprinir 10:47 p. m
Countcttou liuui r.K'U Hill. Ma.
luada wliU Hi Krtaoo la th Pacific
tCr(ba. or via lb Maiupbia at
Xtchuia Juuctlun.
A bii.i.iu tiaw Taiuphlal iuld
to Kutka Hring aa a Hoallb liMrt
baa baii iuJ, with lw bMUlltui
Uludratlona. A py aaut ft to aujr
addrasa. AdilrM all Inquiries and
ordr to (, Wait, Mauaxer Kureka
Vprlugt, Aik.
GEO.WEdT Manama.
WhIimiI Sfrerl !I r, Clmri Ii,
I'm li' lc l":it'h'M;; the
Walnut btrcet M. E. Church next
Sunday at 1 1 a. m. by the pator.
Sunday School at 9:45 . m.
Junior League at 2:30 p. in.
Epworth League at 6:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7 130.
At 7:30 p. m. Sunday there wilt
be union ervice held in the M. E.
Church. South.
Ciias. C. James, Pastor.
Firat l'reabjtenaii Church.
There will be preaching errice
next Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:3c
p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:30.
Sunday School at 9:4s ni.
Junior Endeavor at 3 p. m.
Senior Endeayor at 6:30 p. m.
W. B. Chancellor,
Ctimmenclng Novemler Int. thro'
daily MleiliiK-car aervlce, Katmaa
City to JrtkMonvi'.le, Klorida. via
Memphla. Ulruilnghatn and Atlanta,
will be luanirurat.-d by th Frlaco
Kyateni ami will be continued
throughout the winter tuontliH.
TheNoulheaAlern Limited train
leavea KniiMAS City at :" p. 111.
daily, makius the ruu to Jackson
ville in .1" hours.
In atldition to through hW-jnTto
Jacksonville thld iraiu -arritnele-gHiit
chair earn ami Oiiferrntioii
Cnfecar, c.perated by Frol Harvey.
No other line oftern kucIi ouin-rli
For further information write or
nddreN J. C. lyOVttiKX
Ais"t tienl l'ntw'r.Ageut,
tjl Kansuw City, Mo.
miMCURUI3 & CO.,
Kakm. CUclaMtL
jmi tmlmi r WrtH tm tnkiA.
Mlaaourl Pacific Time Card,
XOIITH IIOfMt, tT. l.oflH AMI K. C.
No. Ieavea .1:.1 a m.
No. U4 liraveM..... 1 .." p. in.
No. .10 leaves M:li p. m.
NO. im (Inal) 10:15 a. 111. j
WKT Itol NO. FT. (MtlTT ritNTRAU
No. 37 I-aven I tKl p. m.
No. TO Leaven 5:W a. in.
No. 29 Arrive 5:X" a. m.
No. 27 A rrl ven li..Vp. in.
No. 25 Arrive 10.10 p. m
No, 11 (Iyocal) ,.."::wt p. m.
No. .14 Arrive 12:20 p. 111
No. 4) Arrive :,V p. lu
H. A. ItAII.RY, Agt.
Frisco Sjstam 13 Guthria
The Capital of Oklahoma I now
renciied via the Frlnco Kyutcm 2:."W
p. m. train from St, Iiul; the 10:40
tu. train from KanaaCtty, arrive
at Uullirte vtC. a- m..lOtH p.m. trnlu
from ht. I.011U: the 11:'M p. in. train
from Kauwi City nrrlvr :15 p. 111.
The return m-r vice to the North and
Knt I equally convenient.
On ttil new line of railway, thirty-
eight mile distant from t handler.
tl follow Ing tatiou art located,
vix.: l.owe, Dudley, Merrick, leonlum
and Taylor. The rx tension ).ieu a
new field 111 fertile. tlkUlioma, ofler
lug golden r.portuidtk'M to thoe
aei'kiug home or Invitiu'Hit.
lu purvhalng tU ket. avail your
If of the aliortet and iulket
riute from St. I.oui or Kanaoa City
Frlwo Syatem.
m:v yoch ri:uFi Mi:s hi:i;i:
Wit Cauky PALM KH'S Cki.k iikxtko
riiuri'xik:, tiik vkut ukmt maik
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Lkhix I Jan. .1. 1004. A. .
The Boyhood tr Jrot a
LoNHon Text Luke 2. 4o2.
(Alneriean l'.evlil Verlon.)
40 And the child grew, and waxed
trong. tlllcil with wiwdom: and the
grace of iod wm upon him. 41 and
hi pnn-ntM went every year to Je
rusalem at the feoxt of the txuwoter.
42 And when lie wan twelve year
old, they went up after tlie eubm
of the feaat: 41 and wlien they had
ful.MlliMl tlie day, n they were n
turnlntf. tlie ty- Jexim tarried le
hlnd in Jerualem: and hi parent
knew ft not: 44 but tipotiug him
to I' lu the company, they went a
(lay'M Journey: and tliey Bought for
htm among their kinsfolk and ac
quaintance: 45 and when they found
him not. they returned to Jerusalem,
mi-king for him. 4i And it came to
pna, after three daya they foaud
kim lu the temple. Hitting In the
niidnt of the teacher, initb hearing
them and axking tliem iueti(an:
47 and nil that heard hii.l were
nmaxed at hi underxtanding and
hiaaimwers. 4S And wheii they aw
him. they were atoiiihed, and the
mother ald unto him. Son. why
hiuit thou thuiK-ult with uk? behold
thy fat Iter and I fought th-e Borrow
ing. 4'J And hcaaid unto theiu.How
U it that ye sought ine? Knew ye
not that I liiuxt lie In my Fatbr
houe? 50 And they understood not
the paying which be apake ueto
them, "d And he went down with
them, uud came to Nazareth; and he
waa nuliject unto them: and hi
mother kept all tiiexe aylusr la her
heart. And Jenun advanced in win
dom and ttature. and in favor with
(iod and men.
Library Ktfercntv SUilker'a Life
of Christ, p. 1.1; Life and Worda of
Chrit, tieike, p. 123; Edemlielm'a
Life and Time of Jcftus the Mcealab,
Yol. 1, p. 217: Whedon'u N. T. Coiu
meutary, vol. 1.
We now enter for six month a
Ktudy of the got-jH-la of Mattla-w,
Mark ami Luke. Tiny might lie
Htudied tinder the caption of "Tlie
.MinlMry of Jettu in tJalilec." For
nearly thirty year he lived there.
He waa a dutiful sou. The
flrxt three eoi are Introductory
aud Irt ut of event w hich took pl.tce
out.ilo of lialilee. We tdiall endeav
or each wcck to tudy the gogrupliy
a well a the spiritual truth.
Coi.tiFK Tkxt: "And Jeus ln-
creaMti In w ImIoiii and atature. and
In favor with Hod and man." Luke
5. 2.
Xazai!P.tii. A town In lialili-c, the
retddenoe .f Jowph mid Mary. The
acenu of the doliuntlo life if J, -nil
Chrlist, when Jcku enteixsl on hi
public miiiMry became from Natar
eth. Thl pht-e was brought Into
heclal promineiuv by Jemi CitrUt,
Lr It 1 not mentioned in tlie old
Tct.'anicul. The place ttill exti-t
under the name of ICn-Naj-lrnh. It
U "U-autlful for Kituatlon." mir
rounded by a circle of lilll. l'iftvn
iiiikeil hlit top xurroiiud It. It ha
now a population of about four
thouHaud aoul. tlirt-.' lourtli of
whom are chrUtian. In tlie aouth
eanteru portion of tlie towu 1 tlie
traditional k rot to w h-re Mary ntHd
w lien idie retvived the aalutallon of
the ansM. They nho claim tlie
IVKUe of the "Workshop of Jowph"
ov r which 1 built a chupcl. Tlie
Un-ck have ldeiitinel the "Fountain
of the Virgin," and here eriTt-l tlie
"Church of the Annunciation.' Nat
arclli 1 celebrated for It pretty
girl. The aynagogue of Naxarcth
w a w here he w a led out of the city
and led to the brow of a bill.
Jciti At.i:v. The center of Juda
iaui lnith polltk-ally and r llgiouh!y.
1 he tow n waa an liuuictim' pauo
ramie view of wall. nit. window
and trcct. and cppM by the roof
f tlie b'titple. The colonnde where
Iteui he were plno-d for the use of
w ondilpprr. You nuld i nter the
X'ourt of the lientilen'' where th
money chaunvr were, and thoi
that nold nacrlllclalauimiii or bird,
lu aoiiie mrt of thl great temple
waa Jeu fouud with the doctor.
)f ci'uw Christ felt nt home lu hi
Fatlu-r'a lioin.
m Child life cf Jtscs.
Jiu Chrift, the divine, liegan lii
lite aa a human child, tihet t t alt
the rv)ulrcinetitof the Jew IkIi home.
Education began In the home, lu-
tlue.ntv and example play an Impor
tant lKirt. Tilt Old TcKt.lliieiit di--
acrl! a r 1'itioni.hlti iiliiiMt m ini
diilnc. FuiiUhiiiciit follotvitl ure-
Ivthe violation of the fifth com
mandment. See IVut. 21. 121 And
Solomou w rte."The eje that mn k
eth at hi father and dpleth to
0I10Y hi mother, the raven of the
valley ahall pick It out, mid young
cu.Wa ahtiU cut It," .V rvl'loua at
moKpliT urrotinded tlie child from
birth. Tliey were taught to Ue
"godlr, "deriy and ' rlglit-oii!y In
f hi prew-nt wofrld." 1 ii!iw llma
ladk'Ve the Jewbh mother were let
ter than eome inclern m(th-r who
feel that "children are a iul.ince
and alwaya in the way." The teach
lug of the Sabbath, tlie netting apart
of a piece of dough from the brt-ad
to ! maile; then relating to him the
binary of bU people, the putting on
of tlie phylacu-rie. the fetive
won, all n-doleut w ith holy meiuo
rie, tlie fi-aM of rnrlm. f-at of
we-k, trofit of the New Year, tle
Fat day of Atonement, and tlie
Feoat of Taliernacle. The fat)H-r aa
well n tne mother wn lound to
teach the son No more ao bow
ever, than the parent of to-day.
And were the parent of to-day more
true to their obligations there would
lie 1- lienrtaeb'-. They were to
teach how repulsive, uln i. The Bi
ble leinj the chi-f text until tliey
were ten year old. Under euch
training waa Christ brought up.
Mother and fathers, l plead with
you to exerclae your priviieg- more
thoroughly. It I not what the
child want to do, but what I beat
for the child. There are obligation
in lite that bear a aweeter wnd uiorei
lasting fruit than a child projerly
and carefully trained. God bt-lp you
to n-aliw; It and train youra for God
and man Set them a good exam
ple. Lo not end them to the boue
of God, but take them. If you are
devout nnd true, your children will
lie a!w. God Mk you and help
you to le true.
Butler's Uilemuia.
The city administration of Butler
eem to be "up against it" with
their electric light plant. Accord
ing to the Record,"the expense are
either too hih or the rate loo low
to harmonize. The plant is over
loaJed, and Although there are calls
for more !amp, they cannot be
supplied because the engine aud
boiler are now doing all tbey should
and even more. What to do ia the
emergency is a question not easily
olvcd. To double the capacity,
which is what should le done, will
cost the city several thousand dol
lais which the city has no'.. To
advance the latcs to conumers or
to charge the churches a reasonable
sum, or both, is tlie question now
confronting the city council.
It stems that the plant is running
behind about $5,000 a jcar that is
tlie teccipi fall about tins amount
short of the expenses.
This of cruise incluJc public
lighting. Triwc bct informed on
the subject think the plant is too
Miiall tor the woik required, al
though the superintendent, Mr.
Fold, under whose supervision the
plant was conducted, assured the
cily council that it w as equiil to the
needs of the city for M le.tst a doi-
en years.
We have this story ftotn Gelett
Lluigess, co-authcr with Will Irwin
of "The Reign ot Queen ImI."
bout Ciroige Adc, whose last book
of character sketches in pure Ln
glih, "lu Iladel," teem to be
making him a new irpuratioiii "A
shoit tune ago Mr. Ade ireeised a
mott jit ring rpiktle from "un
gentleman of the di ug persuasion in
a little Wot Virginia ton. Th.
gentleman decuied that be though.!
Mr. Ade a "p'riulid ssruer," and
that be thought Mr. Ade'a stones
"just line," and aw fully imuuitg'
and was 'quite mr Mr. Ade h,m
self was jut a nice as he could te.'
Tbe letter a signed somclhicg
like 'Youis in desoted f 1 icuJl 10,
Joint Smith. lu course of time Mi
Ade wrote b.k Cvi. eu;i..n!is , y-
ing that he app:ecitrd the w 1 iter's
kind isoids, etc. A week or so e -
Lpsed and Mi. Adc leceised a tile
gram follow, fioui Wet Vir
ginia: Griiln.iher died tod as,
John Smith.4 " McCluic.
Read Tho Tribune.
Mi Donnt an4 (ieijer
are Yiit r,g St. Loo: fritndi dor
ir.g tbc bolidty.
Dr. J. R. Wh'.te came cp ron
Cornel! list week for a CKri-tma
j viil to bit family,
I ., ,
Mr- 3ri' hrt, of Maf .eion, K.,
wa-;Win tie city latt wetk Sookirg
alter tome matters of La linen.
Min Sue Marh, cf Dackser,
Mo., it iiting Mr. V. T. Mirb
nd family daring tbe bolidsy.
Mi Abbie Baniett took a Ctmt- i
ma trip to Kan City Fndiyj
list. She will be aberd about two
week. . I
Mr. and Mr. W. F. Tygrd and
lamiSy, includicg Flare aad wife.'
ate Christmas dinner with Capt. F.
J. Tygard, at Bat!er. j
Capt. Jat. VaoCecthusen was in !
the city last week making a holiday j
visit to bit on, Frol. C. T. aa
Dealbuen, and other friend.
Hon. D. A. DeArtnond has re
turned from Washingtoa and will
spend the holiday at borne, return
ing when Congres open Jan'y 4,
C. L. Phifer and son Lyndan,
were called to California, Mo.,
their former home, last week, b
the serious illness of Mr. Phifer'
Jat. A. Brown, of Danfonh,Mo.,
superintendent of Haven & Co't. ,
coal mine, and bis wife, are in the
city visiting and looking alter some
business matters.
Col. F. J. Wiseman, of the En
terprise, and hi family, took
Christmas dinner with Mrs. Wie
man parent up near Louisburg,
Kansas. I hey had a day of splen
did enjoyment.
The Christmas trade of our mer
cnan's was very good judging by
the press Christmat eve. Christ
mas day was quiet after tbe early
morning trade was over, everybody
evidently taking their Christinas
dinner with relish and enjoyment.
Young Clarence Jackson was ac
cidentty ki:'.cJ, just east of Spruce.
Wednesday of last week, by the
unexpected discharge of a gun be
was trying to get out of a wagon
loaded with household good. The
young man was intautly killed by
being shot :n tbe beaJ.
Rev. E II. Williamson, of the
Christian church at Butler, has re
signed hi pastorate to lake fleet
January 31st next. He ha been
with the church about a nd
hi resignation was rather uncx
pected but w ithout ft iction and with
good fecimg existing all tound.
A shooting scrape occurred down
near the Pacific house Chntttv.as
day. lite in the afternoon, tnst in
volve a young man that ougt.t to
have known letter, and the potter
about the houe, in w hich the por.
ttr came cut second bet. Fortu
r.itelv the man was riot as etiou!y
fcurt as was at f.i! uppoed. Ti e
bullet simply cut a litti around his
bread batket, wuich w.'.l lay Liui
up for awhile, but will lui rum ti c
We visited the Fentoa .t Co's-
roiiie cast of town the rt cf the
-week and found they were getting
about leady to put mure rneu to
woik. Ttey tae graded a good
toad from the mine to th cotpota
tioa line which insures them a good
j load to haul coal on in tuot any
' k.nd uf wea.hci. They ate putting
thirgs bv-ut the tun'.e t,i t!:e test
shape cf any of the s'iu'.I minis ttist
we bate siited m t!.ee paits !d it
sutelv lu'.'ks t.ite t! ey w.'u!J .v- be
a'de to employ a nu:ni rr ? men in
tht i!ujV u
1 suitace. -Fosui Time.
TThy If V,4 Jfft Get Oa.
Ue had low idea's.
He Avi n,A dare r taie chr.:tt.
He tad !oo miny irc m the t.tt .
He tried to g:se Ms relatives a
He was rev er a ssbo'e m? at
He tiv-us;,-.t a gi fc-cs r.es s
h'Aiid ran itself,
He wn afraid to turn tie trldje
teVmd bica.
He dd not appreclare tie ci
Hi ru Je mja-ve? drcwe cu"iT.er
Irzra t.t stcre.
He !oeJ h;s p - r, J a s'.-.rj hea
ter lhn h:s wsrk.
He oold not covctn'.'t'.e a.'I kr
pawer oa hi txvk.
He d'td not kaow bow to ueplk-ase
Limit If is c'.iiers.
He let gm2. H5 ffrre-.: e'eiti
drive away bis tutlsess.
He trusted iBcoiEpetrst frieau
ssita responsible pojtios-
He woold tot cLEje S'xJ
rr.etiods for better oets.
He did thiag over a J orer t-gt'ia
because Le Iscie J sstem
He thought be knew a'l tere
was to know cboct t': bosisess.
He tried to ecotKdire l.y ciV- -g
down hi ad.ertiing appropriation..
He wa a good, boaett cij tct
he d.d noc do business in a Lct'e vt
way. Orison Sweu Msrden, ;n
Mr. Sarah A- Hayes, widow of
Dr. E. O. Hayes and mother of
John C. Have, died at fcer too"
residence in Butler oa the 21 si ot
December. She, with her fani:'r,
settled in Butler toon a her the war
acd wa known and appreciated for
her kindly and christian disposition
A good woman, wife aad mother
ha gnne to her long home aad her
work lire after her.
When you want letter heads, en
velope, note heads, ttateoieau, or
any other job printing, come tc the
Tbikcxe office and see how neatly
we can do the work for too- Our
price w ill please you. We have a
fine bne of new stock, etivekpes
and paper, just ssbat you want.
Call acd see as.
Ilw to Make Money.
Agenta of s-ither vx ahould to-day-writ
Marsh Uanolactartug Cx,
I-ake Street. CbVago. l-sr rat and
particular of their batHUonae Alum
inum Card Cas with yonr tuinse ea
(tTared on It aad ftlW with l lail
Irtg or Ilatdnewa Card. r.serrUxly
order) them. Katupk C& and 10
Card. p.wt:id. frsr. ThlaCjueand
l'OCarvl retail at 73 ot. Yo
Laveobly to show MUipfe- tomsnr
aa order. Send Wt at ooce for ra
and li.0 carda or r.-nd e for
carvU wtttiout eaac.
Tourist Sleeper to
Cofunuccg lfcveiulaf Sth, aud
Tded.iy thereafter, tlie I'rWo -ya-tfiu
will pUoe ia -rskv U-tWrrii
Uirtuiiijihaw. Ala . and San Frau
clmo. t at., a thoMiugtdy K'iutp-l
Tourit MvpiiigCar.
Uutte ucttur-iUc ttu car w i.l
pUvd iu the pvpuUr oml .-t-rn
UtuittAi Waving tfcnuiugbum Id p.
iu. Turadaya; Mcflipbia, 9 l.:. uu
Wslraday. ituming Wave K.ta
wsa City, Monday. i :'u p. tu.; rri
Mrtupl-.W, .t sv. IU.; IUriuiiihaiu,
J'o p. tu. TtH-day, tutcriucdl.su.
t,ilu,;i, ttnie' iu prv'port.'vu.
The cvitvliddtiou i-f rat',, a) ovvr
w hU h thene cans rv viraud. e.ri. r
tit tourist vr ias&'id i icraad diver
lty yt M.f u-ry, ptala and mouvtatn.
through Kauwi aud the l"..". ki.T, to
t.V"l jtnd 4 Suuohiucaad Hotter."
Thvt can arv la iluir ef a thor
ougUly cottsjfW-ut alhu biut,.
lull eu oeiirit r-prtwutativ
t ri-n-o Syvteiu f"r U-rth and f'jrt Vr
tL.f,.irt!ia'.i o, or aJ.ttvws
Utnl tttT Aan!,

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