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To Tet Primary Ltw.
Should the friendly test of th vi
lblity of Ihe stale r 1 1 1 j-' law In the
iiirwiiA court. proposed tiy Jeptha I).
Howe and oiticm In St. Iouls, result
in Its being declared unconstitutional,
iov. Kolk will at once call n etra
session o( ihe I-n lK!ai ii r to pass a pri
mary law framed to stand the tent of
111 courts. It I generally blleved by
lawyer and laymen alike that the liw
a drawn an.t pasMed by the last ses
sion f full of "blow holes." that, un
fortunately. It waa not made to con
form In some respects to some of the
general election Una, notably In the
registration provision applicable to
Ft. Uul. anl that It falls to provide
the methods by which nominations
shall be made for certain offices. It
Is the universal belief, anion); those
who have read tlis law carefully, that
It will hanlly survive the test of the
court. Gene ally It Is conceded that
only on the grounds of "public nolicy,"
an.) even that Is a very violent pre
sumption, could It be sustained, poli
ticians of both parties are awaiting
developments as to !? proeeedinRS
to be Institutji by Mr. Howe with
great interest.
Summer School at M. S. U.
The ninth annual suniniT school of
the stale university will Iw-itin June
i ami last until August 7. The direc
tor of the summer session. Dr. Junius
ljilhrp Merltn. expects the attend
ance this summer to be lancer than
last year, when 4H2 students were en
rolled fcr work. The attendance uion
the summer session Is niade up chiefly
of the tenrhers of the state who are
trjlng to sure a degree or a state
certificate and not mlc any of the
v, Inter months from their work. The
coming summer 97 course are offered
In 14 departments. The faculty al
ready has be"n elected.
Chauffeurs But No Cowboys.
Tom master Jones of Itrookfield can
locate plenty of rhauffeurs but Is un
able to comply with thU return! from
New-field, N. Y.: 'TostmlbtreKS.
Itrookfield. Mo.. D-ar Friend: Will
yoj please send me the names Bnd ad
lreew of two or three respectable
cowboys? I am very much Interested
in we-stern life and anxious to follow
that business. If It Is not legal for
ou to grant th favor will you please
ask another to do It? Hoping this will
not demand too much of jour Mtne, I
remain. Gratefully Yours. It. U Haw
kins." Administrator Must Pay.
Ju-Uo J. T. Neville of Springfield
has .1 K-bted that It. A. M Inner must
nc to the Gavin Gibson Mate, of
which be was administrator. tiots for
1 1 ., which at final actilemnit be
had turned n as noiiavallahla r-.t is.
Ti.e caus came from ltarton conr.ly.
Whin t.ilsi.n died he left an .'state of
sis of which $1'.(Vm) ;,. the
fori'i of notes securing loans be bad
tea !e to Minnt-r The probate r.titt
n.tii.e I Milliter a Imiiiisirator and the
lnt --r reMvrti-d that he could not col
b-rr the note against himself M'nr.er
-: li t .1 that be as Insolveti-
Se Was Lincoln's Cousin.
Mrs Kathertne ttull.ng.-r, SJ years
I. a c istn of Ahrara'ii Lincoln, died
rci ntlv at her home, four mile from
Joplin Mrs Snllltie r was a Missouri
loii-i-r and lived In JM-r county 5
tuik. Nhe retained her mental faculty-
unimpaired until near the close
of 1 r-r life, and d-'i;ht-i In recalling
Incidents In b early 111.- of ber His-tlngubln-d
relative tihe was a play
mate of Mr Lincoln In childhood.
To Accompany h Governor.
Gov. Folk has spilnle J. A. Ock.T
sou, the well known .tiglnrcr, and Nel
on W Mi-Leo I of St. Liiiln and !r
W. H. Jilaek, president of th. Missouri
Valley c-iiN-K-i at Marshall, to accom
pany Mm to Washington. M II. r.et.
to aid Mm In representing Mlsout
lu the coticrcAk railed by lYmldent
I;Miev ell ft,r the piirwfi tif conlder
Ir.g the ronrervatinn of !h. natural t e
itirce of the roimtry.
Circulattd Worthltss Chtcks.
Charged with bavli.g piaced In rlr
dilation :iC worthless chicks ssalnst
the Cnniienvr Trut company I
N. wrenct of -Joplln was arretted
recently. Ijiwrence .!elan-s he en
tered the hiinliieK of buvltK waste
paper In association wlih "Slvester
Kenedy" of St. Ijtuls, who. he savs.
authorlied the circulation of the
worthless p.iht, raiiglng In reputed
value from M cents to
A Ca n in Bank KevPurcrs.
The national tan.s of MIs.mhiiI. ex
elusive of thotie lu riMrve rltles. had
KCgreg::te resources of I U .!.:;. 1 on
Fibtilaiv 14, the date of the hiM re !
x.rt of lh comptroller of the etir
tetic y . (in Iocemier .t, li e iitr. y st.
resource of thene kan. b.iuk were
K1 :.: Individual .1. -wiis a
gri-taii-d l:'4 1S I"".",, si. compart ,1 wt'h
lJM.'..!'.'ti Ice!nt.er 2.
County CoiirMors Confer.
1-m'iiil county co!lecmis (ro!- tie
various coontl. tbioui'.hiiut tl-e at.-.te
tint i Chlllieot he where the luatt.-r
ietl.li;ll.g to tesllng the v.iilllly of
the township ot mi i. at ou law. psi-.
In 1 '.";, was t'OI o.My tllscilsset.
There are 16 lonr.'les in the state
whli h R.loplod township oi-ai,lratlon
after the election of the county col
lector to their o!!u-.-s for (our yearn,
and w i.b fi after the pnio of thn law
does uwav with the collectors, ihelr
time uplrlng the firM Monday In th'a
in Missouri.
Caltndsr for OWceseekera.
Hecretsry of Slat Hwanger has pre
pared a ralndar for the benefit of can
didates concerning the dates for filing
various papers under the statu primary
election law as follows: May 15, coun
ty clerks to publish the notice fur sis
weeks; June 4, candidates shall have
notified proper authorities of candi
dacy; June , secretary of state to cer
tify candidates to rouaty clerks for
publication; July 14. county clerks to
furnish chairman and candidates sam
ple ballots; July 24, county clerk to
correct errors. publish and contribute
ballots; August 4, primary day, legal
holiday; August , Judges and clerks
to furnish returns to county chairmen
and candidates; August 7, returns to
be canvassed, county committees to
meet and organise; August 11, congres
sional committees to meet the select
state committeemen: September 9, ail
party committees meet at Jefferson
City, organize and formulate a plat
form; September 1ft. platform to be
announced not later than 6 p. in.; Oc
tober 3. secretary of state to certify
The Fir Drill Was a Failure.
Four hundred children (n the public
ackood building at bees Summit rushed
out in disorder recently when a Bre
alarm was sounded. In all of the
eight rooms attempts were made to
use the fire drill, but someone on the
outside shouted "fire" and the children
refused to fjllow the usual discipline.
Gathering their books In their arms
most of them made for the nearest
exits and got out without anyone being
Injured. The Bre, which originated In
at attic above the second floor, was
caused by sparks from a defective fur
nace flue. The prompt arrival of the
Are department saved the buildlnf
from serious damage.
Profitable Corncobs.
I.ln Clardy shipped a car load of
corncobs to the Fhoenlx American
Pile works at Washington. From the
cobs were shelled 1,400 bushels of
corn. The corn Is worth t'.'fO. while
the pipe concern pays Mr. Ciardy J3."o
for the cobs on board the car at Ie
La&sus. Thus he received over 23 per
cent more for his crop than if he had
let the cobs go to waste, as most, if
not a'!, farmers do. This Is something
for farmers to think about. There is
no reason why you can not sell your
cornciji and reallte from 23 to 30
cents a bushel more for your crop.
Prompt Remittance.
J. A. SUk of Hopkins received t 17
from the government last week, sail
amount tx-ing due him since 164 and
!S",;. as follows: Clothing. June 12,
lh0.-, 77 cents; short paid in February.
1M15. SI.4S; short paid in January.
ls4. $2 :o. While I ncle Sam Is very
kind to pay this amount after a period
of more than forty years, he neglected
ta sen I the Interest, whirh. If figured
at S per cent, would have Increased
the amount considerably.
A Salaon Vot In Buchanan.
The county court of Ituchanan coun
ty has decided to hold a local option
election in Ituchanan county April 14.
The order of the county Jodtrt-s -was
made after the presentation of 17 pe
titions, signed by S'KI persons, living
In the county outside of SL Joseph.
They were presented after the Iter. Al
bert lliishneli of Kansas City, presi
dent of the Anti-Saloon league of Mis
sout I. had addressed a small audience
at the court house.
Burned Herstlf to Death.
Mrs llattle Grote. wife of F. 11
Gmte, a Sedalia grocer, was found
burned to death In the rear yard at
the family borne recently. She arose
at Bv o !o k to prepare breakfast.
An hour later the d-ad body was
found by l.er husband. At Intervals
for several years Mrs. Grote had suf
fered f : win melancholy. She was 44
)er old and the mother of three chil
dren. It Is le;ic cd she committed
Scdaila to Clean Its Streets.
The Indies of Soros!, DatiKhft rs of
the Hevoltitlon, I'aiiKliter of the Con
fedetacy and Chautauqua, four of the
leading women's ciuliS of Hedalla, met
with the business men's club and n-r-tinted
plans fiir a thorough cleaning
of the city. One day will be set apsfl
for every family In the city to clean
Ihe street and a!!es surrounding tluir
home and at nilit a baud coucerl will
le g:e: lu roiumetuorailon of toe
Cuidsd by Instinct.
While his lu I ml was tcuipourily
bhu'.k a New Ji ix y 111411 left home and
came to Mlstouit. Some people's lu-stliii-l
guide them belter than do their
An Enttrurislng UndtctaAtr.
A llo'diu undertaker has recently
advertised a discount of l'UI per cent
for 3o days 011 his stock.
PUtt County Favors Silcons.
I'utte eoiinty voted lu lii.ir of sa
loons h a ina.ioiUy of s In a total
vole f J.'.Mti. the Vote was the
Urget 1'iif c ist In u s,: l.il ; :;.n
in the count). Twenty of the Jd pre
cinct went asalust pioh'.Mtloii. I he
only d: tow .'.isiilps were l'tttls. Given
Slid i'testoll I'al k lOln'tl' is Ij I'ell,.
low I'.shi.i.
Wifs of tho Stat Librarian Dead.
Mr. Ihoiiiss V. Hawkins, wile of
the state librarian in Jeflersoa City.
JI. d leveutly ill ra!ulr.
Child'a Physical Training a Prrssm;
ParentsI Duty Eserc'sea Must
Bt Fun To Ksp Baby
at It.
lAtld-llc KM-rt ft N-w TurS Kii-nlns
WorH. Author of "Musli
liuilditiie." etc I
There is jxMliaps no fnor abused
word In the language than "athletics."
and the traditional athlete but
himself to thank for the reputation his
hobby has gained. For, iastead of
taking up the subject In a sane man
ner, the average arplrant for athletic
honors Is prone to make his bobby an
idol fat whose bliilue Le sacrifices a
cumber of vey good and very useful
thlnps. Among these are time that
should be otherwise employed, money
that would better be saved, and
greatest and most useless sacrifice
Abuse of Athletic.
Now every one of these sacrlSce
Is unnecessary. The boy who cannot
become an athlete without squander
ing his allowance and his study hours
on it and risking his health is not fit
to be an athlete. Athletics should be
a health giver, not a health destroyer,
and proficiency In It Is within the
reach of the poorest as well as the busi
est boy.
Opponents of athletics point to the
fact that few professional athletes
anch as pugilists for Instance live to
old age, and that their constitutions
collapse at a time when they should
be strongest.
To such persons the best reply is
that pugilism is not athletics. It is
sheer, unnecestary brutality. Such
"professionals" are like men who.
with Just enough money to live on in
comfort through life, draw the whole
sum from the bank, live like multi-millionaires
for a few years and then col
lapse into penury. The "profetsional"
uses up his strength and vital energy.
He dos not make the most of it In lh
first place, but nietely forci-s it by an
unnatural prin-j-ss Into a condition1
where It will make a show for a little
while. He merely stimulates instead
of nourishing It.
This Is almost as bad as letting the
system g, altogether uncultivated.
Training Imperative.
Now true aihletlcs docs not consist
in using up all one's capital In a few
years, but In Investing that capital It
such a war as to make It bring In
twice a high Interest as before and to
make It s as long as life lasts
Athletic for boy a I u( a mere fad
or a ' good thing " It Is a duty That
fact Is itsl'.icd more generally todiy
than ever before. It I gradually be
coming iinderstoix that the sallow,
liollowihested boy wl;h the thin neck
and the Id bead develop into a con
sumptive quitu a often a he develop!
into an l-'-ds-ar Allan I'.w. and that the
aleit, alhleiir lad I far more tike!) I 1
become a lt.KsevcIt or a Ittamart k
than to grow into a pi lie fighter.
1'roper and t-aieful cultivation of the
body cantnd fail to stmigthen the
brain; nor in most case can a vtuuk.
powerful mind inhabit a feeble, ill
tended l!y.
In other t!a the average boy took
up athletic more or lea against Ms
l.irents' wlshea. He should do so to
Cay by their positive orders, just a
they mdvr Mm to school and plan his
'.h-ev 1. lea's per !u; .
it is iisy plan in these lessons to
how the Amei lean i h.o'.: how h.
may lu'"iu a first-rate, all aioun 1
i.thie'.e Wllh.l.lt Ijltel feting with
Itudles, ptactlcailr without Cvist and
with li'iniiiieul Uiu-at to I.I (.eueial
If the s-ho.l!iy areni will al-.o
lake l!.e tiou! ie to follow th.se
s i s. tl e will sg:ee tlu.l 'o niuis-'
un be c! y f b 'it lit to th-ir .i.
1 !.d t! v m.n ai 41111' a .-w Kb as (hey
tail put It p. . sou-'il Use.
Ill fact, the r.:-,t m i ;i C. Anteil
ran s. 1. 1 :... ) s wthletic em i r d -
I vuJ almost wlioiij oa the ir-i.t. for
II ey should Nt.il fvie iho tiy I of
It'" to j-O t.i m hoi 1.
Start svith Babyhood,
li s eiu.Ut3 a'ong theie line
ott I u Liv'u atu r be la out cf
the rtadl". W l h such a 'ai! fc obTj
b'i-s all r'.fk of r.ta.rr Injury and hsi
theve-r- ! ; at a aid !! 1
Tsren's who wo-il! shtt-l'W at the
I lea of their 111 ite mii b-!r;g deprive J
of flarne) fcetl tr the k!n, or of his
s'lna umi between ni'-a's. tjif.efly
diaregsrd an equally In -porta tit featrre
j of Ms well h"'nr h jropT training
of the baby muscle ad sinews Yet
It Is largely on thciw sinew and n,tj
cle that baby must depend for h-'th
and activity In lat-r years.
As soon as baby can be trusted out
of bis nurse's arms he should be en
couraged to roll about the floor, to
romp and to esercise everr limb. H,s
own arms and legs are still rnvsteries
to him. With these tcys'.eries he
should become familiar as quickly a
Always rememberiLg that the little
bones are still soft and pliable and
therefore unable (o stand strain or
fatigue, eccourase baby to walk, to
run. to swing the arms and to flei the
awkward fingers.
Trapera Play for 0-Year Olds.
By the time baby is three years old
rig up for him in the nursery a sort of
trapere. This may consist of two can
vas straps, firmly fastened in the cell
ing. and of adjustable length. At the
ends of the straps fasten two large
rings. Teach the child to hang from
these rings by Lis bands and to awin;
himself back and forth.
He will not regard H a routine ex
erclse, but as great fun. The strars
must, of course, be high enough to
permit of his swinging entirely clear
of the floor, uon which tlf it will eas?
the njuternal mladl a mattress may be
The exercise of maiicg the im
promptu swing sway back and forth
will put into motion nearly every mus
cle of ihe little body. Nor will the
strain of upiorting Lis own weight
prove bad for him. He can "hang by
M hands" w):h comfort and a great
deal longer than could bis grownup
brother, for even a thn-emocthsold
child can thus su; port Ms own weight
with one haiid.
Horizontal Bar Play.
Having accustomed the future
school Ikiv athleie to the simpler eier-
I eisea on his trapese land having ac
customed Mm to the theory of propor
tion, so that he knows when to b-an
back or forward to increase the mo
tion of the swing I, a horiior.tad bar
may be placed between the strap-.
Theu, besides the swii.giog. (he boy
may be taught to 'chin himself" lor
draw himself up bv the amis, so that
the chin Is on a level with the bar
and may )-avn to hang by hands and
fi-el from It. diawtng the fe-l ua to
by his .' -..tts after he tas onoxi
K 11 lmtk.lt to Ijiier iid even more
i.n.lov xeifiM . iw h a the s'.iv, o;
on s t.i.c:' 1 l.i i-i aui.. . r a b
a : !- I to the l:.;.-i p.. n.a.-ice.
Ui' te wok l-itr.v tuio j-'av
vvc-i li.-.M'e. ivak'iii ihe len.Sr !
sues '.ivrtir r.d j-lisl'..-. v sst,
tat.) g;tt fnt a!:d sc.! o r. !i lot.v
AU've ;l. don't ! t I. hi i.;iclr.tf he ts
t I -:g l:.,k' to ver;-M lrt ljs
think it U a fame, at, 1 p. w
h. !..
The eriv!s.-a 00 lha traiete u.
a; i r d, ft;. -vol A a u.attrr cf (vi,
lhe ate iner p'av
Al.lil HT I'A.iON Tn.'.UWC
1 n ,
t -
v v A fl
V " -s..
Tte Parsoa (Jricif W"tif to
Tommy on the ei: of saw.iii.gn
How do i "ltittrtoasr'
TotEt I bn"t St at t."L
The Paras Wttt f. ion & to
aybool for?
Tortnty Etus I Lad to.
From Teer-ifct Eeim 8akya H-4
Vass of Itching Rash and tf-c
Disease Cured by Cv. -.'-
-Out little girl M two t&or.'ts oH
wten she got a rah on ter fa aid
within f.ve days tr ft ail t-a4
were all one sere. We osd l.;ereat
rvuif-dles but It got w.vrsfl I&.!ajS of
bettr-r ami we thought the wot.1.1 tra
b'.ird and that ber -irg wo-.!d f:i cS.
She sc.Tered terTibiy, ax d wocli
scratch nttil the blood cars- Tti
went on until she w as fre taraii fcil,
then I tad her under onr family doc
tor's care, but she eoctinoesj to grow
worse. He tald It was ecrenxa. When
she was seven Biotiths old I started
to use the Cutirora, Ptn'sdiea and Is
two months oar baby was a d.fJerest
girl. Y01 could not see a sirs cf a
sere and she was as fair as a new
born baby. She Las cot tad a sign of
the ecreffia since Mrs. H. F. Buike.
Le-Sueur, MiniL. Apr. la acd May 2. "CI."
D'dnt Deny It.
That sharp-tocgtied K:bs Eedr-TP
has beea stylLg soce c:gi.ty tT.-aja
things about you and your w.fe."
'What, tor instance r
"Says you picked ber cp at a bar
gain counter."
"Great Scott. I did! She iu the
preUiest girl that ever s'.oo-i btLi&d
Something New Under the Sun.
A lady in Illinois sent as 12c a year ago
for cur remarkable eotiertioa cf Tegeaat
and tiourr aenl and m.id fc7-74 stma
tbrrfrm. or ftu.de 3U. That's snr.
Jurt nd Ihm o- tice wr,a lie aad re
ceive the man ordinal seed aad lsi
ca'.ahig paVi:ie. and
I pig. "Uutft Vxix-k." farrot f Jff
1 ps. FjkriiCTl tope Csl.i-cr 4
I pig. ir;ies-t J.mTid taradkbrr. . JIS
1 pig. La Crv M:i.et lrttoce IS
1 pi.g. ljr!y l)ir.rer trie J'
I psg. Strsw berrr il j-knir .o .15
1 pi.. IK ::tea Ksifh lil
l.'i keTr. giiriousjy bus'.ful
tower sm-J Ji
Total !.
Als-ve is c-wr.t -rl to grow 35 bo.
r-f rart Vff! -Ie sad thousand of br-.V-Lacl
ficim and all is ratiird to yon
nwrraiu n lie.
tr if yi w rr1 10-. we w.'l aid a rcice
ff IV-rl rM-r r-aritt l au'.t'-ser. .1 .n A.
fcilser .d Co, La Crow. t. K. a. W.
A Man of the Times.
A youn- fellow hv-d In S--uiturik.
Wlo sii.1. "lafe In t!.e 1!tit is sank;
v.'u:t- pliiniy 1 e
Tnry'v wsiied f..r
To (:i ibem of sision a rhuak."
In a Pinen, Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE.
A powder. It cer pl-'-l- Kiart
lcg. nervous f -e. and tngrcwmg caiU.
It a the greatest comfort discovery of
the age. Make new sho easy. A
certain cure for sweating feet. Sold
by all Drncg'sts. lie. Accept no sub
stitute. Trial package. FHKll Ad
dress A- S. Olmsted. L Roy. N. T.
That or.ty which we have within raa
we see without. If meet no go-is
It it N-au we fcarbor oone. ttner
son. "Brown'a Bconcriial Tro i"
r.ave. a dirwl tnfliieoce on the throa.
relieving Ci-ugh. Iha-ece and
Throat troublew. IYe frvra vi.4a:-.
Uiuor has cause-d mary strorg
n-.sn's dowr.fall. It easy b r his w'.Ie
to knock tlm out when he It U jed.
Pettit s Eye Salve 100 Year OmI.
e'i ow I .l-f firs, ii(.pi e urvs l S r.-s.,
tn'-rixvi, sr. ;oi .-r k.Tild s.
Ali iIim,, s; r lu-asrd lr-j :w1is.N ..
A man's Jo'.cwect ecab'e lira to
do sou e thir.s almit as we;! as a
wcf.ia caa do tfceia without any.
t llOVV t lOTMKS IVkU.lini,
Ks-;i thus w h. w IS HsJ I sa l--s.i l .j.
Ad jirs Mr.i u.:fx 1 is-. s-. 4 tris,
"tje r.S Uvara" I a g-xJ motto,
b-t tt the as of JJ the aTerj.;e Eiil
l-f'.'S to !; and w a '.earn.
oMrissiotn ei ivivr"
Ts l.l lUI l l-S. k l i N S I... 4 It
-Ar . r s w i, u k s. I k w ..4
SiWlnikl.U kk4il
A w.fe is e:ther the c aVi:.g of a
ita vr the ucxik.ti of t ;m.
j ';u'5rfk;ii
nm-y -Trikine F"
tlwrar-f r-a'y IfCvujfl jn'..e
tr'y"' v , ' iiiw'-s,
v?m K rni btf s "e is rr "
kbi i iJj 5 l'J atviTHr tt '
t J a-sY t rftJJy & J(sV'ii vS
A.jg w Ml jr frr tii J S 'S Ijf f
ttnlietlyeii reeJ, tr (
r ware rj rel fe (fcajpyae-t ti wssIk.
ti s(ttIRft, K WW O t? Jf b i
tnwtsr u?&i f rc-j-.er turnr-i lfmr1,
eey tK-r gotairtf
Kio Syhup Co- crr
snte sue sw.V rt i.- r- trJ : ee
m Mff w m s s m 0m v e
LitlU Tailfs.
If-'. E- 1
Tnr :tj ir sr.-ti ,wtm
s To-, f- st ;v
miun. ..2uc:x vhixuzl
Cens-'t Kstt E-eir
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Llisjcuri Eiver Terminal
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to April 30, 1908
to t-.i Frano-tvo, t.t
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Union Paciiio
H.G.KA1LL, A. C. P. A.,
60I Walnut Su, KANSAS CITY. MO.
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