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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, April 15, 1909, Image 1

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i ! 1
IUCIIHILL KIS.-.'iURl, THUlibDAY, APR. 15, 1509.
Locb's Store Robbed
Burglars Enter Rear Windows 3rd
Rillss Safa Secura
Lillla Money.
Some ti tin Monday night bur
glars broke into 11 Iieb it Hros.
store ami got into t lc sa U which
was only partially locked The
cashier had deposited the money
at 4:00 o'clock Mondav afternoon
nnd very lit'.!.' no n wiis in th"
aife, Monday being a 1 amy day-
Entrance was made into tin
building !l)i"ii.h ilm ofhVe. .it
the lanuing of t - slati
Tli wind", Hif jit an.vo
the roof d a em -Mi'ii-il x en
sum uii ll 10 i.'-i i ii "I th- mam
buiiumg ami tiii-- i'oi 011 oasd.;
bi; rtMtii .1 limn the. rc.r ?-t;m -of
Van Vo.uiiis r.t.-to gabery.
A suit ot clo'.hv-s wan f.und in
the lear ot ilm stu.i- th ii.bm.rs
had ehh ni y in d .:i ant K it.
A numo r .f rln cks m the (
were not ditune.l. Aside f'"in
the fash Mr. I.cb sijs tot;
nothing else has been nn"i
Mr. Iffii sties to the Ti loune
that hj thiiius t.m robbery was
Commit!, d i home tal.-ni-
those who inve been bii-a.;u.g
ir.to mi man. s'.on in tiio last
Western ra!tlisii:r Paragraphs.
A clear ci'iiM i'Tii e never Iris t
brusii red iiiirs (ru n its Coat.
Apessim s is.i ::i i l w !r k C-s
a hat and !
. the taste-.
No womb-,- .spring is pure
Think of tii nur.ioer of new
leaves she lniio!
Do not It P p ease every bud .S
l is.- ou .VI 1 s. on lii a wort, out
weather- vv in
The pun is . a 'i n it 1 '
Uppies ail a I e 1.1 t go. d ami
only a le a a 1 ' . . 1
A t:,iv. i.
sleep a tin
Pttit Jury.
Eutkr Coy Atlcr.;;.!s Smtiuf,
taster Seirces.
West Iloone
Kast Hoone
Grand River
West Hoone
The following petit jury was About nine oV'ee We'in'.d.y ; rim lurches h r -j cAi-bra. )
drawn for the May term of the: morning, John IIijm'-. the -n t 1 anniversary of ih- reu ; ;
Hates county circuit court, of Hlijah Havim of thi city, ! t'mn of Christ in the tsuaf appr--j
Huff Goodwin
W. S. Mahan
T. S. Pacall
S. M. Jenkins
IX Vunhoy
J- P. Horrman
J. M. Chambers
Geo. Hlack
Sam Dodson
Call Hrown
It N. Stubbletleld
Kph Stipp
W A. Howard
To;n Walton
Monroe Hut It
C Ii Urisco
Win. Uico
F.-mk Swarcns
Alex More
Ti eo. Maiquardt
Win. Ianey
H nry Maxwell
S O. King
S Humphrey
Mingo himself in lie tiht temple . !i puate lonnncr. Aiunrio prayff;
y(,er (jrtl,j ! a twenty two p.stol, inRictir.g a 1 ir.e -t it.g wan h'-ld ot th? l'r s(o !
wound which wnl result Mully. urian cnurctt u o. j ,. ..1. n:
The boy has be.Mi afflicted v. H!i f xceil.-nt J'-aster progran
epiiepy and has always bn-nlt-'iv'-n at the Walnut St. M. K I
carefully watch-d by the fau.ily. church Sunday evening and U
This morning he had a ( uarrcl usual Sunday services with;
with members of the family, and ' "pecial Kaster muntic was given ,
while mentally detr.t.ge.l t the other churhc-s- j
threatened to h'ot his mother.
and a child which was in the CbflS. M. ndrCS,
house- -Tl.ey ran out nnd h 't
Spruce him almie wie ii lie turned the Chas- M. Andres, formerly 'I
Mt. Pleasant l"-1"1 anJ n,"(1 a hi;1'',:t int' ' Hich H.il, died at Hospital No.
Charlotte! right temp e Hi-. HouiAare Nevada, Saturday night of tubei.
'ahiiit ' was at once caiiL.i bat couid not cul.sis. The body was shippe d
line()ik!lK'il!,,,!l",,u!i ''-uJ '
New Home;"-'l t!'- i" "11 T!"'"' " ,1"
Pleasant Gap i tllil l'"' vvlil rar-.w-r.
noc-k' ille;I5u,1"r Democrat,
to liich Hill Monday and inlvt
tneiit mad in Green Laa n.
f. M. foster.
Hudson j
Prairiej H irry Va 1 Dy.o- w. s a H.
O.age 1 visitor Sundiy and M m lay.
Homer DrisUhl sp- ut SindiV
1 in Hronsen. IC ins is
Toe city officers have arranged ; Wim-hell .) h mis . n. -pent Sun
for a rock pile and shovel brigade 1 Ja with relatives in Bulier-
F. M. Poster, an old pettier in
I I ites county, died at the hon,e
of his daughter. Mrs. C. H.
Id m.edv. live miles east of Rich t
v 1
0. r the hoarders at the city hotel '
:"id it is expected that all the
01. .isure of residence at this
h s;, !ry will dissappear immedi-;
:il-iV. J
The toni.i.
States navy 1
one fi.urth 1!.
H.li. Monday, gei 73 ye-rsi
The remains were taken to K!d- .
rado Springs. Mo., where funer- R
of tie United al rvices were Lcld and ir.t r
; less thrn nii-j.t made,
oi (j-1 at Hi ltai: , ' -
i v.
is u orie: und'T il
::i 11V d. p !id- oil
'.i . man who spvnds
Ho-.v.-.l. o' Neva,!,,
ipreaciied at tie- I'lr-! l'iesvtrr-
Uich Hill seems to be the n! 'inn ciiur. ii Su.v-I.iv ii.on.ii and
p are in this section that did not evet::i.g to go...l .i.ii-n'-.'H
receive a heavy rain with hail ac-1 A c,nmet.- f.,.;i d.'ti -r, is (,. ir-c
fi.nipanimcnt last week, j put ur.d-r M t . Kn-v- r's i,..u-e
we did uol get enougu rain io,on the soutli si.ie and too house
lav the dust in the streets,
Street Gas liqhts.
o ve r 1 1 a u led ge n 0 i a ! i y .
The display of millinery
An exchange tells of a contest , handicapped Sundav by
where the person who made the 1 gentle breez ?s.
A great many people are iati
'. ig advantage of the city's ofT-r
and a re p jtt ing in g ts ligh's-tie-
strei t in front of their timn
:t!ereby greatly adding to tie
i fit1 's appearance.
Do You Read?
'ugliest face" was to receive a
S W Kis"iibist, of tiit Fix.iey
I We want everv man in South
jern Hates county to read
rrx .
Dox oi Don oons. liie prize was .dge boat was a business call-
giveuto an old roaia speciaior;al lhe ()ffiot, j.,.i.iv. .jr. j
who declared she was not play : i..ii,iSo.,sa;.j , Um the big hot )
ing the game, ( was tempoii,i;y out of service wts-kly paper that prints the
' whu.; luiiig repaired. j m-w you want to see. Wear
p'anning to make me paper
I'iaTo tou purchas
Suityct? No? Well.
you about Collegian ai
Fact is these
t v. o lines of
clot- :; have more
life, finger and
styiii to them
thai: any ethers
sho-Trn this sea
son. They rep
xthhiit the neVr
est fashions end
the prices are
just suited to
your purse: leave
that to you.
Som:thin2 New
is only attractive
when it's associ
ated with 'some
thing good" The
greatest feature
about "Collegian"
and 'Clothcraft'
clothas is that
they have the
rare combination
of 'Newness and
It's up to you
now- We've got
the goods: You can't dispute that-
Give us a chance to show you. j
New Green Oxfords and Hats to Matd
i - M I
1 ; v. 1
( A , r2
r i
1 p.
- ,rd
t wants In
a 1 s 1 11 t s
always were die a imis.
T.l T ' Is 1 . :' t I . X,'J-e ii.r a
man say 11 -g I. 1:1 . do a thing,
until he has 1 i -il
The ui-ui v i.o .
oflice w itl.i ui O'
an amateur in.i. l
No matter w !i I
on hoping and try 1:
the height
N.- we wonder if every m- n Cnas. Wi k.n-oii. of the Ch.-. p
who attended church in Pennsyl-' , spent several das last
vania last Sunday when a $10. (AM w vjn,; pirents in
bill was found in the conti it-u-i-am.v Kansas,
t'n.11 basket will not say that he
more readable along tv
o n id. as; the way to . tind cut
I whether it is mere .Kauai. ie to
! others is to
Beasley's j5
long lock fceal.
tils to h.iul
U k at, is
ipp. ll-, keep
1. Despair is
(full y. Uesleiti
dropped it in b mistake.
One advantage of being a news
paper man is that one never re
ceives black hand or blacmaiiing
Ask Year KeiRhbor.
Rev. V." II H.ugrove has been ;
chosen to (Icim r the baccalaure ;
ate tiddress to th graduating! We say this because we can
class 01 the h gh si h !. i not get out and ask the p.ple
; w hat tii. -y want, t ut 11 we sue
J- T. .Vlls.-M.
City, is vis i i; g
this c t v.
I r , of Kansas !
is parents in
ceed in giving the people what
they want we have succeeded in
our newspaper ambition. Ask
The three cent fare will not go' .V..-s Virgie M.Conr.eU. ( your neighbor who is a subscri..
int.. effect because of the injunc ' 11-ar Hume, iim'.-.i fiiemU in er P. read his paper and if 'ou
I1..11-l.-t's see, didn't the l.-mo this 1 ty last w.v;; an I went on ''1-l'lt
! Dr. J. P..u! G-v-ue, head of the
! Dvp.'.rt n i.t . f l 'itical Kcr.oM,
icf the fi.ivers-tv of Chicago,
! r-'eent i.-c'-1:
' arises as t. t
ills s;:-. y
; Power may
i - :n : i A'
il V, .if -I
(arniul Closes.
crats call the injunction a
great '-t Uutler Sat ui day n on.
Castro, once of Venezuela, now
Then Subscrrbe
Ktder I. II. K.ps,!, of ti e
First Chrisiian Church, has been
chosen bv the school board to
: i--nt.!'g
List week the Sprague De-1 ' : '
p.ulment was started; s o n ; 1 f'
other leatures are to be ad ded. ' ;; ' 1 ' ' '-
an exile, tinds almut as many deliver the class address at the While these tilings may
t., .,,...11, 1 . r ,...
... . , I friends 111 l.uropo as would the , commem ement exei ms. s ..f the
paper w 1 I be f.. un, I the final ad, 111.
., ,, . . ' driver of a nitro glycerine wagon. , lugti .seiio.i.
of Mi K hi" 11. s Dig C arnival, .
that has at! 1 ailed sucli wide ut A trestle on the Missouri Pa
tention. This has been n Wiley Cox, of Mel, was in , citic near At h d was d.-stmy-d
thoroughly adv.rtis. d sale and Kicli IMI Saturday, acompanii d I v tire Sum! i ati.-i being
the st his I ..en hi:, u .sith by his brother of Men.i, Ark , ; set tire by 11 pa-s 1 r .in A 10
buyers. IJ. ad 1 h. ir h.I. I who took the north bound train, i pair 'rain was s..(o ii,.m N'.-vada
n. t
' - v
terest every reader.
le lp towards what we . isi.lei
the ideal paper one )hal 1 c-oi iis
' ell ti: it'-s,
' have !-. n s;
I '"lie; thcr
S U 1 1 S ! . t Li "o s
At the Right Prices
The Newest Designs in Paper
The Best Paint to .Last
Wc Keep the Best Drugs
and had the dan
Suiulav night
The li.iiti.t i
land gave U -v
;;t their r.
repaired hv
1 .,c'i f. r 1
sei' vl I '. g
much as 1 .
T...-:i ti:- 1.
ern Hates county, will help the , f. vers a:- .!
jiaii..." and w iil receive a bettoi of se! t r e-.
news paper if you. mention the;
the doings ef ail the lie-pie
Southern Hates county.
You wl o laae the Tribune and
want to i;,-i all th news of S ji h
n a
h. hi out reassur-
i. n's fate !i(-!i
c"il gives out.
..it: med from the
;. 1 's desert a rca
.ie: t to generate
l:-rse (h) e! , ac
tio Jo. Ttiis is
to t h r e e hundred
p-i.v,-r at present se
:j .-a!. "In less than
..ii.udr.g to present
, i ., : s s i.iy of cal w id
'," said Dr VHle.
i;l be plenty of
V : r motors will
r from the wind,
r t.-n times as
a:: i
S';:i33- Iditorli!
. ;.a.p'er.
th.r.i t.ti
: -.ti t
he Las
:.e ':.-!
: '
1 11 nil at r fad t n neighbor that he should ,
I' A. S:.it i a t a i.e t ho Tribune,
1 .
inee! lug Sat II r
i Kev. Smr h
i theie h .i! the
pastor o! a ' .
ot iu 1 hall 1 I
1 v s
'. i-
. . 1 I r I eisi il.-ss
.1 a v a fl ei noon.
'; e i l pr a h
he heii.e- I he
1 ui 1 .t n .i s 1 1 e
1 . .1,
, r.
1 ) '! 1
s il i 1 ill I
Dr-s. (". A l'e 01. .lei and IK
I) ONi have he. :i v. ei l-iv a I
j w ii ter at i'd t 0 s in iu
i-oip!e ofai'iii'i: t'l'.v .'.
link in g for I h -ms-1 v,-- and v !e n
Mifi'i sh 'd the ( '. th.-y wid
U li iv a pur i
5j , III U' I 'I s i '
t .s W.
1 I! II. T:
n ; an. I ai' ng Ii
it j gen' i'-meii
d by these
The liaper is .!,lstic in that U
wid he enlarged as the patn-u- , hr.
age increases and as we are'
a li XI". Us to grow WO WaHl Ulo:v; y
Advct liser will be interested ; ,.
to 1,1.01V that lhe CUVU au.ei is
lo.Mug more rapidiv i.ou- xu.ni . i
it ev. 1 has under lhe pir-ci t-
man v;. :m i.t. j V. -d j
' Sui seiiK'ts: When you -.-.d j are I N
tiiis i-.s-.;e hand 1: t vourioigii i(h;.ui.'
; hof and if oa Oil s g.iiH. jof t e "
w otd lor us we wi'l apprtt i t.-jT ' i ''
.1.' 1 ' O I " of
1; I 111 I 1 1'
m the s.: ;
ir.ta-.i.:. .1 " -
'.- at present
e ..v, s, tides,
Is llj menus
lac .l i'l l!ie I,
. sei t area t.i be
I ry v at power
t i s m vy be
o.v Voru Til-
I ors oi;
f ! o.n
is 11 : g
ot'.iO! s .
"s a . ; s
I r,'.
W .th e.
h . I.
h.S W.e
tjt the
!'d 1: e
cause t':
le ,e t..
f..:.s ,
a; v 1 r
icgu i
tl ' is ..
..H's' .
t" t!e
h. art.cie i
c iv. s w lie:
i a.-eidci.
; ; ('.' iif.d
V i 'g
ii ! I
r a. .
1 f W r tO I
a .e( h,. f '
..s I,: l.'v.a ;
... s i.r the p:
as at j -is!..
i.-oT i ...e ,:, i
. i ' . r civ'- ,
1 1 w :
.. n ii
.s j 1st pjrc'ias
1. 1. I 1 ilat. 1... id
n - s t 1 al l te
, , ;r,.l i nsoeet ties
' 1 ...ad Map'.e.
is 1.1 Knh II i M
K -bt Hrsd'ev, tea her
N01 th M mi.ly m !. h. as it
ler v Ls tor Saturday-
C. T
A'l e! ; d
M.-s J
i; jtu 1 v;
A t ie Fuss,.i,i.AIl
ll i-. : of Hi, iU1!
i s vOv the guest
U . M I s. lie.il et-
)'.'. Ti. iisday for
t ii AiUsnsrs.
i ! o
k . !
U .
l,i :
iei.ee it
I . n le
hue m.
S-..-.0 t
' .1 I!..
; l, .1 I.
' s i
, i.
- ' : d
1 -i d 1
a ;
., i.:,.m -a
o r S.ituidav.
:ty. 1.

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